By D.virtue

After Diana arrived at Xena’s side the counsel turned their attention back to
The Conqueror. Timson then decided to take up exactly where they had left off
before Xena took Diana from the room, hoping to cause another outburst by the

“ My Lord?”

“ Yes Timson?”

“ Before we were rudely interrupted by your Consort , we wanted to know what
your decision was regarding whether or not Your Consort would be riding by
your side during the engagement if you decided to lead your army.”

Diana stiffened at the statement, and was about to say something when Xena
stood up to her full height. Diana saw Xena’s lips were pitched together and
she also saw Xena was watching her out of the corner of her eyes. Diana knew
what Xena was thinking and so she immediately took a calming breath and tamped
down her anger at Timson out of respect for Xena and where they were, but
mostly because of their earlier conversation. Xena saw Diana’s action and
relaxing herself she answered Timson the same way she had done earlier.

“ Should I decide to lead my army, My Consort will NOT be riding at my side.
She is a Consort and not a warrior any longer. And the sooner all of you
realize that the better it will be for you. For I will not repeat myself on
this type of subject again. Do all of you understand me?!”

Xena’s eyes narrowed and she scanned the room for everyone’s response.
Finally, her eyes arrived at Diana who was once again was chewing at her lower
lip because she really did not agree with Xena’s decision for her to stay
behind when she felt she could be of greater use to Xena out in the field with
her, but Diana looked into Xena’s eyes and she saw The Conqueror declaring
her Sovereignty.

Diana could not argue with that, so she nodded her head but Xena’s eyes
narrowed more at her and Diana again realized she was to answer Xena when she
asked her a question.

“ Yes, My Lord Xena, I will abide by your will.”

“ Good.”

Xena looked at Diana for a moment more to see if she had something to say
about her decision. Seeing Diana accepted her decision, for now , she turned
her attention back to the others.

“Now that that’s taking care of let’s get on with setting up some type of plan
as to how to take care of Honess and then not only acquire the one Kingdom,
but also take his Kingdom from him as well.”

The Counsel gasped at the added plan, and Xena went on and said,

“I decided that anyone who would challenge and betray me like Honess has does
not deserve to have their own Kingdom, and therefore I will acquire it and
have it under my Realm.”

“My Lord? that would mean that you would have to send out thousands more
soldiers to take that Kingdom while fighting Honess’s army over the other.”

“How do you figure that Shallo? I don’t see having to do that at all, in fact
I see that once we take care of Honess’s army at the other Kingdom that will
wipe out all but a few 100 or so of Honess’s army and therefore there would
not be any battle to fight without an army. Because if I know Honess will will
have most if not all of his army with him, because of the threat that my army
as well as those of my supporters would present once I found out his plan.”

“ Oh I see your planning to kill all of his soldiers and then walk right into
his kingdom and declare it as belonging to The Conqueror!”

Xena let a smirk come to her lips, while blood lust started playing in her
All of the gathered saw it and applauded her cunning. All that is except Diana
who stood stunned at not only Xena’s look but the very thought that she would
kill all of those soldiers just to take some land. Diana could not hold her
tongue, but she made sure to be respectful of her words and also to show
respect for who she was talking to.

“ My Lord Xena?”

Diana said respectfully. Xena cut her eyes to Diana to look at her. Diana saw
the blood lust playing in them and she swallowed hard at what that would mean
if she offended Xena at this moment.

“ What is it Consort?”

Diana noticed the sharpness to the tone, and she assumed it was because Xena
thought Diana was going to make a big scene. So Diana steadied her nerves and
spoke to The Conqueror in a business like matter as if she were talking to her
board of Directors of her companies.

“My Lord Xena, is it prudent to kill all of the opposing army because of an
order given to them by their Leader?”

“ Of course it is, That’s what war is, the total destruction of all enemies!”

Timson interjected. Xena looked between him and Diana and saw there was no
love lost between them. But she did not see Diana’s point and therefore she
took Timson’s view.

“ Consort, Advisor Timson is correct. War is about Destroying your enemy
first before they can destroy you.”

“ My Lord Xena, I understand the fundamentals of your argument, but I don’t
understand why you would need to use that tactic in this situation, when there
are more....Creative ways to handle this whole situation.”

Xena’s brow arched and a smile played at the corner of her mouth but she bit
the inside of her cheek to keep from losing her stoic composure. Timson once
again angry at Diana for interfering in something that he felt was not a
Consort’s business.

“ My Lord? While I’m sure Your Consort would like to have input into a war
meeting, I must inquire as to whether or not you have changed your stance on
the issue of her being Your Consort , and therefore making her a warrior
instead. I ask this because I’m sure the others here are quite confused by
Your Consorts constant interruption in a Counsel meeting when not being a
warrior serves no purpose but to cloud her position within this meeting of
Your War advisors and the Dignitaries who have come to talk of warring type
issues, and not have to compete with a Consort.”

Xena listened to Timson and with some regret she had to agree with him.

“ Is that how all of you feel?”

Xena asked the rest of the counsel.

“ Yes, Lord Xena. It is.”

one of the supporting Kings said.

Xena scanned the room with her eyes and found all of them in agreement.
She then turned to Diana and begun to say what Diana knew she did not want to

“ Consort....”

Xena begun, but was stopped by Diana’s words.

“ No, My Lord Xena, It’s ok, I shall go over here busy myself with other
things and I shall not say another word, in fact I will impose upon myself
your command of earlier. Your advisor is correct, I am not a warrior any
longer and therefore I have NO beneficial ideas to offer, My Lord, other than
those as My Lord’s Consort.”

With that said and an evil eye at Timson, Diana turned to walk towards one of
the tables full of scrolls she figured she would reroll all of them and store
them neatly where they belonged. But The Conqueror caught Diana by her
shoulder and turning her around to face her she lifted up her chin to meet her
eyes she then said,

“ Consort, Advisor Timson is correct in his summation, but not for the
reasons that you think. I have no doubts at all as to how ....creative your
ideas are, and I’m sure you were only trying to help. But I need for you to
hold your place as my Consort for now. You understand?”

Xena asked with some vexation, while looking deep into Diana’s hurting eyes.

“ Yes, I understand.”

Diana said with a small smile for Xena. Xena smiled back and then just as she
was about to let Diana’s chin go she pulled her closer to her and whispered to
her in her ear,

“ By the way, only I can enact my orders, not you, therefore you will continue
as before until I say otherwise, and not before. Clear Consort?”

Xena leaned back to look into Diana’s eyes to show her how serious she was
about this.

“ Crystal.”

Diana said without preamble.

Xena again smiled and said...

“ Go.”

motioning for Diana to go and do what she had planned on doing. Diana looked
at Xena for a moment, then she turned and walked towards the other table with
all of the scrolls scattered out on it. Once there she begun to clean.

Xena went back to the other table and begun her conversation about her plans
once again. Diana thought about what Timson had said and about the fact that
she would not be allowed to ride with Xena, no matter how many times Xena said
she would not be allowed to ride, the more determined Diana became to do just

Diana could not figure why Timson wanted her out of the way. Something kept
nagging at Diana. Why would he want Xena and her to be separated. Something
didn’t seem right and Diana was determined to make sure that whatever was
going on in Timson mind would not hurt Xena or herself. Diana thought of all
of the things Timson had done since her and Xena’s first meeting. The
Convincing Xena to send troops out to find her to punish her for her Crimes
against The Realm.

The challenge by Pentar and now this. Diana was convinced Timson was up to
something, but for now she could not figure out what it was, she decided she
would keep an eye on him from now on.

In the meantime, while Diana was so deep in thought she did not hear Xena call
for her, so when she heard The Conquerors voice settle into a low growl she
turned to see what caused Xena’s voice to sound so threatening. When she met
Xena’s eyes she saw them flaming at....H.E.R.!

Diana stood stunned for a moment trying to figure out why Xena was upset with
her, because as far as Diana knew all she had done was clean up. Diana stood
for a moment to long for The Conqueror’s short patience, before she was told
in no uncertain terms,

“ Get your behind over here now CONSORT!”

Diana’s mouth started to fall open but she consciously clamped it shut and
strided over to where Xena was sitting on the edge of the table glaring at
her. While the others in the room were whispering amongst themselves.

“ My Lord Xena? What is it?”

“ You !”

“ Me ?! What did I do? I was just keeping my mouth shut and cleaning up.”

“ Oh yeah, is that the excuse your using to explain why you were ignoring ME?”

Xena said with sarcasm.

“ What?! What are you talking about? My Lord Xena I was not ignoring you, I
was just cleaning.”

“ Really? Then why didn’t you come when I called you?”

“ When did you call me?”

“ A few minutes ago.”

“ My Lord Xena I did not hear you call me.”

“ How could you not Hear The Conqueror?! She called you 4 times before you
even looked back to acknowledge Our Lord was even speaking to you.”

Timson inserted into the conversation.

“ Why don’t you shut the f_ _ _ up you bastard, no one was talking to you?!”

Diana said in anger and irritation at The Advisors intrusion into yet another
conversation between her and Xena.

“ Well Consort I was talking to you!”

“ Oh, but I can fix that real quick you little insidious little worm! In fact
I can make sure you never speak to me again!”

Diana said with rage building in her and Xena saw where it was leading and she
finally said;

“ I’m not afraid of you little girl!”

“ Then Your a fool on top of everything else!”

“Enough! Advisor Timson I will handle MY Consort.”

“ So there you pig!”

Xena then turned her full attention back to Diana and with flashing eyes she

“ Consort! You will be silent until I tell you differently.”

“ But My Lord Xena?”

“ SILENCE! NOW! do I make myself clear Consort?!”

“ YES!”

Diana said trying to control her anger and frustration of now being ordered to
silence, because of Timson. Diana lowered her eyes and begun to cross her arms
to slide into a pouting mode....But Xena was not in the mood to have Diana
pouting the rest of the meeting, so she said...

“ No! “
and grabbing Diana by her arms she pulled her to her. Once within the grasp
of Xena’s strong hands and arms Diana looked her in the eyes and Xena leaned
forward and said,

“You promised you wouldn’t behave like this.”

Diana saw the disappointment in Xena’s eyes and she brought her hands up to
Xena’s face and she Leaned forward and she kissed her tenderly on the lips.
Then leaning back just a little bit in order to look into Xena’s eyes again
she then said,

“ I didn’t break my promise to you. I honestly did not hear you.”

Diana said with pleading eyes for Xena to understand and believe her.
Xena saw the sincerity in Diana’s eyes as well as in her voice, and with a
smirk playing around her mouth she said,

“I believe you Consort.”

Diana smiled and then Xena. The rest of the people in the chamber had begun
talking to one another while Xena was talking to her Consort. Diana then

“ What did you want anyway?”

“ This.”

Xena replied, and proceeded to kiss Diana passionately. Diana already still
being turned on from Xena’s earlier actions of the day prior to arriving at
the Counsel Chamber , was now feeling the pull of need once again. Xena
started trailing kisses down Diana’s neck, nipping and sucking the tender
flesh into her mouth. Marking the areas she visited. Timson’s voice then
interrupted the two.

“My Lord ?”

“ Hm?”

was The Conqueror’s reply, as she continued to tease and seduce her Consort.

We think your plan to take both Kingdoms is excellent. By engaging Honess’s
troops at the first kingdom, he leaves his own Kingdom vulnerable to attack.
We were wondering who would lead that attack?”

“ I haven’t decided who yet, but I have some ideas as to whom I might let lead
that attack. But I don’t anticipate that there will be a need for a lot of
troops deployed to Honess’s Kingdom, since there will only be a skeleton army
left there to Guard the palace most likely. Probably a few hundred, if that.”

“ Fine idea My Lord.”

“ Of course it is.”

Xena said in irritation that anyone would think it was not.

“ Start preparing My Army for battle, we will meet back here in three days
to iron out any further plans.”

Xena turned her head to look at each of the Dignitaries and then she said,

“ My advisors will inform you of the exact time when we will meet.”

With those words The advisors all asked for leave of The Conqueror as did the

Once they had all gone Xena turned her attention back to her Consort to who
she had started unfastening her top before any of the people had even started
to move. Once Diana’s top was removed Xena Seized upon one of the nipples with

“ AH!!!”

Diana gasped as Xena brought her around and laid her on her back on the table
with her legs dangling from the knees.

“ MMMMMmmmm.....”

Xena was sucking and then biting on the peak so hard that Diana was sure she
was going to take it off. The sensation was incredible Diana thought. She was
so ready for Xena she was not should if she could wait. Xena was feasting on
Diana’s nipple as if she had been waiting a month to have Diana. Diana felt
like she was in for a night seeing how Xena was caressing and kneading and
moaning. It was like she needed to have Diana at that moment otherwise she
would burn completely away from the inferno that was blazing inside of her.

Xena moaned as she felt the firm nipple tighten further while in her mouth.
She squeezed the breast while she sucked on the nipple and was pulling at the
taut peak. Xena wanted something to drink due to her overheating body so....
without warning she clamped her teeth on the tender but firm nipple and Diana
yelped at the pain and was actually trying to get herself free of Xena and the
table before her breast started to produce.

Diana had a feeling that she did not want to be on the table when it
happened because of Xena’s intense ministration. Diana thought that Xena was
in hunger of her and if she allowed herself to be taken on the table she might
end up hurt due to the vigorous caressing Xena was doing. So Diana said,

“ Xena? “

While wincing at the force of which Xena was biting and sucking,Diana knew
her breast was about to start and there would be nothing she could do if and
when it did. Xena was so involved in what she was doing that she did not even
response to Diana, until...

Diana feeling that surge of stimulation washing over her she knew she had to
get Xena off of her now. So without warning and with some hesitation at the
following actions that would follow she pushed Xena off of her with her torso
and arms. Diana felt it took all of her effort to lift Xena off of her but
once she Had, all hell broke loose.

“ What in the hell are you doing?!”

Xena shouted at Diana as Diana rolled off the table to come and stand on the
other side opposite The Conqueror.

“ I...I thought we should take this to our Chambers?”

Although Xena’s eyes were filled with a wicked looking hunger they also showed
rage. Diana was confused by both looks she had never seen either so intense,
even when her and Xena fought that first day.

“ Xena , are you ok?”

Xena was now stalking Diana, glaring at her and assessing her with every step
she took towards her slowly retreating Consort.

“ Come here, Consort.”

Xena said motioning with her finger as she continued towards Diana.

“ Xena what’s going on? You seem so.... intense.”

was the only word Diana could think of to describe the strangeness in Xena’s
behavior. What Diana did not know was that Xena was so tight from what she
had done to Diana earlier and the fact that she had been thinking about Diana
under her all throughout the meeting and how she needed to taste her sweet
Consort and consume her, that when she initially called her to her and Diana
did not answer that’s when she thought Diana was ignoring her and she begun to
let her anger and her need merge and now that they had been merged she was in
desperate need of Diana.

“ Diana, I’m warning you if you go through that door you will be sorry.”

Diana thought about Xena’s words as she slowly matched Xena’s steps. Coming to
the doorway of the inner Counsel Chamber and the waiting area of the outer
Diana Stopped for a moment when Xena stopped.

“ Diana, I’m not going to hurt you....much. I just need you sooo...badly. If
you come to me now it won’t be so painful. But if you make me wait....well, I
can’t guarantee it won’t be very painful.”

Xena said with a Feraling of her brows and a baring of her teeth. Diana was
trembling at the site of Xena and also at the fact that her body was so tight.

“Xena? I haven’t seen you like this before and to be honest it scares me

“ Good!”

Xena said as she darted towards Diana. Diana seeing the action Darted out the
door . and it was a race. Diana running to reach their quarters once again as
she had done once before, only this time the reaching of it was extremely
important for her so that she would not be taken in one of the corridors, thus
screaming and moaning from the pain and passion that would be placed upon her.

Diana was really scared of the pain part especially if what she felt earlier
was any indication.

Diana flew up the stairs with Xena hot on her heels taunting her.

“ Consort stop!.”

“ I will Xena....when I reach our quarters.”

“ Stop now !”

Diana didn't’t answer.

Just as Diana was reaching the top of the stairs she heard Xena’s war cry.


The sound caught Diana off guard and she stop only a moment when a flashback
shot through her mind, of her’s and Xena’s first meeting. The brief reverie
was a moment to long Xena had used her war cry to surprise Diana long enough
for her to flip over her and come and land in front of her.

Diana stood looking stunned and fearful at the piercing sapphire eyes boring
into her with a driven inflexible hunger.

“ Now Consort, where were we?”

Xena purred. Diana started to turn and dart back down the stairs but Xena
caught her by her hair just as she took the first move to head down.

“ Ouch! That hurts.”

“ Your point Consort?”

Xena said as she pulled Diana back up the stairs towards her. Once there she
held Diana’s head back by her hair so that Diana was looking up at her even
more so.

“ My point Xena, is that your hurting my head holding my hair like this.”

“ Hm, to bad. You didn’t obey me.”

“ Xena I told you I would stop when I got to our quarters didn’t I ?”

“Yes, you did, didn’t you? But the problem with that is I am the boss and what
I say goes and you didn’t obey me. So what am I going to do about that?”

“ forget about it?”

Diana said hoping to add a little levity to the conversation.

“ Ha!

Xena said in mock.

“ I don’t think so.”

With that Xena turned Diana away from the stairs and took her and herself down
to the floor where Xena proceeded to finish undressing Diana. While Diana
struggled to get free and make it to their room. She had almost broke free of
Xena’s grip until she put the vice grip on Diana’s wrist with her one hand.

“ Xena Please?!”

Diana pleaded as Xena unfastened the clasp to her skirt. Diana tried to push
her bottom firmly against the floor to prevent Xena from being able to take
the skirt off of her hips. But of course Xena being Xena she was prepared. She
let go of Diana’s skirt she took some straps leather out of a pouch on her
weapons belt and she proceeded to tie Diana’s wrist together.

“ What are you doing?”

Diana asked with concern.

“ You’ll see my sweet Consort”

Xena answered licking her lips

“get up.”

“ No, I think I will stay down here for now.”

Diana said out of wariness as to what Xena had planned for her, especially
being nude on the top and if she stood her skirt would fall, thus leaving her
completely naked.

Xena looked down at Diana and with a smirk she said,

“Suit your self.”

And she proceeded to pull Diana where she wanted her. Diana in the meantime
seeing the look decided to get up....but it was to late Xena had already
started pulling Diana by her restrained wrist, thus causing Diana to have to
try and right herself so that she was not walking bent backwards low to the
floor. Just as she had righted herself and was now bent walking forward Xena
had reached her Destination.

Xena had pulled Diana to one of the railing at the top of the staircase and
she was now tying Diana to it by her wrist.

“Xena what are you doing?”

Diana asked out of embarrassment at the thought of what Xena had planned for

“ I’ m Hungry.”

Was Xena’s only response as she watched Diana’s eyes turn completely blue. not
a trace of brown to be found in them. Diana laid trembling before the carnal
eyes that was enjoying Diana’s reactions and was feeding off of them.

Diana’s breath was now rapidly speeding up, and her heart felt as if it were
going to beat straight through her chest.

“ Xena?”

Diana choked out. Xena didn’t say a word only watched and positioned herself
as well as Diana, as she continued her eyes narrowed the closer she got to
finishing with the positioning of her and Diana. Diana was now trembling
continuously. Xena smirked and finally after finishing she leaned over Diana
and went to whisper in her ear.

“ You shouldn’t have went through the door Consort, now I’m going to make you
beg me for not only release but then I’m going to make you beg me for mercy
from all of the ecstasies I going to pull out of you. “


Diana said through a tight throat.

“ Please not here?”

“ Oh but little one, that would be breaking the rules of the game.”

“ What game?”

“ The game where wherever I catch you that’s where I take you.”

Xena’s brow arched in questioning of whether Diana remembered the earlier

“ Oh God!”

Was Diana’s stunned response. Xena looked Down Diana’s nude body from above
Diana, and watched the goose bumps and blush trail her line of sight upon
Diana’s body.

“ OOooo....Isn’t that nice, you now develop goose bumps just from my gazing of

Xena then without warning snatched Diana by the hair and brought her up to
meet her lips. Once there Xena kissed Diana so fiercely that Diana tasted her
own blood in her mouth. Xena then forced her tongue into Diana’s partially
opened teeth and into her mouth there she feasted with abandon, while Diana
felt like she was just an entree to be consumed.

Xena finally after what seemed like forever broke their passionate kiss and
she blazed a trail down to Diana’s breast. But once there she did not seize
upon the taut nipple but instead deliberately teased around it.


“yes Consort?”

Xena asked casually, as if what she was doing was no big deal if the sentries
watched or if any of the servants happened by. Xena was sucking the soft
breast into her mouth as her hands found other things to do to help overheat
Diana, who was lying flat on her back with Xena straddling her thighs so as to
hold them down.

Xena ran her hands over Diana’s body before settling on of them on her right
nipple. Once she had it between her fingers she brought her head up to look
Diana in the eyes. Diana had her eyes closed enjoying the sensations at the
same time worrying about being seen in the mist of passion.

“ Consort? open your eyes and look at me.”

Diana smirked, and thought to herself ,

“ I can’t give in to her, no matter what. I know she has a reason for wanting
me to look at her. No, not this time. So far you’ve won this one every time.
Not this time Xena love.”

“No, I don’t think I will, I like them closed.”

Xena leaned back on her heels and she decided then and there to ravish Diana

“ Ok, Consort.”

Xena purred as she leaned back over Diana.

“ Let’s see how determined you are to keep them closed, but I warn you. All’s
fair in love and war, and this My little Consort is a war of Wills. My will
verse your will.”

Xena felt the tremble as it ran along Diana’s body. With no further words Xena
set her plan into action. Goal being to make Diana open her eyes and look at
her, thus obeying her Lord.

Xena ran her nails over both of Diana’s breast and then over the nipples.
Diana was now trying to not moan at the sensation and Xena of coursed picked
it up.

“ So My little Consort wants to rob me of her songs of pleasure, I don’t think

Xena thought to herself. She put Diana’s nipples between her thumbs and
forefingers once again, but this time she did not roll them between but....
pinched the taut nipples between them.

“ A.H.H!! Xena?!”

Diana shrieked. Xena just looked at Diana and said

“ Yes?”

“ Gods Xena let go!”

“ I will when you give me what I want.”

Xena answered in a warning tone.

“ No! I won’t do it.”

Diana said stubbornly. Xena Smirked and then said,

“ we’ll see.”

with that she leaned over Diana and proceeded to make her way down Diana’s
torso, she placed one of her strong thighs between Diana’s and pushed it apart
Despite Diana trying to close her legs. Once Xena had them apart she said,

“Don’t close them Diana, you understand.?”

Diana hearing something slightly different in the tone asked,

“ what if I do?”

“ If you do, then I’ll have to tie you down spread eagle.”

Xena said with a wick smile on her face.

“ You wouldn’t?”

Diana challenged

“ Try me?”

Xena returned the challenge.

Diana knitted her brows together with her eyes still closed. She thought about
everything that was happening to her right now and then realized that Xena
would probably do just that, the way she was feeling right now.

“ Ok, maybe you would.”

Diana said conceding to The Conqueror.

“ Of course I would!”

Xena confirmed.

Then Xena, once again pinched Diana taut nipples.

Goodness!!! Will you stop doing that?!”

“ hm, NO!”

again Xena pinched them.


“ Give me what I demand.”

“ No.”

Xena then narrowed her eyes at the closed eyes of Diana and she returned to
where she had left off before she repositioned herself. Xena now was sending
fire and ice racing up and down Diana’s spine as she sucked and nipped at
Diana’s torso all the while pinching and pulling the tight peaks in ways that
had Diana fighting to keep from voicing her pleasures. to The torturing

Xena made her way to Diana’s soft curls and once there she blew upon them.
Diana’s hips raised off the floor and in so doing her knee caught Xena
between her steaming jewel.

“ AH...!

Xena gasped!

“ Uhhmm?”

Xena then pinched Diana’s nipples again, and once again Diana held back her
screams. Xena then let her tongue run through the saturated curls, as she
touched Diana with it. Diana was now fighting against odds that it did not
seem like she could win at.

“ mmhmmph!”

Diana moaned trying to not make any sounds, while consciously tightening her
thigh muscles so as not to move her hips....too much. Xena smiled at Diana’s
valiant attempts at controlling her passions songs.

“ Open your eyes Consort.”


“ very well.”

Xena then ran her tongue up and down Diana’s inner lips and then finally she
slid her tongue into Diana. Diana bit on her lower lip trying not to scream
as Xena begun her attack with vigor.

Xena’s tongue was flexing and pushing into Diana until....She came to Diana’s
protective barrier. Once there she spoke to Diana with her mind.

“ Do you give?”

Diana could not speak only shake her head from side to side. Xena did not
accept the head shaking so she spoke to Diana again.

“ Do you give Consort?”

“ N.O!”

was the struggled response.

Xena then thrusted her tongue through the fragile shield.

“ Gods! “

Diana screamed, Xena smiled and then her tongue took wings and before Diana
knew what was happening her hips were moving to the rhythm Xena’s tongue had
set Diana was nearing her peak and Xena felt the tightening on her tongue, She
then stopped! She then pulled her tongue out to the very opening and stayed
there with the tip just touching.

Diana’s breathing was coming in gasps and had caught with Xena’s sudden
stopping. Diana was struggling to either make better contact with the now
elusive instrument or get loose and attack Xena and try and take what she
needed... yea right that’ll be the day . Diana thought with what little
cognitive thought she had left.

“ Xe..n?!”

“ Yes, Consort .”

Xena replied tightly, due to the adrenalin running wild within herself.


“ Why what Consort?”

Xena asked casually. Diana was near frenzy state and thus tears were forming
to fall from sheer need.

“ Why.....Stop?!”

Diana choked out. Xena flicked her tongue at the sensitized opening and Diana
almost came completely off the floor.

“ Why stop That? or this?”

Xena pushed her tongue back deep into Diana and then pulled it out just as

“AHhh....! Gods! “

“Give me what I want Consort.”

“ Fine! “

Diana’s eyes flew open! Xena crawled up Diana’s body slowly nipping at her
skin as she went. She finally arrived at Diana’s face and there she saw
Diana’s eyes mirroring her own in color and intensity. She squeezed Diana’s
nipples between her fingers and thumb with even more force than before.

Diana’ pupils dilated further while at the same time inhaling sharply at the
mixture of pain and pleasure the fingers and Xena’s eyes were eliciting in
her. Diana skin already had a flushed hue to it. But with the intense
scrutiny of Xena’s eyes she flushed further and thus her nipples hardened
within Xena”s
Grasp. Xena after long moments finally spoke and said,

“ Give me what I want Consort.”

Xena now smirking at the knitting of Diana’s brows.

“ Gods Xena I did! “

“ No, you only gave me one of the things I wanted. Now I’m telling you to give
me the other.”

Tears were brimming to fall out of Diana’s overwhelming frustration, and Xena
just shook her head and said,

“ They won’t work this time, give me what I demand or I let you

“ What is it ?!”

Diana asked so that she could in turn give it. But Xena was not ready to let
Diana’s disobedients go unpunished so she decided to make Diana figure what it

“ Oh no, sweet.... sweet.... Consort, I can’t tell you, you have to figure it
out for yourself, but once you do, I’ll give you the release you crave.”

Diana’s eyes went wide with fear that Xena was about to leave her in such an
aroused state.

“ Xena please tell me what it is and I’ll give it to you....and more,

“ Your actually close Consort.”

Xena said as she let one of Diana’s nipples go and slid her hand down between
her and Diana, and into Diana’s sensitive nature, where she let her fingers
delve in and out of Diana quite a few times, while allowing Diana to move her
hips to the renewed rhythm. But once again Xena felt Diana could crash over
the edge so she stopped and pulled her fingers out.


Diana screamed as the tears that had originally form now fell. Xena only
smirked and squeezed the nipple that she was still holding onto.

“ Well? Consort have you figured out what you are to do?”

Diana sniffed a couple of times and through a tight throat she said,


“ Ok then.”

Diana watched in a state of shock as Xena lifted off of her and untied her
from the railing and then untied her wrist. She then watched Xena pick up her
clothing and returning with it she told her,

“ Get dressed Consort .”

“But Xena?”

Diana’s eyes were pleading, looking up at the towering woman. Xena looked
down at Diana and with a slight smirk on her face she said,

“ Don’t worry little one, you’ll be doing what I demanded long before you even
realize your doing it.”

Diana caught Xena’s leg just as she was turning to walk away towards their
quarters, most likely Diana thought.

“ Diana I need to be pleasured and I don’t think you are up to doing that
here, are you?”

Diana looked up into the now very serious eyes and she decided to see if Xena
would change her mind about making her wait.

“ Xena? If I were to....pleasure you here, would you give me release”

A wry grin came to Xena’s face she liked the challenge, especially since she
was trying to get Diana to be less conservative when it came to them showing
their affection for one another in ways other than the typical ways.

“ So are you offering to give me ecstasy right here. In exchange for me for my
giving you the ecstasy that only I can give you?”

Xena controlling her breathing to not give away her utter elation at the
thought that Diana was so in need and want of her that she would open herself
up to and for her.

“ If I did, would you?”

Xena leaned back on her heels with her arms crossed over her chest looking at
Diana on her knees making a tempting counter offer.

“ Ok My little one, I’ll take you up on your offer.”

Diana smiled and Xena arched her brow and moved to put her back to the rail.

Diana stood up and walked over to where Xena went to wait for her. Xena
watched Diana walk to her nude . She smiled at the new boldness of Diana, but
she was pleased with her growing confidence.

Diana came to stand before Xena and she brought her hand up to caress her
loves face, as did Xena. Diana moved closer to Xena so that she was slightly
looking up at her warrior woman. She brought Xena’s face close to hers and
she said,

“I do this not only for the reason we both know, but also to make it up to you
of my behavior earlier today, do you remember what you asked me to do to show
you that I was sorry for my disrespectful behavior earlier?”

“Yes. I’m impressed.”

Xena said taking Diana’s lips and then swiping her tongue over Diana’s teeth
she gained the entrance she expected Diana sucked on Xena’s tongue with
ardor. Xena moaned at the fervor of Diana’s feasting.

Diana eventually freed Xena’s tongue and she kissed her way down to Xena’s
neck, there she kissed and sucked at the soft skin. Diana thought the feel of
her body against Xena’s leather and breastplate armor was quite stimulating.

Diana eventually started moving again southwards to reach her target. She went
to her knees and running her hands under Xena’s leathers she found her not to
be wearing any underwear. Diana looked at Xena in question and Xena only
smirked at her. Diana shook her head in amazement at Xena’s innate ability to
know things before others themselves knew.

Diana leaned forward and running her fingers through the feathery soft hair
she parted the outer lips of Xena’s jewel and blew a caressing breeze upon the
hairs, as well as the pulsating clit. a shudder ran through Xena and Diana saw
it. She then leaned further and flicked her tongue over the pulsating clit.


Xena breathed as her already tight body tighten further. Diana then brought
her lips to the sensitive peak. She kissed it into her mouth and slowly and
sensuously she caressed it with her tongue and lightly grazed her teeth over

“ OO....mmm....Diana are sooo....good at that...I love you

Diana was responding to Xena’s words by increasing her ministration. She ran
her tongue over the captured peak and lovingly caressed it with her mouth.
Diana then freed the peak scraping her teeth over it as she did.

“OH! Ahhh....oo....”

Diana then ran her tongue to Xena”s opening and she proceeded to slide her
tongue into her jewel, but just as Xena thought Diana was going to go slowly
Diana changed her tactic she all of a sudden thrusted her tongue deep into
Xena straight to her core!


Xena Shouted as her head flew back and she actually found herself gripping the
railing until her knuckles blanched. Her breathing was rapid and labored.
Diana was feasting on Xena’s overflowing passion. Diana ran her talented
tongue over Xena’s core and teased at the opening into it with the tip of her

Xena’s muscular thighs and legs were tensing and twitching at every flex of
Diana’s tongue. Diana felt Xena’s inner muscles start to tense but she could
tell Xena was trying to hold her release a while longer to enjoy the many
sensations flooding through her.

Diana was so into what she was doing and listening to Xena’s cries of passion
that she did not hear a group of servants coming up the staircase. But Xena
not only heard them, but she also heard the Sentries down the corridor
gasping at what they had been watching since Xena had tied Diana down.

They were enjoying the sight and was so turned on at the sight that in order
to not lose their bearing and get punished by The Conqueror, they thought it
best to avoid that part of their watch for the time being. They also stopped
anyone coming down the Corridors heading in that direction.

The servants made it up the stairs and Xena had managed to take one of her
hands off of the railing and intertwined her fingers into Diana”s soft hair.
The servants were just turning in the direction that The Conqueror and her
Consort were involved and they were about to gasp when they saw the
Conqueror’s other hand go up indicating for them to be silent.

They covered their mouths and nodded their heads in understanding. The
Conqueror then motioned for them to continue on where they were going with her
eyes and a warning flashed in them to which each of the servants understood
instantly to mean She did not want Diana to hear them talking about this.
Otherwise they would have her to talk to while they tried to explain.

The Servants all bowed and quickly made their way down the Corridor without
looking back. Xena smirked and went back to the wonderful sensations that were
coursing through her, from Diana’s talented tongue.

“OO..... Diana.....? You are absolutely wonderful......oooooo.............”

Diana was so into what she was doing she barely heard Xena. But all of a
sudden, She felt a vice like grip on her tongue.....

“ OHHHH!!!! Gods DIANA..... !!!

Xena exclaimed, as she flew into raptures arms. She saw the lights and star
bursts behind her eyes and was actually weakening from every wave that washed
over her. Diana in the meantime, was feeling tighter at the fact that she was
once again experiencing Xena in the most intimate way.

Once Xena’s ecstasy had past, Diana extricated her tongue from within Xena’s
jewel and proceeded to stand-up. Xena still had a hold on Diana’s hair and
once Diana was standing she pulled her to her and kissed her fiercely. Diana
was somewhat caught off guard by Xena’s ardor, she was sure Xena would be
exhausted at least for a few minutes, but if she was Diana was not seeing it.

end of part 22
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