By D.virtue

While Diana was visiting Gabrielle all of Xena’s advisors and the Dignitaries
from the different kingdoms were all there except Honess, he was the Dignitary
that was planning on attacking the assassinated Dignitaries kingdom and take
it for his own.

“Lord Xena...”

one of the advisors was saying.

“ I see no reason why we should even bother with this Kingdom, yes it is one
of the larger kingdoms left, but even with Honess’s army taken out of the
picture, what use is this kingdom and it’s people?”

“ Obviously Marsun, you have no idea about this kingdom, it is one of the
riches Kingdoms when it comes to its farms and other natural resources. as
well as being one of the most traveled routes, because of it’s ownership of
the roads around it. They collect fees from every kingdom that is left under
its own rule as well as travelers of means through the land. Everyone pays ,
except My Realm. But that was a deal offered to me by Uralane if I let his
kingdom remain under his Rule As well as the supply of food and other needed
supplies. And now that he’s dead there is the threat that Honess will try to
take advantage of My deal with Uralane. And I don’t like the idea of being
taken advantage by anyone, yet alone some sniveling little piss ant! I want
that kingdom under my Realm, and I want Honess’s head on a stick! Do I make
myself clear?!”

“Yes, My Lord.

“ Has his army started to move?”

“ Yes, They will arrive in less than two and a half weeks.”

“ Lord Xena?”

Draco the ex-warlord now war advisor spoke and said,

“My Lord Xena? are you planning on sending some of your army or more of your


“ I think you should send enough of your army to double the total number of
soldiers being sent by the supporting Kingdoms.”

Xena narrowed her eyes at Draco’s, at the meaning of his words. but she knew
Draco and he was not one to make useless suggestions. He was a very good
Leader before he became an advisor to her, so she took what he said seriously
and said,

“ Yes it would be a good idea to send enough soldiers to double the number
being sent by My Supporters.”

Timson then spoke up.

“ MY Lord? What need is there for such a thing, I think if we sent the same
number of soldiers as the supporting Kingdoms that would be enough to out
number Honess’s army by a thousand. I think Advisor Draco’s idea is over doing
it .”

“ Is that what you think! “

Draco said with indignation in his voice. Xena looked at Timson and then at
Draco and she knew who’s Idea was better and she told Timson and the rest of
the gather Dignitaries exactly why she thought it was a good idea.

“Timson, Draco made a very valid argument . I think in order to assure that my
soldiers are not turned on by any of My supporters soldiers and thus
outnumbered 3 to 1, I think only a fool would not prevent any backstabbing or
sides switching by those who might feel there was an opportunity to make a
statement to me. I mean really, what’s to keep any of you....”

The Conqueror speaking to all of the gathered Dignitaries.

“ from turning on Me when we’re out there fighting?”

“ Lord Xena?”

one of the Kings said.

“ I think it is a wiser Ruler who does not offend their supporters, but rather
trust them, especially if they are to be fighting on the same side.”

“ I don’t worry about offending any of you, while it is not my intention to do
so, I have not come as far as I have by trusting others. It is a concept that
is quite foreign to me still and because of the few times I did trust others
with something of mines I was nearly destroyed each time. So don’t tell me who
I should and should not put trust in, because I have been down that road
before and I have no intentions of traveling it again. So if you are offended
Carus, get over it! I will be sending enough soldiers to protect themselves,
should anyone of you decide to betray me. Now do anyone else have a problem
with that?”

No one else spoke on that subject but instead, Timson said,

“My Lord? Are you planning on leading the army once again or will you stay
behind and handle things here?”

“ I have not decided yet ?”

“ What about your Consort, if you do decide to lead your army, will she ride
by your side?”

At that moment Diana had walked into the door and was standing in the doorway
as Timson asked the question, she had not made her present know yet because
she wanted to hear what Xena’s answer was to the question, although she
thought she already knew the answer which to her was obvious, of course she
would ride with her.

“ NO! She will not be riding by my side if I decide to lead. She is my Consort
and not a warrior, and that is how I intend on using her as a Consort only! Is
that understood?!”

“ Yes My Lord.”

“ No! I don’t understand.”

Diana interrupted angrily. Xena looked up at the tone of voice and she saw
blue eyes flashing at her, and so seeing her Consort confronting her in front
of her Counsel as well as the Dignitaries, her eyes became slits while her
jaw set , her nostrils were flaring at the confrontation. But she did not saw
anything she only glared at Diana, and the others in the chamber were shocked
and startled by the abrupt appearance of the Consort, as well as appalled.
Timson looked back between The Conqueror and the Consort and figuring this was
his opportunity to get back in good with The Conqueror he said,

“ Consort, you are out of line and it is quite disrespectful of you to take
such a tone with your master, you deserve nothing less than 20 lashes with the
whip for such impertinent behavior towards your Lord.”

“ Shut up!”

“ He’s right.”

Xena said still glaring at Diana. Diana turning her attention back to Xena

“I don’t understand why you would not let me ride by your side.”

“ It’s not for you to understand but to obey.”

“ It doesn’t make sense.”

“ It makes perfect sense Consort.”

Diana could hear the barely control anger in the strangely calm voice of The
Conqueror. She knew she was trending on thin ground, but this just didn’t make
sense to her and until it did she would not leave it alone.

“ How can that make sense? Why would you leave one of your best warriors

Xena slammed her hands on the table and came to her feet, she was tire of
reminding Diana of who she was in her eyes, she strided over to Diana and not
wanting to lose her temper with her lover in front of the advisors and
Dignitaries, she grabbed Diana by the arm and without looking back she told
the others to go and eat and she would see them back in two candlemarks.

She then pulled Diana out of the Counsel chamber and without stopping she
dragged her walking and stumbling backwards to try and turn around. But Xena
did not stop to allow Diana to do that, instead she pulled them up the stairs
and back to their chambers.

Once there the Sentry pushed open the door and Xena almost threw Diana inside.

“ What do you think you were doing?! How dare you confront me in front of
anyone! Especially My Counsel !

“ I don’t understand how you could even think about leaving me behind?!”

“ It wasn’t hard for me to reach that conclusion!”

“ I don’t know how it couldn’t have been!”

“ It simple, Your MY CONSORT! Not A Warrior!”

“ Xena I was a warrior long before I was your Consort!’

“ I don’t give a damn, what you were before! I only care about what you are
now, and to whom you belong to now, and that’s ME! And You are MY Consort ,
and you better get use to it and fast ! We won’t have this conversation
again, you can believe that.”

Diana hearing the finality in Xena’s voice and seeing the outraged eyes
flashing at her, she thought of ending her argument with Xena, but something
inside of her probably her ego wouldn’t let her.

“ Then your a fool !”

Diana said this while turning and walking away from Xena. Xena stood only a
moment and watched in amazement as Diana strided into the bed Chamber, as if
Xena The Conqueror would let her get away with calling her a fool as well as
turning her back on her.

Xena strided into the bed chamber angrily and with flames burning in her eyes.

“ Consort! How dare you call ME a Fool and then Walk away from me!”

“ Xena it just doesn’t make sense!”

“It doesn’t have to make sense to you!”

“ Yes it does, especially if you expect me to accept it, which I don’t!”

“ No it doesn’t, and I do expect you to except it, or suffer the punishment as
a result of NOT accepting it.”

“Why should I accept such a thing?”


“ It’s that simple to you, because you said so?!”

“ YES! and you know what else Consort.”

“ What!”

“ I am quite offended that you would disrespect me the way you have, and did,
and continue to do with this attitude and sassy back talk . You know how I
feel about being offended.”

Xena’s voice had once again taken on that ominous calmness, it was unnerving
to Diana, she remembered each and every time her voice did that.

“ Xena... I didn’t mean to be disrespectful to you.”

“ Oh what would you call it?!”

Diana stood with her hands on her hips biting her lip, as she looked at Xena
over her brows while every now and then looking at her foot slide back and
forth on the covered floor.

Diana did not say anything for a moment she just looked at Xena standing a few
feet from her with flames dancing in her eyes. She wasn’t sure this time if
she could allay Xena’s anger, and she feared what that would mean for her ,
albeit recent punishment to her behind.

Xena said nothing she just cocked her head at Diana and glared at her,
waiting for her to say or do something. Xena then cast a different look at

Diana saw the change in look, and instantly knew what it meant, Xena expected
her to come to her even though she knew Diana would be hesitate because of the
mood Xena was in. Sure enough Diana did hesitate for a moment , but she knew
if she did not go to her she would be in for an even worst punishment.

So Diana started moving slowly towards the angry Conqueror,who only watched
her prey come to her. Diana came to stand right in front of Xena, and Diana
only raised her eyes when Xena lifted her chin.

“ Why do you do this?”

Xena said in a quiet tone. Tears came to Diana’s eyes.

“ I guess it’s because I’m not use to being so....controlled.”

“ well , Diana, you better get use to it, because that’s the way it is
between us. I told you before you came here That I Would control Everything
about You, and I meant it.”

“ Xena, I don’t see why you won’t let me ride with you?”

“ Because I said so.”

“ Fine!”

Xena’s eyes narrowed at the tone and Diana saw and realized her error.

“I’m Sorry Xena!”

Diana said as fear took over and she tried to free her chin from Xena’s grip.

“ Don’t please ? Please Xena, I’m sorry, really.”

Xena held the struggling young girls chin firmly as she removed her sword and
and tossed it to one of the chairs, she then removed a whip from her weapons
belt. All the while watching Diana struggle and only wearing an incredulous
smirk on her face.

Diana saw what Xena took off of her weapons belt and her blue ,brown eyes
became pupil filled, she renewed her efforts to get free of Xena’s grip, she
brought her hands up to loosen Xena’s grip but instead of freeing her chin.
Xena grabbed both of Diana’s wrist with her one hand. Xena now was pulling
Diana by her chin and wrist, while Diana tried to pull in the opposite
direction of where Xena was trying to get her to.

“ Xena Please, I’m sorry! I won’t do it again.”

Xena continued pulling the struggling young girl with her while watching her
every move.

“ Yes you will.”

Xena said simply while showing her belief that Diana would not be able to
help herself.

“ I’ll try not to do it again , Xena Please. Please don’t whip me?”

“ If I don’t whip you... how will you learn that I mean what I say?”

Xena asked sarcastically, but in all seriousness.

“ Xena I know you mean what you say, I can see that.”

“ Good, but now, “

Xena leaned close to Diana’s ear and she whispered.

“ Now I want you to feel .... that I mean what I say.

Diana shivered inspite of her fear, at the sound and feel of Xena’s breath on
her ear. Xena saw it and she smirk at the many ways she could use Diana’s
condition as a punishment.

Xena arrived at her destination with Diana, in the room and so in doing she
let loose of Diana’s chin and in rapid session she tied and hook Diana’s wrist
with the small whip over a marble pillar running crossways above them. It had
hooks placed in it throughout the pillar, but the hooks were not stationary
type hooks, they allowed Diana to turn 360 degrees. Diana was standing not
quite on her toes but not quite on the ground either, more on the balls of her

“Xena please?”

Tears were now forming to fall.

“ Diana, how can I let what you did...go?”

“ Because you love me?”

Diana said with some humor in her voice despite her predicament.

“ hmm, I do love you, but that only serves to strengthen my point. Because I
do love you, I feel it is my responsibility to correct you when your wrong,
since no one else is allowed to touch you.”

Xena raised her brow at Diana, to emphasis her point.

“ True, but...because you love me you also have the choice to choose what you
want to do about my behavior, right?”

“ Yes.”

Xena said while circling Diana and watching her out of the corner of her eye
and rubbing her chin.

“ Ok , so you can choose not to punish me this time?”

“ True.”

Xena said, then stopped her circling. She walked closer to Diana and leaning
towards her she whispered into her ear once again.

“ But, I CHOOSE to punish you this Time.”

Leaning back she pinched her lips together, and feralled her brows. Her
sapphire blues went smoky and then piercing.

Diana’s breath caught at the sight and the rapid change. She felt like she had
been lured into some false comfortable state thinking that maybe Xena was not
going to punish her after all. But She was wrong, and now Xena was going to
release her wrath out on her for her disrespectful behavior.

Xena turned on her heels and walked over to the Dresser drawers and she opened
one of the drawers and took out a leather strap with diamond shape holes in it
about the size of button holes.

Xena turned about around and headed back towards Diana. She looked at Diana
for a moment and then motioned with her fingers for Diana to turn around so
her back would be to her.

“ Gods... Xena, please don’t do this? I’ll be good.”

“hmm, turn.”

Diana looked at Xena for a moment more with pleading eyes, and taking a deep
breath she turned. She heard Xena move closer to her. Xena reached her hand up
to Diana’s skirt and she undid the clasp. the skirt slid to the floor around
Diana’s feet. Xena saw Diana’s muscle tense at her actions.

“ Xena... Please ? “

Diana now stood nude from the waist down, with her back to Xena.

Xena now stepped back and said,


“ Yes.”

“ you know I love you?”

“ Yes.”

with those words Xena let the leather strap loose upon it’s intended target.





Diana was twisting trying to lift her wrist free of the unusual looking hook,
while at the same time dancing on her toes after each lay of the leather.
Xena’s pace was rapid and solid, Each lay left a diamond shape pattern to
Diana’s behind.



Xena heard Diana’s pleas, but she was not inclined to stop just yet, so after
40 lashes upon Diana’s behind , she asked Diana,

“ Why should I stop Consort?”


“OWW....!” Please I will do anything you want! please?”

Diana’s hair was hanging around her back and neck in ringlets due to the
perspiration that was now covering her body. Xena was just about to land
another lash to Diana’s behind when she heard Diana’s words. Diana had tensed
up waiting for the next fall of the leather. But instead Xena stopped and

“ Consort, If I stop you will give me your word that you will do exactly as I

“ Yes! “

“ Very well then Consort. I will allow you this reprieve, for now. But If you
go against your word, I’ll use a whip on your back and behind. Clear?”

“Yes. “

Diana said turning herself around to look at Xena. Xena walked up to Diana and
reaching up she undid the lock on the hook and lowered Diana’s arms down. She
held the wrist in her hand and she pulled Diana to her and said in a low
warning voice,

“ Don’t make me regret stopping, Diana.”

Diana shook her head as tears rolled down her cheeks, she then saw Xena arch
her brow and she realized Xena wanted an answer.

“ No, I want.”

Diana said after clearing her throat.

“ Good. Do you know what I want you to do?”

Xena said pulling Diana by the wrist to the bed.

“ No.”

Diana said as she sniffed, as tears rolled from her eyes.

“ I only want you to do three things for me, and they will show me how truly
sorry you are for your disrespectful behavior, ok?”

“ fine.”

“ Good. All I want you to do is to be silent for the next week, the only
person who is allowed to hear your voice is Me, and even then you will not
speak unless I say so. the second thing is that You will stay by my side the
whole time, and the third thing is I want you to make it up to me. Do you

“ yes.”

“ Good, do you have any questions?”

“Yes, two.”

Diana said with more assertiveness. Xena raised a brow to the still tearing
young girl.

“ What?”

“Why silence?”

“ HMM. Because it seems that every time you have gotten into trouble with me
it was because of those.”

Xena pointed to Diana’s lips, then sat down on the bed while still holding
Diana’s wrist restraint.

“ So the way I see it is if you can keep silent for one week , for me, then
you will have shown me that I am the most important person in your life, and
that what I say is more important to you than anyone else, including

“ Xena your both equally important to me. “

“ Yes, and I have no problem with that, except for the fact that I am your
lover as well as Lord of this Realm, and I am not willing to share my control
over you to anyone, including Gabrielle. Diana I told you that nothing stops
or goes without my say so and that includes families, in the sense that if I
were to make a Royal visit to any of my subjects personal homes, they would,
irregardless of what they had planned cancel their previous plans and put me
as the center of their world for as long as I am There. Do you understand.”

“ I see what your saying, I don’t agree.”

Xena let go of Diana’s wrist and she leaned back on the bed holding herself
up with her hands, She then looked up at Diana with some irritation, but she
would allow her to voice her opinion.

“ Why?”

“ Because I think that a good Ruler would not want to disrupt others lives ,
because of their narcissism or self-gratifying needs, but rather That
ruler would encourage those around them to proceed with their lives as long as
they respectful in their behavior towards a visiting Royal.”

“ Diana don’t you think that as a Royal Ruler I deserve to be treated with the
utmost respect and courteousness by any whom I would visit, and by doing so I
should be the center of their attention, at least for the time I choose to
visit. Aren’t I worth even that, despite what people think of me?”

Xena was taking Diana’s words to heart and it hurt to think Diana thought her
to be such a person. Diana saw the change in Xena’s eyes and she knew
instantly that Xena was taking her words personally.

“ Xena, of course you are.You are worth more than you realize.”

“ But obviously not enough for others to take even a few days to pay proper
respect, if not for me, at least for my position.”

“ Your wrong, I do believe things should stop, at least for a while when you
visit. But would you want children to stop playing for the days you were to
visit, when it is through play that they learn social interaction. But beyond
that Xena. I do believe you have the right to expect proper and respectful
behavior from your subjects.”

Diana went to sit, but thought better of it, she instead went to stand
between Xena’s legs and she said as she leaned forward touching Xena’s cheek
with her hand.

“Xena even if no one on this planet ever paid you the respect you deserve, I
promise from now on there will be at least one who will. You are worth more to
me than any treasure on this planet, and I am so sorry about my behavior
today. I do have a temper and I have to learn to control it. But while I’m
learning, I will try to hold my tongue in front of others, unless I feel you
are going into a dangerous situation that I believe you don’t see. But other
than that I will try to keep our disagreements private. I guess there is a
side of me that still has a problem with any type of authority, whether
personal or professional, It’s the competitive side of me I guess. Xena I’m
sorry, forgive me, please?”

Xena watched the tears fall and change to diamonds as Diana spoke from her
heart. She leaned forward and without a word she pulled Diana down on top of
her and then rolling she pinned Diana under her.

“ You always seem to know the right thing to say, I don’t know how but I am so
lucky to have such a tender hearted young woman in my life,one that truly does
care about me and only wants the best for me. Thank you for coming to me, you
fill me with so much, you challenge me and your not afraid to tell me the
truth despite how angry I may get, but even in your truth you have a way of
protecting my heart, to assure that I do not take what you say and twist it
into something hurtful to myself but instead allow it to grow in the spirit in
which it was given. I love you so very much Diana , My Little Consort, and
although I plan on continuing to punish you for any behavior that I think
warrants punishment , I will however allow you more say-so in our

Xena said without any further conversation. Diana immediately rose up to place
her lips against Xena’s. They kissed passionately for a long period of time.
Then when Xena finally broke the kiss, Diana said with some urgency in her


“ Yes.”

“Do you mind if I get on top, my behind is really burning...bad?”

Xena chuckled, and without warning she rolled her and Diana over so that Diana
was once again on top. Xena and Diana made love for about an hour, which was
not really even close to being enough time but Xena had to get back to her
meeting with Her advisors and the Dignitaries.

“Come on .”

“ Where ?”

“ Back to the Counsel chamber, I have to finish with this meeting.”

“ Oh, ok.”

They got out of the bed and went through the cleaning apparatus and after
Diana came out the other side she remember her questions she was going to ask
Xena, so while she was redressing she said,


“ Yes.”

“I have a few more questions to ask you.”

“What ?”

Xena finished dressing and went to sit in one of the chairs to listen to

“ first, did you give Gabrielle the idea to become an Amazon?



“Because, I thought she could learn a lot from them.”

“ But Xena... she is so young, there are so many things she doesn’t realize
when it comes to things like that, I’m a little surprised that you would tell
her to do something without thinking about it first.”

Diana said with some disappointment in her voice.

“ Diana, I did not tell her to do anything without thinking about it, as a
matter f act I told Gabrielle she was not allowed to join them until she
researched what The Nation of the Amazons were about and even after she did
that she was to visit and see first hand what and how they lived, and then
present herself to me and present a case as to why I should allow her to
become an Amazon. I told her that if she was not able to convince me then she
would not be allowed to join The Amazon nation. I also told her that if she
were able to convince then she would then have to convince you her sister as
to why she should be allowed.”

“ And if I said no?”

“ Then I would speak on her behalf to you about it and answer any and all
questions you may have after she presented her argument.”

“ And even after that, what if I still didn’t agree?”

“ then I would think you were being stubborn, as well as afraid.”

“ Afraid? Of what?”

“ of losing your sister to others, your family.”

“ Don’t you think I would have legitimate reason to feel that way?”

“ No.”

“ Xena, how can you possibly say that?”

“ Because Diana you would not be losing your family, where do you think
Gabrielle will be living even after she became an Amazon?”

“ I assumed she would go to live with them.”

“ No, she would live here until she reached the age to decide where she chose
to live, and even then, she would still have to get my permission.”

“ Diana everything that Gabrielle would need t become a true Amazon is here. I
have Amazon soldiers as well as scribes who know everything about the Amazon
nation some of which are Amazons themselves. I also have priestess’s who are
Amazon. Diana there would be no reason Gabrielle would have to leave here to
learn the Traditions and ways of the Amazons, none.”

“ I see.”

“ Do you really?”

Diana looked at Xena thoughtfully.

“ Yes.”

“ Good....Next.”

“ Next what?”

“ next Question, you said you had a few.”

“ Oh yes. Well the next Question we can discuss on our way to your meeting.”

Xena raised a brow, but stood and headed for the door. Diana strided to catch
up and once in stride with Xena only a half step behind due to Xena’s

longer legs and stride. Diana asked,

“ So.... Xena, how am I suppose to makeup for my behavior earlier?”

“ I’ll let you figure out how to do that, I think your very..... creative, to
say the least.”

Xena cut her eyes to Diana at the finish of her statement, in time to see
Diana blush. Xena smirked at the sight. but continued walking towards the
Counsel room. Diana then said,

“ Ok, ok, I’ll think of something. Anyway for my last question.”

Diana paused for a moment to long and Xena stopped and said ,


“ Well, I was wondering when and if you well still going to make me go silent
for a week?”

“ Yes.”

“ when?”

Xena kept her answer vague.

“When I decide.”

“ What if I’m in the middle of a conversation with someone?”

“ Then the conversation ends then.”

“ But what if it’s a really important conversation?”

“ More important than obeying Me?”

Xena asked with some doubt nipping at the back of her mind.

“ No.”

Diana answered while chewing her bottom lip.

“Good. “

Xena said with a smile. Diana relaxed at seeing the smile.

“ Ok, silence for a week when you say so, right?”

“ right.”

Xena turned and continued on to the Counsel room. Arriving at the door, the
Sentry was about to open it when Xena held her hand up for the Sentry to wait.

“ You have anymore questions, Consort?”

“ yes, just one.”

“ what?”

“ How long is this week thing, five days, right?”

“ You wish.”

Xena said with a skeptical smile.

“ what?”

Diana asked feigning innocents.

“ Seven days.”

Xena said simply.

“ But My Lord Xena, five days is a week is it not?”

“ yes, in some places. “

“Ok then five days of silences.”

Diana said hoping Xena would buy it.

“ I said in some places, it’s five days, but here it is seven....”

Xena held her hand up to stop Diana from saying anything further, and then she
finished and said,

“One more word about the time factor and I will make it two weeks, fourteen
days, clear?”

Diana nodded her head to indicate her understanding. Xena arched her brow at
her waiting for a verbal answer from Diana.

“ Oh, yes crystal clear My Lord Xena. “

“ Good girl.”

“ Hm, right.”

Diana said under her breath, but of course Xena heard it and said,

“ what was that Consort?”

“ Nothing, I was just thinking when you were going to make me do this?”

“ I told you.”

Xena said while motioning to the Sentry to open the door.

“ When I say so.”

with that she walked into the Counsel door and Diana stood for a moment more
and then following and said,

“ Ok, but can you tell me if there is any particular reason why you would
enact it?”

“ Yes, it will be because of these.”

Xena said as she lifted Diana’s chin to bring her lips closer to her’s for a
passioned filled kiss. Xena swiped her tongue over Diana’s teeth and Diana
opened to her Diana moaned into Xena’s mouth and was becoming lightheaded from
the intensity.

Xena then broke the kiss and Diana swayed for a moment then steadied herself.
Xena saw that Diana was ready again, but she decided she would handle
it....later. but before she went into the Counsel Chamber itself she wanted to
make should Diana stayed off balance for awhile, thus making her more
receptive to what she had planned for Diana her Consort.

Xena ran her hands down Diana’s blouse and over her firm nipples, there she
took them into her fingers through the sheer material of Diana’s clothing and
without taking her eyes off of Diana’s coloring eyes she pinched them with
such force Diana’s breath caught and her eye’s went sapphire. Diana’s breath
was rapidly increasing every moment that Xena held her nipples like that.


Diana said with anxiety.

“ Yes?”

Xena said innocently.

“ Do you mind?”

Diana looking down at her overstimulated breast.

“Oh, sorry, I just love the feel of those tightening at my touch.”

Xena said baring her teeth, and showing a wick gleam in her sapphires at what
she had just did to Diana.

“I don’t think you are sorry, I think you did this on purpose?”

Diana said accusatory. Xena only smirked and abruptly let go of Diana’s
nipples and turned on her heels and headed into the Counsel Chamber without
looking back at the struggling Diana, who was trying to get her breathing back
under some type of control before she went in to face all of the faces who had
been there when Xena practically dragged her out earlier.

After a few moments, Diana walked into the Counsel Chamber. All of the people
there turned to watch her move towards Xena with her head up, albeit flushed
from Xena’s actions only a moment before. they all thought it was from her
embarrassment at what they assumed Xena did to her after she was taken from
the Chamber earlier.

Timson smiled at the thought of this young girl feeling humiliated in front of
all of them. Diana saw the smile and knitting her brows together at the smile
she turned her attention back to Xena who had been watching her interaction
with Timson and looking over her brow she raised it at Diana who took the clue
and continued to stride towards Xena, and then come to stand by her side while
Xena stood bent looking over a scroll with a drawing of a map.

end of part 21
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