BY D.virtue

The next morning Kaira arrived with a tray full of food and after a moment of
hesitation she knocked.

“ Come!”

Came Xena’s voice. Kaira walked in with the tray of food and because her room
was just down the hall she heard everything and when she had placed the food
on the table she turned to face The Conqueror at which time she blushed to her
roots, Xena studied the Amazon for a moment and then Diana came out of the
bedchamber and said,

“ My Lord Xena, you shouldn’t do that to unsuspecting people.”

“ What?”


Diana said pointing to the blushing Amazon.

“Don’t let her tease you like that, she has this streak in her that loves to
tease people. I think it’s a control thing. She like to see people’s reactions
to her....looks.”

Diana said conspiratorially to the Amazon, who then smiled a shy smile.

“That’s enough Consort.”

Xena said grabbing Diana around the waist and pulling her to her for a
passionate kiss. Kaira stood in awe at the passion in the kiss. She actually
blushed again. But not without Xena noticing it. Xena had opened one eye to
watch the young woman’s response to her’s and Diana’s kiss.
Xena smiled into Diana’s mouth enough to make Diana open her own eyes, and
following Xena’s gaze she saw the young woman literally shivering from the
energy that the both of them were radiating.

Xena then looked back at Diana and after a moment more she broke their kiss.

“ Ahh!”

came an unexpected sound from Kaira.

“ Are you ok? “

Diana asked out of concern for Kaira.

“Yes. I... I just have never seen such passion between two people. It’s pure
energy that you two radiate. I could not help getting caught up in the sight
of you two loving each other soo.. passionately.”

“ I think we’re pretty good together.”

Xena said nonchalantly, to where Diana poked her in the stomach.

“ Ok, ok, we’re great together, is that better?”

“ a little. But only if you mean it.”

“ You know I do. “

“ You better.”

Xena then turned her attention back to The Amazon , and said,

“that quite a bold thing to say to me and my Consort.”

Kaira then flushed again this time out of embarrassment, of what she had said
and to whom.

“ My Lord I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you, I...”

“ It’s ok, it’s just that it was bold.”

“ My Lord Xena, your doing it again.”

Diana said interjecting her two dinars.

“ What?”

Xena asked.

“That Cause a reaction and watch.”

“ Well can I help it if people are sensitive to my looks.”

“ Sensitive?! You mean intimidated, don’t you?”

“ No, I don’t think I’m that intimidating at all.”

Xena said casually as she walked towards the table.

“ Hah! You can not really believe that.”

Xena raised a brow at Diana and Diana’s mouth dropped open.

“ You do, you actually think your not intimidating to people, I can’t believe
it. Well, I’ll prove it to you. Kaira? Do you find The Conqueror of Nations
Ruler of most of the Known world to be the least bit intimidating?”

“ Diana that’s not fair your using my titles rather than just letting her see
me for the woman I am.”

“ My Lord, I have to be honest, no matter how it’s put you are a very
intimidating person. You radiate such..Power, one would be a fool to not be
intimidated by you. I think if there is anyone who is not intimidated by you
it would have to be your Consort Diana.”

“ Hah! I’m one of the most intimidated people.”

“ Honest?”

“Yes, her standards are incredible.”

“ I can see why, your a perfect beauty, one that was made to love.”

Diana went speechless, Xena then laughed out loud and Kaira knitted her brow
at Xena’s reaction to her statement.

“ I think that is the first time anyone other than myself has caused my
Consort to become speechless. Congratulations.”

Xena then continued her laughter. and she laughed harder when she saw Diana
blush and start to pout. Kaira, bit her lip to keep from laughing at the
embarrassed young girl. Diana after a moment composed herself enough to say,

“Thank you for the compliment. “

She then strided over to the table and sat in one of the chairs and started
eating. Xena watched her Consort and after a moment she quieted and said,

“ Kaira your absolutely right . My Consort is definitely made for loving.”

“ Xena!”

Diana said out of shock that Xena would speak of such private issues.

“ She’s still shy about her sexuality.”

Xena said teasingly. Diana however was not amused. She picked up a container
of milk an said,

“ You know My Lord Xena, there’s a saying where I come from.”

“ what is it?”

“ it says...milk it does a body good.”

“ I can see that.”

“ yes, I knew you would, but I have another.”

“ What is it?”

Xena asked unsuspectingly.


with that Diana pour the milk over Xena. She then started to laugh
uproariously. Then seeing the look come into Xena’s eyes that said, Diana
would pay for that. Kaira stood stunned as Diana then shot out of the chair
and raced for the door to the chambers, to which she flew out and was heading
down the corridor as Xena was hot on her heels and Kaira was trying to keep
up, just because she wanted to see the ending to the scene that had played out
in front of her in the chamber.

Diana flew past Ephiny and Gabrielle and Terais as she exited out the front
door of the residence.

“ What’s going on?!”

Ephiny asked as Xena flew past the three of them.

“ Lord Xena? is everything ok?!”

“ it’ll be fine as soon as I catch my Consort.”

Xena threw back over her shoulder as she flew past the three.

Kaira after a few moments came into view.


“ Yes My Queen?”

Kaira said as she came to a halt and while breathing hard.

“ What’s going on? And why does it look like Lord Xena has milk pour over

“ I didn’t do it . It was Lady Diana.”

“Diana? Why would she pour milk on Lord Xena, out of all people?”

“They were teasing each other and then I made a comment when Lady Diana asked
me a question and Lord Xena broke out into laughter, and before she or I knew
what was happening, Lady Diana had pour milk over Lord Xena’s head. My Queen I
don’t wish to be rude, But I have got to see how this ends, may I go?”

“Yes, but we’ll go with you. “

with that the four of them took off in the direction the two women had gone.
By the time they caught up to them Xena was looking around. Listening for any
sound. The four women went to stand by Xena and Gabrielle said,

“ Where’s Diana?”

“ Sh! She’s hiding and she doesn’t think I can find her.”

“ Do you two always act like this?”

Ephiny asked out of curiosity.

“ Why? does it bother you?”

“ No, it’s just that Your not known to be so....playful.”

“ Yes, well I guess that’s true, but then I’ve never had anyone in my life who
filled me in such a way.”

Xena said in all seriousness, then she went back to listening.

“ Diana, I know your here, it’ll be better for you if you come and take your
punishment rather than me having to find you.”

Diana then threw her voice.

“ Hah! that’s because you can’t find me.”

Xena looked at the direction that the mocking voice had come from, but rather
than go in that direction she darted in the opposite and flipped up into the
tree that Diana was perched on watching her.

“ Really?”

Xena said, startling Diana because of where she flipped to, which was just
above Diana and slightly behind. Diana looked up and and behind herself . she
then flipped out of the tree just as quick as Xena had flipped up. This
surprised Xena for a moment then she too flipped out of the tree. Diana had
run to stand behind the four women and said,

“ How did you know I was there and not the other place?”

“ I figured a talented person like yourself would probably have other skills
and would not risk giving herself away if she thought she would be

“ Hm, you just got lucky. I guess it has to do with the milk.

Diana said and then laughed. Xena narrowed her eyes and with a slight tilt of
her head at the three other women she leaped at Diana. Who thinking she was
protected by the three women stood where she was. The three women then at the
last moment moved and Diana was tackled by Xena. once down Xena proceeded to
tickle Diana mercifully. Diana was curled up in a ball laughing hysterically,
and pleading for Xena to stop.

“ Please....ha,ha,ha,ha,Please Xena....hahahahaha, P.l.e.a.s.e.....”

Xena then said,

“Do you give?”

“ y.e.s.!”

“ Say it.”

“ I give..!”

“ Hm, I don’t know if I believe you, let me see what they think.”

“ What do you guys think, should I believe her?”

The four women were all trying to maintain their composure and when Ephiny was
finally able to say something she said,

“ I think you better, otherwise she’s going to hyperventilate.”

“ Hmm, I guess your right.”

“ Your lucky Consort, you own me.”

“ Ok, hahahahahaha, anything...hahahahaha, just stop,hahaha!”

“ Ok , I'll stop, but first you have to tell me who the boss is.”

“Xena! hahahahahaha...hahaha.hahaha!”

“ Well?”

“ Ok, ok hahahaha, are.”

“Good girl.”

Xena then stopped abruptly and Diana continued to laugh for a few minutes
more. finally she calmed and laid on the ground exhausted. with Xena
Straddling her.

Finally after a few more minutes for Diana to catch her breath Xena said,

“ Come on kitten.”

pulling Diana to her feet by her arms. Diana then said,

“ I’ll remember this.”

“ Is that a threat?”

Xena asked teasingly. Diana saw the look and realized that Xena would start
in on her again, and this time it would be easier for Xena, especially
considering she already had her.

“ No, no definitely not.”

Diana said. Xena then let her go and Diana darted behind the three other women
and said,

“It’s a promise!”

Xena turned and said,

“ we’ll see. now come on we have to get ready for Mesand, just in case by some
fluke his army gets through.”

“ Your right, I have my Amazons already in position, but we need to find to
make sure the compound is secure.”

Ephiny put in as she walked over to Xena and the two of them turned and begun
to walk back to the residence. After Xena dressed in her warrior’s clothing
she and Diana went to meet up with Ephiny and Terais, as well as Solaris and

Solaris not knowing any better asked,

“Diana your not wearing any armor?”

“ I know, it’s not my place to wear any. “

Diana said matter of factly. Xena only straighten her bracers and let Diana
answer the question.

“ But I thought Gabrielle said you taught her to use a staff?”

“ I did, but teaching someone and fighting are two entirely different things.
Besides, My Lord Xena has made it clear as to what my role is , and that is as
Her Consort and not a warrior.”

“ Oh, I see, I’m sorry Lord Xena I did not mean to offend you.”

“ You didn’t...this time.”

Xena then took the reins of her horse and while Ephiny and her Amazons all
mounted, she turned to Diana and said with a hint of a warning,

“ Be good kitten.”

“ I will Lord Xena.”

Xena then mounted her horse and just as she was turning the horse around, she

“ Oh and Diana, I’m quite pleased with your answer, and I’ll show you later
just how much. Diana blushed as she smirked at Xena. Xena smiled and turned
her horse and called to Ephiny and the others,

“ Let’s go!”

Diana and Gabrielle watched Xena and the others ride to meet Mesand and they
watched as other Amazon Soldiers fell into line behind them. once out on the
field Xena and the Amazons would meet up with Xena’s army. Gabrielle then
turned her Gaze on Diana and she felt for her, she knew how much Diana really
wanted to be out there with Xena.

“ Diana, if it helps I’m glad your here with me, rather than out there.”

Diana heard the concern in Gabrielle’s voice and she said,

“ Gabrielle I have no regrets, although it would have been nice to fight by
Xena’s side, I understand her reasons now for not wanting me to. Besides this
way I can watch out for my little sister.”

Diana said changing the subject. Diana Gabrielle and Kaira all walked back to
the dining hall and would wait there for Xena and the others to return,
especially since it was not going to really be a fight since Xena’s army would
have Mesands surround and thus force him to surrender.

In the meantime, Xena and Ephiny and Terais and Solaris all arrived at the
field and was there only a moment when Xena saw the first line of Mesands
army. Xena sat astride her powerful horse looking just as powerful with the
Amazon Queen sitting astride her own horse right next to The Conqueror. In the
back ground were the Amazons and some of Xena’s army, the rest were laying in
wait for Mesand to position himself and his army.

As the women watched row after row , after row of Mesand’s army came over the

“ My God Xena! there are thousands of them!”

“ Your point Ephiny?”

Xena said without concern.

“ My point is, I’m glad your here, I don’t know how this would have turned out

“ Your welcome, but I told you why I’m doing this.”

“ Yes, but at this moment I’m just glad your here.”

Ephiny said with sincerity. Xena looked over at the acting queen and with a
arch of her brow and a wry smirk she caused the acting Queen to blush. She
then turned her attention back to the horizon and said,

“ I guess she was right.”

Ephiny didn’t hear the comment but she knew it was something to do with Diana,
the way the corners of Xena’s mouth turned up.

As Mesand came into view, Xena called to Ephiny,

“ Here we go.”

Xena rode her horse out to the border of the Amazon Nation along with Ephiny,
once there Xena waited for Mesand to ride closer as to not have to yell. Once
Mesand had gotten closer her recognized the warrior sitting on the bigger
horse wearing what appeared to be black leathers, with polished armor and

Mesand was shocked. He had no idea that The Conqueror would be here he
thought she was at Sirus’s. he tried to figure out how she knew, but he had no
Idea, he thought about turning and retreating but then he figured why even if
she was here she only had two thousand of her soldiers along with the four of
the Amazons, he figured it would actually be a big surprise to The Conqueror
to discover that her now had twenty thousand soldiers under his command thanks
to Sirus sending half of his army along with some soldiers and peasants from
all of the other Kings.

He also was confident because he had another trick up his sleeve. So with all
of these things he sat tall in his saddle and rode closer to The Conqueror.

“ Lord Conqueror, I am quite surprised to see you here, I thought you said you
were going to King Sirus’s Kingdom to assist him with the training of his

“ Mesand, I’m sure it is a surprise to you to see me here, but here I am none
the less. But I have to wonder what your purpose is when this was not apart of
any of the plans?”

Ephiny looked at Xena and then at Terais but she did not say a word. Mesand
then answered and said,

“ No, it wasn’t a part of the plan, but the other Kings and I decided that it
would be a nice gift to you if we gave you the Amazon Nation as a gift. “

Mesand lied. But Xena already ahead of him said,

“ Is that so? Well now you see it isn’t necessary because I’m already here,
therefore you can turn your army around and go home.”

Mesand frowned at Xena’s insightfulness and then he said,

“ ok then, you won’t accept what I’ve said, then accept this Lord Xena, Your
seven thousand soldiers are no match for my twenty no matter how good they

Mesand sneered as he turned his horse and rode back the way he had come.


Ephiny exclaimed quietly to Xena.

“ Lord Xena tell me you saw this.”

“ No, can’t say I did, but it really doesn’t change things much.”

“How can it not change things, even the soldiers that you sent for only bring
our numbers to ten, unless you sent for your whole army, then it would be a
hundred and four thousand to twenty.”

“No I only sent for the three, but if things work out the element of surprise
will be enough to cause Mesand and his army to surrender.”

“ and if it’s not enough, what then?”

“ Then we fight.”

Xena said with bloodlust playing in her eyes. They then turned their horses
and headed back to where they had come from.

In the meantime, Diana and Gabrielle and Kaira were talking about Xena’s plans
and Gabrielle was saying how ingenious it was, and Kaira was adding her
warrior knowledge to the young bards small bit of knowledge. But they had not
noticed that Diana was no longer talking but had taken on a faraway look. It
was Gabrielle who noticed first and she called to Diana.

“ Diana? Diana? Diana?! are you ok?”

Diana snapped out of her trance like state and she said anxiously,

“ Kaira, is there a place where we can see the battle field, from a high

Kaira thought for a moment then she said,

“ Yes, but why?”

“ Yes, why Diana?”

“Because I want to go there.”

“ But won’t Lord Xena get upset?”

“ No not this time, I’m not going to fight, I just want to see.”

“ Honest?”

Gabrielle asked out of concern for Diana due to her belief that fighting was
exactly what Diana had planned.

“ Honest, Gabrielle, I give you my word I am not going there so I can fight, I
just need to see something, I think Xena and the Amazons maybe in trouble, but
I don’t know, I just have a feeling. I feel antsy, as if Xena was restless or
something. “

“ Xena? “

“ What about Xena?”

“You said you felt antsy as if Xena was restless or something.”

Gabrielle repeated.

“ Diana are you saying you can feel Xena’s mood? “

“ Gabrielle I don’t know about all of that, but I do know there maybe a
problem. Kaira, can you take me there?”

“ Yes let’s go.”

The three arrived at the site that allowed Diana to see the battle field
without being seen. Diana scanned the two groups and she saw that Mesand’s
Army was twice as large as Xena’s and the Amazon.

“That’s what I thought.”

“ What?”

came the two other women’s voices in unison.

“Mesand’s army is much larger than what it was before he headed here, there
are fifteen to twenty thousand of them, against Xena’s and the Amazons

“ but what about the soldiers Xena sent for, surely that would help our

Kaira asked.

“ Not much help, considering Xena only sent for three thousand more soldiers.”

“ It’s going to be a blood bath!”

Gabrielle said out of fear. Diana turned to her and taking her in her arms she

“ Gabrielle have faith, I don’t believe it has to play out like that. Maybe
Xena knew and she already sent for more of her army?”

Diana said trying to convince herself, as well as Gabrielle and Kaira. Diana
then told Gabrielle she wanted her and Kaira to be extremely quiet until she
said they could speak, they agreed and then Diana turned back around and sat
facing the field.

Diana then started to meditate, something she had not done since being with
her sister Monique. It was an ancient type of meditation one that would allow
Diana to leave her body for a brief time.

Diana after a few moments had succeeded in leaving her body and she floated
down to the battle field to where Xena and Ephiny were so she could listen to
their strategy. Diana heard Xena saying,

“ we will just have to fight if it doesn’t work Ephiny, there is no other
There is no time to get the rest of My army here.”

“ Xena you know we can’t win this?’

“ No, I don’t know that! You have to have faith.”

“ Lord Xena faith I have, It’s soldiers we need. Are you sure you don’t want
to have Diana with us? I mean with the two of you I’m sure we could pull this
out somehow.”

“ NO! Diana will not be joining in this, and that’s final!”

Xena said turning her head to look back out over the horizon, While Ephiny
shook her head in frustration.

“ Nice try Ephiny, but I could have told you that answer.”

Diana said to herself. Then Xena heard the sound of a war horn and her and the
army that stood behind her readied themselves for battle if the surprise
didn’t work. Diana went to rejoin with her body and once she had she opened
her eyes and immediately went to her knees to look out at the start of the

Gabrielle and Kaira both sat stunned for a moment then they too joined by
Diana and watched as Mesand’s army approached , just as they crossed the
border of the Amazon land they were immediately surprised by Xena’s hidden
soldiers, who came behind them, and now sat where Mesand’s army use to sit
prior to making their march to the border.

Mesand looked around and he after a few moments turned to look back at Xena,
who was smirking. Mesand then thought maybe he should surrender especially
since Xena probably had her whole army behind his. But just as he was about to
one of his captains called to him and said,

“King Mesand Look!”

Mesand was so happy to see Sirus with the rest of his army and the other kings
along with their , as well as some of the Dignitaries and their armies, which
total about seventy thousand , plus his twenty which made it ninety. Sirus
and the rest of the other’s had come from the east and now surrounded Xena’s
army on two sides. Mesand then turned back to Xena and said,

“ Give up, and we may let you live.”

Xena pinched her lips together as she scanned the new development, but she
kept her composure, although she wanted to rip Mesand’s head off and plant it
on a stick along side of Sirus’s and the others. Ephiny then said to Xena,

“ Maybe we should, at least it won’t be a blood bath.”

Xena cut her eyes to Ephiny and said,

“ There’s nothing wrong with a little blood, I will never allow Mesand or
those others the satisfaction, of seeing me surrender, but Ephiny if you want
to I won’t hold it against you.”

Ephiny thought about Xena’s words and then with a conspiratory glance she

“ Never! The Amazons will not be known as a nation of women who abandon their
friends during battle.”

Xena and Ephiny clasped wrists and Xena said,

“ this day The Amazons have gained the respect of The Conqueror.”

Ephiny bowed her head slightly in recognition of Xena’s words.

“ Shall we?”

Ephiny asked.

“ Yes!”

Xena then called out to Mesand and said,

“Mesand, I’m coming for you first.”

Mesand sneered at the words, but swallowed hard as a result of them.Just a
Mesand was about to call for the attack He heard another horn, as did everyone
else on the field. It was an unfamiliar rhythm to it, so much so that everyone
including Gabrielle and Kaira was looking and asking what Army was joining in

“ Diana what is that?”

“ It’s another army.”

Diana said with some fear. Especially seeing how many armies were already down
there and who’s side would these new ones be on. Just as she was thinking it
she as well as everyone on the field saw a massive army ascend the horizon as
well as show up from the east and west, thus completely surrounding all of the
armies, by ten fold.

“ My God!”

both Xena and Ephiny said as well as Mesand and Sirus and the other.

“Who’s Army is that? there must be over five hundred thousand easy.”

Ephiny asked out of shock.

“ More. I don’t know.”

“ You think their with Mesand?”

“ I don’t know, But what I do know I want Diana and Gabrielle and the rest of
the Amazon’s here.”

“ To fight?”

“No, I just want to see Diana. Send a messager to get them.”

No sooner had the messenger arrived back at the compound, when Diana and
Gabrielle and Kaira all rode up. Gabrielle rode double with Kaira. the rest of
the Amazons fell into line with their sisters.

“ Who are they Xena?”

Gabrielle asked.

“ I don’t know, there’s no way we can even come close to winning this, that’s
why I sent for you all.”

. Diana rode up to stand her horse nest to Xena.

“So I get to see a battle up close and personal hmm?’

“ Diana said trying to add some levity to the otherwise tense stand off.”

Xena finally tired of waiting rode her horse out closer to the border. once
she was close enough she called out to the new army leader.

“ Who’s are you and who’s banner do you ride under?”

Xena reasoned that the new army was not with Mesand or Sirus, but she didn’t
know if they were there to destroy everyone or not and she had to know.
The lead rider rode forth wearing Red White and Blue. And he called down to
all of those on the field and answered the awaited question.

“ We are one million in number, and we ride under the banner of our leader or
the leader’s designee.”

“ One million?!”

Everyone gasped. Xena shook her head slightly to clear it from the shock of
what she had just heard. Xena after a moment said,

“ So who is your leader?”

“ Our leader is.... LADY DIANA!”

Dead silence fell across the field, Xena sat struck dumb as did everyone else.
Finally everyone turned their eyes towards where Diana sat with her eyes
locked on Xena, gaging what her reaction would be after the initial shock.

“ Yours?!”

Xena said in utter confusion.

Diana rode out to Xena and said,

“ I forgot all about them. Honest, please don’t be upset?”

“ You forgot about them? How could you possibly forget about one million

“ Xena there was just so many things happening and so many unexpected
surprises, it just slipped my mind.”

“A Million soldiers just slipped your mind?”

Xena said throwing up her hands in total shock.

“ Your not mad are you?”

“ No, but damn kitten! I wish you had told me this.”

“ Well you know now, that’s something right? especially right now, the timing
could not be better, don’t you think?”

“ Yes.”

Xena said smirking.

“ But kitten?”

“ Yes?”

“ This doesn’t change anything, clear.”

Xena said in a dangerous tone.


Diana answered with a smirk.

“ Diana.”

Xena warned.

“ Xena I understand, nothings changed, but I do think I need to tell these
soldiers something, don’t you?’

Xena narrowed her eyes, but then she said,

“ Ok, but be careful.”

“ Trust me, I’ve learned my lesson about pushing The Conqueror to far.”

Diana said rubbing her wrapped armed. Xena smirked and said,

“ Go ahead.”

“ Thank you.”

Diana then turned her horse to face the Leader of the Newly arriving army. She
then said in a commanding voice.

“ I am Lady Diana, of whom you spoke.”

“ My Lady It is both an honor and a pleasure to see you once again, I and the
rest of your army extend our sincerous sympathies for the lost of your sister
Monigue, she was truly a highly skilled leader.”

Diana felt a lump in her throat at the mention of her sister and she turned
her head away for a moment to regain her composure. Xena saw the emotion and
the struggle Diana was having but she had to let Diana do this. So she sat and
watched and listened as did everyone else. After a moment Diana turned her
head back to face the Lead rider.

“ Thank you for your condolences. But We have another matter to take care of,
You said You were here for me or my designee?”

“ Yes My Lady, we will serve as you choose.”

“ Fine, then I choose for you to serve under My Lord Xena The Conqueror and
her Banner!”

A huge gasped sounded throughout the field. Xena’s mouth actually fell open.

“ My lady It shall be as you have ordered from this day forth.”

The banner bearers lowered their flags, and with a flip of their wrist they
raised the banner colors of Xena the Conqueror.

Diana then turned to Xena and said,

“ So.. you like my gift.”

Diana grinned, and Xena struggled to maintain her composure long enough to get
the field cleared of all of the armies.

“ Mesand, surrender, and I may let some of you live.”

Xena called out to the Leaders of the enemy armies. The next thing Xena heard
were weapons falling to the ground and chains being placed on all of those who
stood against Xena and The Amazons. After four candlemarks of rounding up all
of the soldiers, Ephiny asked,

“ What are we going to do with all of them?”

Xena thought about it and she could hold all of them in her dungeons but then
she would have no room for others. Then Diana asked,

“ Why don’t you ask your new soldiers?”

Xena looked at Diana an then called over the lead rider.

“ What is you name?”

“ James, My Lord.”

“ Well James, what do you plan on doing with them?”

“ Oh, it won’t be a problem, we have divided them up into 9 thousand per 100
thousand of us. We will take them to different part of your Realm and there
either rehabilitate them or eliminate them. If That is ok with you Lord Xena?”

“ Fine Idea, make it so.”

With that James turned and rode away and called to the other soldiers to move
out. After a few more candlemarks the field was empty of opposing soldiers and
only a few of Xena’s army remain and some of the Amazons.

Ephiny then said,

“ we have to have a celebration for such a victory, No Blood was shed and yet
we have gained a friend.”

“ No! not here, I want to have it back in my Palace and I invite You and all
of your Amazons to attend. “

Xena interrupted.

“Fine, When?”

“three days from today starting from the that evening and lasting until

“ Great, we’ll be there. Anything you want us to bring?”

“ Yes. You bring the wine.”

Ephiny and the remaining Amazons laughed and Xena smirked. Diana then said,

“Well, I don’t get it.”

“ Your right you don’t .....Get it.”

Xena said referring to the wine.

“ Funny. “

Diana said hitting Xena in with her fist on her shoulder, a little harder
than Xena expected. Xena narrowed her gaze and Diana saw it and realized she
was in for it, again!

Now Xena, I was just playing with you, Xena started to turn her horse and
Diana took off on her mount. Xena took off after her and Diana was pleading
with Xena to calm down. But Xena was saying,

“ I’ll calm down nicely once I catch you.”

In the meantime Ephiny said,

“ And their off....again.”

She then laughed and her and her Amazons took off after the two riders.

Diana arrived back at the residence and was flying into the place just as Xena
arrived and was hot on her trail. Diana made it back to their room and just as
the door was opened Xena flew at Diana and once again tackled her. This time
the two of them rolled head over heels into the room and the Sentries stood
Shocked and stunned that they had just witnessed it.

Then Xena proceeded to tickle Diana once again.

“ Xena...hahahahahaha, please.....hahahaha, I’m sorry...hahahaha,

Ephiny arrived at the room and hearing Diana half crying and half laughing she
knew what she would find, and sure enough Xena was torturing Diana with
delight, while Diana once again laughing hysterically.

“ Uhhm.”

Ephiny said clearing her voice to make her presences known. Xena continued
what she was doing, but said,

“ Yes Ephiny?”

“Lord Xena, don’t you think it would be wise to return to your palace, seeing
that your going to have a celebration of sorts in three days?”

Xena then stopped and looked up at Ephiny and said,

“ I guess your right, we had better get going if we’re going to get back and
get some rest.”

Xena then turned her attention back to the still giggling young girl and said,

“ Another reprieve for you once again Consort.”

Xena then got off of the young girl and pulling her to her feet she said,

“ we have to get going.”

After a hour Diana and Xena and Gabrielle as well as Terais were on their way.
Once they had reached the borders to the Amazon Nation Diana turned to Xena
and asked,

“ You want to get home sooner?”

“ How?”

“ Well, like you have many skills, I have many tricks.”

Diana said winking at Xena. Xena smirked and watched Diana dismount from her
horse and she reached into her saddlebag that was sent with her when she first
arrived in Xena’s time, after locating what she wanted, she stepped away from
the three women and their horse’s and she flipped the small apparatus up in
the air and let it fall to the ground in a standing position. Diana then
looked back at the three who looked utterly confused. Xena then asked,

“ What is it suppose to do?”

“ You’ll see.”

Diana answered as she remounted her horse Xena looked at her and Diana called,

“Let’s go! “

And she charged straight at the apparatus and just when Xena and the others
thought she was just going to run over the thing Diana disappeared. All three
startled and then looked at each other in amazement. Xena then became alarmed
that Diana would be gone, so without further thought she charged at the
apparatus the same way Diana did , and once again she disappeared at the last

Gabrielle and Terais then looked at each other and at the same time they raced
towards the apparatus. And both of them disappeared and after a few moments
the apparatus turned in on itself and then disappeared also.

In the meantime, Diana had come out the other side and was standing at the
front door of the Palace waiting for the rest of them to arrive. After a few
moments Xena appeared and immediately scanned her surroundings and then
looking up on the stairs she saw Diana Leaning against the doors frame,
Grinning like a cat who has just eaten a mouse.

“ So you like”

“ Xena smirked and then dismounted from her horse and gave the reins to the
stable boy who immediately took the horse to the stable to be groomed. Xena
then strided towards Diana and Diana stood up straight and once Xena reached
her she Grabbed her by the waist and Kissed her, She then broke it as abruptly
as she had started it leaving Diana stunned. Xena then said,

“ how long before Gabrielle and Terais arrive?”

“ They should be arriving....right about”

Sure enough Terais followed by Gabrielle came riding out . They both came to a
stop and Gabrielle got off of her mount and begun to pet the ground.

“ Nice earth, nice earth.”

“Gabrielle? What are you doing?”

Xena asked.

“ I’m just so happy to be back on good old earth.”

Gabrielle explained.

“ Oh, I see. Come on your safe now.”

“ Oh, I was scared about the ride through so much as I was about the ride
itself, It will be a long time before I get on another horse.”

“ Ok.”

Xena then looked back at Diana and asked

“ what about the apparatus?”

“ what about it?”

“ isn’t dangerous to leave that out there like that?”

“ Oh, not to worry, it has a unique quality to it, it’s like a frisbee.”

“ A what?”

“ like your Chakram, it comes back to it's owner.”

After a moment the apparatus appeared on the ground. Diana bent down and
picked it up and tossing it in her hand she walked past the three women who
all had their mouths open. Diana called over her shoulder and said,

“Better close those, wouldn’t want to get flies in there.”

All three women clamped their jaws closed and Xena set hers and strided into
the palace after the laughing young Consort.

end of part 27
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