By D.virtue

“ So what’s on the agenda for today?”

I have to go to one of the other kingdoms to look over the army, and then
possibly have them trained so that they don’t get killed.”

“ wait a minute. Your telling me that your going to another kingdom, for the
purpose of training That ruler’s army, so that they don’t get killed? I don’t
understand why The Conqueror has to go, for one thing, and for two why you
would want to go and TRAIN some other Ruler’s army. And three why does it
have to be YOU. Why can’t you send one of your trainers to train them.

“ It has to be me because I don’t want the army trained the way I trained My
army. Their a new army and I would train them a certain way so that I know
what the weaknesses are of the army, just in case they That Ruler decides
he wants to take Me on.”

“ hm, that actually makes sense.”

“ What? you thought it wouldn’t?”

“ No...I expect everything that you say and do to make sense... most of the

“ Most of the time? Since when Have I not made sense?”

“ Oh, I can think of at least one right off the bat.”

“ really? “

“ Uhhum.”

“ When?”

“Never mind, we have to go.”

“ No, tell me, and it’s not we.”

“ I’ll tell you later, and what do you mean it’s not we?”

“ Tell me now, and you heard what I said.”

“ Xena drop it. I want to know what you meant by not we.”

“ Diana you are not going with me.’

“ Why?”

“ Because I said so.”

“ Xena, this is getting to be silly. Why can’t I go with you into a none war
environment? What possible reason could you have for telling me to stay here?”

“ I don’t trust Sirus, he’s a warlord who killed the legal Ruler and took over
the kingdom about a year ago. He use to be one of my greatest enemies.”

“ Your greatest enemies? and now your helping him and his army?! What are you
thinking about?! So what now you trust this guy?”

“ Diana I told you I do things that benefit me, and this is one of those

“ How is this going to benefit you Xena? Your putting yourself at risk just
going there, This guy already show his nature. He only wants power, and who
better to try and kill than The Conqueror of most of the known world. Gods!
Xena? I can’t believe you waited to tell me this today! The day your planning
on riding into This man’s kingdom and help him train his army?! Plus your
planning on leaving me behind?! How many of your soldiers are you taking with

“ Enough.”

“ That’s not an answer Xena.”

“ Diana, it’ll be fine.”

“ Xena why are you being so evasive with me?”

“ I don’t mean to be.”

“ Then tell me. How many are you taking with you?”

“ Diana I’m taking enough so I don’t have to worry about anything.”

“ Well if you want tell me a number of your soldiers, at least tell me how
many soldiers he has?”

“ four thousand.”

“ So your at least going to take that many, right?”

Xena pinched her lips together and then after a moment she said,

“No, I’m only taking what I need.”

“ Which is how many?”

“ Diana, this is a good faith visit, I can not go there with a lot of
soldiers,especially since I’m suppose to be going to help.”

“ No! what you can’t do is ride into a trap.”

“ Diana nothing is going to happen.”

“ Oh I know.... because I’ll be right there by you to make sure of that.”

Diana said with supposed finality. But Xena was now glaring at Diana, who had
crossed her arms in defiance of what she figured Xena was now upset about.

“ No you won’t.”

“ Yes I will.”

“ Diana don’t do this.”

“ Do what?”

“ Defy me.”

“ Xena , I’m not defying you. I’m just looking out for my interest.”

“ And what interest is that?”

Xena said with rising anger.

“ You!”

Xena took a deep breath and let it out and then looking at Diana she said,

“ Diana I understand your concern, but I will be fine. Remember who I am.”

“ Trust me Xena, That is foremost in my mind! Xena your wrong for wanting to
leave me here.”

“ I am not wrong! and I’m not going to argue with you about this.”

“ I’m not arguing Xena, I’m just informing you of what my plans are.”

Xena’s brow arched and her eyes narrowed.

“ What is that suppose to mean?”

“ Just what I said. You have your plans, and I have mine.”

Xena strided over to where Diana was standing and she grabbed her by one of
her arms and said in a restrictive voice.

“ Diana if you do anything that you know your not suppose to do, I promise
I’ll whip you so badly you won’t be able to think about anything but the pain,
do I make myself clear Consort?”

Xena finished through clenched teeth. Diana’s eyes had been captured by Xena’s
intense gaze and she was under able to break free of it. So taking a deep
breath and trying to calm her beating heart from the defensive mode it had
gone into at the thought of a challenge to Xena. Xena was now gripping Diana’s
arm harder the longer it took her to answer. Xena’s teeth were starting to
bear and she was getting furious at Diana.

“ Xena, I can’t believe your asking me to stay here?”

Xena pulled Diana closer to her and she said,

“ I’m not asking you. I’m telling you!”

“ Fine!”

Diana said trying to jerk her arm free of Xena’s vice-like grip. Xena however
lifted Diana up onto her toes by her one arm and coming with in inches of
Diana’s face Xena hissed,

“ When I get back, I’ll deal with this attitude of yours.”

“ I don’t have an attitude.”

“ I think you do, and I’ll make sure to handle it when I get back.”

Xena then let go of Diana’s arm and said,

“ Well?”

“ Well what?”

Diana asked out of confusion.

“ I’m waiting.”

“ For what? What are you talking about?”

“ My kiss Consort.”

“ You cannot be serious?”

“ What you don’t want to kiss me?”

“ No! I mean no, that’s not it, I’m just surprised you could think about a
kiss at a time like this.”

“ Why not? Your my Consort, and just because I’m upset with you I have no
intentions of depriving myself of you.”

“ Hm, since you put it like that, how can I argue with that?”

“ you can’t.”

Xena said motioning for Diana to come to her. Diana walked over to Xena and
Xena took Diana’s cheeks in her hand and pulling Diana to her She loosen her
grip and slid her hand under Diana’s chin and looking deep into Diana’s eyes
and Diana blushing under the look Xena kissed her. Diana placed her hands on
Xena’s armor to balance herself, although it was not necessary, Xena would not
allow Diana to fall, as long as she held her.

Xena broke their kiss and looking deep into Diana’s eyes once again she said
in a warning tone.

“ Be good, Consort.”

Diana raised her brow, but lowered it when Xena raised hers.

“ I’m always...good.”

Diana said with a coyness. Xena smirked and gave her another kiss and said,

“ come on I have a few things to do here before I leave.”

“ You had to remind me. Xena why can’t I go?”

“ Diana don’t start that again! My patience's for it is gone! So not another
word about it, is that clear?!”

“ One more question, and then I’ll let it go?”

“ D.i.a.n.a....”

“ just one, please...?”

Turning sharply on her heels Xena said,

“ What?!”

“ I was just wondering whether or not Sirus would have his companion with him
as well as any of his visiting guess?”

Diana asked innocently.Xena narrowed her eyes and looking deep into Diana’s
eyes she said,

“Most likely they will, Why?”

“ Oh I just thought it would be less stressful for you if I were there to help
you relieve some of the days stress?”

Xena studied Diana for a long moment, then she said,

“ No.”

and turned on her heels once again and walking out the bed chamber doors, she
called over her shoulder ,

“Come on Consort!”

Diana stood stunned for a moment that Xena could so easily say no and walk
OUT! out of all things. When she heard Xena call for her she shook her head as
if clearing it of some strange information. She then strided out the doors and
slight jogged to catch up to Xena. After catching up she studied Xena for a
while as they walked, and although Xena knew Diana was watching her she did
not look at Diana. She just felt she knew Diana was waiting for her to look at
her so she could go into another round of questions. But she was not up for it
so she figured she would not look in Diana’s direction.

But of course Diana having other ideas risked asking another question on the
closed subject.

“ So....that’s it? Just No?”

“ Yes.”

was Xena’s simple answer.

“ Ok fine, so tell me this, are any of your advisors going with you?”

“Yes, Draco and Timson and two others.”

“ Why are you taking Timson with you?”

“ Because he’s a good advisor...most of the time.”

“ Yeah, right, I think he’s a jerk of the highest order.”

“ Diana, I’ve told you about that type of disrespectful talk when it came to
My Cabinet.”

“ I know but I figured it was ok right now since it’s just you and me?”

“ Hmm, that’s fine then, but don’t get carried away.”

Xena said in a warning voice.

“ Besides, If I left him here I’m afraid you two would get into it despite my
orders for you not to speak to him or him to you.”

“ Maybe your right to take him with you, but watch your back, I don’t trust

“ I think I know that Diana.”

Xena and Diana arrived at the Counsel Chamber. The Sentry opened the Doors and
the two women went in. Draco and Timson and two other War advisors were
waiting as well as five Captains from Xena’s army were present, But Diana did
not see Terais and so after all of those present acknowledged The Conqueror
and were readying themselves for the meeting Diana whispered in Xena’s ear.

“ Where’s Terais?”

“ Her and Gabrielle are still with the Amazons, They will be back in a week.”

“So not only is Terais not going with you, Gabrielle’s not even here to keep
me company?”

Diana whispered slightly louder with restraint to her voice.

“ D.i.a.n.a..., calm down.”

Xena whispered back in a controlled voice.

“ But Xena, what am I suppose to do here by myself?”

“ Diana your not alone.”

“ you know what I mean.”

Xena turned to look at Diana and then said,

“ we’ll talk about this later before I leave.”

“But Xena?”

“ Drop it Consort.”

Xena said with a arch to her brow and a narrowing of her eyes for emphasis to
Diana to drop it. Diana chewed at her lip a moment while she thought about it,
but seeing Xena’s eyes start to flash she decided to back off of the subject
and to lighten Xena’s mood again, so that Timson and the others would not see
The Conqueror was upset with her again. So she said,

“ Your right with can talk about this later.”

Diana said as she traced the patterns of Xena’s breast armor with one finger,
while looking up over her brows and blushing unexpectantly at the softening of
Xena’s eyes and the steady gaze.

“ Be a good girl and go over there.”

Xena said as she watch Diana go from challenger to seductress she had to
smile. Diana lowered than raised her eyes and turned and strode to where Xena
had indicated for her to go. Xena watched Diana’s purposeful movements of her
hips and a shiver ran through her.

“ Whew!”

Xena blew out at the movements. Then turned to face the group that was now set
to begin. After two hours of talk Xena finally ended the meeting and told
those present that they would leave in three candlemarks which would put them
in Sirus’s kingdom three days from now.

Xena then turned back to Diana who had laid down on the couch towards the rear
of the chamber and had closed her eyes and had ended up taking a nap.
Xena quietly walked over to the sleeping young woman and standing over her she
gazed down on the innocent looking young woman. She then thought about how
beautiful she was and how tantalizing and irresistible she was. A wick gleam
came to Xena’s eyes and she decided to pay Diana back for her earlier teasing

Xena slyly and rapidly unfastened all of Diana’s clothing,leaving Diana’s
front bare. Xena then applied a pinch to the sleeping Consort, it was to keep
her asleep while she carried out her plans.

Xena knew that although Diana was asleep her body would still respond to her
so she decided to build a fire in Diana so that while she was away her little
kitten would shiver for her and at the thought of her. The thought of it sent
shudders all through the Cat.

Xena proceeded to kiss and caress Diana, She felt the return pressure on her
lips as she kissed her. Xena felt Diana’s nipples start to firm up under her
caresses. Xena ran her hands over Diana’s entire body, caressing and feeling
and journeying over and into Diana’s many intimate areas. She then brought her
mouth to one of Diana’s nipples and once there she slowly but firmly sucked
it into her mouth down to it juncture once again. Diana moaned and her chest
raised, Xena smiled to herself and continued her ministrations of one of
Diana’s most sensitive zones.

Xena ran her tongue around the captured peak and listened to Diana’s
pleasuring responses. Xena then began to suck harder and with more abandon as
she saw and felt Diana’s body flush and her nipple become firmer still
within her mouth. Xena then bit down on the peak and heard Diana’s breath
catch she then tasted wine in her mouth and she drank deeply from the sweet

Diana’s moans were growing more and more and Xena Had to force herself to
stop drinking and free the nipple so she could continue to her ultimate goal.
so with some effort Xena Took one last long drink from the peak and slowly she
pulled the peak with her mouth until it finally slid out of her mouth because
of its connection to Diana’s breast.

Xena then made her way to Diana’s sweet nature and saying two things, one

“ Reform my little shield.”

and the other being...

“strawberry cream”

She then proceeded to caress Diana’s clit with her tongue and after a while of
that and Diana’s gyrating hips, Xena then slid her tongue down to Diana’s
entrance and once there without preamble she thrusted her gifted tongue deep
into Diana to her core after breaking through the shield that Xena had called
for. Diana’s hips stiffened at the deflowering and she cried out from it but
after a moment her hips were again moving with the rhythm of Xena’s tongue.

But after a little time had past nothing like when Diana was awake. Xena saw
Diana’s abdomen start to twitch as well as the quivering of Diana’s core, so
she knew Diana was ready to go over, so she stopped all movement and withdrew
her tongue from Diana’s strawberry flavored flower.

Xena then brought her hand up to Diana’s face and once there she opened one
of Diana’s eyes to check something. She looked at the eye and smiled to
herself and said,

“ Tease me, little kitten, will you?”

Xena then refastened all of Diana’s clothing and straightened herself up, and
after she was confident that Diana would not suspect her of causing her
tightness she undid her pinch on Diana and swiftly went to sit on the edge of
the meeting table with a scroll in her hand as if she were enthralled in what
was on it.

Diana after a few moments of moaning sat straight up and then curled up, bring
her knees to her chest and rocking.


Diana said in some distress at her condition.


was the response, from the feigning innocent Conqueror.

“ Xena? I need you....”

“ Diana I need you to always.”

Xena said in answer to Diana’s needful statement. Xena was watching Diana
during their exchanges and she was quite pleased with the results, and she

“ I have to do this more often.”

“ Xena...Please?”

“ please what Consort?”

“ Xena will you please come here?”

Diana said with frustration knitted in her every word.

“ Diana I really need to read over these scrolls, but I’ll come in a bit.”

“ how long?!”

Diana said breathlessly. Xena bit the inside of her cheek to keep from smiling
outwards and then she said,

“two and a half candlemarks, maybe three.”

“Xena I can’t ....”

“ You can’t what?”

“ I need you now Xena, please?”

“ Diana you have to wait. I’ll be with you in a bit, try to get some rest
while I’m reading these over?”

“ Xena please? GODS! I have a problem here.”

“ Diana what problem could you possibly have, you’ve been asleep?”

“ well if you would just look you will see what I mean.”

Xena then pretended that she didn’t know what to expect. She turned and put on
the act.

“ Diana?! what’s going on?”

“ I don’t know, I was laying here, and I guess I did fall asleep, the next
thing I knew I was like this as tight as a cord, and in serious need of you.”

“ Oh my poor kitten.”

Xena teased with empathy.

“ Were you dreaming?”

“ I guess I was, especially for me to be so....very tight, anyway enough about
how all I want now is you.”

Diana then proceeded to get up off of the couch with some effort and make her
way to where Xena was still sitting and watching. Diana strided slower over to
Xena and once she made it she went into Xena’s arms and Xena placed a
passionate kiss on Diana’s sweet lips. Diana of course responded with her over

Xena then kissed down Diana’s neck nipping and sucking on the soft skin. Diana
tilted her head to allow Xena more access to her neck, and where ever
else Xena wanted to go. But Xena had no plans to allow Diana to release
especially since she was the cause of Diana’s pent-up energy.

“ Consort I can’t give you the release you need right now, But when I get back
I will.”

Xena said calmly, despite Diana’s restless type movements.

“ What?! Your going to leave me like this?!

“ Diana I have no choice, I have to get ready so I can get to Sirus’s and then
get back here to you.”

Xena started to stand.

“ Gods no Xena, Don’t leave me like this, Please?!

“ I have to kitten, but I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

Xena said sheepishly.

Diana was now holding Xena around her waist and she was having a hard time
looking Xena in the eyes, without blushing. Matter of fact she blushed every
time they made eye contact.

“I have to go kitten.”

Diana wasn’t sure why Xena kept calling her kitten but she figured she would
find out. But for now, she only wanted Xena to take her. But Xena was not even
planning on releasing Diana from her erotic torture.

Xena removed Diana’s hands and headed towards the door.

“Aren’t you going to at lease walk me out so you can see me off?”

Xena asked in all seriousness. Diana couldn’t believe Xena was doing
everything she was doing. Leaving her in such great need, going to Sirus’s
kingdom an ex-warlord who hated Xena as much as she hated him. Without her or
Terais, but taking Timson the devious little man that Diana was sure was up to
no good.

“ Yes, I’m sorry, I was just thinking how unsafe this whole thing is, as well
as strange. I was also thinking about how you could possibly leave me,
especially when I’m this ready for you, I know you feel it, but your just
better at concealing it.”

“ Diana.”

Xena said as they met up with Draco and Timson.

“ My Lord ? Your carriage awaits you.”

“ Carriage? Wait your not taking Your horse?!”

Diana said with alarm in her voice.

“ No Consort, That would not be appropriate, considering why I am going.”

“ But My Lord Xena?”

Diana started, but Xena turned and placing her hand on Diana’s shoulder She
leaned in and quietly said to Diana.

“ Diana don’t worry about me being in one of My carriages. There are many
things about them that not even my advisors know about. the drivers are the
only one’s who know about some of them. I’ll be fine.”

“ Another gift?”

“ Yes.”

Xena said with a smirk.

“ From who?”

“ No we’re not going there, just know that they were thoughtful gifts.”

“fine, for now.”

“ My Lord? We really must be going.”

Timson announced. Xena looked over her shoulder and said,

“I’ll be there in a moment go ahead and make sure there’s no problems within
the ranks.”

“Yes My Lord.”

Xena then turned her attention back to Diana who had now placed her hands over
Xena’s. She locked her eyes with Xena’s despite the extreme blushing and

“ Xena is it that important that you go?”

Diana asked with rising concern.

“ Kitten, I will be back before you know it, safe and sound.”

“ You better, otherwise someone’s going to get hurt, I can promise you that.”

Diana said with conviction. Xena actually found herself surprised at Diana’s
willingness to hurt someone because of her. She found herself grabbing Diana
around the waist and pulling her in close to plant a loving kiss on her lips.

“ I love you kitten.”

Diana relaxed some while Xena held her and she said,

“I love you My Lord Xena, be safe. And watch Timson!”

“ I will, and you be good.”

“ I always am.”

“ hmmhm.”

Xena then giving Diana another quick kiss, she turned and headed for the door
with Diana at her side. Xena got up into the carriage and Diana pushed the
door closed although the footman was there.

“ Remember what I said Xena, safe and sound or someone gets hurt.”

“ I’ll be fine Diana, it’s not a war zone.”

“Yeah, at least not yet.”

Xena then took Diana’s chin in her hand and she leaned over and said,

“ Diana remember my orders, you are to be silent until I tell you differently
you understand?”


“ and Diana, I’ll tell you this. I can’t wait to get back....Have I got plans
for you.”

Xena then let go of Diana’s chin and called to the driver to go, leaving Diana
standing holding her abdomen with one hand, and shivering and blushing all at
the same time.

“ I cannot believe she did that!”

Diana huffed. She stood a moment more watching the carriage and then when it
disappeared around a curve Diana turned and somewhat slowly walked back up and
into the palace. Diana did not realize that Xena had been watching her the
whole time and was just pleased with herself at how close she could keep
Diana, just by lighting her fire, as well as the love she felt for Diana.

Diana in the meantime had went back up the staircase and was heading to their
quarters, when she saw one of the scribes, she then thought about the library
and the locked part of it. Diana decided if she were not allowed to talk then
she might as well read, so she went to the library to see if she could get
into the locked area. Once there she went to the doors that Gabrielle had
pointed out to her.

Diana looked at the solidly built door and then at then running her hand over
it she could not find a lock or any sign of a key lock. She thought about how
a person could get into the room if there was no lock on it.

She then started to examine the door with her hands looking for a mechanism of
any sort. She could not find any. So in frustration she turned away from the
door and went to the main part of the library. She looked around it for a bit
and then she saw another scribe and going over to her she signed at the scribe
about whether or not there was a key to get into the locked area of the

The scribe said,


again Diana signed and asked where it was, and the scribe said,

“ Our Lord has it.”

signing again Diana asked where it was kept at.

The scribe smiled and said,

“It’s Our Lord’s Hands. Those are the key. She has to open it herself. It only
responds to her touch.”

Diana nodded and signed her thanks and turned and started to walk away. But
then she thought better and turned back to the scribe and signing she asked if
there were any scrolls about King Sirus and Lord Xena, as well as Advisor

The Scribe said,

“ yes.”

and went and pulled the requested scrolls. Diana then took the scrolls and
went and sat in one of the large comfortable chairs. The first scroll she
wanted to read was about Xena and Sirus’s history. She started to read and was
so enthralled in what she was reading about that she did not hear the or sense
that someone had come into the library.

The dark figure walked silently over to where Diana was reading and looking
over the young girls shoulder her read a few lines of the scroll she was
reading. Then in a deep voice he said,

“ So....”

Diana startled at the voice and it’s closeness to her and she jumped from the
couch in and landed on the floor in a defensive posture, ready to take out
whoever had startled her.

Are’s laughed and then said,

“ Calm down, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“ You didn’t scare me, you startled me.”

Diana sneered.

“ How did you get in here without me knowing?”

Diana asked out of curiosity. Are’s grinned and said,

“ How could you hear anybody? you were so into your reading that I don’t think
you would have heard a army of horses ride through here.”

“ Hm, well anyway what do you want?”

“I wanted to tell you something.”

“ I don’t know if I have any interest in what you have to say.”

“ OH, I think you’ll be interested in this.”

“ What makes you so sure?”

“ Because it involves someone very close to you.”

“ What are you talking about Ares?”

Diana said with rising apprehension.

“ Who does it involve?”

“ Gabrielle.”

Ares said with concern washing over his face. Diana was now standing within
inches of Ares. Her soft featured face was now hard and her eyes although
blue, were flaming.

“ What about Gabrielle, Ares.”

Diana said through clenched teeth.

“ She and Terais are in danger.”

Diana’s breathing now rapidly increasing and her heart felt as though it were
going to pound out of her chest. She felt like taking off for the Amazon
Nation right then and there, but she had to get the facts first, and make sure
Ares was not lying.

“ How are they in danger?”

“ Well actually The Nation of the Amazons is., they are going to be attacked
within the next four days.”

“ By who?”

“ By one of the other Ruler and his army.”

“ What are you talking about ? Honess’s army is heading for the assassinated
kings kingdom, and Sirus’s army is waiting for Xena to get there to help him
train his army.”

“ Yes, but it’s neither one of them. It’s one of the other Kings.”

“ Damn! Are you telling me that a third king is betraying Xena?”

“No, not Xena. These kings are not interested in feeling The Conqueror’s
wrath. They know better.”

Ares said giving Diana a peculiar look, that Diana instantly understood.

“ Are you saying that their out to hurt me, by hurting Gabrielle? Is that what
this is about?”

Ares looked at the young girl and seeing she was catching on he said,

“ By luring Xena away to Sirus’s, under the guise that Honess was going to
attack Uralane’s Kingdom.”

“ Are you telling me that he’s not going to Attack that Kingdom?”

“ No, he is, but it’s all apart of their plan.”

“What plan? And who is they?”

“ I’ll tell you this, There are certain people , who shall remain nameless for
the moment. Who do not like the idea of a changed Conqueror. Their afraid that
if she changes then it would weaken her control and hold over others. Their
afraid that by her changing to please you, then others will think that they
can speak out against whatever they choose to speak out against, and thereby
causing little conflicts to develop into bigger conflicts and then to civil
war within the Realm, and you know what happens if war breaks out in THIS

Ares paused a moment to give Diana a chance to figure out what he was saying,
then he continued.

“ If civil war breaks out then every other Kingdom including those already
under the rule of The Conqueror will ally themselves with those who are
against The Conqueror.”

“ These people are doing all of this because of ME?”

“ Not just because of you, but because of what they believe your doing to The
Conqueror. They believe you made her promise something that has caused her to
begin to change.”

“ Is that there only reason for doing all of this?”

“ No, the Kings who were here are all in on this. They have been told that if
they could get The Conqueror to believe that they would fight Honess’s army
with her. Thereby dividing Xena’s massive army up. They could defeat them,
and then have a new Ruler of the known world who will be obligated to them.
and thus divide up the Realm with the other Kings who help bring down The

“ Is Xena such a terrible Ruler that even the people want someone else to rule
them so badly that they would help these other kings?”

“ No. “

Came a third voice. Both Ares and Diana whirled to see who had joined them.

“ Indite?!

Diana exclaimed.

“What are you doing here?”

“ I came because I needed to tell you something, or rather show you.”

She handed a scroll to Diana, while Ares stood and stared at the Young girl.

“Oh, Ares this is Indite, Indite Ares.”

Diana turned to read the scroll and it was written a year later. Diana read
how the Amazons were defeated and Gabrielle, Terais and many of the other new
Amazons as well as the leaders of the Nation were now slaves and Consorts to
the kings who had betrayed Xena. She also read how Xena was captured and held
prisoner in the new Rulers dungeon, that He had remodeled to hold such a
person as her.

She also read that the ex-ruler had not even tried to break free because of
her lack of a will to live, to fight, or anything. she had actually lost all
life, because of what had happened to the love of her life. her heart was
black with hate and resentment towards everyone, especially the new Rulers and
also ironic enough Diana herself. For not fighting harder to stay with her.
The scroll did not say why Diana did not fight harder , just that she had no
choice in the end.

Diana’s brows were knitting together, her eyes becoming wet from the threaten
tears. She read on and saw that Xena had lost all will to live and fight,
because of what happened to her love.

Diana read that the young Consort who use to be with Xena had been taken from
her by an alien being who was not pleased with the Consort because of what the
consort did. and so because of that he saw no need for her to stay with the ex
Conqueror. The alien felt if the young girls actions had been different
despite her fear of the Conqueror, then things would have been different.

Diana stopped reading and looked up to Indite who only gave the young woman a
sad smile.

“ So what does this mean?”

Diana asked out of confusion and fear.

“ I can not tell you that, you have to make your own choices, and then live by
the results.”

“ Indite what are you telling me? I don’t understand, please?”

“ Diana, I can only tell you that you have to make a very difficult decision
and as a result of it , your actions will change peoples lifes one way or

“ How will I know if I make the right decision?”

“ You won’t, at least not until it’s over.”

Ares interjected. Diana looked at him and then said,

“ why is that?”

“ because you aren’t allowed to tell a certain person why you made your

“ never?”

“ No after everything has played to it’s conclusion then you can tell.”

“How will I know when that is?”

“ You’ll have to judge that for yourself”

Indite said.

“So I assume the person whom I not allowed to tell is Xena?”

“ yes.”

“ Figures.”

Diana then walked around the library and was rereading the scroll and thinking
about what Ares and Indite had told her. Diana had no problem with Indite
giving her heads up about a situation, but she was leery of why Ares was,
especially considering he tried to talk Diana out of coming to Xena.

“ Ares? Why are you telling me all of this?”

“ The same reason she is.”

“No, I don’t think so. What’s in this for you, especially if I succeed in
making the right choice?”

“ I’m hoping you make the right choice.”

Ares said with all sincerity.

Diana’s brows knit together once again at Ares statement and the sincerity in
which he said it.

“I don’t understand, before I came here you were trying to get me to change my
mind about coming here?”

“True, but now that you have come into her life, I cannot let anything happen
to her, especially if I can help prevent it.”

“Oh, so your helping me just because of her, not necessarily because you want
to help me?”

“ No, on the contrary, I love seeing you two together. It’s quite a wondrous

“ Oh, I see. “

Diana said somewhat irked that Ares has been watching them like a peeping Tom
or something. But she put that to the back of her mind for the moment and went
back to thinking about the situation at hand.

“ So, I have to make some type of choice? but you two can’t tell me what that
choice is, or whether I chose correctly? Does that about sum it up?

“ Yes.”

Both Indite and Ares said in unison.

“ is there anything else you can tell me, to help me make the right Decision
when that time comes?


Indite said.

“ What?”

“ first you have to realize that the decision could be a moment away. Also you
must remember that whatever decision you make the better choice is always one
made with the heart.”

“ Ok.”

Diana said ingraining Indites words into her head so as not to forget them.

“Well before I handle all of those other things, I have to get to The Nation
so I can protect Gabrielle.”

“ But what of the army?”

Ares asked, out of logic.

“What do you mean?”

“How are you alone going to stop an army?”

“ I don’t plan on it. I’m just going to get Gabrielle and warn them of what’s
heading their way.”

“ Oh, so your going to leave them to fight for themselves?”

Ares sneered.

“What? I have no obligation to them. Besides I am going to warn them.”

“ But you know as well as I that they will not leave their land.”

“ Well that’s their choice, isn’t it! My only concern is Gabrielle.”

“ But Diana, isn’t it true that Gabrielle is among them because she wants to
become one of them?’

Indite reasoned.

“ Yes, I mean no, I mean yes she’s there because she is thinking about
becoming one of them. But I told her and Xena told her that she had to
research everything about them and then present her argument to us before she
could join them.”

“ Well, I can tell you right now what her decision is going to be.”

Ares added as a cause for going.

“ And what would your knowledge be based off of ?”

Diana said sarcastically. Ares smirked and then said,

“ I’m a God.”

Diana sucked her teeth, and then conceded.

“ok fine you know what your talking about. So what will her decision be?’

“She’ll join them.”


Diana said somewhat disappointed.

“ Ok, now that I know that I guess I have to help them don’t I?”

Diana then turned away from them and started heading for the door, when she
heard Ares’s voice.

“ Aren’t you forgetting something?”

Diana turned and said,


“Aren’t you under some type of orders?’

“ What are you talking about, now?”

“Didn’t Xena tell you that you were not allowed to go anywhere?”

“ Yes, but I don’t think she would have a problem with me going to protect my
sister, do you?”

“ I don’t know, Didn’t she tell you that you are not a warrior any longer?”

“ Yes, but I don’t think she would be upset with me for going.”

“ Wouldn’t she?”

Indite asked sincerely.

“ Now, not even Xena would expect me to stay here while Gabrielle or herself
was in danger of being hurt.”

“Didn’t she tell you that if you disobeyed her you would be sorry?”

“What are you trying to do, talk me out of going?”

“No, but you have to think of the Consequences of your actions. If your really
honest with yourself you know that Xena would be livid at the fact that you
not only went somewhere, but you went to fight a battle. As a warrior?”

Diana took a deep breath and then looking Ares straight in the eyes she
finally said,

“ Yes.”

She then turned from him and turned to look at indite.

“ What am I going to do? Ares is right Xena will go off on me. She will
probably hurt me pretty bad.”

“Why do you think that?”

“Because she doesn’t want me to fight anyone for fear that there might be
another Chosen out there.”

“ Do you really think she will hurt you so badly because of that?”

“ I don’t know, her heart is tied up in this and she has told me that she has
no intention of losing me to anyone or anything. Ares, you told me what
Gabrielle’s decision would be concerning the Amazons, you can tell me if Xena
would hurt me or not, right?”

“Yes, I can tell you. But I don’t know if you truly want to hear it.”

“ I do!”

“ She’s going to hurt you so badly that you want even think about wanting to
hold any type of weapon, and she’ll beat you daily, with a whip and her hands.
she’ll also forbid you from seeing Gabrielle for that whole time and her from
seeing you. Of course she’ll look out for Gabrielle always but you’ll not be
allowed to speak to her or anyone else, except herself.”

Diana swallowed hard, then she said,

“ Ares she has to know I want just let her beat me without some type of a

“ She knows that, but she also knows who will win. And you know as well as we
what that will mean for you, she’ll be even more angry at you for fighting

Tears came to Diana’s eyes and she went to one of the large comfortable chairs
and sat heavily in it. She was shaking her head at the idea of the dilemma
that she was in. If she didn’t go Gabrielle could be hurt and if she did, then
Xena would hurt her worse than any of her Chosen had ever done.

Indite looked at the troubled young woman who then looked up at her and said,

“This is that choice thing you guys were talking about, isn’t it?”


Diana put her head in her hands and cried for a moment. Then she wiped her
eyes and stood up and looking Indite in the eyes she said,

“I need an army, Can you help me?”

“Your going? “

Ares said stunned.

“ I have no choice. “

“Sure you do, don’t go.”

“No, that’s not a choice, it’s not like me to run from a fight, irregardless
of whom I’m fighting. I won’t let anything happen to Gabrielle.”

“Now Indite can you help me with an army?”

“I don’t need to.”

“What do you mean?”

“ You have an army whenever you want it.”

“ Where? Xena’s?”

“ No, your own. With your banner colors. Dedicated solely to you or whoever
you choose them to be Dedicated to.”

“ How is that possible?”

“ You’ve always had them, but you can not use them against Xena.”

“ Not that I would but out of curiosity why not?”

“Because it works the same way as you fighting against her. She is The Chosen
for you and therefore anything or anyone you bring against her will fail if
the intent was to harm.”

“ That actually makes sense to me.Anyway when can I get them here?”

“ You will have to hold the army off without them the first 3 days.”

“ well maybe I can take the rest of Xena’s army with me and use them to turn
the army back. I mean there is over a hundred thousand soldiers out there.”

“ No you can not use Xena’s army. Remember they have to fight another army and
possibly a few?”

Ares interjected.

“ Fine I’ll do it my way until my soldiers show up and then, if anyone of that
army is left alive then they can have them. This whole situation has just
pissed me off and I don’t have time to be worrying about what is in store for
me afterwards. I’ll be scared when I’m confronted by Xena afterwards. But for

Diana’s eyes were now lit with a constant flame. She turned to Ares and said,

“Thank you for the information, I won’t forget it.”

She then turned to Indite and said,

“It’s like being at square one again. Me and Xena fighting once again.”

“ No, it’s not like square one. This time the fight will be about a deep and
abiding love.”

Diana then smiled, and turning she ran to the door and looking back once
again, she then said,

“ I don’t know if this is the right choice, but I have to follow my heart.”

She then smirked and shot out the door and up the staircase. She stripped out
of her clothes and located her leathers and armor. She traced a pattern over
the armor in contemplation as to the consequences she would suffer afterwards.
But after a moment she set that thought to the back of her mind and she put
the armor on.

She grabbed her staff, and ran out of the bed chamber down to the weapons
room and going straight to the encased swords where her sister’s sword was
placed, she opened it and took the sword out. she twirled it around a few
times getting familiar with the sword once again.

she then ran out the room and out the palace doors and headed for the
stables, once there she thought about the type of horse she wanted to take,
but then she saw two that she figured she would choose from. One was hers and
the other was Xena’s she thought about Xena’s only because of sentimental
reasons but then she chose her own.

She mounted the horse as it was charging out the stable doors and she called
to the Sentries to open the gates. They hesitated only a moment because they
were under strict orders that The Conqueror's Consort was not allowed to leave
the Palace grounds for any reason. But they soon changed their thinking when
they saw that The Consort had not even thought to slow down.

Diana figured that the Sentries despite their orders to not open the gates
would do just that if the only other choice was the possibility that The
Consort would be hurt if they didn’t. So with no good choice the gates swung
open and Diana was off like a flash with nothing but dust indicating which way
she was going.

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