By D.virtue

Diana and Gabrielle toured around the palace and Diana enjoyed her time with
Gabrielle but after a while Diana started having some problem with
concentration after about 50 minutes, but she wanted to push herself past the
hour mark but after another 3 minutes Diana was breathing somewhat harder and
ragged, her eyes had now taken on more blue and Gabrielle knew Diana would try
and make it past that hour but she decided to give Diana an accuse that Diana
would not suspect as a ploy to get her to Xena sooner.

“Diana? I’m getting tired and I think I really need to get some sleep, It’s
been such an exciting and exhausting day, I don’t even think I’ll read this

“Gabrielle are you sure?”

“Very. oh and you can actually make it to Xena before the hour is up.”

“ Ok, I’ll see you sometime tomorrow, I love you and sweet dream.”

Gabrielle then hugged Diana and kissed her good night and turned and went up
the back Staircase . Diana watched for a moment then after Gabrielle was up
the stairs Diana Turned and ran down the corridor towards the Counsel Chamber,
she made it there within a few moments and still had two minutes left. She
straighten her hair and smooth her leathers, she then stepped to the Sentry
and said,

“ Our Lord Is expecting me.”

“Yes, go right in, she said it was not necessary to announce you.”

The Sentry was staring at Diana’s eyes and was so entranced by them that when
Diana blinked he blinked, and then opened the door to the Consort..
Diana stepped into the Outer chamber and then walked towards the inner
Chamber. She stopped and once again straighten herself out and taking a few
calming breaths and trying to get the flush from her cheeks, once she had
managed it a little, she opened the door and stepped into The Counsel chamber
there she saw all of the Cabinet and the Dignitaries all sitting around in a
half circle around The Conqueror and Terais and some of her other Royal Guards
were standing just behind with Terais right at the Conquerors right shoulder.

Xena sensed Diana’s entrance and without being obvious at first she looked at
the hour glass and then slyly up at Diana and she saw that Diana’s eyes were a
brilliant blue like herself. Xena then abruptly said,

“OK everyone we’ll continue this tomorrow at noon, and I do mean noon! No one
is to disturb me for any reason unless war has broken out within my palace
walls, is that clear!”


Came all the people in the room. everyone then filed out of the chamber but
not before noticing Diana’s eyes.Eventually everyone had gone and Xena sat
where she was and assessed Diana, and with a smirk she motioned for Diana to
come to her. Diana was standing in front of Xena within moments, and Xena

“I knew my Consort couldn’t stay away for too long. You want me to touch you,
don’t you?”


“Why should I?”

“Because I’m here within the hour as you asked>”

“ So you are.”

Xena then stood and without touching Diana said,


And Xena led Diana out of the chamber and back to their quarters. there she


Diana immediately took off her clothes and was now standing nude in front of
The Conqueror, who’s only response to Diana’s nakedness was a sharp intake of
breath at seeing Diana’s body flushed and tight and her nipples taut and
looking delicious.

Diana flushed more and her nipples tighten, and Xena saw everything.
She then told Diana though a tight throat to go and lay on the bed. Diana did
as she was told without a word. Xena loved Diana’s obedience and she planned
on rewarding her for it. Xena then proceeded to strip out of her armor and
clothing, when she got to her leathers she slowed down and began an erotic
striptease for Diana’s benefit. Diana’s eye’s were riveted on Xena and every
sensual move she made, Xena was aroused by Diana’s steady attention to her
and as she stripped she watched Diana touch her nipples ever so softly. while
never taking her eyes off of The Conqueror. Xena wasn’t sure if she wanted
Diana touching herself for fear that she would continue and give herself
release. But for now she watched Diana watch her.

“ oohhh, your so....beautiful. “

Diana said to Xena. Xena gave a half smile at Diana’s compliment. But she
continued her dance. Diana had found a song and beat in her mind to match
that of Xena’s movements. It just added to Diana’s already flaming libido.

Diana started to move her hand lower over her abdomen as she watched Xena, and
when her hand came to her navel Xena stopped moving and watched Diana move her
hand still further down. Diana noticed Xena had stopped moving and looking up
she saw Xena shaking her head ever so slightly. Diana’s hand stop moving when
she saw where Xena’s gaze was focused on.She then removed her hand from her
abdomen and motioned for Xena to come and join her on the bed.

Xena arched her brow at Diana’s boldness for calling her anywhere, but she
soon moved to join Diana on the bed. She laid down on her side and was just
about to bring her hand up to caress Diana’s arm, when Diana’s hand caught her
wrist and held it . Xena narrowed her eyes at Diana at the thought that Diana
would dare stop her from touching anything she wanted to touch.

Diana cocked her head and using only her eyes she asked Xena to allow her to
do things her way. Xena raised a brow for a moment then she bowed her head
slightly giving Diana permission to proceed. Diana then pushed Xena back onto
her back and straddled her all in one fluid motion.Xena was caught off guard
with this move, she was not expecting Diana to do such a thing, and again she
raised her brow. Diana only cocked her head and gave Xena the trust me look.
Blue eyes looking into blue eyes, Xena soon relented again.

Diana started exploring every part of Xena starting with her hair. Diana held
her body off of Xena so that their bodies never touched. She then lifted up
some of Xena’s Raven hair and ran her fingers through it, admiring the
texture, she then smiled at Xena, who gave Diana a half smile, she was
intrigued by what Diana had planned so she was content to just watch and feel
if the time came.

Diana then brought Xena’s hair to her cheek and rubbing it against her cheeks
she lost herself to the softness, again she smiled at Xena, who was now
enjoying the scene she was watching. She then ran the hair under her nose and
inhaling deeply she closed her eyes once again and allowed her senses to fill.
She then smiled once more at Xena in appreciation for the beautiful hair she

Diana then kissed Xena’s forehead, her brows, her eyes, each of her cheeks,
her nose, and then she leaned right and whispered in Xena’s ear.

“Wonderful feel.”

She then nipped Xena’s ear causing her to shudder from the sensation. Then she
leaned to the left and whispered

“ so .....soft and your hair has a bouquet fragrance.”

again Diana nipped at Xena’s ear and again Xena shuddered.

Diana then leaned back and brought her lips within inches of Xena’s lips. She
then ran her tongue over Xena’s top lip and then over the bottom. Xena
shivered with each touch. Diana watched her over her brows and smiled at
Xena's reaction. Diana then brought their lips together in a soft gentle kiss.
Xena enjoying the feel of Diana’s lips as she always has flipped her tongue
over Diana’s teeth expecting her to open to her.

But Instead Diana leaned back away from Xena’s lips ever so slightly and
opened her eyes for she knew Xena would open hers in wonder. So as soon as
Diana had backed away Xena’s eyes flew open to a slit, her brows feralled
looking down at Diana, who had not moved from within inches of Xena’s mouth.

Diana looked up into Xena’s eyes and with a coyness she asked once again using
her eyes if Xena would allow her to do things her way. Xena glared at Diana
for long moments then she nodded slightly her approval. If it were not for
Xena’s curiosity as to what Diana’s ultimate plan was she would stop her now
and not tolerate being denied. But because of that curiosity she let Diana
continue her way ....for now.

Diana then flipped her tongue over Xena’s lips once again, and again she saw
the shudder. She then leaned back and ran her hands over Xena’s long neck. She
used her thumbs to caress the front of Xena’s neck. she then leaned forward
once again and ran her tongue from the juncture of Xena’s neck and shoulder to
the juncture of her neck and jaw.Diana did this to both sides of Xena’s neck,
while Xena Shivered from the sensation. Diana then nipped and bit at Xena’s
neck, then she sucked the supple skin into her mouth, and using her tongue she
felt Xena’s pulse on it. Diana not being able to resist the temptation of
Xena’s moans and her rapidly beating heart bit gently onto Xena’s neck at
her pulse point.

“OHHhhhh...... Diana....yessss....”

Diana then let the skin slide out of her mouth between her teeth. Xena arched
her neck back slightly allowing Diana more access. But Diana was finished with
that side and moved to the other side and did the exact same thing. Xena’s
breathing was rapid and slightly ragged but she allowed Diana to continue her

Diana then leaned back and she then ran her hands over Xena’s shoulders and
then caressed her arms and wrist and then she lifted Xena’s right hand and she
looked up into Xena’s heavy lidded passion filled eyes and she sucked each of
Xena’s fingers into her mouth and she sucked and ran her tongue over them, she
brought each one of them out of her mouth with her teeth scraping against
them. Diana kissed the palm of Xena’s hand and laid it back down on the bed.

Xena was amazed that a young girl like Diana had so much knowledge and skill
in the art of seduction. Xena was so hot, she was starting to have doubts
whether she could just lay back and allow Diana to continue her explorations.
But she was determined to try. Diana then did the same thing to Xena’s other
hand lavishing it with just as much love as she had done with the first.

Diana then kissed the palm and returned the hand to the bed. Diana then ran
her hands down Xena’s sides and over her abdomen. Diana caressed the muscles
in Xena’s firm abdomen and she brought her hands up to the area just below
Xena’s breast, once there she stopped. Diana then leaned down and proceeded
to follow the path that her hands had just taken. She ran her tongue down and
around and then she followed the directions of the muscles.

Diana watched Xena’s abdomen twitch at the sensations she was causing. Xena’s
chest was rising and falling erratically. Diana finally leaned back and
touching Xena’s breast ever so lightly she caressed each breast while all the
while looking into Xena’s eyes. Diana then ran her nails over each taut nipple
and Xena shudder to her toes. Diana watched the nipple grow firmer still from
the stimulation and the shuddering that Xena had just done she was looking so
intensely at the reaction that a slow blush crept up Xena’s abdomen and moved
slowly over her breast and continued upwards.

Diana watch the slow blush and followed it to it’s conclusion which was at
Xena’s cheeks. Diana smirked and Xena narrowed her eyes more than they already
were. Diana then smiled and then returned her attentions to Xena breast . She
then bent down and kissed the soft right breast, she sucked the skin into her
mouth and she let her tongue run across the imprisoned flesh. She then bit
down on the soft flesh and allowed the breast to return to it’s normal place.

Diana then flicked her tongue at Xena’s nipple and Xena’s breath caught.


Came Xena’s passion filled voice.

Diana then sucked Xena’s nipple ever so slowly into her mouth mimicking Xena’s
actions of earlier, and then she pulled back, allowing her teeth to scrap
Xena’s nipple. Xena’s hand came off the bed and wrapped in Diana’s hair. She
pulled Diana’s head away from her breast and it’s nipple. Diana knew in an
instant that Xena was losing her control. But she hoped she wouldn’t and would
allow her to continue.

Xena looked at Diana for a few moments, While Diana kept her eyes locked on
Xena’s. Xena then reached out with her other hand and pulled another pillow
under her head and shoulder. She then said to Diana through a tight throat.

“ I’ll give you a while longer, then... I take over, clear?”

Diana started to nod her head but Xena tighten her grip on Diana’s hair. Diana
then said,

“ Yes.”

Xena then let go of Diana’s hair and allowed her to return to her
ministrations, and exploration. Diana went to the other nipple and proceeded
to do the same thing. Xena clutched the bed with her fingers. as Diana was
loving Xena’s nipple Diana watched Xena’s arm muscles tense as if readying to
take over any moment now despite her words just a moment ago. Xena saw where
Diana’s gaze was and she consciously relaxed her arm muscle.

Diana saw the muscle relax and she looked up to see Xena cocking her head and
smirking. Diana then thought it would be a good idea to increase her speed
somewhat, so she repositioned herself from astride Xena’s thighs to between
them. Xena watched Diana with intrigue, to see just how far Diana would go.
Diana then ran her fingers down Xena’s abdomen and into her downy hair.
Diana’s touch was feathery light and Xena licked her lips at the thought of
Diana’s hands on her jewel’s cover.

Diana slowly ran her fingers down the center of Xena’s jewel until she came to
Xena’s entrance. Xena’s breath had caught in her throat and she fixed her eyes
on Diana, who now had a challenging look in her eyes. Both their blue eyes
were dancing with passion.

Diana then smirked and without notice she plunged three fingers deep into
Xena’s Jewel. Xena’s hips lifted off the bed from the unexpectedness and the
feel of Diana’s fingers deep inside of her . Xena hips begin to gyrate on
their own volition at Diana’s ministrations. Xena had closed her eyes for a
moment when she realized Diana was still exploring, feeling all the nuisance
of Xena’s jewel. She opened her eyes enough to see Diana was now positioning
herself on the bed so that she would be on her stomach right at Xena’s jewel.

Just as Diana removed her fingers from Xena’s jewel and was leaning forward
to place her lips on Xena’s engorged outer lips, Xena Grabbed Diana’s hair
once again, but this time she pulled Diana up the length of her body to come
within inches of her face.

Xena then said .

“I don’t know if I want you experiencing me before I taste you. You have to
understand a couple of things before I will allow you to experience me in that
way. If you can agree with the conditions without argument or reservations
then, My sweet Consort I will allow you the experience. But if you can’t,
Then I take over now, Clear?”

Diana started to nodded her head and Xena Said,

“ I didn’t hear that.”


Diana said with a struggle, her throat was tight , along with everything else.
Xena then gave the conditions.

“ First If I like what you do, I may tell you to pleasure me in places other
than this bed chamber, and it could be in front of other people. Secondly, if
I allow you to do this, you have to be willing to be taken when I have a need
to taste you. Thirdly, you cannot stop pleasuring me just because certain
people come into
an area where we happen to be, for instances, if Gabrielle comes into the
room I will not allow you to stop.”

Xena said this boring into Diana’s eyes.

“Do you understand?”


“and what do you think.?”

Diana actually hesitated in her answer because she was somewhat afraid of
giving and or receiving such pleasure in front of others, especially
Gabrielle. But then she thought of the whole reason she had coaxed Xena into
changing their original plan. She wanted to know everything about Xena, and
build Xena’s trust in her. So with that thought she said arching her own brow,

“ Ok.”

Xena held Diana for a moment more and looked deep into her eyes, she then


And let go of Diana’s hair. Diana then lowered herself back to where she was
and bringing the fingers up to her mouth that were just inside of Xena she
slowly licked, then sucked each finger clean, while watching Xena's eyes
become more and more smoldering. Diana then said,

“MMMmmm...So silky......., so sweet........., and once again the fragrance of
a bouquet of flowers. I like your essence, but I would much like to taste

With that Diana leaned in and kissed Xena’s clit passionately. then she blew
on it . Xena’s hips flew off the bed and stayed off as long as Diana had her
sweet soft mouth wrapped around one of her most intimate zones. While Xena’s
hips were off the bed, Diana had pulled a couple of pillows under Xena’ s
hips. So when Diana removed her lips Xena took in rapid short gasps of air.
Xena Then removed one of the pillows from behind her head so that now she was
only slightly inclined, but inclined enough to watch Diana if she chose.

After Diana had removed her lips from Xena’s clit Xena felt a tingling
sensation run up her spine and abdomen and over her breast. It caused her to
shudder at the sensation. Diana was watching from between Xena’s legs and she
saw the confusion start to cross Xena’s face. So before Xena could ask Diana
told her what she had just done.

“Don’t worry My Lord Xena, it is a gift from me to you, one that I thought I
would never have use of considering I never had any interest in any woman
before, But now that I am with you I figured we should both be able to provide
each other with whatever flavors one chooses. The only difference is that the
persons personality dictates the way the gift is given.”

“What do you mean?”

“ Well, for instances, because you are such a controlling person, one who
has to be in control of everything, It will be you who will choose what
flavor you want your body to produce. While I on the other hand am a.....

“Defiant person who doesn’t like to be told what to do without some say so?
Therefore you can only produce the flavors that your Chosen want. What I
want, right?”

Xena finished with a satisfying smirk.


Diana noticed that Xena had gone into some type of revelry about the power she
held over her, and so Diana smirked to herself and proceeded to bring Xena out
of her Power filled revelry.Diana parted Xena’s Soaked jewel to expose the
entrance. She then said to Xena,

“I have another surprise for you My Lord Xena, But I must warn you, it might
take you over sooner than you would like and I just want to be sure you won't
get upset with me because of it.”

Xena looked down at Diana and said,

“No, I won’t get upset.”

Diana after receiving Xena’s reassurance that she would not get upset with her
she leaned in and inserted her tongue into Xena’s Jewel.

“AHHHHHHHhhhhhh.....yessss Diana....!.”

Xena’s hips were now not only gyrating but rotating also. Xena did feel like
she could go over , but she set her resolve and thought yes that does feel
wonderful but I can handle it and more. With that thought she clenched her
teeth and allowed herself to feel all the intense feelings running through
her . Then she felt Diana’s tongue continue to push further and further
inside of her.....

Then all of a sudden Diana’s tongue touched her core and Her hips once again
flew off the pillows that were under her.

“Gods! Diana’ what are you doing....! Y.e.e.e.e.s.s.s...... Diana release with

Diana then ran her tongue around Xena’s core and then she touched the tip of
her tongue to Xena’s core entrance.

“Xena’s breath left her at the first syllable she was ready to shout out!

“ D.I... ....”

She saw the blinding colorful lights burst behind her eyes and her liquid fire
was flowing freely, wave after delicious wave. Diana felt the muscles of
Xena’s jewel start to tighten around her tongue. Xena’s mouth still in the
form of whatever word she would have said. Diana absorbed all of Xena’s
liquid fire that was covering her tongue. Diana thought that Xena’s internal
muscles were just as strong as her other muscles.

She thought that if she were anyone else Xena’s muscles would have torn her
tongue from it’s roots, but since Diana was not anyone else she reveled in the
sensation. Then Xena’s muscles contracted in such a way that sent shock waves
through Diana’s body so much so that Diana screamed her own release...

Both Diana and Xena were both flying in ecstasy. After twenty minutes Diana's
finally ended for the moment. But Xena’s continued because, while Diana was
experiencing her ecstasy her tongue was erotically moving around Xena’s core,
only elevating her to a higher plane.

Diana then thought how turnabout was fair play, she thought she would find
out how long it took Xena to fall into unconsciousness. So with that thought a
mischievous look came into Diana’s eyes, just as she was thinking about it she
moved her tongue over Xena’s core once again and Diana felt her tongue receive
a bath once again, and again Diana allowed her tongue to absorb every bit of
the liquid fire. She then felt Xena’s core quivering continuously, and figured
she could now remove her tongue from within Xena’s jewel and continue to
stimulate her in other ways, although she felt she would be losing the ability
to taste Xena’s liquid fire.

But she decided to withdraw and continue her encouragement of Xena’s ecstasy.
so in a deliberately slow, stimulating, tortuously slow motion, Diana
withdrew her tongue.

Diana felt Xena quiver and release again and the thought washed over Diana,
and she quivered her own release again. Still trying to hold herself off of
Xena. Finally, just as Diana was sure she would not be able to hold herself up
any longer her ecstasy ended. Diana leaned back onto her heels and caught her
breath for a moment. After a few moments she looked up into Xena’s ecstasy
filled face and her heart swelled with all kinds of emotions.

She then noticed that the muscles in Xena’s abdomen were starting to relax so
Diana immediately leaned forward and sucking one of Xena’s taut nipples into
her mouth, she proceeded to suck hard and with abandon. Xena’s muscles
immediately with tight again and then they twitched with every wave of ecstasy
that her body produced. Diana saw Xena’s muscles were all tight, but she was
not concerned that Xena would cramp up.

Diana then bit down on the sweet nipple and Xena’s breast produced sweet
cider. Diana now drank with even more abandon and in so during experienced yet
another release at the same moment Xena experienced her own.

Diana now exhausted from her multiple orgasms decided it was time to see if
Xena had slipped into unconsciousness yet. But to Diana’s surprise Xena was
still with her. Diana smiled at the thought then thought, maybe a little
longer, but looking at Xena Diana thought Xena would at least be to exhausted
to get up early so she decided to bring Xena down easily.

Diana leaned up Xena’s body still without touching and she kissed her with
tenderness and passion. Diana then caressed and massaged Xena’s muscles until
each one relaxed, finally Diana whispered into Xena’s ears and said,

“X.e.n.a.... it’s time to come back home now.”

Xena’s body immediately started to return to the bed. Diana had removed the
pillows out from beneath Xena’s hips and so when she came back down to the
bed she was laying on the soft bed once again.

Diana then cleaned her and Xena up and then she finally laid down next to
Xena, placing her arm across Xena’s abdomen and laying her head on Xena’s
chest. Diana listened to Xena’s heartbeat and was soon alsleep from the
wonderful sound.

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