By D.virtue

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Chapter 10

“ Do you hear that slave?”

The warrior asked the draped form. Diana not hearing what the warrior was
referring to asked,


“The clash of swords.”

“what swords? I don’t hear any swords.”


Xena stated. “My soldiers have made quick work of your soldiers.”

A smirk crossing the Warriors face.

Diana did find it strange that there were no sounds of battle whether in
victory or defeat, but something told her it was not that simple, so she said,

“You may have won OUR battle, but I think you will be very surprised to find
you didn’t win the war. “

Diana finished with a small laugh, which she soon regretted for thinking she
could forget about her aching abdomen.
The Conqueror who had been walking her horse back to the main street , stopped
their progress to ask the draped form what she meant by not winning the war.

“And what does that mean?”

Xena asked, arching her brow at the prone form over her horse.

“I just have a feeling that things didn’t quite turn out the way you think,
that’s all I meant.”

Diana had come to realize that the soldiers having appeared virtually out of
no where were probably the work of Indite and therefore things probably didn’t
end the way Xena planned. The Conqueror’s brows knitting together in a
perplexed way only looked down at the back of the young woman and then said,

“ We’ll see.”

“Yes, we will see.”

Diana said under her breath. Xena put her horse into a gallop with Diana
groaning from the pain the ride was causing her abdomen
Finally, Xena turned onto the main street only to stop her horse suddenly,
causing Diana to be bounced on her abdomen onto the saddle. Xena looking
around with confusion for a moment then anger, scanned the area for one of
her lieutenant’s, finding one standing looking confused she Called him over to

Sitting tall in her saddle with teeth clenched she asked Timson one of her
Royal war advisors

“What going..”

her voice hiding none of her anger.

“, we were fighting..., and... there were bodies..., all over
the place! Ours, theirs, just everywhere, and then ... Gone! Their

Xena Glared at the man, and bending over slightly, she lifted him up off the
ground as if he weighed nothing. Eyes narrowing and boring into the now
gasping, wide eyed man’s eyes The Conqueror said,

“What Do You Mean ,They Just Disappeared? How Can a Whole army just

“My... Lord.... They just disappeared, and our soldiers who were dead, or at
least looked like they were dead just .... got up!”

The Conquerors grip tighten around the soldiers neck causing his eyes to
start bulging, Timson gasped again and sputtered out ,

“I think it was some type of magic My Lord...”

coughing and trying to get even a small breath in, he waited for her reaction
to his words.

“Is that what you think?

she said, dropping him back to the earth. her voice filled with irritation at
the obvious.

Chapter 11.

“Where are the villagers?”

she said, after realizing all she was seeing was her soldiers standing around
looking at each other and their surroundings.

“M..y... Lord,”

Timson said after a few moments to catch his breath and rub his neck where the
Conqueror’s hands had been, although he feared being grabbed around the neck
again by the Warrior's hands he didn’t move from where he was dropped ,he knew

“There were no villagers, they had all escaped somehow.”

flames now danced in The Conqueror’s eyes.


flinching from the Conquerors rising anger Timson said

“My Lord there were no villagers to be found everyone was gone.”

The Conqueror was enraged at winning a battle and not having anything to show
for it. She then realized where her anger should be placed. Looking at the
laughing form in front of her. She Leaned forward and in a low wicked voice

“sooo.... you think this is funny do you? we’ll see just how funny you think
this is when we get back to my Palace.”

Diana stiffen at Xena’s words and said inspite of her rising apprehension at
what The Conqueror had planned for her she said in a somewhat sarcastic tone

“hmm, I told you that you may have won Our battle, but you would be surprised
to see you didn’t win this war.”

Diana receive a firm Whack to her backside over her leathers and she cried
out from the renewed pain, she then prepared herself for the next ... that
never landed, but instead she heard The Conqueror’s voice.

“Leave one of my flags, to indicate to whom this village now belonged to!”

With that the Conqueror turned her horse and galloped at full speed back to
her compound without another word being said between the two, and the only
sound that could be heard was from Diana crying from the pain in her abdomen
and her behind.

Chapter 12.

Arriving back at her palace the gates were opened just as the two came to them
without ever having to stop or slow due to the call from the walls surrounding
the palace from the Sentries posted. The Conqueror slowed her horse and then
stopped at the door where two young men were waiting. They bowed and said

“Welcome home My Lord.”

Jumping down from the horse, The Conqueror told one of the young men something
that sent him sprinting off somewhere. The Warrior was then met by her 1st
lieutenant and another advisor. They bowed and welcomed the Conqueror home.
They then spoke for a brief moment. In the meantime, Diana feeling overcome
with nausea and pain, decided to clear her throat ,

“ excuse me, I’m glad to see that everyone is so happy to see HER.. but can
I get off this horse.. Please?

The conversation stopped as the two finally noticed that there was someone...
a woman, draped over the front of the saddle.
The Conquerors eyes narrowed and she turned somewhat slowly, anger evident on
her face she strided the few steps back to where Diana was draped, piercing
blue eyes met light brown eyes

“I remember telling you something about being quiet....”

Wham! Xena backhanded the young woman across the face. Diana’s head turning
from the strike slowly turned her head back cheek now red from pain and
embarrassment , she looked at the ground tears falling once again shaking her
head slightly from side to side in stunned amazement of the whole situation.
she remained silent while the Conqueror continued to glare at her. Lifting
Diana’s head with her fingers to look at her once again, The Conqueror then
said with coolness to her voice ,

“your backside will feel as if the fires of hades’ realm is right underneath
you when I finish with you.”

with that she lifted and then pushed the young woman off of her horse, where
Diana landed on her already painful behind. She immediately rolled onto her
knees to get off of the abused area. She next heard The Conqueror’s commanding

“Get Up And Come Here.”

Although Diana could not see the woman’s face she knew she was in for it from
the tone. Diana got to her feet and swayed at first from the nausea and
dizziness she was feeling, but she shook her head to clear it and was
determined to stand up straight so as not to look like how she was feeling,
which was beaten. She took a deep breath and straighten her shoulders and she
strided around the horse to come and stand in front of The Conqueror.

Diana met Xena’s eyes. This gesture only fueled the fire already burning into
an inferno. "Feraling her brows The Conqueror lifted Diana by her chin off of
the ground to where she was on her tiptoes once again.

“I will teach you how I expect for you to behave. I will punish you hourly if
that is what it will take to rid you of this insolence, and I’ll still take
you to my bed and have my way with you, with every expectation from you to
perform like I know you can.”

Diana dropped her gaze at the warrior’s words and swallowed hard. cocking her
head Xena finished with;

“ did you lie to me back at the village?”

Diana’s eyes met the warriors once again with a questioning look.

“ Oh, you’ve forgotten about the choice I gave you back there? The one you

Xena’s eyebrow raising as if in question. “Don’t worry little one I’ll be
happy to remind you.”

dropping Diana back to a solid stand on the ground she then stepped around
leaving her standing there in wonderment as to what she meant. Xena’s 1st
and the advisor were standing there with there mouths open at the whole sight.
The stunningly beautiful young girl standing with their Lord who was also a
stunning beauty.despite the punishment from the warrior Diana’s face where
she had been struck only showed a slight discoloration with no swelling, as
oppose to what her face would have looked like had she been anyone else.

They each thought the two looked perfect together. The advisor didn’t quite
like the idea of that, but he said nothing for the moment.
The warrior went back to speak with the two people still staring at Diana.

“Terais have the cooks prepare food for myself and the returning soldiers, and
you and Algist and my other advisors meet me in my private dining chambers
with update reports on what’s been happening with the dissidents, in 2
candlemarks.”Without looking back at Diana she held her hand out back behind
herself and said,

“Bring me what is mine.”

Diana hearing the words turned and walked with the chain in her hand to the
Warrior and placed it in her hand while at the same time she said

“no. in a soft voice.

The Conqueror cocked her head enough to see the young woman without having to
turn around, raising a brow only for a moment in question, then nodding her
head in understanding she said

“I’m happy to hear that, but we will have to see.”

With those words she dismissed her 1st and the advisor. They bowed and depart
to go and take care of their ordered duties.Pulling on the chain enough to get
Diana’s full attention, Xena strided to the large open doors that entered
into her palace. The Doors were quite large and looked very heavy. Diana
noted that there were intricately carved designs running through them they
looked to be made out of a heavy wood, but Diana wasn’t sure. Xena strided
into the large foyer area with Diana striding just behind to prevent herself
from being pulled.


was Diana’s comments as they entered the foyer. She took in her surrounding
quickly. She noted the mother of pearl marble flooring and the staircases on
either side of the room, she noted how they met at the top and how the
railings matched the flooring. She also noticed the large Persian rugs that
adored the floor, looking up at the ceiling she noted the intricate designs
carved into it. Hanging down from the ceiling was a large crystal looking
chandelier. the walls were adorned with Beautiful Tapestry. Diana also noticed
that lavender seemed to be the primary color in the foyer.

In between the staircase was a long hallway with doors on either side.While
Diana was looking around Xena had heard Diana’s word and had stopped to look
at her when she felt a slight pull on the chain. She watched Diana take in the
foyer and then said

“Come, you may have time enough to see the rest, if your good.”

Diana snapping back her attention to the Warrior only nodded and dropped her
eyes once again, but ,only for a moment. Then she lifted them and Xena Turned
on her heels and they were heading up the left staircase down a long corridor
with more doors and guards standing along the corridor.

Chapter 13.

Xena finally stopped at one of the doors that had two guards standing on
either side, both saluted and one opened the door and allowed the warrior and
her slave to enter, upon entering, a servant met The Conqueror and Diana at
the door and bowing she said

“Welcome home MY Lord, may I take your cloak?”

The Conqueror nodded her assent and the servant unfastened the tie and took it
off the warrior’s shoulders. She hung it on a hook off to the side of the
door. DIana once again being surprised at the beauty she was seeing in what
she assumed was the warriors quarters, she said under her breath


but once again the warrior tugged at the chain around Diana’s neck, and
pulling her to stand in front of her the warrior looked into the young woman’s
eyes to try and gage whether she was a threat to try and escape, feeling
confident that Diana would not try and escape she unfastened the collar from
around her neck and Diana immediately brought her hand up to rub her sore neck
and try to rub the kinks out of her shoulders from having to wear the thing
for so many hours.

After looking at the Warrior and saying a curt

“thank you.”

Diana turned away and again started to admire the surroundings. Rugs on the
floor, tapersies on the walls, large windows covered with elegant looking
drapes with lavender and gold and silver running through them. A large sofa
with matching chairs stood in the expansive room . A marble table large enough
for 12 to sit at comfortable with comfortable chairs around it.

Diana also noticed the silver chalices sitting on a smaller table with
different containers of fluids. The room was well lit , and Diana found
herself nodding at the exquisite taste of the Warrior Woman. None of this was
lost on the warrior, for she had allowed Diana to walk around while she was
having her armor and weapons removed by the servant. She watched Diana start
to touch things but draw her hand away as if she were burnt by the objects of
her interest. The Conqueror told the servant to fill the large bath and meet
the healer and have her wait in the adjacent quarters. The servant being
somewhat confused asked

“are you hurt My Lord?”

“No! now go and do as I’ve ordered”

“ As you wish My Lord.”

The servant went off to attend to her duties. Xena then returning her
attention to the young woman who was still admiring the layout of the room
walked over to the table with the chalices and pouring some wine from a
decanter walked to one of the matching chairs and sat down. She stretched her
long legs and crossed them at the ankles. Leaning back in the chair to rest
one arm on the arm of the chair, while sipping and watching Diana over the
rim of the chalice Xena The Conqueror thought how much enjoyment she was going
to get from breaking this young woman, and following that thought up she
licked her lips in a sensual way while thinking about how the young woman
would be squirming beneath her when she took her to her bed.

Xena let her mind explore all the ways in which she would ravish the young
woman, while all the time sipping her wine and watching the young woman move
about the room. Xena noticed the smooth way in which Diana moved and she
just watched and visualize that same movement under her.



Part 4 continue: Chapters 13-16.

Chapter 14.

.Diana feeling as though she was being watched turned to find that she was
indeed being watched. Brown eyes meeting blue Xena cocked her head and arched
her brow, she then took another sip of her wine and placed the cup on the
stand next to the chair , she then said

“come here.”

Diana dropped her gaze for a moment then raised her eyes once again
contemplating the consequences of not going, but she put the thought out of
her mind when she saw Xena’s brow start to feral. She walked over to where the
warrior was sitting and came to stand just out of reach of the warrior. Xena
noticed the distances instantly and she gestured for Diana to come closer.
Diana chewed on her bottom lip and then stepped within reach. Xena Looked up
at the young woman and with one hand she ran it up the side of Diana’s right
thigh, all the while watching Diana’s reaction. Diana upon feeling the hand on
her thigh stiffened and fighting her impulse to strike the warrior she stood
there and allowed the roaming hand to move on her thigh freely.

But, when the hand started to move up and behind, Diana moved away suddenly.
Xena made no move to bring her back but only pursed her lips and said

“unhuh, that’s what I thought.”

picking up her drink she narrowed her eyes and took a long sip of her drink
while Diana stood watching and regretting having moved, but she was determined
not to make herself an easy conquer when it came to her flower.
They stayed like that for awhile until there came a knock at the door. The
servant who was in the other room heard the knock and came back into the
sitting room and crossed the room to open the door. Diana looked over to the
door to see who it was and saw the young man Xena had sent away earlier
standing just inside the door, Xena never looked at the door. She only watched

“My Lord it is Makus The leathersmith, shall I allow him entrance?”

The Conqueror only motioned for the servant girl to allow the young man
The servant stepped to the side and Makus walked to where Diana stood and
bowing low he said

“My Lord I’ve brought the requested items.”

Xena now looked at the young man and said

“Good, put them over there.”

pointing to the smaller table. Diana watched the young man bow and walk over
to the table and place a few items upon it, she couldn’t see what they were
because of the young man being in front of the table blocking her view. Xena
only watched Diana waiting for her to see what was upon the table. and her
reaction to the items upon it. After placing the items the young man came to
stand in front of the Conqueror once again. He bowed and said

“By your leave, My Lord.?”

The conqueror dismissed the young man with a nod of her head, Diana having
watched the exchange soon returned her attention to the table and let out a
startled gasp at what she saw. Xena eyes dancing with a smoldering fire now
stood and stepping into Diana’s line of site said in a smooth voice ..

“ like what you see?”

lifting Diana’s eyes to meet her own. Diana swallowed and said,


Leaning down to whisper into Diana’s ear The Conqueror said

"because little one, I don’t believe you prefer my pleasure, I mean you did
just back out of my hand didn’t you?”

blue eyes piercing into brown. Diana then felt a shiver run down her spine at
the sound of the warriors voice and breath next to her ear. Xena noticing the
response leaned back and said

“am I wrong?”

Diana took a deep breath and thought about the items on the table and figured
it would be best to submit a little for the moment and maybe that would pacify
the Warrior and stale for time knowing the warrior was planning on meeting
with her advisors and her 1st in about a candlemark and a half. so she said,

“I’m sorry, It won’t happen again.”

Diana bowed her head slightly.

“really? Well let’s just see about that.”

Xena then told Diana,


Xena motioning towards the large couch. Diana’s heart was beating hard and
fast at the prospects of being on that couch but she moved to it none the less
with Xena following behind.

Diana sat near the arm of the chair and folded her hands on her lap. Xena
dropped to one knee and said

“give me your foot.”

Diana lifted her foot to Xena’s hands, at which time Xena removed her boot,
and then ordered her to give the other foot . After removing the boots Xena

“Put your feet upon the couch.”

Licking her lips once again. watching Diana’s every move and reaction.

“You know if I don’t believe you, we’ll go the other way?.”

arching her brow while looking into Diana’s eyes. Diana put her feet upon the
couch and Xena arose from her knee and sat next to her. Leaning forward she
moved stray hair out of her Diana’s face. she marveled at the softness of
her tresses and soon she ran her hand up the back of Diana’s neck into her
hair, and then grabbing a hand full of Diana’s hair she pulled her forward and
into a searing kiss. Diana being taken by surprise gasped at the movement and
then felt Xena run her tongue over her teeth that sent another shiver down her

Xena opened her eyes and broke the kiss and said,

“when you feel my tongue on your teeth, I expect for you to open your mouth,
is that clear?”

Diana simply nodded her head.

“Good .“

with that said Xena drew Diana back in and this time after running her tongue
over Diana’s teeth she felt after a moment Diana open to her. Xena plunged her
tongue into the sweet recesses and kissing Diana deeply she heard Diana moan.
Diana feeling lightheaded and to her surprise turned on by the feel of The
Conquerors action. She then heard a moan coming from the warrior which only
furthered her own fires. Despite her resolve to not give in to the Warrior
Diana found her hand coming up to intertwine in the warriors raven hair.

The Conqueror being somewhat surprised by the young woman’s action allowed it
and then moving her hand up to Diana’s abdomen she felt diana’s armor. She
then cursed herself for not having her remove it when her own was removed. She
reluctantly broke the kiss and in a thick voice full of passion she said,

“remove your armor.”

Diana still slightly dazed from the kiss opened her eyes slowly and looked
into passion filled eyes. Diana decided it had been a while since she had been
with anyone since it was a week since she had been with one of her Chosen,
Diana removed her armor with Xena’s help and Xena didn’t stop there she
removed Diana’s leather top and was amazed at the size of the nipples.

Xena thought they had to be about a inch each in length and half a inch in
thickness sitting upon two large firm mounds. Xena looked up at Diana who only
blushed at the intense inspection of her breast. a curl forming at the corners
of The Conqueror’s mouth motioned for Diana to come to her to which she
looked deep into Diana’s eyes and then reclaiming the mouth she had previously
tasted, kissed Diana with abandon and Diana responding in kind to the fire
building in her own self.

They kissed for long moments with Xena’s hand running up Diana’s side and then
up to her breast where she discovered Diana was not faking her pleasure, for
Xena had taken other women and men and while it was easy for her to tell if a
man was faking she had to learn how to tell if a woman was faking. Which she
learned many ways to tell one of which was a woman’s nipples. Xena upon
running her hand up to Diana’s breast ran her nails over the nipple and found
it was taunt and getting tighter. Xena wanting to see the reaction she was
causing broke their kiss once again and proceeded to kiss and nip at Diana’s
neck, arriving at the hollow of her neck Xena The Conqueror felt Diana’s
rapid heartbeat and became even more excited at the young woman’s response to
her touch. She nipped and bit at the area while sucking the skin into her
mouth, Diana becoming drunk with the pleasure running over her leaned her head
back to allow the Conqueror greater access to her neck . Xena, Grabbing the
young woman around the back of her neck with one hand pushed the young slave
closer to her and to have better control over Diana’s movements.

Xena’s other hand was kneading one of the large mounds and pinching and
rolling the taunt nipples in between her thumb and forefinger, Diana continued
to moan her pleasure at the ministration being put upon her by the Warrior.
Xena then left Diana’s neck and made her way down to the firm breast she
kissed and sucked the soft flesh into her mouth, and using her tongue she
circled the nipple with intricate patterns large at first , but soon she was
making smaller and smaller patterns while all the while getting closer and
closer to her initial goal of tasting the firm nipples in her mouth.

“ taste soo..good my little sweet one.”

Diana could only response in kind,


signing she finished with, “

That feels sooo... very good, but your teasing me and I don’t think I can take
much more.”

“really, well let’s see what I can do about that.”

Xena returned her tongue to it’s previous task and then without any
forewarning she seized the nipple into her hot mouth and sucked hard, so hard
in fact that Diana arched her back and cried out..

“Oh, my Goodness!”

breath more ragged and coming in short supply Diana was nearing her peak and
The Conqueror was not far behind, especially after Diana Unexpectedly cried
out. The Conqueror Sucked harder and ran her tongue around the sweet nipple
while pinching and squeezing the other peak. Diana finally not being able to
take anymore shut her eyes tights and prepared herself for the ecstasy that
would soon follow,

But , just at the same moment A thought ran through her mind and she
realized she had to stop this, especially considering what she knew would
happen if she orgasmed with this particular woman, and considering that she
suspected Xena was a Chosen. Diana knew her body would become attuned to the
Warriors and there would not be any possibility of getting away from her then.

Chapter 15

Without warning Diana pushed The Conqueror off of her breast , and with such
force that Xena was pushed to the other end of the couch. Diana Jumped up
from the Couch. Diana then seeing the confusion , and then anger flashing in
the Conquerors eyes she swallowed hard and said

“I’m... I’m ....sorry , I can’t do this I....”

The Conqueror was now on her feet and said

“Enough! what do you think your doing? I have needs that have grown in
intensity since starting this and I won’t be denied now !”

Diana stood her ground but tried to calm the now highly aroused Warrior.

“I know what I’m doing is not right, I have the same needs, but I can’t do
this, at least not right now.”

Xena standing within arms reach of the young woman, hands opening and closing
slowly ,barely containing the rage and the highly aroused state she was
feeling. She listened to the young woman. Finally, she then said through
clenched teeth,

“Quiet !”

Diana snapping her jaw closed. Stood and waited for the Conqueror to finish.

“Ok, Ok, you say you can’t do this.. mmhum. you don’t explain why, You just
can’t. Well, that’s fine, I won’t continue this at this time.”

Seeing the confusion in Diana’s eyes she continued.

“Yes... I’m sure... I can find some way to work off all of this pent-up
energy. mmhum.”

nodding her head up and down slowly in a contemplating matter pursing her
lips ,

“is that ok with you?”

“Xena I....”

“Yes or no? I’ll even allow you to come to me when you’ve changed your
mind. Is that fair?”

Xena stepping around Diana to head towards the smaller table. Hands clamped
behind her back. Diana following The Warrior’s movement with her eyes,
watched and listened to the Warriors Terms. not realizing the hidden meaning,
and the fact that the warrior was now standing with her back to Diana holding
something in her hands.


“Yes, that’s fair.”

Diana said with slight hesitation.

“Good, I’m glad that you think my idea is fair.”

Looking over her shoulder back at Diana she wanted to see if there was any
further comments. Diana lowered her eyes and taking a deep breath said,

“I’m sorry.”

raising her eyes to meet the warriors once again.

“So you’ve said. Do you realize how much I want to feel you under me,
restless with passion that only I will be able to still. Well... I guess I’ll
have to wait , won’t I?”

“Xena, I’ll make it up to you , somehow (said quietly).”

“Oh, I know you will I can guarantee it.”

Diana’s ears picking up a dangerous tone in The Conqueror’s voice, said


Turning with speed and saying

“ It’s My Lord!”

A leather whip snaking out from the warriors hands to land around Diana’s
waist and land with a smack upon Diana’s back.


Diana whirled around to try and prevent another such lash, and with fear in
her eyes she swore she saw fire in The Conqueror’s eyes. Xena was now bearing
down on her, and not wanting to be close to the angry warrior at the moment
she jumped over the couch to land on the opposite side .

“Xena.. I.Mean... My Lord ....Please?”

raising her hands in a pleading way as if to calm the enraged Ruler.

“I’m sorry, please? Don’t do this? please? I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“really?! Just what did you expect to happen when you get involved in
something like this, and then ...just stop, am I suppose to just hone in my
passion and let it go? It doesn’t work like that least not here with me.”

With that Xena flipped over the couch to land behind Diana, who then turned
and ducked a intended slap across the face. Diana then shot a fist out to
connect to The Conqueror’s midsection, and being an unexpected hit with
strength behind it, it doubled the Warrior over for a moment. But, only long
enough for Diana to take an advantage . She brought her head up to connect to
The warrior’s chin thus sending her flying backwards and into a door that
Diana had not even noticed was there.

The Warrior hit the solid door with a loud thud and didn’t move. Diana,
despite her fear still found that she was hoping the warrior was not injured
to badly or even worse. So she slowly and cautiously walked over to the still
form lying on the floor. Blood was escaping from her head. Diana went to
her knees to see how badly the injury was. Running her hand around Xena’s head
she found a large 2 inch gash at the back of her head.. Diana looked around to
see where Xena could have gotten the cut and looking at the door that she did
not see earlier,she saw a metal design on the door with blood on it .

“Out of all the places for her to hit on that door, she had to hit there.”

Diana then turned her attention back to the injured Xena . And with quick
work she assessed, evaluated and treated the injury. Diana looked at the
hourglass on the mantle and noticed that it was getting close to the time for
The Conqueror’s meeting with her cabinet. so realizing that she would probably
end up fight Xena’s whole army in order to get away from being arrested and
held in the dungeon. Most likely until The Conqueror recovered from her
injuries, at which time she would probably receive a beating, as well as, the
intended whipping.She decided she had to get out, and get out now, and without
being spotted by too many soldiers.



Chapter 16

She lifted Xena onto her shoulder and looked to see where she could put her so
that she would be the most comfortable, but it also needed to be a place that
would allow her time to get away before the injuried warrior was discovered.
She turned back to look at the door and decided to see if there was someplace
within to place the unconscious Warrior. She opened the door and found an
elegant bedroom chamber large and lavishly decorated with taste. Diana took
only a moment to admire the room, but then saw the bed and went over to it,
she quickly undressed the warrior down to her shift, she then pulled the
covers back and laid the warrior under the covers.

Once that was done she then remembered the servant who had run the bath.
Diana was concerned the servant would return soon to tell Xena the bath was
drawn, so,with a quick looked out of a window to see if it would do for an
escape route, she saw it backed to a field that led into the woods. Diana
decided that it would do. She looked down out the window and saw it was quite
a drop but she figured she could make it without serious injury. With a quick
look back at the Warrior, Diana ran out the bedroom door closing it behind her
very quietly.

She then ran to the door that the servant had appeared from and peeking inside
she saw the servant polishing the warriors armor while singing a song to
herself. Diana decided the best way to insure privacy was to display herself
to the servant... in a modest way. Diana looked back at the closed bedroom
door and making a quick decision she ran back to the room watching the warrior
to make sure she had not waken up. she grabbed one of the Conqueror’s many
robes and throwing it on without pulling her leather top back on she left the
room once again and closed the door behind her. She ran back to the other door
and knocked and hearing a voice say

“come in”

Diana stepped into the room just a little ways and said,

“ I’m sorry to disturb you, but I came to let you know that My Lord and I will
be indisposed for a while, so the bath will not be needed this evening.”

“Oh, ok, I’ll have the bath emptied.”


Diana backed back out the door and closed it. she then said to herself

“there that will keep her from discovering the warrior.”

Diana then ran to the couch to put her boots back on and her leather blouse.
While putting on the blouse she thought of the encounter between her and the
Conqueror. she felt herself flush at the feelings that it elicited. she then
shook herself out of the reverie and ran back to the bed Chamber, opening the
door cautiously once again to check the warrior, she quickly went in and
closed the door behind herself. She then ran to the window and looked out
again to check the surrounding for any guards, seeing none she started to
climb onto the ledge,

But then stopped and turned to look at the woman whom she knew was more than
likely a Chosen, Diana climbed back down from the ledge and grabbing a quill
and piece of parchment she wrote

“ Xena, I’m sorry about all of this, I didn’t mean for you to get hurt, and
I actually felt bad that you were. So I cleaned your wound and placed you in
your bed after making sure that the injury was not life threatening, although,
it was your intention to inflict a painful punishment upon me, I hold no
grudge. In fact I’ll tell you this, I meant what I said about how good you
were making me feel. your lips on mine, your hands on my breast, It was
intense even to my surprise. I have the feeling we will meet again. You are a
remarkable woman in all forms and fashion. Your beautiful, strong, powerful,
skillful, sensual, and you have a awe inspiring present. Who knows if I’m
still around here in this place, maybe one day we will meet under different
circumstances , if not before.
Once again I’m sorry for your injury and for causing you to become so upset by
my stopping our encounter, I know if we were to continue our insatiable
nature’s would take us to such heights that even the Gods on Mt. Olympus would
long to bed either of us(funny that huh (: ) Xena I’m not use to the idea of
being a slave of any type I’m also not use to being with a woman, I never had
any desire for woman, but for so reason I actually can see myself with one
now. But I probably would have done it to see how the relationship developed.
I would not have had a problem with continuing our encounter if..... never
mind, anyway, I think for now I will try to stay out of your way because
having seen your temper and your punish first then ask questions technique I
think I can save us both a great deal of stress, from my stubbornness to
have my will not broken and yours from trying to do just that, anyway I hope
you will forgive me ..... one day.
I don’t know why I’m writing this, I guess I felt I old you some type of
Be well Xena (My Lord Xena).

Rolling the parchment up and placing it on the adjacent pillow. Diana then
leaned over and feeling a connection she drew close to the warriors lips and

“ you are my Chosen, I know it in my heart. But I cannot deal with the fact
that one of my Chosen is a woman.Outside of the fact of stimulating my breast
,I have to wonder how a woman could fill my other needs without the right
tools. I have to say though,if anyone could, it would probably be you. Take
care Warrior Princess.”

Diana then placed her lips softly upon the warriors and tenderly kissed the
supposedly unconscious Warrior. Upon removing her lips she heard The Conqueror
groan, or was it a moan! Diana didn’t have time to find out and didn’t want
to be caught leaving so she turned and ran back to the window taking a rapid
scan of the area one more time, She jumped out onto the ledge and taking a
deep breath she bent her knees and as if diving off a diving board into a

Diana dived off the ledge at an angle towards the ground, which just as she
was to hit the ground with her forehead, she tucked into a tight ball and
rolled for what seemed like forever tucked, until she was sure she was slowed
down enough to where she could untuck and land on her feet.

“Excellent! , now that was a trip.”

Diana said out loud to herself. Then turning on her heels she took off for
the woods, and thus freedom.

Chapter 17.

After Diana jumped out of the window, Xena’s 1st had come into the room,
and hearing a groan went to the bedside of the Conqueror and seeing the
bandage around her head she begun examing the Warrior, and soon calling for
the healer, who just happen to be near because of previous orders sent to her
about being within earshot.

The Conqueror was awake before the healer actually came into the room and she
felt her head to see why she had such a pounding headache and why her 1st and
the advisors were all standing around her looking at her as if she were dead.

“What’s going on?”

“My Lord, you were injured, you have a head injury. It looks as if who ever
did it knew how to heal, the wound is perfectly sutured and more than likely
looking at the stitching it probably will not scar. “

Looking disoriented around at her surroundings she asked

“How did I get in my bedroom ?”

Then looking at her body she said,

“ and in my shift ?”

narrowing her eyes at the idea that someone would remove her clothing without
her permission.

“My Lord,

” Terais said,

“you were already in your bed and in you shift before we arrived.”

“Dancea! “

The Conqueror called assuming she and one of the other servants put her in the
bed. The servant appeared at the door and walked tentatively to the The
Conquerors bedside,

“Ye.. s....yes My Lord?”

“Dancea how did I get in my bed and dressed only in my shift?”

“My ..My Lord I.. I.. I assume it was the young woman who you came back
with. She came to my room dressed in your robe with nothing underneath, at
least that’s the way it looked from the opening at the top, her breast were
almost showing, she said that the two of you would be indisposed for quite a
while and that the bath that I had prepared would not be necessary for the
evening. I told her that I understood and she thanked me and left the room
where I assumed she was returning to your chambers My Lord.”

“I see, ok, you may leave.”

“Thank you my Lord”

the servant turned and slid out, back the way she had come. Xena sat in the
bed cursing herself for getting so comfortable with her belief that she had
broken the young woman’s will in part at least, to prevent her from wanting
to try and escape. Timson the advisor then spoke and said

“My Lord, this is an offense against you and your Realm and the slave must
be caught and punished for her crime .”

Just as the Conqueror was about to give her consent., Terais noticed the
rolled parchment that had obviously rolled in between the pillows.

She asked,

“what is this My Lord?”

Holding the parchment up for The Conqueror’s view. The Conqueror knitting
her brows together took the parchment and unrolling the parchment she read “

“Xena, I’m sorry about all of this, I didn’t mean for you to get hurt, and I
actually felt bad that you were. So I cleaned your wound and placed you in
your bed after making sure that the injury was not life threatening, although,
it was your intention to inflict a painful punishment upon me, I hold no

In fact I’ll tell you this, I meant what I said about how good you were making
me feel. your lips on mine, your hands on my breast, It was intense even to
my surprise. I have the feeling we will meet again. You are a remarkable woman
in all forms and fashion. Your beautiful, strong, powerful skillful, sensual,
and you have a awe inspiring present. Who knows if I’m still around here in
this place, maybe one day we will meet under different circumstances , if not

Once again I’m sorry for your injury and for causing you to become so upset by
my stopping our encounter, I know if we were to continue our insatiable
nature’s would take us to such heights that even the Gods on Mt. Olympus would
long to bed either of us(funny that huh (: ) Xena I’m not use to the idea of
being a slave of any type or being with a woman I never had before. But I
probably would have done it to see how the relationship developed.

I would not have had a problem with continuing our encounter if..... never
mind, anyway, I think for now I will try to stay out of your way because
having seen your temper and your, punish first, then ask questions technique,
I think I can save us both a great deal of stress, from my stubbornness to
have my will not broken and yours from trying to do just that, anyway I hope
you will forgive me ..... one day.
I don’t know why I’m writing this, I guess I felt I old you some type of
Be well Xena (My Lord Xena).”

The Conqueror reread the parchment once again then rolling it back up she
turned to Timson and said, “

find her no matter what it takes, bring her to me, and Timson, no one is to
hurt her.I will punish what is mine.”

Xena’s tone brooking no argument. Timson simply bowed and said

“By your leave my Lord?”

dismissing him with a wave of her hand she told the other advisors to leave.
She then turned to her 1st and told her that

“ I don’t think Timson will follow my instructions to the letter and I would
hate to have to think I would have to torture him to death, so I want you to
send out a detail of my Royal guards to find her.”

” But, My Lord there’s no telling which way she has gone.”

“ Oh, I don’t know, I think there is, I remember hearing something just
before you came in here, I assume it could have only been Diana, and if it was
her then she could only leave one way without being seen...”

looking over at the window and back at Terais.

“ My Lord! She could not have gone that way at least not that way and live,
or at the very least hurt critically.”

Xena only smirked at the naiveness of her 1st ,but she realized it was not
because Terais was slow in her thoughts,but because she did not know Diana
like she knew her.

“Trust me, she went that way.”

Terais stood shocked that anyone could make that jump and live, until Xena

“ I do it all the time,you just have to know how to land.”

“My Lord! I...I.. can’t imagine...”

Xena silenced her with a raised hand and then said

“Go that way.”

pointing behind her.

“She won’t think anyone will be following her in that direction. She probably
stopped at one of the villages to stay figuring she would be safe from my

Xena finished with a raise of her brow.

“Terais when the soldiers find her, tell them not to make their present known
to her.They are to watch her and report where she is so that I can go and
retrieve what is mine.”

” My Lord, I’ve never known you to be soo.. concerned about one slave, is
there something special about this one?”

Xena cut her eyes from the parchment to look up at her 1st and said,

“Oh Yes, there is most definitely something special about her, and I plan on
possessing it.”

Terais seeing the wick look cross the Conqueror’s face she bowed and said,

“ As you Will My Lord.”

turning on her heels she exited the Conqueror’s room.
Xena unrolled the parchment and reread what Diana had written. She was
pleased with a lot of the letter, but angered at the thought that Diana
believed she could just leave and not think she would come after what she
claimed as her own.

“No one leaves without my permission!”

she said angrily to herself.

“No one starts or stops anything unless I say it is ok, and little girl
(speaking to the parchment as if speaking to Diana), I didn’t say this was ok.
I’ll find you Diana,maybe not right away, but I will find you. I will have
what is mine.... and that little YOU!”

Xena squeezed the parchment in her balled up hand.
Diana after hours of running eating up ground in the now darken sky with
only the moon providing light,she came to a clearing, and just across the
clearing was a village. Diana checked the clearing out before stepping out
into the opening, she then after finding it safe jogged across the clearing
and went to stand behind a tree that was just outside the village entrance.

Diana was taking no chances she had to see if the people of the village was
a threat to her. After watching for a candlemark or so she gaged the villagers
to not be a threat. so she straighten her clothes up and walked casually into
the village. where upon Diana heard laughter at one end of the village. she
followed the sound with her eyes and saw in the light of the moon a young girl
about 16 or 17 telling a story, from what Diana could tell from her
mannerisms she was acting out the story, arms moving and gesturing .

Diana watched the young woman for a moment, then looking back over her
shoulder once again to satisfy herself that she was not being followed she
made her way into the village. Not realizing the young girl had been watching
her since she first walked into the village.

End of part 4
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