By D.virtue

After candlemarks had passed, It was now time to move out. The supply wagons
were now loaded with the injured, while the Dead bodies of Timson’s men were
put in a mass pit and burned. All of their weapons were collected and placed
in another wagon. When everything was done. Xena and Diana threw two of the
travel gates.

Everyone went through and when they came out the other side their were medic
teams waiting to take the injured to the hospital, while the stable hands had
stood waiting for the first group to arrive. As they did the horses were
immediately taken to the stables.

Once everyone had come through the two gates flew into Diana’s and Xena’s
hands. Xena handed them to Diana who immediately stored them in her pack.
After they dismounted Ephiny said,

“ I for one would like to go and see Gabrielle and see how she is doing.”

“ Me too, she’s been through a lot.”

The four women went into the Palace with Xena and Diana leading the way while
Ephiny and Terais followed them to Xena’s Chambers. Once they arrived there
the Sentries immediately saluted and gave a Quick report. They then opened the
door and the four women went in. Xena lead them to the bedchambers while
Dancea and the two other servants took gear from the four of them.

Xena opened the door and they were all amazed to find Gabrielle sitting up in
bed telling a story.

“ Well, I see your doing well?”

Diana asked.

“ Diana!!”

Gabrielle immediately beamed and jumped out of the bed and ran first to Diana
and hugged her with all her might.

“ I was so worried about you, I know that’s silly but Javis here was telling
me about how you tricked Ephiny into coming back here so that you could go
after Timson.”

“ Well, That’s not exactly what happen Gabrielle, but we’ll talk about that
later. Anyway, how are you doing? I was so worried about you.”

“ I’m fine, now. I was a little scared, Timson kept saying he was going to
send bits of me back to you and Lord Xena until she did what he told her to

“ Well you don’t have to worry about him or any of them again.”

Xena interjected. Gabrielle looked up to her and she let go of Diana and said,

“ Lord Xena although I was scared for you and me when I saw that Timson and
his men had captured you, I have to I was relieved to see you there. I wasn’t
as scared anymore. I know that sounds selfish but I can’t help it. I felt

“ Gabrielle there is nothing wrong with how you were feeling. I was just happy
to see that you were ok.”

Gabrielle then walked over to Xena and hugged her. Xena stood somewhat
surprised but then she put her arms around Gabrielle and gave her a big

“ Gabrielle?”

Ephiny spoke. Gabrielle and Xena broke their embrace and Gabrielle turned to
Ephiny and said,

“ Queen Ephiny, Terais, I am so happy that all of you made it through without
getting hurt also. Thank you both for helping to rescue me.”

“ Gabrielle it was the least we could do for a future Amazon.”

Gabrielle smiled and then went to give both of them a hug. After a few
Candlemarks Gabrielle said,

“ I’m really tired, If you all don’t mind I’d liked to turn in a little early

“ By all means Gabrielle, We’ll see you later.”

Ephiny then said she was a little fatigued and would walk with Gabrielle back
to her chambers and then go on to her own. Terais then said she would go so as
to be there for Gabrielle if she needed anything. The Conqueror excused all of
them and Gabrielle giving a final hug to Diana and Diana giving Gabrielle a
kiss on the forehead said good night. Gabrielle then said Good night to Xena
and the three of them left to go to their respective rooms.

Diana then turned and told Dancea to draw a bath.

“ Yes My lady.”

“ No, Dancea forget about it. We’ll take care of cleaning up. You and the
other servants are excused for the evening.”

Xena countered. Diana looked at her but didn’t say a word. Dancea in the
meantime bowed and then she and the other servants left, as well as the Sentry
that was inside of the Chamber doors.

Once everyone was gone Xena locked the inside lock to the sitting room and
then turned to face Diana.

“ Well, now that we’re alone I think there were some things we had to take
care of. Which one do you suggest we start with?”

Xena’s eyes slightly narrowed with her brow arching. Diana looked at Xena and
seeing the anger still present she knew Xena was not only talking about their
mutual battle lust, but also the punishment she had promised to give Diana for
disobeying her.

“ Well kitten? Which do you suggest we start with?”

“ I don’t know.”

Diana said quietly.

“Well after we get cleaned up I’ll decide.”

Xena then turned on her heels and strided towards the bedchamber.

“ Come on Consort.”

Diana walked to the bed chamber and by the time she had gotten into the room
Xena had already uncovered the apparatus and was just stepping through it with
her clothing and everything on. She then came out the other side cleaned and
refreshed as did her clothing. She then motioned for Diana to do the same
thing. Diana walked over to the apparatus and looked at Xena and stepped

After she came out the other side Xena was standing with her arms crossed.

“ Strip.”

Diana looked at Xena with knitted brows and was about to say something when
Xena said,

“ And what part of that didn’t you understand?”

Diana lowered her eyes and she immediately stripped out of her clothing down
to her underclothes. Xena arched her brow at the Consort and said,

“ All of it kitten.”

Diana took off the rest of her clothing and came to stand nude before Xena.
Xena then looked up and down Diana’s body slowly and without changing her
expression she said,

“ So beautiful.”

Diana blushed but didn’t move. Xena followed the blush and as it ended in
Diana’s cheeks she continued her upward gaze until she met Diana’s eyes.

“ I’ve decided which one to carry out first, would you like to know kitten?”

Diana started to shrug her shoulders, but when she saw Xena’s brows start to
feral she immediately opened her mouth.

“ I..I guess it doesn’t matter, you already made your decision.”

“ Yes I have, I’ve decided to punish you first.”

Xena said matter of factly. Diana looked up at her and taking a few deep
breaths she said,

“ Ok. “

But then, rather than waiting for Xena to tell her anything further she
walked closer to Xena and with a daring thought running through her mind she,
raised her hands and placed them on Xena’s leather covered abdomen. Xena stood
watching Diana as Diana slowly made circular patterns on Xena’s abdomen.

“ What are you doing kitten?”

“ I was just wondering if I could possibly change your mind?’

“ Hmm I see.”

“ I’ll do anything you want , for as long as you want if you do change your

Diana slowly raised her eyes to look into Xena’s. Xena looked down Diana’s
body and then raised her eyes back to meet Diana’s sapphires. Xena then
stepped back and cocking her head she said,

“ I don’t know if I want to change my mind.”

“ Is there anything I could do to convince you, at all?”

“ I don’t know. I’m quite upset with you kitten. You keep disobeying me and I
won’t put up with that.”

“ I know, but Xena you have to understand why I did what I did?”

“ I know why you thought you needed to do it, but I don’t accept that as your
reason for sending Ephiny back here while you and Terais continued on to
Timson’s camp.”

“ Ok, if I admit that I was wrong about that will you let me try to convince
you to change your mind about punishing me?”

“ First of all let me clear something up right now. It’s not whether I’m going
to punish you or not, I am! The question is whether I start with the
punishment or save it until last. Now, if you want to still try and convince
me even after knowing that, then go ahead kitten.”

Diana lowered her eyes and she looked at her feet, while Xena stood with her
head cocked and arms once again crossed over her chest waiting for Diana to
make up her mind.

“ I don’t know, Xena I don’t want to be punished. “

Diana finally said. She didn’t want to be punished at all, and she thought she
could use both their mutual needs against Xena to seduce her into not
punishing her. But After Xena made it clear that she was still going to punish
her, Diana then had to decide whether she wanted to be comforted afterwards or
made love to before then.

“ I know you don’t want to be. I don’t want to have to keep punishing you.”

Xena said as she lifted Diana’s chin.

“ But I will, if it’s the only way that will break you of this willful and
disobedient nature of yours.”

“ Xena I don’t do it purposely.”

“ It doesn’t matter. I won’t put up with it any longer! Period!”

Diana tried to avert her eyes from Xena’s constant gaze, but Xena shook her
head slightly to make Diana look at her. Xena then let go of Diana’s chin and
she stepped around her and went back to the outer room and retrieved her armor
and weapons belt. She then walked through the apparatus once again and coming
out the other side she laid her armor on the stand where it usually laid but
she took a pouch off of her weapons belt and opening it and taking four
leather straps out , she then took her whip off of the belt. She heard Diana’s
breath catch.

She then laid the belt with the rest of her armor. Then she turned to walk
back towards the now fearful Consort.

Xena came to stand in front of Diana, she laid the whip on the bed and
arching her brow and putting three of the straps over her shoulder she said,

“ Your wrist kitten.”

Diana’s fist were clenched, not from getting ready to attack but from fear of
giving her wrist to Xena, she was struggling internally at what was going to
happen to her based off of what Ares told her. She was biting her lip and
trembling as she struggled to obey Xena as well as resist the idea of being
restrained and whipped, with a whip none the less.

Xena saw the struggle Diana was going through, she saw the fear in her eyes of
what she knew was coming, but she had no intention of letting Diana’s utter
disobedience go unpunished. especially since she put herself as well as
Terais in harms way.

“ Xena, please?”

“ No kitten, there is nothing you can say, I am going to punish you,
especially since I told you what would happen if you disobeyed me. I could not
have been any clearer, am I right?”

“ Yes, but Xena, you have to see why I did what I did?”

“ Yes I see, but I don’t accept that you had no choice, or other options, as a
matter of fact I can think of quite a few other options.”

Diana went silent and just averted her eyes from Xena’s constant gaze.

“ I’m waiting kitten.”

Diana looked at her free wrist and then raised her arm to Xena.
Xena took Diana’s wrist and she tied the leather strap around it, she then
took another strap off of her shoulder and put her hand out for Diana’s other
wrist, to which Diana handed it to her, again Xena took the offered wrist and
tied the strap around it. Xena then stepped back and without losing eye
contact with Diana she cocked her head towards the bed.

Diana looked over at the bed and without saying anything she got on the bed
and was motioned to move to the middle of the large bed. Diana did as she was
told and then Xena said,

“Lay down and roll over onto your stomach kitten.”

Diana looked at the stoic faced woman and seeing no softening of her features
she turned onto her knees and removed the pillows that would have been under
her head, she then laid on her stomach with her arms folded under her head,
while Xena proceeded to tie Diana’s ankles. Diana felt her ankles being tied
down to the bottom of the bedpost with her legs together.

Then Xena came to the top of the bed and holding her hand out Diana placed the
strap in her hand. Xena then tied it down, and then she did the same with the
other wrist. again they were tied so that Diana’s arms were together. Xena
then leaned back off of the bed and picked up the whip.

Diana was trying not to let her tears fall but she was finding it difficult
due to her fear at what was about to happen to her. She swallowed several
times and still her mouth remain dry. Xena then leaned down and moved Diana’s
hair off of her back, and placed the hair over Diana’s shoulder, where it
fell to the bed on Diana’s left side.

“ Diana? I don’t like doing this to you, but I won’t allow you to jeopardize
what we have. I won’t lose you, and if this is what I have to do to prevent
you from risking yourself then so be it.”

With that Xena cracked the whip a few times and Diana stiffened with each
crack. Then Xena raised the whip and brought in down onto Diana’s back!


“ A.H.H.!!! Gods!!!”

Diana screamed as the whip hit her tender skin.


“O.H..!! God?!!

Diana screamed in a pleading voice.


“O.W.W.W..!! XENA?! PLEASE?!

Xena didn’t answer, she just kept watching Diana’s responses and the tender
skin of Diana’s back develop the redden streaks where her whip had landed.


“A.H.H.!!!! G..o..d.....!”


“ XENA?! Please? Please?”

Xena continued without saying a word. She moved down to Diana’s behind after
landing 50 lashes to Diana’s back. Once there she increased the strength at
which she had delivered the other lashes to Diana’s back.


“ AHH!! Shit!!”

Diana exclaimed as she screamed. Xena’s brow arched and she said in a warning
albeit soft voice,

“ Don’t curse again kitten.”

“ C.R.A.C.K..!!!

“OWWW!! Please stop Xena? Please?”

Once again Xena had went silent and was watching and listening once again.


“ I’M Sorry Xena! Please ?! Please?!”

Diana pleaded with her Chosen.



Xena delivered 50 more lashes to Diana, 25 for each of her cheeks. Diana was
crying with such intensity that her whole body shook . The pain she was
feeling was tremendous. But to look at her backside and back one would wonder
how she survived the first few lashes. Diana’s back and behind were RED,
despite the Caramel coloring of her body.

The whip marks on Diana’s back were crisscrossed thus forming the letter X,
and the markings on Diana’s rear were horizontal lines across each cheek. All
were raised, but as Xena watched they flattened out to just the coloring. Xena
then put the whip down and picking up a jar filled with some type of cream she
applied it to Diana’s back and behind. It was a medicine to prevent infection.

Xena then untied Diana and told her to sit up, with her back against the head
of the bed. Diana shook her head and said through her tears and pain, and

“ I...I..can’t...!”

“ Do it!”

Xena hissed. Diana went to her knees and with her head in her hands she turned
and sat on the normally very comfortable bed. She cried out at the shooting
pain running up her back and throughout her spine.

The wracking sobs increased in their intensity once again and she cried. Xena
in the meantime stood and watched her love for a moment then she said in a
controlled but threatening voice.

“ Consort, if you move from there the least little bit, unless someone breaks
in and is threatening you with a weapon, I’ll give you another 100 lashes
tonight, is that clear kitten?”

“ yes.”

Diana said through her wracking tears, without removing her head from her
hands. Xena then said,

“ I need to go and check on the prisoners and see if everything is coming
along for their trial and sentencing. I’ll be back soon.”

She then leaned over and kissed Diana on the top of her head and said,

“I love you Diana.”

Xena then waited for a moment to see if Diana would return the sentiment, not
that she expected her to, especially considering what she had just did. After
waiting for a moment she then turned and strided to the door. But just as she
made it to the door she heard Diana’s soft voice.

“ I love you too.”

and then she heard the wracking sobs return, Xena’s heart swelled with emotion
and her eyes watered at the knowledge that Diana accepted the punishment and
still loved her despite her anger at the Consort.
Xena smiled and then turned back to the door and went out.

end of part 32
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