By D.virtue

After a few candlemarks Xena returned to the chamber to find Diana was still
sitting where she was told to. But she was no longer sobbing as hard but she
still had her head in her hands, and she was still crying.

Xena walked over to one of the Tables in the room and picking up the container
of water she poured some into one of the glasses. She then walked over to the
bed and sat down on it.

“ Diana?”

Diana stopped crying for a brief moment when she heard Xena’s voice.

“ Diana. Look at me.”

Diana thought about it for a moment then she lowered her hands from her face
and she turned her head to look at Xena.

“ Here, drink this, with all the crying you’ve been doing I’m sure your

Diana reached for the offered water, and flinched at the movement. She then
drunk the water somewhat quickly because she was actually thirsty.

“ Would you like more?”

“ yes, please?”

Diana said in a contrite voice. Xena took the glass and pour more water into
it and handed it back to Diana. This time Diana drunk it a bit slower, she
drunk about half of it before she stopped and she lowered the glass to her
naked thigh and let it sit there while she nervously held it.

“ Give me the glass Diana.”

Diana handed the glass back to Xena and again she flinched at the movement.
Xena took the glass and placed it on the table next to the bed and then she
turned her attention back to Diana.

“ Lay down and roll over onto your stomach.”

Diana looked at Xena out the corner of her eyes but she did as she was told.
the initial movement sent pain shooting up Diana’s spine, but after she was on
her stomach the pain subsided somewhat.

Xena then picked up the cream again and rubbed it on Diana’s tender back and
behind. Diana cried again from the contact on her painful back area, although
Xena’s touch was light as a feather.

Xena then watched the cream absorb into Diana’s skin and then she spoke again
to Diana, this time in a quiet voice.

“ Kitten, your going to be very sore for quite awhile. But I have to tell you
that I am very curious as to why you find it acceptable to disobey me, knowing
what would happen to you?”

Diana now stopped crying and was just sniffing as she wiped her eyes. She then
laid her head on her folded arms and turned her face to look at Xena’s
thighs. Diana found it hard to look in Xena’s eyes when she was in this mode.
Diana knew Xena would be studying her with great intensity, especially when
she was trying to find something out that really caused her to be confused.

“ Well kitten, I’m waiting? And look at me.”

Diana took a deep breath and then she looked up into Xena’s eyes , and sure
enough Xena’s gaze was constant and intense. Diana blinked a few times and
then she swallowed hard and answered.

“ I don’t know.”

“ That’s not good enough kitten. I want to know what it is in you that tells
you to disobey me knowing what I would do.”

“ Xena I don’t know, all I can tell you is that...I...I don’t do it on
purpose. And I certainly don’t like the idea of being punished. Xena the
whole time I was going to the Amazon’s land I kept thinking, Xena is going to
be so mad at me, but then I convinced myself that you would understand,
because I was there to protect Gabrielle.”

“ But you were wrong, and you got punished, almost killed. You also have a
small scar to your arm. The only mark on your otherwise perfect body.”

“ I know, You actually scared me more than I thought possible, not that I was
scared to die, but I was scared to die by your hands, because of what you
would go through as a result. “

“ So I don’t get it, with what happened then, how is it that you could even
think to put yourself in harms way again, irregardless of what was happening
with me. I had told you what to do and yet you blatantly disobeyed and this
time you show up in an enemy camp with just yourself and Terais, rather than
going back and getting My army and have my army take Timson.”

“ Xena I had to get you and Gabrielle out of there.”

“No you didn’t! You could have waited for my army to show up just outside of
the camp and have some of them steal their way into the cave and get Gabrielle
and I , while you stayed out of harms way.”

“ But Xena you said I could help this time because of what Timson was
planning. “

“ Yes Diana, I did say you could help. But I thought you would not let your
impulsiveness get the better of you.”

“ How was I impulsive?”

“ By telling Ephiny at the last minute to come back here ? And you and Terais
going on to Timson’s camp.”

“ What makes you think theat was last minute?”

“ Because Diana, if it wasn’t then you would have sent Ephiny back to get my
army rather than come back to check on them to see if everything was coming

Xena said somewhat irritated. Diana flinched at the harshness of Xena’s tone
and she turned her head to look away from Xena’s accusatory eyes.

“ Look at me Consort! Do you see how wrong you were, AGAIN?”

“ Xena...”

“ No ! answer me, Yes or No, do you see what I’m saying?”

“ Xena....”

Xena now glaring at Diana and speaking through clenched teeth.

“ YES or NO?!

Diana started to look away again, but Xena was not happy with it, this time
she said in a warning voice.

“ Look at me Consort!”

Once Diana was looking at Xena again Xena went on and said,

“ If you stop looking here in these eyes again, during this conversation, I’ll
make sure you want forget or even think about doing it again, do I make myself

Diana swallowed and tears were coming to her eyes. Xena’s patience was gone

“ Diana sit up!”

“ But Xena...?”


“ Xena Please?”

“ No! “

Xena then brought her hand up and then down hard onto Diana’s backside.

“ AHH!! Xena?!”

“ I said NOW!”

Again Xena brought her hand down on Diana’s already painful behind.

“ OWWW! Ok ! Ok! “

Diana then returned to a sitting position, and again the shooting pain ran
through her . and tears started to form readying to fall. But Xena was now
completely upset with Diana again.

“ Don’t let them fall kitten.”

Xena said without looking at Diana.Diana then sat on her painful backside for
what seemed like candlemarks while Xena sat next to her without saying
anything. She just sat there thinking about how to get through to Diana, How
to show her how utterly serious she was about not tolerating disobedience.

“ Xena ?”

“ What is it Consort ?”

“ I don’t mean to upset you.”

“ But you know that when you disobey me, that’s exactly what is going to
happen. Diana I have never had a problem with discipling anyone, especially a
servant or a lover. But you, you try my patiences time and time again. And I
am determined, more than ever to break you of that bad habit, even if that
means whipping you Daily.”

“ But Xena...Please?”

“ No Diana, I’ve decided this is how it is going to be. I will punish you, the
same way I would punish my soldiers or servants for their disobedience. But In
your case, it will be more painful, and possibly more often. But that will
depend on you. If your obedient, then you want have to worry about being
punished. Diana I mean I am going to punish you if you disobey the least
little thing. That means if I tell you to do something, I don’t expect to hear
an arguement from you about it.”

Diana was now starting to pout, she had crossed her arms and turned her head.
But Xena now arched her brow and once again she raised her hand and brought
it down hard on Diana’s naked thigh.


“ OWW!! “

Diana screamed as she jumped from the impact.

“ Starting NOW!”

“ Xena.... Please! I don’t mean to be disobedient. Especially with you. I.. I
just can’t seem to continue to do as I’m told when you or Gabrielle are in
danger. Xena you have to admit, the only time I’m really disobedient is in
those cases.”

“ I don’t have to admit anything Consort! and Besides that those are the
time’s when I expect for you to do as your told without question. If you can’t
seem to follow my orders when it comes to Gabrielle, then maybe I should send
her home?”

“ Xena, you can’t be serious? You would send Gabrielle home, knowing how much
she not only wants to stay with me, but how much she truly likes being here
with us?”

“ In a heartbeat kitten, if that would guarantee your obedience, especially if
my punishing you didn’t work.”

Xena now had her eyes cut to Diana as she watched Diana struggle with the
terms Xena had now set before her.

“ Well kitten? what is it going to be? punishment first and then finally
Gabrielle being sent home as a last resort?”

Diana was nervously looking at her hands and then back at Xena, and then she
finally said,

“ Fine.”

“ Fine what Diana?”

“ fine , I’ll do what you said.”

“ And what’s that kitten?”

“ Xena....”

“ What did I say kitten?”


“ Tell me exactly what I want you to do Diana.”

“ I’ll be obedient from now on, I’ll do what you say, without a LOT of

“ You’ll do what I say with mininal arguement. Clear?”

“ Yes. Fine!”

Diana said once again crossing her arms and pouting, but this time she did not
turn her head, but rather sat looking at Xena as Xena started to stretch out
her long legs.

“ Kitten take my boots off.”

Diana glared at Xena at first but when Xena started to turn her head to look
at Diana to see if she would disobey a simple request, Diana went to her knees
with some effort and made her way to Xena’s booted feet. She then removed one
and then the other while Xena folded her arms behind her head and watched
Diana remove her boots. After they were off Xena told Diana to do other
things. all for the sold purpose of seeing if Diana was going to disobey the
simple things.

“ Remove my leathers kitten.”

“ You have to sit up so I can unfasten it.”

“ I will when you get up here.”

“ What do you mean?”

“ I mean kitten, I want you to pleasure me.”

“ Xena... Now?”

“ Yes now! what? you don’t want to?”

Diana looked at Xena and after a few moments she said,

“ No, it’s not that, I...I just don’t see how you can think about that right
now when my whole backside hurts like Hade’s realm, not to mention the fact
that your making me do this obedience thing.”

“ Well if I had to rate your obedience thus far, I’d say your about to get

Xena said with a slight warning in her voice. Diana looked at Xena for a
moment and then she ran her hands slowly up Xena’s legs and then her thighs
until she was at Xena’s leathers. Diana slowly lifted the leathers out of her
way. She then laced her fingers into the waistband of Xena’s underpants and
with one fluid motion she removed them.
Then she once again slowly ran her hands back up Xena’s muscular thighs as
Xena raised one of her thighs to allow Diana better access to her jewel.

Diana caught the hint and she then leaned forward and started to kiss on
Xena’s thighs, first one side then the other, after a few moments Diana leaned
in further and blew a whisp of air at the downy soft hairs of Xena’s jewel.

“ Ahhhh...”

Xena moaned in a relaxed way. Diana then moved in closer and as she did she
noticed that Xena’s aroma had turned from a bouquet scent to a raspberry one.
Diana smiled to herself and she then went to her stomach and going forward
she brought her tongue to Xena’s sensitive clit. She flicked her tongue over
it and then she slowly sucked it into her mouth.

“ MMMmm...yes Consort, I love when your obedient.”

Xena purred. Diana then slowly slid her tongue to the opening of Xena’s jewel.
Once there she teased at the area for a few minutes before she finally pushed
her tongue into Xena’s jewel opening.

“ A.H.H.H!!! My sweet, sweet, kitten. MMmmm....yes...”

Diana was now using her talented tongue on Xena’s core and Xena was responding
with the movement of her hips to the rhythm that Diana’s tongue had initially
set but was now changed to meet the pace at which Xena wanted.

“ Uh ! Uh! Ohhhhh...Yes, yes, beautiful Diana.”

Diana was listening to Xena’s sounds of pleasure and she was once again
tightening from the stimulations that were racing to her brain. The sweet
taste of Xena, her aroma, her sing song voice as she moaned. Diana was now
thoroughly into what she was doing and she knew Xena was near. She felt Xena’s
core start to quiver and then she watched as Xena’s Abdominal muscles
twitched. Diana sas determined to draw as much as she could from Xena.

It had been a while since she had pleasured Xena as well as since she had
tasted of Xena. Xena’s liquid fire had a way of strengthening Diana for some
reason, Diana thought it was because Xena was The Chosen for her, but whatever
it was Diana new that her back would heal quicker as far as the pain it was
feeling. This was one thing Diana decided she would not tell Xena unless she
somehow found out by accident.

While Diana was thinking this she felt Xena’s intermuscles contract and
tighten around her tongue. Diana felt a impulse run down and then back up her
spine as she was about to release with Xena, until she heard Xena say in a

“ Don’t release Diana!”

And then Xena let her ecstasy wash over her. Diana in the meantime was
struggling to bring herself back from that edge. After long minutes Diana was
finally able to get some control over her hormones. She then focused on Xena
and using the tip of her tongue she focused it at the opening to Xena’s core.
once there she began to push at it while slowly running the tip of her tongue
around the opening to Xena’s core.

“ AHHHHH..... G.O.D.S!!”

Xena exclaimed as she felt Diana teasing at her core like that. Diana let
Xena’s warm liquid fire coat her tongue as she let it absorb into her tongue.
After over an hour Xena through her ecstasy told Diana to stop. Diana thought
about it, and although she wasn’t quite ready to stop she heard the tone in
Xena’s voice, even through her orgasm.

So Diana slowly pulled her tongue out of Xena’s jewel and looking up over
Xena’s abdomen Diana smiled a sheepish smile, And sat back on her heels. She
flinched at the discomfort to her behind but she sat like that.

Xena after a moment to catch her breath and return her heartbeat to it’s
normal rate she sat up and said,

“ I thought for a minute that you were going to continue.”

“ I thought about it.”

“ I knew you would, but I wanted to see if you were going to obey what I told
you even through your enjoyment.”

“ Well it has been a few days you know.”

“ I know, that’s why I told you not to release.”

Xena said with a smirk.

“ Come here kitten.”

Diana started to move from between Xena’s legs but Xena stopped her.

“ No, I want you on top of me.”

Diana then moved slowly up Xena’s long slick body. Once she was face to face
with Xena she straddled Xena’s hips, and then sat down on Xena’s firm thighs
with her woman hood touching Xena’s abdomen. Xena then brought her hands up to
Diana’s face and she caressed it. She gazed into Diana’s sapphire colored eyes
and knew Diana would be ready for her anytime she chose to take her.

“ Are you tight kitten?”

“ You know I am.”

“ shall I give you release?”

“ Xena why are you asking me those type of questions? you know what I need,
and want.”

“ Yes I do, but I’m not sure if I’m going to.”

“ Why ?”

“Because you still have not done What I told you to do.”

“ Xena, I’ve done exactly what you’ve told me to do.”

“ Have you ?”

Xena raised a questioning brow at Diana. Diana knitted her brows together at
Xena’s question. Xena in the meantime while Diana was thinking let her fingers
run over Diana’s neck and down her chest to lightly caress at Diana’s firm
nipples. Diana’s breathing was incresasing, but Xena soon stopped.

“ Well kitten? Have you thought about what your suppose to be doing?”

“ Xena....I can’t think of anything that you’ve told me to do that I haven’t

“ So your sure of that?”

“ Yes, what did you tell me to do that I haven’t done?”

“ Are you so sure that you’ve done everything I told you, that you would
accept the consequences of your conviction?”

Again Diana knitted her brows together, but then she said,

“ I can’t think of anything.”

“ To bad kitten, I was really looking forward to taking you in many ways.”

Xena then ran her fingers down Diana’s firm abdomen to her soft hairs. She
then slid her fingers over Diana’s clit and on down to the opening of Diana’s
nature. Xena then slid two fingers into Diana’s nature and begun to pump
slowly, but not deeply into Diana.

Diana by this time had closed her eyes and was allowing Xena’s touch to run
through her. Xena watched as Diana fell into her touch. Xena continued for a
few moments watching her Beautiful Consort enjoying the intimate touch by
her love. Diana was begin to moan and Xena soon came out of her musing.

Xena stopped her initimate caressing of Diana’s nature and as she did Diana
opened her eyes and looked at Xena in confusion.

“ Xena?”

Diana asked slightly breathless. Xena removed her fingers from within Diana
and Diana visibly shivered.

“ You have not done what you were told kitten, so I won’t allow you release
right now.”

Xena then brought her fingers to her mouth and sliding them into her mouth she
let her tongue savor the taste of her sweet Consort. Diana in the meantime was
near tears as she sat and watched Xena. Xena saw the tears forming and she
said in a consoling voice, as she let her hand caress Diana’s cheek.

“ Don’t worry little one, I’ll eventually give you release, as long as you
don’t disobey me again.”

“ Xena....How have I disobeyed you this time.?”

“ You didn’t remove my Leathers kitten.”

Xena said simply and begun to move Diana off of her lap. Diana was so stunned
that she didn’t even flinch when she was sat on the bed on her behind. After a
moment and just as Xena was about to get up, Diana jumped back on Xena.

“ Xena?! I wasn’t being disobedient, I had just forgotten! Please Xena,
forgive me for my forgetfulness?! Please?”

Xena was surprised by Diana’s sudden action, but she Caught Diana around her
waist and held her still, as she studied the pleading young girl.

“ Please Xena?”

Diana said hopefully. Xena arched her brow at the woman and running her hands
up and down Diana’s sides, she then pulled Diana to her and kissed her. Diana
melted into the fierce kiss, and just as she thought Xena was going to take
her Xena pushed Diana back still holding her waist and she once again lifted
Diana up off of her thigh.

“ No kitten.”

“ But Xena?! “

“ Maybe you won’t forget next time.”

Diana looked at Xena with hurt in her eyes and rather than sit she laid down
and rolled over to her side faceing away from Xena. She curled into somewhat
of a ball, and cried. Xena watched Diana for a few minutes before she said

“Diana you don’t have to cry, I didn’t say that I wouldn’t, I just won’t do it
rioght now. Besides all you have to do is show me that you can be obedient
without question, and I’ll do what ever You want me to do to you.”

Xena then got back on the bed and she caressed Diana’s shoulders and then she
rolled her over by gripping her hips and pulling her towards her. Diana was
now turned facing Xena’s thighs.

“ you understand kitten?”

Diana then after a few minutes raised her head up and placed it on Xena’s firm
thighs. Xena smiled and then she stroked Diana’s ebony hair, appreciating the
feel and texture of it, she was so focused on Diana’s soft tresses that she
almost missed the quietly said,

“ yes.”

Xena again smiled and bring Diana’s hair to her nose she smelled the hyacinth

“ Mmm... Your hair smells so good. But we’ll deal with this later. Right now I
want you to get up put onone of my robes and come with me.”

“ where?”

“ Does it matter?”

“ no, I guess not.”

Diana then rolled off of Xena and with some flinching she got off of the bed
and slowly strided over to where Xena’s robes were kept and she put one of
them on. A floor length one that looked like a lounging gown rather than a
plain robe.

Xena smiled at Diana’s choice and then she said,

“ let’s go.”

Xena caught Diana around the wrist and slightly pulling her along she lead
them out the palace and into the garden. Xena then turned to face Diana.

“ Take off the robe.”

Diana’s eyes went wide at the thought of being nude in the middle of the
garden. But When Xena cocked her head and started to arch her brow, Diana
realized Xena was begin her obedience education in earnest. Diana slowly took
off her robe as Xena turned and walked over to a nearby tree and leaning back
against it with her arms crossed over her chest she then threw orders at

Once Diana had taken off the robe and was naked once again, she started to
walk towards Xena. But Xena raised her hand and shook her head.

“ Stay there. I want you to do some things first.”

“ Like what?”

Diana asked somewhat apphensive. Xena cast Diana a look of don’t you trust me,
and Diana immediately let the look past from her face.

“ Kitten I want you to find the flowers in my garden that youthink are my
favorites, don’t pick any of them, just come back and tell me what you think
is my favorite. Then I want you to go to the kitchen and prepare me evening
meal, something from your time. Then bring it back to me at the lake, and set
it up under the tree to my left. Then I want you to go back to the palace and
get my gold box, and bring it to me, but when you present it to me, I want it
done in a way that represents the respect you have for me, and the respect
you think I deserve.”

Diana thought about questioning some of the things but seeing the set look in
Xena’s eyes Diana thought better it. Instead she bowed low and said,

“ As you wish, My Lord Xena.”

Xena smirked and then she tilted her head slightly and lowering her eyes while
she rendered a return acknowledgement of Diana’s words and action. she then

“ Go.”

Diana after a few moments turned and went to look for the flowers that she
knew were Xena’s favorite. She thought she could have told her without having
to go and look, but for some reason Diana figured Xena was testing her. Diana
found the flowers and taking a whiff of the fragrance she smiled and then she
headed back to Xena. Where she came to stand right in front of Xena.

“ My Lord Xena, I have found the requested flowers.”

“ Where?”

“ The western area of the garden next to the weeping willow tree.”

“ So what are my favorite flowers kitten ?”

“ The Hyacinths.”

“ Very good, Diana. Come here.”

Diana stepped up to Xena and Xena took Diana’s chin in her hand and pulling
Diana closer she brought her lips to press against Diana’s. Then she swiped
her tongue over Diana’s teeth and Diana’s hands came up to Xena’s waist to
help her keep her balance. She opened her mouth willingly and Xena allowed
Diana to feast upon her tongue while Xena feasted upon Diana’s sweet mouth.

“ Mmmm....mmm...mmm.mmm...!”

Diana was now gripping Xena’s waist with her nails and Xena although she was
enjoying the sensations decided it was time to end the feast. So with soem
effort Xena grabbed Diana’s shoulders and pushed her back off of her thus
effectively breaking their passionate kiss. Xena then let her mask return.

“ Enough! Kitten. Go and do the other things I’ve told you to do.”

Diana was breathless and slightly dazed from the torrid kiss and she felt
slightly weak in her knees. She focused her eyes on Xena aand then after a
moment she shook her head to clear it and although her eyes were shining
sapphires she was able to return her coherent thoughts.

Xena watched Diana get control and then she let her go once Diana was steady
on her feet again.

“ As you wish, My Lord Xena.”

Diana then turned and went to do the second thing Xena had told her.But before
she took two steps she stopped and turned and went to go and pick up her robe,
especially since she was naked and was about to go to a very public area, not
to mention going to the palace from where they were. But Just as she was about
to touch the robe she happened to look at Xena who had her brow arched and her
jaw was starting to twitch. At that moment Diana looked at the robe and then
back at Xena and she immediately pulled her hand back.

She then stood up straight again and with a look of apology in her eyes, she
bowed again and waited for Xena to indicate whether or not she considered this
a breach or not. Xena studied Diana for a moment and then she tilted her head
once again and lowered her own indicating to Diana that she did not consider
it as a breach. Diana smiled a relief type of smile and she once again turned
and headed towards the palace nude and all.

The Sentries and servants and everyone else who saw Diana all gasped at the
sight of her striding into the palace nude as a newborn, and looking tender as
one also. mouths dropped agape, as did eyes start to water as they drooled at
the nude Consort. Diana went straight to the kitchen and begun preparing Xena
a wonderful evening meal from her time. Diana made sure to have plenty of
fruit. She also picked out wine as well as port and she then made tea. Just in
case Xena wanted some later.

Diana then took the trays of food back to Xena at the lake, where she found
Xena standing looking out over the water. Diana then looked over to the tree
that stood to Xena’s left and she setup the meal as Xena had told her. Xena
Watched Diana out of the corner of her eyes and once Diana had finished she
stood by the meal with her bck close to the tree and said,

“ My Lord Xena, I have brought and setup your evening meal.”

Xena turned to face Diana and without revealing anything she walked over to
the awaiting young girl. Diana’s heart beat faster and faster with each step
Xena took towards her, Xena also was getting tight as she appoached Diana.

Once Xena was upon Diana Xena looked down at the food and then slowly looked
up at Diana, and with a wick thought, she said,

“ It looks wonderful kitten.’

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