By D.virtue

Diana in the meantime was leaning against the door of the library breathing
hard and in shock and totally amazed at the way Xena left her. Diana was
having a hard time closing her mouth, until she felt the library door open all
of a sudden and she tumbled inside onto the floor. Diana yelp at the
unexpected opening of the door and sat where she had fallen to and looked up
at Gabrielle with irritated eyes.

“ What ? I heard something banging against the door and I thought someone was
trying to get in who had their hands full, How was I to know it was you?”
By the way what were you doing banging on the door like that?”

Diana lowered her head out of embarrassment of what she had just been doing
and flushing more than she already was due to the fire Xena had started in
her, she looked back up to Gabrielle and said,

“ Letting out some energy.”

Gabrielle looked at Diana and said,

“ unhuh, sure.”

Gabrielle then bent down and helped Diana to her feet. Diana not wanting to go
into a conversation about what was going on with her decided to change the

“ So, how’s it going in here?”

“ Great! I’ve read so many scrolls and I’m learning so many things.”

“ Like what?”

“ Come and see.”

Gabrielle lead Diana over to the large plushed chairs with the level height
table with many scrolls were laid out. Gabrielle sat in one of the chairs and
told Diana to move her’s closer, Diana looked at the size of the chair and

“ Your kidding right?”

“ Oh, please, it’s not that big, and besides I’ve seen you lift things much

“Yes but that doesn’t mean I like lifting heavy things, besides I can sit on
the arm of your chair.”

“ oh, ok.”

Diana then made herself comfortable on the chair.

“ Look at this one, it’s about Xena.”

“ Really, what’s it about.”

Diana picking up the scroll while looking at Gabrielle.

“ well, it’s actually its about Ares, The God of War, and Xena, The
It talks about how they met and what Are’s did to get Xena to follow the path
of war.”


“Yes. But that’s not even the best one. There are so many in here, I was told
that I couldn’t read a lot of them but there are many that I can.”

“Why can’t you read some of the scrolls?”

“Oh I can read any scroll I want, I just can’t read some of those about her
and I’m told there are some scrolls in a locked part of the library that
contains her private thoughts. I was told no one but her is allowed in there.
But that’s ok, while I would love to know what The Conqueror thinks about,
There are plenty here to keep me occupied for a long time.”

“ Yes, I guess there are.”

Diana said distractively as she thought about the locked part of the library.

“ Where is the locked part?”

“Over there. Why?”

“Oh I was just curious.”

“ Hmm. “

Gabrielle and Diana talked about different things for about a candlemark, and
Gabrielle noticed that Diana’s eyes were a lighter brown almost translucent
looking with light blue specks, and she could not sit still for more than a
few minutes.

“Diana? “

“ hm?”

Diana said while looking at one of the scrolls, while walking around the room.

“ I think you should go and be with her.”

“ No, I’m fine, I’m enjoying our time together. I miss you.”

“ I miss you also, but You don’t have to worry about me feeling alone or
anything, There are lots of people my age who I interact with, I’m not lonely
at all. And you know how much I love to spend time by myself, or at the
oracles and also with the scribes. Xena’s Scribes are amazing. I’ve learned
so much from them and they let me do some of the scribing, I’m having a blast,
And besides Terais has been teaching me things about Amazons, she wants me to
become one. What do you think?”

“Gabrielle, I only want the best for you no matter what it is, if you want to
become and Amazon I think that would be something that you really would have
to research. I understand their are many small detail type things that can
cause you a problem if you are put in certain situations. So In answer to your
question, Research it first understand how and why the Amazons came to be.
Learn about their personal relationships and why some choose their
relationships, learn about the politics of the Nation, what’s the rules of
battle are. Requirements of punishing an enemy, especially one who has killed
an Amazon, and what happens with the death of a Ruler by an enemy. There are
so many things you need to know before signing on to anything. You

“ Yes, I guess I have my work cut out for me if I plan on being able to make a
real informed decision, huh?”

“Yes, you do, but if you want some help, I’m here, as well as Xena and of
course the one who would know first hand of course.”

“Terais? “

“Yes, she is an Amazon princess, who better?”

“ thanks sis, I had not thought about all of those things, but now I know
where to start, right?”

“ right.”

“ Now back to you, go to her before you explode.”

“ I’m not going to explored Gabrielle.”

“ Sure.”

Gabrielle said skeptically.

“ Ok I do need to get to her, but not right away, I can wait for a while.”

“No, go before your eyes turn even more blue.”

“ you’ll be ok?”

“ definitely, now go. I’m just going to read a little bit longer and then
Terais and I and some of the other young people are going to go to see some
other Amazons. “

“Where ?”

“ a few candlemarks from here.”

“ I don’t know if I like the idea of you leaving the grounds.”

“We’re not going alone, Xena has ordered that a thousand of her soldiers are
to go with us. A thousand can you believe that, man she has resources.”

“ Yes she does, doesn’t she.”

Diana said with some ambivalence.

“ Go, I’ll be fine.”

“ Ok, but be careful, and take your staff with you.”

“Ok, Ok, I’ll be careful. I love you.”

“ I love you too Gabrielle.”

Diana hugged Gabrielle as she said this. She then let Gabrielle go and headed
for the door.

“ I’ll see you soon Gabrielle.”

“ Yep, and don’t worry. Love you!”

“ Love you, see you soon.”

Diana walked out the door and closed it behind her.
Diana then stood by the door and she thought about what Gabrielle had said
about Xena sending soldiers.

“ How did she know Gabrielle would go with them, unless..... it was her idea.
Is she trying to move Gabrielle out of my life slowly and inconspicuously, so
she could have my full attention, no she wouldn’t do that, she knows how much
Gabrielle means to me, no she wouldn’t ....not like that. hmm. I wonder.”

Diana stood there talking to herself trying to convince herself that Xena
would not try to get Gabrielle out of her life, Finally she reconciled that
Xena would not do that and she was ashamed that she had even thought she
would. Diana then strided down the hall and made her way to the Counsel room.

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