By D.virtue

Instead Xena scooped Diana up and strided towards their quarters. The Sentry
kept his composure upon seeing the nude Consort in The Conqueror’s arms,
although he found it hard as hell to do so. He opened the door to them and
then closed it. Xena did not even bother trying to make it to the bed chambers
but instead stripped out of her clothes after depositing Diana on the Large
couch in the sitting area.

Diana started to get up and help Xena with her clothing but Xena seeing what
Diana’s plans were said,

“ Stay there Consort.”

“ But I....”

“ What did I say?”

“ fine, fine, I’ll stay right here.”

Xena finished undressing and as she walked back to where she had Deposited
Diana she saw that Diana was now staring at her, shaking her head ever so

“ what?”

Xena asked out of curiosity of what Diana was shaking her head about.

“ huh, Oh! sorry, I was just thinking.”

“ Xena was now standing in front of Diana who had her feet up on the couch,
and her eyes were now locked on Xena’s.

“ About what?”

Xena asked, placing one hand on her hip, and raising a questioning brow at

“Just how beautiful I think you are. Gods! It amazes me sometimes, to think
that there was a time not long ago at all, that I had never even thought about
how nice another woman looked , I mean I thought things like she’s pretty or
she’s very pretty, or one of my other Chosen would be looking at me so
intensely that if a nice looking woman came by I would say things like, Don’t
you think she’s a good looking woman, they would look and say, yes, but no one
is even in your league as far as looks go. That was a nice thing to hear, but
I took it as it was offered and not dwelled on it. But goodness Woman! I think
if I said that to any of them today, I would probably be sharing them with
you. You are just magnificent .... Look at you, perfect.”

Diana was now on her knees on the couch caressing Xena’s waist, all the while
keeping her eyes locked on Xena’s.

“ I just can’t get over it, I had never ever thought about being with any
woman before in my life, and now not only am I with a Magnificent specimen of
a woman, I can’t see my life without you in it, and I never want to. I love
you so.... much Xena, My heart sometimes feels as though it would burst from
all the love I feel for you...I.....”

Diana’s words were choked off by the lump that had formed in her throat, and
Xena was unable to speak for the same reason for quite a few moments. But
after clearing her throat she lifted Diana’s chin up a little further and she
spoke from her heart.

Diana....little one, I can not tell you how pleased and totally happy I am to
hear your words of love. I sometimes find myself questioning how it could be
that someone like you could even begin to love someone like me. Especially
with all the things I have done in my past and my recent future. I The
Conqueror of the known world have done things that would turn most peoples
insides, and yet even tho you know this, you still profess your love to me. It
is I who should be amazed, amazed that you could love me as deeply as you say
and have shown me that you do. I could not imagine my life without you in it,
for to do so would hurt to bad and I would have to find a way to ease that
type of pain, and the only way that I could would be to turn my heart off to
anyone else. For I could not love any other the way that I love you, I would
probably go back to my dark ways to keep anyone from getting close to me, or
my heart. Diana you are my heart, my soul, my very essence without you I could
not exist as I am.”

Diana listened to Xena’s confession of love and her heart swelled more because
of it. But... she was concerned with what else she was hearing, that being
that Xena would fall back on her dark past to bury the pain of the loss of
her. Diana knew what Xena was saying but she did not want Xena to remember her
by becoming an evil person that used pain and suffering on the innocent to
cover the pain and possible suffering she would be going through.

So despite Diana’s need to have release from the only person who could she
put it at the back of her mind and pulling Xena down by her waist to sit down
on the couch, She then turned herself so that she could once again make eye
contact with Xena.

“ Xena love, I understand what your saying and I love you more because of it,
But I have to make sure you understand something. You can not return to your
dark past, it is where it should be for all eternity, in the past. You have
changed a great deal since Gabrielle and I first arrived. You are more patient
with everyone else, your more tolerant of things that use to cause you to go
berserk on whom ever caused the problem. You laugh more since we have been
together, and with Gabrielle and Terais . Than I think you had in many many
years. You have a dry sense of humor, but once a person learns your humor you
are as funny as anything. I can not think that with all of those beautiful
things that has happened to you , that you could so easily fall under the
spell of Ares again if something was to happen to me. Xena I don’t want to be
remembered by you as the woman who broke your heart, and thus caused you to
turn back the hands of time to the days before I came here and start hurting
the innocent again. I can’t see you doing that, Not the woman I love, I just
can’t imagine it.”

“ Diana I would not want to remember you in such a way, but I know how I would
feel if something happened to you, and right now I can’t help that, but with
time I think I can over come even that. With your help.”

Xena said leaning in and kissing Diana on the forehead.

“You got it, anytime you want, I’m here for you.”

Diana was just about to say something else when her words echoed in her ears
and they must have echoed in Xena’s at the same moment, because their eyes
locked and a funny smirk came to both of their faces and before they knew it
they were laughing. Diana fell back on the couch in a fit of Laughter and Xena
kept her laughter somewhat more subdued than Diana’s but she sat and watched
Diana squirm under the spell of the laughter and then her mind switched from
that of laughter to that of desire.

She leaned over the curled up figure and whispering into the young girls ears
she said....

“ Now!”

Diana immediately stopped laughing and rolled over to face the now serious
face of The Conqueror. Diana startled at the intense gaze and was about to say
something, when Xena took her lips and started to kiss her with fervor and
passion. Diana’s body clenched back tighter than it already was. Diana was
moaning into Xena’s mouth and just as she felt she was in need of oxygen, Xena
broke the kiss. She then blazed a trail down Diana’s neck and there she
stopped for a while. she then started to move downwards again but this time
she stopped, jumped up off of the couch and darted into the other room.

Diana was shocked and somewhat curious as to what Xena could possibly be doing
and the fact that she was in Great need of release did not help any. Xena
returned after only a few moments and she had the gold box with her.She placed
the box next to the couch on the small table and opening it she pulled out
two pair of clear looking gloves that looked like a thin gel type material.

Diana watched Xena unpack the box of some of its contents, and was intrigued
by some of the items, like the gloves. Xena placed the gloves on the
arm of the chair, next she took out a different looking phallus than the one
they had been using. It was slightly smaller, then she took out another one.

Diana was now staring at Xena in confusion as to what she had planned to do
with two phallus. Xena only smirked and continued what she was doing.
Xena then turned and motioned for Diana to stand up. Diana looked at Xena for
a few moments and then went to stand on the floor in front of her. Xena
measured her height against that of Diana’s and then she reached down and
placed one of the phallus’s on herself the same place she had before. Then
she reached down and took the other phallus and with a smile playing at the
corners of her mouth she placed the other phallus on Diana’s right thigh.

Diana was lost at what Xena was doing, but she stood there and let her do what
she wanted. Next Xena motioned for Diana to get back on the couch. Diana did
as she was told and got back on the couch. Xena followed and she told Diana to
lay down flat, again Diana did as she was told. Xena then told Diana to hold
her hand out. Diana held her hand out and Xena placed the glove on it. Diana
then held out her other hand and again Xena put the other glove on. Once on
Diana was surprised to find that they did not feel the way they looked like
they should feel. Instead of feeling like a gel material they felt like her
own hands.

Diana looked up into Xena’s eyes in question and Xena smiled and said as she
finished putting her own on.

“Now, where was I? Oh yes, here.”

Xena resumed her ministration to Diana’s neck with more vigor than before and
soon Diana was squirming under the sensations. Xena then moved to Diana’s
nipples and there she slowly seized the taut nipple into her mouth, while
pinching the other.

“ OHH!”

Diana gasped and her chest arched to the pleasure and pain she was feeling as
a result of Xena’s loving ministrations. What Diana didn't understand was
what the gloves were for, she still felt Xena’s fingers down to the detail of
her prints. So she thought the gloves were of no use, but Xena wanted her to
wear them so she would.

“mmm... Xena.....”

Xena then after loving each breast the exact same way she positioned herself
over Diana, Straddling Diana’s right Thigh and spreading Diana’s legs by
pushing the left leg away from Diana’s right. Diana now understood the purpose
of the second phallus, and she grinned at the thought. Xena pinched her lips
together to keep from smirking and then she said so Diana could hear her.

“ Reform my little shield.”

Diana’s eyes went wide and she asked,


“ Because I need to feel it and you again.”

“But Xena?”

“ no buts Diana, I will have you the way I want you, clear?”

“ Yes, Diana said somewhat anxious about being deflowered once again, but what
was she going to do, say no, I don’t think so. so Diana dropped the subject
for the time being.

Xena then placed the tip of the phallus at the opening of Diana’s flower
while she placed the other phallus on Diana’s thigh at her own opening.
Diana’s breath had now caught and was held awaiting Xena’s next move.
Xena saw diana tense and she smile and said,

“Diana, I want you to keep your eyes locked on mine, after the initial
sensation, is that clear?”

“ Yes, but Xena , that’s going to be hard, I don’t know if I can do that.”

“ you will do it, or we stop, no matter what. Is that clear?

Xena’s eyes were piercing into Diana’s and Diana felt helpless under it.
She answered and said,

“Yes perfectly.”

swallowing hard at the thought she would not be able to do it. Xena smiled and
then said reassuringly,

"Don't worry little one, I’ll help you.”

Diana smiled and then, just as she was relaxing back onto the couch, Xena
simultaneously thrusted into Diana at the same time she plunged onto the
phallus on Diana’s thigh.


Diana screamed at the multiple sensations that shock through her from Xena
Breaking through her protective shield to that of the phallus that is on her
thigh sending all the feelings of Xena’s jewel upon the phallus that felt
like it was a part of her from birth or something.
Diana’s head had arched at the multiple sensations and she actually thought
she could easily go over right then and there. But she knew Xena would be to no end. so she concentrated on everything that she was feeling
but tried to control herself enough to wait for Xena to grant her permission.

Xena was watching everything Diana was doing after the initial sensation, to
gage whether diana would be able to control herself. Xena was pleased when
Diana finally opened her eyes and she saw Diana was with her. She then
repeated her words of earlier.

“ Now that you have opened your eyes, they are to stay that way until I say
differently, do I make myself clear Diana?”


Diana said slightly dazed.

“ Good girl.”

Xena said with a smile.

Xena then set a rhythm that her and Diana were soon totally enthralled in. It
started slowly with deep penetrations and then almost complete withdrawal only
to be repeated a number of times. Then the rhythm increased and they became
more sensual in nature. Diana was close to delirium at the exquisite
soul feeling sensations she was feeling to her very core. Xena was feeling the
same at a lesser degree due to her stronger control. Xena then told Diana to
do exactly what she did, and Diana nodded her head and Xena excepted the
action...this time.

Xena then placed her hands over top of Diana’s breast, with the palm of her
hands over the nipples. Diana having a hard time breathing as it was, was now
slightly panting at what was to come even though she could not even begin to
guess what it was, but she now knew it was going to be something big.

“ Keep your eyes locked on my eyes Diana, and you have my Permission to
release only when I say now. Is that clear?”

“ Yes....”

Diana blew out. Xena Then said,

“ Your going to love this, I have tried it once but the person I was going to
try it on couldn’t even handle the first penetration. So you my little Consort
are the only person who’ve I’ve tried this on.”

Xena then started pumping into Diana with abandon while pumping onto the
phallus on Diana's thigh, at which point Diana started moving her thigh thus
allowing Xena to concentrate on her own phallus working inside of Diana.

“Yes...! Diana.. That’s my little Consort...oHhhhh....soo.....utterly

Diana was nearer to delirium than she had just been only a moment before.
When all of a sudden she felt a mouth and tongue on each of her nipples, She
looked at Xena thinking she couldn’t not be feeling what she thought she was
feeling, but Xena only nodded and proceeded to prove just how real what Diana
was feeling was true.

Diana felt the mouths suck her tight nipples into them and her eyes became
pupiled filled as Xena watched and her own filled the same. After a long
moment of silence Xena knew Diana was ready to fly, as well as herself so she
consciously told herself to breath and she took a breath and said,


Diana did not have to hear anything more and all she could manage to say in a
shaky stutter filled voice was..

“ A.H......Xe Xe Xe Xe....”

Diana’s body raised completely off of the couch raising Xena with her and both
Xena and Diana’s heads went back and the mouths on each of the women were
relaying the sensations they were feeling straight to the two women’s own
mouths. Diana and Xena’s breast were now producing wine and cider for the
extra mouths which in turn the two women tasted.

Both women crashed over the ecstasy zone and was now totally delirious and
once again they met in the Ecstasy Mist, they floated and felt and bath in the
perfect ecstasy they merged their souls once again and was renewed in each
other. They stayed like that for over 7 candlemarks. Both women’s bodies were
bath in perspiration and their breathing had automatically slowed to 1 a
minute. Their hearts also slowed to match. They were completely absorbed
in the Ecstasy Mist. Experiencing what could only be called Ethereal .

After 7 candlemarks, they both disappeared from the Ecstasy Mist and floated
back to their bodies, at which time they both took a deep gasping breath and
fell into unconsciousness.

They laid there for over a day, as their bodies returned to normal. No one
disturbed them. for fear that The Conqueror would have their heads. After a
day and a half later Xena awoke. her vision blurred for a moment then cleared.
She shook her head and tried to focus what was going on or what had happened.
Then she remembered and looking down she saw Diana still asleep or unconscious
from the experience.

Xena was so overwhelmed at the love she had for this young woman that all she
could do was allow her tears to fall upon Diana’s cheeks. She lifted off of
the phallus on Diana’s thigh and pulled herself out of Diana. She then removed
both , as well as the gloves they were both wearing. she cleaned them and
placed them back in the golden box. she then lifted Diana in her arms and
although normally Diana would be nothing to lift Xena found some difficulty
lifting Diana at this time and she realized her muscles were still filled with
lactic acid from the stress they had been under during hers and Diana’s
strenuous exercise.

Xena none the less carried Diana to the bed chamber and laid her down on the
bed for a moment. She then grabbed a robe and went to the door of the bed
chamber and opened it and called to the servant Dancea.

“ Yes My Lord?”

“ Fill a bath Dancea.”

Xena said hoarsely. The servant bowed and said,

“ Yes My Lord As you wish, By your leave My Lord?”

“ G..go.”

Xena forced out. She then turned and closed the door and went to look at
herself in the mirror. What she saw did not surprise her, her hair was wild
looking much like the wind had blown it. Her lips were slightly puffy and
fuller looking due to the excessive kissing. her cheeks were flushed as was
her body.

Xena smiled at her sight in the mirror then turned to assess Diana’s
appearance after such a session. Diana was radiant just like Xena was, but her
hair was in more ringlets than normal and they made her hair look even darker
than it already was. Her skin had a wine color undertone to it. her nipples
were taut but not like they usually were when she was awake, and around Xena.

Dancea knock at the door and Xena stood in front of Diana’s nude body
effectively blocking Dancea’s view of Diana.

“ Come.”

“ My Lord your bath is filled as you ordered.”


Xena then dismissed the servant with a wave of her hand.
Xena turned back to Diana and once again she lifted her up, but this time it
was less effort. She carried Diana into the bath chamber and removing her robe
with one hand she walked into the warm scented water with Diana in her arms.

Once Diana’s body touched the warm water she stirred and stretched in Xena’s
arms. Xena smiled at the awaking young girl. She set her down between her legs
as she sat lengthwise on the warm marble bench that was under the water.
Diana’s back was to Xena’s front when Diana first opened her eyes. she blinked
a few times and then looked around to familiarize herself with where she was.
She then figured out that she was in a bath and that....someone was with her!

Diana startled around to see who was in the bath with her and she was relieved
and excited to see that it was Xena.

“ Xena ? You scared me, I wasn’t sure where I was or who was in this bath with
me. What happened?”

“ You don’t remember?”

Xena asked in a casual voice, because she knew eventually it would come to
Diana if she took a moment to think about it.

“ Do I remember? I remember we were on the couch in the sitting room and....”

Xena was washing Diana’s back when she heard Diana.

“ And I remember you leaving and going into the bed chambers to get that box,
and..... GODS ABOVE XENA!!! What in the world? What an absolutely amazing
experience! G.o.d.s....”

Diana said as a shudder went through her whole body and radiate to Xena who
shuddered also. Diana’s nipples went tight as she thought about the ethereal
experience she had had with Xena.

Diana turned completely around to face Xena but once she met her eyes she
blushed fiercely and turned back around. Xena just bit the inside of her cheek
at Diana’s shyness at having had such an experience with her.

“ Are you ok?”

Xena asked the still blushing young Consort.

“ Yes. I’m fine, I... I just can’t believe that such an experience was
possible, I mean I’ve experienced such ecstasy only once before and that was
with you. But even then, it was no where near what happen out there. I mean I
felt as though I could stay there forever....with you of course.”

Diana said quietly as she turned her head halfway around to look back at
Xena, and once again seeing Xena’s eyes, Diana again turned back around and
blushed. Xena just smiled and continued to wash Diana’s back and arms and she
listened to Diana.

“ Xena I have never felt anything like that in my entire life , and we both
know what that life includes. Xena you are an amazing lover and Woman period.
And I am so lucky to have such a wonderful woman like you in ,my life. It is
so funny when I think how we met, who would have thought we would be here,
experiencing things with each other that no one else on earth has or ever will
experience. My, my my what a wonderful woman you are. MY Lord Xena. “

“ Diana I couldn’t love you any more than I already do. And your right, It is
quite strange where we are today when only a few weeks ago we were battling
each other, although I always wanted you as my lover.”

“ unhuh, I’m sure, but I know for a fact that you would have killed me if I
had kept pushing you with my taunting of you, or if I kept fighting you,

“ yes. If I felt that you were going to be a major obstacle to me I would

Diana and Xena both thought about that day and it was Xena who voiced her

“ I am so glad I beat you....somewhat quickly.”

“ Quickly?! Are you trying to tell me that you are capable of beating me
quickly, Xena?”

“ Well you have to admit it was.”

“ No I don’t have to admit that Xena, in fact if I hadn’t given up you would
have been fighting me for quite a while.”

“ Diana admit it, I beat you quickly and efficiently.”

“ with some effort don’t forget.”

“ yes with some effort. I will admit you were a greater challenge to me than
any I had ever come against. Your skills are excellent, I could not have
trained you better myself your sister and King Rah did a superb job of
training you.”

“ well, I’m glad you realize I am a good warrior, it took you long enough.”

Xena smirked and said,

“I ‘ve always thought you were a superb warrior, but Don’t get carried away,
you are still not going to be a warrior in My Army. You are still My Consort
period. Is that clear?”

“ I almost had you.”

“ Is it clear Diana?”

“ yes Xena it’s clear, but I still don’t see how you can say no.”

“ easy, No.”

“ funny.”

“ No, not funny, serious.”

“ Ok, I got it.”

“ Good, now turn around and let me get you cleaned up.”

Diana turned but avoided looking into Xena’s eyes while Xena washed her.
After they had cleaned each other up they went to get out of the bath but
Diana found her muscles to still be weak from the activity of a day and a half
Xena smiled at her and then lifted her up out of the bath and grabbing the
towels on their way to the massage tables she sat Diana on one of them and
started drying her off.

Xena then said,

“ I think I like you like this, it actually is quite a turn on.”

“ Like what?”

Diana asked out of curiosity. Xena smirked and then said,

“ This, your being as helpless as a kitten.”

“ I’m not helpless, just weak.... a little.”

Diana shot back.

“Oh, now don’t go pouting, besides that only turns me on more, especially
with you already being depended on me, right now.”

“ Ha ha, very funny. “

“ Thank you, I thought so.”

Xena said flipping her hair back behind her head.

“ Your going to keep bring this up aren’t you?”

“ What?”

Xena asked feigning innocents.

“ The fact that your helpless as a kitten because of me, or the fact that I’m
the only Chosen who has ever brought you such splendid pleasure in your life?”

“ Oh yes, I see what’s happening, you are just full of yourself now, as if you
weren’t already. So what else do you want to say, before your head gets to
large for this room?”

Xena smirked and then said,

“ What else is there to say, but, I Have Many Skills Consort.”

“Ok , Ok, I’ll admit it you are quite skillful in many things not just making

Diana conceded graciously. Xena smiled and then laid Diana down on the table
and proceeded to oil and massage her weak muscles. Afterwards Xena laid down
and was oiled and Massaged By Dancea the servant, while Diana took a nap on
the table after Xena’s wonderful massage.
When Dancea had finished, Xena put her robe on and then gently shook Diana

“ Can you walk?”

“ Yes, I feel much stronger.”

“ Good, let’s get dress and get something to eat.”

“ sounds good to me, I’m starved.”

“ So am I, such activity can be quite.... draining, to say the least.”

Xena casted a raised brow at Diana, who blushed to her roots once again.

“ I don’t know how you do that, but sometimes it can be quite annoying.”

“ What?”

“ The way you look at me and cause me to.....”

“ Blush? like a newly deflowered young girl?”

Xena interjected as she assessed and teased Diana.

“ Yes. you can be so.... mean sometimes.”

Diana said while blushing deeper at Xena’s descriptive assessment.
Xena waggled her brow at Diana and Diana couldn’t take the teasing anymore due
to her body starting to respond to Xena’s looks by tightening. So she jumped
off the table and after a moment to steady herself she strided into the bed
chamber and proceeded to pick out something to wear for the day. Xena stood
where she was and watched Diana disappear out of the bath chambers, she could
not help but laugh. Diana heard Xena laughing and called back to her and said,

“ It’s not funny Xena!”

Xena hearing Diana stopped for a moment and tried to bite her cheek to keep
from laughing any further. But she could not help but chuckle at Diana’s
embarrassment. She then strided out the room and went to dress in a pair of
leathers, all the while keeping her back to Diana to keep her from seeing the
grin that was threatening to spread across her face.

“ There, I’m dressed.”

Diana said as she turned to see what Xena thought of what she had picked out
to wear. But she saw Xena’s shoulders shudder as if laughing and she said ,

“Your still laughing , aren’t you?”

Xena shook her head no, but Diana didn’t believe her , so she said,

“ Yes you are, I can see your shoulders and things moving, Your still laughing
at the fact that I blush so easily with you? well fine, keep laughing!”

Diana said with irritation. She then proceeded to fold her arms across her
chest and she turned her back to the chuckling Xena. Xena hearing the tone of
Diana’s voice she stopped laughing and turned around to see that Diana had her
back to her pouting once again. Xena walked over to Diana and standing just
behind her she said,

“ Oh Diana, I’m sorry. I was just playing with you, I couldn’t help it, you
are just to adorable to not tease sometimes.”

Xena saw Diana’s shoulders relax and she then placed her hand on Diana’s
shoulder and turned her around to face her. Once Diana was turned she lifted
Diana’s chin up with her strong fingers and gazing into Diana’s eyes she said

“ I only play with you like this because It pleases me so much to see you so
responsive to me. For me to just look at you in a certain way and make you
blush, well what am I suppose to do? Just ignore it. I don’t think so, you
are to important to me and I want to see and appreciate everything about you.
So don’t get upset with me for loving and teasing you about your
responsiveness to me. And I ‘ll tell you this, there has never been Anyone
who has made me flush before....Except you little one. I love you and I
wouldn’t purposely do anything to offend you. If I did I’m sorry.”

Diana was flushing the whole time she was looking into Xena’s clear sapphire
eyes, but she maintained the connection and said after Xena finished.

“ You didn’t offend me Xena, It’s just that it is so strange for me to blush
for one thing , but to blush because a woman looks at me in a certain way ,
is really something.”

“ But I’m not just some woman..... Consort!”

“ true, and that’s probably the reason why I blush to my roots a lot of times,
and I’ll tell you something else....”

Diana started, but then realized her body was getting to tight to continue to
look into Xena’s eyes as well as being held there the way she was, so she

“ But first, if you don’t mind, I really need you to let go of me.”

“ No. not until you finish telling me.”

“ but Xena, this is really distracting for me.”

“ well, I suggest you finish.”

Diana’s mouth fell opened and then she shut it when she realized Xena was not
going to let her go.

“ Ok , ok, all I was going to say was that I wasn’t really upset with you
about your laughing, it just that you are to good at teasing me and there is
very little that I can tease you about, but that’s ok, I'll discover something
sooner or later, and then it will be my turn to tease you my Conqueror.”

Diana said poking Xena in the abdomen with her finger. Xena chuckled and then
bent down slightly and kissed Diana, which immediately turned passionate
because of Diana’s fires being lit from all of the blushing and also because
her body was now finely tuned to Xena’s after their experience of a day and a
half ago.

Diana swung her arms around Xena’s neck and held her to her as she then
surprised Xena with her tongue swiping across her teeth before Xena could do
it to Diana. Xena stiffened for a moment and opened her eyes to look at Diana
in question who after a moment opened her own eyes and with a plead in them
she asked for Xena’s cooperation.

Xena’s brow arched but she allowed Diana to initiate this encounter. Diana
then practically attacked Xena’s mouth. Xena was becoming too turn on from
Diana’s actions and she had to stop her before they got carried away.

There were too many things she had to do today one of which was to go to one
of the other rulers kingdom to assess and possibly train his army. To meet
the standards of all of the other’s armies.

Xena then pulled back away from Diana’s fervored kisses and although Diana was
surprised Xena stopped her she wasn’t concerned by it, she figured it was just
because Xena wanted to take over. But Xena unwrapped Diana’s arms from around
her neck and said,

“ I have to many things I have to do today, otherwise I’d wear you out again.”

“ Oh, now who’s being cocky?”

“ Not cocky, I just know my skills.”

Diana was disappointed but she decided she would try to rein in her raging
hormones for now.

“ Oh yes, a woman of many skills, yep. I’ve heard that one a couple of times

Diana said walking around behind Xena to fasten her leathers and help her on
with her armor.

“ Well what Can I say? It’s true.”

“ Hm, no modesty lost on you, is there?”


“There your all done.”

Diana said walking back around Xena.

end part 23
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