By D.virtue


Xena watched Diana slowly move to the edge of the bed and with some effort she
sat up and then stood and straighten, her body was flushed from head to foot
and the muscles in Diana’s shoulders and back looked tight. Xena smiled to
herself at the knowledge that she was the cause of Diana’s tightness, she was
so turned on by the thought that she shuddered, she then walked over to where
Diana stood and she ran her fingers under Diana’s chin and lifted her head to
look into her eyes. Xena wanted to see what Diana’s eyes looked like when in
this state.

As Diana’s head came up Xena was startled to see that Diana’s eyes had now
taken on the color of her own eyes. Diana’s eyes were now the same sapphire
as Xena’s with only a small chestnut ring around the inner part of her eyes.
The color was even more impressive because of Diana’s caramel bronze coloring
with jet black lashes and brows.

“ Why are your eyes that color?”

Xena asked out of curiosity, although for some reason she thought she knew the
answer already.

“ because of our bonding and your control over my releases, it’s just a way of
my body acknowledging who I’m in need of and until you decide to allow me the
release I crave my eyes will stay this color.”

Diana finished rather quickly, the hormones were raging and she was trying to
hold back the hyperactiveness that she felt was threatening to overtake her
and give away the fact of her intense need.

Xena smiled at the thought that Diana’s eye’s were identifying her as the
property of The Conqueror. Xena bent down and Kissed Diana possessively and
then broke the kiss and pulled Diana behind her to go and stand in front of a
covered object which was almost as tall as the ceiling , but only as wide as
two large people.

Xena uncovered the object and Diana saw that it was not a mirror because she
could see through to the other side. She looked at Xena who said,

“Step through.”

Diana looked at Xena with some concern, but then realizing Xena wouldn’t do
anything to her that would jeopardize her Consort, she stepped through and she
felt a blast of what felt like water and then soap, then water, then heat,
then oil and then steam, and then she was standing on the other side of the
object clean and refreshed, but still tight with her need. She smiled at Xena
who smiled back and then stepped though herself and came out the same.

“ How refreshing, I love this thing.”

Xena touching the silver frame object and speaking to Diana, who then asked,

“How did you come to have this?”

“A friend gave it to me, as a gift.”

“You get a lot of gifts.”

“Well yes, I guess I do, But I have many skills.”

Xena smirking at Diana, who cocked her head and said,

“As long as their platonic, friends.”

“ Xena then turned to look Diana full in the face and said,

“ I have NO need of anyone else for my pleasure YOU are MY Consort, and I
don’t expect you to forget that! But If I have a purpose for taking someone
else to my bed I don’t expect to hear a word from you about it, is that

Diana was allowed to turn her back, but She didn’t step away from The
Conqueror because she didn’t want to offend her and thus be left in need for
longer than The Conqueror already had planned.

“Fine. Whatever you say.”

“Good, now get dressed.”

Diana moved away from The Conqueror and proceeded to get dress, she had all of
her leathers on and was about to put her armor on when Xena caught her wrist
and said,

“No, you are not to wear armor, you are not a warrior anymore but my Consort,
you are allowed to carry your staff only, but no sword, is that clear?”

“ Your kidding? right? Xena I am a warrior and a very capable one, there isn’t
anyone here that can best me.... except you, but that’s it. You cannot
renegate me to sit here and wait for you to return from whatever war or
conflict that you go off to fight and then return and expect me to just be
waiting for you, You cannot be serious!”

“I am very serious, that is exactly what I expect. I will not take any chances
that there is another Chosen out there, you are mine and I plan on making sure
you stay that way. So do as I say!”

Diana angry and frustrated and in such need that rather than risk insult she
instead chose to cross her arms and chew at her lower lip and her eyes averted
away from the intense glare she was receiving from Xena.

“ Fine.”

Diana said in a quite voice.

“ Good, and don’t pout.”

“I’m not pouting.”

Diana said with irritation.

“umhuh, if you say so. Your adorable when you do that, I’m almost tempted to
take you and allow you release, but you still have a habit of arguing with me,
so.... I want. Come.”

Xena then turned and left the bed chambers with Diana following close behind.
Xena unlocked the inner lock to the main entrance to her quarters and when
she opened the door she found her advisors all standing along the back
railing overlooking the backside of the palace with their backs to her
somewhat down the corridor. She cleared her throat and and they all turned and
immediately came to stand before her and bow.

“My Lord, forgive us, we didn’t realize you had come out.”

“Obviously, Timson come here! What was so important that you would disturb me
while I was with my Consort in my private chambers?”

Timson paled at the fierce look he was receiving, and he said,

“My Lord, it just came to our attention that one of the Dignitaries that was
here the other day has sent word to the others that he has sent his army to
conqueror and take over the Kingdom of the assassinated Dignitary.”

“ When will they arrive at the southern kingdom?!”

“3 weeks from now.”

“ Send messengers to the other Dignitaries that were here and tell them I want
to see them here in 2 candlemarks, have the Captain of my Royal Guard , All
My war advisors from throughout the Realm and yourselves all in the Counsel
room the moment the Dignitaries arrive. And Find Terais and send her to me,

“Yes My Lord, Right away.”

Xena’s jaws were set tight and Diana was just about to say,

“Xena, I....”

“Silence Consort! if I want your opinion, I’ll ask, clear!”

Diana becoming angry that Xena would dismiss her without even listening to her
was a little to much for Diana The Consort to stay quiet, so pinching her lips
together and stilling the restlessness in her she said,

“I want just be dismissed by you, I won’t tolerate that, as part of our
agreement you said you would allow me to speak to you freely, without
repercussions, and I plan on holding you to that.”

Xena turned to face Diana and said,

“No, I said I would allow you some say so in things, and only if I allowed it,
and I’m not allowing it right now. “

Xena finished with a sneer. Diana crossed her arms once again only this time
Xena said,

“Don’t pout!”

And turned to head for the dining hall, Diana stood for a moment watching the
retreating form when she heard,


She then strided to catch up with The Conqueror who had stopped long enough
for Diana to catch up without having to run, she watched Diana approach and

“When I move, you move. Is that clear? ”

“ Xena...?”

“Is That Clear Consort?!”

Xena asked again eyes now flashing.


Diana said with frustration and anger of her own.

Xena looked at Diana and saw her eyes were still just as blue and she smirked
and said,

“continue to argue with me and it will be quite a while before your eyes are
brown again.”

Turning Xena continued her trek to the dining hall with Diana one stride
behind. They arrived at the Dining hall and Xena taking her seat and motioning
for Diana to come and sit in front of her on the large comfortable chair.

Diana looked at Xena and seeing the brow start to arch in question she walked
over and sat down where she was told to, not that she could have ignored the
request in the first place, she had to be close to The Conqueror and obviously
Xena knew this .

Once seated Xena told Diana to lean back a little. Diana did as she was told
and was now lying back onto Xena’s armored breastplate. Xena then proceeded to
run her hands along both of Diana’s arms, and then she brought one of them up
to Diana’s chin and turning her head around she ravished her lips.

Diana only moaned and turning her body so she would be better position and
more comfortable she sucked on The Conqueror’s tongue with abandon, while
Xena’s brow arched at Diana because she knew Diana was expecting her to allow
her release, but Xena had other plans for her Consort.

Xena unfastened Diana’s leather top and it fell open to her, she then told
Diana to turn completely around and place her legs over her own.
Diana did as she was told and Xena brought her mouth to Diana’s breast without
preamble and she suckled and bit on it and was soon rewarded with port from
Diana’s breast. She stopped long enough to say,

“This is wonderful, to think I can have any drink I want from the most
exciting and sweetest holders.”

Diana could do nothing or say nothing but quiver at the thought of Xena
returning to her breast. Xena soon did just that, she then grabbed Diana
around the wait and pulled her closer so that her breast were pushed closer
and Diana’s nipple was unable to escape her mouth. Xena Suckled and Diana was
now beginning to ask for release.

“Please Xena, may I ?”

“No, came the answer, I’m just thirsty, I’ll stop soon.”

Diana’s flames were boiling and yet she continued to enjoy The Conqueror’s
attention to her breast. What Diana didn’t know was that Xena was losing her
battle to control her own needs and so before Diana knew it Xena had leaned
Diana back against the large dining table and taking her free hand she slipped
it under Diana’s leather skirt and was angry to find that Diana had
underpants on.

She had meant to tell Diana not to wear any but she was a little distracted
at the time. Xena then reached into her boot to pull out a dagger but she
didn’t want Diana to know right away what her plan was, so just as she pulled
the dagger she bit on Diana’s nipple to distract her from the sound.

“Oh Gods! Xena! I thought you weren’t going to do things like that?”

“ Sorry, your just so edible. “

Xena said with a mischievous gleam in her eyes. She then went back to the less
distracting assault on Diana’s nipples, although she was sucking harder and
firmer than she needed to. And because of the increase, Diana was soaked, as
was Xena. Xena then brought the dagger up and under Diana’s leathers and
slipped the dagger between Diana’s thigh and her underpants. Diana stiffen at
the feel of the cold steel against her thigh.

Xena then said,

“From now on you are not to wear any underpants when you are around me, except
when I say it’s ok is that clear?”

“Why not?”

“Because when I decide to do anything, I don’t want to be hindered because of

Xena pulling at the underpants, she then continued,

“and because I said so!”

With that Xena cut one side then the other side of Diana’s underpants, she
then slipped them off and placed them in one of the pouches on her weapons
belt. She then went back to Diana’s breast and again begun to drink deeply and
suckle harder still, Diana was breathing hard within moments again, and
Diana’s scent was once again absorbing into Xena’s senses and because of the
desirable smell and the euphoric feeling crashing around her senses,Xena
slipped her hands back under Diana’s leather and she thought to herself ,

“Reform My Little Shield.”



Xena was feeling so powerful with Diana under her control she actually thought
about reneging on her deal with Diana,but then she thought about how she has
never broken her word and she also thought she couldn’t do that to Diana, for
even though she would not tell Diana just yet how she felt about her she knew
in her heart that she actually did care for her very much and soon she figured
she would be telling Diana how much she loves her, but for now She wanted to
punish Diana for arguing with her and questioning her.

Xena then without any warning brought her head up and off of Diana’s breast,
and seeing Diana was near a release she said

“Diana....? Open your eyes.”

Diana opened her heavy lidded eyes to look at Xena and she was startled to see
a wick smirk on Xena’s face. Diana was confused by the look and went to ask
what it was about, but The Conqueror shook her head for Diana to remain
silent. Xena’s eyes were narrowed but wild with the look of intense passion.

Xena then slid her fingers along Diana’s soaked canal and was stimulating her
clit unmercifully.

“ G.o.d.s X.e.n..a.a! Why?!”

Diana said throwing her head back and moving her hips involuntarily to the
rhythm that Xena had set. Xena being unable to control her passion any longer
due to Diana’s responsiveness she lifted Diana onto the large dining table and
laid her back at the same moment she laid over Diana and taking Diana’s lips
once again she kissed her with such passion that Diana was trembling from the
intensity of it.

Xena then broke the kiss and once again told Diana to open her eyes, Diana
immediately did as she was told from fear that Xena would stop. Xena’s eyes
were hungry and she said in a thick voice,

“It is amazing to me, how much you turn me on, I feel as though I could take
you hourly and still crave more of you.”

Diana was now goading Xena into taking her.

“Yes Xena Take me< I’m yours, any and everything you want to do, I’m your to
do with, come on baby, take me...”

Diana now boring those sensual sapphires, with chestnut eyes into Xena’s own
heavy lidded erotic filled eyes, continued her goading,

X.e.n.a.... allow me to release?”

Breathing hard trying to strengthen her resolve to keep Diana in heat for her,
Xena knew what Diana was doing, But she felt her resolve weakening with every
erotic word that came out of Diana’s lips.

“No, “

Shaking her head to try and clear her mind. But she couldn’t ignore Diana’s
sweet scent.

“ oh p.l.e.a.s.eee.... Xena? don’t you want to feel my ecstasy cover your
strong powerful hand, you’ll feel my very core vibrate against your strong
fingers, p.l.e.a.s.e.e.e.e.... Xena...?”

Licking her Dry lips,and still trying to resist, Xena said trying to muster
some of her Authority over Diana and the situation.

“Diana, hahhhh.... I”

“ohhhh, please, don’t you want to taste my sweetness again,
I’m sure it’ll be your favorite..... You know I’m telling you the
truth....Take me Xena, You are The Conqueror, aren’t you?”

“Y.e.s! I am!”

With that proclamation Xena thrushed Three fingers deep into Diana’s nature
and began pumping with ferocity! Diana screamed at the breaking of the
unexpected shield that had reformed without her ever knowing.

Go..d.s! Yes Xena, yes yes yes, I’m yours....ahhhh.....G.O.D.S!
oohhhh.....all yours.. My Chosen....The Chosen..... you make me feel sooo...
good...yes! Yes! allow my passion to flow, My Lord Xena for you.”

Xena beyond all control said,

“Give me what is mine and mine alone! Yes! release for me Diana!”

“Yessss..... My Lord you wish......”

With Xena’s permission Diana threw back her head and chanted her thanks to The

“Thank You Xena, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you....ahhhhhh, OOhhhh
Diana’s voice caught from loss of air due to the ecstasy that was washing over
her causing her body to quiver and tremble with each delicious spasm that
Xena’s fingers were curling and pulling out of her.

Xena in the meantime was chanting her own release.

“Y.e.e..s.s.s.s... Diana , cover me with your essence, oohhh those muscles of
yours are glorious....”

Xena inhaling sharply with each spasm of Diana’s ecstasy. and taking in short
gasps of air for each of her own.

“Mine! Mine! Mine!”

clenching her teeth with each of her thrush into Diana’s nature! Finally,
after what seemed like forever they both laid on the table exhausted but
satiated... for the moment. Xena lying on top of Diana was breathing faster
than she has ever breath even after the most fierce battle, she laid there
amazed by Diana’s lovemaking skills to be one so young. She thought of how No
one has ever gotten her to reach such heights in her ecstasy, not even the two
who had given her some pleasure.

Diana still trying to catch her breath, and slow her heart down took Xena’s
face into her hands and looking deep into her satiated eyes, she said,

“ I won’t say I told you so....I think I made my point.”

with that she took Xena’s lips and passionately kissed her. Then she broke it
just as abruptly!

Xena was stunned and dazed by the intense kiss, but she soon came back to
herself and said,

“Ok, Consort don’t get cocky, yes it was deliciously stimulating, But don’t
think I’m always going to give in to my passion and allow you release when I’m
punishing you. You Got lucky today, but remember who’s who in this
relationship, clear?”

Diana bit the inside of her cheek to keep from smirking, at her victory over
The Conqueror...for once. So she cleared her throat and said while nodding her

“Yes, very clear.”

Biting her lip now because Xena was noticing the start of a smirk, she said

“If we’re finished here we should eat something, don’t you think?”

Diana ended with a congenial smile.

“Ok, but I better not see that smirk cross your face, otherwise I’ll take you
in front of everyone at the table, or wherever we happen to be, Clear

Diana could only nod her head in agreement from fear that she would break out
into full blow laughter.

Xena knew why Diana only nodded her head and she was determined to make Diana

“Answer me Diana.”

Again Diana nodded more vigorously this time, hoping Xena would allow it.

“I’m waiting Consort.”

Diana seeing Xena was not going to let her off the hood by nodding her
head, finally said with a rush of breath.

“yes it is very clear.”

Again Diana ended with a smile.

Xena smiled and then lifted off of Diana and pulled her to her feet and held
her there for a moment when she thought she saw the start of that smirk.

Diana looked up into Xena’s eyes and said,


“You’ve been warned.”

Xena said with a smirk of her own.She then turned Diana around and to Diana’s
surprise there stood Terais and Gabrielle, at the other end of the table with
their mouths open, and staring and blushing fiercely. Diana then turned back
to Xena and looked at her and blushed her own shade of red and said,

“I wonder how long they’ve been there?”

“Well the way their looking and blushing I’d say....for awhile.”

“ I can’t believe neither one of us heard them come in or sensed that they
were here?”

“ Well maybe one of us didn’t sense it because she was so in heat... but the
other did.”

Xena said with a flirtation kiss to Diana’s open mouth, thus causing Diana to
shudder from the unexpected tongue that went into her mouth. Xena kissed her
for a few moments and then breaking it she said,

“I’m hungry, my thirst is quenched for the moment, but The strawberries I had
planned on tasting seemed to have dissolve completely, leaving only a faint
hint that my hand was even covered with the sweet juice.”

“ Don’t start.”

Diana said in a slightly reprimanding voice. Xena arched her brow at Diana,
who then arched her own and said,

“You did this purposely, didn’t you? I know you did, but that’s ok this time
but if you tease me again, I’ll seduce you at every turn, so much so that
you’ll quiver at the very approach of me.”

Xena visibly shivered at the image that came to her. Diana saw the shiver and

“So there, My Lord Xena.”

Xena narrowed her eyes at Diana and tried to give her a look of Power but she
failed due to the smile that was playing at the corner of her mouth. She then
turned Diana around and pulling the large chair back to where it use to be
with her strong leg she sat back into the chair bring Diana with her. Diana
looked at Xena for the way she had brought her to sit, but then Xena turned
her attention back to the two people still standing with their mouths open.
She then said,


They both stood there for a moment more, and then as if the trance they were
in were suddenly broken, they both shook their heads and in unison said,


The servers had then been summoned by Xena and after telling them to serve
dinner, she turned her attention to Gabrielle and said,

“ so Gabrielle, what do you think about the place so far?”

“ It’s magnificent, your taste is impeccable.”

Xena smiled at the statement because that’s how she felt about Diana.

“ I know, I think so too, but thank you for the compliment.”

raising a brow at Gabrielle while stroking Diana’s arm, who was swatting at
the distracting fingers. Gabrielle blushed at the hidden meaning.

“So what all have you and Terais been up to? You haven’t had any trouble have
you? My men are usually well behaved, but one never knows.”

“No I haven’t had any trouble, Terais has been wonderful.”

Gabrielle directed the answer to Diana who had a questioning brow slightly

“ Terais showed me around your palace and it’s grounds, your garden is
breathtaking. The colors are so vivid, and the smells of the flowers perfume
the very air. Everything fits so perfectly together.”

Gabrielle flashed a smile at The Conqueror and at her sister who was sitting
in front of Xena with a relieved smile on her own face, she was happy that
Gabrielle had not had any worries her first day and had enjoyed herself.

“ The Garden is one of my favorite places to go and think. Did Terais show you
the enclosed lake at the end of the Garden?”

“Yes, but she didn’t mention it was enclosed. Wow, how’d you enclose it?”

“My engineers did it, I am quite pleased with their work.”

“ I can see why, it’s awesome.”

Xena smiled once again at Gabrielle’s delight for the everyday things, It
was very refreshing. Xena thought.

“My Lord? you and your Consort Diana should have seen her when I showed her
the Library, she was like a fish in water, her eye’s became the size of
saucers, She stayed there for over an hour just reading some of the many
scrolls you have accumulated over the years.”

Terais grinned at Gabrielle who was now fiercely blushing.

“ That’s right, your a bard, well that would explain your great interest in
the library. “

Gabrielle now composed enough to continue in the conversation, asked Xena

“Have you read many of the scrolls in the library?”

“ yes, I’ve read them, all a few times.”

Gabrielle gasped at the thought , and then she said in amazement,

“All of them? There has to be tens of thousands of them in there.”

“There are, actually there are a few million or so in there.”

Again Gabrielle’s and Terais’s mouths fell open along with Diana who slightly
turned to look at the nonchalant Conqueror. Xena closed Diana’s mouth and

“ something may get in there.”

Diana flushed and turned back around and Xena laughed out loud causing
everyone to look at each other and then break into a laugh also.

When dinner arrived they ate and talked about many things, one of which was
Gabrielle's enormous appetite for someone as petite as she was, at times,
Terais and The Conqueror would just watch the food disappear off of the young
girls plate. Diana simply smiled and passed Gabrielle whatever other delicacy
she wanted as did the others.

When dinner was over a candlemark later, Xena said she had to go to a
meeting with her Cabinet. and Gabrielle thought it would be the perfect time
for her and Diana to spent sometime together before it was dark, and time to
turn in. So she asked Diana as her and Xena rose.

“Diana, have you seen this place, yet?”

“No not yet sis, why?”

“Great! then I can show you some of the places that I saw today. And that way
Our Lord could go to her meeting and you and I can spend sometime together,
since both Our Lord and Terais will be tied up in their meeting for a bit,
what do you think? I mean if it’s alright with Our Lord that is?”

Xena was a bit taken back when she heard Gabrielle’s request, she had intended
that Diana would accompany her to her Cabinet meeting and that way she could
caress Diana at her leisure.

“Gabrielle, how about if you spend time with Diana tomorrow, that way you can
have more time in the library,there are so many scrolls to read, and learn

Gabrielle actually lit up at the idea, and would have accepted it, but she
really wanted to spend time with Diana this evening. But she understood The
Conqueror’s meaning and didn’t want to offend her so she said,


Diana saw the disappointment in Gabrielle's eyes, although she tried to hide
it, Diana knew her to well so she pulled Xena to the side out of ear shot,
while Terais had distracted Gabrielle’s attention for the moment.

“Xena can’t I spend sometime with my sister, just for a little while?”

“Diana, I want you with me at this meeting.”

“Why? You yourself said I’m not a warrior anymore, but a Consort.”

“I know what I said and I meant it, but because you are my Consort I had
planned on taking advantage of that fact, if you know what I mean?”

Diana smirked and then said,

“Just three little candlemarks, and then I’ll meet you in The Counsel room?”

“Three? no! absolutely not!”

“ Xena it’s just three little hours, you’ll probably be so entrenched into
your meeting you won’t even miss me.”

“ I said no, three hours is to long.”

“ ok, what do you suggest?”

“I don’t know. “

“ Ok Xena, how about two and a half?”

“No, to long.”

Diana then decided to try another tactic. So she moved suggestively closer to
Xena and running her fingers through the design of Xena breastplate she said
in a seductive voice,

“Xena? If you let me spend sometime with Gabrielle this evening while your at
your meeting, I’ll do whatever you want without argument or hesitation, you
have my word. Just two candlemarks this evening, besides you did say that I
would have time later to see the palace if I were g.o.o.d.... and I think I
have been for the most part, Don’t you?”

Diana said this while looking up over her brows.Xena seeing the ploy said in
her own low sensual voice, but she added to hers.

“Ok Diana, two candlemarks not a moment more.”

Diana grinned to herself at her victory supposedly, 2nd victory, but it was
short lived for Xena Continued her statement and said,

“But, Diana If you meet me in one hour I’ll....”

Xena then proceeded to whisper in Diana’s ear exactly what her plan was if
Diana met her in an hour in the Counsel Chamber. While running her hand up and
under Diana’s leather skirt she then slid her finger into Diana, who’s breath
caught , and then released once Xena had removed her finger and hand from
under Diana’s leather.

Diana was feeling a knot form in her belly once again and she looked at Xena
with accusatory eyes and said with a shaky voice tightening with each moment.

“You did that on purpose?”

“ Maybe, maybe not, but it won’t matter if you come to me in an hour, I’ll
make up for it tenfold.”

Diana was once again tightening with her need, but she was determined to show
Xena that she could make it for the two candlemarks away from her, so just as
she was about to tell Xena she would see her in the two candlemarks, Xena
surprised Diana once again by bring the coated finger up to her mouth and
leaning down slightly towards Diana’s lips she let her tongue run up and down
the finger for a moment then she sucked it slowly into her mouth and said,

“Consider this, then?”

And she brought her tongue out to run teasingly over Diana’s slightly opened
mouth. Diana shivered at the sensation and the thought and all she was going
to say left her as she leaned toward the sweet erotic, stimulating tongue.

But as she leaned forward and up Xena leaned backwards and up, to where she
was now standing straight once again and Diana was looking at her and watching
a guileful smirk cross her face.

“I’ll see you....soon Consort.”

and she stepped around Diana and called to Terais and told Gabrielle have fun
with Diana, and she left without turning around to look at Diana, whom she
knew was struggling with what little control she had been left with at Xena’s
provocative and stimulating words.

“Diana are you ok?”

Gabrielle asked out of concern for Diana because she had yet to turn around.

“ Fine.”

Diana said clearing her throat. Diana then turned around and to Gabrielle's
stunned surprise Diana’s eyes were a sapphire blue with a thick ring of
chestnut brown encircled.

“Diana ! what’s wrong with your eyes? are you ok?!”

“Gabrielle calm down, it’s nothing bad, really.”

Diana said with a reassuring smile.

“Then why is your eyes that color, I’ve never seen your eyes like that

“Your right my eyes have Never been this color or changed to any other color
for that matter, but Xena has this.... I don’t know, something that just puts
me on fire, and until she gives me release, they’ll stay this color and even
become more so as the time goes by.”

“Does it hurt?”


“You know, being in such....heat.”

Gabrielle said flushing at the thought that Diana was in need of Xena, in such
a unbelievable way. Diana laughed at Gabrielle's unwarranted concern and said,

“It does hurt like you would think, not pain, but just this tightness, it’s
like a knot forming in my belly, it gets tighter and tighter the longer I’m
away from her. I can handle it for a while, but then I have to get near her,
have her touch me, it has a calming effect on my body, although I’m still in
great need I can handle it longer when I’m around her.”

Gabrielle laughed and said,

“ how long did she give you and me?”

Diana laughed herself and said,

“ she agreed to two candlemarks, but she made a counter offer that is really
hard to ignore.”

“And what was that?”

“A candlemark.”

“And what’s the reward?”

“Gabrielle, the reward is definitely beyond what your young years need to
hear or know about. Let’s just go, so you can show me around, I’m getting a
little antsy just walking around this dining hall.”

“Ok let’s go see the Garden first and then we’ll see as many of the other
places Terais showed me that we can before it becomes unbearable for you, ok?”

“Gabrielle I’m going to try and make the whole two hours,but if I can’t, I
don’t want you to be upset with Xena because of this.”

“upset with her! no if anything you seem to be quite happy with the new
relationship and therefore I’m happy for you both. Besides I hope that when I
meet my soul mate I hope we have something, even a small bit of what the two
of you have. So no, if you can’t make the two hours then I will completely
understand, besides I was allowed to take some of the scrolls to my quarters
so I’ll have plenty to read and keep me occupied until I turn in later.

Gabrielle finished with a hug for Diana, who hugged her and kissed the top of
her head.

“Thank you Gabrielle, for understanding and for coming with me into this, I
love you sis.”

“I love you too Diana.”

Gabrielle and Diana then went for their tour of the Garden, Diana was
awestruck by the sights and smells, the lake was as blue as Xena’s eyes, the
water calm and glistening from the moons reflection upon it.

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