By D.virtue

Diana looked up shyly into Xena’s steady gaze and she blushed. Xena smirked
and then without warning she pushed Diana up against the tree and immediately
seized Diana’s taut nipples. one in her hand and the other in her mouth.

“ A.H.H.!! HA! HA! HA! OH GODS! “

Diana exclaimed as Xena ravished her sensitive nipples and breast. Xena sucked
hard as she pulled at the peaks. She let her teeth scrape over it and and then
she slowed her assault on the peaks and she slowly sucked the peak into her
mouth down to the juncture and then pulled back t let it slide out to the tip
of the nipple.

Diana was now trembling and going weak in her knees from the sheer pleasure
She was receiving from her Xena. While Diana was basking in the sensation she
decided it was time to stop and send Diana on to fulfill her duties. So
without warning, Xena bit down on the tenderized nipple as well as pinched the
other between her fingers.

“ HAAA.... XENA?!”

Diana yelped as Xena sucked for a moment more when Diana’s breast started to
produce the very wine that Diana had brought for Xena’s meal. Xena then
abruptly stopped and pulled back away from Diana. After a moment to compose
herself and place her ask back in place she then stood up straight to her full
height and with a controlled voice she said,

“ Go and carry out your other duty.”

Diana was gripping the tree with her nails and was using them to hold her up.
Diana was again breathless and her vision was unfocused for a moment. After a
few minutes she finally composed herself enough to push off of the tree.

At which point she did feel the discomfort from her whip marks on her back.
She inhaled deeply and then let it out slowly. She then focused on Xena’s face
and due to the intensity of Xena’s gaze Diana blushed to her roots and Xena
cocked her head and watched the blush as it tightened Diana’s nipples and
continued up to her hair line.

Diana then with a tightening in her throat due to her overly stimulated body
said in a slightly strained voice.

“ As you wish My Lord Xena.”

Again she bowed as did Xena towards each other. Diana then went off to obtain
what Xena had ordered for her to get. Again the Sentries as well as servants.
gawked at seeing the nude Consort and her many wonderful assesses. Diana
didn’t even look at them she just went to their chamber and picked up the box
and made her way back to where Xena awaited her.

As Diana was going back to where Xena was she thought about what Xena had told
her about showing her the respect she had for her and what respect she thought
Xena deserved.

She thought about how best to show it. Diana thought about this all the way
back to Xena. Just as she arrived she saw Xena sitting under the tree leaning
against it with her long legs stretched out in front of her crossed at the
ankles eating a slice of pineapple.

Xena watched as Diana approached she watched the seductively catlike movements
of Diana’s hips and the gentle bounce of her ample breast as the taut nipples
danced on their mounds. Xena watched as Diana’s subtle muscles flexed with
each step. Xena then slowly followed a blush that started on Diana as Diana
noticed she was watching her.

Xena slowly lifted her head up as Diana came to stand before her. Xena now had
finished her pineapple slice and had now stood up she crossed her arms over
her chest while she leaned back against the tree. Diana noticed Xena was
studying her, obviously waiting for her to make her presentation to her. Diana
smiled to herself at the thought that she had piqued the curious side of Xena
The Conqueror.

Finally after a few moments to revel in the thought, Diana made her
presentation to Xena The Conqueror, her love. Diana went to one knee and
holding the box out in front of her.

My Lord Xena, I have brought what you’ve asked for and now I present it to
you, My Lord, My Master, My Ruler, I am yours and yours alone and my life is
for you to do with as you see fit, I hope it will be to bring love, honor,
peace and joy to your life. I hope my actions will be reason for you to be
proud to have me as your Consort, your friend and your confidant, I not only
adore and admire you, I treasure your love of me, and I hope I can show you
with my actions as well as my deeds that I have NO intentions of ever leaving
you. You My Lord are my life. You are The Chosen in my life. I also render you
all the respect that You are due as The Conqueror not only of this land, but
of my heart. I will try with all my strength to please you whether that be by
way of my obedience or what ever other way you deem to be important. Your box
My Lord.”

Xena stood looking down on the young girl whom had just showed her the respect
she had not really expected in such spades. Xena stood behind Diana listening
to her words and watching her submissive behavior. Xena felt a rush of power
flow through her. She shuddered at the sensation as well as stood looking at
the top of Diana’s ebony covered head.

“ AHHH...My Power..... Filling.... kitten.... I am very pleased with you, I
could not be any more pleased than I am at this moment. All you have said
already exist, the only thing that makes me prouder is this. I have not only
been given such a gift it physically flowed through me. But I am utterly
turned on by your submissiveness that I want you my sweet, sweet Consort to
laid the box by my left heel and then stand up, take off my leathers, and
then lay down on your back.”

Xena watched Diana visibly shiver and blush and struggle to breath all at the
same time. Diana immediately stood and took the box and placed it by the tree,
and she unsteadily walked back to Xena and she raised her hands to unfasten
Xena’s leathers and she found they were shaky. Xena watched as Diana struggled
to contain her runaway hormones, and she could not help but smirk at her
little Consorts over stimulated senses.

Diana finally unfastened the fasteners and she pulled them down and off of
Xena. Then Diana laid the leathers down and then she went to her knees right
in front of Xena’s naked body and then she laid back onto her tender back and
backside, but she did not care., she needed Xena like she had never needed her
before and Xena obviously knew it and shared the need.

Xena went to her knees and sitting back on her heels she opened the box all
the while watching Diana, and her wonderful body tightening. Xena took out
both their favorite gloves along with a newer phallus that she had never seen
before. She then took out that vile, that wonderful vile she had used on Diana
once before. Xena was determined that this encounter would be as wild as the
flowers around them. She then handed Diana the gloves place the phallus around
her waist and then opening the vile she placed a drop on her tongue. She then
laid her body over Diana’s and motioned for her to open her mouth. Diana did
as she was told and Xena pushed her tongue deep into Diana’s receptive mouth
They kissed ravishingly.

Xena was consuming Diana as Diana tried to keep up with the hunger of Xena’s
appetite, Diana never felt as though she was truly being consumed by someone
making love to her. It was so powerful,yet she actually was somewhat afraid of
it, so much so that she literally was struggling to wiggle backward out from
under Xena. Xena was kissing and nipping and biting at every part of Diana as
Diana moaned and wiggled.

“ MMMMph....Ohhhh...OHH...Ha...ha...hah....hahah...,
G..o..d...s..., MMM....phff....


Xena exclaimed as she crawled with the backwards scooting Diana. Diana was
moving towards the lake head first Xena was sucking with total abandon on
Diana’s rock solid nipple, as she pinch and squeezed the other so hard that it
actually started producing without Xena having to use her mouth on it. Xena
bit on Diana’s nipple somewhat hard and Diana Yelped

“ OW!”

Xena only flashed a wick glance at Diana, which told her that Xena was about
to really get rough and it would probably be painful along the way. Just as
Diana had scooted enough to reach the water, with Xena having made her way to
Diana’s nature. Just as Xena put her mouth on Diana’s clit and started to suck
with abandon once again, Diana through her weakening state made it to the lake
and was just scooting to go in when Xena grabbed her by her legs and with
great strength she pulled her back away from the water. And dove into Diana’s
nature just as she thought ,

“ Reform My Little Shield.”

Xena’s tongue hit the shield with force that Diana literally came off of the


“ My kitten want me to stop?”

Xena asked with her mind.


“ I didn’t think so!”

Xena then rolled Diana and herself over so that she was now on the ground,
Diana yelped at the sudden movement but continued to weaken at Xena’s actively
moving tongue within her. Xena then told Diana to turn around and pleasure her
at the same time. Diana immediately did as she was told and brought her mouth
and tongue to bear on and in Xena’s Jewel. Xena placed her gloved hands under
Diana so as to allow the gloves to latch onto her nipples, Diana did the same
with her hands. As soon as the gloves mouth sucked each of their nipples into
the mouths on the gloves. Both Diana and Xena’s breath caught.

Then Xena let her gifted tongue take over for a moment, it teased at Diana’s
core, the tip pushed at the opening to the very essence of Diana’s producing
liquid fire. Xena’s tongue pumped at it until Diana’s hits stiffened and her
muscles started twitching uncontrollably. Diana was gyrating her hips on
Xena’s tongue and her hair was flying wildly around her face as the wind blew
through it.

Diana’s and Xena’s nipples were both producing and being absorbed by the
gloves.Diana felt Xena’s muscles tightening around her tongue as Xena’s core
started to quiver, Xena felt Diana’s and she told Diana with her mind to go
with her.

ahhh,ahh... XENA< XENA> “


Xena then felt Diana’s liquid fire covering her tongue and a moment later
her’s was covering Diana’s. They feasted on each other and they once again
experienced the ethereal effects of their mutual ecstasies. they floated their
for a while and then once Diana was spent Diana disappeared from the mist and
Xena not in the least bit feeling spent ,left the mist and returned to a
semiconscious Diana.

At which point she withdrew her tongue and flipping the Diana off of her and
turning the phallus from her side to her front she rolled Diana over onto her
belly and entered her nature from the back. Diana was once again being aroused
and stimulated. Diana tried to pull away from the actively thrusting Conqueror
as Xena pumped vigorously into her. Diana and Xena were lathered in sweat ,
both their hairs were falling wildly around their faces, they were grunting
and moaning like the wilds of the very outdoors. So much so that the other
animals of nature were speaking back to their moans and gruntings.

Xena held Diana in place by gripping her around her at her hips and as she
thrusted into Diana, she pulled Diana back towards her. Diana and Xena
continued like that until Diana went limp from her multiple ecstasies while
Xena’s ecstasies seemed to feed her and give her more and more strength.

Xena laid on top of Diana to allow Diana to catch her breath. after about 30
minutes Xena Then pulled out of Diana, she walked over to the box and opening
it and pulling out a scented bottle she walked back over to the unconscious
Diana and went to her knees. she opened the small bottle and let the aroma run
under Diana’s nose.

Xena sat riveted to the sight of Diana arousing from an unconscious state.
Xena’s eyes were wild and hunger filled and when Diana finally opened her eyes
their Sapphire color sent Xena into a fit of Desire, she bared her teeth at
Diana and Diana’s own eyes trying to focus on the starved Lover but not
having time enough to focus Xena once again entered Diana.

This time Xena grabbed Diana’s legs and putting them over her shoulder she
held Diana at her waist and hip and once again thrusted into the her Consort’s
nature with total carnal abandon. Xena was so into what she was doing that she
almost didn’t realize that she had lifted Diana up off of the ground and that
Diana was literally holding onto Xena’s upper arms so as to stay in the proper
position as Xena thrusted and Diana pushed into each other. Xena and Diana
reached ecstasy a number of times like this.

Xena returned the weaken Diana to the ground as she once again let Diana slip
into unconsciousness for 15 minutes this time. After which time Xena once
again ran the scented bottle under Diana’s nose. As Xena waited for Diana to
await again she removed the phallus she was wearing and placed it around
Diana’s waist. When she had it in place and she saw Diana begin to awake ,
Xena with a mischievous look in her eyes lowered herself to where she could
put her mouth on the phallus. She then slowly sucked the flesh feeling phallus
into her mouth slowly.

“ MMMM.....OOOHH....”

Diana moaned. Xena noticed that Diana’s toes were flexing and extending as was
her fingers., and the muscles in her abdomen were twitching, Xena was so
turned on by the thought that Diana had never felt anything like this that she
released, as Did Diana.


Xena exclaimed as she lifted Diana into her arms and kissed her passionately.
Diana was delirious, from Xena’s ardor. Diana as well as Xena had never had so
many orgasms in their entire lives. Xena was near insatiable and Diana
although she kept up was going to be of no use after she sated Xena. But at
the moment Xena was kissing Down Diana’s body once again.

“ OH MAN Xena! AGAIN?!”

“ YES!”

Xena breath through her teeth. Diana’s body was shivering from Xena’s throaty
answer. and it only served to ignite Xena further. Diana could not quite
understand why she had taken the same liquid as Xena and yet Xena was stronger
than she was. But Diana didn’t have time to think about that Xena was carrying
Diana to the water and she walked in with Diana.

Once in Xena again kissed Diana as she lead her to an over hang of flat
rounded rocks. Xena broke the kiss and Diana was swooned by the abrupt break.
Xena caught her and told her and smirked. She then turned Diana around to face
the rocks, then she told her to lay down on one of them.

Diana went to get up on one of them but just as she was about to lift herself
up onto the rock with her arms, Xena pushed Diana down so her chest and
abdomen was laying on the cool rock, and her behind and legs hung over into
the water.

Xena then using her strong hands she ran one over Diana’s back and shoulder,
Diana was trembling from the two sensations that were now going through her,
one pleasure from the one handed massage Xena was giving her and the other
pain from the blatant contact to her whipped back.

Diana’s breath was ragged because of it , but just as she had settled into the
sensations , Xena laid down over her with her front to Diana’s back and she
whispered into Diana’s sensitive ear.

Now I’ll use only my hands to pull your ecstasy from you, My luscious pleasure
filling Consort.

A shudder went through Diana at the feel of Xena’s breath on her ear as well
as Xena’s provocative words Xena felt Diana’s shudder and she let it run
through her as well. After which everything went hazy for Diana.

Xena had slid her other hand glove and all to Diana’s swollen clit, and
placing the glove over it she felt it being stimulated by a mouth. Diana’s
initial reaction to the unexpected sensation was to close her legs, especially
since Xena was laying over her. But Xena again whispered into Diana’s ear and
said in a low growl ing type voice, that brooked no argument.

“ Open them kitten.”

Diana immediately did so and Xena placed one of her muscled thighs between
Diana’s and pushed them further apart. Xena now was able to get a better
connection on Diana’s clit.

“ Ahh...! HA....ha....ha....! OH....... MY..... GOODNESS......!

Xena then slid her hand that was on Diana’s back around and under Diana to her
breast she placed it over one of Diana’s nipples and again the glove connected
to it’s target. Diana was holding herself up slightly to allow the contact,
but once it had mixed with the other, and then Xena kissing and biting on her
neck and back, made Diana’s arm tremble with effort to hold herself up.

“ SOOO>>> GOOD ...... ooooo....MY Exquisite Consort!”

Xena gripped Diana tighter and thus caused the gloves to suckle harder.

“ Xe..nn..aa?!”

Diana asked through a rush of air. Xena knew instantly what Diana was asking
and she answered with fervor.

“ YES !!!! “

At the same time Xena slightly adjusted her hand that was on Diana’s clit
rather than the palm having just one mouth it now had two. The second now was
over Diana’s opening to her nature and just as Diana was nearing Xena watched
Diana struggle to hold herself up on her trembling arms. Xena knew what she
was about to do would end Diana’s struggle. The thought continued to feed
Xena’s appetite. she begun to tremble at all the stimulation she was seeing
and feeling and tasting with her gifted gloves.

The new mouth all of a sudden pushed a thick tongue deep into Diana and
Diana’s arms gave out. As the sensation and the activeness of it reminded her
of Xena’s tongue just hours ago doing the same thing inside of her.

“OOOoooo>>>>XEEEE>>NNNNN>>>>>AAAA>>>>HHHHHH !!!!!”

Diana exhaled raggedly and quivering as she went into Ecstasy's Mist. Xena
Seeing and feeling Diana’s sheer blinding ecstasy went weak in her own legs
and laid forward onto Diana’s back and trembling and then releasing she
followed Diana to the mist.

This time rather than them floating into one another their souls melted into
one another. This time it would have a permanent showing on both of them.
Diana and Xena stayed there for over a day, just letting their ecstasy wash
over them again and again. Diana once again was the first to go unconscious
and once she had left the mist Xena followed shortly after.

Although ready to collapse herself, she knew she had to get them out of the
water and upon the flat rock, so with some effort Xena lifted the usually
light Consort and ten herself up out of the water and laid down on her back
and rolling Diana over onto her so that Diana’s body was on top of Xena’s.
Xena laid back, wrapped her arms protectively around Diana and then she too
fell into unconsciousness.

The two of them stayed there for four days. Xena waking from her unconscious
state a day before but not being able to focus she just laid back and went
back to sleep, still holding the unconscious Diana. The four day Xena woke up
and this time she stayed awake and watched Diana wake from her slumber.
Diana’s eyes could not focus and so she kept them closed.

“ Xena~~~~~~?”

Diana asked in a weaken voice.

“ Yes Kitten?”
“ I feel sooo....weak. What happened?”

“ You don’t remember kitten?”

“ Parts.”

“ Like what parts?”

Xena asked out of curiosity.

“ hm....I remember when we were on the grass, for hours, you were consuming

“ Ha,hahaha.”

Xena Chuckled lightly, s as not to jar Diana.

“Then I remember you carried me into the water and then we floated in the
water while you kissed me senseless.”

Again Xena chuckled at Diana’s unintended humor.

I also remember you telling me to get on some rocks, but then you stopped me
when I was not even half way out of the water, my behind and legs were still
in the water. You then whispered in my ear that you were going to.......pull
that’s it , you were going to pull my ecstasy from me using your hands. “

“ you remember anything else?”

“ not really , just this totally overwhelming sense of rapture that I have
NEVER know in My life period!”

Xena gave Diana a big squeeze and told her.

“ I felt exactly the same way.”

She then kissed Diana on the top of her head.

“ Xena?”

“ Hm?”

“ My eyes won’t focus.”

Diana said in seriousness. But it struck Xena funny and she laughed out loud.

“ I’m glad you find it funny Xena.”

Diana scolded.

“Sorry, you vision will clear in a day or so. My eyes did the same thing.”

“ Oh, so in the meantime I’m back to being.....”

“ Helpless as a kitten.”

Xena finished teasingly.

“ HA, HA, HA, very funny.”

Xena chuckled once again and then she brought Diana further upon her so that
she could get to Diana’s sweet lips. They kissed for a bit and then they once
again fell asleep in each others arms. Diana still lying on top of Xena, with
her head snuggled into Xena’s neck. Xena once again holding Diana with her
protectively strong arms.

When they awoke the fifth day Diana opened her eyes slowly and as they
adjusted to the light she opened them completely. She looked around for a
moment to get her bearings, once she realized where she was she then looked
under her to see the still sleeping Xena. Diana smiled to herself at the
peacefulness in the face she saw.

There was no tension in them at all. Diana tried and finally succeeded in
bring one of her arms up so that she could trace Xena’s soft lips with her
fingers. Xena lips twitched and then her beautiful tongue peek out to lick her
lips. Diana watched in silence and total fixation on the actions of it on
Xena’s wonderfully skilled lips and mouth.

After watching for a moment it became to much, it seemed to Diana that the
tongue was making quite a few appearances. So Diana waited for it to peek out
again, and sure enough there it was. Diana seized the teasing tongue so fast
and with such zealous that Xena’s eyes flew open and she had to swat Diana’s
behind once to get her to stop.


“ mm......OWWW! “

“ What did you do that for?”

“ Why were you trying to suck my tongue off?”

Diana blushed, at the reasoning behind her action, while Xena continued to
wait for an answer.

“ Well kitten?”

“ Sorry, I...I just couldn’t help myself. it just kept teasing me.”

Xena arched her brow and parted her lips to say something, only to close and
then reopen them again. Finally she said,

“ My tongue was teasing you while I was asleep?”

Hearing it put like that did make it sound a little off the wall.

“ Yes. “

Diana answered simply, then she thought to elaborate.

“ It just kept coming out j.u.s.t...enough to wet your lips,then it would
disappear again. Then a few moments later there it came again, doing the same
thing. At first I just watched it, but then it was like it was telling me to
taste it, and well Xena.... Who am I to refuse a command by you, hm?”

“ So even when I’m asleep you now see me giving you commands, that
you.....follow without question?”

“ Well, yes.”

“ You are too much kitten.”

“ But I’m lovable.”

Xena smirked, and then she said while squeezing Diana,

“ You are definitely lovable, in fact like people have said you are made to be
made love to, and that’s exactly what I plan on doing. right NOW!”

“ Xena I have absolutely no strength, I can’t even defend myself right now,
it’s not fair.”

Diana protested weakly.

“ who said anything about being fair? I plan on using your kitten like state
against you.”

Xena said with a wick smirk on her face. Xena then rolled them over and Diana
was now underneath Xena. Xena straddled Diana’s hips and leaned over Diana.
While holding herself up off of Diana with her arms.

Xena’s breast was dangling over Diana’s face and Diana took advantage of the
distracted Xena. Diana raised her head up enough to seize one of Xena’s

“ GODS! Diana!”

Diana spoke with her mind as she sucked on Xena’s ever increasing taut nipple.
Xena’s arms were weakening from the stimulation, her breathing becoming ragged
and in short supply. Diana held the nipple in her mouth as she used her tongue
to caress the captured peak.

“ HMMmm.....your this to be sooo.....young kitten....”

Diana bit down on the peak and Xena’s breast started to produce, a cool
refreshing spring type water. Diana drank deeply and ardoredly, Xena dropped
her head to allow Diana full access to her breast. Her raven hair covering
Diana’s active. Diana drank for over an hour. Xena rolled them back over so
that she was once again on her back. She knew Diana needed to replenish
herself after the dehydrating experience of the last few days.

After an hour or so Diana finally stopped and then begun to renew her original
plans, which was to cause Xena to release. Xena all the while had been
fighting the stress of not releasing. And when her breast started to produce
it only added to the problem of controlling herself enough to not release.
When Diana started to renew her ardor Xena stiffened and then she arched her
back thus pushing more of her breast into Diana’s ravishing mouth.

Xena then tilted her head back and with a purring sigh she released. Diana
smiled into Xena’s breast and ten she heard,

“ I’ll pay you back tenfold kitten.”

And then it was quiet once again. Diana shivered at the implications.

“ My LORD? MY LORD? Are You Out Here Lord Conqueror?”

Xena and Diana heard the first call of her name and she called back to the
person calling her.

“ What is it Terais?”

Terais stopped when she heard the return answer to her call she turned toward
the lake and once she arrived she saw the meal tray eaten, none of the wine or
other drink touched , A golden box and Xena’s leathers as well as a robe.

“ My Lord?”

Terais called again to get the bearings of where The Conqueror was located.

“ Yes Terais? What is it?”

“ Oh My Lord, I’m so relieved that your alright, we have been searching for
you and your Consort for days.”

“ Well obviously you didn’t look by the lake.”

“ Xena said with some irritation in her voice at the thought that her soldiers
failed to look at one of the most obvious places.”

“ Yes My Lord, It was our oversight, we thought you were off the grounds, so
we did only a cursory search within the gates. “

“ I see.”

“ My Lord? Is your Consort with you?”

“ Yes.”

“ Good. Is everything ok, do you need anything My Lord?”

“ everything is just fine, and the only thing we’ll need is noon meal setup in
our chambers. enough for four.”

“ four My Lord?”

“Yes four, unless Queen Ephiny has returned, then it would be five.”

“No my lord she has not.”

“Then have a setup for four waiting for me and My Consort when we return in a
candlemark, and have a bath drawn, and you and Gabrielle are to be there.”

“ the bath My Lord?

“ No for noon meal!”

Yes My Lord. Right away.”

Terais then turned and ran back towards the palace and on the way she called
off the search. Xena then told Diana in a promising voice.

“ I’ll get you back later kitten.”

Diana’s abdomen tighten and Xena felt it.

“ Good girl.”

Xena rolled them over and then she stood up and bending down she picked Diana
up and with a smirk on her face and a strange look in her eyes she glanced at
Diana and then just as Diana was about to protest ....Xena dove into the cold
water. and she kept them submerged for over 20 minutes before she finally
brought them up.

Diana came up sputtering and spitting water.

“ XENA?! what are you trying to do drown me?!”

“ No, I just thought you needed to cool down.”

“ Well I didn’t!”

“ Oh, ok.”

Xena said shrugging her shoulders as if she had not just half froze yet alone
almost drowned a helpless person.


“ Oh? OH?! is that all you can say for yourself?”

Xena cast Diana a sheepish grin and then said,

“ I made a mistake?”

“ funny, very, very funny.”

Xena laughed out loud once again, as she stepped out of the lake carrying
Diana. Xena set Diana down on the grass while she put the robe on and she
handed her leathers to Diana to carry.

“ I have to go in there naked again? At this time of day?”

“ Yes.”

Xena answered and picked up the wide-eyed young Consort. Xena carried Diana
past the Sentries, past the soldiers working out and practicing, past the
stables and all the hands there, into the palace past numerous servants and
other hands that maintained the palace. Diana blushed the whole time, she made
sure to cover her front with Xena’s leathers and buried her face in Xena’s

Xena smiled at the thought of her consort being shy, especially after the last
5 days. Xena and Diana arrived back at their chambers and once inside Xena
carried Diana straight to the bath and after having Diana drop her leathers
in the bedchambers, and she slipping out of her robe, Once again Xena was
kissing on Diana. first the lips then the neck and just as she stepped into
the bath she was suckling her breast and it’s taut nipple.

“ X.e.e.n.n.a.a.... you are just toooo..... insatiable.”

Xena took a final pull at Diana’s nipple before she let it slide from her warm

“ No not insatiable, I just can’t get enough of you kitten.”

“ well that’s nice to know....I think. If you don’t love me to death.”

Xena waggled her brows at Diana and Diana blushed.

“ I think it’s because of your submissiveness to me. It just turns me on to no

“ Oh, I see now. You like me helpless, so you can take advantage of me?”

“ I don’t need you helpless to do that kitten. But it doesn’t hurt to have you
like this.”

Xena then set Diana down on the bench within the water and picking up the
hyacinth hair shampoo she positioned herself behind Diana and begun to wash
her ebony hair. Diana leaned back into Xena’s touch and Diana just bathe in
the moment of the quietness around her and Diana. After she bath Diana and
herself she then lifted Diana up once again and carried her to the massage

Laying Diana down on her abdomen Xena began to oil and massage Diana’s jelly
like muscles.

“ Mmmm.......Xenaaa........ You are so.... good at.........well.......

“ Well, what can I say, I have many skills.”

“ I’ve discovered that.”

“hmm, is that right?”

“ yes, it is.”

After a while of working on Diana’s muscles, and then being massaged herself
after Diana fell asleep from her massage. Xena lifted Diana up and carried her
to the bedchamber where she was about to put her in a night gown, but then she
changed her mind about putting Diana into one of them.

She decided that she would have Diana through the evening. She scolded
herself for inviting Terais ad Gabrielle today to dinner, but Diana had not
seen much of Gabrielle since she returned, and she thought Diana would
appreciate the gesture.

In the meantime Xena would let Diana rest. She laid her on top of the bed
covers and went to dress, after she finished dressing in one of her royal
robes with nothing underneath she then looked back at Diana laying vulnerable
to her, she could not resist the delicious sight of Diana.

So she sat on the bed and begun to run her fingers up and down Diana’s nude
torso. Diana stretched and moaned in her sleep in such a sensual way that Xena
arched her brow and her eyes took on a desirous look. She gently spread
Diana’s legs apart and then she smiled at her lustful thought.

She then positioned herself between Diana’s legs and laying on her abdomen
she gently spread Diana’s jeweled lips and with first a kiss to Diana’s clit
then a flick of her tongue at it, Xena heard Diana moan and stretch once

Xena made sure to not obstruct Diana’s movements while she stretched, but once
she finished Xena moved back into position and this time she slowly sucked the
peak into her mouth, and begun to feast on it.

Diana’s eyes flew open this time.

“XENA?! “

“ hmm?”

“Wh..What are you doing?”

“ Can’t you tell?”

Xena thought at Diana.

“ You.....You know what I mean...GODS!!”

“ I couldn’t resist.”

“ Xe..Xena...OO....OHH....”

Diana wrapped her fingers into Xena’s raven hair and tried to easily pull Xena

“ No!”

Xena thought to Diana, when she recognized what Diana was trying to do.

“ Let go.”

Diana thought about saying something, but Xena looked up at her and Diana
immediately let go of Xena’s hair and placed them on the bed so as to grip the
bed and it’s linen as Xena took her to the pinnacle and then allowed her to go

Xena then got off of the bed and flipping her hair back out of her face she

“ There. That’s better. Now we can go join our guest who’s waiting in the
sitting area for us.”

Diana was breathing hard and trying to slow her heartbeat but After the last
few days of being made love to by her Chosen Diana’s ecstasies were now more
powerful than they already were. So Diana had to take a little longer to calm

Once she was she processed Xena’s words and then she said,

“ You did this while people are out there waiting for us?”

“ Yes, now come on we can’t keep them waiting.”

“ You are just too much, I can’t believe you.”

Diana just stared at Xena in amazement, and then decided what was the use, she
was too weak to stop her anyway. So instead of thinking about that she turned
her attention to her limbs.

She had strength in her arms enough to lift and hold things, albeit light
things. She then moved her toes and then her feet and then her ankles and
lower legs and finally her upper legs. they were weak but she was thought she
would be able to stand. so she moved to the edge of the bed and very easily
she placed her feet on the floor. then she lifted herself up off of the bed.

Xena stood nearby just in case Diana was not able to maintain her standing
position. Diana swayed for a moment then she steadied herself and took a
tentative step towards Xena.

Xena smirked and bit the inside of her cheeks to keep from laughing. Diana saw
the smirk and her brows knitted together in confusion and then when she saw
that the smirk was not leaving and a hint of a smile played at the corners of
Xena’s mouth, Diana said,

“ WHAT?!”

Xena immediately put on an innocent face and said,

“ Nothing.”

“ Yes it is, what’s so funny?”

“ It’s just....Nothing.”

“ No, now come on Xena, I’d tell you if it were something about you.”

“ Ok, ok. It’’s just that , well kitten your movements are like those of
a child just learning to navigate under their own power.”

Xena exhaled the words rapidly as she then immediately pursed her lips
together to keep from losing it. Diana’s mouth dropped open and she glared at
Xena for her statement.


Xena asked innocently.

“ I can’t believe you said that?”

“Well, it’s true.”

“ Xena?!”

Diana then sat back on the bed and crossed her arms and pouted. Xena looked at
the now pouting Diana and then back at the door and she figured if she didn’t
do something now Diana would be irritable the rest of the evening.

“ Oh kitten, don’t pout. I’m sorry. Your just so adorable, I couldn’t help but
notice it. You know I notice everything about you, including the fact that
your eyes are now permanently chestnut and sapphire.”

“ What?”

“ Your eyes, their your normal chestnut but now they have a ring of sapphire
inside of them.”

Diana then attempted to go to the mirror but once she stood, she saw Xena
bring her hand up to her mouth to cover an apparent smirk.

“ Help me to the mirror will you?”

Xena walked over to Diana and held out her arm for Diana to use as a
stabilizer. They walked over to the mirror and Diana looked into her eyes and
sure enough there was a blue ring inside of her chestnut colored eyes.

“ Wow! That’s a trip.”

Diana then looked in the mirror and into Xena’s eyes as Xena watched Diana to
make sure she didn’t fall. Diana then turned around and looked at Xena with
such an intense look that Xena asked.

“ What?”

Diana smirked and then she said,

“ Well at least I’m not alone.”

Xena’s eyes narrowed and her brows feralled as she turned her head to look
into the mirror.

“ How did that happen?!”

Diana was now leaning on the dresser as Xena examined her eyes. Sapphire with
a chestnut ring on the inner part. Diana laughed out loud and Xena turned and
glared at her. Diana went silent and then she saw Xena going into one of her

“ Oh, now come on, it’s not anything to POUT about.”

Diana teased and then she pinched her lips together to keep from laughing. But
Diana couldn’t help herself.

“ hahahahahahahahahhaha.....”

“ OH, OK, you think it’s funny huh? I at least didn’t laugh.”

“ I’m sorry, hahhaha....”

Xena glared at Diana and then her whole expression changed.

“Let’s see how funny you think the rest of the evening is, shall we?”

“ Oh, Xena. Hm, Hm,hahahahaha... I’m sorry.”

Diana said covering her mouth as Xena turned and walked away from her.

“Xena how am I suppose to get over there to get dressed?”

“ Well it seems like you have a problem, doesn’t it kitten?”

“ Xeeennaa....?”

“ you have ten minutes to get out here. And don’t let me hear you laugh

Xena said as she opened the door and walked out.

“ Xena?! I can’t believe she did that. Your such a sore loser. hahahahaha.”

Xena opened the door unexpectedly and looked around the door and said,

“ I told you not to let me hear you laugh again about this, just for that, no

Xena raised her brow at Challenge as she watched Diana start to say something
in challenge. Diana saw and heard the commanding tone. and so she closed her
mouth and leaned back on the dresser to partially sit on it. She then crossed
her arms over her chest and pouted.

“ That’s not fair.”

“ Who said anything about being fair? Laugh at me, hm?”

“ Xena, you laughed at me.”

“ No I didn’t! I never laughed.”

“ Xena, come on? help me over there?”

“ Why?”

“So I can get dressed?”

“ No, I meant what I said, no clothes.”

Xena then turned and started to close the door behind her.

“ Xena?! That’s not fair!”

Xena closed the door, but just before it fastened, she said,

“Who said anything about being fair? And by the way kitten, you now have 5
minutes to get out here before I come back in here and turn you over my

Xena heard Diana gasp at the penalty for her if she was late.The door shut.
Diana sat on the edge of the dresser just looking like Xena had kissed her so
passionately that she was dazed,as a result. Throwing her arms up finally
Diana looked at the closed door and then she looked around the room looking
for something to help her into the other room in her weaken state. After a
moment of scanning she saw her staff.

“ Ah ha! That’ll work. Ok Conqueror, I have 3 minutes to make it out there
well ok, I’ll be there with a minute to spare.”

Diana then pushed herself up off of the dresser and taking small steps she
made her way to her staff. Once she had her staff, she pressed on it in a
certain way to extend it out and then she pressed it again to cause it to
change to a lavender colored intricately patterned walking staff with bronze
colored designs.

Diana then stood tall and walking with confident, but slower, she headed for
the door. she opened both the doors and stood nude and stately before
Gabrielle and Terais who’s mouths had dropped opened. Xena’s only reaction was
a raised brow and a smirk.

end of part 34
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