By D.virtue


Everyone looked up, but Xena only looked over her brows and then went back to
talking. After calling in each of the people involved in carrying out her
orders one at a time she gave everyone whom she thought was not for her the
false information, then she told the others whom she did trust to separate and
follow the others, but not to show themselves after they found out where
Timson and his men were hiding they were to report back to her immediately.

Diana in the mean time stayed by the door, until Xena and Terais and Ephiny
were left. She then moved into the chamber and made a wide circle around them
while watching Xena. Xena in the meantime was completely aware of where Diana
was located without ever looking. She followed her with her senses and she
began to get irritated at Diana for her actions.

“ Lord Xena, Terais and I will make arrangements for the Amazon Nation to
begin searches also, if that’s ok with you?”

“ Fine Ephiny, I’ll see you back here later.”

Ephiny and Terais made a quick exit to allow Xena and Diana to work out their
differences. Diana followed the two women with her eyes until they disappeared
out the door. She then went to stand closer to Xena, but she did not say
anything, she just nervously played with her hands, Xena growing tired of
Diana’s behavior finally stood to her full height and turned to face Diana

“ Yes? You have something else you want to say Consort?”

Diana didn’t say anything for a moment . Then when Xena signed indicating her
patience was wearing thin Diana finally spoke.

“ I’m sorry.”

Diana said penitently. Xena looked down at Diana with her eyes only and Diana
had her head slightly bowed so that Xena was looking at the top of Diana’s

“ Why did you say it if you were going to be sorry later?”

Xena said without emotion. Diana went to shrug her shoulders, but Xena did not
except that, she lifted Diana’s head so that their eyes met.

“ I didn’t hear you kitten.”

“ I...I was angry, hurt feeling helpless, useless, and just pissed off. I
needed to vent and you were the closes person to vent to whom I figured would
understand the best. I don’t know Ephiny well enough to go off on her like
that, and Terais was already feeling bad enough I didn’t want to add to that.
So you were the best choice. It was wrong of me to blame you, it’s not your
fault, I do trust and believe in you, I always have, and I always will. I
didn’t mean to hurt you, I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me,
I’m just so scared for Gabrielle. I told her parents I would look out for her,
and look what’s happened, she’s been taken by some crazy man, who because of
his hate of me chose to get to me and you by going after an innocent child,
and God only knows what he’s done to her...”

Diana choked on her words and put her head in her hands and again broke down.
Xena took the few steps to get to Diana, and she took her in her arms and she
held her. She let her own tears roll down her cheek unhindered. Then Xena
pushed Diana away from her just enough to hold her by her shoulders. She then
said in a firm confident voice.

“ Diana, you need to be strong, we will find Gabrielle, and I believe we’ll
find her before anything happens to her. “

Diana looked into Xena’s eyes and she saw that Xena meant what she said. Diana
smiled a small smile and Xena saw a young woman who looked younger, especially
with the utter trust Diana was displaying in her eyes for Xena. Xena felt a
lump starting to grow in her throat from the sight. So rather than let Diana
see her become emotional she pulled Diana back to her and held her tightly.

“ I promise you kitten, this will be the last time you’ll be touched by
anything like this again, all I want to see from you is your happiness, and

“ Xena I’m sorry.”

Diana said into Xena’s neck.

“ I forgive you, I love you, and I do understand why you chose me to vent to,
although I didn’t like it, some of the things you said were absolutely true,
and I know even now you know that, but once again you don’t want me to blame
myself for this and your hoping I won’t, right?”

“ Xena I...”

Diana thank you, but just as you feel responsible for what’s happened so do I.
And because of that I’ve changed my mind about something just this once.”

Diana looked up at Xena and her brow knitted together and she asked,

“ What have you changed your mind about?”

“ I decided to let you wear your leathers and carry your staff...only! this
one time.”

“ really?! Thank you Xena thank you, you’ll never know how much this means to

Diana squeezed Xena tightly in her arms and Xena said to the top of Diana’s
head once again,

I think I do, if you continued to squeeze me like this I may not have any
strength left to fight. Diana laughed and then she eased her grip and Xena
lifted Diana’s head up once again and this time she said to her just before
she took her soft lips,

“ We’ll get her back , together kitten.”

Xena then kissed Diana and pulled her close as they allowed their souls to
melt into one other and thus drew their strength from each other. After a
moment Xena broke their embrace and she said let’s go get you changed, and we
can go out to where Gabrielle was at last, who knows we may be able to find
some clues.

Diana and Xena arrived back at their Chambers and Xena although she didn’t
like Diana wearing her leathers again, she tamped down her insecurity about
another Chosen being out there, she knew Diana would eventually disobey her if
she felt it was taking to long to find Gabrielle, so this way she figured she
could keep Diana under her control as well as make sure no one came after her
while she was out looking for clues.

After Diana was dressed in her leathers again, Diana turned to Xena and said,

“ Are you ok?”

“ Yes, fine.”

“ Xena, it’s just like you said one time only, and then it’s back to my
Consort clothing without argument. Honest.”

Xena smiled and then said,

“ I think you know me too well.”

Diana smirked and said,

“ I think your right, but what can I say......I have many ....talents.”

“ Ha...Ha....Ha.”

Xena said teasingly. they then kissed once more and then left the room to head
for the garden and the lake where Gabrielle was taken from. On their way they
ran into Ephiny and Terais.

“ Diana?! your in your leathers, does this mean...”

“ Xena’s allowed me to just this once, since Gabrielle is my sister...and she
thinks I’ll just disobey her in the first place if she didn’t, this way she
can keep her eyes on me.”

Diana looked over her shoulder to see Xena gaping at her. Ephiny recognized
that Diana had said something that Xena didn’t even realize Diana knew. Terais
then broke in and said,

“ Well My Lord, the two of you are so alike, and so connected, you can’t be
surprised that she knew something that you didn’t say out loud.”

Xena smirked and strided up to Diana and said,

“ you got lucky kitten.”

Then with a flick of her finger under Diana’s chin she said,

“Let’s go.”

Diana bit the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing.

“ Don’t laugh.”

Xena said with a warning in the tone.

Diana straighten, and looked at the retreating form of Xena. Terais and Ephiny
and both laughed and then walked to catch up with Xena. Diana stood for a few
moments more and then jogged to catchup with the three women.

The four warriors arrived at the garden and immediately started gathering
clues, they made their way to the lake and once again continued their search.
Xena found tracks that even surprised her especially considering Timson was
one of her trained Soldiers. She put it off to the kidnappers being in a hurry
and not taking the time to hid their tracks.

So the four of them got their horses and went off to follow the tracks, but
only after Xena left word with her other lieutenant, and what to do when the
others came back and also what to tell certain one’s of them. They rode off in
to the woods on the other side of the lake after riding around it. Xena also
figured there must be a break in the stone fence for Timson and his men to
have been able to come and go without having to go by the front gate, so when
they came to the fence Xena ordered them to look for an opening in the
fencing. After a few minutes Terais called out that she had found it. The
three of them then rode their horse’s through the break in the fence that was
obviously done over the last month or so.

The four of them rode for candlemarks in the direction of where the tracks
were heading. as the evening drew, Xena decided to stop for the night. Diana
thought about saying something and Xena saw her open and then close her mouth.

“ What is it Diana?”


Xena raised her brow, and then she realized that Diana had wanted to continue
in their search, so Xena answered the unasked question anyway.

“ We need to rest the horse’s and make plans as to what we’re going to do
when we find Timson and his men. We can’t just go charging in their headlong.
There are too many of them.”

Diana looked at Xena and she nodded her head in understanding. She then smiled
and dismounted off of her horse, Xena Terais, and Ephiny followed suit. They
lead the horses to the water and then let them graze freely while they went
back to the campsite to setup for the night and start making their plans. Xena
assigned each of them a duty.

“Ephiny you get the food from the pouches,and water. Terais you gather wood
for the fire, and Diana you dig the fire pit and I’ll scout the area to make
sure it’s safe. Oh, and Diana stay close to the campsite, is that clear?”

Xena then raising a brow to emphasis her point. Diana started to smirk at
the overprotectiveness of Xena’s words, but she decided against it when Xena
raised her brow.

“ Ok, ok, I’ll stay close to the camp.”

“ Good girl. I’m going to look around to make sure the area is safe.”

“ Be careful Xena?”

“ I will. See you in a bit.”

Xena then turned on her heels and went to scout, while the others went to
perform their assigned duties. Everyone was returning to the campsite one
right after the other, except Xena.

“ Now what is taking her so long? usually it takes her about a candlemark to
scout an area.”

“ Diana don’t worry, I’m sure Lord Xena is fine, she’s probably scouting a
larger than usual area. Besides if anyone can take care of themselves it Lord

Ephiny comforted the young Consort.

“ Your probably right, it’s just that I have this feeling something's wrong..
The last time I had this feeling was when I first meant Xena. I had this sense
of dread about facing her, even though up until then I had never been beaten
by a woman, but something kept nipping at the back of my mind that something
was about to happen, and sure enough it did, Xena not only won our fight she
won it without question, I knew then she was a Chosen, but I of course was not
willing to accept that.”

“ Because she was a woman?”

“ Yes. I had never had any desires about a woman in my life and all of a
sudden I’m confronted by this powerful, yet unbelievable beautiful woman. I
found myself getting hot and bothered just from looking at her , yet along for
when she was close to me. It was absolutely scary for a lot of reasons, but
eventually after all was said and done, we ended up together. passionately in
love and totally bonded, mind, body and soul. So I can’t help but feel like
something is wrong.”

With that Diana stood up and Ephiny and Ordered Terais to say at the camp
while she and Diana went out to search for Xena. It took the two women about a
candlemark to find any clues that something was indeed wrong.

“ Xena’s Chakram and her sword! Xena? Xena? Oh God! Don’t let anything happen
to her. Xena?!”

Diana and Ephiny both called Xena’s name with no answer. Tears began to roll
down Diana’s cheeks and Ephiny seeing it went over to her.
“Diana we’ll find her, and Gabrielle, I’m sure their fine.”

Just as Diana was about to say something in response to Ephiny’s words of
comfort, Diana saw a glimmer of metal cross her vision. She immediately
scanned the general area where she thought she saw it and off in the distances
just a few feet from where they stood Diana saw the object that had presented
itself to her.

Ephiny and Diana ran over to the place where the object laid. Diana picked it
up. It was a dart of some sort, with blood on it. Diana’s heart beat increased
immediately, and Diana felt as though someone was slowly tearing her life

“ No, No, I can’t think like that. Ephiny’s right, their ok, we just have to
find them.”

Diana then looked Ephiny and she thought about the danger she was putting
this relative stranger into, and she decided she could not do that to her ,
even though she and the other Amazons were hoping Gabrielle would become one
of them, she still would feel responsible if something happened to the Queen
of the Amazons.

“ Ephiny I think you should go back and see how the arrangements are going
with your Amazons, Terais and I can continue to track Timson and his men, and
once we find them I can have Terais come back and tell you and Xena’s army
where We are, that way we have that element of surprise again.”

Ephiny studied Diana for long moments trying to gage her true intentions, but
Diana was as hard to read as Xena was, at least to those who did not know her
well enough.

“ Diana, I hope your not planning anything that will get you in trouble with
Lord Xena?”

“ No, no, its just I thought that if one of us was back at the palace then
that person could oversee all of the plans that Xena has laid out.”

“ Ok, I’ll go back and take care of things there, but Diana don’t do anything
to get in trouble with Xena.”

“ I won’t.”

“ Ok then, let’s go back to camp and tell Terais what the new plan is. Ephiny
and Diana made it back to the campsite and immediately began filling Terais in
on the plan. Terais looked at Diana often during the presentation, and after
Ephiny left to head back for the Palace Terais turned to Diana and said,

“ Diana you realize Lord Xena is going to be livid about this?”

“ Yes, but I can’t think about that right now, we have to find them.”

“ Diana Lord Xena’s army is already out looking for Gabrielle, if Lord Xena
was taken by Timson then she will probably be with Gabrielle, at the very
least she can protect Gabrielle from any harm that may come her way.”

“ Yes, I know and I actually take some comfort from knowing that. But we still
need to find them, I don’t like the idea that Xena is unconscious right now.”

“ How do you know that?”

“ The dart had a potent sleeping herb on it.”

“ Oh, then let’s get going.”

Diana placed Xena’s sword in her scabbard and her Chakram on her belt. Diana
only had the scabbard because Xena always liked to have an extra one just in
case she needed to store an extra sword. The two women broke down the newly
started camp and immediately set off in search of the now missing Conqueror.

They rode for two days, only stopping long enough to rest and feed the horses
as well as themselves. On the second day as they were riding and scanning the
woods they Diana heard sound that was foreign to a wooded area. She motioned
to Terais to dismount and send her Horse to follow her’s and Xena’s back a
little ways from the way they had just come and that then they would take to
the trees.

Terais smiled at Diana at her tracking skills and planning,a and she thought
how alike Diana and Xena were and that they truly were meant to be together
and be happy. Terais and Diana then dismounted and sent the horses on their
way out of harms way. They then took to the trees. Diana and Terais came up
with signs to communicate just in case they would not be able to talk. Once
they had them down they proceeded to make their way to the sounds that Diana
had heard.

Diana lead the way. As they got closer to the sound they saw the first
soldiers posted as lookouts. Terais motioned to Diana asking whether they
should take them out or not.

Diana thought about it for a moment then shook her head no, she then signed to
Terais that if the other guards made rounds to check on their comrades they
would get suspicious if they found them missing, but that they would take them
out after they got Gabrielle and Xena back. Terais smiled again and then
nodded her head in understanding.

They continued to make their way further and further into the camp. As they
did the guards and soldiers began to thicken in number. Terais and Diana came
to a stop to survey the camp. They estimated the number of soldiers to be two
thousand or so, give or take a few hundred. They also saw the different tents
and then they located the main tent.

It was obviously the headquarters of Timson. They made their way over to it
and looking around the setup of the camp there was a river down the hill just
a few feet from the main tent and their were no soldiers posted back there
because it was surrounded by cliffs that normal people would not even think
about trying to scale, but Diana figured that once Xena was free that they
would probably use it as their escape route, considering the sheer numbers
they would be up against if they went out the front.

Diana pointed out the cliffs and motioned that they would mostly use them as
their escape route. Terais blanched pale. Diana then said they would have to
locate lots of rope and spikes, if possible, otherwise they would have to use
the strength of their hands alone to climb. Terais swallowed hard but then

The two women sat in the trees watching the routine of the camp, they saw that
Timson was using Xena’s ways of not appearing to have a routine, but Terais
explained it to Diana and soon Diana had picked up an obvious routine. After a
day of watching the routine Terais told Diana that tomorrow the routine would
change slightly, but only in the timing of things not the intricate pattern
of their routine.

Diana then motioned to Terais that they needed to find where Xena and
Gabrielle were being held. Terais nodded and they scanned the area again with
the intent to find a possible holding area for the two women. While they were
looking they heard Timson’s voice coming down the middle of camp. He was
walking and talking with one of his Captains and....

“ Xena! Diana said to herself. Xena’s arms were shackled behind her and her
feet were also. She was able to walk but not her normal long strides. She
didn’t look like she had been hurt, but she did look groggy and the soldiers
did have to hold her on either side to prevent her from falling.

“ Now that I have you Lord Xena, I think I can make my plans happen the way I
want. And we won’t even need to get married. We’ll say that we got married and
that because of your obvious bad judgment in the last few months regarding
Your ex -Consort that you have decided to turn over the actual running of the
Realm to me and that you have also decided that from now on all sentences and
laws has to go through me. You will also of course make sure to pardon me and
my men, and then you’ll turn your armies control over to me, along with your
Consorts gift to you.”

“ Isn’t this great Mirman, I’m going to be the Ruler of most of the Known
world, and Xena The Conqueror is going to give it to me.”

“ What make’s you think I’ll go along with this Timson?”

Xena said groggily.

“ Because, you won’t have a choice, I’ll keep using this on you to keep you
drugged and when I need you alert, I’ll give you this, but of course I’ll
always have Gabrielle as my backup to giving you this one, just in case you
decide to cut off a few heads.”

Even through Xena’s drugged state she was able to cast Timson a look that
caused him to flinch.

“ Take her back to the cave where the brat is and make sure you chain her.”

The guards immediately bowed and started walking Xena towards the tree area
that Diana and Terais were located. Just as they were getting closer. Diana
immediately felt her abdomen tightening. Diana looked at Xena and due to her
drugged state, Diana saw Xena react to their mutual connection.

“ Ugh!”

The guards held on to her but they looked at each other wondering what was
the cause of this new reaction. finally one of them said,

“ It’s just the drug, it’s probably causing some cramping or something.”

“ yeah, that’s it.”

The others agreed. But Diana knew differently, especially when Xena and the
Soldiers got close enough, and Xena slyly looked up into the trees, and even
drugged her eyes immediately locked on Diana’s. Diana cast her a small smile
and then sent her a thought.

“ Terais and I will get you and Gabrielle out of here.”

“ No!! Go and get my army! and you and I Consort am going to have to beat a
few things out... if you know what I mean! You should not even be here!”

“Xena I had to find out what happened to you when you didn’t come back. I
knew something had to have happened to you.”

“ Where’s Ephiny?”

“ I sent her back to make sure everything was going as planned.”

even from Xena’s position, she could tell Diana was holding something back
from her. The guards began to move Xena along to the cave area that was on the
other side of the main tent a hundred yards or so. Just inside of a cluster of
trees and backed up to a sheer face cliff, that only had the opening that made
up the cave.

Diana and Terais immediately moved to the tree’d area that hid the opening of
the cave. There were guards posted at the start of the trees and also some
posted on the other side facing towards the camp. Diana figured they were
facing that way instead of towards the cave, because no one could come up
behind them, but that if anything they would be attacked from the front. so
both sets of guards faced the camp.

Diana motioned to Terais to go back to the Palace and get Xena’s army and let
Ephiny know where they were, she also told Terais that she was going to check
out the cave. Diana figured the cave must be deep because of the time it took
the guards to come out. After they did Diana flipped out of the tree she was
perched in and quietly ran into the cave. Once in and out of view of the
guards she slowed her pace to move along the walls while listening for any
other guards that may be in the cave.

There were many tunnels but Diana did not have any problem finding the right
one, she marked her path in a very obscure way so that the guards would not
know someone had been there. Diana finally came to the area that held Xena and
she hoped Gabrielle. Once again Diana’s abdomen tighten as did Xena’s.

Diana peaked around the entrance to make sure there were no guards, when she
was sure, she went into the room. With a quick scan she saw Gabrielle first,
sitting on the floor with her head leaning back on the wall. Diana noticed
that Gabrielle was not hurt at all and she signed a sign of relieve. Then she
saw Xena. Xena was chained standing, the chains provided enough lead way to
let Xena bring her arms forward enough to cross her arms over her chest.

Diana then noticed that Xena was slightly bent over again and she knew the
reason why. Finally when Diana’s eyes met Xena’s she saw Xena looking slightly
over her brows with her eyes narrowed at Diana. Diana flushed and then she
strided over to check on Gabrielle and she saw she was asleep.

“ Did they drug her also?”

“ Yes, but only this once, she’ll be out for a while.”

Xena answered the worried Diana. Then she stood up straight after a few

“ Come here kitten!”

“ Xena don’t be mad at me, I was just worried. I know you don’t like the idea
that I’m here, but what else was I going to do?”

“ You are so...impulsive. What you should have done was have Terais and Ephiny
follow the tracks while you went back to check on my ordered plans. That’s
what you should have done.”

Xena said raising her brow at the young woman standing before her with head
lowered and tears in her eyes. Xena raised Diana’s head and said,

“ I understand why you did this but I don’t approve of it nor do I accept that
it was your only choice, Therefore your in trouble. You understand?”

Diana nodded her head and she then without looking into Xena’s eyes she said
in a chastised voice,

“ I have to get you and Gabrielle loose so we can get out of here?”

“ Fine, but we’re going to do it my way.”

Diana nodded again, but this time Xena called her on it.

“ What have I told you about that?!”

“ What?”

Diana asked nearly ready to just let her tears fall.

“ You do not answer me with a nod of your head, is that clear Diana?!

“ Yes.”

Diana said looking into the eyes that was now filled with irritation at her.
She then lowered her eyes and wiping away a stray tear from her cheek she
proceeded to pull at the spike driven chain along with Xena’s added strength
and after only a moment one of Xena’s arms was free. She then told Diana to
free her legs. Diana immediately went to work pulling on the leg spikes,
eventually she and Xena had free Xena from the wall.

Xena then told Diana to untie Gabrielle while she broke the shackles from her
wrist with a few good pounds of her fist upon each one. Once Xena was free and
Gabrielle untied. Diana was about to position herself to lift Gabrielle. when
all of a sudden...

Xena caught Diana by her hair and pulled Diana back to her turning her to
face her once again. This time Xena had anger flashing in them. Diana then let
her tears fall.

“ Consort if we had time I would turn you over my lap right here and now and
redden that round behind of yours so much that you would swear I painted it
that color.”

Xena was now glaring at Diana, and all Diana could do was try not to lose her
control completely and just plead for Xena not to. But she knew they didn’t
have time for all of that drama so she just chewed on her lips, while Xena
continued to hold her for a few more moments. Then Xena abruptly let go of
Diana’s hair and taking her sword from The scabbard that Diana had on and then
lifting the Chakram from Diana’s hips she said let’s go.

Diana immediately bent down to pick up Gabrielle and then the two of them
eased there way back out of the cave. Once they arrived at the entrance to the
cave Xena looked back over her shoulder and said to Diana.

“ Stay close to me is that clear?”

“ Yes. “

Answered Diana. Xena then returned her attention to the opening and looking
out she saw the guards standing looking into the wooded area between the cave
and the camp. Xena then motioned for Diana to follow her and once they were
out of the cave they eased their way towards the trees where the soldiers
stood. once they were close enough, Xena pointed to the trees, and raising a
questioning brow at Diana and looking at Gabrielle and then the trees. Xena
lipped to Diana.

“ Give her to me.”

Diana immediately obeyed and handed Gabrielle to Xena. Xena then motioned for
Diana to go ahead and get up in the trees. Diana did as she was told without
hesitation. She flipped herself up into the tree and Xena after a moment to
position Gabrielle better in her arms, flipped her and Gabrielle up into the

Xena then lead Diana back towards the camp and out of Timson’s camp. Once
they were out of the range of the first guards Diana and Terais had first
seen. Xena jumped down out of the tree and Diana followed Xena then whistled
for their horses.

The two horses came trotting over to the three of them and Xena handed
Gabrielle to Diana and mounted her horse then she reached back down and took
Gabrielle back and placed her on her horse in front of her so that Gabrielle
was leaning back against Xena’s breastplate. Diana then mounted her horse and
trotted closer to Xena and asked,

“ Are you ok to ride. I mean the drug and all?”

“ I’m fine!”

Came the curt response. Diana knew that Xena on;y spoke to her that way
because Xena knew if she said anything more she would probably lose her
temper. Xena then turned her horse and called over her shoulder.

“ Come on!”

Diana immediately rode her horse to catch up with Xena. They rode for a couple
of Candlemarks and then Xena suddenly stopped and turned her horse to look at

“ Do you have one of your distance shortening gates?”

“ Yes.”

“Give it here.”

Diana immediately reached into her pack and handed the item to Xena.

“ What are you going to do?”

“ We have to get Gabrielle back to a safe place but also make it back to catch
Timson and his men, and the only way I can think of to do that is by using

“ Oh! I see, rather than taking days to get back we’ll get back in minutes. I
don’t know why I didn’t think of this before?”

“ Because kitten, your too impulsive!”

Xena scolded. Diana once again lower her eyes and played nervously with the
horn of her saddle. Xena then turned her horse and said,

“ I just Have to plant it in the ground in the direction of the palace?”

“ Yes.”

Xena then flipped the item towards the ground. After it implanted she saw it
radiate for a moment then it looked the same again.

“ Now?”

“ Yes.”

The two women then charged their horses towards the item and they came out the
other side right at the front door of the Palace. Ephiny just happen to be
coming out the door when she saw the two of them.

“ By The Goddess’s! How’d you do that?”

“ We don’t have time to explain, Tolson! Gather five thousand my army and
have them ready to move out in 10 minutes! “

Xena commanded one of her Captains. Then she called to three of her servants
as she and Diana and Ephiny entered into the Palace.

“ Take Gabrielle to My Chambers and have my Royal guards posted inside and out
side of the door. And send for the healer to come and look over Gabrielle to
make sure she’s ok. No one is to get into my Chambers without my permission!
And Gabrielle is not to leave there until I return. Is that Clear?!”

“ I’ll take her.”

Diana offered.

“ No you won’t! You’ll stay by my side until this thing is over and Timson and
his soldiers are in my Dungeons. And that way I can get my hands on you as
soon as this is over.”

Xena then handed Gabrielle over to the servants and said,

“ Don’t let anything happen to her, otherwise you’ll be sorry for failing me.”

“ She’ll be safe My Lord.”

“ Good.”

Xena then turned to face the three women who were waiting for Xena’s next

“ Diana?”

“ Yes.”

answered Diana in a smaller voice. Xena ignored Diana’ s discomfort and went
on to ask her question.

“ How many of these things do you have with you?”

“ I don’t know. If my other Chosen packed them all then I probably have a
hundred or so.”

“ How many would be needed to cover 10 thousand soldiers and their horses, as
well as supplies for a camp and medical equipment?”


“ two!”

“ Are you sure Diana?”

“ Yes. Each one can accommodate 11 thousand soldiers.”

Xena looked at Diana for a few moments and then she said,

“ Ok, get them and let’s go.”

They went back outside where they had left their horses and Diana immediately
checked to see if she had two of them in her saddle bag. She discovered she
had plenty and she turned to look at Xena now mounted on her horse.

“ I have plenty.”

“ Good give me one and give one to Terais. Terais you will handle the supplies
and then the prisoners once we have them.”

“ Yes My Lord!”

“Ephiny you I assume will lead your Amazons.”

“ Yes.”

“ Fine. Diana!”

“ You will ride by my side into this, and there you will stay, is that clear?”

“ Yes.”

Diana said swallowing hard as Xena gave her a hard look.

“ Good, get on your horse and let’s go.”

Diana immediately jumped into her saddle and positioned herself next to Xena.
Xena looked over at her and then she focused her attention on her gathered
soldiers waiting just outside the gates.

“ We have located Timson the Traitor, and his band of soldiers, there is about
2 thousand of them. I want to take them alive if possible but if they raise
their swords against My Army you are to kill them all. “

Xena said in a deadly voice. Xena then lead her horse through her army and
once she and Diana, Ephiny and Terais were at the front of their respective
areas Xena then threw hers and it landed a few feet from her facing towards
Timson Camp. Terais then threw the one she had and it two landed a few feet
from her, facing the same direction.

Xena then raised her sword and charged towards the item followed by Diana and
her’s and Ephiny’s group of soldiers. Terais then charged towards her and the
supply wagons followed, although all of the Soldiers and Amazons stood shocked
but then they too followed. They arrived back at Timson’s camp only a few
miles from it where Terais and Diana saw the first soldiers. Once all of the
armies were through Xena then sounded her war cry.

“ Aiyiyiyiyiya !!! “

She holding her sword and Diana her staff. They charged into Timson’s camp
cutting down any who raised their sword. Timson heard the war cry and he
immediately called to his Captains.

“ How did she escape?!”

“I don’t know My lord, we have to get out of here!”

“ Yes, we can build another army and go after The Conqueror later.”

“ That won’t be necessary. I’ve decided to come to you LORD TIMSON...”

Timson and his Captains twirled around to find Xena and Diana standing in the
doorway of the tent. Xena looking as deadly as ever, with her Power pouring
out of every pore of her body. With piercing blue eyes boring into him.
Diana stood with her own dark Continence hovering over her. Her Chestnut
colored eyes just as piercing as The Conqueror's.

The Captains who were in the tent with Timson looked at the two women, but
being full of stupidity they decided to charge them. Both Xena and Diana moved
at the same time one to one side and the other to the other as the Captains
came at them.

Xena blocked one sword swing while bring her foot up behind her to catch one
of the captain’s in his manhood. He went down to his knees and once Xena had
him down she then pushed the 1st captain back with her sword then she brought
it down between her and him and came across to cut the 1st in the abdomen. He
then looked down at his disemboweled middle and then back up at The Conqueror,
who only raised her brow. He then fell over dead with the surprise look still
on his face.

Xena then turned to the soldier who was just now coming to his feet. She
brought her sword around again and this time she caught him across the chest.
He once again went to his knees this time holding his open chest with his life
blood pouring out. He then fell forward on his face.

Xena then turned to locate Diana. Diana was impressive with the use of her
double edged double bladed staff. Xena stood watching Diana unleash her
tension and anger and fear onto the three that had chose to attack her. Diana
blocked one swing and brought her other hand up to hit the 1st soldier across
the face thus sending him backwards, and with her momentum she turned and
swept another soldiers feet out from under him and he went down hard. Diana
then twirled her staff and cut across one the third soldiers neck.

He went down holding his neck and died instantly. Then the first soldier came
back at her as did the other. Diana turned and came back around so that she
was sideways to both of them and just as they started to swing Diana ducked
and they impaled themselves upon each end of her staff. Both caught in the

They immediately grabbed at the unwanted blade within them and Diana looked at
both of them by cutting her eyes from one then the other. She then stood bring
her staff up with her thus slicing upwards into the dying men’s abdomen. she
then smirk, and pulled her staff out of the two of them so quickly and
smoothly that they didn’t even have time to fall forward on her as she flipped
out of the way of them.

Xena was so focused on Diana and the three men that she did not notice Timson
had come up behind her and was just about to stab her in the back, just as
Diana screamed and javelin threw her Staff.


Xena immediately ducked while bring her sword to her side and behind her she
thrusted it into Timson, a moment later Diana’s staff Caught the already
surprised man between the eyes, thus taking Timson off of Xena’s sword and
sending him flying into the wood stake that held up the tent.

Xena turned to look at the impaled Traitor and then she turned back to look at
her Consort who was covered in blood and who’s eyes had bloodlust still
shining in them.

“ Come here Consort!”

Xena ordered and Diana immediately went to stand in front of her. Xena then
grabbed Diana’s chin and pulled her to her.

“ This one time kitten.”

She then brought Diana’s lips to meet hers and she kissed Diana so
passionately that Diana’s eyes went blue and Diana was practically ready to
attack Xena right there and then. Xena knew what she was doing. She needed to
refocus Diana’s energy so that Diana’s impulsive nature would not take over
and cause her to get into any further trouble.

But Xena also admitted she missed having Diana almost hourly and here she had
not had her in over four days. No wonder she was so tight. But she would soon
take care of that. in the meantime she had to make sure everything was taken
care of by her soldiers. She hoped some of the soldiers had given up so that
she could question them. But first she had to get Diana off of her.

Xena then pushed Diana off of her by holding both of Diana’s arms at her side
and looking deep into her eyes.

“ We’ll finish this later Consort, but now we have to check on everyone else
and help any of the injured.”

“ Diana tried to loosen Xena’s grip on her by wiggling her shoulders, and
pushing towards Xena with her feet. But Xena only smirked at the struggling
young girl and said.

“ I won’t let you go until you can control yourself.”

Diana continued to try to get to Xena but she was unable to, After a little
bit Xena shook Diana and told her point blank.

“ You have to calm down! we have to check on everyone else!”

“ Diana hearing the tone stopped her struggling abruptly and stood up
straight. Xena studied Diana for a moment to make sure she was not just
faking. When she was sure Diana had truly gained some control over herself she
let her go and watched her. She then said.

“ Good Girl. Let’s go.”

Xena then turned back around and walked to where Timson was and she yanked
Diana’s double blade staff from his head and she applied pressure to a certain
area and the staff retracted back in and turned to wood again, she then placed
it on her weapons belt and turned to look at Diana who was looking at Xena
with some irritation in her eyes. Xena narrowed her eyes and Diana then
lowered hers.

Turning yet again this time toward the opening to the tent Xena walked out
the tent. Diana followed closely behind Xena and they went out of the tent. As
they came into the night Xena noticed the dead bodies of Timson’s soldiers and
the injured of Her group of soldiers.

Xena ordered that all prisoners be taken back to the palace and placed in the
Dungeons and all of the injured soldiers of Timson’s be placed in one of his
tents and have the medics attend to their injuries with guards inside and out
with weapons at the ready if any of them still have some fight in them after
being healed.

She then ordered that Their injured be taken to Timson’s hospital and to have
all of their own medics attend to the wounded. and that she and Diana would
follow soon.

“ Where is Queen Ephiny?”

Xena asked out loud.

“ Here I am Lord Xena. Everything ok ? Where’s Timson?”

“ Everything ok. Timson’s dead. Has Terais and the prisoners gone back yet?”

“ Yes, they left just a while ago, There were about 500 of them left.”

“ Good, I can find out if there are any others lurking in the shadows.”

“It’s been an amazing 2 weeks, hasn’t it?”

“ Yes I guess it has.”

“ It’s hard to believe all of this was because of Diana. She is obviously
something special if people want to see her out of your life. I’ve noticed
something about Timson and the others, they all seem to use Her disobedience
against her.”

“ You noticed that too?”

“ Yes. She is definitely willful and stubborn, but she also is very skillful
and loving.”

“ Yes..but I’m determined to do something about her disobedience side, as well
as her willfulness.”

Xena said As she watched Diana tend to one of the injured. Diana finished
with the soldier and had the healthy soldiers help him to the hospital. Xena
caught Diana’s eyes and se motioned for her to come over to her. Diana walked
over to Xena and stood before her.

“ You know Consort, even Queen Ephiny noticed that you have a tendency to be
disobedient, isn’t that something?”

Diana looked over at Ephiny and then back at Xena and she just shrugged her
shoulders. Xena lifted Diana’s head and she said,

“ We have a couple of things that need to be dealt with, but first it’s the
injured. let’s get all of the injured to the hospital and tend to them

end of part 31
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