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Chapter 9.

Finally, The warrior broke the kiss, while at the same time she had reached
around behind Diana and cut her bindings. She then allowed Diana to step back
away from her a step or two, but then she put her hand out towards Diana and
said with narrow eyes,

“give me what is mine.”

Diana not quite understanding what the warrior was speaking of , looked
around herself and then back at the warrior who only arched her brow and
slightly cut her eyes to the collar and leather chain around Diana’s neck, at
which point Diana looked back at the chain and realized the warrior was
speaking about her.

Diana took the chain in her hand and ran her fingers over the material not in
appreciation but apprehension of the meaning. Diana lifted her eyes from the
chain with her head still slightly lowered to look into the warriors eyes only
to find the warrior was now clenching her jaw in irritation and building
impatience with the young woman. Diana licked her dry lips and walked back
towards the warrior while holding the chain and maintaining eye contact with
the warrior.

Diana lifted the chain and placed it in the warriors hand while at the same
time letting out the breath of air she didn’t realize she was holding. She
dropped her eyes at the same time she dropped the chain into the warriors
hands. Diana chewed at her bottom lip while she waited for what seemed like an
eternity for Xena to close her hand around the chain, although it was only a
few moments.

The Warrior then pulled Diana closer to her once again and lifting Diana’s
head so she would be looking the Destroyer in the eyes she said with sparks
flashing in her eyes,

“ if I have to remind you again that you are MY property, I’ll make sure

Diana feeling angry at herself for being bested by a woman this woman, and for
being afraid of this warrior, she stated in a confident voice


“Good” was the only reply from the warrior.
The Conqueror then turned on her heels and strided towards their horses
pulling Diana behind her by the chain. Diana was jerked by Xena’s rapid
turning and stumbled at first before gaining her footing and striding at a
somewhat slower pace due to the pain still present in her midsection. Diana
rubbed her mid section while they strided to the horses, upon reaching the
horses Xena stopped and looked at Diana’s horse then at Diana , then at her
own horse, she was deciding whether to trust Diana to ride her own horse and
not try to escape or to drape her over the front of her horse.

Xena jumped up into her saddle and looking down at the young woman, who it
was obvious did not want to ride with the warrior, looked up at the warrior
and said

“I’ll walk along side.”

The Conqueror smirked at the boldness in the young woman’s words and arching
her brow and leaning back in her saddle she said,

“ Oh really?, Who said?”

With those words Xena leaned over and the next thing Diana knew she was
draped over the front of Xena’s saddle, which of course was not comfortable at
all considering her tender midsection. Diana landed on the saddle with an
oophff, as the air was knocked from her lungs upon impact with the saddle.
Diana after catching her breath started to protest,

“ This is going to hurt riding like this!”

“Is that right ?” Xena said with little regard.

“Yes, that is right !” Diana shot back emphasizing the words.

“Hmm, well, well, well do I still hear a streak of disrespect in your
voice?” Let me see what I can do to help you get over that disrespectful
nature of yours.”
Xena feralling her brows in contemplation for a moment.

In the meantime, Diana hearing the threat spoke up to pacify the Warrior
before she inflicted further pain on her.

“ All I meant was that because of the discomfort in my abdomen this is not

before Diana could finish her explanation she felt her leathers being flipped
out of the way to reveal a round behind with skimpy panties on that Her
Chosen men had forgotten about or chose not to put her in the underwear of the
time, but what ever the reason they were now exposed to the gaze of the
Conqueror, at which time she received a painful smack to her behind . The
intensity of the strike actually lifted Diana off of the saddle.

Diana screamed,

“ OUCH!... in a shaky voice Diana said while bringing her hand back behind
her to protect her behind from further assault,

“What was that for?”

Only to have the hand moved and pinned under The Conqueror’s left hand at
which point she received further punishment to her backside while the
Conqueror explained to Diana exactly what she wanted.


“ OWWW ! ”

“I ..”


“Owww !”




tears rolling down Diana’s cheeks. “


Another painful Smack...

“OWWW ! Please?”


Smack ... “


another solid smack...




”U.N.T.I.L ..”







Smack “
O.W.W.. “p.l.e.a.s.e?”




“ M.A.Y..”

“please? please?”


Smack... “


“C.L.E.A.R?!” the Conqueror finished with a Final and more painful
S.M.A.C.K... “O.W.W.W.W.. Y.E.S...!Crystal clear!”

Diana said through a tight throat due to the lump that had formed in her
throat from the pain to her behind and the way this woman was making her feel
like a child in her site who needed to be spanked. Diana continued and said
through her tears, “

All you had to do was ask.”



“I don’t ask.”

“fine. Just tell me what you want, you don’t have to punish me.”

Xena The Conqueror then flipped Diana’s leathers back down and simply said

“red goes very well with your caramel coloring, your not going to want to sit
down for a while, and by the way, I just told you.”

With that the Conqueror turned her horse and headed back for the main
street .

the end of chapter 3
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