By D.virtue

Part 2 same Disclaimers as those in part one. enjoy

Chapter 6.

Diana awoke with a start finding people hurrying around her as if a storm was
on its way. Diana didn't recognize where she was, but she was sure she wasn't
where she use to be. When Diana got to her feet she discovered she was wearing
armor and had a staff in her hand. She recognized that the armor and weapons
were that of her sister’s. Diana continued to look around trying to orient
herself to the strange surroundings. After a moment or so a young man stopped
to see if she was alright, considering that she was now standing in the middle
of the town looking like she was lost.

“Are you ok?” came a voice full of concern.

“ I'm fine, I think.” “ Where am I? “

Where are you ?” the young man asked . “Your in Maceran. Are you a warrior? “


“Then why are you dressed like that?”

Diana had completely forgotten her clothing due to her distraction at being
in a strange place, to cover she said, “I mean yes, but I was looking for a
place to relax for awhile an...”

Before, Diana could continue the young man let out an ironic,

“hah! Boy have you come to the wrong place,at the wrong time. Look
around,all these people aren't running like this, ,(gesturing in a wide
sweeping motion with his arm,to take in the running people passing by them) to
get into the Olympics.”

The young man seeing the woman’s brow ‘s knit together in further confusion,
he continued,

“ Look this town is about to be destroyed by the Warrior princess. The
Destroyer? the Conqueror of nations? XENA?!”

“Oh I see.. was Diana’s Initial response.

But , After a moment of taking in his words Diana exclaimed:

“Wait! Are you telling me, I'm in ancient Greece?!”

Now it was the young man's turn to look confused.

He then said “we have to get out of here, the town will be empty within an
hour and all the Conqueror will get here is things, hopefully.” He said more
to himself than Diana.

“No, you go, I'll catch-up later.”

Diana was to much shock to go running further into...she' didn't know, but
she knew she could not leave this place until she figured out why and how she
got there. So the young man not wanting to leave the bewildered young woman
tried to convince her to come with him, but he soon realized she was not going
to leave, at least not until she was ready. so he told her to be careful and
said goodbye and went running down the street towards the opposite end of the

Diana only watched for a moment and then thought there must be a back way out
of the village. She also noticed some of the size of the village. and although
she was concerned about her situation, she found herself thinking that if an
army was on it's way to destroy the village these people would not have enough
time to get far enough away from being chased down by an army whom she knew
would most likely be riding horses.

As Diana was looking around, her eyes came upon a young girl sitting in a
tree just a little ways from the main street, where, if one was not
suspecting it the tree would make a wonderful place to hide, especially since
there was a bunch of them with thick leaves. Diana thought it was strange for
anyone, especially a young girl, to be up in the tree doing ...Diana again
knitting her brows together started walking towards the tree, trying all the
while to see what the young girl was doing.

Finally, she figured it out ,still being some distance away.

“She's writing?! “ I can not believe this.” Diana said to herself.

Upon arriving closer to the tree,Diana looked up into the tree, and then
figuring there was no reason to worry about a little girl being dangerous,
she flipped up into the tree, and because of the unexpectedness of her action
she startled the young girl, and she almost lost her balance. But the young
girl was after a moment, able to right herself again on the branch, she was
then able to compose herself . The Girl Looked somewhat peeved at Diana for
the way she had been startled.

Diana offered an apology, which was accepted. Diana was then asked to sit.
Diana looked at the young woman and then at the offered branch upon which to
sit and finally sat. Diana was confused by the young woman’s obvious disregard
for what was about to happen to the village, that all she could do was watch
the young woman finish her writing.

Once finished she turned to Diana and said,

“so.. you finally made it?”

It was Diana's turn to lose her balance. She however, caught herself on a
branch just below the one she had fallen from. The young girl just laughed
and Diana flipped herself back up to the branch she fell from. Diana was
getting irritated and upset at what she thought was not funny, and the fact
that this woman was expecting her, especially when she had never in her life
saw this woman before.

“Who are you?” Diana finally asked ,hoping to distract the young woman from
her laughter.

The Young woman after a moment finally quieted and wrote something else on her
scroll and then looked back to Diana and said;

“I am Indite.”

“ Indite?” Diana repeated.

“It means..."


Diana interrupted before Indite could finish.

“It figures.” So.., Indite, what are you writing about? “

“You.” was the simple response.


“ Yes. You and Xena that is.”

“ What about me and Xena? I mean.. Xena and I?”

“I'm writing about the day you meant Xena The Conqueror.”

“What?” Diana said, flinching as if she was struck across the face.

“What makes you think I'm suppose to meet Xena? I'm not even suppose to be

The young woman turned on the tree without ever moving her body to do so, and
at the same moment she changed into an old woman floating inches off of the
tree's branch. Diana stared but soon came back to herself realizing,

“ok, ok, this is the past and magic was apart of that,” then thinking to
herself, “well me and my Chosen still use some type of magic even in the

The old woman started speaking to Diana drawing her out of her reverie.

“Listen child there isn't much time.”

Diana found it strange to be called a child by this woman who only a moment
ago was younger looking than herself, but she let the ironicness of the
situation pass and settled to listen to the now old woman.

“You were sent here by your Chosen to learn lessons...”

“What type of lessons?”

The old woman gave Diana a look that Diana Interpreted to mean don't
interrupt. So ,Diana looking somewhat chastised sat and listened to the old
woman, at times her mouth falling agape and the old woman watching the young
woman's many expressions.Finally, Diana was asked did she know who Xena was.
Diana said

“I only know what I've been told and what I read, that she was a warrior who
became a warlord and then was known a The Destroyer of nations or something
like that an... “

“Is.” The old woman corrected.

“What ?”

“She is a Warrior, ex- warlord and now Known as The Destroyer and Conqueror
of Nations .”

“oh. ok is, so what of it.”

“Well, child your here to meet her, today.”

Diana looked at the old woman and said

“today? I don't think so, do you realize she is coming here to destroy this

“Yes. Why do you think I'm here?”

“Oh yes... Writing? right?” Diana said with some sarcasm in her voice.

The old woman was patient with her and she said

“ yes, writing of two warriors encounter .”


“Yes, your suppose to protect these people .”

“Ha! Why would I do that? I don't even know these people ,and besides they've
escaped out the back way of the village, I guess. Anyway, I'm not fighting
This Xena person for things.”

The old woman was pleased to hear Diana say things, which told her Diana would
fight Xena if it were about the people. So the old woman said,

“Your right. You won't be fighting Xena for things ,but for the people. You
were just standing out there, “The old woman pointing to the street. “And
you were thinking That the people would not have enough time to get far enough
away before they were over ran by Xena's army riding horses, were you not?”

Diana was amazed by this woman’s abilities and begun wondering what else she
could do

. “Yes, I was.”

“Well child, your thinking was correct they will be over run by the army.
That's where you come in , you are these people last hope of remaining free.
If you don't take her on then they will never see their family again. Just
like you being here.”

Diana considered the woman's words and knew in her heart she was right, but
she had to admit she was actually scared of the Warrior Princess. But for some
reason she could not begin to guess why, after all she was only a woman. But
something kept nipping at the back of her mind, she had a feeling of dread.
Shaking her head as to clear it, she finally said,

“fine. What do I do.”

The old woman was now smiling .She said,

“you have to lure her away from the rest of her army.”

“Oh! it's an ambush right?” Diana said in an excited voice.

“No, it will only be the two of you. You must face Xena alone and survive.”

“Survive! yea, right ...that's my number one plan you can be sure.”

Diana was now sure there was a reason for the dread she felt, because as she
reasoned why would this woman use the word survive unless there was the real
possibly of her losing, beside the fact that this was no ordinary woman.
Diana believed what she was being told and new she would have to be cautious.
The old woman once again turned on the branch back to her original place and
changed back to the young woman Indite.

“Diana you and Xena are different sides of the same coin, and it is your
fates to meet.”

“Fine ,but does it have to be in combat?” Diana said wishfully.

Indite smile and said,

“yes. Now, you have to go, Xena will be in the front of her army, remember
you have to lure her away.”

Diana looked at the young woman and nodded. Then flipped out of the tree.

Chapter 7

As she came back into view of the area outside of the village she was shocked
to see soldiers standing by horses within the village. At first she thought
they were part of Xena's army. But reasoning it out she said to herself,

“it couldn't be, I would have heard them long before now.”

as she was thinking a soldier came up to her and handed her the reins of a
horse. Diana was surprised ,but took the reins and thanked the soldier. She
then ran a plan through her head as to how to get the Warlord's attention.

“After all, in order to get her away from her army, she has to notice me

After working out the plan in her head she was ready to call one of the
Captains to her, when she heard the Destroyers warcry.


Diana's blood froze. She had never heard a warcry like that and turning around
she saw Xena and her army. Thousand of them, and Xena in front like the young
woman had said.Diana took it all in quickly and remembered what the old woman
had said,

“lure her away, where it is just the two of you.”

So, Diana still standing on the Ground with her horse beside her along with
the mysterious soldiers standing by their mounts also. Diana looked back at
the soldiers and realized they knew what her plan was already and was
mirroring her own actions. She figured she would stand on the ground rather
than mount ,which to any rational thinking person looking on, would notice
the strange behavior and think twice about the reason behind the obviously
irrational behavior.

The Destroyer Noticed the Strange behavior and became a little concerned by
it and decided to halt her armies Charge into the village, at least until she
could figure out what was going on. She slowed her horse, then motioned for
her army to do the same, and then she stopped.

She scanned the surrounding area again thinking that there were
reinforcements hidden somewhere. Although she didn't know how there could be..
she had excellent spies.But she stopped noth-the-less still quite a distance
away. she did a quick scan of the village, and her eyes came to rest on a
young woman dressed in leather with breastplate and armor similar to her own.

With Xena's hawk-eyes she could see how beautiful the young woman was and she
found herself thinking it would be a shame to mess up such a beauty,she could
think of so many other things to do with such a young beauty.But then she
realized that she would kill the young woman if forced to and not think twice
about her. it was while looking over the young woman she saw the staff in the
young girls hand, and the odd way it was being held, she then realized it
wasn't being held like that for no reason,
She discovered that the young woman was pointing at her.

Somewhat bewildered by this, Xena looked up to discover the young woman was
raising her head a little higher so that Xena was looking at her lips. They
were moving, but no sound was coming out. Xena soon realized the young woman
was speaking to her, so she focused her eyes on the young woman's lips and

“You and me Warrior Princess?”

The warriors eyes grew wide with surprise,Surprise that such a young girl
would challenge H.E.R. the Conqueror!

“Insolent child,” the warlord thought.

But then Xena realized the opportunity that was presented to her. she would
have the young woman after all. A wick smile coming to her lips. Xena narrowed
her eyes and lipped a response to the young woman.

“ A Challenge, the loser becomes the winners slave?”

Diana didn't like the idea of having someone as a slave, not even this Xena,
and really didn't like the idea of becoming this warriors slave,and although
the dread she had been feeling continued to nibbled at the back of Diana's
mind she set it aside and lipped, her own response

“ accepted.”

Then she shifted the point of her staff away from Xena and pointed to the
left. Xena being suspicious shook her head and using her sword she pointed
right. Diana recognizing the suspicion, nodded her agreement. With that Xena
Called out to the revelers to past the word ;

“The woman is mine!”

And once again sounding her warcry She and her army came thundering down.

Xena never once taking her eyes off the young woman, who now had mounted her
horse along with the soldiers and had moved to the right side of the street,
waiting for Xena to get close enough to follow her.


Diana thought ,Xena's warcry was very unsettling but even while thinking
this she found herself in a trance like state as the Warrior Princess came
closer , she saw the power and strength flowing from this woman like water.
she then noticed how beautiful she was. Diana found herself in awe of this
Magnificient Creature, and actually felt somewhat pleased in a twisted kind of
way to be meeting the warrior princess.

Diana laughed to herself when she realized what she was thinking about.

“Oh, yeah, right,meeting the Warrior Princess, she was coming to try and make
a slave out of me and this village, and I’m here admiring her looks.”

Then after a with a final thought, Diana came out of the trance to see Xena
was close enough to see her but not close enough to swing her sword or throw
it at her back, at least that’s what Diana was hoping.She turned her mount
in the agreed direction and rode her mount down the long alley like street,
just as she heard the clash of metal against metal, she realized Xena's and
her army had now engaged. Diana reached the end of the alley and turned right
to go down another street behind a building that appeared to be an inn.

Xena right on her trail came around the second corner a little cautiously
thinking that she was being set up. Just as Xena turned she slowed to a halt.
Diana had stopped half way down the street and had turned her horse to face
her. Xena rode a little closer and stopped again. This time she asked ,

“Who Are You?”

“Diana. And you are.... ?” Diana said mockingly,

she knowing that most people would be pissed if they felt they should be
known by everyone. Xena's eyes narrowed at the thought that this young girl
had never heard of her ,especially when they were just outside of her Realm’s
borders. The village was just one of the many stops until she claimed another

“I'm offended you don't know who I am.” Xena said with acid dripping from
every word.

“Oh, sorry, didn't mean to offend you,” Diana said with obvious disregard for
whom she was speaking to.

“So are you going to tell me?” Diana asked feigning innocents.

Xena Said “I'll tell you. After I beat you.”

“Hah, you wish!” Diana said mocking the Warrior.

Xena was not known for her patience or tolerances of insolence, or disrespect,
in fact she often punished harshly for such behavior. Xena raised a
questioning brow at the young woman's taunt. She then asked the young woman:

“Why are you here? your obviously not one of these villagers.” Xena stated
while admiring the young woman’s armor.

Diana noticed the inspection of her clothing by the warrior and simply stated

“To stop you .”

“Hah! “now it was Xena who laughed . “You mean Try. Xena corrected.

“We'll see won't we?”

“Yes we will little girl.” Xena said barely controlling the rage that was
building in her due to the young woman’s obvious disrespect for who she was
and how easily she could wipe her from the planet.

“But, I want to make sure that You remember the deal?” Xena said raising a
questioning brow.

“Yes I remember.”Diana said casually.

“Good.” A wick gleam coming to Xena's Icy blue eyes. “Because I would hate to
mess up that beautiful face of yours, especially considering what type of
slave I plan on making out of you.” looking up and down the young woman , Xena
then casted hunger filled eyes at Diana.

Diana Catching the look Xena was casting her she found that her neck and
face had gotten hot from what the Warrior had said and how she had looked at
her. Diana hoped that it would not be seen by the Warrior, But to Diana's
dismay it had not been lost on the Warrior who only licked her lips. Then in
the speed of a panther Xena Sounded her warcry and flipped off of her horse.
Her warcry bouncing off the surrounding walls. Diana a second later flipped
from her mount. She holding her staff and Xena holding her sword. Xena
reasoned that ,Diana was possibly an amazon because of the way she handled the
staff .


Chapter 8.

The two of them circled. neither one making the first advance so as to gage
the others ability. Xena was impressed with the young woman, and her obvious
training in at least one on one combat. she let a smile come to her face as
she thought the young woman may give her a good fight after all.

Suddenly there was a sound that sounded like a child to Diana, so out of
concern for a childs safety in the immediate enviroment she turned her head to
locate the direction, At which point Xena Thought,

“Big mistake.”

She charged and swung her sword, Diana seeing the charging woman and the
sword out the corner of her eye she ducked and came around with her staff to
sweep at Xena's knees, Xena of course flipped out of the way and brought her
sword down just in time to block a jab at her midsection.Xena then faked
turning left only to turn back right and caught Diana on the Left shoulder .
Diana spun the way the sword had taken her.

She grabbed at the shoulder out of instinct more so than need. For although it
bled a lot, it was not a deed cut and would only require a few stitches, and
it would heal fast as all of the other injuries she had ever had. She then
looked up to see Xena Standing with a look of pure satisfaction on her face.
She then was taken aback with what she saw next.

The Warrior Took her finger and wiping it along the blade of her sword where
Diana's blood was she swipe up some of the red fluid and seeing Diana was
watching her every move, she moved the covered finger to her lips and with her
tongue she slowly ran it up the length of her finger, never once taking her
eyes off of the young woman. She then stated her pleasure with a sensual

“mmm...very good.”

She then continued her taunting and said

“I can only imagine, how sweet your going to taste when I win our little

A lustful glint shining in the now smoldering blue orbs. Diana being amazed by
the Warrior felt herself blushing once again, and felt a shiver of excitement
run up her spine at the Warrior’s words, But, for the life of her she could
not figure out why. Xena at that moment laughed, snapping Diana out of her
momentary thoughts. Diana found herself getting upset that she had let this
woman see something that she didn’t even know existed within herself and the
fact that this woman was Laughing her!

Diana was sick of the whole thing and wanted to end it. So with speed and
agility she charged at the warrior and at the last minute vaulted and flipped
over the warrior princess bring her staff down with the intent to connect to
Xena's head, only to have it blocked by Xena's sword, and then turning low
Xena brought her sword to cut across the young woman's abdomen ,but it was
blocked by one end of Diana's staff and with the momentum carrying her around
,Diana brought the other end of her staff up and across to catch the Warrior
Princess on the side of the face and the corner of her mouth, drawing blood.

Xena let her body follow the direction she was turning and at the same time
she was twirling her sword to prevent Diana from trying to take any
advantages. After a quick recovery Xena turned to see the corners of Diana's
mouth were raising. Half smiling now ,Diana said,

“well.... what do you know about that?”mocking the Warrior.

"The Destroyer...Bleeds...?”

Diana ran her finger over the area of her staff that held the Warriors's
blood, swiping off some of it. she put it to her own lips, her tongue coming
out of it's warm recesses and wrapping it around the digit, she drew it into
her mouth, she sucked on the finger as if savoring the juice from a
strawberry.Then pulling her finger out ever so slowly and then running her
tongue along her teeth while still holding the fluid on her tongue. she then
licked her finger again, all the time watching the warriors reactions .

“Hmmm... nice, but not my type.! She then Spit the fluid out of her mouth,
showing her distaste and disrespect at the Warrior.

Xena's eyes went black, Black with rage and anger at being mocked by a
child... Xena pinched her lips together and sent her Chakram flying . Diana
not expecting it , barely had time to do the splits so as to get out of the
way of the flying weapon which it's obvious intent was to separate her head
from her shoulders. she was just returning to a stand while watching the
weapon bank off of the buildings and head back towards it's owner ,when Xena
connected to the side of her head with her boot ,sending Diana flying
backwards a distance and causing her to loose her grip on her staff from the

Diana rolled to retrieve it despite the throbbing of her head, but Just as her
hand closed around the staff she felt one of Xena's boots come down on her
hand and with more pressure on Diana's hand ,Xena had caused Diana to let go
of the staff. Diana then felt the tip of a sword at her throat. Diana cocked
her head to look up at the Destroyer , only to regret doing so because of the
deadly expression on the Warriors face.

Diana didn't want the fear she was feeling showing ,so she started to taunt
the Warrior hoping that she would just kill her so she would not have to
become this woman's slave. So despite her fear Diana With fierce
determination let pour from her mouth her contempt for the Warrior.

“Well?, do you want my body so much that you can't kill me?” Diana sneered.

The tip of the Xena’s sword pushing further into her neck. Xena's expression
had not changed.Diana continued ,

“I would do it for you, but it's against my nature to take my own life,”
Diana smirking at the supposed strangeness of the statement of her being

More pressure, followed by a trickle of blood,

“Hah! Your a coward. I can't believe your suppose to be some Great Warrior
“Diana said spitting out the words.

I'd say more like The Great Warrior T.R.A.M.P, Warlord of Deparity, The
Destroyer of freedom and Justice.I'd hav....”

A Deadly look coming into the Warlords eyes, she then bent down and quickly
rolled the young woman over onto her stomach, and taking a leather strap from
her weapons belt she tied the young woman's hands behind her back, she then
lifted the young woman by the scruff of her collar and threw her towards one
of the buildings.

Diana's face turning to the side just in time to prevent having her nose smash
into the wall. slamming into the wall dazed her somewhat. Trying to shake off
the impact, she saw through slightly blurred vision ,The Warrior princess
striding towards her with daggers flying from eyes with every step. Diana
found herself actually flinching from the Warlords Piercing eyes. Xena came to
a stop just inches from the young woman's face, Diana tried to move back ,to
the side, anywhere, just to not have to look into the fury that was the
Warlord's eyes. But seeing no way she tried to keep her eyes averted only to
have her chin gripped by very strong fingers and turned to meet the Warlord's
eyes .

Xena then Leaned in further to whisper into the young woman's ear and simply
asked ,

“Do you give up?” her voice a low , strangely calm tone.

Diana was confused by the calmness, but still found courage to defy the


The Warlord's expression took on a look of wickedness, with a slight curling
of her mouth she said in a rolling voice,

“Never is a long time when your in P.a.i.n" clenching her teeth .

Diana catching the tone and the accompanying look of the Warlord finally
showed her fear in her eyes. They went wide just as Xena delivered a smashing
blow to her midsection...

“uhhh..... “crumbling to her knees and curling into a kneeling position,
Diana dry heaved and tried to catch her breath.

Tears running down her face, she had to admit she had never felt such pain,
she couldn't believe it. Xena towering over the young woman bent down and with
one hand pulled the young woman to her feet and pushed her back into the wall
once again, she came within inches of the young woman's face again and once
again in that same voice said,

"well...?” Xena only waited a moment, and then said “I don't like having
to repeat myself, if I have to I'll make sure to punish you for that also.”

Diana who was trembling slightly because of the pain and of the fear this
woman was inflicting on her. Xena sensing the young woman's increased fear ,
set her jaw and bore her eyes into the young woman's now pupil filled eyes.

“hmmhff, no.” Diana finally said between taking in a well needed breath.

“I'd hoped you'd say that.” Xena said baring pearl white teeth and running
her tongue over them. And delivered another gut wrenching blow to the young
woman's already painful midsection.

Diana screamed out and just as she was about to go to her knees again she was
caught by The warrior and brought back to a standing position. Diana was now
trembling continuously with tears flowing down her face .Xena appeared to be
enjoying the punishment she was inflicting on the young woman. She rubbed her
face against Diana's appearing to enjoy the softness felt against her own. she
then said

“your sooo... soft, but you offended me, and I can't let it go, at least not
yet.... sliding her face away from the young woman’s to look into her eyes
again Xena the Warrior Princess delivered two more blows to the woman's
abdomen .

Had this woman been any other person they would have died from the second blow
, which seemed to surprise even Xena for a moment who then realized what the
young woman could possibly take.She also thought this young woman was more
special than she even imagined.Diana after receiving the last blow collapse
to her knees once again , but this time she was physically sick and was
gasping for breath, she felt she was going to pass out which she had only did
a couple of times in her life, and then, it was with her Chosen.

Xena not wanting the young woman to pass out because of all the plans she had
for her.She walked to her horse and retrieving a small glass container of some
sort with a clear liquid in it. she brought it back,and lifting the young
woman to her feet she told her ;


Diana even through her pain and fear turned her head.

“hmm.. still resisting me hmm?”

With those words Xena stepped back a little and with lightening speed she put
the pinch on the young woman. Diana went down from the excruciating pain of
the touch ,tears flowing from fear filled eyes ,fear that she may actually die
a painful death. Xena saw that the young woman knew what was happening so she
did not go into details as to what she had done to her, but rather told her
about how long she had.

“I won't free you from it unless I get what I want .. Now!” seeing a nod of
Diana's head she continued,

“first, do you give up?” another nod,

“you'll obey my every word?” another nod.

Turning her back on the young woman she told her,

“from now on you'll be known as my property, is that clear?”

turning her head to look over her shoulder to see Diana nod her head. Xena
walked back towards the young woman and with a look of dominance she released
her touch from the young woman. Whom upon being release bent forward to allow
the blood flow to return to her head. Xena in the mean time had walked to her
horse once again and put the vile back and took out a collar and a leather
chain, she placed them on her weapons belt and walked back over to where she
had left the now upright sitting young woman.
Tears still running down her face and a look of shock knitted in her brows
over the fact that she had been beaten by a woman! Diana was having a hard
time registering all of this new information. While she was trying Xena
stepped back into her line of sight, and she found herself being lifted to her
feet by her hair. She stumbled to her feet as best she could considering her
hands were still tied behind her back and her head and midsection hurt so much
as if someone had took her insides out and hammered them to pulp and then
returned them to her inside.

She eventually made it to an upright position only to be pushed into the wall
and told,

” don't fall...”

Diana catching the tone in which the warning was made leaned back into the
wall so as not to fall. Xena then arched her brow and let a curve come to one
side of her mouth.

“Good.” she said while taking the collar and the chain from her weapons belt.

She held it up for Diana to see what it was.

“Do you know what this is?”

Diana's eyes went wide once again, this time for the realization of the whole
thing and what the collar meant. she only nodded her head to indicate her
understanding, new tears falling freely.

Diana screamed to herself:

“I'll never forgive you guys for doing this to me!.”

Xena then stepped back to the young woman and clamped the collar on her neck
and then placed the locking chain. she then pulled the young woman to her and
placed her lips mere inches from the young womans ear and whispered in a
sensually smooth voice:

"Can you guess what type of slave I have in mind for you?” Xena leaned back
to look into the young woman's eyes.

“no...? I'll give you a hint.”

She then let go of the chain and taking the young woman's chin in her hand
she tilted her head up while she brought her own down,Diana having caught the
intent tried to turn her head away only to have it firmly turned back with
more pressure added as a reminder from the Warlord to not try that again. Xena
once again moved towards her goal, Diana didn't won't to resort to begging
unless absolutely necessary and although she did not want this woman to kiss
her she figured it would be better than being hit again by this woman, so on
the Warlords second attempt Diana didn't turn her head . Xena's lips came down
hard on Diana’s. Diana tried to push the warrior off of herself but she did
not have the strength, and the little strength she did have Xena used it to
her favor by putting pressure to the young woman's midsection which not only
kept her off balance, but also caused her to open her mouth in what she
thought the most inopportune time, while it was exactly the right time for
Xena, who immediately plunged her tongue deep into the young womans mouth.

She kissed her deeply and thoroughly. Diana had given up struggling and
allowed the Warlord to kiss her for what seemed like forever. and to Diana's
astonishment she found herself actually lightheaded from the kiss, as if...
she was enjoying it?

“No!” she thought.

It can't be that!”

Diana was now struggling with the Warlord once again with a resolve to break
the kiss. and then she had an idea .

Diana, Closed her teeth on the probing tongue, only hard enough to make the
owner of it return it to its own residence. Upon doing this Xena pulled her
tongue out of the young woman's mouth in pain and surprise. She saw the look
of terror and confusion on the young woman's face, Xena figure the terror was
from what the young woman thought she would do as a result of her behavior.

Xena studied the young woman for a moment then she stepped back and with a
hand quicker than most people's eyes she laid a backhand slap to the young
woman's face that sent her flying to the ground.

Diana now laying on the ground with her face resting on the ground, blood
trickling from the corner of her mouth, she laid there and let her fear claim
her , she let the tears fall as freely as they liked. she didn't want to feel
such pain. she knew the warrior had no intentions of killing her, no matter
what. And Diana reasoned that once she found out who she was to her she would
really be in for it...

”No, she won't find out, I won't let her.”

Once again Diana started planning, at which time the warrior who had watched
her slave cry for a moment went over and once again pulling the woman to her
feet by her hair pulled her to her and whispered yet again in the young
woman's ear:

“If you ever do, anything like that again, I'll make you sorry you ever
meant Xena The Conqueror, do I make myself clear, Diana?” Xena said in a
voice full of promise and danger.

Diana looking into the Conqueror's narrowed blue eyes lowered her own eyes
for a moment then lifted them back up to meet Xena's once again.In a
surprisingly strong voice Diana answered the Conqueror's question.

“Quite Clear.”

Tilting her chin up just a little to much, Xena took it as disrespect and
once again backhand the woman across the other cheek leaving in its wake
another outline of her other hand. This time Diana didn't go down because Xena
held her tight enough to prevent her from leaving her hand. Xena pulled the
young woman up onto her tiptoes by using the collar and leaning down she said
through pearl white teeth,

“I won't put up with any disrespect of any type from you little girl. so if
you rather be beaten hourly by me, I can accommendate you....! So choose, pain
or pleasure!”

Diana only took a moment to consider her choices, because as far as she was
concerned this woman could possibly beat her to a pulp without killing her, so
she answered the only way anyone in their right mind would

“pleasure” she said in resignation.

Xena smiled but the smile never reached her eyes, she was going to have fun
breaking this young woman.

“Good Girl.”

Xena then said, “prove it.”

Diana looked into the Conquerors eyes and asked


Xena let the young woman go and stepped back away from her. She then said,

” come here... and kiss me.”

Diana was stunned, but she realized Xena was testing her, so she made her
way to Xena and with tears in her eyes she went to her tiptoes while Xena bent
slightly and she kissed her softly and with submission to this woman... For
the moment.

end of part 2 let me know what you think.


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