By D.virtue


The next Day Diana woke early and stretching she looked over to the woman who
had her arms wrapped possessively around her . Diana smiled at the sleeping
form and then moving ever so gently she slid out from under Xena’s arm. She
got out of the bed and looked at the table that had for the second day in a
roll had food go to waste.

She walked out of the bed chamber after putting on a robe and she called to
Dancea and told her what she wanted. Dancea smiled at the look and glow on
Diana’s face and she said,

“As you wish my Lady.”

Diana gave the young girl a hug and said,

“You don’t have to say that , You can call me Diana.”

“Thank you My lady but I think the reference truly fits you as no other.”

“ Thank you.”

“ Your welcome My Lady.”

Dancea then said,

“By your leave, My Lady?”


Dancea then bowed and left the sitting room to go and cleaned the old food so
the fresh food could be placed. Once Dancea had gone into the bed chamber
Diana walked over to one of the windows and she let the tears fall as they
felt. the next thing she felt was strong arms coming around her waist.

She instinctively wrapped her arms and hands over Xena’s strong hands and Xena
bent down and whispered into Diana’s hair and said,

“ I woke up alone again, why?”

“ I’m sorry Xena, I didn’t mean for it to happen, I just wanted to get food,
food up here. You realize we have not eaten real food in two plus days?”

“ are you hungry?”

“No. But we have to eat some foods other than those that our bodies provide
for us, don’t you think so?”

“hmm...” I don’t know ? let me think about it. Food or .... food. “

“I choose food.”

Xena then turned Diana around and said don’t do it again, she then kissed her
and untied her robe with one hand she kissed her way down Diana’s neck to her
breast there she sucked for awhile then she moved downwards and she kissed and
bit Diana’s abdomen and side and finally she blew cool air into Diana’s soft
curls causing Diana to shudder.

Xena then parted Diana’s swollen lips and placed her mouth over Diana’s
opening and she kissed her and then she slid her tongue into Diana and then
out and just before she slid it back into her she said Reform my little shield
ever so quietly and then she slid her tongue back into Diana pushing it deep
until she touched the shield.


Diana jumped at the initial contact and Xena smiled. She then pulled her
tongue back and said,

“ Don’t scream. “

“ Ha Ha, very funny.”

Xena then slid her tongue back into Diana and this time she added pressure
against the shield and she continued to add pressure and Diana tried to lift
herself up off of Xena’s tongue, but Xena was not having that and she held
Diana down by her hips and Diana was gripping Xena’s Raven hair. Finally Xena
pushed through and Diana yelped but she didn’t scream. Xena then pumped into
her with her tongue and she felt Diana’s core start to quiver and then felt it
continuously quiver.

She then stuck the tip of her tongue into the opening of Diana’s core and made
it vibrate.

“OHH G.O.D!!! Xena!”

Diana would have fallen out the window had Xena not been holding her hips.
Diana that trembled and her mouth opened but no sound came she stiffened and
then the next thing Xena felt was warm strawberry flavored cream coating her
vibrating tongue.

Diana had a death grip on Xena’s raven hair and she held on for dear life,
Xena feasted on Diana.

“ AhhhHHH.......OhhhHHHHh Ohh..aa...AHH......!”

Diana’s breath caught and she shook to her core as she released to Xena. After
a while Diana’s body relaxed and she let Xena’s hair go and Xena came to her
feet once again and taking Diana in her arms, she said,

“ I love you Consort, but you released without my permission.”

Xena raised a questioning brow, Diana smirked and said,

“ This is still a control issue isn’t it?”

“ Remember I Do Control You Consort.”

“ So you keep reminding me.”

Diana said in mock irritation. Xena loosened her hold on Diana and said,

“ But I shouldn’t have to, That’s my point.”

“ Yeah, right.”

“ Diana...”

“ Ok, forgive me My Lord Xena, I’ll try to remember. “

Diana said in all sincerity. Xena Saw and heard the sincerity and taking
Diana’s chin in her hand she bent down and kissed Diana with passion and then
without warning she pushed Diana to her knees and said,

“ Pleasure me Consort.”

Diana smirked at Xena and said,

“ You know the food will be here any minute?”

“ Your point?”

“ Well, considering all things, that would mean people walking in and seeing
things that I would rather they not see.”

“ I don’t see your point.”

“ Xena ?”

“ Xena nothing, now I think I told you to do something Consort and I suggest
you do it until I tell you to stop, clear?”

“ you are so demanding sometime.”

Diana said with a pouting sound to her voice. Xena smirked and placed one of
her legs over Diana’s shoulder. Diana looked up at Xena and said,


Xena opened her robe further and Diana reached up to Xena’s soft downy, there
she repeated Xena’s action and blew upon the hairs and watched the shiver run
up Xena’s body. she then placed her hands on the soft hairs and she parted
them and leaning further she flicked her tongue at Xena’s clit and then she
sucked it into her mouth.

“mmmm..... wonderful.. Consort.”

Diana then moved to Xena’s moist opening and she swiped her tongue through it
and savored it on her tongue for a moment before she continued. Xena was
watching Diana through lidded eyes and was holding Diana’s hair in one of her

Diana then placing her mouth over the opening of Xena’s jewel she then French
kissed her jewel and sliding her tongue deep into Xena she ran her tongue over
her core and Xena stiffen for a moment and after a moment she relaxed again
and relished the feel of Diana so deep within her and while Xena and Diana
were enjoying what they each were doing and receiving a knock came to the door
and Xena looked over to the door and seeing it was not locked she made a

Diana on the other hand was about to stop and Xena held her firmly where she
was and looking down at Diana she said,

“Don’t even think about stopping Consort, or you will have to answer to me.”

Diana saw the warning in Xena’s eyes so she lowered her eyes and went back to
doing what she had been doing a moment before, with a little anxiety
at being seen between Xena’s powerful legs.

“ Come!”

Xena called to the waiting person/s outside of the door. The door opened and
the Sentry stepped in and announced The Conquerors breakfast. The Conqueror
pointed towards the large sitting room dining table for the food to be placed.

Xena turned back to Diana and what she was doing and she took a few deep
breaths to tamp down the rising ecstasy, she was not quite ready to go over
just yet.

Xena then turned back after the food was setup the servants and the Sentry all
turned and just as they were about to ask dismissal by The Conqueror, they
noticed the movement of the back of The Conqueror’s robe and Xena saw where
their eyes went and she smirked and said,

“ Your dismissed.”

They all looked up at The Conqueror and all stuttered and then filed quickly
out of the room. Diana just at that moment had started doing what Xena had
done to her with her tongue and Xena’s attention snapped back to what Diana
was doing and taking more of Diana’s hair in her hands now she threw back her

“ AH.. AH.. Ohhh, yesss.... O.O!!!! Y.E.S!!!!”

Xena stiffened and then shook and finally released and coated Diana’s talented


Diana moaned while absorbing all of Xena’s released ecstasy. reveling in the
sweet taste. Finally after awhile Xena body relaxed and she took her leg out
from over Diana’s shoulder and pulled her up by her hair with one hand, and
pushing Diana back against the window once again she took Diana’s mouth
passionately one more time, and with such fervor it left Diana dazed and
dizzy. Diana stayed leaning on the window trying to regain her balance while
shaking her head to clear it of the dizzying kiss.

Xena smirked and turning on her heels she said,

“ Let’s eat.”

Diana stood where she was stunned at Xena’s casualness and relaxed behavior to
her non composed one. Xena sat and looked at Diana and said,

“ Come on.”

Diana pursed her lips and after a moment more she strided over to the table
and was about to sit in a chair she chose, but then looking at Xena she said,

“Is it ok if I seat here?”

Xena smirked and said,

“Yes, good thing you asked before you sat down. Xena then took a biscuit and
bit into it while watching Diana. Diana gave Xena a whatever type look and sat

Diana picked up a banana and peeling it she felt Xena watching her. Without
looking up at her she said,


Xena wanted Diana to look at her and so she played innocent.

“ What do you mean what?”

“ Why are you looking at me like that?”

“ Like what Consort?”

Xena said with a smile playing at the corner of her mouth.

“ That , I wonder type look.”

Diana then looked up into Xena’s eyes and smirked at her and Xena laughed and

“ I was just wondering if you realized that the servants knew you were there?”

“ How could they, your robe was blocking their view?”

“ Yes it was but, you got a little zealous and the back of my robe moved in
responds to your....zealousness.”

Xena stated while while biting her cheek to keep from chuckling at Diana’s
obvious discomfort with the idea that people knew what she was doing.

“ You really think they knew?”

Diana asked hoping that Xena was just kidding with her. Xena just nodded her
head and said,

“Oh...yes I’m sure.”

and she picked up a cherry and put it in her mouth to have something to do
with it so that she didn’t laugh, which she knew would further embarrass her
little Consort.

“ well I guess they suspected we did those type of things, but man I didn’t
want them to see me doing it, shoot. Diana then went into a pout and Xena
seeing it could not hold back her laughter any longer and she burst out

Diana glared at her and sat back in her chair now really pouting that Xena
would laugh at her obvious discomfort. Xena Quieted after a moment and said,

“ Diana, it’s no big deal.”

“ oh right, that’s easy for you to say, they didn’t catch you between my legs,
they saw me.”

Xena took offense at what Diana was saying although she was sure she didn’t
mean it the way it sounded, but she was offended by it none the less.

“Diana? I hope your not saying what I think your saying?”

“ what? “

“ That your embarrassed to please me in public, and that I would never put
myself in your place to please you, is that what my Consort is telling me? “

Diana didn’t answer right away and Xena was getting impatient.

“ Answer me Consort!”

Diana startled at Xena’s raised voice and looking at her she saw the anger in
her eyes, but she also saw the hurt, and although she was embarrassed at being
discovered by them, she knew it was not embarrassment out of not wanting
people to know she pleasured her lover, but more out of just never being in
that position, so she answer in a way she thought would truly allay Xena’s

Rising out of her chair, she went to the right side of Xena and placing her
hands tenderly on top of Xena’s she went to her knees and she looked up into
Xena’s Sapphire eyes and said with love and conviction.

“ Never! I could never be embarrassed with loving you, my embarrassment was
not from my pleasuring you, that I would do as often as you wanted. It was
just because it was a knew experience for me, one I’m not quite use to yet,
but I promise you I will try to become accustomed to it quickly.”

Diana saw Xena’s eyes soften, but Xena still did not saw anything, so Diana
finished and said,

“ forgive me? Please...?”

Diana was now moving her fingers nervously over Xena’s hands. Xena after a
moment more of gazing at Diana she said,

“ There’s nothing to forgive.”

“Yes, there is.”

Diana said in correction of Xena’s statement. Xena knitted her brows in
wonder as to what Diana could possibly mean.

“ I made you doubt”

Xena smiled and a glistening came to her eyes.

“Come up here.”

Diana rose from her knees and went to sit where Xena had told her to, which
was on her thigh. Diana sat and Xena looked into her eyes and said,

“ Forgive Me, Diana.”

Now Diana’s brow knit together and she asked,

“ For what?”

“ For”

Diana casted a shy but alluring look at Xena and then she said,

“ There’s nothing to forgive.”

ending with a smirk. Xena smirked back and said,

“ Ok now that that’s settle I have to figure out a way for you to get over

“ no! that’s ok, I’ll do it, really, it’s not a problem, I can take care of
it, don’t worry yourself about it, seriously, it’s ok.”

Diana rambled for a moment, Then Xena simply said,

“ It’s not a problem, really, I insist.”

Xena’s statement brooking no further argument, at least that’s what she
thought. Diana hearing the suppose it end of the conversation, sat quietly for
a moment then after a moment she went to rise off of Xena’s thigh while
starting back in on her verbalization of previous.

“Really Xena I can handle this, you’ll see, It’s just going to take me a
little time.”

Xena stopped Diana from leaving her thigh and with a Commanding voice she

“Drop it Consort! I’ve made my decision. I AM going to help you get over this,
and rather quickly. I can’t have my Consort refusing me my pleasures, now can

Xena said more as a statement than a question.

“ Fine, since you insist, but I...”

Xena raised her brow and Diana fell silent. She then turned and reached for a
piece of apple and putting it to her mouth she bit into it and chewed
thoughtfully, wondering what Xena would do to her.

Xena knew Diana was worrying about what plan she had in mind, but Xena had not
yet come up with one...yet. But she knew she would.
After they finished their breakfast they went and got cleaned up and dressed.

Diana told Xena she wanted to spend sometime with Gabrielle in the library,
and Xena although she was not happy with the idea agreed.

“ But I expect you to meet me in the counsel chamber in three candlemarks.”

“ four ?”

“Xena not in the mood to bargain about what she expected said,

“ two.”

“ two? Xena your going the wrong way.”

“ two or nothing.”

“ three and I’ll leave it alone.”

“ on....”

Xena was ready to saw one, when Diana placed her fingers over Xena’s lips and

“2 it is and not another word on it from me.”

“ ok.”

Diana then went to reach for one of her leather outfits, and then looking
back at Xena who only gave her a look and continued to dress herself in one of
her polished leathers. Diana pushed the leathers to the side and once again
contemplated on what she would wear. Xena seeing Diana was going to take
awhile walked over and once again she picked out an outfit for Diana to wear.
Diana blushed at Xena’s matter of fact actions and said in defense.

“ Well your use to these type of clothing, I’m not.”

“uhhuh, put them on and lets go.”

Diana and Xena finally left the chambers and they walked together for a bit
until Diana and Xena arrived at the library, Xena knew Diana did not know how
to get there and would probably waste time trying to find it on her own.

“ Two hours Consort, no more and then your mines for the rest of the Day,

“Yes, but Xena you know we have to talk about this two hour thing, soon.”

“Why? It works for me, unless your saying it’s too much time, I could make it
an hour, is that what you want?”

“ No, of course not but we really need to seriously talk about this.”

Diana said in all seriousness. Xena caught Diana’s tone and she said,

“ We’ll talk about it, but I’m not promising you anything, is that clear?”

“ Yes.”

Diana then smiled at Xena and went to give her a quick kiss. But Xena had
other plans, she caught Diana around the waist and before Diana knew what was
happening Xena was kissing her passionately. Xena not wanting Diana away from
her to long decided to make sure Diana did not forget.

Xena ran her free hand down Diana’s back to her behind and under the silk
skirt, there she caressed Diana’s hips and brought her hand to Diana’s curls,
she then ran her fingers through the soft curls and then onto the hardening
clit. Xena felt Diana moist at her touch and she used it to slide two fingers
quickly into Diana who up until that point had been moaning into Xena’s mouth.

“UH....! “

Xena pumped her fingers into Diana with vigor and then turning herself along
with Diana in tow she pushed Diana up against the door of the library. Diana
was now breathing hard and still, Xena had not stopped Kissing her, but
instead had opened her eyes and was watching Diana’s passion grow and grow .
Her brows and eyes took on a conspiratory look she knew Diana would not stay
away long, but she wanted to make sure so she begun talking to Diana.

“ You feel soo....soft and tight, Delicious....!”

Xena said baring her teeth at the effect she was having on Diana, only problem
was that she was tightening also, so she decided it was time to stop since
Diana was much further than she was, with that thought Xena all at the same
time stopped everything and removed her fingers and she turned and started
walking away from Diana towards the hallway that would take her to the Counsel
room, Xena called over her shoulder without looking back and said,

“I ‘ll see you later Consort.”

Xena smiled to herself at what she figured Diana was doing at that very
moment, although she knew Diana was stunned and staring at her in utter
amazement, but she did not look back but turned and went to her meeting.

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