By D.virtue

Diana and Xena arrived back in their quarters and Xena called for Dancea to
draw a bath for the two of them, but Diana had other plans, she didn’t know
quite how she would pull it off, considering Xena would have a fit with what
Diana was planning. But If she could get Xena to promise she wouldn’t get mad,
then Diana figured she would be able to pull it off. Then again Diana thought
about what Xena would do to make her not keep to her plan. But she figured she
would worry about that later.

“ Xena?”

“ yes?”

“If I asked a favor of you, would you do it?’

“ Yes, as long as it didn’t have anything to do with war or battle.”

“ You would do it right now, and for as long as I want starting today?”

Xena thought Diana was talking about some pleasure factor that Diana wanted
from her to perform, so she said,

“ You have my word. Starting today and until you say otherwise I’ll do what
you want.”

Diana smiled a mischievous smile and then Dancea came in to announce that the
bath was ready, Xena dismissed Dancea for the evening and she turned to Diana
and said,

“ So what’s this favor you want me to do?”

Diana stripped out of her clothes and stood naked in front of Xena, who now
was looking up and down Diana’s body. Diana then said,

“ first thank you for being willing to do the favor for me, you want be

With that Diana kissed Xena and Xena went to hold Diana around her waist, but
Diana, slid away and said,

“ The favor is you can’t touch me until I say so.”

Diana then turned and walked rapidly out of the room to the bath chamber, and
got in the bath. The next thing she heard were very colorful expletives coming
from Xena. She ducked her head under the water and came back up on the other
side of the bath. Then Xena stormed into the chamber stripped naked angry.

“ You tricked me Diana!”

“ Xena you want regret it. I promise.”

“Your right, I want, because I’m not going to go through with it!”

“ Xena you gave me your word.”

“ Diana you know I would never have agreed to something like that if I had

“ Maybe not, but as it is, you did. And I’m going to hold you to it.”

“ How?”

“By playing on your Warrior ethics. You’ve always been known as a woman of her
word, I would be quite disappointed to find that the woman who claims to love
me don’t even respect me enough to hold to her word with Her Consort.”

“ Diana?!”

“ Yes My Lord Xena?”

Diana said coyly.

“What am I suppose to do about my needs in the meantime?”

“ Take cold baths like I’ll be doing?”

“ Why are you doing this?”

“ Because I think it’s a challenge, to see how long we can go without the
touch of the other.”

“ I’d rather not find out.”

Xena said through clenched teeth.

“ I know, but think of it as a challenge, I know how much you like them.”

“ Not this one!’

“ Oh come on now, play with me?”

Diana said seductively.

“ Don’t do that!”

“ What?”

“Tease me, if I think your purposely teasing me then the deal is off. Deal?”

“ But Xena what fun would that be?”

“ I said no teasing, that’s what I mean. It’s hard enough to not touch you
whenever I want, but to be teased would not help at all and I refuse to do
this if you don’t agree right now.”

“ Ok, ok you win. No teasing. But I have to say maybe it would be better if we
bath and dressed in private, What do you think?”

“ NO! forget about that, I may not be allowed to have you but I’d be damned if
I not going to see you when ever I want.”

“ Ok, it was just an idea. “

Xena then got into the bath and they proceeded to bath themselves. Diana
turned her back to Xena, while she bath so as to not have to see Xena’s hand
movements over her body. But Xena never diverted her gaze off of Diana, in
fact after she bath herself she sat on one of the marble benches under the
water and fantasized about Diana’s hands rubbing over her body. Her vision
was so vivid, she felt her heart beat increase and her breathing became
slightly ragged. Diana then slowly turned halfway around and Xena glimpse
Diana’s taut nipples, it was enough for Xena. she suddenly said,

“ I’ll see you in the bedchamber, Diana. Don’t be to long.”

with that Xena walked out of the bath and grabbing a towel she angrily
stormed out of the room. Diana stood where she was and thought.

“ It’s going to be a long three days.”

After bathing and oiling herself she went to join Xena in the bedchamber,
expecting to find Xena waiting for her. When she got to the room she looked
over to the bed and saw Xena appeared to be asleep already. Diana walked over
to the bed and called Xena’s name a few times and then when she got no answer
she took off her robe and got into the bed and curled up and went to sleep.
The next morning Xena awoke with a headache and she instantly knew what it was
from. But just as she was about to curse she felt a softness in her arms.

She looked down to see a nude Diana had rolled over into her arms. Xena didn’t
move that arm, she instead gazed at Diana and using her other hand she ever so
lightly ran her fingers over Diana’s nipples. Diana moaned in her sleep and
curled up next Xena. Xena thought about continue but she couldn’t risk waking
Diana up and getting caught. so she eased her arm out from under Diana and got
up and got dressed and after leaving a message with Dancea for Diana she went
to begin her day.

Diana woke up a little while later and was given the message that she was to
join Xena for noon meal in the dining hall. Diana got dressed and looking at
the hour glass Diana saw that she had some time before she had to meet Xena so
she went to find Terais and Gabrielle. After locating the two of them by the
lake Diana went into what she wanted to happen at the celebration.

Gabrielle and Terais were riveted to Diana’s plans. Gabrielle asked,

“ How are you going to keep Xena from.....well you know?”

Diana and Terais laughed and then Diana said,

“ I’ve already taken care of that.”

“ How?”

Terais asked.

“ I mean Lord Xena is quite....well sexual.”

“ You mean insatiable?”

“ Yes.”

“ Your right, that’s why I made her give me her word that she would not touch
me until I said it was ok.”

Gabrielle and Terais both looked as though someone had struck them across the

“ How did you get her to agree to that?”

Terais asked.

“ I threaten to use her warrior integrity to make sure she had no choice but
to keep her promise.”

“ I don’t want to be around her at all today, at least not until this is over.
She probably is in a foul mood.”

“ You think?”

“ I know. How long do you plan on this going on?”

“Just until after the celebration.”

“ I still can’t believe your planning this. I mean as upset as you were about
the clothing you have to wear now, I can only imagine then.”

“ Yes, I know, but I’ve thought about it and it would really be a surprise to
Xena, One that I know she is going to absolutely love!”

“ Yeah, you can bet on that, but I’m just wondering how she is going to feel
during it?”

“ What do you mean?”

“ All those other eyes?”

“ I don’t know but it should be interesting, don’t you think?”

“ oh yeah, If she doesn’t kill anybody.”

Diana laughed and then they proceeded to continue to make their plans for the
celebration. After a while Diana went to join Xena. When she arrived at the
dining hall Xena was there cursing at one of her advisors about some problem
with one of the other advisors.

Diana walked over to where Xena sat and she went to take a chair to the right
of Xena, but she saw Xena shaking her head and she was told to sit on Xena’s
thigh. But Diana looked a Xena and said,

“ But My Lord, you remember our conversation of yesterday don’t you?”

“ Yes! I remember, but I want you to sit here.”

Diana thought about refusing but seeing the already irritated Conqueror
glaring at her, she decided to sit. Diana sat on Xena’s thigh and Xena
immediately told the advisor to leave, to which he was happy to do so. Once
the advisor was gone Xena pulled Diana to her and held her so tight that Diana
thought she would never breath again.

“ Xee..nnaa”

Diana forced out as she tried to loosen Xena’s grip.

“ Xeenna please, your squeezing too tight.”

“ I’m sorry, I needed to hold you and I know I’m not suppose to touch you but
I don’t think this is going to work, this no touching at all thing. I think we
need to amend our deal.”

“ How?”

“rather than no touching, we can kiss and caress?”

“ No, you know as well as I once that starts it’s just a hop , skip and a jump
to the bed.”

“ Diana I have to have some part of you at least touching. What if I promise
I’ll control the situation so that we won’t end up in the bed doing...that?”

“ No, I know you’ll have all the intentions in the world but I don’t think
either one of us will honestly be able to control ourselves. We literally
thrive off of each other.”

“ Ok, maybe your right but at least let me hold you doing this meal, and one

“ Xena...., a kiss?”

“ Yes. Besides we never sealed this deal, and until we do it really isn’t

“ Xena that’s not fair.”

“ that’s how we seal our deals Diana, you know that.”

“ ok, fine one quick kiss.”

“ No, one kiss.”

Diana looked into Xena’s eyes and said,

“ Ok, but I still think it’s breaking the rules.”

“ Give, kitten I want those sweet lips now!”

Diana leaned towards Xena and Xena brought her hands up to Diana’s face and
caught her just as they were close enough to kiss, Xena then said,

“ We stop when I say, clear?”

“ clear.”

Xena then pulled Diana in and they kissed, Xena swiped her tongue across
Diana’s teeth and Diana opened to her. Xena feasted on Diana’s mouth and Diana
did the same to Xena’s tongue. Diana was tightening at a rapid pace and Xena
was also tightening, so much so that she abruptly broke their kiss and said,

“ I need more of you, I can’t wait, I’m sorry. But I want you now!”

just as Xena was about to wrap her arms around Diana. Diana jumped out of
Xena’s arms and off of her lap, and Xena was stunned,

“ What are you doing?”

“ I’m holding you to your word.”

Xena looked at Diana and then she said,

“ Diana I really hate this.”

“ I know, but think about it this way, when we get together whew we’ll bring
down the palace.”

Diana waggled her brows at Xena. Xena smirked and then said,
“I have such a headache, from this and it’s only been one day.”

“ Well not even a full day.”

Diana corrected.

“Thanks for reminding me. Diana!”

“ Sorry.”

“hmm. By the way how long is this to go on exactly?”

“ just until I say.”

Diana said trying to evade the question.

“ I know that, but how long is it?”

“Oh look! our food is here, I am so hungry. Let’s eat.”

“ Diana...”

“ Yes?”

“ How long?”

“Xena it doesn’t matter, it won’t change anything, right?”

“ I don’t know, it might.”

“Then even more reason not to tell you.”

Xena glared at Diana, but Diana pretended like she did not notice and she went
on to eat. Xena soon followed and they ate in silence. the rest of the day was
stressful for the both of them, and even more for those around the Conqueror.
She was a bear to say the least. That night when they went to bed Xena once
again pretended to be asleep by the time Diana came out of the bath. Diana was
concerned but she put it off to Xena putting herself to sleep on purpose.

The next day was worst the than the day before. Xena was restless and agitated
and short temper with everyone. She woke up with another headache. She went
about the day trying to avoid thinking about Diana, She even allowed her to
spend the day with Gabrielle and Terais, just so she could get some work done.
By the end of the day Xena was exhausted, and her head hurt. But She made up
her mind that she would not tolerate this any longer than tomorrow after the
Celebration, or maybe even during the celebration. But either way it would end

The next morning Xena woke up early and had dressed in her leathers and The
staff was up already and they were putting the finishing touches to
everything. The palace looked even more beautiful than it already was, the
guest was arriving and Diana was still asleep. Xena then decided to wake her
up so she went over and shook her. Diana’s eyes fluttered open and after a
moment to focus she looked up to see Xena.

“ Good morning, how are you feeling?”

“ I am actually feeling very good.”


Diana said with a smile.

“ Oh yes. Today is the day that things will happen. I am going to truly enjoy
myself with what I have plan.”

“ And what might that be?”

Diana asked. Xena looked at Diana and with a wry smirk she said,

“ You’ll see, kitten. Now get up and get dress.”

Diana dressed quickly and they went to see how everything was turning out.
After a while Diana asked Xena if she could go and check on the planned

“ Yes, but I’ll go with you I would like to see what’s planned.”

“No! I mean what if the entertainers want to surprise you with something, It
will be spoiled if you see, don’t you think?”

“ Maybe....ok Diana you go and check and then meet me back in our quarters so
that we can get dressed. The celebration is suppose to start at mid afternoon,

“ yes.”

“ Ok give and then you can go.”

“ Xena....?”

“ just a quick kiss this time.”

“ Ok.”

Diana’s chin was taken by Xena once again but this time Xena leaned down
slightly and she placed a tender kiss to Diana’s lips and then she let go and

“ I see you soon.”

“ Ok.”

Diana replied and Xena Turned and walked away. Diana smiled at Xena and then
she smirked at the thought of the surprise she had in store for Xena. Diana
turned and ran to one of the large ballrooms where the Dancers and Musicians

Diana immediately took over and she went over routines and things with them up
until 2 candlemarks before it was time for everyone to get dressed. She told
them when to expect her and she left to go and meet Xena. Diana was very
impressed with Xena’s Musicians and Dancers they caught on almost instantly.
Diana knew her surprise for Xena would be quite a sight. And the music, being
that it was not from that time, it would truly be something different for
everyone from that time.

Diana arrived back to their chambers and Xena was slightly irritated with her
for being so long.

“ Where have you been? I told you we had to get dressed. The guess is arriving
and you haven’t even begun to get Dressed.”

“ Well, your lecturing me at this moment won’t speed that up any.”

Diana reasoned teasingly.

“ Ok now. Come on so the servants can help you.”

Diana felt like she had gone through the mill. Her hair was washed, she was
bath, oiled, massaged, powdered. Her hair was then styled in a soft and very
flattering style. It was naturally wavy so those waves were use to flow over
Diana’s back and over one shoulder so that it fell gently over one side of
Diana’s face covering one of her eyes slightly, while the other side had soft
ringlets flowing down the other side of her cheek.

Diana was then told to stand up and a Diamond Necklace was placed around her
neck. The Diamonds were diamond shaped going around her neck, and at the very
front A large heart shape diamond added the finishing touch to the necklace.
Diana Thought it was an exquisite necklace. She really loved the the necklace
but especially the heart part of it. Diana was then dressed.

A Beautiful silk and lace gown that was form fitting was put on Diana. It was
silver and gold, with mother of pearl colors sparkling through it , matching
Diana’s movements. Diana really found that to be quite sensuous especially
considering that the mother of pearl hue would sparkle when she moved her
back, legs arms, hips, chest, whatever she moved the Mother Of Pearl would

“ WOW! Xena you do have wondrous taste.”

Diana said to herself, considering Xena was waiting in the other room, talking
with her Advisors and Gabrielle and Terais. Xena was wearing a Magnificent
Oriental style Royal Robe, with multicolors and also silver and gold threaded
trim. Xena was also wearing another crown, still complimenting the size of The
Conqueror’s head and the style of her Raven hair. Gabrielle was wearing a silk
gown with mauve and gold, tea length, and her fire gold hair auburn and flaxen
was curled at the ends. Terais wore her Royal uniform that represented her
rank as The Conqueror’s personal Guard. The other Royal guards uniform were
different from Terais because of that.

Once Diana was dressed she was lead out of the bedchamber by the servants.
When Diana came out of the bedchamber into the sitting room, the Advisors,
Gabrielle and Terais all gasped and said,

“ By The Gods!!”

Xena knitted her brows at the reaction from all of them, she then turned and
the air caught in her throat. She stood awed by Diana’s beauty. But, she was
not the only one in awe, for Diana too stood gazing on Xena’s beauty.

“ Beautiful.”

They both said in unison. Then they smiled at each other for the twin

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