By D.virtue

Once the Conqueror had gone, Gabrielle came out of the background she had gone
home but returned to be there for Diana if she needed her. Gabrielle shot up
the stairs and once at Diana’s door she knocked, she listened for a response
and when she heard none she became concerned that The Conqueror had done
something to Diana.

So she opened the door ever so slowly and saw Diana was standing by the window
dressed in her clothes , with tears in her eyes, that had not as of yet fallen. Gabrielle asked Diana, “Are you ok Diana ?”

Diana turned to look at Gabrielle, she was somewhat surprised to see her back,
Diana’s eyes obviously told Gabrielle the same so Gabrielle said

‘I wasn’t going to stay at home knowing The Conqueror was here with you, I
thought you would need me, Besides , the whack on my backside hurt like
Tartarus, but it was more my embarrassment at being spanked by The Conqueror
out of all people, like a disobedient child. I got all the way home and I
realized how petty I must have looked in your eyes especially with what you
went through with all of your Chosen, as well as what you had gone through
with The Conqueror. I sat at home thinking about how wrong The Conqueror was,
for doing that to me. But then I realized, it was me who was wrong, The Ruler
of this place had told me to leave and go home and I was a disobedient child,
especially in her eyes when she calls you her little one how else could she
possibly look at a 16 year old?”

Diana walked over to where Gabrielle was standing and took her in her arms and
just hugged her. Gabrielle returned the hug and asked again,

“Are you ok?”

Diana finally answered and said

“I have a lot to think about, but I don’t feel like talking about it right
now, tell me a story, something light”

Gabrielle leaned back from the embrace to look into Diana’s eyes all she saw
was love. She smiled and they went to the large sofa and sat down with
Gabrielle sitting with one of her legs bent on the couch to face Diana. She
then looked at Diana once again to see if she had changed her mind about the
story, seeing Diana had not she went into a tale of salmonous and Autolycus
dressing as women to get away from a warlord who was after them, and how they
had winded up in a dance show.

Gabrielle talked for hours telling different stories while Diana listened and
at times laughed, eventually Gabrielle's throat became slightly hoarse and
Diana said

“Let’s go to bed, assuming that Gabrielle had already gotten permission from
her parents to stay at the Inn with her. So the two young girls went to the
bedroom got cleaned up and went to bed. Gabrielle was sleep in a matter of
moments, but Diana stayed awake for quite a while after just thinking about
everything that had happened that day.

As Diana thought about yet another encounter with The Conqueror she found
that she was still wind tightly and she needed to get some air, so she got out
of bed and got dress again. She went out the door and went walking towards the
lake. She went and sat by the water throwing small pepples into the water and
watching it churn the way her insides were churning. While she was sitting
there she felt a presence, a cold chill ran up her spine, she let her eyes
scan her surroundings and then she stood, still scanning with her eyes,
finally she said,

“who’s there?”

no answer she then said it again,

“I know someone is there, so you might as well show yourself?”

After a moment a man appeared in black leather, he was handsome, and tall,
about Xena’s height Diana thought.

“Who are you? “

Diana asked.

“I’m surprised you don’t know me, especially seeing how you know My Chosen.”

The deep baritone voice mocked.

“I don’t know what your talking about. Who are you?”

“I’m Ares, God of War. and I’m talking about My Chosen,”


“The Conqueror.”

“ Excuse me, are you telling me that Xena is connected to you the way that I
am connected to my Chosen?”

“No, not quite, actually nothing like that, we’re connected in our souls, she
loves war and battles, she has the same lust for blood that I do, but of
course she would, I gave her that focus.”

Ares grinning with pride at Xena’s development.

“So your the one who has turned her heart so hard?”

“ well I can’t take all the credit, Cortese did help by killing her brother,
I just...”

“Got her at her most vulnerable time, and took advantage of it.”

Diana said with sarcasm and contempt in her voice.

“Well.. yes I guess I did it worked, anyway that’s not why I’m here.”

“Really? Then why?”

“Because of Xena’s challenge to you.”

Diana was a little embarrassed that this man had obviously heard their
conversation, then realized he probably saw their encounter, especially since
he was a God. Diana tried to hide her discomfort by talking so she asked,

“What about it?”

“Well I know your considering whether to take her upon it, but let me
explain the dynamic relationship that she and I have.”

“Wait before you start some long story, let me just asked one question.”

Ares raising his brow and nodding his head for Diana to ask her question.

“What has hers and yours relationship got to do with me, hmm?”

Ares cocked his head at the young girl before him and said,

“ Everything, you see I am so entrenched into Xena that anyone who would be
with her has to gain my approval.”

Diana’s brows knit together and she said,

“so if I decide to take Xena up on this challenge, she would bring me before
you to gain your approval first?”

“give the young lady a gold star!”

“you can keep you star, just answer my question.”

“yes, so far every would be... lets just say sex slave that Xena has ever had
except one or two have all failed and thus they were eliminated one way or
another. Xena brings them before me, and has them plead their case to allow
them the pleasure of The Conqueror’s attentions.”

“So while the would be’s are groveling for you to allow them The Conqueror’s
attention, what is The Conqueror doing?”

“Oh, she’s right there, she has such an ego on her that she sits and listens
to the would be’s pleas, she likes to hear how great and wonderful she is, not
that she needs to but It’s that intimidate the peasants thing.”

“But I heard that a lot of her would be’s were from Royal families, as well
as peasants?”

“yes that’s true, but to The Conqueror They were all peasants.”

“So why are you telling me this?”

“because I want you to know everything before you make a decision, that you
may not be willing to follow through on.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means my luscious beauty, that everyone of those that were women who
wanted to be with The Conqueror were given to me for a taste also. By The
Conqueror herself, those who refused my attentions were sent to their deaths
by The Conqueror. She looked at my being rejected as a personal insult to

Diana had a lot of questions so she had to prioritize which one’s she wanted
to know first.

“So if that’s true what was the pay for the men who wanted to be bedded by The
Conqueror? Did you sleep with them also?”

“No, they had to sleep with one of my niece Discord, she’s a wild one, some
of the men ended up with manhood's that were broken, others were scratched up
to bloody pulps.”

“Did you guys have the would be’s before Xena?”

Discord had them after the would be’s first time with The Conqueror after Xena
tested them to see if they were capable of pleasing her, if they we’re she
would tell them if they wanted to visit her bed again they had to go and get
the Blessings of the Gods. The women were given to me, before, after and
sometimes during, where Xena would be so frustrated she would have me join in
and she would ease out. She’s not into threesomes.”

“ anyway the next day they would be eliminated.”

“I’m curious about a couple of things, one is I know The Conqueror does not
like to share what she considers as hers, how is it that she shares these
would be’s with you and Discord? And if you and Xena have this thing going on
like this, why don’t you just get rid of the middle man/woman and have at each
other. I mean you are a God and all I would think you have the ability to
please her?”

“ Your right she doesn’t like to share what she considers as hers, but these
peasants so far, except one or two, she has not considered them as hers. They
couldn’t please her so why would she consider them as hers? As far as for your
other question, we never have been together in that way yet, not from a lack
of trying, but I’m sure I could satisfy her...”

Ares finished the statement in somewhat of an unsure matter. Diana picked it
up and put it to the back of her mind for later, it would help her decide what
she would do if she was ever asked to plead her case before this man.


Ares said clapping his hands together,

“That’s the story, all you have to do is think about whether you could be
with me and plead your case to bed with My Chosen.”

“Your assuming quite a bit, especially with someone you don’t even know.”

“Well I may not know that much about you right now, but I’m sure there will be
plenty of time to get to know you.”

Ares now looking at Diana through hunger filled eyes. He licked his lips and
said as he vanished, “She’s right, your sooo... sweet, I Hope I get a chance
to see how sweet.”

Diana was then left alone once again and she rubbed her head because of the
headache that was now pounding in her head. Diana sat there by the lake
running through everything that had happened to her and the people that she
ran across and how it seemed that most of the people except Gabrielle all
wanted her and Xena for their bed.

Diana had mixed feelings about what Ares had told her. So Diana sat there
until an hour before first light and then she went back to her room and sat
some more. she thought the whole time. When Gabrielle woke up She and Diana
walked around the village and talked about everything that had happened the
last couple of days, Gabrielle went through many emotions, she was excited
about the challenge and what it meant as far as a willingness in The
Conqueror to change with Diana’s help, and how she thought it was a wonderful
thing and a great gift to the people of the Realm if Diana decided to take the

Gabrielle was mortified when Diana told her about Ares and what he had said.
She told Diana,

“Well I guess that ends any hope of The Conqueror making a change, right?”

Diana looked at Gabrielle and Gabrielle stopped and turned around to see why
Diana had not agreed.


“Gabrielle, It’s not that simple.”

“Diana it is just that simple, you can not actually be considering taking The
Conqueror up on this challenge with Ares the God of War lurking about, waiting
to take you to his bed?”

“Gabrielle if I decide to do this, I am not going to let Ares or anyone else
bed me. Just because I have 12 Chosen I am still a one person’s lover and I
have no intention of sharing Xena with anyone if ... I decide to do this.”

“But Diana how are you going to get her to see that. She is The Conqueror,
and she can just take you and still give you to Ares.”

“Gabrielle? do you know any stories about the Gods and what makes them

“What do you mean?”

“ I mean is it true that the Greek Gods have different mantles that give them
their powers?”

“Oh! yes, that is true. But how is that important?”

“Gabrielle, by knowing one’s opponent’s weakness’s it makes it easy to
defeat them.”

“Your Planning On going Up Against A God! You can’t! He’s a God , He’s the
God of War. He has pull over The Conqueror! Diana if you hurt him, She may
hurt you, no you can’t do it.”

Diana saw Gabrielle’s anxiety building almost to a frantic phrase. She then
said to calm Gabrielle,

“Gabrielle calm down, I have no intentions of going against him if I’m not put
in the situation, I plan on working it so that I won’t be.”

“Diana you and The Conqueror have this magnetic thing going on and that’s
great, but I don’t want you to do anything that will hurt you.”

“Gabrielle I won’t, I promise.”

With that they hugged and then continued their walk.

Diana and Gabrielle talked about the challenge everyday for the next six
weeks, with both of them going back and forth in whether Diana should go or
not go. Finally after weeks Diana had finally decided that she should go, and
Gabrielle was in agreement with her. In fact Gabrielle said,

“ I can’t believe this, my sister and The Conqueror, Wow what a concept, you
two are going to be awesome together, to think, The two most desirous women
on the planet getting together and working together. I can’t wait to see

“Wait..Wait a minute what do you mean you can’t wait to see this, your not

“what do you mean I’m not going?”

“Just what I said. your not going with me into this.”

“Why not?!”

“Because it’s too dangerous.”

“Oh it’s too dangerous for me but not for you?”

“That’s right.”

“Diana I am not letting you go into that situation by yourself, your my
sister and I can’t just sit here while only Zeus knows what’s going on with
you, I won’t sit here , I’ll follow after you, and I’ll ask The Conqueror
herself if I can become the Royal Bard or something.”

“You wouldn’t ?”

Diana said with a frown on her face.

“yes I would.”

“No.. you won’t.”

“yes I will.”

“Gabrielle you can not be serious?”

“I am, I’ll do it, I’ll walk right in there and ask her, if you don’t let
me come with you.”

Diana seeing the resolve in Gabrielle’s face finally gave in and said,

“Fine! fine, whatever.”

she then crossed her arms over her chest.

“Diana are you going to pout?”

“I don’t pout.”

Diana said through her teeth.

“ Diana I want adventure in my life, I’ve just begun to experience so of that
ever since I meant you I don’t want that to end , I was meant to do so much
more, I’m a bard for Gaia sake! I’ve studied the stars.”

Diana hearing the longing in Gabrielle’s voice said,

“Ok Gabrielle you can come along, but you have to abide by what she says, if
she says you cannot stay you are to turn around and come by here. deal?”


“also Gabrielle you need to understand something right now, even if she says
yes you have to promise you will not upset her .“

“How am I going to upset her?”

“Gabrielle if your honest with yourself you will realize the first time she
strikes me, or hurts me your going to want to lash out at her.”


“well nothing Gabrielle, I am a grown woman, albeit young in Xena’s eyes,
but grown none the less, I can handle being punished by her If I know your
safe, and that means you have to mind your own business when it comes to a
disagreement between her and I, you understand?”


“Gabrielle I mean it, promise me.”

“I promise.”

“Ok.. then, we’ll leave tomorrow before noon.”

That night they stayed at Gabrielle’s parents’s home so that they could tell
her parents and sister Lila about her decision to go with Diana to The
Conquerors palace. After telling everyone Gabrielle and Diana went to her
room and went to bed, Diana noticed that Gabrielle was still excited and
nervous about everything so she took Gabrielle in her arms and hugged her and
then hummed a song to her until Gabrielle drifted off to sleep.

The next day Diana and Gabrielle had gotten up and went to eat breakfast with
her family. They stayed around the house that morning talking and reminiscing
about how they came to know and love Diana as one of their own children. They
cried and laughed and then it was time for the two young girls to leave for
their new life.

Hugging the family and saying their goodbyes Diana and Gabrielle set out to
The Conqueror’s home. Diana thought about getting them there quickly by using
one of the expandable gates, but then thought better of it. She decided they
would get there when they got there and maybe on the way Gabrielle would
change her mind and decide to return home. While camping out in the evening
Diana thought about The Conqueror’s reaction to them and then she thought how
long it had taken her to make her decision and she became somewhat uneasy
about The Conqueror’s reaction to the amount of time that had past.

so with those thoughts she told Gabrielle that Xena maybe quite upset that it
took so long and therefore would not be real happy first at seeing
them. Gabrielle said she understood and still wanted to go.

“Gabrielle, when we get in to see The Conqueror let me do the talking until I
reintroduce you to her. I have a plan, so just follow my lead ok?”

“Ok, but what’s the plan?”

“You’ll see.”

“Your not going to tell me?”

“No I want your reaction to be natural, trust me,?”

Diana finished with a slight grin.

“Ok... I guess.”

It took the two young women four days to get to The Conqueror’s Palace. Diana
looked at Gabrielle and asked a final time.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m a little nervous, but I’m ready to do this.”

“Gabrielle today our lives change forever, for good or bad, their going to

Diana looked into Gabrielle's eyes to see if there were any doubt, but all
she saw was a determination.

“Ok let’s go.”


By D.virtue

Diana and Gabrielle stepped up to the Sentries posted outside the Gates of the
Palace and They immediately recognized Diana. They called for the gates to be
opened and then Diana and Gabrielle stepped onto the grounds of The
Conqueror’s. Gabrielle let out an a gasp at the beauty she saw.

Diana having been there before at night noticed the beauty also.


they both said and then continued their walk to the great doors, where they
were met by One of the Royal guards. They were escorted into the Palace and
led down a wide corridor to a door where yet two more Sentries were standing
outside of a door.

One of the Sentries recognized Diana and smiled at her, he thought she was a
dream come to life, so he blushed at seeing her. Diana seeing the reaction
decided to take advantage of it, because she knew anyone who gets in to see
the Conqueror had to be announced, and she wanted her present to be a
surprise, So she walked up to the Sentry and said,

“we’re here to see The Conqueror.”

“Yes, I’ll announce you both.”

“No, don’t announce us, I want it to be a surprise.”

“I don’t know, she’s been like a harpy having a bad day for the last four
weeks. The slightest thing sets her off.”

“ I’ll take the responsibility, besides I think she’ll be happy to see me,

“Ok, but I at least have to announce guest.”

Diana was a little disappointed but she understood, and agreed. The guard
opened the door and The Conqueror’s voice flew out to the four of them in the
corridor. She sounded pissed and they all heard her order that Altos be
whipped to within an inch of his life and then sold to the furthest slave

Altos was one of The Conqueror’s advisors. Diana looked at the guard and

“What is that all about?”

The Guard said the Advisor had advised The Conqueror to allow a foreign
dignitary and his entourage' to take a westerly route once out of The Realm
and the Dignitary and his entourage were attacked and killed. The Dignitary
was going to talk with the people of his and a few other kingdoms that were
not under The Conqueror’s Realm to have them Ally themselves with The

Diana looked at Gabrielle and said,

“Are you still sure?”

Gabrielle was slightly pale, but drawing strength from Diana she took a deep
breath and said


Diana placed a hand on Gabrielle's shoulder and gave her a quick squeeze.
Gabrielle smiled at the gesture and said,

“It’s now or never.”

The guard looked at the two young girls and then focused on Diana and said

“Good luck.”

The guard stepped through the door with Diana and Gabrielle following and
told them to wait here and he stepped through another door. while Diana and
Gabrielle waited Diana’s eyes hit upon a two dimensional Tapestry. She gasped
at the beauty and power of it, Gabrielle heard the reaction and looked to see
what had caused it she then finding it gasped also.

They both walked over to it and stared in awe.


was Gabrielle's reaction, Diana’s was more subdued.

“Who do you think it is?”

came Gabrielle's voice.

“The Conqueror throughout her life so far.”

Diana answered. The tapestry showed a raven headed woman with clear blue eyes
sitting astride a horse, with a blonde headed young man sitting besides her
and a sign post behind them that said Amphibilous, the next part showed that
same woman sitting astride another horse with a crutch like stick hanging on
the side of the horses body, the next showed the woman sitting astride a black
horse with a army of soldiers wearing lavender colors and the words Xena,
Xena, Xena, stitched throughout the section. and the final part was of The
Conqueror sitting astride a honey gold mare with it’s hooves resting on a
stitched picture of the world.

Gabrielle was speechless, Diana was in awe and tears were forming in her eyes
at the memory of what Ares had did to the woman, she was now there to see and
possibly commit to. She did not allow them to fall but instead turned and
walked back to where they were told to stand and Gabrielle followed still
glancing back over her shoulder to look at the picture while they waited.

The Guard reappeared after only a moment and while the door was open they
heard The Conqueror’s voice once again, this time it was directed at the

“ You know how I feel about uninvited guess especially during a meeting

“Yes My Lord.”

with that he stepped through the door and motioned for the two to to go in.
Gabrielle somewhat shaken looked at Diana who had a smirk on her face, and her
eyes had become filled with....

“Man! she’s feeling restless at her’s and The Conqueror’s nearness.”

Gabrielle had to smile especially as she thought about what The Conqueror’s
reaction would be to Diana’s presence. Diana looked over at Gabrielle and
through her smirk she said,

“ our lives change today.”

and with that they stepped through the opened door. The Conqueror and the
others had their backs to the entering guest, The Conqueror knew they had
entered by was not concerned as to who had entered Terais looked back behind
her and

“ By Ares!”

exclaimed her shock. The Conqueror and the others looked at Terais who now
stood with her mouth open, staring back behind her. The Conqueror studied
Terais for a moment then seeing the 1st start to pale The Conqueror turned
around out of curiosity to see what or who had caused it.

The Conqueror turned in slow motion and was stunned to see Diana. She was
standing there with a smirk on her face and lust in her eyes. The intensity
took The Conqueror’s breath away for a moment and it took all that was in her
to breath normally.

Finally to gain her bearing and not show any weakness in front of the others
she said,

“So, what can I do for the two of you young girls?”

The men and women in the meeting were drooling at Diana who only did a
cursory glance at all of them and then at Terais who had finally come around,
then focused her attention back on The Conqueror.

“Well... “

Diana said in a sing song voice.

“My Lord Xena, Warrior Princess,Destroyer and Conqueror of Nations I have
come as a answer to a challenge, and my sister comes as my support.”

The Others gasped including Terais who misunderstood the the meaning of
Diana’s words and therefore they thought she was challenging The Conqueror. So
in answer one of them said

“Your here to Challenge The Conqueror? You have come to your doom little

And with that they laughed he turned to look at The Conqueror to see her
response to the young girl.”

The conqueror had her arms crossed in front of her and she was leaning on the
table listening and watching. She then said,

“Is that true, have you come to challenge Me?”

Xena said raising a questioning brow.


“And why should I accept this... Challenge after all this time?”

Xena asked this in all seriousness. Diana not missing the question or it’s
meaning said,

“ My Lord Xena, I had to weigh the Consequences of my failure in the
challenge and decide whether it was worth the risk. For I plan on pledging my
strength, my heart, my love, and my life for this person, as well as stand
behind that person, and protector the person with the last of my breath,
from any who would threaten harm .”I had to decide whether that person could
return my pledge in kind. “


“And My Lord Xena, I have decided that I believe the person could.”

“Fine, then I accept your challenge.”

Terais and the others mouth fell open and would have hit the floor if their
jaws were not attached, especially with the next statement by The Conqueror.

“I’ll accept on the condition that we seal this deal my way.”

“And what is that?”

“With a Kiss.”

Xena arched her brow and Diana blushed again.

“My Lord Xena, Although I’ve only sealed one deal in my life with a kiss, I
found it to leave a most lasting and deep impression within me. And best deal
I've made in a while.”

”Then let us seal this deal and pray it is just as deep and lasting for the
both of us.”

“My Lord? “

Terais interrupted finally.

“We don’t even know what this challenge is, it could be for you to fight a
whole army by yourself or turn over some land or something, we just don’t
know, and I don’t think it’s wise to go into this without knowing what lays
in wait for you.”

“Your right, of course Terais, it would be foolish to go into this blindly.

How shall I obtain the information I need?”

One of the advisors said,

“Give them to the men for their pleasure.”

“no Whip them.”

said another.

“ Beat them.”

Came a third. Diana sensing Gabrielle’s rising fear said,

“My Lord Xena? Rather than considering all of these irrational things, why
don’t I just tell you what the challenge is? hmmm? what do you say? simple is
as simple does.”

Diana finished with sarcasm in her voice for the others unsolicited

“Fine, do tell.”

Xena said while turning to walk around the table and take a seat in her chair
so that she could put her long legs upon the corner of the table. looking
over her shoulder with her hand cupping her chin she listened.

“Well my Lord Xena, the challenge was made to me about 6 weeks ago. It was
my sister here who finally convinced me to come and meet this challenge, she
came along because she wanted to be with me, as well as be introduced to The
Conqueror. The challenge was that I could obtain a priceless gift if I could
get you to allow me and my sister to join you. whether it was as a soldier, a
bard, a cook, a healer or whatever you chose.”

“Who made this challenge?”

Xena asked cocking her head to look at Gabrielle, who only bit her lower lip.

“It was someone I have a great deal of interest in, someone I am willing to
make a pledge to.”

“And what is this pledge?”

“To fulfill a great need That burns within me, that only that person can

Diana’s eyes shimmering and lust refilling them finished with,

“ I am tight and restless with and overwhelming need for release from my

Diana now wearing a smirk, bowed her head slightly and looked up over her
brows to wait for The Conqueror’s reaction.

The Conqueror was sure her eyes were betraying her but she maintained her
stoic disposition and said,

“ If I accept the challenge, what is in it for me?”

“My Lord Xena, If you accept I will give you Whatever you wish.”

“For how long?”

“for as long as you wish, My Lord Xena.”

“What’s the catch?”

“no catch My Lord Xena, I only wish to add that I am not one to share with
others and I would expect and even demand that the person would return the
feeling in kind.”

Gabrielle caught the meaning of this last statement and smiled at Diana’s
cleverness to integrate it into the challenge. The Conqueror not quite sure of
where the assumption had come from simply bowed her head ever so subtly that
the others did not even notice.

“ You said you would do whatever I wished if I accept your challenge?”


“So what if I wanted to have you for my pleasure? would you still be willing
to go through with this challenge?”

Diana shivered at Xena’s words of pleasure, and honestly blushed because of
the smirk that came to The Conquerors own mouth which told Diana She had not
missed the flushing.

“ Yes.”

Diana was finding it harder to control her voice, so she decided to answer as
many questions as possible with one word syllables.

“ You realize those whom I take to my bed, if they do not please me, They
are punished quite severely?”

“ I have no concern as to my ability to provide you with great pleasure.”

“ You have nerve little girl, just because you are beautiful does not mean
you could please the Conqueror.”

a dignitary said with mocking.

Xena watched Diana’s reaction and waited for the response she knew was coming.

“Sir... “

Diana said with contempt in her voice.

“I not only have the nerve, but am quite capable of backing up my words.”

Then turning her attentions back to Xena who was trying to contain a smirk
she said,

My Lord Xena, while many have tried and failed to bed me, I would have to
agree to your terms, for it is I who have come asking of a favor, and thus I
feel it is only a fair trade that I willingly become your Lover !”

Diana emphasized. Again everyone’s mouth dropped open, even Gabrielle's,
because although she knew Diana had plans to give herself to The Conqueror
eventually, to hear the words actually surprised her.
The Conqueror covertly scanned the room looking at all the shocked faces she
knew was there, and seeing them she decided to knock them completely off
their feet.

“ No, I wouldn’t want you for my Lover...”

The Conqueror let the words float in the air and was watching Diana’s brows
start to knit together in confusion and concern about the words to follow.
Diana was startled to hear Xena’s rejection of her as her Lover and she felt a
tingling of apprehension rising in her that maybe Xena had changed her mind
about her not being a slave, but in fact wanted her to be just that.

The Conqueror saw Diana’s apprehension and thought to let it continue for a
moment more, but then she decided against it. so she continued her statement.

“I don’t want you as my Lover, but my Consort.”

Xena finished with an honest smile on her face. Gabrielle’s eyes watered,
Terais’s mouth dropped open, and the others were all dumbstruck. But The
Conqueror was not looking at any of their reactions and only focused on
Diana’s. Diana was so stunned by the statement she just stood there and
trembled, she bit her lips while a single tear fell from her eyes, she didn’t
blink, she only stood there gazing at The Conqueror who she too had unshed
tears glistening in her eyes at Diana’s reaction to her statement.

Finally after a moment Xena smiled again to break the trance they were both
in and said with a conspiratory look in her eyes and a commanding voice.

“Come Here!”

Diana snapped out of her trance to look at Xena, then at the people in the
room, and then back at Xena. The Conqueror saw the confusion in Diana’s eyes
and said,

“I only want to sample what my Consort has to offer me.”

Diana blushed so deeply that even the others in the room noticed and they too
flushed at her reaction. Despite Diana’s blushing she kept an impassive face
up and locking her eyes on The Conqueror she walked over and around the table
to where The Conqueror was now sitting on the edge of the table with one hip
on the table, and the other leg resting on the floor.

She came to a stop in front of The Conqueror. The Conqueror pulled Diana
closer to her by using her fingers under Diana’s chin and drawing her towards
her. Diana was pulled within inches of The Conqueror’s lips. Xena then leaned
over slightly and whispered in Diana’s ear,

“ first we seal our deal...Then I sample my Consort.”

Xena finished, arching her brow and looking deep into Diana’s eyes, who’s
only response was to shiver. her agreement. Her body was buzzing so badly that
she was sure she could reach ecstasy with only a word from Xena to release.

The Conqueror feeling Diana’s response to her words leaned in and let their
lips meet, first it was tender and gentle to seal their deal it lasted for a
few moments, then was broken by The Conqueror who spoke to everyone in the
room and said without taking her eyes off of Diana,

“We have sealed our deal, let all of you here stand as witness.”

Then she drew Diana to her again and said,

“Now to sample what is Mine!”

Their lips met once again with tenderness and respect, then their passions
took completely over and before anyone knew what was happening, Xena had
pulled Diana into her around her waist and Diana in turn had snaked her arms
around Xena’s neck and they were feasting on each other! Their moans of
pleasure floating in the air, Xena using her other hand grabbed Diana’s long
braided hair and pulled her hair so that her lips were right at the right
angle that Xena wanted.

She then swiped her tongue across Diana’s teeth Diana shivered and then
opened to allow Xena in.

Xena dove deep into Diana’s mouth and was seemingly drawing the air out of
her lungs. Diana was weak and would have fallen if it had not been for Xena’s
strong arm holding her up. Diana was willing to let their kiss go on forever
and it probably would have if it was not for Gabrielle clearing her throat.

Diana heard it and mustering what little strength she had she began to pull
back, only to be pulled back into the passionate kiss, until The Conqueror
pulled back and still holding Diana by the waist and hair she said with
flashing blue eyes piercing into brown pupil filled eyes,

“ From now on, I will not tolerate you pulling away from me! you are from
this day warned that if you dare to I will make sure you never forget, I am
the master of this place and N.O.T.H.I.N.G! stops or goes without MY Say so.
Do I make myself clear?!”

Diana seeing the promised threat in Xena’s eyes simply said,

“ crystal.”

Diana feeling somewhat chastised and guilty for once again being the one to
stop their needed encounter lowered her eyes and shyly looked back up at The
Conqueror who still had the flush to her cheeks but her eyes had now stopped
flashing. Xena then released Diana’s hair but still held her around the waist
she looked over her shoulder back at Gabrielle and said,

“I would like to finish my sampling if no one minds?”

Diana’s eyes widen at the thought of what Xena was planning on doing to her
in front of all the people in the room. Xena who had turned back to watch
Diana’s reaction saw the anxiety rising in them, so to allay it Xena said

“Terais show Gabrielle to the connecting room off of your chambers. you will
be responsible for her safety at all times Clear?!”

“Ye..Yes My Lord.”

“ Good! Gabrielle welcome to my home, you and I will have a talk later as to
what I expect of you if you are to remain here, now go with Terais and she’ll
get you settled, looking over her shoulder once again at Gabrielle, She
noticed the apprehension in her eyes. She assumed it was only because of what
she had just said but it was also because of the concern she had at leaving
Diana’s side, so The Conqueror said,

“You’ll see Diana later.”

Gabrielle acknowledging The Conqueror’s words she nodded but still had to get
Diana’s agreement on the matter. Diana smiled at Gabrielle to reassure her
that everything was fine and going pretty much how she had plan, and Gabrielle
seeing Diana’s smiles relaxed and then feeling confident she addressed The

“My Lord, I am most grateful for your welcoming of me into your home and I
hope to not be a disappointment to you or my sister.”

crossing her right hand across her chest Gabrielle bowed her head, and then
raised it to see The Conqueror approving of her entrance into the Game. The
Intensity of the look made Gabrielle blush and Diana Chuckled to herself. The
Conqueror smirked at Gabrielle’s reaction. Xena bowed slightly at Gabrielle
and Gabrielle then said,

“By Your Leave My Lord?”

both Diana and Xena was surprised and touched by Gabrielle's acceptance, so
much so that The Conqueror arched her brow in question only to have Gabrielle
repeat her statement with a smirk of her own on her face. Xena caught the
meaning and said.

“You have it.”

Gabrielle turned on her heels and with a final smile at Diana and the
Conqueror she and Terais left the room. The Dignitaries that were left were
told to return in 2 weeks and that they should have a plan to gain the
allegiance of the people of the dignitary that was killed.

So after everyone was gone, Xena turned back to Diana just in time to see
Diana had moved from her arms and was starting to walk away... when she was
caught by her cloak and spun back around to face Xena.

“Where do you think your going? we’re not finished here yet!”

“But Xena I figured that we would take the rest of this up in your chambers,
That way we could talk?”

“Talk, no, when we go there it won’t be for the purposes of talking, I can
promise you that!”

Diana’s skin had taken on a wine color due to the fierce blushing she was

“Xena I thought...”

“You thought wrong. Besides I did say I planned on sampling what my Consort
had to offer.”

Diana was speechless at hearing the words again. Xena took advantage of the
moment and pulling Diana by the tie of her cloak She pulled her into herself.
Xena attacked Diana’s lips and with a flick of her tongue she was allowed to
claimed Diana’s mouth. Their passion once again building with each passing
moment. Xena without effort removed the cloak, unfastened Diana’s armor and
discarded it onto one of the nearest chairs, she then undid Diana’s leather
top allowing Diana’s breast to spring forward more freely.

She then undid Diana’s leather skirt and allowed it to fall to the floor and
pool around Diana’s feet leaving Diana with only her thong underpants on that
were not from that time. Xena then pulled away to look at Diana, she then
used her finger to push Diana further back from her so she could take in the
whole picture of her Consort.

Diana feeling somewhat embarrassed at the intense scrutiny by The Conqueror
tried to move back forward. The Conqueror shook her finger from side to side
telling Diana no and making a circular motion in the air in front of her
indicated for her to turn. She looked at Xena and saw the cocking of her head
to indicate do it.

So she turned slowly to allow Xena a full view of herself. Xena was so taken
with the utter beauty of the young woman that she went to reach for her and
Diana feeling a little daring saw Xena’s eyes and the look of desire,longing
and lust all playing in the sapphire eyes, decided to get back at Xena for
making her turn around. She moved quickly to the other side of the table,
Xena surprised and slightly irritated at the move said,

“Come here.”

as if she could not believe Diana would dare to do this at this particular

“No. I don’t think I won’t to right now.”

Diana said as she walked with her hands clasped behind all the while keeping
Xena in the corner of her eye.

“No? No?! what do you mean no?”

Diana saw Xena come off the Table and head straight for her. She quickly moved
into the outer room and was looking around and listening to Xena’s many
colorful words being said under her breath, finally she heard Xena take a few
deep breathes and blow them out in frustration.


came Xena’s voice almost... concealing her irritation.


Came Diana’s voice in imitation. Xena striding into the room asked through
her barely controlled irritation,

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing, just looking at all of your lovely things.”

Diana said feigning innocents.


Xena said expelling the words out of her mouth and standing with one hand
resting on her hip and the other resting on the front of her thigh.

“What do you mean nothing?”

“Nothing, I mean you have such exquisite taste it would be a shame for one
not to appreciate it.”

Diana said as casual as she could, considering she had a knot in her lower

Xena was trying to control herself, but was finding it difficult, especially
with Diana just walking around with her ample breast bouncing ever so gently
with each step she took and the nipples tight and standing at attention
sticking out as if pointing at her at times when Diana was facing her fully.

The small delicate waist that looked as if someone could break her in half
with little effort, the firm tight muscles of her abdomen twitching at times
from the fire that was obviously burning within her. The round hips and firm
behind that were only being covered by a small piece of material.

Xena watched Diana move around the room with catlike grace and not being able
to control herself at least she thought she couldn’t she strided over to where
Diana was and to Diana’s surprise she had cornered herself . Turning
completely around to face Xena she tried to pacify her.

“Xena? Xena ? take it easy now, just take some deep breathes and try to calm
down.... “

Xena cocked her head and looked at Diana as if she had two heads, Then she

“I’ll breath later!”

she then grabbed Diana by the hair once again and pulled her in for such a
fierce kiss it actually took Diana’s breath away and left her dazed. It was
while she was still dazed that she felt Xena’s mouth and tongue and teeth
burning their way down her neck, until they stopped at her breast. Xena pulled
Diana’s hair a little more so that Diana’s nipples were pointing upwards at
which point Diana thought she knew what was going to happen next , Xena would
seize her nipple into her mouth.

But Xena instead remembering what she had tasted from Diana’s breast 6 weeks
earlier licked her lips and with an agonizing slowness she leaned forward
opening her mouth little by little as she drew nearer to the tight sweet

Once arriving she sucked the nipple into her mouth slowly and firmly, all
the way to the juncture of the nipple, where it met the breast. The sensation
was so incredible to Diana that when The Conqueror was just getting ready to
reverse her direction, Diana’s legs gave way.

The Conqueror caught Diana before she fell to the floor backwards, from the
sheer ecstasy she was feeling. Xena held Diana in her arms and with a smirk
said, “tease me will you.”

Diana blushed from head to foot and Xena laughed while lifting Diana to a
straighter stance and holding her only long enough to make should she wouldn’t
fall. She then let go of her and turned and walked towards the main door to
exit the room. Turning around she said,

“go and get your cloak, and put it on, meet me in my Chambers Consort.”

with that The Conqueror turned and walked out the door not looking back and
headed for her chambers. Diana in the meantime, coming back to this time
composed herself as much as she could and walked unsteadily back into the
inner room to get her cloak, she then headed out the doors to go to The
Conqueror, only to stop and decide,

“Ok, ok, you want to play, start an inferno huh? Well Xena I can play that
game too.”

with that Diana turned to the Guard who had shown them into the chambers
earlier, and asked where another private bath was. He pointed it out to her
and she thanked him and headed for the bath. She washed herself with the
Hyacinth bath soap, she washed her hair also with the same scent of shampoo,
she then had the attendant oil her. she then dried herself and put on a silk
robe then she placed her cloak back on.

She then asked the attendant how to get to The Conqueror’s chambers from
there. The attendant smiled at the imagine that came to her. She pointed the
way, and Diana thanked her and headed for The Conqueror’s Chambers. This would
be the day she would be claimed by The Conqueror. The Thought sent all kinds
of sensations coursing through her.


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