By D.virtue

The Conqueror in the meantime had called for her own bath to be filled and she
bath herself and dried and then oiled, she returned to the bedroom expecting
to find Diana waiting for her, but instead she found an empty room.

She called to one of the servants and asked if Diana had come yet and she was
told no. The Conqueror was very upset by this, she needed to have Diana this
night, and here she was not even around. Xena had a robe on but it was not
tied and so as she walked out into the sitting room to pace around like a
caged panther, her breast would bounce gently and the nipples were also tight
and very painful, her firm abdomen with muscles rippling underneath twitched
at the thought of Diana.

The fine black hairs moving ever so gently from the breeze that was brought
upon them, long legs, and an all over sun-bronzed skin. Xena was a sight to
behold for anyone’s eyes. Xena turned and walked back into the bedroom
chamber She went to stand by the window. She heard the Bed chamber doors
opening, she turned to look at Diana she saw Diana wearing a smirk on her

“Where have you been?!”

Xena asked with anger. Diana spoke to ease Xena’s aggravation and said,

“ I had to take care of something, did I keep you waiting long?”

“Yes! and I don’t like to be kept waiting.”

Xena started moving towards Diana. Diana who had noticed the hint of anger
to the tone then said,

“Forgive me, it won’t happen again.”

Xena stopped to consider Diana’s request, after pondering the request she
then said,

“ take off that cloak and come over here to me.”

Diana biting the inside of her cheek to contain a smirk simply bowed her
head and said,

“As you wish, My Lord Xena.”

“The Conqueror in the meantime moved to the bed and stretched out onto it
lying on her side resting her head in her hand. Diana had turned her back to
The Conqueror to remove the cloak and she knew that the Conqueror was
expecting to see only her naked torso but not the surprise she had in store
for her.

So with deliberate slowness Diana let the cloak and the robe hidden inside
slide from one of her shoulders, she then looked partly over her now bare
shoulder to see The Conqueror’s response. Xena’s eye’s were narrowed and Diana
saw pure unadulterated carnal hunger in the eyes. Diana blushed and the
shoulder that was bare showed the blush which only served to increase the look
in Xena’s eyes. Diana turning back around she let the other shoulder slide
into view, again she turned her head to that bare shoulder and looked back at

Xena had not blinked, only stared. She was quite stunned and pleased that
Diana was giving her an impromptu strip-tease. Diana watched The Conqueror’s
reaction to the cloak sliding ever so slowly down her back to come to rest at
the juncture of her lower back and the curve of her behind.

The Conqueror’s breathing was now rapid and ragged.

Diana after a moment of shifting the cloak suggestively from side to side at
t her lower back, she then slid the cloak slowly and teasingly over her round
behind, she watched and listened to Xena’s many sharp intakes of air and the
erratic way she was now breathing, Before Xena could notice that the
underpants were missing Diana turned around while the Cloak and robe fell to
the floor. Xena’s eyes having just been on Diana’s behind was now looking at
the soft downy hairs of her womanhood.

Xena was now blowing air out of her mouth to help calm herself enough to


was all she could manage at that moment. Diana walked slowly over to the bed
and just as she was about to get on the bed Xena found her voice and said,

“No stand there.”

Diana’s brows knit together once again and then Xena said,

“ Bring me that gold box sitting over on the Dresser over there.”

Diana followed Xena’s finger and saw the box. She looked at Xena once more
before moving towards it. She had to step around a large table that looked
small in comparison to the room. Diana having just pickup the box and was
turning to return to the bed noticed that Xena was not there any longer she
walked closer coming to stop at the large table she knitted her brows together
in confusion as to where and how Xena could disappear without her hearing or
seeing her.

Diana was scanning everything in front of her where a person could hide, then
just as she was about to scan behind her she turned to see The Conqueror
standing over her with that hunger in her eyes that the box Diana was holding
was now trembling along with Diana.

The Conqueror cocked her head and with a wick smirk on her face she said,

So... my Consort likes to tease, hmmm?”

“I just thought that it would be....interesting.”

Diana said virtuously.

“Is that right? and here I thought you were trying to get me back for what I
did in the Counsel room to you.”

The Conqueror took the box without ever breaking eye contact with Diana. She
set it off to the side and then stepping into Diana’s space she placed her
hands on either side of the table while bending Diana back to where she was
lying on the table on her back and behind.

Xena was still wearing her robe that was open and she covered Diana’s body
with her own. Both their bodies were on fire so much so that at the touch of
one against the other they were both breathing erratically.

Xena was rubbing herself against Diana and both were moaning at the sensation
of each others body. Diana was about to place her hands around Xena’s neck
when suddenly... The Conquerors hands came up and caught Diana’s wrist.

“I Shall have you first, I will make my claim on you and your body before I
will allow you to touch me.”

Xena’s eyes were dark with her passion and piercing at the same time as they
bore into Diana’s eyes. Diana actually shudder with fear from the ferocity of
the look, and Xena feeling and seeing the fear pulled Diana back up to a
standing position by her wrist. Then dropping them to Diana’s side she looked
up at her hair, which Diana had rebraided after washing it. She took the long
braid in her hands and flipping it so Diana could see it she said

“From now on, I don’t want to see your hair like this, If you must braid it to
keep it out of your face then it is to only have two small braids, one here
and the other here,”

pointing to each side of Diana’s head. While all the time taking Diana’s
hair down to reveal soft delicate waves that fell down her back and around her
chest, with baby curls ringing her face from the hairline . Xena then
continued how she expected Diana’s hair to be done when braided.

“Then they are to be braided together across the back of your head! Clear?!”

Diana nodded her head but was told to answer.

“You will answer me when I speak to you, clear ?”

“Yes. crystal.”


Xena said picking up the box.

“ Take this over to the bed, and get on the bed and wait for me, clear?”


The Conqueror stepped back handing the gold box to Diana who took it and eased
out from the small space that was provided between her and The Conqueror. She
headed over to the bed holding the box and her hair floating out from her back
like waves. Xena watched for a moment and then strided over to where Diana
sat on the bed holding the box.

Diana wanted to ask what was in the box but looking at Xena’s eyes she
thought it better to just wait and see. The Conqueror came over to the bed and
looking down at Diana as she sat on the bed with the box she said

“set the box in front of me,”

Diana swallowed hard at her tone but placed the box where she was told to lay

“Good, now lay back on the bed with your hands over your head, on your back.”

Diana was now nervous about what Xena had planned for her. She was thinking
about the last request a little to long when she heard.


Diana startled out of her contemplation by the angry voice immediately laid
back as she was ordered. Tears sparkling in her eyes at the thought that Xena
was angry with her. The Conqueror saw and said through white clenched

“ Don’t let them fall, it’s not what you think.”

Diana seeing a possible opening for her to speak with repercussions asked,

“Well what is it about?”

“Silence! Not another word until I say so. Clear?!”


Diana said with frustration. Xena then opened the box and took out four
leather straps. She laid two of them on the bed next to Diana the other two
she held in her hand to used to tie Diana’s hands to the head railing, but
Diana catching the plan brought her hands down to cross over her chest. She
did not like the idea of being tied down and vulnerable.

The Conqueror seeing Diana disobey her, took on a look of barely contained
power and offense. She glared at Diana and with jaws tight she said,

“ What are you doing?!”

“ I don’t want you to tie me down, it would leave me to vulnerable and left
without having any control.”

Diana said with controlled determination. The Conqueror then caught Diana by
her hair once again and bending down while lifting Diana up onto her knees,
she spoke into Diana’s ear and said,

“I told you there would be now room for discussion when it came to my control
over you, I meant what I said, and by you being here, having accepted this
challenge, I plan on making you live up to your agreement, so if you choose to
try and fight me about my strictness with you, I promise you’ll lose and it
will be quite a painful loss for you. While I love the color of your behind
now, I have no aversion to adding a little red to it, if you get my meaning.
So choose, what will it be, My Control of My Consort, or the coloring of your
backside hourly until you live up to your agreement?”

Diana knew Xena was deadly serious, and she had to admit by coming there she
was saying she agreed to everything Xena had said, so taking a deep breath and
lowering her eyes she nodded her head in agreement. The Conqueror let go of
Diana’s hair and said,

“Then do as I told you to do.”

Diana looked up into The Conqueror’s eyes and slowly sat then laid back on the
bed, she then raised her hands over her head and closed her eyes. The
Conqueror then said,

“No! open your eyes I want to see them.”

Diana slowly opened her eyes and watched as The Conqueror tied each of her
arms to the head rail above her head. The Conqueror then she ran her finger
down the center of Diana’s body ever so slowly until she passed through
Diana’s downy hair. The sensation caused Diana to twitch at the contact. The
Conqueror then said,

“open your legs.”

Diana hesitated only for a moment then opened them slightly.
“ Wider.”

Diana took a deep breathe to steady her nerves and then she opened her legs.
The Conqueror tied both of Diana’s legs down to where she was now spread eagle
and exposed, as well as vulnerable. The Conqueror then stepped back to take in
all of Diana and her vulnerableness.

She looked at Diana’s womanhood with pure starvation in her eyes. She removed
her robe and Diana’s eyes changed to match Xena’s, Diana’s womanhood was
glistening with her desire as was The Conqueror's. Xena then stretched out
along Diana and Said

“Do you have any idea at all how long I’ve thought of this moment and all the
things I would do to you? And with you and have you return the passion in
full. I am going to enjoy taking you slowly over and over and over again until
you beg me to stop. and then I’m going to take you again and again. I plan on
finding out how much you can take before you you are rendered unconscious from
exhaustion and satiation .”

Xena saw Diana’s eyes widen in fear and hunger.

“I love your eyes Diana they tell me everything, you could never lie to me
without me seeing it in your eyes.”

Xena then leaned over Diana and Kissed her deeply she gained entrance into
Diana’s mouth almost instantly Diana was just as hungry for Xena as Xena was
for her. Diana sucked on Xena’s tongue as if it was the most tender sweetest
piece of meat that she had ever tasted Xena loved the sensation and thought
out of all her would be’s none knew how to use their mouth and teeth and
tongue on her, but Diana was showing some of her own skills to match that of

They both moaned and feasted on each others mouth, then Xena pulled her tongue
out of Diana’s mouth and Diana whimpered at the loss. Xena heard Diana and

“Don’t worry little one, I have so much more to do to you, I can’t spend all
day in one place, now can I?”

although Xena raised a questioning brow. She didn’t expect an answer.

Xena then ran her hand over Diana’s neck and felt the softness of Diana’s
skin, she then leaned back over and ran her lips over the soft skin, she then
ran her tongue over the pulse point on Diana’s neck, Diana quivered at the
feel of Xena’s tongue on her neck. Xena felt the quivering and she said,

“Yes... that’s what I want to feel, you quivering at my touch, I plan on
causing you to quiver at the very thought of me, the sight of me and the smell
of me.”

Diana was hearing everything Xena was saying....barely.

Xena then sucked and nipped at Diana’s neck, she sucked the supple skin into
her mouth and using her teeth and tongue she marked Diana’s neck. Diana was
moaning as Xena continued having her way with her getting to know every part
of Diana in a slow pleasure filled torturous way.

After long moments on Diana’s neck Xena finally started moving southwards.


Xena ran her fingers down Diana’s to her breast, where she took Diana’s
breast into her hand she kneaded the soft supple mounds she lusted to have
Diana’s nipple in her mouth, she wanted to suck it so hard that Diana would
think she was trying to separate it from her very breast. Diana’s nipples
were magnificent and Xena knew there were no other nipples as large and juicy
as her Consort had. Xena shivered at the thought that all of Diana was hers
and hers alone to enjoy as often and whenever she chose to have her, which
Xena thought would be multiple times a day for hours on end. To command and
dominate the beauty and have her the way she wanted.

Xena had allowed her thoughts to work her up so much that she had to control
her overwhelming desire to seize the delicious nipple into her mouth, she
wanted to go slow, feel every muscle of Diana’s body quivering with need for
her. So she steadied her nerves as best she could considering she was so moist
for Diana she could easily reach ecstasy without it taking much from Diana,
but she was determined to have Diana first.

Xena then slowly ran her fingers over Diana’s nipples and Diana shuddered at
the touch. Xena then took the nipple into her fingers and she slowly squeezed
it and she returned her mouth to Diana’s who immediately opened it and
allowed Xena in Diana and Xena’s tongues once again danced in unison, they
moaned into each others mouth and then Xena once again pulled away from their
kiss she wanted to watch Diana and listen to Diana’s moans of pleasures.

Diana was floating from the sensations she was feeling, the ever increasing
pressure to her nipple that was just at the point where it would be painful
when Xena stopped squeezing, but she kept the nipple clasp between her
fingers without releasing any of the tension on it.

Xena then sucked and kissed her way back down to Diana’s other nipple that
was just as tight as the other. She then did what she had done earlier with
plans to continue without interruption. she ever so slowly once again made her
way to the nipple while all the while watching Diana’s reaction. Diana was
continuously moaning by now. Although Xena had not even gone a 1/4 of the way
down Diana’s body . But Diana had been so tight for quite awhile now that her
nerve endings had to be on the surface of her skin at every area that Xena
touched and her body and mind were being overloaded with many sensations all
at once.

Diana was an experienced lover but God’s she has never felt anything like
this with any of her Chosen. Xena was just arriving at the awaiting nipple and
with a gleam in her eyes she watched Diana as she slowly sucked the nipple
into her mouth down to the juncture of the nipple and breast.

“God’s! Xena!!”

Xena then reversed her direction with the same painfully slow movements. she
added to the sensation by increasing the tension on Diana’s other nipple.
Diana’s hips were now actively moving of their own volition, Xena felt the
movements but continued her assault on Diana’s nipples.

“Please Xena? please? take me, now, give me just one release and God’s I’ll
do anything you want or say, Please? Please?”

tears now threaten to fall once again from Diana’s need for release.

“Don’t let them fall, or I’ll stop.”

Diana’s eyes went wide with fear that Xena would stop. Diana squeezed her
eyes shut to fight back the tears of her almost unbearable need for release
from falling.

After a moment she reopened them to see Xena watching her fight for control of
herself. Diana blushed once again but this time, Xena felt it. Her brows
knitted together for a moment then she arched her brow at Diana once again
approving of what she had felt.

Diana’s nipples had actually tighten further with the blush. Xena returned her
attention to her pleasure and was sucking the nipple in and out using her
tongue with each stroke. Xena thought she may be moving a little to slow
because of the inferno within herself but setting her resolve to take Diana
slowly she then applied more pressure to the nipple she was suckling and in
so doing Diana’s breast started to produce.

Xena tasted the wine she had tasted before this time she lowered her head
into Diana’s breast and while suckling and drinking of the wine She let a
single tear fall upon Diana. A tear of pure joy. She found that Diana was
indeed her true life Consort she let the single tear fall because of the gift
that Diana was giving her and the one’s to come. She stopped the rest that
would have fallen because she needed Diana in the worse way. She then
increased her the pressure of her suckling on Diana’s nipple. She drank long
and deep until she decided to change tactics to this nipple. So she then went
back to slowly sucking the nipple in and out of her mouth.

“Xena... please... take me already?”

Diana plead and was near tears of frustration. Then Xena decided it was time
to move on to the other nipple, so she bit down on Diana’s nipple and Diana
came off the bed with the shock wave that ran through her and at the same
time Xena had let go of her other nipple, Diana was pulling at her restraints
from need to touch Xena. Perspiration on both her’s and Xena’s foreheads from
the heat that there bodies were experiencing. Xena then having watched
Diana’s reaction to her last assault on Diana’s nipple was now sucking with
abandon on the already producing nipple.

“God’s! Xena.. anything, anything, anything at all you want.... if you just
take me , Now!” please, please please please please? God’s please?

Xena reigning in her raging hormones to continue to build Diana’s flames, she

“ Oh, my little Consort is so ready for her Ruler, you really want need me,
don’t you Diana?


“Oh, little one I will definitely give you the release you so sweetly begged
me for, but, I’m not quite ready for you to release, I told you I planned on
taking you slowly, and slowly is exactly what I going to do, Clear?”

“Xena... ?”

Diana said choked with desire and need.

“ Xena... I don’t know if I can wait, please just one release, my need is so
overwhelming, please, please, please?”

Xena’s eye’s darken at the thought that Diana may release without her say so,
so she said in a forceful voice brooking No argument....

“Diana If you dare to release without my say so you will wish you never chose
to meet this challenge. Diana I have such a need to control everything about
you that I will not settle or think of settling for anyone including yourself
to control your most intimate gift to me, for me, and me alone. So if you
think I will allow you to release without my permission, then little one you
are sorely mistaken. Do I Make Myself Clear Diana?!”

Xena’s eyes now flashing with danger and passion all at the same time.

“ could barely speak from all the stimuli racing to her brain,

“Yes. “

Diana said with trepidation.

“Good little Consort.”

The Conqueror said with a victorious smirk.

Xena Then leaned back over Diana and was boring her eyes into Diana’s as she
drew nearer to Diana’s lips. Diana had unshed tears in her eyes and Xena said
in an uncommonly calm voice,

Diana, if they fall I will make you so restless for release and then I will
make you wait for me to take you and give you release. It could be days before
I forgive you, for yet another interruption in yet another encounter, do you
understand Consort?”

Xena said this while running her fingernails up and down Diana’s abdomen

“God’s, yes, yes, anything, but please release me, please?”

“Good girl...”

Xena purred into Diana’s ear, and then she moved to take Diana’s mouth in yet
another sultry kiss. The Conqueror then kissed and nipped her way back down to
Diana’s breast, but this time she used her other hand to knead Diana’s other
breast and then using her thumb and forefinger she again squeezed the nipple
to almost a painful sensation, while once again licking and sucking the supple
skin of Diana’s breast into her mouth.

Then she once again took the taut nipple into her mouth and once more she
slowly sucked it into her hot mouth down to the juncture once again. She then
reversed and pulled her mouth off the nipple allowing it to feel the cool air
that she then blew on it, Diana was so moist that the air itself was fragrant
with the smell of strawberries.

Xena was slightly dizzied from the fragrance and moaned and slightly swayed
from her desire to ravish Diana to taste the sweet producing nature of Diana.

“ooh... what a wonderful smell, I can hardly wait to taste your sweet flower

“mmhmm.. I can’t wait either.”

Xena then... Bit onto Diana’s nipple....

“Oh God!”

Diana exclaimed at the same time she drew her restraints so tight that Xena
thought she heard the sound of leather just starting to tear.
She looked up to Diana and with a wick glint in her eyes she said,

“Soon sweet one, soon.”

Xena then nipped at the nipple and sucked as it once again produce the same
wine as was produced by the other nipple. Suckling with abandon once again
Xena reveled in the Sensation of Diana’s nipple and the wine in her mouth, she
was being driven with such a need for Diana that she pinched the other nipple
once again so hard and relentlessly that Diana was pleading for her to release
her hold on her nipple which was already sore from the aggressive sucking and
biting it had received earlier.

Diana was hoping Xena would let go but at the same time she was hoping she
wouldn’t, because although it hurt it was oddly increasing her desire, and

“Owww, Xena please? Gods! your driving me crazy, please?”

Xena only pinched harder and sucked harder on the two nipples under her total
control. Her eyes wild looking with her passion.

Xena then let go of the nipples simultaneously and Diana’s breath caught in
her throat,

“ah...! Xena... please? please? I’m your’s just take me please?”

“I know, and I will...”

Xena answered the quivering Diana.

Xena moved her hand down to the downy hairs of Diana’s nature and she cupped
it possessively and with a feral look in her eyes she looked into Diana’s eyes
and said,

“ This is all mine.”

She then leaned back over and up Diana’s body and took her mouth with that
same possessiveness, Diana was dazed and euphoric at The Conqueror’s

The Conqueror then slowly ran her fingers around the moisture laded outer
lips of Diana’s nature. Then she slowly moved them to the inner and proceeded
to stimulate the clitoris, Diana was now wild with need, her hips wanting to
push onto The caressing fingers and have her virginal state revoked without a
further thought, but Xena had other ideas, she dipped in and out of Diana’s
centre, she for the moment having lost herself to the feel of Diana’s nature
and scent on her fingers didn’t hear Diana pleading for her to take her.

She only focused on The pleasure of Diana on her fingers, she then slid one
finger into Diana ever slowly.

“Xena, I ..I... Can’t ... take ... much more, I’ll pass out long before you
allow me to release please? Please?”

Xena had heard Diana and looked up to Diana and smiled. Xena continued to
slide her finger deeper into Diana, until she felt it. They both tensed at the
contact. Xena looked up into Diana’s pleading eyes and after a moment Xena
shook her head , then saying,

“ NO, I want to feel every spasm that your body produces, I want you to feel
me the same way. “

Diana was ready to say something when Xena’s hand came up and she said,

“ not a word.”

Diana clamped her mouth shut and Xena removed her finger from Diana’s canal,
she then brought the covered finger to her lips and watching Diana she said,

“Remember this?”

and slowly took the finger into her mouth and sucked on it until it was clean
and then removing her finger she voiced her sheer pleasure of the taste..

.”Hmmmmm..... soo.. sweet.”

arching her brow, she finished and said,

“ just like I thought it would be.“

She then smiled and moved off the bed. She told Diana to close her eyes, and
she removed a gift that she received from Aphrodite after driving Aphrodite
wild with passion she had never felt before, so as a token of her appreciation
and in hope that Xena would bed her again she gave her a unique gift that when
attached on to the wearer it integrates itself into the wearers body and
becomes what ever instrument of pleasure one wants it to be. And the gift
allows them to feel every sensation as if it were apart of them from the

Xena then said

“Open your eyes.”

Diana looked at Xena for a moment and then allowed her eyes to take in the
vision. She was just licking her lips when she saw it. Her eyes went wide and
her mouth suddenly went dry. A smirk came to Xena’s face and she moved to
place herself over the restrained Diana. The Phallus was large and
intimidating, but Diana knew she could handle it , it was the same color as
the rest of Xena’s skin. Xena having now moved over Diana and positioned
herself between her parted legs said,

“ Today little one, I Xena The Conqueror shall claim you for mine and only
mine, and if any try and touch what is mine or if you give yourself to any but
me. I will torture and kill them slowly with you watching. Then I will beat
you twice a day for a year without fail. You are not to allow yourself to
release for anyone but me, and that includes yourself, you may only pleasure
yourself for release with my say so. If you do release to any but me, I will
castrate them and reddened your back and backside to where you will not be
able to sit for over a year. Also if you ever release without my say so I’ll
punish you in a way that you will have a knot so tight in your abdomen to
where you will be as skittish as a kitten until I choose to release you.

Diana nodded, but Xena didn’t move only arched her brow. Diana catching on


Xena then bent down and proceeded to kiss Diana with the inferno that was
within her she then took a plush pillow and placed it under Diana’s hips to
elevate her up. and without breaking the kiss Xena slowly pushed the phallus
into Diana. But to Diana’s surprise it did not feel like a toy of sorts but
actual flesh .

Xena seemingly reading Diana’s thoughts nodded their heads and Diana moaned
and Xena feasted and while they kissed Xena met the protector of Diana’s
virtue. Diana also focused on the sensation and still without breaking their
kiss Xena opened her eyes and watched Diana bend her head back further and
further with every increase of pressure by Xena. Xena kept Diana’s mouth
covered while she allowed the feeling of Taking Diana’s virginity for the
first time as Master and Consort.

The phallus was hypersensitive to every nuance of sensation that The shield
was producing. she moaned into Diana’s mouth as Diana moaned back and their
breathing was so erratic that one could not actually call it breathing. Xena
continued to push into Diana while Diana tried to hold back the tears of pain
and love she was feeling.

“Not yet Consort.”

Diana squeezed her eyes shut and thought she would keep them that way. but
The Conqueror was not about to miss the most expressive moment of Diana’s eyes
so she said,

“Open your eyes.”

Diana shook her head and The Conqueror said it again in a more commanding

“I said Open your eyes, now!”

“Diana hesitated for a moment until she felt the easing of the pressure on
her protector, upon realizing what Xena was planning Diana’s eyes shot open
and pleaded that She not stop.

Xena stopped her retreat and in a low voice said,

“next time I say something I expect for you to do it without question,

“Yes, crystal.”

Diana was so overwhelmed, she didn’t quite know what to do, but having some
competent thought left in her brain she did what she believed would end her
agonizing wait for Xena to break through her protector. Diana used the muscles
in her centre and squeezed, The Conqueror shuddered at the contraction. She
looked at Diana in both confusion and warning, then said

“Don’t do that again.”

The sensation had almost sent Xena over, and she was not ready to go over
just yet not without first claiming Diana. Diana turned her head to the side
only to have her cheeks grabbed and turned firmly back around to face The

“look at me.”

moisture came to Diana’s eyes once again but she would not let them fall. The
Conqueror continued to slowly push her way into Diana, Diana’s head went back
and her mouth was open as if ready to scream. Xena pushed, Diana panted, Xena
pushed further, Diana held her breath, Xena held her breath, she watched
Diana, she felt every fiber give way to her, she moaned her pleasure at the
feel and Diana was whimpering at both the pain and the pleasure she knew would
follow with The Conqueror’s claiming of her.

Just as The Conqueror was making the final push that would make her The
Chosen, Xena knew what the claiming of Diana met and she remembered what
Diana had said about how one knew they were Chosen, but Xena didn’t want to be
just another Chosen She wanted and was Determined to be The Chosen one in
Diana’s Life She would control everything about Diana and their bodies and yes
their very souls would be connected.

Xena was euphoric with the Thought. She was just pushing when... all of a
sudden there came a loud determined pounding on the outer Door!


“My Lord! My Lord! There’s urgent news! My Lord! Please! My Lord?!”

The advisor Timson was pounding on the outer door as if their very lives
depended on The Conqueror opening the Inner lock. Both Diana and Xena looked
at one another in frustration and Diana said,

“ Xena You have to answer him.“

Tears forming to fall from the imminent lost. Xena then narrowed her eyes and

“Silence! I will not allow another day to pass without Making My Claim upon
you. “ And with that Xena yelled over her shoulder back at the closed outer
door and said,

“Timson, Silence!!”

all went quiet and The Conqueror turned her attention back to the young girl
laying beneath her She then laid forward upon Diana and kissed her deeply.
Diana was, concern about the message, but she hoped Xena would not stop.
She wanted and needed to be claimed by Xena, so with that thought Diana said,

“yes, My Lord Xena, don’t leave me like this, please?”

Xena hearing the plead and the need in Diana’s voice she said,

“I had no intention of stopping.”

Xena then leaned over Diana once again and they kissed with abandon. Xena then
broke the passionate kiss abruptly. she then with feralled brows and a wick
gleam in her eyes, she said,

“Diana, your mine forever! This Day.”

And with that Xena and Diana both braced for the final thrust. Diana looked
into Xena’s eyes, and Xena watched Diana..... and then Xena with a final
thrust, watched Diana’s eyes go wide at the same moment Diana threw back her
head and Screamed.

“Yes !! Gods Yes! Thank you...oh thank you, Xena, My Lord Xena , Thank

Diana then let the tears she had held for so long fall.

Xena watched all of Diana’s displays of emotion, and she then said,

“Now to finish this encounter.”

wagging her brows, she then begin pumping into Diana, Diana raised up as much
as her restraints would allow to meet every powerful thrust, perspiration
now lathering both of them.

“ Mine, Mine, Mine, oh Gods all mine, oooh.... soo....good Diana....oh you
feel so good, sooo...... good....mmmmm....ahhhh.....y.e.s.s.s...”

“ y.e.s.s.s.... y.e.s.s.s..... “

Diana’s voice then caught in her throat, her eyes started to take on a faraway
look, Diana’s body was quivering uncontrollably up until now, and Xena’s was
reacting to Diana’s reaction to her loving. Xena felt Diana nearing her peak
and she herself was near.


The Conqueror understood exactly what Diana was asking and she said,

“Yes give me what is mine, now!”

Diana threw back her head once again and The Conqueror, threw her head back
also, as she pumped fiercely and with abandon into Diana’s nature. All of a
sudden.... Diana’s body stilled, and her eyes shut tightly. The next thing
they both felt was waves upon waves of ecstasy flowing through both of them.
Diana’s back arched off of the pillows and the bed, lifting Xena along with
her despite being spread eagle. The orgasms were so intense and needed that
Diana actually broke her wrist restraints from the stress that was put upon
them with Diana’s climaxing.

Diana then grabbed for Xena with her free hands but Xena having some complete
thoughts left grabbed Diana’s hands and held them back over her head and as
her ecstasy continued to wash over her she gripped Diana’s wrist tighter and
tighter with each wave.

“Xena? Xena, please my wrist?”

although Diana was exhausted her wrists felt like they were about to be
broken from the sheer strength of Xena’s grip. Finally after Xena’s own
ecstasy had ended, her grip eased, but she did not let go of Diana’s wrist,
instead she took Diana’s lips once again and started to pump into Diana once

Diana could not believe Xena was ready to go again without taking at least a
few moments to catch their breath, but here they were feasting on each other
once again. But then Diana through the rising pleasure she was receiving once
again remembered that the Advisor was still waiting for Xena, So she turned
her head abruptly to break their kiss.

“ What in the hell are you doing?!”

Xena exclaimed, while at the same time stilling her movements.

” I just remembered that your advisor is still waiting for you.”


“Xena he said it was urgent, you can’t just ignore that.”

“I can, and I did.”

Xena said with finality, and went to take Diana’s lips once again.

Diana turned her head, once again. Xena’s eye’s narrowed and she said,

“Don’t do that again.”

“Xena you have to answer him, what if some rival kingdom is coming?”

“ I’m not done here, yet.”

“But Xena...”


Xena then took the soft lips once again, and swiping her teeth across Diana’s
teeth she expected Diana to open to her, but Diana didn’t. Xena opened her
eyes, to see that Diana had already opened hers, and was watching The
Conqueror. Diana had now tensed up because she knew Xena would be angry at
her. Xena abruptly pulled away while letting go of Diana’s wrist. Her eyes
narrowed, she then abruptly pulled out of Diana and Diana’s breath caught at
the action. The Conqueror then removed the phallus and cleaned it and placed
it back in the box without looking at Diana.

Diana became nervous at Xena’s action and was about to say something to
explain her action.

“ Xena I just.....

“ I told you to be silent, didn’t I?”

Xena was now untying Diana’s legs, and just as Diana was free from the
restraints to her legs, she went to sit up, only to be told,

“Turn onto your stomach.”

Diana looked at Xena in confusion to gage her mood but Xena had now put up her
mask and Diana couldn’t tell from looking at her but Xena’s calmness was
unnerving. Xena’s brow raised at Diana, who upon seeing it immediate turned
onto her stomach.

“Stay there, I’ll be right back.”

Then leaning down to speak in Diana’s ear she said,

“There’s a couple of lessons I have to reteach you, that you obviously have

Diana turned her head to look at Xena, who only cocked her head and went to
stand back up straight, but Diana being fearful of what Xena had in mind she
went to her knees on the bed and turned to face Xena.

“Xena ?”

Diana said in her most humble voice, while reaching up for Xena’s cheeks.

“I didn’t want this to end, you have to believe that, please? My concern for
your safety as well as Gabrielle’s was enough for me to reign in my hormones
enough to focus on that. I told you that I would do whatever I had to to
protect you, and I meant it, even if that meant me stopping our lovemaking.
I won’t let anything happen to you or Gabrielle, your my only family now,
so... if you want to punish me for that, then fine, I’ll accept it, but I’ll
tell you that despite the punishment I would probably do it again. “

Diana finished and swallowed hard due to her dry mouth. Xena looked down into
Diana’s eyes and then she took hold of Diana’s hands and said,

“Diana, I told you before that nothing stops or goes in this Realm without my
say so, and I Meant that. But I’ll for go your punishment this time, because I
am touched by what you have said, plus I have made my claim on you, I am now a
Chosen and.....”

“You are The Chosen.”

Diana interjected.

“What are you saying?”

Xena asked cocking her head to look at Diana in confusion. Diana went to
removed her hands from Xena’s but Xena held her tighter and said,

“Tell me what you mean by I’m The Chosen?”

“I saying that none of my other Chosen have ever made me feel the way you
have, I have never in my life felt as though I could pass out from foreplay,
but I’m telling you that’s exactly what was about to happen had you not taken
me when you did. Your lovemaking skills are incredible to say the least. “

Diana involuntarily shivered at the thought and Xena saw it and smirked.

“Soo... My Consort gets the shivers when she thinks of me, Good.”

Xena then decided to see if Diana was as sensitive to her in other ways also,
so she let go of Diana’s hands and ran her hand over Diana’s cheek, Diana
leaned into the touch, Xena watched Diana’s responses to her touch in
fascination cocking her head at every movement made by Diana. She then ran her
fingers down to Diana’s breast and licking her lips she ran her nails over the
tightening nipple once again.

“ Ahhh..... Xena if you start this again I don’t know if I will be able to

Xena didn’t answer she just watched Diana quiver at her touch, she was
enthralled by Diana’s hypersensitivity to her. She then pinched the nipple and
she roll it around in her thumb and forefinger, Diana’s breathing was now
rapidly increasing and she was swaying slightly, her eyes closed. Xena
continued to seduce Diana with her touch. Xena noticed that Diana’s pulse
point was beating rapidly and Xena begin to wonder if she could bring Diana to
ecstasy just from her touch or voice or by giving Diana a certain look, that
Xena figured she would have to find out which one of her many expressions
would cause Diana to quiver with need for her and possibly release.

But for now she was at the touch part and so she set her mind to cause Diana
to reach ecstasy with only her hands touching her.

Xena pinched Diana’s nipple harder and firmer, while still just watching Diana
‘s responses.


Xena bent down while Diana’s eyes were closed and she ran her tongue over
Diana’s other taut nipple and then blew cool air upon it. The nipple visibly
tighten and Diana now had her mouth open trying to get enough air into her so
she would not pass out from the utter pleasure she was feeling, Diana
recognized her body was getting close to another release, but she felt
powerless to stop it if Xena continued the way she was going.

Xena grinned wickedly at what she was doing to Diana, and she continued to
lick at the tight peak and then she once again as she had done twice to
Diana, she took the nipple into her mouth and she slowly sucked it in and down
to the juncture once again. Xena never closing her eyes, and having placed her
free hand onto Diana’s belly she felt the muscles twitch and then tighten and
she knew Diana was almost there but she also knew that Diana knew better than
to release without her permission, at least she hoped Diana remembered, for
Diana’s sake.

That thought caused Xena to change her thinking and she instead begun to feral
her brows at the thought that Diana was about to release without her say so.
So she asked,

“ Diana ? are you close?”

Diana shivered at Xena’s voice but she was able to answer.

“ Y.e.s.s.....”

“ Yes, I’m sure you are but, I don’t want you to release, do you understand?”

Diana’s eyes shut tighter at the thought of not being allowed to release with
such stimuli coursing through her, but she had to focus on not releasing. She
was finding it hard to hold back . Xena noticed that Diana was going to lose
her control and she became angry and she said,

“Your not going to be able to stop yourself , are you?”

“ No.”

“Then I’ll help!”

Xena then stopped all of her ministrations to Diana’s breast and she turned
away, just as Diana fell back onto the bed from the painful loss of Xena’s
touch. Xena then said,

“I think I will keep you in that state for awhile until I decide to allow you
release. plus I'll use your skittishness as a way of punishing you for pulling
away from me.”

The Conqueror finished with a slight smirk on her lips. satisfied that she
could take Diana over with a touch.
She then looked over her shoulder back at Diana who was curled into a ball
holding her abdomen from the tight knot that was now apart of her for as long
as Xena wanted, tears were running down her face, but she could not speak for
now due to the raging hormones and her new connection to Xena. She wasn’t
sorry or anything for bonding with Xena she was just in pain now that she
wasn’t allowed to release herself from the knot in her abdomen.

Xena then took it further and told Diana,

“ Come , we have to get cleaned up so I can meet with my advisors.”


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