By D.virtue

When Xena arrived in the square she was surprised to see Gabrielle and Terais
sparring with staffs. Xena watched Gabrielle and Terais spar for awhile and
she was impressed to see Gabrielle was holding her own against Terais. And she
was even more impressed to see Gabrielle actually back Terais up, thus putting
Terais on the defensive end of things.

Finally Gabrielle did a fake to the right and spun left and faking as though
she was going to land a blow to Terais’s cheek, but then she brought the
staff around and swept Terais’s feet out from under her.

Xena laughed outright , and Terais and Gabrielle both turned to see The
Conqueror laughing. Terais blushed out of embarrassment of being bested by a
child, while Gabrielle blushed out of embarrassment of being seen besting
one of Xena’s elite Soldiers as well as an Amazon princess.

Xena walked over to where Terais and Gabrielle were now standing and they both

“Hello My Lord.”

Xena walked to Terais and taking her chin in her hand she lifted her chin so
their eyes would meet, she then said in a semiserious voice,

“ It seems as though one of my elite Soldiers need to build her skills more so
as not to be bested by a child again, hmm?”

“Yes My Lord.”

Terais said understanding the meaning. Xena raised a brow at her and then she
turned to Gabrielle who had a worried look on her face that Xena was upset
with Terais for being beating by her.

“ Where did you learn to fight like that young one?”

Xena asked Gabrielle in a voice full of curiosity, she thought she knew the
answer but she had to see if she figured right.

“ My sister My Lord. She taught me when she and I first became friends and
then sisters not long after.”

“ Why?”

“Why what?”

Gabrielle asked out of not understanding the question.

“Why did she teach you to fight.”

“ Oh, because I begged her and nagged her and down right got on her nerves
about it. She didn’t want to do it , but finally after a week she gave in.”

“What weapons did she teach you to use?”

“ Just the staff and those stick things that I can’t remember what their
called, but she said they are used by Amazons.”

“ Did she teach you to use a sword?”

“ No, that’s one thing she would not teach me no matter how many times I asked
her, she even stopped talking to me for a whole day once when she caught me
messing around with it trying to learn on my own. The next day when she
finally spoke to me she sat me down and explained to me exactly why she didn’t
want me to learn to use it.”

“ What did she tell you?”

Xena had now went to sit on one of the bleacher seats and Terais went and sat
on a higher seat and Gabrielle came and sat on the same seat as The Conqueror.

“ She said that to carry a sword was like carrying a gun.”

“ A gun ?”

Terais asked trying to keep up with the conversation.

“ Yes, it’s a weapon that shoots iron balls of a sort out of a hand held
canon. Anyway, she said people are always leery of those with swords and that
there are always people out there who want to see if they can best you in a
She said she thought that type of mentality was stupid, but as stupid as she
thought it was she was not about to put me in that line of fire, and so she
taught me to use the most benign looking weapons she could think of so that
I would not stick out like a sore thumb, especially considering the fact that
I am only 16 and a 1/2.”

“ Did you listen?”



“Because what she said made sense to me, and also because she nearly drove me
crazy with her silent treatment. It’s something to say the least. Especially
when you are so use to hearing her wonderful voice.”

“ I see.”

Xena was now assessing Gabrielle for her honesty and she decided that
Gabrielle was indeed a very honest person. She then said,

“ Gabrielle, I’ll tell you this as a warning to you. Don’t ever let me catch
you with a sword in your hands. Because that would mean to me that if you
disobey your own sister then you would undoubtedly disobey me, and I want put
up with disobedience from anyone. Although Diana has a way of walking that
fine line sometimes. Anyway Gabrielle do as your told and stay out of trouble
and you want have to deal with me coming down on you, you understand.”

“Yes ma-am.”

Gabrielle felt as though her mother was talking to her and using the threat of
a spanking if she disobeyed. Xena looked at Gabrielle for a moment more before
asking her how many of the scrolls she had read and if any of the scribes were
helping her to understand those that might give her problems. Gabrielle said
yes they were helping her and she had read so many of them, but of course
still had a long way to go before she even put a dent in them.

Xena then asked if she still wanted to do her bard thing and Gabrielle lit up.
Xena smiled at the excited young woman and told her she was planning on having
an extravagant banquet with many different types of entertainment , and if
she wanted she could do her Bard thing.

“Yes! I mean I would love to, thank you for asking me.”

Xena smiled once again and she thought ,

“they really are two special people, I have never smiled so much in my life,
I think this change thing is going to really happen a lot easier than I

Gabrielle was so excited about entertaining Royalty that she was thinking
about the type of story she would tell for her part of the entertainment, when
Xena tapped her on the shoulder and said,

“Do you think you can keep up with sparring with me?”

Gabrielle’s eyes went wide at the thought of sparring with The Conqueror.

“I don’t know, but I’m willing to try.”

“ I like your courage Gabrielle, It’s admirable. Come on then.”

Gabrielle jumped to her feet and looking back at Terais she cast her a Can you
believe this look.

Gabrielle did very well against The Conqueror considering she was relatively
new to the use of the staff compared to hers and Diana’s years of using

Gabrielle was sweating by the time Xena decided to give her a break, while
Xena had not even begun to breath hard. After they finished Gabrielle walked
back over to the bench and taking a towel she dried her face and said in a
exhausted voice.

“Wow, that was intense, it’s been awhile since I had been pushed that hard,
I’m pooped. Gabrielle sat down on the bench catching her breath, after a
moment or so she saw Xena motion for Terais to come and join her on the field.
She had also changed her weapon and had her head cocked at Terais.

Terais arose immediately from the bench and headed over to where The Conqueror
stood holding her sword in one hand with the point pointing at the ground.
Xena then said to Her soldier,

“Now for your reeducation in the use of weaponry.”

Terais tensed at the thought of what she was in for and she knew she would
have to fight as if fighting for her very life, because Xena would indeed cut
her if the opportunity was a glaring one.

“ Yes My Lord.”

Xena then begun her predatory type circling while Terais waited for the
attack, she did not have to wait long Xena faked a swing to the head only to
come across Terais’s right shoulder where she left a tiny cut .

“ That could have been your arm coming off.”

“Yes My Lord,”

They continued in that fashion for over a candlemark after which Terais had
numerous paper cut type cuts to her body, That Xena had done purposely knowing
that they would heal without scarring. Where as The Conqueror had none at all.

“ Terais I want you to practice more, is that clear?

“Yes My Lord.”

Gabrielle had watched the whole thing in utter fascination at how Xena could
control her swing of the sword and only leave small slits on someone, with so
much intensity going on.

Xena strided back over to Gabrielle and said,

“ so what do you think?”

“ Wow you and Diana are the same when it comes to your movements, watching you
was like watching her. It’s such a beautifu,l albeit deadly looking dance, it
just looks like a wonderful art form with the way You and Diana do it.”

“ That maybe, but remember it is a deadly dance.”

“Yes My lord.”

Gabrielle said teasingly. Xena smirked and then said, let’s get cleaned up.”
Gabrielle then thought about What could possibly be keeping Diana so she asked
The Conqueror.

“My Lord? By the way where is Diana?”

Xena smirked again and bit the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing,
after a moment to control the threatened laughter, she then said,

“She’s sleeping in for awhile, she had an exhausting night that lasted until
a few hours before the dawn.”

Xena smirked again and turned her back to Gabrielle who was trying to figure
out what could cause Diana to be so tired. Terais said,

“Gabrielle? Don’t tell me you don’t get that.”


Gabrielle asked innocently.

“ Gabrielle I think Diana is indisposed because of her’s and Our Lords
activity of the night before.”

Terais raising her brows to coax Gabrielle into understanding, without having
to be blunt.

“ OH!”

Gabrielle exclaimed, and blushed fiercely. The Conqueror then chuckled and
walked out the door.The three of them then left the field and cleaned up and
went and spent the whole morning together and then one of Xena’s personal
servants arrived to inform her that her Consort was just waking.

Xena smirked with a devious look in her eyes and she said to Terais and

“ We’ll try to join you for evening meal, but don’t wait for us.”

Xena said with a glint in her eyes. Xena arrived back at their quarters just
in time to see Diana focus her eyes.

“ Xena?”

“ Yes Consort, How are you feeling?”

“Thirsty and hungry.”

“Really, what would you like?”

Diana’s eyes cleared further and she saw Xena standing radiating that power
she does so well. Diana was tightening once again, and so her answer matched
how she was feeling.

“ You.”

And she threw off the covers to reveal herself to Xena’s passion filled eyes
once again. Xena smirked and said,

“ no, you come and get it, if you want it.”

“ Xena, I don’t even know if I can stand, yet along walk way over there, come
here please?”

“ No Consort, I want you to come to me.”

“ Please Xena? Please?”


Diana decided to try another strategy.

“ I really need you, please may I drink from your sweet breast to quench my
ravishing thirst, please love.”

Xena turned to look into Diana’s eyes at her words to gage their sincerity,
She could not believe Diana had use the words yet alone left herself
vulnerable, as vulnerable as she looked and was at the moment. weak from
dehydration and lack of food , although Xena’s jewel had kept her from being
malnourished, but she now needed either to have Xena or food.

Xena was touched by Diana’s admission that she walked over to the bed and
running her hands over Diana’s soft cheeks she caressed the young woman who
had stolen her heart for sure that previous night but now had sealed that

Diana looked at Xena in wonder and asked her out of concern,

“Are you ok Xena?”

The innocents in Diana’s voice and the love flowing in her words was enough to
take Xena over. Xena pulled Diana to her and holding her tightly she whispered
into Diana’s soft hair.

“ I love you to little one.”

Diana heard the admission and she pulled back from Xena so she could look into
her eyes, when she did she was surprised to find tears falling from her
sapphire eyes, Diana wiped the moist from Xena’s cheek and she looked at it on
her finger, she then said as she place the salty liquid into her mouth,

I love you Xena, I always will, until my dying breath. Diana then leaned
forward and ever so tenderly she kissed Xena and slid her tongue with the
salty liquid still upon it into her mouth. Xena tasted her tears and then
Diana moved back and she let one of her tears fall onto her finger she then
brought the liquid to Xena’s mouth and Xena opened her mouth to the sweet tear
and she knitted her brows in confusion for a moment and then Diana leaned back
forward and taking her finger from Xena’s mouth she kissed her tenderly once

This time Xena felt that same sensation she had felt before when Diana had
passed other gifts onto her. She was curious as to what this one was, and she
soon found out the answer. Diana said to her

“ Xena there has never been anyone in my life who makes me feel as alive as
the way you make me feel,accept my sisters including Gabrielle, but they are
my sisters and therefore they don’t count you are my Lover, My Soul mate , My
heart, My Lord Xena, your passion fills me in all ways, I have never
experienced such ecstasy with any of my other Chosen You are The Chosen one
for me and for that I shall always try to please you, Although I will
continue to be who I am..”

“ I don’t know how comforting that is, considering your stubborn and
hardheaded and willful and so competitive and.....”

“ Ok now, can I finish Before , you tell me my faults, or my
strengths,depending on who’s looking.”

“Well it better only be me.”

Xena said with command in her voice.

“It is. Xena you are amazing in every sense of the word, I have never met
anyone like you except my blood sister. I could not love you anymore than I
loved her. Please don’t ever doubt that, I am yours to command as you will,
not that I am always going to follow those commands to the letter, but most of
the way I will. Xena I need you, I want you I long for you, I crave you as a
starved man would crave food or a parched man would crave water. When you are
near me or anywhere within hearing I feel you deep within and I’m drawn to
you. Although I maybe able to be away from you for a short time, I would hate
to think what problems I would have if you were gone for a while. I would
probably be as restless as a weasel in heat with no way to obtain calmness
until you returned. I love you My Warrior Princess, The Conqueror of my heart
and soul. “

Tears was now rolling down Xena’s cheeks un hindered and she tried to speak
but her throat had a lump in it that even Xena was surprised by. She then
said after swallowing a few times her own Declaration of love.

“ Diana, The first time I saw you I thought you were the most beautiful young
woman I had ever seen, Your innocent looks, strong willful as well as
impudent behavior was a turn on for me, I felt an instant connection with you
and it was such a strong force that it drew me to you. I saw in you things I
want to possess to have as my very own. I wanted to have you and there was no
way I would not try to possess, to have you as my lover, whether slave or
otherwise. I would not have been able to stay away from you even if I tried. I
needed you, wanted you, desired you, you caused me so many sleepless nights
that day you ran away. I loved you from the first day you walked into this
palace on your own, and I swore I would do whatever it took to keep you.
Diana, I know you promised me when you first took the challenge and came here
but I have to ask you again to swear that You will never leave me, I don’t
think I could continue on this path of change without you, I don’t know if I
would want to, especially considering how you have touch my very soul in
ecstasy and my heart in true love, Don’t leave me Diana, ever!”

Diana’s tears had now turned to diamond as had Xena’s. They sat there on the
bed looking at each other and caressing each other, until Xena stood and
stripping out of her clothes ever so quickly she got atop the bed and lying
stretched out on the bed she motioned for Diana to lay next to her.

Diana laid next to her and and Xena took Diana into her arms and rolled her on
top of her she then began to run her hands up and down Diana’s back to her
behind and she tentatively ran her hands over the recently punished area.
Diana only flinched at the initial touch but she had obviously gotten past the
acute pain and was now dealing with the soreness. But Xena’s hands on her
behind like that was causing no pain but instead pleasure.

Diana shivered at every pass of Xena's. strong hands on her back and backside,
Diana was laying flat on Xena and had her head nestled in the crook of Xena’s
neck she was kissing gently on Xena’s neck and then she leaned back and
kissed Xena on the lips once again.

Xena swiped her tongue across Diana’s teeth and Diana instantly opened to
her. They kissed tenderly and then it became more and more passionate, but
they kept their passion under control and today all they wanted to do was love
each other as they had not done yet they wanted to love each other under the
umbrella of love now confessed.

Diana and Xena tenderly loved each other that night. They called out each
others name in their passion, but they filled each others needs and wants and
longings, they filled each others kindred hearts. They fed on each other.
they filled from each others love. They finally fell into a peaceful sleep in
each others arms.

end of part 18
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