By D.virtue

Xena saw herself in Diana and although that aided in their kindred souls, Xena
did not want another her to deal with, she knew how trying that would be to
have two strong willed people living together, and besides there could only be
one Master and Xena wanted to assert who that was, so she sat and studied the
silent Diana for a long while. Finally Xena asked Diana a question,

“Kitten, why do you think your other Chosen sent you here to this time?”

Diana looked up at Xena and saw she really did want to know, but of course
Diana couldn’t answer the question, because she didn’t even know why.

“ I don’t know.”

“ were all of you happy?”

“ yes.”

“ were you more happy there or here ?”

Xena asked while eating a slice of fruit and intensely studying Diana.

“ Here.”

Diana said simply. But Xena could not figure how that could be, especially
considering Diana rarely was whipped there and all of her other friends and
adopted family was back there and she didn’t have to put up with the temper of
her other Chosen. Diana glanced up at Xena for a moment while Xena was
thinking about all of this and she knitted her own brows together as to what
would take Xena so deep in thought. Then Xena seemed to snap out of it just as
quickly as she had gone into it and her eyes locked on Diana. To Diana’s

Xena’s gaze was piercing although it was only because she was really trying to
figure Diana out. But Diana not really knowing why Xena was looking at her
like that only swallowed hard. Xena then asked the question that she had been
thinking about,

“ Diana, how is it possible for you to be happier here, especially when all of
you family and friends are there, plus the fact that your punishments aren’t
nearly as severe there as they are here. Your whole life is there, so I really
don’t know how you can say your happier here, so easily.”

Diana finally looked up into Xena’s eyes and held them there while she
answered the question.

“ Xena, I don’t know why I was sent here by my other Chosen, I can only guess
it was because of my behavior. But I can tell you that although I love and
miss all of them, including my sisters and friends, I have no regrets about
being here. When I first came here I met a young girl....”

“ Gabrielle ?”

“ No, I met Gabrielle after our first meeting. This young girl was different.
That first day that I arrived here in this time was very stressful and scary
for me. I was standing in the middle of this village looking around me to see
if what I was seeing was real, and then a young boy came up to me and asked if
I was ok, I guess it was because I was looking like I was lost, anyway we
talked for a few minutes and he told me why everyone was leaving the village.
It was because you and your army was coming. Anyhow, when he asked me to come
with him I had to turn him down. The idea of leaving from where I was although
it was foreign to me I couldn’t see going deeper into this place until I
figured out where I was at that time. when he left I happen to look to my left
and I saw the strangest thing. It was a young girl sitting up in a tree,

“ Really? what was she writing?

“ Yes, really. She was writing about us.”

“ Us?”

“ yes, I was just as surprised, especially since I wasn’t even from here,
anyway I went over to the tree she was in and I jumped up into it. She was
very young looking, about Gabrielle’s age, anyway I asked her what she was
doing and did she realize that the village was about to be attack and that it
really was not a good place for her to be considering all things. It didn’t
even phrase her. she just kept writing, we talked for a little bit mainly she
talked and I listened and then she turned into this old woman, and she started
telling me about My Destiny and the fact that I was sent here to meet you in
battle. That really disturbed me. But she spoke of the reason why I had to
challenge you, and that it had to do with the protection of people’s families,
and she used my own loss to bring that point home. I think she knew how
important family was and is to me, an she used that and showed me that I could
not just let you destroy those people’s families.”

“ But you know Xena she told me that it was fate that we meet there and then,
and that I had to lure you away from the rest of the battle so that it was
just you and me. I have to admit at first I had no problems or worries about
fighting you, but for some reason there was this feeling of dread that just
kept nipping at the back of my mind every time I thought about us fighting,
although for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why, I mean at the time I
thought of you only as a woman trying throw her weight around and having dealt
with people like that back in a few of my business dealings, I figured how
much of a fight would it be. I thought she’s a woman... for one thing,
obviously power crazed, and too too full of herself. At least that’s what I
thought until I saw you.”

“ what did you think then?”

“ I thought WOW what an absolutely beautiful woman you were. There you were
sitting on that powerful horse radiating Power, Confidence and Command. The
things I thought initially went right out the window after I saw you, and
that dread was working it’s way forward in my mind and I actually thought I
could not do it, challenge you, especially by myself. But the old woman’s
voice came back to me and I realized I had to. So I did what I had to do and
that was challenging you.”

“ That is one of the things that attracted my attention to you.”

“ What ?”

“ Your courage, despite your fear, It’s quite a turn on to me.”

Xena said with lust coming to her eyes, and Diana blushed as a result of the

“ That’s another thing that I find to be a turn on.”

“ What, my blushing?”

“ Yes, especially since you have a physical reaction to your blushing.”

“ What do you mean?”

“ I mean these.”

Xena said leaning forward and pinching Diana’s firm nipples.

“ Ah.!”

Xena arched her brow and smirked as she let go of Diana’s nipples and leaned
back and watched Diana shiver at the action. Xena then asked,

“Diana I still don’t see how you can be happier here, than there.”

“It’s simple, Your Here, and Gabrielle’s here. I have to get on with my life,
I can’t dwell of what is left behind, especially when I did not even have a
choice in the matter.”

“ Hmm, you said you thought they sent you here because of your behavior, why
do you think that is the possible reason?”

“ Because, I was being “Careless,” Their words.”

“ Careless? in what way?”

“ They said I wasn’t being careful, that I was impulsive and willful. “

“ I see their point.”

Xena said filing the information away in the back of her mind for later. She
figured she knew why Diana was sent to her time and now she had to figure out
a way to handle the spirited young woman in her life.

“ I don’t! I mean really how is my going for walks at night, not being
careful, especially since I could best anyone there. Well anyone that wasn’t
my Chosen.”

“ Are you saying that they were concerned that you could meet a Chosen out on
the street and if you happen to be fighting that person they feared that you
would be hurt or even killed?”

“ Yes I guess that is what they feared, although I still don’t know why. I
mean figure the odds of me running up against a Chosen on the street.”

“ I have figured and the odds are quite high that you could have run across a

“ How do you figure that Xena?”

“ Simple, look at us. Did you ever think that one of your Chosen, The Chosen
would be a woman?”

Diana looked at Xena and knitted her brows together at Xena’s pinched lips and
feralled brows.

“ No, but that’s different.”

“ Oh really? how?”

“ I don’t know, but we’re not talking about us, we’re talking about them.”

“ No Diana, it is us that I am talking about.”

“ Xena how does what they thought relate to us?”

“ Simple, what have I told you time and time again why I did not want you
fighting as a warrior?”

“ You keep saying you won’t let me jeopardize or relationship, by some other
Chosen being discovered”

Diana said as the realization hit her as to what Xena was saying, and had
been saying all along. Xena noticed that Diana finally understood what she was
saying. Diana looked at Xena and then she lowered her eyes to her look at her
hands in her lap once again, as she thought about what she had just said.
Diana then started shaking her head slightly and she looked back up at Xena
and said,

“ While I see what you and them were saying, I have to admit I can not live my
life worrying about when and if another Chosen is out there. If that is the
reason you don’t want me to fight, then your wrong.”

With that Diana stood up and walked away to stand at a window. Xena who
thought she finally got through Diana’s stubbornness and willfulness, sat
stunned for a moment then she became angry again. Slamming her hand on the
table she came to her feet and was striding over to where Diana now stood.
Diana hearing the unexpected sound startled and turned to look at the angry
Conqueror bearing down on her.

“ What is it?!”

Diana asked out of alarm as she moved away from the window. Xena had her teeth
bared and she was out to assert her position.

“ I don’t believe how willful and stubborn you are! I thought you finally
understood why I and your other Chosen do not want you fighting, but no....!
You want to fight! Well Kitten you can fight me!”

“ What are you talking about?! All I was saying was that I can live my life
based off of other people’s insecurities.”

“ Oh, so now you think I’m insecure?!”

“ Xena your twisting my words around, I’m not saying that, at least not as an
insult, just an observation I’ve made about you and my other Chosen.”

“ Well kitten let me explain something to you although you think I’m insecure
doesn’t make it so. In fact my reasoning is based off of Control issues. You
refusing to be controlled and determination to Control You!”

“ Well maybe you should stop trying to Control me and just accept me as a

“ N.E.V.E.R. !!! You will be what I say your are, and that’s a Consort, NOT a
Warrior! I control EVERYTHING about YOU, Everything!!”

Xena said as she reached Diana, who up until now had been backing away from
the enraged Conqueror.

“ Xena I’m just saying it seems that most of our disagreements come out of
this control issue.”

“ And do you know why that is, kitten?!”

Diana faced Xena like a Deer would face a Panther. Diana’s heart was beating
so hard and so fast that she could swear that it was sitting on the outside of
her chest.

“ I already told you what I thought.”

“ Well your wrong! The only reason why we keep having this conversation is
because of your willfulness, you are so disobedient when it comes to this
issue That now I see where I need to focus my attention when it comes to
discipling you. So since you want to fight sooo.... badly, you’ll fight me!
every time you bring up the subject of your being a warrior!”

“ Xena I don’t want to fight you.”

“Good, as long as you accept your position as My Consort, then you won’t have

“ Xena you can not be serious, you would make me fight you just because I
bring up the fact that I am a warrior.”


Xena struck Diana with her fist and sent Diana flying over a chair.


Diana was utterly shocked that Xena would strike her like that, at least
amazed that she had angered and pushed her to far. Diana saw the bloodlust and
she knew Xena meant what she said, Xena was planning on beating her.
Diana’s head was spinning from the blow, but she managed to get to her feet,
and upright the chair. Xena was bearing down on her again, and just as Xena
was closing in on Diana, a knock came at the door. Xena literally stopped in
mid stride and turned her head to look at the door , and then she cut her eyes
back to Diana and said,

“ If you move one inch from there, it’ll go worst for you W.A.R.R.I.O.R.”

Xena said contemptuously. Diana heard the contempt and warning and she was
literally trying to hold back the tears. Xena saw the moist in Diana’s eyes
and she said,

“ Don’t let them fall W.A.R.R.I.O.R.”

Diana stood as if she was shell shocked. As Xena casted her a dogmatic type
smirk. Xena then went to the door and opened it.

“ What is it?!”

Xena said to the Amazon at the door.

“ Excuse the interruption, My Lord, but I was sent to bring these clothes for
your Consort so she would have clothes to wear while she was here, if you were
pleased with them that is.”

Xena looked at the clothes then at the Amazon and said,

“ bring them in and put them in the bedchambers.”

“ Yes My Lord.”

The Amazon walked past The Conqueror and headed for the bedchamber, but she
did notice Diana standing behind a chair looking at the top of it where her
hands were blanching from the grip she had on it. She also noticed the
discoloration to one of Diana’s cheeks, although there was no swelling that
she could see, but it was obvious she had been hit hard. The Amazon put the
clothes where she was told to and proceeded to leave, then she said just as
she arrived at the door,

“ My Lord, Queen Ephiny has assigned me to you and your Consort, so if you
need anything I am Kaira. “

“ Fine, but for now we need nothing else.”

“ As you wish.”

Kaira then turned and walked out the room. Xena closed the door behind her and
turned back to face Diana, who now was looking at Xena with fear in her eyes.
Xena strided over to where she left Diana and she stopped a few feet from
where Diana stood, she then said,

“Come here W.a.r.r.i.o.r.”

Diana’s breathing was now rapid and she consciously had to will herself to let
go of the chair’s top. She then walked slowly over to Xena and once she was
within reach she said,

“ Xena....I’m sorry , I didn’t mean to upset you like this. I was just trying
to say....”

“ That your a skilled warrior?!”

“ U.H.H.H!! “

Xena said as she delivered a smashing blow to Diana’s Midsection. Diana went
to her knees and was dry heaving, when she felt Xena pulling her to her feet
by her hair.

Xena then threw Diana towards one of the walls in the room by her hair. Diana
slammed into it and just like before she turned in time to save her nose.
Diana slid to the floor due to the air being forced out of her lungs from the

Xena strided over to Diana and said,


“ Why are.... you .... doing this...Xena?”

Diana said sitting on the floor holding her abdomen and trying to catch her

“ Because, I am tired of repeating myself about this. you wanted to be a
warrior well the only person you will fight against will be me.So get use to
it warrior! Now Get Up!”

“ No!”

Diana said in defiance.

“ No? NO?! oh I think YES!”

Xena said as she lifted Diana from the floor by her hair once again. Diana in
the meantime fought against being pulled to her feet, although is was by her

Xena watched the young girl try to resist , and she became even more angry.

“ So the warrior refuses to follow orders! Well I’ll show you what happens to
disobedient warriors in my service.”

With that Xena pulled with a little more strength and Diana Came flying to her
feet, at which time Xena slammed the back of Diana’s head into the wall and
then she proceeded to deliver another blow to Diana’s highly exposed abdomen.

Diana screamed so loud that the sound traveled out the room and the Sentries
who were standing at the door startled as did the Amazon’s who were passing
and those that were sparring on the field.

Xena pulled Diana back to her feet by her hair yet again but this time
letting go of Diana’s hair and looking deep into the young woman’s eyes she
leaned forward and whispered into Diana’s ear and said,

“ Seems like old times, hmm?”

Xena sneered. Diana letting her own anger rise out of the fact that Xena
figured she could just beat her and mock her without her doing anything about
it , just served to push Diana to fight back. Although Diana knew Xena’s
reasons but out of her own ego she did not want to accept it .... at least not
until she had no choice. With that Diana Pushed Xena hard enough to cause her
to tumble over a low table.

“ You think I’m just going to stand here and take you mocking me?! I can’t
believe that you are being so unreasonable! What’s wrong with me being a
warrior and a Consort?!”

Xena now had come to her feet after Diana’s first sentence. Now both her and
Diana’s adrenalin was coursing through their vein quite fiercely. Xena flipped
back over the table she had only moments ago been pushed over, coming to land
where Diana use to be. Diana had moved to another area and was quite intent on
staying out of Xena’s reach, But of course Xena had other plans.

“ So you choose to fight me after all?!”

“ NO! Your the one being a Control freak!”

Diana was now standing behind the overturned table and Xena strided over to it
and kicked it out of the way as Diana darted towards another area.

“ Xena why don’t you just accept my being a warrior and a Consort?!”

“ never....”

Xena said in a low growl. Diana actually shuddered at the sound of Xena’s
voice and looking into Xena’s eyes Diana saw something new that she had never
seen in them before. She saw a murderous look flashing in Xena’s eyes.

“ Xena... You really need to calm down.”

Diana pleaded.

“ I’m calm Diana, But I’ll tell you this, I have no intention of losing you to
anyone else and if that means your death by my hands....well so be it!”

With those words Xena pulled out her breast dagger and threw it at Diana’s
heart. Diana moved just in time, but the dagger did slice her arm just enough
to cause it to bleed. Diana was now horrified at the thought that Xena was so
determined to have her as only a Consort and not a warrior that she would
actually try to kill her.

“ Xena? I didn’t realize how much it meant to you.”

Diana said as she went to her knees with tears rolling down her face
unhindered. Xena strided over to where her dagger had embedded, and she
strided back to where Diana was kneeling . Xena grabbed a handful of Diana’s
hair and tilted her head back. She then placed the edge of the blade against
Diana’s neck and she said,

“ Diana I refuse to be hurt again, especially like this, you are so important
to me and our connection is deeper than anything I’ve ever known, But I swear
Diana! I will cut your throat if it’s the only way I can keep you with me!”

Diana actually felt the Dagger shaking slightly against her throat. She also
felt Xena’s tears on her face. Diana felt so bad and so guilty that she had
caused Xena to lose her temper in such a way that she would actually kill her.
All because of her ego.

“ Xena I am sooo... sorry, I didn’t want to accept that you didn’t need me by
your side as a warrior, It was all my own ego that I kept pushing you and
arguing with you about it. I knew you felt deeply about this, I guess I never
really knew how deeply of an issue it was for you. Xena I won’t bring this up
again, I’ll accept my place as your Consort, and I’ll let you make the
decisions about any and all issues of war. Please Xena I don’t want to leave
you, especially like this? Please Xena? Give me the chance to prove it to

Diana said as she choked on her tears. Xena held the blade to Diana’s throat
for a moment more and she said,

“ Diana you’ve never lied to me and God help you if your starting now.”

“ Xena I never have and I never will, especially at a time like this...
besides you would see right through me, it’s like you said we are so

Xena then removed the blade from under Diana’s neck and going to her knees she
said as she let go of Diana’s hair and caressed it gently.

I love you so much, sometimes I think if I let you out of my sight you’ll just
disappear as if you were nothing more than a dream. That is one of the only
things in my life that scares me.”

Diana turned around to face Xena and bringing her hands up to Xena’s face she
looked deep into Xena’s eyes and said,

“ I’m real, I’m not going anywhere as long as I can help it. I am so into you
woman it’s amazing, Our life together is so exciting, and utterly thrilling,
but you know, even if none of that stayed, just the fact that I am and have
always been in awe of you since the first day I saw you. But most of all, I
love you to your very core and mine. I can’t live without you.”

Diana smirked at the trueness of her statement, and said,

“ Literally.”

Xena smiled and then she leaned forward and just as she was about to kiss
Diana, her hand touched Diana’s upper arm and she stopped and looked at her

“ Diana your bleeding?”

Diana looked at her arm and said,

“ Yes, I guess that’s what happens when a dagger cuts you.”

Diana said with some humor in her voice. Xena was not amused, she tore the
sleeve from Diana’s arm to get a better look at the damage. She was relieved
to see it was not a deep or wide cut, but she realized that it would need to
be sutured.

“ Diana you were cut with this.”

Xena held up the dagger.

“ you will probably have a scar when it heals, tiny, but still a scar.”

“ Really?”

Diana said excitedly. Xena looked at Diana and knitted her brow together at
the strange response from Diana.

“ Did you hear what I said?”

“ Yes.”

Diana said as she used her other hand to pull her arm around for her to get a
better look.

“Sometimes you surprise even me.”

Xena said as she picked Diana up off the floor and carried her to the bed

“ Xena I can walk.”

“ Your point?”

“ My point is that you don’t have to carry me.”

“ Really?”

Xena said putting Diana down so she could stand. Once Xena had set Diana down,
Diana became light headed and swayed and would have fallen had Xena not caught

“ You were saying?”

Xena said as she lifted Diana back into her arms.

“ I don’t understand why I got lightheaded.”

“ because of the punishment your body took, as well as the lost of blood.”

“ It’s not like I bled like a stuck pig or something.”

“ No not like a stuck pig, but enough to make you slightly a
....helpless kitten.”

Xena smirked.

“ Oh, funny we’re back to that.”

Diana said defensively.

“ back to what?”

Xena asked feigning innocents.

“ Oh don’t give me that innocent look, you know exactly what I’m talking
about. I think you really like me being helpless.”

Diana said arching a brow at Xena.

“ Only with me kitten.”

Xena purred as she kissed Diana. Xena broke their kiss only long enough to
treat and wrap Diana’s arm. She then undressed Diana and herself and went to
lay on the bed. Xena then said,

“ Give me what is mine Consort.”

Diana looked at Xena and smiled and said,

“ With pleasure My Lord Xena.”

Xena made Diana scream other sounds throughout the night, that once again
traveled outside of their quarters, this time people went to find their mates
to relieve the tightness they felt from the sounds Diana was making. The
Sentries had it the worst, they had to stand there and endure the sounds with
no options for relief.

end of part 26
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