By D.virtue

Diana rode for two days, during which she thought about what she was doing
which was disobeying Xena in the worse way, but then she would think that Xena
would understand and forgive her of this, especially considering why she was
doing it. To protect Gabrielle from harm. Diana reasoned, then she thought
about what if Xena didn't forgive her and decide to punish her.


The thought sent chills down Diana’s back, especially considering some of
Xena’s words were to her. She was not to speak to anyone, she was not leave
the palace grounds, and she was to be good. Diana thought about all of this
and she decided that if Xena got upset then she herself would get upset.

“ Ha!”

Diana said to herself.

“ I can see how that’s going to go. Well lucky for me Xena is heading to
Sirus’s Kingdom, Hopefully I’ll be back to the Palace before she gets back.”

Diana thought about this and she felt guilty about the indirect lie she was
planning on, by not telling Xena the truth of what she had done while she was
away. But Diana figured why upset her. Then she thought...

“ I’ll tell her, I can’t start being dishonest with her no matter what.”

With that Diana turned her attention fully to her ride to the Amazon Nation.
As Diana got closer to the border of The Nation, she started feeling really
uneasy. She could not put her finger on why she felt that way but she knew it
was something that she was not going to like. At first she thought out of
fear, that Mesands army had already arrived and had destroyed the Nation. But
when she came to the Border she was greeted by Amazon scouts.

She relaxed a little now that she saw that Mesand had not arrived yet. Diana
Clasped her hands above her head showing the sign of friend. She then asked
the lead scout,

“ Where is Terais and Gabrielle?”

“ They are with the acting Queen Ephiny, and her Honored Guest.”

“ Guest?”

Diana asked out of concern that one more person would probably be hurt.

“ Yes.”

Came the response from the lead scout.

“ Follow me?”

“ Ok.”

Diana said as she and the lead scout headed to the residences of the acting
Queen. Once there Diana started tightening in her belly for some unknown
reason, it was the same feeling she got when she was close to Xena. But Diana
reasoned that the feeling could not be due to that because Xena was headed in
a different direction. So she shook off the thought and took a few deep
breaths to calm herself. It worked....a little.

The Scout saw Diana and asked,

“Are you ok?”

“ Hm, oh yes, I’m fine, thank you. Can we go in to see the Acting Queen?”

“Yes, but I have to announce you, what is your name?”

“ Diana.”

“ Ok wait here.”

Diana nodded her head and the lead scout opened the door and went in. Diana
thought about looking in to see who was in there other than Gabrielle and
Terais, but she figured she would see soon enough. Diana heard her name
announced and then to her surprise she heard Terais and Gabrielle both gasp.

Diana was concerned by their reaction to her name, but she stood where she
was. She then heard what she figured to be the queens voice, telling the scout
to show her in.

The scout came out and Diana looked at her, the scout had a dire look on her
face and Diana was worried about what had caused it.

“ What is it?”

“ Her Majesty has asked me to show you in.”

“ Ok, but why do you look like some horrible situation is about to take

The scout not wanting to be the one to tell the unsuspecting young girl what
awaited her inside the chamber simply said,

“ Please follow me?”

Diana not understanding the problem simply answered and said,

“ Ok.”

the scout lead Diana into the room where everyone was sitted. Gabrielle
sitting next to Terais looking at Diana over their shoulders, The Queen Diana
assumed was facing Diana and then there was the guest, which Diana could only
assume was sitting in the other large chair that one could not see over top
of. Diana looked at the three women’s faces and then she focused on
Gabrielle’s. Diana knitted her brows together and started to ask what was
going on, but then she thought better of it, it could not be as important as
what she had to tell the Amazon Queen. So with a slight nod of her head she

“Queen Ephiny, forgive this intrusion, I have come to warn you that your
Nation is in danger of being attacked by King Mesand, I have come to tell you
this so that you and your Amazons can ready yourselves. I also came to get my
sister and take her out of harms way.”

Just as Ephiny was about to speak Gabrielle having come out of her trance
heard Diana’s last statement and with a look of determination she said,

“ Diana, I can’t leave my sister Amazons.”

Diana looked at Gabrielle with confusion and then she said,

“ First of all little sister, they are not your sisters Yet! and secondly you
are leaving.”

“ I won’t go!”

Gabrielle said crossing her arms. Diana looked at Gabrielle incredulously,
then she said,

“ Gabrielle you are going, if I have to drag you out of here. Do you know what
risk I’ve taken to come here and tell the Amazons about the threat to them and
to get you out of here before you get hurt?! Let me tell you the risk! Xena
forbade me from leaving the Palace grounds, yet alone wearing this outfit,
and under and order of silence. And here I stand totally disobeying everyone
of them, and why so I can come here and hear my sister tell me she’s not
leaving! Ha! “

Gabrielle now feeling chastised by her sister sat and let the tears roll down
her face. Diana regretting the harshness in her voice walked over to
Gabrielle and going to one knee in front of her she said,

“ Gabrielle I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to sound so...harsh, but you have to
understand the risk I’ve taken. I hate disobeying Xena, but I could not stay
there knowing you were in danger, especially if I could do something about

Gabrielle wiped her eyes and then she said,

“ I know the risk you’ve taken and I’m sorry I seemed ungrateful, but I really
am and I love you for it, but I can’t leave them at a time like this.”

Diana took a deep breath and then she said,

“Fine. if your not leaving then I’m not leaving.”

“ Is That So?”

came an all to familiar voice. Diana dropped her head and shook her head
slightly from side to side, then she said to herself,

“ Can’t lose for winning.”

Diana then looked at the chair with the unseen guest and saw to her
consternation. Xena!.

Diana brought her fingers of one of her hands to her lips and she closed her
eyes for a moment and turned her head back towards Gabrielle and looking up
into Gabrielle's eyes she saw tears rolling down her cheeks once again, this
time out of fear for Diana. Diana lowered her head and rubbed her now aching
forehead due to the headache that had started out of her stress at seeing
Xena, and all of the other emotions and feeling racing through her.

“ Come here Consort!”

Diana stiffened at the tone and then she stood and walked over to the angry
Conqueror. Diana came to stand before Xena and she started to say something,
but Xena arched her brow at her in question as if to say,

“You have the nerve to continue and or even try to talk your way out of this.”

Diana caught the meaning and clamped her mouth closed. she swallowed hard
several times before Xena said anything else. Finally Xena said,

“ On your knees Consort.”

Xena ordered. Diana looked at her briefly and then went to her knees. Xena
then glared at Diana and looked her up and down as to what she was wearing.
She took the sword from Diana’s scabbard and placed it in her extra sword
holder. She then told Diana to turn and not move from where she had been told
to sit. Which was between Xena’s legs with her back to Xena.

Xena then picked up her conversation with the Acting Queen.

“ Anyway Ephiny, you don’t have to worry about Mesand and his army attacking
the Amazons. My Army is already waiting for him to cross onto Amazon land, and
once he does my army will surround his and take them all prisoners.”

“ How is it that you knew about Mesand, Lord Xena?”

“ Because as I was going to meet with Sirus a little birdie told me that Sirus
, Mesand and Honess were all planning on getting Gabrielle out of the way so
that My Consort would be so distraught over the lost that she would leave me
and thus be out of my life and end whatever influence My Consort may have over

Diana started to turn her head to look at Xena, but her head was stopped by
Xena’s strong hand and turned back around to face forward. Diana took the hint
and faced forward.

“ When will he arrive?”

Ephiny asked.

“Tomorrow, and at that time we will take him and his army and the Amazon
Nation will be safe from him.”

“ Why are you doing this Lord Xena? It can’t be because were under your
protection, because we’re not.”

“ Your right that is not the reason I am doing this. I do this because of My
Consort, her sister and My first lieutenant. All of which means a great deal
to me. Plus I did promise my Consort that I would not let anyone hurt her
sister, and if she would only trust that she would have realized that it was
not necessary to disobey me!”

Xena said more to Diana than the Acting Queen. Xena looked down at Diana and
saw Diana was in agreement with her just by the way she was shaking her head.

Ephiny then said,

“ Fine, we accept your help, but we will be involved in defending our own

“ It’s the least that I expected.”

Xena said arching a brow at the Queen. Ephiny bowed and then said,

“Join me for noon meal Lord Xena?”

“ That will be fine, but for now I would like to go to my quarters and talk
with my Consort.”

Ephiny stood as did everyone else. Then Xena told Diana to get up. Diana stood
and turned to face Xena who only turned and said,

“ Come Consort.”

Diana hearing the tone immediately fell into stride with Xena. They came to
the door of the Royal Guest quarters and Diana noticed it was large but not
like Xena’s quarters back at the palace. Xena’s Royal guard opened the door
for the two and Xena entered then Diana. The door was then shut and the two
women were now alone.

Diana took a deep breath and started t speak again, but this time she was
stopped another way.


Diana flew back into the door. but was able to remain standing. Xena then
strided over to Diana and once upon her she delivered another backhand across
Diana’s face.

“ W.H.A.M.!!

Diana’s head snatched to the left. The only reason why Diana’s body did not
follow was because Xena was holding her by her armor. Then Xena realized what
she was holding and she said through clenched teeth.

“ Take this off, Now!”

Xena sneered. Her eyes filled with anger and fury at Diana for her
disobedience once again. Diana immediately stripped out of the armor. But it
was not all of what Xena had meant. So Xena decided to tell the tearful young
woman what she meant.



Diana cringed at the term and knew the implications of that term. She then
felt the implication as her head snapped the other way. Tears were now rolling
down Diana’s cheeks continuously as her cheeks had now been reddened. Diana
stripped out of the leathers and boots, and stood in front of Xena with only
her underpants on.

Xena then told Diana,

“ This is how you are to dress until you get some decent clothes, is that
clear kitten?”

“ B...But Xena, what about noon meal, I can’t go like this.”

“ You can, and you will, if you don’t have any other clothes that will please
Is that clear?”

Diana swallowed hard and then she said,

“ Yes.”

Xena then turned away from Diana and proceeded to go to the other room and sit
on the bed.

“ Come here kitten!”

Xena demanded. Diana strided into the room and stood in front of Xena.

“ Xena I swear It wasn’t my intention to disobey you, I just felt I didn’t
have any options.”

“ Oh, you had options Diana.”

Xena said sarcastically. Diana picking up the tone resented it and shot back,

“What options?! What options did I have?!”

Xena narrowed her eyes at the tone of Diana’s voice and the challenge she
heard in it. She then stood up abruptly and in doing so Diana stepped back.

“ You could have trusted me to hold to my word that I would not let anything
happen to Gabrielle, but no...., you had such little faith in me that you had
to utterly disobey me to take care of it yourself!”

“ Xena you know that’s not true! I can’t believe you would even think it!”

“ What else am I suppose to think Diana?! Your here! you were dressed in your
warrior clothes and carrying a sword and other weapons! What the Hell was I
suppose to think?! “

Xena this had nothing to do with whether I trusted you to hold to your word!
If I didn’t trust you to do that then I can assure you that neither Gabrielle
nor myself would be here! Why would I get involved with someone whom I could
trust to keep their word! I wouldn’t! And you can believe that!”

Diana was now glaring at Xena and Xena was not to pleased by it, so she said,

“ Ok, fine I’ll accept that this had nothing to do with your trusting me, But
little kitten you had better lose that attitude, and fast!”

Diana thought about Xena’s words and she stepped back a little further and
took in a long slow breath, she then let it out the same way.

“ Xena, How was I suppose to know that you would find out and get here?”

“ You weren’t! That’s why you should have stayed at the palace and sent a
messager to me if you thought I did not know. But even that would not have
been necessary Consort, I have spies everywhere, and in every kingdom and
province that is not under my Control.”

“ I didn’t realize that.”

“ Of course you didn’t how could you, I just recently started it when you
showed up in that village unforeseen by any of my spies.”

“hm, I see.”

Diana said while averting her eyes. Xena noticed that Diana realized her error
and was now trying to avoid looking at her, but she was not having any of

“ Look at me kitten!”

Diana hearing the tone turned her eyes back to look at Xena.

“ Diana I’m not letting you off the hook on this one. What you did was
completely wrong, an I plan on carrying out what I said I would do if you
weren’t.....Good. Do you remember what I said?”

Diana’s eyes widen, and then she swallowed hard once again, after clearing
her throat a few times she answered and said,

“ Yes, but Xena, You have to see why I did this?”

“ Oh I see, I just don’t accept that it was your only choice, do you?”

“I... I guess not, but man you don’t have to whip me to emphasis your point?”

“ Oh, I think I do, and I will.”

Xena then turned and walked back to the bed and removing her armor and weapons
she said to Diana as she moved onto the bed,

“ Come here I have need of My Consort to relieve my stress that she herself
has caused.”

Diana looked at Xena in stunned shock and then she said,

“ Your not serious? You were just shouting at me and now you want me?”

“ Diana I told you before, irregardless of how angry I get with you I still
love and need you, and I won’t deprive myself of thoroughly enjoying your
treasures. Now come here!”

Diana bit her lip, but she headed towards the bed, just as she was about to
get on she heard Xena say,

“ Take those off!”

Diana looked at her underwear, and then she slid them down and off. She then
got on the bed. Xena told her to lay back on the pillow, and Diana did as she
was told, but then she asked,

“ Xena?”

“ Hmm?”

“ Are you going to allow me release?”

“ Yes! Why?”

“ I don’t understand why you would, especially since I was know.”

“ Disobedient?”

“ Yes.”

“ I’m doing it because I don’t want you to have to be in Such need of me over
the next month, and because when I ride to battle Honess’s army, I don’t want
you antsy.”

“ I suppose you wouldn’t be thinking about taking me with you?”

“ You suppose right!”

“ Xena.....”

“ Not another word!”

Xena said through clenched teeth. Diana fell silent and Xena proceeded to take
Her. They made love until time for noon meal. Xena afterwards told Diana while
they were still lying down,

We’re not through here, but I did say I would join Ephiny for noon meal. Diana
was still slightly out of breath but she had enough where with all to remember
that she did not have any clothes to wear except her leathers, and she knew
Xena meant what she said about making her go with just her underwear on, so
she asked,

“ Xena I’d rather skid noon meal if it’s ok with you?”

“ I’m sure you would, but it’s not going to happen. But I’ll let you join me
in ten minutes at the meal, with or without, is that clear?”

“ But Xena? you can’t really expect me to come to eat almost completely

“ I do and you will ten minutes if your late I’ll make you strip completely.

Xena said narrowing her eyes.

“ Yes, perfectly.”

Diana said disappointedly.

Xena then leaned over Diana and said,

“ Give!”

Diana then leaned up and kissed Xena. Xena after a moment or so broke the kiss
and then hopped off the bed. She cleaned up and turning to face Diana, who had
watched Xena the whole time, said in a low voice,

“ten minutes kitten.”

Diana shivered at the tone but answered with a quiet,

“ ok.”

Xena then turned and walked out of the room and headed for the dining hall.
Diana in the meantime had gotten off of the bed and was cleaning up rapidly.
She then afterwards looked around the chamber looking for clothing to wear.
after looking in all of the closets and drawers she thought she saw, she sat
on the bed and calculated how much time she had left, which was about 6
minutes, Diana was becoming concerned that she would not find anything to wear
and would be forced to go to the dining hall nude, but then she saw a trunk
sitting in one of the corners and with hope she jumped off of the bed and ran
to the trunk.

She opened the trunk. To Diana’s stunned surprise it was a trunk full of
clothes, some leathers, cottons and such, but then she saw an outfit that she
thought would work. as she pulled it out she saw that it not only would work
but it would be perfect for what she had in mind to do.

Diana dressed in the outfit she had found and looking in the mirror. She had
to admit the clothing was not much more than being naked, but it covered where
it needed to. Diana calculated she had two minutes to make it to the dining
hall. She left the room and was heading down the hall, as she went she heard
Xena’s Royal guards inhale sharply and then she heard them say when they
thought she was out of hearing range,

“ I could just die now a happy man.”

one said and the other said,

“ I know what you mean...How is it that a woman like that is with another
woman, what a lost to us men. The Conqueror is too lucky.”

“ Yeah, but you have to admit They are a BEAUTIFUL couple together, at least
both of them are good looking.”

“ Yeah I guess that’s true.”

Diana smiled to herself at the response from the soldiers, she then decided
she would use her looks to her advantage, especially considering where she
was. The Amazon Nation was known for their love of other women. Diana smiled
mischievously to herself.

As Diana made her way to the dining hall, after being told where it was she
heard all kinds of expressions of desire for her. Diana finally made it to the
Dining hall and she stood there for a few moments and taking a deep breath she
opened the door and walked in.

The entire room gasped at the site of the young woman, including Gabrielle and
Terais, and Ephiny, Xena however was in the middle of taking a bite of her
food when she looked over at the entering young woman. Diana stood by the door
for a moment acting as tho she was trying to locate Xena.

An Amazon walked over to the young woman and proceeded to talk to her. Xena
was now actively watching Diana and the Amazon. The Amazon said,

“ Hi, Are you looking for anyone in particular?”

“ Hello, yes but I don’t see them yet.”

Diana said.

“ Well maybe I can help you find them?” That would be great thank you.”

Diana said looking at the woman who now was grinning ear to ear. The woman
proceeded to stand to Diana’s right side as if allowing Diana to look over the
room. But Diana saw everything the woman was doing as did The Conqueror. The
woman slyly looked up and down Diana’s body and then she said,

“ You are truly a beautiful young woman.”

“ Thank you, but I’m sure you say that to other women as well. But thank you
just the same. You are a good looking woman yourself.”

The woman smirked and then she gave Diana a lustful look. Diana smirked and
turned her attention back to her perusing of the room. Then she said,

“ There they are.”

The woman followed Diana’s fingers and saw what group of people she was
pointing to. Xena was sitting with her arms crossed over her chest and
everyone else was looking nervous at what they thought Xena was going to do.
The Amazon then said,

“I hope your not with The Conqueror?”


“ Because if you are then I’m a dead woman.”

“ Oh, she’s not like that, I mean she can be quite possessive but she knows

“ Oh my Goddess! You are with her?”

“ Yes, come on let me introduce you to her and you’ll see what I mean.”

“ N....”

Just before the woman could say no she was being pulled towards the table.
Diana then stopped abruptly and said,

“ By the way, what is your name?”

“ It’s Carina....”

“ Pretty name, I’m Diana.”

Carina gave a small smile and then felt herself being pulled once again.
Carina saw the scowl cross the Conqueror’s face when Diana took her hand, and
she was near panic the closer she got to the table.

“ Diana! I really don’t think this is a good idea?”

“ Sure it is, especially if you don’t want The Conqueror to think you were
trying to pick me up.”

The woman looked into Diana’s eyes and saw the sincerity in her eyes she then


Diana let go of the young woman’s hand and the woman followed her to the
table. Diana and Carina arrived at the table and Xena had a mean look in her
eyes. Diana acted as if she did not see it. Diana walked to where Xena sat and
she sat down on Xena’s lap and Xena helped her settle while looking at Carina.
Diana then said as she leaned over and kissed Xena passionately.

“ Hi, am I on time?”

Xena smirked and then she said,

“That depends on who she is?”

Xena said tilting her head towards the Amazon.

“ Oh, My Lord Xena, This is Carina, she wanted to meet you.”

“ Really ?”

Xena said looking at Diana then back at the Amazon.

“ Yes, she helped me find you. Queen Ephiny this place is huge.”

“ Hello Lord Xena, I’m honored to make your acquaintance.”

Xena studied the woman for a moment then she said,

“It’s nice to meet you. I was starting to get offended that anyone would dare
to hit on My Consort.”

“ Your Consort?”

“ Yes, didn’t Diana tell you that?”

Xena said raising her brow and cutting her eyes to look at Diana. Diana smiled
innocently and then answered the question for Carina.

“ My Lord Xena, I didn’t see a need to tell Carina that I was your Consort,
especially since she was not trying to seduce me, but was only interested in
helping me find you.”

“ Uhhuh?”

Xena said with a smirk. Diana smiled and Carina held her breath.

“ If you say so.”

Xena said using her fingers under Diana’s chin and pulling her to her she took
the Consorts sweet lips once again. More for appearance sake than anything.
After Xena broke their kiss, Diana shook her head to clear it and then said in
a quiet voice,

“ I do love the way you assert your claim.”


A curve played at the corner of Xena’s mouth and she had to bite the inside of
her cheek to keep from losing her mask. Diana then asked if Carina could join
them. Xena then said in a voice just as quietly,

“ Don’t push it kitten.”

Diana heard the warning in the tone and decided to let it go.

“ Carina thank you for helping me, I probably would have been late if you

“ Your welcome.”

Carina then bowed to her Queen and to The Conqueror and was dismissed by
Ephiny. She went back to were she was sitting and proceeded to eat. Her table
companions were waiting for her to tell them what The Conqueror said to her,
but Carina was to shook up to speak just then. So they ate in silence.
Meanwhile Diana was about to get off of Xena’s lap when she felt Xena’s arm
encircle her waist and hold her there.

“ Where are you going Consort?”

“ I was just going to sit in one of the chairs.”

“ No, I think I prefer for you to sit here.”

“ But My can not be comfortable with me sitting on your lap the
whole meal?”

“ On the contrary you weigh nothing and it is actually very comfortable to me
to have you sitting here. Besides....”

Xena said leaning close to Diana’s ear,

“I can do what I want to to you and you have no choice but to accept it.”

Diana blushed fiercely, from Xena’s words and the whole table saw and for some
strange reason they thought it was funny, before Diana knew it the whole table
was laughing almost hysterically, everyone except Diana who didn’t think her
blushing was funny. she instead narrowed her eyes and glared at all of them,
including Xena who only smirked and said,

“Well, you are adorable when you blush.”

“ Funny, very funny, ha, ha, ha.”

Xena arched her brow and Diana picked up a glass and said,

“ Now if I waste this it would be a shame, you wouldn’t have anything to

“ Don’t you dare.”

Xena said in a warning voice.

It would be a shame, especially considering that you would either have to shed
your leathers or wear them and smell like alcholol all day.”

Diana said as she feigned shakiness of her hands.

“ Consort!”

Xena said in a more authoriated voice.

“ If you waste that on me I’ll reddened your backside here and now.”

Diana looked back at Xena and saw that she was serious. So rather than risk
being punished in front of everyone in the Amazon Nation, she decided to put
the cup down. She then said,

“Next time don’t make fun of me.”

Xena picked up the drink and took a drink. Diana then asked everyone at the

“ So what do you think of the outfit I found to wear?”

everyone including Xena choked on what was in their mouth, it was the exact
reaction Diana had hoped for and she burst out laughing. Everyone stared at
her at first and then Gabrielle started to laugh followed by Terais. Ephiny
and Xena both stared at the three young women laughing so hard that tears were
rolling down their faces.

Everyone in the dining hall begun to chuckle then laugh at the scene of the
three young women laughing so hard. Soon the whole dining hall was laughing
out of the contagiousness of laughter. Everyone that is except Xena and
Ephiny. Both of them only looked around the room and knitted their brows
together as to why everyone was laughing so hard. After about 40 minutes or so
Diana calmed down enough to compose herself and then Gabrielle then Terais,
and eventually the room.

Gabrielle then looked at Diana and then Xena and finally Ephiny and Terais and
she said, intending all seriousness.

“ I’m hungry.”

As if the sensation had just hit her.

Diana looked at Terais and before they knew it both of them were in a fit of
laughter once again. Diana was holding her stomach while leaning back against
Xena, and Terais was leaning against one of the wall that was behind her. This
time it was Gabrielle who didn’t get the joke and she said,

“ What?”

Xena laughed out loud as did Ephiny and soon the room was laughing once again.
Gabrielle in the meantime said,

“ I don’t know what’s so funny about me being hungry, hmmph.”

And she started to eat looking at the people at the table and then around the
room. Gabrielle ate for a while before Xena composed herself enough to say,

“ No offense Gabrielle, But You have to admit, your always hungry.”

“ Well, I can’t help it if I’m a growing girl.”

Gabrielle said in her defense.

“ No, you can’t help it, but you can put some food away to be a small as you

Diana was now composed and said teasingly,

“ That’s pay back for laughing at me.”

Diana cast Gabrielle a smile and Gabrielle smiled back and said,

“ I guess your right.”

The rest of the meal the conversation turned to more serious things. About
Mesand, although Xena was not to concerned about him and his army. as they
talked Diana thought about everything and every now and then she would ask a
question or make a statement. as did everyone else.

But then Ephiny said something that brought tension to the conversation.

“Lord Xena, I understand from Gabrielle that Diana is quite a warrior. I’ve
watched Gabrielle train with her staff and she has beaten many of my highly
trained Amazons. I was quite impressed with her skills and I asked her why she
learned to use a staff, she told me it was her sister Diana. You are quite
lucky to have such a skilled warrior at your side.”

“ Yes I guess I would be if I had such a warrior at my side, but as it is I

Xena said with controlled irritation in her voice.

“ I don’t understand, isn’t Diana a skilled fighter?”

“ Yes she is, the best, next to me. But she is no longer a warrior. She is My
Consort, and as such I have forbade her from carrying any type of sword, or
dressing in any type of warrior Garbs.”

“ But she was wearing all of that, I don’t understand.”

Diana was now looking at the table and she knew Xena was getting more and more
angry, especially at being reminded at how blatantly Diana had disobeyed her.

“ Yes she was, but that’s why she will be punished as soon as we get back to
my Palace. I am quite angry about the fact that My Consort would disobey me
like this, but I have no worries that this will be repeated, for I intend to
drive home the point that disobedience by anyone in my Realm, Especially My
Consort will not be tolerated.”

“ I sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you Lord Xena.”

“ No, it is not you who have upset ,me Queen Ephiny.”

Ephiny bowed her head and then looked at the young woman sitting on The
Conqueror’s thigh. Diana actually looked younger than she already did. She was
biting on her lower lip and keeping her eyes averted from looking at anyone at
the table especially Xena. To which she was happy that she was sitting where
she was, that way she could not see Xena’s eyes.

Diana after a few minutes of silence asked out of uneasiness, more so than

“ My Lord Xena, If it is alright with you I would like to return to our
quarters, for a little while?”

Xena took another drink of her wine and then set it down on the table, she
thought about Diana’s request and knew why she asked. But Xena was not about
to let Diana out of her present situation, so she said in a nonchalant voice,

“ No, it’s not alright. You’ll stay by my side until we leave, is that clear?

“ Yes.”

Xena reached for a slice of orange and then she said,

“ open.”

Diana did as she was told and accepted the offered fruit. Xena then continued
to feed Diana and Diana ate in silence while everyone including Xena talked.
Finally, after what seemed like forever Xena said,

“I think we’ll turn in for the night, it’s going to be a interesting day

Diana could not believe that they had sat there through not only noon meal but
evening meal as well. But she was happy to be leaving for their adopted
quarters for the time being. Xena and Diana arrived back at their quarters and
Xena said as they entered the room.

“ Interesting day, I truly did not expect to see you here. “

Xena turning to look at Diana. Diana stood by the door and nervously chewed at
her lip while looking down at her feet.

“ Come here kitten.”

Diana looked up at Xena and saw the anger in her eyes. Diana walked over to
her and stood silently in front of Xena.

“ Hmm, well I see it is possible for my little kitten to be silent, although
with the wrong person, but it is a start.”

Xena then lifted Diana’s chin and said,

“you know your in a lot of trouble with me don’t you?”

Diana nodded her head, and for once Xena accepted it. Xena walked to a table
that had fruit on it and she told Diana to follow her. Xena picked up a cherry
and placed it in her mouth. she then sat down in one of the chairs and
motioned for Diana to sit in one of the chairs that was facing her. Diana sat
and kept her eyes most of the time focused on her hands in her lap, while Xena
watched Diana and thought she loved Diana’s confidence, and zest for life, but
she had to find a way to break her willfulness, without losing those qualities
she loved in Diana.

end of part 25
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