By D.virtue

When Diana and Xena arrived at the lake, Diana was stunned to see Gabrielle
and Terais sitting under a tree talking and laughing. Diana was surprised and
confused to see Gabrielle laughing, albeit she was happy that she was, but
she was still confused as to how she could go from a child who only a little
while ago was crying and eyes filled with fear, to a child laughing and
telling stories.

Xena saw Diana’s confusion as well as concern and she placed her hand on
Diana’s shoulder and turned her to face her. She then said,

“ I had told Terais that if Gabrielle showed up at the courtyard that she was
to stay with Gabrielle and watch her reaction, I also told her what I
suspected would be Gabrielle’s reaction and if indeed Gabrielle reacted in the
way I thought she would. Terais was to take Gabrielle away from there once the
Challenge had ended when she saw you come to me the first time, she was to
bring Gabrielle here and tell her exactly what I told her to say....”

“ Which was?”

Diana asked out of curiosity.

“ Which was, that I was not worried about you being hurt and that Pentar was
not even a poor match for your skills, I also told her to tell Gabrielle that
if I thought you would be hurt in the least I would have had Pentar gutted
before the Challenge could take place, my anger was not that you would
necessarily be hurt although I know you can be, It was because I had told you
I did not want you to be a warrior anymore , and yet you were there fighting
and then killing. I told Terais to tell Gabrielle that I would never let
anything happen to you or her or Terais, so she was not to let this incident
way on her mind, and that later we would join them at the lake for the day.”

Xena let a smile pull at the corner of her mouth, from the ironicness of the
day she had originally planned for her and Diana and the fact that she had
told Diana she wanted her all to herself.

Diana was watching Gabrielle and Terais talk and laugh during Xena’s
explanation of Gabrielle’s changed demeanor. She then turned to Xena and
pulling Xena back further from where they were already from Gabrielle and
Terais, Diana turned her and Xena around behind a large tree and when she
looked up into Xena’s Eyes, Diana’s eyes had changed to the Sapphire blue of

Xena startled at the unexpected change in Diana’s eyes, she knew what it
meant and after the initial start, Xena’s eyes took on a carnal look. Diana
baited Xena further, she removed her hand from Xena’s and she seductively and
gently leaned back on the tree without taking her eyes off of Xena.

Xena stood where she was and she watched Diana go into her seductive mode and
she smirked at the thought that Diana was going to give herself to her just a
little way from where Gabrielle and Terais sat talking. The thought Caused a
shudder to run through her, and her eyes narrowed at the intensity.

Diana keeping one hand behind her lower back she took her other hand and
using the fingers she began to run her fingers over her lips, and around her
lips, and eventually in and then back out of her mouth. Xena step back a few
paces , and Diana cocked her head and slightly raised a brow if question, but
Xena only cocked her own head and ever so slightly nodded her head.

Diana saw and understood, and in so understanding , she then ran her fingers
down her neck and on to her chest and down her cleavage, to come to rest for
the moment at the fasteners of the brassiere type top, there she unfastened
one, her breast filled the space immediately, she then unfastened the next,
again the space was filled.

Xena in the meantime, had leaned back on her heels slightly and now had her
head tilted at Diana watching with a questioning type look in her eyes.
Diana chewed at her bottom lip ever so gently and then she ran her tongue over
them and afterwards rather than return her tongue to the inside of her mouth
she let it lay between her teeth and let it tease at Xena.

Xena’s tongue came out slightly to tease back at Diana, who upon seeing
Xena’s reaction was caught in the sensuality of the look , she had never seen
the look before and it was an amazing look even for her to see.

Diana after a moment returned her attention to what she was doing and she
unfastened the third and again Diana’s breast filled the free area. There
were only 3 more clasp left and Diana’s nipples were pushing against the
inside of the material and Xena was having trouble waiting for them to make
their appearance, but she was determined that she would. So she stood where
she was and watched Diana continue her seduction.

Diana never stopped watching Xena, she then unfastened the next , and the next
and Diana’ s breast was now ready to force the last fastener open from their
sheer fullness, but the fastener held them, Diana still leaning on the tree
with one hand behind her, watched Xena’s eyes focus and stay riveted to her
breast, she blushed at the thought of how intensely Xena was focused on her
breast. Diana heard Xena’s breath catch in her throat at the site of the flush
and the corresponding and visibly tightening of Diana’s nipples.

Now Diana knew exactly where Xena’s focus was and she shuddered at what she
knew would follow once she unfastened the final fastener, so she decided to
forestall it for the moment. She did not want Xena to have to stop and remove
any clothing so she would do it before they got to heavily involved. Diana’s
body was trembling almost continuously but she tried to ignore it for as along
as she could bear.

So rather than Diana unfastening the final fastener to free her breast to
Xena, she ran her fingers over the clasp and while looking up over her brows,
she let her fingers move below the clasp to her abdomen, she then started to
run her fingers down towards the silk pants she was wearing, but watching
Xena she saw Xena bare her teeth and shake her head side to side without
losing eye contact.

Diana raised her brows and pushed out her lips in what looked like a pout, but
Xena knew the look to be a coy way of Diana asking for her permission to
do something other than what was expected. Xena let Diana have her way once
before but this time she was not allowing it, she had her mind set on what she
wanted first and she would have them and then worry about all the other
things, right now she wanted to taste Diana’s nipples, and she would be damned
if she was not going to get them. So she once again shook her head no.

Diana cast Xena a challenging type look and proceeded to catch the banded part
of her silk bottoms, but Xena being determined to have the control took a
step towards Diana and would have continued had Diana continued, but Diana
seeing the set jaw and Xena’s threat she then cast another look at Xena in
obedience, and so she started to move her fingers back up towards the final
clasp of her top. Once there she circled and pressed on it without releasing
it .

Xena’s eyes were now boring into Diana to unfasten the final fastener, Diana
seeing the fire raging in Xena’s eyes she relaxed herself against the tree.
Trying to make her body more comfortable against it so that she would not be
uncomfortable against it when she released the final clasp and the following
reaction from Xena who was poised to pounce on her.

Finally, Diana ran her finger to the clasp and Xena’s breathing had become
rapid and ragged, as did Diana’s as a reaction to the trembles that were now a
continuous movement of her body.

Diana lifted and pinched the final clasp to her top and her full supple breast
sprang forth with their large taut peaks saluting Xena!

Xena was now striding towards Diana with her eyes focused on Diana’s nipples.
Diana seeing the focus actually began shaking visibly, and breathing rapidly
still. Diana felt as though she was about to shake right off the tree.

Xena came to tower over Diana while placing her hands on either side of Diana
on the large wide tree. Diana’s mouth was now breathing for her instead of
her nose, she wasn’t getting enough need air through her nose at that moment
and decide she needed quite a bit more.

Xena watched and felt Diana’s shakes and shivers as well as her warm breath on
her neck and face. Xena then brought her lips to Diana’s and she/they kiss
deeply, hungrily, ravishnessly on each other.

“ ahmmmmm.......ahmmm....!”

They moaned into each others mouth. Xena then abruptly broke the kiss and
grabbing Diana by her long hair with one hand she pulled her head back and
told her to open her eyes and look at her with those sapphire eyes.

“ Open your eyes Consort.”


Xena tighten her grip on Diana’s hair and said in a more commanding voice,

“Open your eyes or you’ll wish you had the rest of the day.”

Diana’s brows knitted together without her opening her eyes and she tried to
think what Xena could mean by that, but her mind was to cloudy with passion
still unquenched, so because of that she let it go as an empty threat.

“ nooo.....”

Diana said breathily. Xena then Set her jaw and said,

“I warned you Consort, now deal with the consequences.”

with that Xena seized one of Diana’s nipple into her mouth and she sucked

“ OH MY GOD!!”

Diana said a little to loud

“ Ohhhhhhhh...... Xena! Gods! Your going to take it off!”

Xena chuckled at Diana’s exclamation, but she continued what she was doing,
she was running her tongue around it. Then she bit down on it and once again
Diana’s breast began to produce, this time it was a port and Xena tasting it
she then slowing down her ministrations she let her teeth scrape against the
sides of the taut luscious nipple while suckling the liquid from if.

Diana’s legs were weak from the sensations that Xena was eliciting in her .
Diana still had not opened her eyes and Xena was upset by it because she
wanted to see the passion grow in Diana’s sapphire eyes, to her she felt she
would be able to see her own passion in the mirrored orbs, So she decided to
teach Diana yet another less in the consequences of disobediences, so she
continued her assault upon Diana’s nipples.

After a while at each, she let Diana’s hair go and she began kissing and
biting her way down Diana’s firm abdomen. Diana’s legs were about to give out
on her and Xena noticed it so she pulled Diana down to the ground and laid her
on her back without ever stopping her trek. Xena then gripped the band of
Diana’s sheer silk pants and she pulled them off in one fluid motion.

Diana now laid completely nude on the soft grass with Xena over her, kissing
and sucking and biting at her belly and side and then her thighs.

“ Ohh..... Xena....”

Diana breath heavily. Xena listened to Diana’s sounds of pleasures and was
even more turned on by them, but she would have to wait for her release into
ecstasy until later on when she had Diana taken care of Diana for her

Xena was now kissing and running her tongue over Diana’s soft thighs and Diana
was continuously moaning her pleasure. Xena then ran her fingers to Diana’s
soft curls and she slid her fingers through the outer folds as Diana shifted
her hips to receive more of Xena’s touch, but Xena pulled her fingers back
with Diana’s more.

Xena then told Diana,

“ since you won’t open your eyes I am forbidding you to move your hips at all
with the touch of my hands, and do not scream when I take you, if you do you
will be sorry, do you understand?”

“ yes, but...”

Xena then silenced Diana with a touch to Diana’s clit. Diana’s hips were about
to move at the contact but instead she caught herself and she dug her nails
into the soft earth on each side of her.

“ A.h.h....!”

Xena was now constantly watching Diana’s many responses and reactions. She
smirked to herself and continued with her pleasurable task. Xena let her
fingers slide through Diana’s outer lips once again and then she slid them
through to the inner right to the opening into Diana’s treasures once again.

Diana’s breath caught and with tremendous effort she held her hips completely
still. Xena purposely ran her fingers around the opening and teased it with
her fingers dipping ever so slightly just breaking the plane of the opening
and then withdrawing . Xena whispered so that Diana did not hear her,

“ Reform my little shield.”

with those words she slid three fingers into Diana. She stopped just short of
the protector and she proceeded to bring her lips to Diana’s swollen clit.
She let her tongue flick out at it, at first she only did it once to see
Diana’s reaction.

“ AHHH....!!

Diana dug deeper into the earth and consciously and forcibly held her hips
from pushing further onto Xena’s still powerful fingers as well as closer to
her face, but Diana felt that Xena would do something to her that would be
most uncomfortable, so she let only her upper body move for her lower body and
she hoped she could keep it up, but with every erotic touch by Xena she didn’t
know whether she could keep it up, and she was also concerned about releasing
before Xena said it was ok for her to.

Xena having seen Diana control her reaction to the first flicking of her
tongue she then flicked it again, and again and again, she did it 6 times and
she watched each resulting reaction from Diana.

“ u.h.uh.....u.h.u.h.....a.h..ah....ah....ah....a.hhh! X..e.....Xena?”

Xena was impressed with Diana’s control but she was determined to make Diana
wait past what she knew would be almost impossible. she herself was feeling
her own control diminishing because she wanted to ravish Diana but she had to
teach her a lesson about disobeying The Conqueror irregardless of who she was
to her.

So Xena in answer to Diana’s pleasuring query slowly sucked the swollen
throbbing clit into her mouth she suckled softly at first but with each
wonderful sensation she felt in her mouth from the pounding nub she sucked
harder and more passionately.

She also begun pumping into Diana but only far enough so that she could feel
Diana’s textures, but not far enough to where she would touch Diana’s shield.
Xena was losing herself to her delicious task and was not focused on Diana’s
pleads, she heard them but she only shook her head at the requests Diana was
frantically moaning and gasping out, without ever letting go of the juicy

“ XE..NAA....?! PLEASE.....? G.O.D.S! P.L.E.A.S.E.E....? I....., O.O.O....!!!

Xena’s eyes narrowed at the last few sounds of Diana’s pleasures, something in
them sounded like something different, like Diana was about to release or
something, but after a moment to think about it, Xena figured Diana knew
better, so she continued her ministrations and Diana continued her questioning
through her pleasure.

Xena then decided to push though Diana’s shield, but before she did she
reminded Diana of her warning,

“Diana, don’t scream.”

Diana’s head was arched back and she was trying to concentrate on not
releasing when she heard Xena’s musical voice in her ears, and although there
was a warning in it Xena’s voice sent shivers up and down Diana’s highly
sensitized spine.

Xena not hearing a response put it off to Diana having heard her but was
trying to control herself until she was told it was ok to release. So in
thinking this, Xena thrust through Diana’s shield and to her surprise, Diana
didn’t scream out in pain, but instead exclaimed,

“ OH God!”

The next thing Xena knew Diana’s hips not only moved but her whole back arched
off the ground and she felt Diana’s core pulsating and then she felt the warm
liquid cover her fingers, she kept her fingers inside of Diana and held her
hips so she would not hurt herself when her ecstasy had ended.

Although Xena did these things she was furious with Diana, but she would not
allow Diana to hurt herself, but she would definitely be punished for it.
Diana’s ecstasy had finally come to an end after 30 minutes. Xena was in shock
but she was also very tight and needed to have a release of her own.
but she would wait and make Diana take care of that later.So after Diana had
time to recover, Xena pulled her to her knees and through bared teeth she

“ Get Dressed Consort!”

Diana lowered her eyes and didn’t say anything she just gathered her clothes
and begun putting them on. While she was doing that, Xena stood and was
leaning back against the tree and was sucking on her fingers, the fingers that
had just been in Diana’s nature and was covered with her essence.

Although angry with Diana she was not so angry that she would ever waste such
a gift . So she sucked her fingers clean while watching Diana dress. Once
Diana had dressed Xena motioned for her to come over to her. Diana came to
stand before Xena and looking not at Xena’s eyes but rather at her neck and
watching the pulse she listened to Xena.

“ Diana? you know I am quite angry with you?”

“ Xena I didn’t mean for that to happen. I tried but you weren’t listening to

“ Silence Consort! you have made a few errors in judgment this day, but don’t
worry I’ll make sure that you want do any of them again.”

With those words Xena lifted Diana’s chin to look into her eyes, and through
her eyes she told her I mean what I say. Diana breath was shallowed but she
kept it even despite the position she was in. she wanted to get angry with
Xena for causing her to lose her control but she didn’t want to argue with her
especially considering she just wanted to thank her for watching out for

Diana chewed her lower lip and stood looking into Xena’s eyes until Xena let
her chin go and then lifting away from the tree she turned and walked from
around behind the tree and headed for Gabrielle and Terais. Diana stood there
for a few moments and then thinking that Gabrielle would be concerned if she
was not by Xena’s side she strided to catch up with Xena who only looked over
her shoulder for a moment and then said,

“ Your lucky you caught up before I reach them.”

She then faced forward again and arriving at Gabrielle and Terais they both
stood and Gabrielle ran into Diana’s arms and hugged her with all her

“ Hey Gabrielle, what’s up?”

“ I am so... happy your ok.”

“ Of course I’m ok Gabrielle. Why would you think otherwise?”

“ I don’t know, I mean I know there isn’t any reason these days to worry about
things like that, But I guess I do because I know you can be hurt, and I can’t
stand to see you in any type of pain.”

“ Well Gabrielle, I guess all I can say to that is, at least pain doesn’t
last, it soon fades away and is replaced with just the memories. “

“ Yes, but it can last a very long time. “

“ true, but with love one’s around you, it makes it bearable.”

Gabrielle and Diana broke their embrace and Gabrielle was just about to turn
to Xena, when she thought about what Diana had said and she stepped back to
Diana and said,

“ Your right, it does make pain bearable when one has their Loved One’s
around them.”

Diana looked at Gabrielle and saw her smile turn into a smirk, and she said
raising a questioning brow,

“ what does that mean?”

Xena who had went to sit and lean against one of the small trees that provided
shade had sat and had been watching and listening to the exchange
between Diana and Gabrielle, she had picked up on Gabrielle’s statement, and
was watching Diana’s reaction to the statement.

“ Oh nothing.”

Gabrielle said, turning and gliding back to the place where she and Terais
had been sitting. Diana stood there a moment more and pondered the meaning,
but for some reason it was not obvious to her at that moment, so looking over
to where Xena had went to sit Diana thought whether she should risk offending
her more by sitting a little away from her just so that she did not cause Xena
to become any tighter than she already was.

But looking at Xena she saw her motion for her to sit by her, so Diana walked
to where Xena was sitting and she went to her knees and then her hip and then
sat . Xena watched Diana and she leaned forward and whispered,

“ Is Gabrielle ok?”

Diana looked at Xena while knitting her brows together out of wonder why Xena
would ask that question when she already knew the answer.

“ Yes she’s fine, although she said something that I can’t quite figure for
the moment what it means.”

Xena then said,

“ I think you do know what it means, but because of your stubbornness and
competitiveness you won’t admit it until I do.”

Xena then leaned back against the tree and brought her arms up and placed them
behind her head while she stretched her long legs out and crossed her ankles.
Diana still not understanding and becoming frustrated that it seemed Xena knew
what Gabrielle meant and wasn’t going to tell her, she moved closer to Xena so
that she was right at her side and she went to her knees and sat back on her
heels and she asked with some irritation in her voice.

“ So tell me Xena, what is it that I’m supposedly being stubborn and
competitive about?”

Xena heard Diana’s tone but she maintained her calm exterior despite all the
activity that her body was experiencing within and said in a casual voice,

“ once I teach you that I won’t tolerate your stubbornness with me and
although I appreciate your competitiveness most of the time, there are some
things I don’t won’t you competing with me about, and the only way for you to
learn that is for me to teach you.”

Diana hearing Xena’s words became upset that Xena was being so casual about
plans that she obviously had set for Diana. Gabrielle and Terais watched the
two and whispered to each other what they thought the two stubborn women were
talking about.

They both knew it had nothing to do with the earlier days activity, but more
personal that , they both watched and smiled at Diana’s and Xena’s obvious
affection and love for one another, but yet they were both so stubborn about
admitting it first that they rather go through all of the changes that comes
from holding back your feelings.

Gabrielle smiled at the thought and said to Terais,

“ I’ll give a wager that Diana will probably admit it first.”

“ No I say Our Lord Xena will admit it first .”

Diana not wanting to wait to find out what Xena had planned for her later
she decided to just ask,

“ Xena?”

“ hmm?”

Xena responding to Diana’s questioning voice, while keeping her eyes closed.

“ Are you planning on punishing me later?”

Xena opened one eye to look at Diana, but rather than answer the question she
asked a question.

“ You think you’ve done something that warrants my punishing you?”

“ I.. I’m not sure, I would say no.”

“ I’m sure you would.”

Xena returned, and once again closed her eye and went back to meditate to try
and keep a tight rein on her raging hormones, but even as she was doing this
Diana’s body was keenly attuned to Xena’s pheromones radiating off of her.
Diana’s nipples had already become taut again when she initially walked over
to Xena and sat down.

Diana’s abdomen was tightening from her nearness to Xena and she was becoming
more and more irritable by the minute due to the frustration of Xena having
not answered her question.

“ Are you going to answer my question or not?”

“ Consort you’ll know the answer when I choose to tell you.”

Diana caught the tone and recognizing it as one of Xena asserting her
authority over Diana she knew she should let the subject go.

But, Diana was to bothered and she was becoming restless and antsy, so rather
than leave it like Xena expected Diana continued in her inquiry.

“ Xena can’t you just answer a simple question without all the mystery?!”

Diana said in a low voice but full of anger.
Xena’s eyes flew open at Diana’s tone and she said bringing her arms down from
behind her head.

“ You want an answer Consort?! Let me give you the answer.”

Diana’s eyes went wide as did Gabrielle's and Terais and Terais and Gabrielle
both said at the same time,

“ uh o, looks like wills are about to collide, again.”

Diana stood and moved away from the angry Conqueror, she went to sit by the
lake and returned to the same sitting position she was sitting in before, she
looked at Xena and kept her eyes locked on her.

Xena watched Diana move and allowed her to do so without her snatching her
back, but she was not going to allow her to stay where she had moved to.
Xena looked over at Gabrielle and Terais and the both of them immediately went
to their feet and saying

“By your leave My Lord?”

Xena gave it and Gabrielle looked at Diana who had not stopped looking at Xena
after her initial statement said to Diana,

“ I’ll see you tomorrow sis?”

Diana only nodded her head slightly, and Gabrielle looked back at Xena and saw
Xena arch her brow in question as to whether there would be a problem
with her. Gabrielle half smiled and turned on her heels and strided to catch
up with Terais who was waiting for her.

Although Gabrielle wanted to stay with Diana and try and convince Xena
against what she obviously had planned for Diana she knew Diana would be
disappointed with her if she interfered with her’s and Xena’s conflict, a
lovers quarrel, yes that’s what it was and she would abide by her promise to
Diana and mind her own business when it came to arguments between the two of

Xena watched Gabrielle go and once she and Terais had turned out of site Xena
turned back to Diana and said,

“Come here Consort.”

Diana sat where she was and had crossed her arms and was looking at Xena in

Xena narrowed her eyes and said,

“ I don’t believe you.”

Xena then stood as did Diana and Xena stopped when she saw Diana stand as if
readying herself for a fight. Xena then said,

“ Diana, don’t do this.”

“ What Xena? let you punish me.”

“ No defy me.”

“ I’m not .”

“ Oh, what do you call this?”

“ I’m just standing here, you never know.”

“ Oh I know Diana, Come here.”

“ Xena, can’t you just let what I did wrong today go?”

“ NO.”


“ Because if I do you will do it again, and probably become even more

“ What if I promise that I wouldn’t do those things again.”

“ I’d question your resolve.”

“ why?!”

“Because your doing a couple of them right now.”

“ like what?”

“ Like defying me, like questioning, like disobeying me, shall I go on?”

Diana stood looking at Xena for a moment without saying anything, then chewing
her lip she dropped her gaze from The Conquerors. Xena stood where she was
power and control focused at the one person she would not let defy her.

Diana starting walking towards The Conqueror, Xena took a few deep breaths to
calm herself from the rage that was starting, She saw that Diana recognized
who would win a fight between them and so she decided to let the defensiveness
she was feeling subside somewhat.

Diana came to stand in front of Xena and Xena took Diana’s chin in her hand
and lifting her chin up higher so that Diana was now standing on her tiptoes,
Xena leaned down slightly and looking into Diana’s eyes she said,

“ I’ve told you before Diana I don’t like repeating myself , and yet I find
that I am having to do just that . It’s very upsetting to me and I am quite
offended by it, what do you think that means for you, hmm?”

Xena asked arching a brow in question at Diana. Diana’s eyes began to become
pupil filled and she felt the fight or flight impulse nipping at her nerves.
She thought about running for a moment then she figured why? Where would she
go, and she didn’t want to leave Xena, so she thought, ok if this
relationship is going to be so tension filled I’d better get use to either
keeping my mouth closed so I don’t upset Xena or fight with her. neither
option was good, but before she could choose one , Xena obviously tired of
waiting for an answer decided to answer it for her.


Xena slapped Diana across the face and sent her flying backwards onto her

“ Man! I’m getting tire of you doing that.”

Diana said rolling to her feet slowly and coming to stand in a defensive
posture. Xena saw the stance and her eyes went dark, Diana seeing the reaction
to her stance thought about changing it but then thought better of it, she was
not going to let Xena think that the things that had happened were all her
fault, besides which Diana didn’t even want to go to the courtyard in the
first place.

It was Xena who told her she had to go, Diana reasoned that it was Xena who
had her wear this outfit there, although she understood the reasoning it still
caused her to be called a whore. Diana thought of the whole day and she
decided none of it was all her fault and she would not take all the blame for

“ Xena, My Lord, “

Diana said through her rising temper and set jaw.

“ I am not trying to challenge your authority...”

“ Ha! What do you call this, again?!”

“Xena I know you think I was wrong about a lot of things today, and maybe I

“ Maybe?! You were wrong period!”

“ Fine! I was wrong! Does that make you happy? Anyway, I was wrong ....But so
were you!”


Xena said incredulously with a sneer.

“ Well if you think about it for a minute logically, you’ll see what I mean.
For instance, did I or did I not asked to spend the day with Gabrielle while
you were at your meeting and things today and that I would meet up with you
later for.... whatever, and you said no that I was to spend the whole day with
you? Didn’t you say that?”

“ Yes, so.”

“ So if you had let me do what I had asked in the first place, I would not
have gotten into that situation back at the courtyard.”

“ Your blaming me for that?”

Xena asked again incredulously.

“ Yes, but not all of it, I take some blame,but you deserve some of the blame

“ How do you figure that ?”

Xena asked sarcastically.

“ Your the one who told me I had to wear this outfit, If I had not been
wearing this outfit , but rather my leathers, maybe Pentar would not have
been so quick to call me a whore, who knows, or will ever know.”

Xena glared at Diana, but she stood where she was and listened, and finally
asked after considering Diana’s words,

“What other wrong do you think we share?”

Diana smirked and Xena glowered at Diana’s impudence. Diana then smiled
slightly to take the edge off of her smirk so Xena would not become enraged
again, because Diana saw that her talking was actually working, as long as
Xena didn’t feel Diana was challenging her authority over her, at least that’s
what Diana let Xena think at the moment.

“ Well,”

Diana said listing all of the days events and how Xena had played and
intricate roll in each and everyone. Diana finished her recreation of the days
events and she waited for Xena’s reaction to her reasoning.

Xena ran her hand through her raven hair and shook it at the end with some
agitation before letting it slide from her fingers. She then strided over to
where Diana stood and seeing Diana tense up she smirked and continued her
striding until she was standing within inches of Diana.

Diana’s eyes were narrowed and she was looking at Xena warily. Xena went to
reach for Diana’s chin once again and Diana stiffened but she did not bring
her hands up, she was hoping she had not misread Xena’s demeanor so when Xena
reached for her she consciously kept her hands to her sides.

Xena pulled Diana Closer to her by her chin, and leaning down somewhat , she
whispered into Diana’s ear in a low purring voice....

“ Your right Consort, today’s events were partly my fault, and I will take my
share of the blame. But I am the Ruler of this place and I therefore have no
one to answer to.”

Xena leaned back to watch Diana’s reaction. Then leaning forward again she
finished and said,

“But you My Consort must answer to Me, and therefore I have the choice whether
to punish you or forgive you for your behavior of today.”

“ And what have you decided?”

“I’ve decided to do...Both.”

With that Xena went to one knee and pulling Diana Down over her knee she begun
to redden her behind. Diana yelped at the action.



S.M.A.C.K !

“O UCH!”

S.M.A.C.K. !

“Owwww.... Xena this isn’t fair!”

Diana said through her tears and pain.

S.M.A.C.K. !

“OUCHHH! Xena Please.”

Diana said trying to break free of Xena’s vice like grip.

S.M.A.C.K. !

“ Owwww!” Xena You made your point!”

S.M.A.C.K. !


Xena delivered 50 whacks to Diana’s behind and when she was finished, she let
the struggling young woman go and Diana flew off of Xena’s knee. She flew so
fast that she also fell back onto her punished behind, but she caught herself
and righted herself so that she came to her feet. being on her feet after
receiving such punishment to her behind from Xena, she found it hurt to stand,
but sitting was not an option she rubbed the sides of her behind and tenderly
she tried to do the same to the back but her behind was on fire.

Tears were running down her face and Xena had come to her feet and was
watching Diana try to regain some composure. After a moment Xena walked to
where Diana had moved to after escaping her confines.

“ Consort I want you to go to our Quarters and wait for me..”

“ Fine.”

Diana said starting to move towards the palace, she had taken one step which
put her at Xena’s side when Xena caught her arm and said without looking over
her shoulder.

“ I want you to wait for me in a particular way, I want you to clean yourself
up using the bath not the Framing.”

( Xena referring to the apparatus that one could step through and be cleaned

“ Afterwards you are to only put a robe on, then wait for me in the bed
chamber. I want you on your knees in front of one of the chairs in the
chamber, do you understand?”

“ Yes, but why?”

“ Because I said so.”

“ Well why do I have to be on my knees, why can’t I just wait as long as I am
in the room.”

“ Again your questioning me?”

“ No! I mean no. Fine, I’ll wait as you’ve asked. How long will you be?”

“ I’m wasn’t asking, and I’ll be a candlemark no more than that.”

Xena said in a disciplinarian voice.

“ Hm, tell me about it.”

Diana said more to herself than Xena. Xena then let Diana’s arm go and told
her as she turned to watch Diana go,

“ Exactly like I’ve told you, Consort.”

Xena bit the inside of her cheeks as she thought about what Diana must be
thinking, She figured Diana was thinking she was in for more of the same, and
she would let her go on thinking it until she arrived back at their Quarters.
In the meantime Xena had to see an advisor of hers and then talk to the
servant and see why her ordered food never arrived.

Diana arrived back at the chamber, she went in and call to the servant to draw
a bath for her, Dancea the servant asked if The Conqueror would be joining her
in the bath and Diana said no, but that she was going to meet her there in a
candlemark. Dancea then excused herself from the Consort and went to draw the
bath, once drawn she informed Diana of it’s readiness and then she asked if
their was anything else she need besides the oiling down after the bath. Diana
said no and dismissed the young servant.

Dancea then left and rather than going to her chambers to wait for Diana to
finish her bathing she left and went down to the other bath that Diana had
used the first day and she filled it and placed The Conqueror’s favorite soap
and shampoo’s out and had the other servant of that bath wait for the
Conqueror to come.

Dancea left the bath after making sure everything was perfect, and she
returned to Diana who was just finishing her hair and was just starting on her
body Diana stayed in the bath for 25 minutes by her timing and then she got
out and dried off and then laid on the covered table and was massaged and
oiled. But just as Dancea was about to oil and massage Diana’s behind Diana
caught her wrist and said,

“No, I’ll do that skip to my legs.”

Dancea looked at Diana in confusion for a moment and then looking back to
Diana’s behind she noticed the slightest coloring of the area, a deep wine
color. Dancea blushed and said,

“ I’m sorry I didn’t realize...”

“ It’s ok there’s no way you could have known, anyway just do my legs please.”

“ Yes.”

After everything was done Diana went back into the bed chambers and got one of
Xena’s many robes, she put it on and seeing the hourglass was almost empty she
looked for a chair, one that she would be comfortable across, should Xena plan
on continuing with her punishment.

She saw one of the plush chairs on the opposite side of the room from the
large table, which to her surprise had food on it.

“ When did that get here?’

Diana asked out loud to herself. Just as she was thinking about the magically
appearing food, she heard Dancea’s voice.

“ Hello My Lord, Your Consort is waiting for you in your bed chambers.”

“ Good.”

Xena said as she walked past the bowing servant, just as she reached the door
she called over her shoulder to the servant.

“No interruptions!”

“Yes My Lord.”

Dancea locked the inner lock of the sitting room and then went to her room and
locked her door to the sitting room of The Conquerors.
Diana hearing Dancea’s voice addressing Xena put her into action. she raced to
the other side of the room as quickly as she could, she got on her knees in
front of the chair and straighten her hair back so that it was not looking
like she had been running. She also straighten the robe so that it was
encircling her.

Then after only a moment Xena walked into the room and doing a cursory perusal
of the room to see where Diana had positioned herself she found her on her
knees in front of one of her favorite chairs. she smiled to herself that Diana
would pick one of those chairs out of all the other chairs in the room.

Xena was stunned to see how beautiful Diana was and to her it just seemed like
she got more and more so every time she saw her. Xena walked over to where
Diana was sitting and to Diana’s surprise Xena was in a robe and it appeared
she had cleaned up also.

Xena saw the confusion in Diana’s eyes but she let it stay there for the time
being, she had other more pressing needs. Xena removed her robe and stepped
around Diana and sat down in the chair. She then said to Diana,

“ Pleasure me Consort.”

“ Diana knitted her brows in surprise that Xena would just expect her to....
pleasure her after punishing her, although in the back of Diana’s mind she was
thinking how much she wanted Xena. To feel her ecstasy, to taste it , to
revel in it.

Diana after rethinking her first thought, found herself tightening at the
thought and Xena smiled to herself because she knew even if she had punished
Diana, she knew Diana would not turn down the opportunity to make love, for no
matter what happened between them they both loved and needed each other and
Xena seemed to realize this first but she had never told anyone that she loved
them since she was a child so all of it was new to her and she figured she
could show her love rather than having to say the words.

So in thinking this Xena placed one of her legs on a chair to the right of
Diana and she put her other on the arm of the chair she was sitting in. Diana
was drawn to Xena’s aroma and then just as she was getting closer to her the
aroma changed from a flora to a raspberry scent Diana didn’t think twice but
just brought her lips to Xena’s nature and begun running her tongue through
the soft downy, she then brought her hands up to spread Xena wider than she
already was. Xena moaned at the contact of Diana’s tongue and her eyes were
lidded but watching everything Diana did.

Diana saw Xena’s clit swollen and pulsing and not being able to resist the
beat of a heart no matter where it was Diana brought her mouth to the nub and
slowly sucked it into her mouth. Once there she let her tongue run over it
again and again.

“ OH ! Yes! “

Xena shouted. Diana sucked and bit and tongued the pulsing swollen nub.
Xena’s hips were now moving and she was gripping the arms of the chair with a
death grip.

“Diana.... move on.”

Xena said through ragged breaths. Diana heard the command in Xena’s voice she
was not asking but demanding, but Diana didn’t mind commands like this if this
was the reward for obeying. Diana took her mouth off of the nub and with a
final flick of her tongue over it she moved down to Xena’s saturated opening.
The raspberry flavor was delicious and sooo......juicy tasting that Diana
brought her tongue to bear the day that she kept Xena in ecstasy for hours on
end. Diana wanted once again to taste as much as possible of Xena’s essence.

So without further thought she thrusted her tongue deeply into Xena without
stopping until she connected to Xena’s core. Xena kicked the chair out from
under her foot and brought her other leg down off the arm of the chair and
she pushed Diana back onto her back without ever losing contact with that
tongue. Xena was now straddling Diana’s face with her strong thighs . She
began pumping up and down onto Diana’s talented tongue.

Xena was delirious with passion from the sensation of Diana’s tongue on her
core so deep within her .

“ Gods! Diana that tongue of yours! OH GODS!!!! YES!! YES!! YES!! YES!!

Xena was pumping onto Diana’s tongue with wild abandonment, while Diana
thrusted her special tongue into Xena at the same rhythmic albeit frenzy pace
Xena had set.

Xena then realized she wanted to taste Diana like that so through her passion
she said to her Consort,

“ Make it so that I can do the same to you!”

Diana couldn’t figure and was not much interested in how Xena knew she would
be able to do as she requested but she touched Xena’s core with the tip of
her tongue and Xena felt a tingling sensation running up her insides back to
her spine and then to her head, she felt dizzy for a moment but the sensation
past almost instantly and she was flying once again on Diana’s talented

She then turned her self and without losing contact with Diana’s tongue or the
lost of their rhythm she brought her tongue to Diana’s opening and taking only
a moment to think about whether she had replaced Diana’s shield she remembered
she had so with that she thrusted the gifted tongue deep into Diana opening
and straight to her core, Diana’s hips flew off the the rug covered floor and
rather than being allowed to return to the floor after the initial contact
Xena caught Diana’s hips and went to work thrusting the tongue deeper and
deeper into Diana’s nature.

“ AHHH !!! “

Diana moaned.

Xena thought how she would love to taste a melon flavor and just then Diana’s
nature took on a melon flavor. Xena ravished Diana’s essence while Diana
ravished Xena’s jewel.

They feasted on one another for a while before Xena would allow either of them
to experience their first release. Diana told Xena with her mind that she
could speak to her that way without having to stop if she wanted to. Xena was
not should if she heard or understood what Diana had said due to the delirium
she was experiencing ,but she tried it and found that she could hear and
understand what Diana was thinking to her.

Xena feeling as though she could not hold off her 1st ecstasy of the moment
any longer she told Diana with her mind,

“ Stay with me, Consort.”

Diana understood instantly and when she felt Xena’s core start to quiver
continuously she let herself go also and before either of them knew what hit
them they were both experiencing explosions of lights behind their eyes and in
front of them.

Diana and Xena both felt as though they were in another Realm floating in a
mist of their ecstasy. They were seeing each others souls and in their
pleasured ecstasy their souls came together and were kissing passionately
melting into one another. Fusing as one.

Diana and Xena in their real realm was experiencing such cataclysmic,
momentous, ecstasy that the only thing that was able to move on either one of
them was their gifted tongues.

Their tongues were absorbing the flavorful cream from each woman’s core while
continuously pumping into each other , thus pulling more ecstasy from them due
to the continuous stimulation of their core.

Both women’s nipple were granite hard like and would need attention as soon as
they came back from the Realm of the Misted Pleasuring Bath. Both women’s
ecstasy increased in intensity with every touching of their souls.

They stayed like that for over 3 hours and they just let the ecstasy wash over
them again an again, until finally out of pure exhaustion, Diana vanished from
the Mist and then Xena followed moments later. Both women collapsed with Xena
still on top of Diana. their tongues had automatically returned to their
normal sizes. The two women were soaked from perspiration as well as the rug
covering the floor. neither woman moved for and hour and then Xena struggled
off of Diana and turned herself to look at Diana figuring that they were both
satiated for the day, until Xena saw Diana’s nipples and just as Diana was
about to open her eyes Xena seized upon one of her nipples with her mouth
while seizing the other with her strong fingers.

She did not even take the time to fondle them she was interested in two things
only, one being the taste of Diana’s firm nipples in her mouth and her
suckling them until they felt as though they would come off of their owner.
And the 2nd quenching her overwhelming thirst.

“ OH God!!! Xena.”

Diana’s head went back as her chest arched to meet the ravishing suction of
Xena’s mouth.

Xena slid her hand down Diana’s abdomen and into her soft curls and once there
she took three fingers and without warning she thrusted them into Diana
deeply. Diana’s hips came off the floor once again and she was coating Xena’s
fingers with renewed cream.

This time however Xena wanted her to release again, she actually had set her
mind to making Diana climax again and again and again for as long as Diana’s
body would cooperate. Xena was in hunger for Diana’s ecstasies and she could
not see herself stopping anytime soon she would quench her thirst with Diana’s
breast and fill her stomach with Diana’s many flavorful creams from her core.

“ Oh Xena....,mmmm.....ahhhhh, ah......!”

Diana released again to which Xena was now passionately kissing and feasting
off of Diana’s oxygen starved mouth. Diana feeding Xena all she wanted and
more. Diana was zealous, while Xena was passionate. Xena breaking their kiss
to return to Diana’s succulent nipples sucked slowly to enjoy the feel of
Diana’s refined nipples.

She ran her teeth over it as it slid into her mouth She then sucked hard for a
moment then softly then hard again, and before Diana knew what was happening
she was at her zenith once again.


“ah..ahhh..ahhhhhhHHHHH .......Oh GOD!!!!”

Xena bit hard onto Diana’s firm nipple and wine was expressed from it. Xena
pulled slightly on the nipple while suckling and drinking of the cool drink.
Xena ravished Diana for hours on end up until a few candlemarks before the
next day. When Xena finally let Diana collapse into an exhausted coma, She was
satiated for the moment but she still could have gone on longer, but for now
she got to her feet and lifting Diana she put her on the bed there she went
about giving her a thorough bed bath with the Hyacinth soap one of her
favorite smells especially on Diana, she washed her hair and bushed it dry,
she oiled Diana’s body and she left her nude so that if she wanted to do
anything to Diana while she was out she would have free access. She covered
her and tucked her in and after everything was done she sat on the bed next to
Diana and caressed her innocent young face.

She leaned over Diana and she kissed her forehead and then her nose and each
eye, finally she placed a gentle kiss to Diana’s lips, which she was somewhat
surprised to feel returned pressure from the unconscious young girl.

Xena after a moment of wonder decided that Diana’s body would probably still
response to her even while she was unconscious. So Xena decided to test the
theory just a little, for fear that It could hurt Diana in some way that she
did not know of.. So Xena uncovered Diana and positioned herself between her
thighs, there she parted Diana’s outer lips and then her inner and finally she
place her tongue next to the opening of Diana’s treasure.


Diana moaned in her unconscious state.

Xena smiled at the possibilities and she decided she would taste Diana one
more time before she let her truly rest, so she thrusted her tongue deep into
Diana and met her core once again.

Diana’s body immediately reacted and her nipples were tightening up and she
was moaning and trying to catch her breath due to the pace in which Xena was
working her tongue within Diana’s treasure.

Diana’s back arched and Xena held her up while she drank deeply and completely
of Diana’s core. Xena also released again with a violent shuddering of her

After 20 minutes both their body’s came to rest and Xena who had planned on
going and taking care of work while Diana slept ended up laying down next to
her and covering both of them up with Xena’s hand cupping Diana’s treasure she
went to sleep, while Diana continued in her unconscious state.

Xena awoke a candlemark later and felt the soft curls in her hand she
instinctively ran her fingers through the hairs and hearing Diana’s low moans
she smiled and leaned over Diana and said to the exhausted form.

“I do love you my little Consort.”

With that she kissed Diana on the lips once again, and once again felt the
return pressure on her own lips. again she smiled and this time she said in a
purring voice.

“I can hardly wait for you to wake up to see what your like after such an
eventful night of passion. Your so..... sweet Consort. “

With those words Xena got up and dressed, she looked over to Diana one last
time before she left the room. She called to Dancea the servant and told her
to clear the food quietly out of the bed chamber and listen out for Diana to
awaken, but not to disturb her until then and then for the servant to send for
her, and have food sent back to the room one hour after she returned to the

The servant stated her understanding of The Conqueror’s orders and requested
leave to go and put things into work.
Xena then left the chamber and went to the practice square, she had not worked
out with her sword in days and she needed to get some practice in.

end of part 17
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