By D.virtue

The Conqueror heard Diana’s voice ,

“Gabrielle... Ok , Yes, I thought they were very nice, but I’ll tell you
this, you took a chance inviting them to sit with us that first day.”


“Because they were warriors and I’m not very comfortable with warriors
these days, I’m telling you Gabrielle ,”

Diana’s voice going cold and with no feeling,

“if they had even looked at at their weapons, I would have slit their throats
from ear to ear and sat back and watched them bleed to death .”

Gabrielle wasn’t sure if she was shocked from what Diana had said or more from
the way she said it. She had never heard Diana speak or say such things.

Diana looked at Gabrielle and said,

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you....”

“No, No.”

Gabrielle said shaking her head to remove the imagine.

“No Diana don’t be sorry, it’s just I’ve never heard you talk like this

Xena in the meantime was smirking at Diana’s comments and knew that Diana
had the skills to take the warriors, she was relieved to hear that Diana was
leery of other warriors, The Conqueror was more confident, because she now
felt Diana would not allow herself to trust other warriors thus keeping her
property from being spoiled.

Gabrielle then said,

“I guess it’s because of your hate of The Conqueror and what she did.”

Xena hearing the word hate coming from the young woman took on a dark
presences. But it was to her stunned surprise at the response coming from
Diana that removed it just as quickly.

“Gabrielle your wrong..”

Diana said somewhat surprised at Gabrielle’s thinking.

“ I don’t hate Xena, in fact, I have an affinity for her.”

“You mean, you sympathize for her?”

“No Gabrielle, I mean an affinity for her.”

“But how can you have an affinity for a heartless, merciless, cruel Dictator
type ruler. Who’s history is one of coldblooded killing?”

Gabrielle said in an incredulous voice, she could not see how Diana could
possibly relate to such a person.

Xena listened and leaning forward in her chair she rested her head on her
balled fist. Diana seeing the confusion and fear crossing the young girls
face, she thought it would be best to drop the subject, but Gabrielle, always
persistent, was having none of that.

“Oh.. no you don’t, I’m not letting this go until you explain how you can
relate to such a person!”

“Gabrielle, this is obviously causing you some stress, I don’t think we
should talk about this anymore.”

“ Well we’re going to talk about it, we need to talk about this, I have to
understand, because right now I don’t. So tell me what you meant by an
affinity for the Conqueror.”

“Gabrielle I don’t think your going to like the story that I tell.”

“like or not , I have to know.”

The Conqueror was silently rooting for the young woman to win and was pleased
when she finally heard Diana say,

“ok, but you have to let me tell you without a lot of interruptions ok?”

“Ok. “

Was the only response.

“Gabrielle I said affinity for her because, in order for me to hate Xena I
would have to hate myself.”

Diana seeing the deep confusion returning to Gabrielles face,along with the
unseen listener . she decided to look out over the balcony.

“You see Gabrielle, where I’m from I had a sister, a blood sister who I had
just discovered after many years. You remember I told you how I was kidnapped
as a baby by King Rah?”

Gabrielle nodding only,

“and how he took me to another world far more advanced than our world?”

another nod,

“You remember I told you how my D.N.A. was changed and that while my looks are
the way they would have been before the change, everything else about me
changed, down to the very functioning of my body. I was told that my D.N.A.
were implanted with special gifts. I don’t know if they were gift’s or a
curse, I haven’t decided yet. anyway he made it so that my body would response
to a person in a very special way if that person was a Chosen. Rah made sure
that he would be the first Chosen... he raped me when I was 21 on that planet
which was 15 on this one, anyway his plan all those years was for me to become
his Queen and for him to be My Chosen. I told him I would never marry him..
but he just laughed, and then told me,”

Diana eyes taking on a faraway look, she repeated his words verbatim.

“No,No,No this is deeper than marriage. You see your very body will forever
be tuned to Me because I will be a Chosen. Your body will quench my thirst,
your essence will fill my stomach with whatever taste I desire.”

“I didn’t understand at the time what he meant by that but I soon found out .
Anyway, he then took my left hand and placed a ring with a light colored jewel
on it at the base of my finger and then he immediately had it announced
throughout the kingdom that I was his Queen. I tried to remove the ring but I
found that the ring had dissolved into my finger leaving only the jewel.”

“I’ve never seen a ring?”

Gabrielle said, hoping the interruption was ok . Diana put her left hand out
and stroked the finger lightly ...all of a sudden, Gabrielle was looking at
twelve diminutive colorful jewels all running lengthwise on Diana’s ring
finger, all made of different precious metals she assumed, since she
recognized some of the metals, she assumed the others were from other places.
Xena of course could not see the finger but she heard Gabrielle’s astonished
”There’s twelve?”

Xena was livid at the thought that Diana was not a virgin, she sat seething
at the thought but continued to listen.

Diana now had withdrawn her hand and recovered the finger and said

“Their are twelve Chosen, I met them over the course of years. Anyway, I was
rebellious, everyday he would have to take me against my will, eventually,
after three days of fighting with me he had me taken back to the room that had
changed my life in the first place . There I was placed back in the Chamber
and then, after another change had been implanted in my D.N.A. I was taken
back to Rah. He had a wick smile on his face, It scared me. He then had me
forcely put back on the bed, once I was back on the bed he held my arms while
his powerful legs went between mine to separate them. The next thing I
remember was hearing myself screaming .. I screamed from the pain. It felt
like being ripped opened, but even after the pain subsided ,I found myself
climaxing at his touch. But after every one I noticed that he would whisper
something, not necessarily to me but more at me, at my body. I remember him

“Reform My Little Shield.”

And then he would take me again, and again I screamed each time from the
pain, it was then I realized what those word were doing to me. I was becoming
a virgin all over again.”

“I remember the look in his eyes at my realization of what had happened, of
what was happening, he just laughed, and took me again and again and again. It
was his way of punishing me for my defiance. Eventually when he was exhausted
and thought I was also, It was then that I asked him if I could return to my
old room just for two nights and then I would return back to his chambers, he
agreed thinking I was to sore to try to escape...but, he was wrong! I had
more determination than ever to get away from him. I made my way back to my
old quarters and I packed a few things and then I went to where the ships were
dock, I knocked out the guards and I stole a ship and returned to this world.”

“I thought I was rid of Rah, but when I landed back on this planet, I was
about to leave the ship, when he appeared on a screen. “

He said,

“Diana no matter where you go, I’ll know, we’re in-tuned to one another. I
won’t come after you, I’ll let you live there, but you’ll discover you are
forever changed.”

“Rah your not telling me anything I don’t already know, you changed me!”

“Yes that’s true. But, to show you I have no hard feelings I will give you a

“No, you can keep your gift, I have plenty.”

“No I think you’ll like this one even more than the others.”

“Don’t bet on it!”

“Diana I’ll tell you this first, then I will give you the gift. You will find
love, true and deep,but with that love you will find pain and suffering. There
will be other Chosen and it will be them and only them that will satisfy your
insatiable nature’s, that of your flower and of your heart. They will ALL
have a dark side that will draw you like a moth to a flame. But you will have
no choice but to commit to them, for while you are able to defend yourself
against those who are not Chosen,You will not be able to best those who are
your Chosen. they will punish you and discipline you. They too will be drawn
to you like a moth. They will be the one’s to console and bring you joy
unimaginable. “

“All I could say was why?”

And he said,

“Because I love you, and because ... I can!”

“Those words were the most haunting words I have ever heard.”

Gabrielle seeing the tears rolling down Diana’s cheeks wanted to console her,
but she knew if she touched her at this moment Diana would probably stop, so
she sat and waited for Diana to continue. After a few moments she did

“now for my gift to you.”

he said..

”You have a sister, she is a skilled fighter, she’s living in the Sahara
Desert, fighting in a war. Her name is Monique.”

“I stared at him for long moments trying to see the lie that I believed he
was telling me , but I didn’t see it , all I saw was a sincere smile and
honest eyes. His last words to me were.”

“A Gift My Queen.”

“and then he was gone. I left there and headed straight to the desert in the
ship, once there I destroyed the ship by hitting the self destruct button.
It melted into the sand.”

“I then made my way to my sister’s camp. I was standing on a sand dune
looking over the camp from about two miles. It was then that I saw her, she
was so beautiful and lively, I could tell she had a wonderful dry sense of
humor, she had let some soldier tease her with a cake of some sort and then
when he had finally given it to her. she said thank you and he turned to
leave, when she called to him, he turned back around only to have the
proffered cake smashed into his face . I read her lips after doing it and
while clapping her hands together she said,

“ Now That was good.”

“I could only laugh at the soldiers reaction. He just nodded and walked away.
It was then that she saw me, Our eyes meeting and... she knew me , like I
knew her, she knew who I was after all those years. eventhough she had only
seen me for a moment as an infant. My sister knew who I was...”

Diana overwhelmed by the memory placed her head in her hands and cried, and
just as Gabrielle was about to touch her, Diana wiped her eyes and said,

“No, I fine, it’s just I haven’t talked about this to anyone except one of my
Chosen and now

“Anyway she came flying towards me, I couldn’t move, I just stood there
watching this beautiful woman running towards me. Her Hair flying in the
breeze due to her speed. She was tall with the same coloring as myself Light
hazel colored eyes with dark lashes and eyebrows to match. She was strong and
from the speed at which her feet ate up the ground she was obviously agile.
she covered the 2miles in 5minutes and she literally flew at me. We rolled
down the backside of the hill in each others arms. I remember her rambling on
and on about how she had searched for me, never knowing what had happened to
me. I remember just listening to her voice the inflections the syntax , I
remember the joy and the peace I felt run through me. I was in heaven and I
actually remember whispering a thank you to Rah. I was a basket case. I just
cried until I couldn’t cry anymore. And then I laughed , we laughed, every
hour, everyday for the next two years. She had become my Life. She taught me
everything she knew .

I was 15 when I came back to this planet as opposed to the 21 when Rah let me
go, Yes, I realize now it was he who let me go because as a Chosen If he had
decided to come after me.... well just suffice to say, I would be queen on
another world. Anyway,I guess part of the change was that I would age slowly.
I’m not a God and I’m not an Immortal either. I can be hurt just like everyone
else, but I discovered that I heal faster and I don’t scar. I also know there
is a dagger out there somewhere that can scar and or kill me. I found this out
the hard way. It is because of that dagger why I say I have an affinity for
Xena.My sister had a man in her life, one that I really didn’t care for, he
was ego statical, self centered, and a complete jerk as far as I could tell.
The only endearing thing about him was he seemed to care for my sister. So I
tolerated him.”

“One night I was out walking, and was just returning when I heard my sister
and him in what sounded like passion , Although I didn’t really know what
passion was as it related to love, I did know the sounds I myself had
probabably made with Rah despite him taking me against my will. Anyway, I
eased over to the window to just listen, but having never seen anyone in such
obvious passion I looked in the window, I saw my sister with her eyes closed
and his were also... and then her back arched up and her mouth opened , not to
speak, but rather to breath, I Then saw her tremble from her ecstasy and my
own heart swelled with the utter happiness for her that I saw in that

“But then the dream turned into a nightmare.”

All three of the women were listening and had noticed the change in Diana’s
voice from light , to a deep venomous tone. Diana forgetting her surrounding
let herself return to that dark time for a while.

“He had waited for her orgasm to pass and just as it passed, he pulled out a
dagger and stabbed her in the heart! All I heard was a weak .. “


“and he laughed at her and said,”

“ why else? for money my sweet, you are the riches woman on the planet, now I
will be the riches man.”

“Sarun didn’t realize that during the two years that my sister and I were
together she had turned everything over to me. .I guess she knew? But I didn’t
! I screamed at what I had just seen and heard. He jumped off the bed and out
of a far window into the night. I jumped into the window where I was
standing. I went to my sister, she was still alive....barely. blood was
pumping from her chest with every beat of her heart. I saw her slow her heart
beat so that the blood would not pump out as fast . I left the dagger where
it was because I knew if I removed it she would die quicker, I didn’t want her
to suffer, but I didn’t want to lose her either, I know she knew because when
I touched the dagger she said,

“leave it.”

“She was such a loving person and despite what was happening to her she was
worried about me. She told me I had to get out of there. The people around us
were his people and she told me to leave the desert because he had family and
friends in Arabia, she also told me he and his family were part of a Mafia
back in the states and that was probably where he was heading. I always
believed she wanted me to kill him so he couldn’t do that to anyone else or
why else would she tell me where he was possibly going to be.”

She then told me she loved me and she would always be with me, I remember her
trying to reach up to hug me but she was to weak. so I laid my head on her and
I told her that I loved her and I needed her, and that I couldn’t live without
her. All of a sudden she found strength from somewhere, to this day I still
don’t really know, but in a strong clear voice she told me

“You Have To Live and Trust and Love again You have too!”

“And those were her last words to me. It obviously took the the rest of her
strength, she died. I kissed her hoping that she would stay warm,but she
didn’t and as she went cold so went my heart. I moved away from her, I took
the dagger from her heart, I picked up a cup off of a table and a piece of
black coal. I crushed the coal into a powder and put it into the cup I then
used my finger and swept my sister’s blood off the blade and into the cup, I
let my tears fall into that cup and I mixed it all together. With a prayer
in my heart and vengeance in my eyes I drunk it. It burned all the way down,my
eyes watered and then to my relief my tears were changed to diamonds and then
became other precious stones. Eventually they became emeralds, as green as the
vengeance I felt.”

Through clenched teeth Diana looked at Gabrielle and said

“ I Can Definately Relate to Xena!”

Turning back around she continued.

“The Darkness that followed was bittersweet. I killed every man woman and
child related to Sarun, I used sleeping powder for the children, but everyone
else I slaughtered. That Desert was covered in blood as well as myself. After
I had kill all of the people there in that camp, I cremated my sister. I then
went to Areas of Arabia where his family and friends were and I killed all of
them. Afterwards I returned to the states and found all of those family and
friends. I used members of his family to tell me where others were located
then I killed them, after three years of searching for Sarun and killing all
of his family that I found I was down to his last brother. I asked him where
Sarun was and he told me that his brother having heard what had happened to
his family checked himself into a mental hospital.”

Clenching her teeth Diana hissed,

“I told his brother, The Coward who took my sisters Love and Life and had
laughed at her, thinks he can find safety from my wrath, just because he is
now helpless to defend himself! Just because he was hurting at the loss of
his family a family he had all those years with....! well he’s D.E.A.D wrong.
Just as he left me with no one so I will leave him the same. Until I kill him!
with that I slit his brothers throat. I went and bought the Hospital so as to
have free reign. I found him. He was a pathetic little man by that time, but
he knew who I was, even after 3 years. He begged me not to kill him. I just
laughed at him, and then I told him that I had no plans to kill him, But
instead I just wanted to get a signed affivadat from him that stated he killed
all of his family and friends and that was the reason why he had checked
himself into the mental ward in the first place.”

“He agreed without a second thought, he was such a coward.”

Diana spat the words as if they were poison in her mouth.

“I then told him to seal the envelop with his tongue while I held the envelope
for him. He stuck out his tongue and I wet the seal with it and just before I
finished... I sliced off his tongue. It was so quick that he didn’t even
notice that it was gone until he saw the blood. While he was in shock from
that and was reaching down onto the table to pick up the severed tongue with
his right hand... I cut it off as well. when he fell back away from the table
onto the floor in agony, I noticed that he was only wearing a hospital gown
with no underpants on. I reached under it and I made him into a non
functioning man. I then left him there, with the other mentally challenged.”

”Did..Did He live, to tell?”

“No he bled to death before anyone with their right mind found him.”

Diana after a long silence finally looked over to Gabrielle who had tears
running down her face. It was this site that snapped Diana out of her dark

“Gabrielle I’m sorry, forgive me..., I... I.. Didn’t mean to upset you like

Reaching out her hands to Gabrielle, Gabrielle went into Diana’s outstretched
arms and cried for a few moments. But then, feeling Diana’s tears on her head
she pulled back and said with a voice full of emotion,

“Diana now I truly understand your affinity for her and I can no longer hate
her either... I mean... it’s like you said, to hate her one must hate you,”

with new tears falling Gabrielle finished by saying,

“and I could never hate you. I now understand what happened to her and you
that turned you both into those people. It was because of such deep pain and
grieve from tremendous loss, that you both twisted those feelings into
something that your conscious rational mind and your moral souls would not
allow, and in doing so you let the darkness claim you. Diana, I’m not saying
what either one of you did was right , in fact I know you both know it was
wrong, But I can now sympathize with what you both must have gone through and
what she must still be going through.”

Diana cocking her head to look Gabrielle in the eyes said with conviction.

” Gabrielle, I don’t need and I won’t accept pity from you or anyone.”

“ No not pity, Love, love for my sister, my best friend, my protector.... "


Diana said at Gabrielle’s last word.

“ yeah, right, protector. Gabrielle your right, I can protect you from anyone
here. But the very one you really need to be protected from!”


“Yes Xena! I can’t beat her, and unless you forget I am Quite.. well let’s
just say intimated by her.”

“Do you really believe that she would hurt me?”

Diana thought about the question more thoroughly and finally said,

“I don’t know. maybe? If she thought you were a threat to her in some way.”

“Now how can I be a threat to HER, The Conqueror, I mean really now? She’s way
up there and I’m way down here .”

Gabrielle using her hands to indicate the distance between the two people’s
station in life.

” Gabrielle, that was probably true at one time, but your forgetting one
common thread.”

Gabrielle putting her hands on her hips and knitting her brows together in
confusion asked,

“ And what might that thread be?”
was Diana’s simple response. Then she continued,

“ while true that your stations in life are quite vast the string that pulls
you both closer together is the draw of me, she wants me and claims me as her
property, and you and I, we claim each other as sisters. If she feels your in
her way for whatever reason...I think she would hurt you.”

Gabrielle paled at the thought of The Conqueror coming after her because of
her love for Diana, soon shook off the thought and said,

“ Well Ha, yourself Diana, but whether you know it or not, you already have
protected me, more than you realize.”

Diana’s brows now knitting together just looked at Gabrielle.

“By telling me what changed you, I now understand her, and with understanding
comes knowledge, and knowledge my dear sister is Power!”

Gabrielle balling her fist to emphasis her point.

“Gabrielle your only 16... “

“But a wise 16?”

Gabrielle interjected.

“Ok, Ok, a very wise 16, but you have to know, that is a very simplistic
way to look at a very complicated situation.”

“Well... maybe it is just that simple, have you thought about that?”

“Point made sometimes it takes a child's eyes to see the truth.”

“Are you calling me a Child?”

Gabrielle said feigning being insulted. Diana looked at Gabrielle and said

“only in number, but definitely not in wisdom.”

Gabrielle took the compliment and gave Diana a hug.

Then unexpectedly when Diana thought their conversation was over Gabrielle

“So tell me... exactly how do you feel about Xena?”

Diana whirled around in surprise to look at Gabrielle only to find her looking
as innocent as a newborn, as if her question was as normal a question as if
she had just asked, is it light or dark outside this evening. Diana letting
the thought run through her mind finally burst out laughing, laughing so hard
that tears were rolling down her face, Gabrielle stunned by Diana’s reaction
to her question stood there trying not to laugh herself and finally just


Diana was in a fit of laughter that made Gabrielle flush at the thought that
she had asked a dumb question.

Xena and Terais in the meantime continued to listen with Terais wiping her
eyes at times and showing different emotions to the varied conversation going
on below, while Xena barely showed any, and those that she did show were
smirks of acknowledgements to one of Diana’s comments or camaraderie with
Diana and her Dark side. But outside of those she did not show any other
emotions. Finally after a long moments for Diana to catch her breath she
looked at Gabrielle to see that she had crossed her arms over her chest and
was flushed with embarrassment.


Diana said biting the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing again,

“ I’m sorry I wasn’t laughing at you.... just what you said.”

“ I know it was a dumb question but you didn’t have to laugh so hard did

Gabrielle assumed it was what Diana was thinking.

“ Dumb? Is that what you thought I was laughing about? Gabrielle, I once
learned in school that there are no dumb questions just dumb answers if
answered by a fool. No Gabrielle your Question was not dumb, it was just the
way you asked it.... so casually like The Conqueror was some old friend down
the street and you were asking her how she liked the weather. It just struck
me funny that’s all, really.”

“ Ok, then, answer the question.”

Diana biting the inside of her cheek again to prevent herself from going into
a fit of laughter once again , finally took a deep breath and said,

“what question?”

feigning forgetfulness, Gabrielle not being deterred said,

“now if you were some old feeble woman or something I might be inclined to
believe you forgot the question, but since you aren’t I’m waiting for the

“but Gabrielle what if the answer never comes? What then?”

Gabrielle catching the joke and the stale simply said,

“ha, ha, very funny , now tell me , please?”

“Ok Gabrielle what do you want to know?”

Diana said in resignation.

“ Your feelings about her?”

“Gabrielle what makes you think I have any feelings about her one way or the

“Because there’s something in your eyes whenever you say her name.”

“Gabrielle it’s late and your seeing things due to fatigue.”

“No I don’t think so, I think you have very deep feelings about her one way
or the other.”

“Gabrielle, our encounter was very brief , it was all of one day, that’s it..
no more than that.”

“But it is obvious to anyone who knows you that as brief as your encounter
was it touched you deeply.”

“well lucky for me, not that many people know me here?”

“Funny, very funny, I can stay here all night if I have to.”

“ok , sometimes you are so pushy.”

Diana said teasingly.

“Anyway, let me see how do I feel about The Conqueror, well I feel sorry for

“You mean pity?”

“No Gabrielle just like I won’t accept pity, I won’t turn around and put
that upon her. I feel sorry for her lost of a loved one, and for her lost of
the bright light that I can see in her eyes that she herself can not yet see.”

“Oh I see...I think?”

Diana smiled at the embarrassed bard and then continued.

“I also feel drawn to her,”

Diana said cocking her head to watch Gabrielle’s reaction to her statement.
Gabrielle sensing the setup simply said ,

”In what way?”

Diana saw at that moment she could talk to Gabrielle about anything without
fear of being judged. So she decided to play with Gabrielle for a while, but
still being honest with her and herself.

“I’m drawn to her because of a kindred spirit I see in her. The dark side of
her draws me like that moth, but it’s the light in her eyes that causes me to
stand in awe of her and the enormous contrast that I see in the dark and the
light. Her very present is one of power, control, confidence and she has the
skills of a master Ninja to back everything up!”

Diana said with emphasis.

She’s beautiful beyond belief, I have never seen another woman, except my
sister, as utterly and remarkably beautiful as she is. It is enough to make
one emotional at the thought that God would make such a woman and place her in
one place and time only.”

Diana was now looking longingly out over the balcony which was not missed by
Gabrielle who only sat and smiled at Diana’s back. Diana turning to look back
at Gabrielle said,

“You know Gabrielle? if I was to allow myself to be bedded by any woman....”

turning back around to look out over the balcony once again Diana finished her

“It would be her.”

Both Gabrielle’s and Terais mouths dropped open and as if both Diana and Xena
were connected at the arms they both leaned over and closed the two people’s
mouth and said in unison,

“You’ll get flies in there.”

Diana laughed a little at the blush coming to Gabrielle’s cheeks while Xena
smirked at Terais’s. Diana figuring that maybe Gabrielle wasn’t ready for such
a conversation, voiced her concerns.

“Maybe your a little young for this particular conversation?”

Gabrielle surprised at the statement said in an incredulous voice

“No I’m not to young for this conversation, if I can handle the blood and gore
type conversations,”

putting her hands on her hips once again she said ,

“I can surely handle the feelings of tenderness and passion.”

Diana once again found herself looking at the younger girl in amazement.

“You made your point Gabrielle, your right.”

So feeling courageous Gabrielle asked,


“Why what?”

“Why would you let her bed you as oppose to some other woman?”

“well for one thing there’s only one woman interested in me that way right
now and....”

“Ha! is that what you think?!”

Gabrielle said astonished. Diana looked at Gabrielle with some concern in her
eyes, had she misjudged Gabrielle's feelings for her, God, I Hope she knows I
love her as a sister, and that I could never love her in that way. My feelings
for her is purely sisterly. Gabrielle seeing the concern said,

“Oh, no not me.”

Diana visibly let out the breath she didn’t even realize she was holding .

“Ok, Ok, I’m fine now, just lost a couple of years there.”

Diana sat in the chair as if exhausted. Gabrielle saw Diana’s reaction
after she said it wasn’t her, that all she could do was laugh to herself.
Diana heard Gabrielle’s laughter and said,

“Don’t ever do that to me again, you scared me.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that .”

“ I know, but goodness, My heart almost jumped out of my chest at the Thought
of hurting you, from my well intentioned rejection of the idea.”

Diana wanted to make sure Gabrielle understood clearly her feelings for her,
so she elaborated on her statement.

“Gabrielle, I love you as much as I loved my sister Monique.”

“Diana I know all that, but I wasn’t talking about myself.”

Diana finally catching Gabrielle's words said

“Then who were you talking about?”

“The warrior women. ”

Xena bared her teeth and her jaw tightened. Her arm and leg muscles
readied to jump over the balcony to the one below depending on Diana’s
response to the statement. Terais saw the look of rage flashing in her Lords
eyes, so she sat still as a statue awaiting the storm that would follow if
Diana responded wrong.

“Gabrielle what makes you think they were interested in me In That Way?”

“Because they said so.”

“What?! Gabrielle are you telling me they told you they wanted me and you
didn’t tell me?”

Diana asked barely containing the anger at the thought that Gabrielle would
put her in that situation, Knowing how she had felt uncomfortable with the
women at first , and all that she had been through with The Conqueror.
Gabrielle saw beneath the anger that was just surfacing and brought it back to
it’s basic element.

“Diana I didn’t tell you because I wanted to show you that, while people may
want things from you, some people can be trusted to control themselves, plus I
told them that The Conqueror had eyes for you.”

Gabrielle finished with a sheepish smile. Diana was left speechless by the
young girl and once again she fell back into the chair. finally, she said

“I know your plan Gabrielle, Yep.. I just figured it out ..”

noding her head as if it had a mind of it’s own.

“What Plan?”

“ Your plan to drive me crazy?! you’ve had the plan all along.”

Diana holding her chin, still nodding,

“yep... that’s what my little sister’s plan has been all along, gain Diana’s
trust and love and then send her to the crazy house, well sis, your getting

Diana cutting her eyes to look at the wide eye girl who was trying and felling
miserably to keep from laughing . Diana seeing the attempt decide to take her
over into full blown laughter, with a little help! she jumped from her chair
and over at a now wide mouth Gabrielle and began tickling her,Gabrielle was
laughing, and pleading for mercy, while tears ran down her face and Diana
continued and said,

“see what happens when you drive people crazy?”

finally with one last plead and a barrage of

“I’m sorry , I’m sorry, I sorry, please...., please Diana, I can’t take it
anymore ... please?”

Finally Diana stopped and Gabrielle uncurled herself to be better able to take
in more needed air.

Meanwhile Terais found it hysterical and had to be sent into the chambers to
prevent them from being discovered due to her laughter. Xena, thought that was
pretty funny, and only nodded her head at Diana ‘s creative punishment .

“Anyway, Diana said finally, What did the two of them say, exactly?”

Gabrielle having finally calmed down from the experience and regained her
composure said

“ well, Nebula had asked were you involved with anyone, and when I asked her
why? she said ,“ “she didn’t won’t to step on anyone’s toes.” “I asked her
why she was interested in you , and she said,” She thought you were stunning
and that the two of you could be good together.” I then asked her what made
her think that you were interested in women in that way. She said” “a young
woman like you could possibly be introduced to the love of a woman.” “she then
licked her lips, I guess it was at the thought or something? anyway, Atalanta
then added that she to found you to be very desirous. That’s when I thought it
best to tell them that you had no interest , but, Nebula didn’t seem to leave
it at that, so I told her that The Conqueror had her eyes on you and would
probably be very upset if she knew someone was making moves on what she has
interest in.”

“Gabrielle, do you know what’s going to happen because of that simple
statement? The word is going to spread like wild fire that Diana is The
Conqueror’s property and everyone is to keep their hands off.”


By D.virtue
feedback is always appreciated and answered.

The next day The Conqueror’s Royal Guard had replaced their peasant Garb and
once again donned their Royal uniforms. After getting over the initial shock
of The Conqueror being in the camp, and having been in the town without him
knowing, Jaris the Captain of the Royal guard led the detail into the town. It
was noontime and Diana and Gabrielle were already in the Inn along with the
two warrior women. Diana saw the Innkeeper barking orders at the servants,
who upon receiving their orders were off and running to achieve their ordered

Gabrielle was curious as to what was happening and she waved for one of the
servants to come over. The Inn was packed with all types of people , but the
Innkeeper had managed to empty quite a few tables by telling those who had
just arrived that they would have to either wait for a space to become
available or they could leave and come back later. Some of the clients were
not happy to hear this but once something was told to them in hush tones
their eyes would light up in disbelief and they would give the tables without
a second word about them.

The servant girl arrived at Diana’s and Gabrielle’s table and Gabrielle

“What’s going on?”

The girl looked at all of them and before she could answer Diana heard the
familiar Greeting as did the other three at the table. Diana had a cup that
was just going to her mouth when she heard it . Her hand began to shake and
Gabrielle looked over at Diana who by then had put the cup down and was just
looking at the doorway, waiting, waiting to see the face of the one whom
everyone was welcoming with the

“My Lord. “

Gabrielle saw Diana’s jaw tense as she chewed at her bottom lip. Nebula and
Atalanta were concerned about what their Lord would say or do to them for
sitting with Diana. They also were worried that if she ever found out that
they had planned to seduce Diana that they would be arrested for some reason.
But all four sat there all looking and watching the door.

Then... She stepped into the doorway . She was Dressed in black leather and
looking and radiating pure power. She scanned the room nonchalantly, while
Diana in the meantime was angry that she had been found, but even more than
that, that she actually thought she could just leave a note and expect that
Xena would except it and say,

“oh well, she’s gone might as well let her go , Ha!”

Diana chastised herself for getting comfortable and staying in one place for
so long. She then thought of why she had stayed and would have continued to
stay. It was because of her love for her sister Gabrielle, Diana enjoyed
Gabrielle's company and her families and she felt she had a family again.
Diana was taking deep breathes and now had tears in her eyes at the thought of
losing it.

Although Diana had hoped it wasn’t her and at the same time her body was
saying that it was her. She was terrified at the thought of what The Conqueror
would do to her as well as the group sitting at the table with her, and maybe
even the village. The Conqueror had scanned most of the room and now was
completing her view of the different patriots who had now all stood as her
sight fell upon the different Table of people.

The Conqueror after surveying the dining hall and those within finding who
she was looking for she saw the other three at the table who had all stood to
render respect to The Conqueror..., all that is.... except, Diana, who sat at
the table with her hands holding a cup. Diana was holding the cup as if it
were the only thing that was keeping her grounded.

She had so many emotions and feelings running through her, not to mention
the fact that her body was tightening at the very thought yet alone the
actual site of The Conqueror, and the clothes Xena was wearing was not helping
her situation any. So, she kept her eyes down, but she knew The Conqueror was
boring her eyes into her. Everyone seemed to be holding their breath as they
watched The Conqueror watch the one person who had not stood and render the
proper respect.

Diana continued to chew at her lip and at the same time her feet were now
tapping the floor lightly under the table out of nervousness. The Conqueror
finally made a moved from the doorway. She started striding over to
Diana’s table. Diana heard her moving toward them, so out of concern for
Gabrielle and the others she told Gabrielle and the others to leave in a very
quiet voice , but they were caught in the intense blue eyes as The Conqueror
arrived at their Table. The warrior women bowed, but said nothing as Xena’s
eyes narrowed at them. She then asked in a menacing tone,

“So ladies, what is your intentions towards my slave?”

The two warriors visibly flinched at the tone It was Atalanta who was more
in the Conqueror’s line of site answered and said,

“My Lord, we were just talking with friends.”

Xena of course knew their real intentions said with sarcasm in her voice

“since when did warriors have slaves... as friends?”

“My Lord,”

Nebula said,

“we did not know she was a slave.”

“Really? What did you think she was when you saw such a young supple

“I guess we didn’t think about that , although we did think she was quite

“ Excuse me, but if no one minds I really would appreciate it if people
would not speak about me as if I’m not here it is quite rude, and very

Diana said finally becoming fed up with the conversation about her, and the
use of the phrase slave. Diana was glaring at The Conqueror. Nebula and
Atalanta were both feeling chastised by Diana considering that they really
did like Diana and Gabrielle as friends now. Xena then said

“ Leave and don’t come near my property again,”

sneering she continued, “

lest I think you were trying to steal from me.”

Nebula and Atalanta bowed and were ready to leave when Diana stood and said ,

Excuse me? But who do you think you are coming to My table, and telling My
friends to leave? Not to mention, just dismissing anything I have to say, as
if it has no importance. Well, My Lord Xena, I don’t appreciate it, and I find
your behavior quite appalling. I would however appreciate it, if you with your
intimidating present would either Sit Down or Leave.. But regardless of
what you decide , stop insulting My friends, just because of your

Diana finally took a breath and then remembered one more thing she wanted to
get straighten out ,so she leaned closer to The Conqueror from across the
table and said,

“and while I’m at it. Let me straighten one other thing out for you. When I
left your Palace that ended my time as Your slave, and I would a.g.a.i.n
appreciate it, if you would Stop... referring to me as your slave!”

Diana finished with sparks in her eyes and hands gripping the sides of the
table. She then leaned back and sat back down in her chair and took her drink
in her hand and took a drink and placed the cup back upon the table and
turned her eyes back to The Conqueror. Nebula, Atalanta, Gabrielle and the
rest of the dining crowd had now stopped breathing and just stood with their
mouths wide open shaking their heads slightly in utter disbelief at what
Diana had just done, and to all the people to whom it could have been done to
She did it to The Conqueror!

Everyone was aghast at the sight as well as what they thought would happen
next as a response from The Conqueror. The Conqueror , who had turned her
attention from the two warrior women at Diana’s first movement from her chair,
stood with narrowed eyes flashing and jaw muscles set tight listening to the
slave, and every now and again, would open her mouth with confusion and
disbelief at what Diana was saying and doing towards her! The Conqueror! Xena
actually found herself thinking, that maybe, Diana had lost her natural mind
and just didn’t realize Who, She, Was Talking too!

When Diana had finished and sat back down, The Conqueror blinked to bring
herself out of the twilight zone she figured she must have been in. She then
looked at the two Warriors and with teeth bared said

“w.e.l.l?!” The two warriors looked at Diana and said

“Take care Diana , Gabrielle.”

and they bowed at The Conqueror and moved rapidly towards the door and left.
The Conqueror followed the two with her eyes, she then looked at Diana and
then over to Gabrielle who was wide eyed with fear. The Conqueror said “I
suggest you leave too, now.”

Gabrielle found swallowing hard and she nevered moved her head only her eyes
to look at Diana who only nodded in agreement at Gabrielle , because now her
own throat was tight from fear and anger, while her body was tight for other

Gabrielle blinked back the tears that were now forming in her eyes but she
understood why Diana had agreed with the Conqueror and she turned her eyes
back to the Conqueror and bowed and backed away from the table and then walked
to the door and went out but she didn’t leave she just stood outside the

The Conqueror then turned her attentions back to the young girl who had so
boldly and foolishly berated her in front of a room full of peasants, and
who made assumptions that there would be no repercussions for it , Xena’s
thinking was regardless of how she may feel about the young slave She would
not put up with her disrespectful ways towards her , so to emphasis her point
she would show Diana who she was.

“Stand up!”

The Conqueror said in a commanding voice.

Diana looked up at The Conqueror and saw she expected her to stand because of
who she was in the presence of.

Diana lowered her eyes for a moment, then taking a deep breath she stood.

The Conqueror then said,

“When you are in my presence you will stand and render the proper respect to
me and my authority and you more so than any of these others, for you are my
personal property and until I say differently it will continue be so.”

Xena’s teeth baring, eyes mere slits, and voice hissing with contempt and
anger at Diana’s disrespect.

Diana seeing the anger and understanding the reason behind it a point,

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be disrespectful, but you should not have...”

“I Will Do As I Please Little Girl! I Won’t Have You Or Anyone Tell Me What I
Can And Cannot Do! I Am The One And Only Ruler Of This Realm! And As Such It
Is I Who Tells Who What To Do! Do I Make Myself CLEAR SLAVE?!”

Diana was now hearing and seeing the threat that would lead to some very
painful punishment one way or another. But she was also angry that Xena
thought she would just laid down and let her insult her friends, so she took a
slow deep breath and with courage and determination she said,

“Your right, of course this is your realm and I stand corrected that I have
disrespected you in it, and before your subjects, I humbly ask for your
forgiveness in my behavior and I shall try not to let it happen again. “

Diana paused, and slightly bowed her head and lowered her eyes as a show of
her sincerity.

The Conqueror listened and watched Diana to see if she was truly sorry for her
behavior. Xena seeing Diana’s sincerity finally said,

“ I will forgiven you this time...If you prove to me that you are truly sorry
for your outrageous behavior.”


“How do you think?”

“You can’t be serious?”

“Do I look like I’m joking?!”



“I can’t.”

“You will, if you want me to accept your apology?”

“Accept it or don’t accept it that is your choice, I rendered the apology in
all humility and contriteness, and it is you who are being petty and
ungracious as to accept a sincere apology.”

Diana now standing with her arms across her chest, having changed her mind
about what she had planned to say if the Conqueror had accepted her apology,
she was now satified to impress upon The Conqueror how self gratifying she was

The Conqueror’s jaws were now twitching from Diana’s invisible slap in the
face. She then spoke through tight lips and said,

“Do you have so little respect for me as not only the Ruler of this place but
also as a person?!”

“Diana hearing the undertone and knowing the meaning said what the undertone

“My Lord Xena, considering all of the things we have been through I didn’t
feel that my standing would impact on the respect that I do have for your
position. But, My Lord Xena while I believe respect is earned, I understand
that a person in your position sometimes....sometimes has to demand it so that
some people don’t become to bold and try to harm you in some way, for it would
truly be a loss to this Realm if something was to happen to you.”

Xena catching the hidden meaning in Diana’s words looked into her eyes and she
saw the Diana of last night speaking from her heart, little did Diana know
this.So in seeing this, Xena’s disposition then changed all of a sudden, she
looked relaxed and...uncharacteristically calm after such an outburst from a
slave, or anyone.

She then walked around the table and while she did, Diana had suddenly stood
and moved from the chair to allow her room for whatever The Conqueror had in
mind to do to her. Xena stopped briefly at Diana’s movement and looked into
her eyes and Diana discovered that Xena had a sly looking expression on her
face and a wick look of one who knew a secret that no one else knew in her

“Sooo.... you think my behavior is rude? Appalling? irritating? and... What
was that other one? Oh yes intimidating present , that I should just sit
down and or leave....well Diana I have a third option that I feel is a better
choice ....for me... I mean.” You also feel because of our past that you
should receive special treatment? And you think that I am self gratifying and
only think about myself? is that right?”

“My Lord Xena,”

Diana said while moving backwards with every step of Xena’s then she found
herself backed up into a wall. Diana swallowed hard as The Conqueror
continued to move towards her. Soon Xena was upon Diana with a evil smirk on
her face. Diana took a deep breath as Xena leaned towards her and whispered in
her ear ,

“Do you realize how close you were to a beating just a moment ago? you barely
got out of it. I’m no longer offended, but I am quite turned on right now and
I could easily just take you right here on one of these tables and wear you
out until I’m satiated, But, then I wouldn’t want you to think I was only
thinking about my self so I would be willing to make sure your sate and
exhausted as well. “

Xena said with a nip at Diana’s ear. Diana now had her eyes closed trying not
to concentrate on how close Xena was to her and what she was doing to her, but
her body betrayed her and The Conqueror felt the shiver run up Diana’s arms as
she caressed them. She felt Diana shudder at having her ear nipped.

“So what should we do about these needs we are having?”

Diana took a deep breath and said,

“ignore them?”

“Really is that your answer? Just ignore them huh?”


“I don’t think so.”

“Why because I’m offended that you would think I could just hone in my desires
and just let them burn away!”

Diana saw the renewed anger in The Conqueror’s eyes and she said,


Diana said swallowing hard, and biting on her lip.

“Really? now why should I believe that?”

“Because it’s true. I’ve never lied to you before why should I start now?”


Xena said with contempt.

“I don’t know how you can say that with such a straight face!”

Diana surprised and confused at Xena’s reaction to her words but she became
upset and actually concerned that Xena would think she has lied to her about

“What do you mean by that? When have I lied to you?”

The Conqueror then stepped back and looked at Diana as if she could not
believe she didn’t know.

“Your standing there looking as innocent as a newborn telling me that you
don’t remember lying to me?”

“Just tell me!”

“Watch it slave!”

Xena said to keep Diana from forgetting her place.

“I’m sorry, but please just tell me?”

Diana said with concern building within herself.

“”The Conqueror then stared at Diana for a moment then she leaned in again
and whispered into Diana’s ear again and said,

“ that attitude almost showed itself again, and here I was wondering if I had
indeed cured you of that back at the other village. but I’m happy to see I
wasn’t wrong.”

Diana seeing the muscles in The Conqueror’s neck tighten she then decided to
try a more accommodating role.

“Xena ...My Lord forgive me I am just having a hard time dealing with all of
this ...again, I’ve meant no disrespect to you, I’m somewhat concerned that
you think me to be a lair, no matter whatever else you may think about me, I
don’t ever wish to be looked upon by you or anyone as a lair. everything else
I have will one day pass away but the only thing that will endure will be my
word and I will fight to protect it even more so than my virginity.”

Diana looked into Xena’s eyes hoping she would see her sincerity . Xena
narrowed her eyes in contemplation of what Diana had said. She then placed her
hands on either side of Diana and She leaned forward and said,

“ fine, Then give me what belongs to me and me alone...I’m waiting?”

“ I am not yours but I will give...This time only.”

Xena knew why Diana was willing, so she took advantage of it.

“Fine, for now. Now give!”

Diana looked at her and with her body buzzing from all the interaction and the
closeness of herself and The Conqueror, Diana lifted her head and brought
her lips up to meet The Conqueror’s. Both she and Xena shuddered at the first
contact, their breathing became shallow and rapid almost instantly.

Diana realized that Xena was feeling what she was and before Diana knew she
had done it she had put her hands around Xena’s neck and they kissed
ravenously, Gabrielle had eased back around to watch the interaction between
Diana and The Conqueror she was worried for Diana.

When she saw the interaction Gabrielle was stunned to see them kissing.
Gabrielle had mixed feelings about what she was seeing especially with what
she believed to be true. Which was that she believed both Diana and Xena were
actually in love with each other, but neither wanted to admit it for whatever

But she Knows Diana is angry at The Conqueror’s view of her as a slave.
Meanwhile some of the women in the dining hall have fainted from overload and
the men were stunned to see two women soo... passionate especially considering
That one of them was the Conqueror and the other was a rebellious outspoken
disrespectful of Authority slave.

Diana and The Conqueror were totally involved with what they were doing
.Diana was moaning and Xena was feasting and moaning her own pleasure, when
Diana heard Gabrielle clear her throat she then pushed The Conqueror back
thus effectively breaking their kiss. The Conqueror’s blue eyes went black.
She hissed through clenched teeth,

“Haven’t you learned not to do that ...Yet?!”

Diana was about to explain when The Conqueror said,

“Save it!”

she then grabbed Diana by her arm and pulled her away from the wall and
towards the opening of the dining hall. Diana was terrified at the thought of
what Xena had in mind for her. So she risked The Conqueror’s wrath right then
and there by speaking. With tears in her eyes she said in a somewhat frantic

“My Lord Xena, I only stopped to suggest that we go somewhere more private.”

The Conqueror stopped her progress toward the exit to the Inn and swung Diana
around to look at her.

“that’s exactly where we’re going.”

and she turned her attention back to the exit. Diana again realizing that if
she were taken back to the Palace she probably would not be able to escape as
easy if at all Xena would probably do something extreme to prevent her from
escaping again, so she said,

“My Lord Xena I have a room here?”

The Conqueror knew Diana had a room, but she didn’t want Diana to know she
knew, and beside that she wanted to get Diana to her palace and punish her
for everything she had done and said since escaping.

“Please My Lord? Xena? Can we go to my room it’s right here?”

The Conqueror once again stopped and turned to look at Diana. She then said,


and turned Diana around and pushed her back towards the stairs. On the way
back to the stairs Xena noticed one of the servants standing in the doorway of
the kitchen, she then said to Diana,


Diana stopped and turned somewhat rapidly to where her hair which was in a
long braid swung around to her front and was lying across her abdomen Diana
moved her braided hair from her front and pushed it back behind her. She
looked at The Conqueror in confusion and was ready to ask what the problem
was, but The Conqueror held her hand up for Diana to be silent. she then
walked up to where Diana was standing on the bottom step and thus when The
Conqueror came up to her they were eye to eye.

“Wait right here, don’t even think about moving from this spot, because if
you do you will be so very sorry you ever met me, is that clear?”

Diana had no idea why The Conqueror wanted her to stay where she was but she
did not argue she just nodded her head to indicate her understanding.

“Good, I'll be right back.”

The Conqueror then went towards the kitchen. She scanned the layout and found
after a moment what she was looking for she strided over to the rack of
utensils and seeing a large wooden stirring spoon she picked it up and turned
and strided back out towards the stairs where she found Gabrielle talking to

Diana having seen The Conqueror coming told Gabrielle to leave but The
Conqueror was there besides them before Gabrielle caught the meaning.
Gabrielle turned to see The Conqueror glaring at her and she went to step back
out of her way.

The Conqueror’s hand came up rapidly and caught Gabrielle under her chin to
raise her up onto her toes in order that she would be looking into her eyes,
but at the same instant that the Conquerors arm and hand went up, Diana’s
hand came up to land on top of The Conqueror’s up rising arm, thus stopping
her from lifting Gabrielle up. Diana had been watching her reaction to seeing
Gabrielle talking to her ,yet alone still being there when she was told to

The Conqueror then cut her eyes to Diana’s hand and then up into Diana’s
determined looking eyes. She then narrowed her own and jerked her arm free
thus letting go of Gabrielle for the moment she then turned her full attention
towards Diana and without warning she backhanded Diana across the face thus
sending her flying up a few of the steps and landing against the railing.
Diana was quite dazed from the strike to where she laid on the stairs on her
side facing away from Xena holding her face .

The Conqueror watched Diana land and then turned her attention back to
Gabrielle who had tears rolling down her face out of guilt of what she
believed to be the cause of Diana being struck by The Conqueror. The Conqueror
then lifted Gabrielle’s chin once again and said,

“so... I see you and Diana are a lot alike, both of you seem to be very hard
headed, but... you know what they say about a hard head don’t you?”

raising a brow at Gabrielle who was now wide eyed once again. she answered in
a very shaky voice


“Good , then I suggest that you go home to your parents house now, and don’t
ever.... disobey Me again, is that clear ?”

“Ye...yes My Lord, I’m sorry.”

“You should be, but I’ll forgive you This time. “

Lowering Gabrielle to the floor she then said just to make sure you don’t
forget... she turned Gabrielle in one fluid move around to face the door and
swatted her on her behind and said


Gabrielle yelped out in pain from the solidly placed smack on her behind. A
scarlet coloring coming to her cheeks from the pain and embarrassment of
being punished in front of everyone. She looked back at The Conqueror who
only arched her brow and cocked her head as if to say


Gabrielle seeing it, turned back to the door and ran out of it crying all the
way to her home. Diana who had just turned to see Xena strike Gabrielle saw
red when she saw Gabrielle flush from the obvious pain but also the
humiliation that she probably felt. Diana in one move was once again on her
feet and having no weapons but her hands she yelled to The Conqueror

“How dare you strike her!”

and just as The Conqueror was turning to look at Diana she saw Diana
airborne flying at her from the stairs but just when The Conqueror thought
she could just use Diana’s own momentum against her. But to her surprise,
just as she was rolling backwards with Diana expecting to send her flying,
Diana had gotten a hold on her and instead of Diana being tossed The Conqueror
was tossed, but she landed on her feet a short distances away.


By D.virtue

In the meantime, Terais and the other Royal Guards had seen Diana a split
second before the Conqueror and was therefore running at Diana. By the time
The Conqueror had landed The Guards were charging Diana. Diana saw the guards
and turned to a defensive stand she took them on. Timson with his sword drawn
charged Diana as did 5 of the other soldiers.

Diana dodged the sword and brought her fist up to catch Timson in the face
which sent him flying unconscious back the way he had just come. Diana then
jumped over another guard and just as she was landing she brought her knees
up to connect with another soldiers chest, thus knocking the air out of him
and rendering him unconscious.

One soldier thought he could take Diana on hand to hand and was painfully
shown the error in his thinking . Diana delivered ten successive punches to
his chest before he could raise his hands to defend, he then dropped onto the
floor unconscious from the blows. The Conqueror had heard the soldiers
charge Diana as she was landing but she allowed them a chance at Diana to
allow them to see although Diana was young she was a skillful fighter.

The Conqueror stood to watch for a moment to appreciate her slaves abilities,
then when she thought her soldiers had had enough she flew into the parlay
and waved her hands for her soldiers to back off.

Diana was wild eyed looking from the adrenalin that was pumping through her
veins . She was also flushed from the painful tightness she was feeling in her
lower abdomen. When she saw Xena a needful look crossed her face along with a
questioning look as if to say is this what you rather us be doing.

Xena knew the look and she used it to her advantage. She walked towards
Diana and Diana stood her ground ready to take on The Conqueror if that’s what
she chose to do.

The Conqueror seeing the look slowed her progress towards Diana, because she
knew Diana was probably feeling like a caged deer and therefore would strike
at the first provocation. As The Conqueror slowed she started talking to

“Diana, I can see your need, I see your passion is about to overwhelm you, I
can help you with that, I and I along can quench that fire that burns in you,
Diana admit it you need me, you want me.”

Xena seduced Diana as she approached her, The Conqueror saw Diana shiver at
each of her provocative words. She thought she would not have to take Diana
against her will after all so with a lustful look playing in her eyes she cut
her eyes to the stairs.

Diana watched The Conqueror approach, she listened to her words, she felt
her need was about to overwhelm her, but she was determined that she would not
let anyone of the soldiers or the diners see her weakness so with speed and
agility she turned and took the stairs two at a time. The Conqueror
recognizing what Diana was doing she followed taking them three at a time.

Diana had no intentions of giving herself to Xena but she had to find a way to
get out of the lobby so that no one else would get hurt. and she really needed
the privacy to compose herself, she knew that Xena would be following. Diana
arrived at her room within moments of leaving downstairs Xena was there a
second or so later and once inside she saw Diana still flushed standing by
a table with different drinks on it Diana had pour two glasses but had not
offered the second to The Conqueror as of yet.

The Conqueror strided over to Diana and seeing the drinks ignored them and
grabbed Diana by the waist she pulled her into her and kissed her and with
barely a swipe of her tongue across Diana’s teeth Diana was already allowing
The Conqueror’s tongue to dance with her own within her mouth. They were both
on fire and needing to have it quenched. Xena had removed her hand from
around Diana’s waist and was unfastening her leather top, Once unfastened she
threw it to the floor she then went to unfasten Diana’s skirt and again did
the same.

Xena had no doubts that she would have Diana this day. after the skirt was
done away with Xena broke thier kiss long enough for her to remove her armor
and loosen the straps to her leathers so that it fell down to lay on her firm
stomach. she then gasp at Diana standing only in a pair of skimpy underpants,
with her breast flushed and nipples taut they looked so tight, in fact that
they looked as though they were going to produce milk any moment.

Xena not being able to decide where to start she went back to Diana’s mouth
first and they feasted for a while, she then blazed a trail to Diana’s neck
where she sucked and bit and marked her with her teeth. Diana in the meantime
was moaning and moving backwards towards the sofa but not in front but behind

She did this without losing contact with Xena who was now working her way to
Diana’s breast. just as she thought about it Xena Seized a nipple into her
mouth and bending Diana back by her hair she sucked harder and bit quite hard
on the very painful nipple upon which Diana went weak in her legs and had it
not been for the couch behind her she would have surely went to the floor.

Xena had now placed her other hand around Diana’s waist to prevent her from
falling any further. especially since Xena was pushing Diana backwards over
the couch in such a way that she was now over top of Diana while Diana was
bent slightly backwards over the couch. Xena had not taken her mouth from
Diana’s nipples but was sucking and licking and biting harder with every pass.
Diana’s body was hot and buzzing as was Xena’s they actually were trembling
with such need that they both felt as though they were going to be burned to

Diana was chanting “Xeennaa...., Xeennaa... God’s Xena, please? Xeenna...
oh, man.... oh, man, oh man! Diana was so breathless that she didn’t even
know if Xena had heard her. Xena on the other hand was chanting , “Mine, mine,
mine mine, between mouthfuls of Diana’s nipple and breast. All of a sudden The
Conqueror bit once more and Diana screamed out....

“Oh God, NO?!

Just as her breast released wine into The Conqueror’s mouth, who stopped
her sucking and stood back to look at Diana in shock at first ...then wanton
desire at what she realized, Diana too realized that Xena had caught onto
something, although Diana didn’t think it was what she was thinking, not
realizing that it was exactly that !

Diana pushed Xena back away from her and ran to pick up her clothing, Xena
seeing Diana’s intention said

“Stop! don’t make another move, we are going to have this out right now ! I
am tired of this happening and it will not happen again I swear by all the
Gods on Mt Olympus that it won’t!”

Diana stood where she had made it to, but did not bend to pick up her
clothes. She heard the threat along with the frustration in Xena’s voice. She
turned to look at Xena who had a Dark cloud looming over her and also her eyes
were a cold blue and piercing. Diana shudder at the sight and begun to say
something when The Conqueror said,

“No! you listen first! and answer only when I ask you a question unless I say
differently is that clear?”


“Good!” Now to start I want to know how long do you think I have been here at
this Inn? “

I assumed you just arrived today at noon. “

“No, I’ve been here since last night.”

Xena paused to allow Diana time to take in what she had said . Diana knitting
her brows together said,

“Since last night ? but where did you stay?”

“Upstairs, just above here.”

Again Xena paused, Diana then looked at Xena in surprise.

“My 1st and I sat outside for quite awhile listening to a young woman tell a
story about herself and her feelings for another,”

Diana was now standing with her mouth wide open, her eyes wide and near tears,
staring in stunned disbelief while Xena continued talking all the while
watching the young woman’s reaction. Diana;s body was now tense from shock
and she stood trembling her breathing rapid at every word that came from
Xena’s mouth.

“I listened to you apologize for the head injury, I heard you say how you
thought we were a kindred spirit,”

Diana had now fallen to her knees from the sheer weight of the reverberating
words being echoed by Xena. she had her head in her hands.

“I can’t belief... this! this can not...! Be happening. Your sitting there
telling me you heard my whole conversation?! For the sake of sanity! Why
me...? Why in the heck, is this crap happening to me?! I’m a nice person? I
try to do what’s right?”

Diana speaking more to herself then Xena.

“I’m a little stubborn, and maybe even willful at times, but, I’m easy going
for the most part. Man! I can not believe this! If it’s not one thing it’s
another, man, oh man, I’d hate to think of what’s next, but I guess there’s
only one way to go from here, I hope....?”

When Diana finished lambasting herself , she cried Then clearing her eyes
she sat back on her heels... and just looked at Xena, in total disbelief.
Xena in the meantime just watched and listened to Diana, she would frown at
some of the things Diana had said and would smirk at others. But overall she
just listened and waited for Diana to finished her lamenting. Finally, When
Diana sat back Xena said in a somewhat dogmatic voice,

“If your quite finished, I’ll go on?”

At Xena’s words Diana’s brows feralled together, but seeing Xena’s brow arch
in challenge, Diana lowered her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest and
her bottom lip pushed slightly out, she then looked away from The Conqueror.
Xena saw Diana’s reaction and a smile pulled at the corner of her mouth, but
she suppressed it and out of curiosity she asked Diana,

“Are you pouting?”

Diana, hearing the question and the threaten laughter in the tone....turned
her head to glare at Xena while getting to her feet all in one fluid motion.

“No! I’m not pouting!”

Diana said in as much conviction as she could, hoping Xena would not see
through her, although Diana knew she had a habit of pouting but only with herChosen.



“You are, aren’t you? You know... your quite adorable when you do that?”

Xena said in a low teasing voice. Diana feeling like Xena knew yet another
thing about her that she didn’t want her to know, finally said,

“ funny, ha, ha, ha, just get on with it, will you?”

Xena bit her cheek to keep herself from laughing out right, but she
still had to chuckle. Xena, then said,


and went on telling Diana some of the things she had heard her and Gabrielle
say. Xena made sure to leave out Gabrielle's suggestion that they were in love
with each other. After Xena had finished she brought her head to rest on her
hand while resting her elbow on the arm of the chair she was now sitting in.
She assessed Diana and waited for her to say something. Diana after long
moments had passed, she finally said in a somewhat choked voice,

“why are you telling me this, now? “


“Because why?”

“Because “We needed to talk.”

“Talk?, what do we have to talk about?”

Diana asked in a somewhat sarcastic voice.


came the simple answer.

“What Us? there’s no us... as you put it!”

“Really? you don’t think so?”

“No ,I know so.”

“You know ...huh?”


“ I see.”

Xena said letting that line of their conversation go for the moment, she then
started another line.

“What if I was to tell you, I was thinking about making some changes?”

Diana now looking at Xena in confusion and suspicion asked

“What type of changes?”

“ just changes.”

was Xena’s simple answer.

Diana’s brows knitting together she then voiced her ever increasing

“I don’t know what you mean when you say changes, changes in what ..your army?
your Royal household? Your Realm? what?”

Diana said emphasizing every statement.

“What changes?”

Xena just listened and watched the young woman explore the many possible
changes that she thoought she meant . Then she said,

“I don’t know about all of those just yet, it would depend.”

“Depend? on what?”

Xena then decided to find out if Diana knew anything more about her so she

“Diana? have you ever heard of how I became who I am?”

Diana looked somewhat startled by the unexpected question, but soon regained
her composure,


“From whom?”

“A bard.”

“What bard?”

“A bard passing through from Amphipolis. He told the story of how your brother
Lyceus was murdered by a warlord name Cortese , and how after that you changed
from a woman protecting and defending those in need, to one bent on the
destruction of Cortese at any cost. He also told the story of your encounter
with Caesar and how after a runaway slave who had saved you from Caesar’s
betrayal and from a cross where he had you placed upon which he broke your
legs thus effectively crippling you.”

“He told of the many different bards he had come across from different parts
of this world and how they had exchanged stories. He also told the story of
how when M ‘Lila the slave girl was killed by Caesar’s men it was then that
you turned from the light to the dark and your only reason for living was to
destroy any and everyone who came into your path. There was also the story of
how you then went to the Kingdom of Chin where you fought against the houses
of Chin with Borais whom you two were lovers of sorts,”

Diana said this part waving off the thought, which was not missed by Xena, who
only smirked for a moment and then put her mask back in place. Diana
continuing with her thought,

“eventually you were betrayed by Borais and turned over to one of the houses,
where they had planned on hunting you down and destroying you, but again your
life was saved by the other house of Lao’Ma, she took you in, a broken woman
warrior. She healed you, taught you everything she knew and... and despite how
she tried to bring peace to her land as well as to your soul and between
Borais and you. You turned your back on all of that and continued in your dark
path. Eventually Lao-Ma was killed by her son unbeknownst to her and Borais
was killed by one of your rogue soldiers while you two fought against the

You withdrew your army after giving yours and Borias’s son to the leader of
The Centaurs for his protection. You then continued your path and after your
only obstacle was trapped between worlds you overran the lands and you
Conquerored all who opposed you, Thus the name “The Conqueror” ,anyway
,that’s the way I remember the story.”

“Well you remembered quite well,but... I... wonder, if you remembered so well
because of being told or whether for another reason?”

“What do you mean?”

“Where are you from?”

“Does it matter?”


“I’m from....”

Diana was trying to find a way to tell Xena anything but the truth, but while
Diana was thinking Xena said,

“another time and place perhaps?”

Diana’s eyes went wide but then shaking her head to remove her surprise at the
statement ,

“why do you think that?”

“ I just have a feeling is all.”

Xena said dodging the true reason.

“Why would you get a feeling like that?”

“because Diana, the stories that you told are all true in detail but there are
parts in some of those stories that no one knew but me.”

Diana now biting her bottom lip from the half truth she had told.

“like what parts?”

“well I’ll give you one example, then I want to move on. The part of the
story where M’Lila was killed and I chose death as my life’s path. no one was
left alive in that cabin to tell anyone..except Me. So, do you want to tell me
the truth of where you learned about me? or... Do we end this conversation
now, and continue on the way we have with you as my slave?”

Xena raised an eyebrow at Diana while cocking her head as if appraising her on
her honesty. Diana seeing the look felt it best to tell her the truth rather
than risk having Xena look upon her as a liar.

“Your right , I’m not from this time or place I was sent here by people who I
trusted, who obviously wanted to teach me a lesson of some sort.”

“Will they be returning to take you back?”

Xena asked out of some fear of losing Diana forever.

“I don’t think so, I was told by an Oracle here that my destiny was here

Diana said somewhat sadden by the thought, Xena saw and understood.


Diana said shaking herself out of her distant reverie,

“I read your story in one of the Museums back where I come from.”

“Did you happen to see anything.... unusual during your readings?”

“Like what?”

“ oh,I don’t know, what was the ending of my story?”

“Ending? there wasn’t an ending? It just sort of....stopped.”

Diana knitting her brows at the thought of the parchment she had read.

“By Zeus?!”

Diana said using the language of the times.

“That’s impossible? There’s no way ....”

Diana was now rambling on and on about how impossible the situation was and
that she may actually be a part of that situation. Xena , finally said,

“Why is that so impossible to believe?”

somewhat irritated at the idea that Diana wasn’t willing to accept the

“Diana, the change that I was talking about was a possible personal one.”

Xena could not believe she was going through with this, she wasn’t even sure
if she wanted to change, but for some reason she would try... at a gradual
pace. and even then it wouldn’t be a drastic one . She liked her ability to
intimidate people with her words and or present , that she recognized was from
her dark side.

She also recognized that she was alone even around her great army, and it was
this reason that brought her here to talk with Diana about a change. her


Diana repeated knitting her brows. “

Diana there is only one person who I am willing to let help Me with this.”

“Help You... change?!”

Diana said in shock.




“Me?! oh ..yeah... right ! How am I going to help You! change? The Great

Xena knew Diana would be skeptical so she was prepared.

“By giving yourself to me willingly and freely and without regret.”

Diana visually shivered at the words. She blew out a mouth full of air that
she had taken in without consciously knowing. She looked at Xena in disbelief
and confusion.

“ How is my giving myself to you going to help You.. change?”

“Diana, I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, It’s going to take time.”

“Xena, a person has to be willing to change, you have to be willing to

“ Diana I think I’m showing that I am willing , by being here talking to you
like this, don’t you think ?!”

Xena said with some anger in her voice.

“So... my having sex with you, is going to save you? Is that what your
telling me?”

Diana returned the emotion.


Xena said coming to her feet to walk to where Diana stood.


Xena said anger fading with every step towards Diana.

“Think of it as.... a challenge, If you can and want to come to me with a
willingness to trust me with your most precious gift as I would be willing to
trust you with My life I would be willing to try, for you.”

flipping her hand over so that her palm was up she pointed her index finger
at Diana. Diana’s heart was pounding out of her chest at Xena’s words and
closeness, Her body was buzzing and tightening with every step Xena took
towards her to where she finally said

“Stop, right there! please?”

Xena eyed Diana and seeing the shivering she realized that Diana’s body was
reacting to her nearness. So to test the theory Xena moved closer and again
Diana shivered. Xena’s body was tight also, but she had a little more control
of her emotions after years of frustration. But despite Diana asking Xena
to stop advancing on her Xena continued to move slowly step by step towards
her all the while wearing a wick smirk on her face. Diana was becoming more
and more distracted by what her body was doing and she found herself having
difficulty with her breathing, she was now flushing, and pushing stray hair
out of her face while at the same time wiping her hairline of perspiration
that had now begun to form. Her nipples were already still tight from the
earlier encounter now were almost painfully tight at Xena’s nearness.

“Xena do you mind? I really want to finish this conversation, I think it’s
important for you to finish , especially if your serious.”

Xena then stopped her approach and glared at Diana .

“Are you calling me a liar?”

“No! I was just pointing out that you started this and it’s not fair to just
stop and change the subject like that.”

Xena looked at Diana in disbelief and said,

“ Your not serious?”

Diana knitting her brows at the question.

“ You? the person who at every encounter that we’ve had so far have
C.H.A.N.G.E.D the subject. You who have caused me personal injury,
frustrated the hell out of me as well as yourself ... Ha the nerve!”

Diana feeling convicted said,

“Point made,”

“ hmm, anyway like I was saying, think of this as another Challenge.”

Diana visibly relaxing at the retreating Xena finally said while trying to
keep the nervousness out of her voice.

“Xena I could never willingly give myself to someone who wants me only as a
slave, and as long as I didn’t feel like an equal, or as it relates to me
being a slave.”

Xena , chewed on her lower lip for the first time out of her own nervousness
on this new ground she was trending on.

“Diana? no home could have to Masters and I am the Master of This Realm...”

Diana’s jaws tighten, her eyes dropping to look at the floor, Xena saw the
obvious disappointment and smiled to herself at the possibility.

She continued ,

“But... If I allowed you SOME...”

emphasizing the word.

“say so, you would have to swear, that you will Never, as long as we live ,you
will never leave me...Never!. and while you won’t be my slave, you will still
be my property when it comes to other people. Also you will only have say so
when I say it’s ok.”

Diana’s eyes having come back to look into Xena’s at the word, “but”, was
visibly trembling. Diana took Xena’s meaning as it was meant and said with
some reservation in her voice, due to still not being sure if Xena was saying
all of this just to get her into her bed.

“If I agree to all of this, plus whatever else you decide, Xena You would
have to swear by any God you Choose Never, I mean... ever! hurt
Gabrielle or the people of this village. Xena I won’t even consider all of
this if you don’t swear.”

Xena feeling victory within her grasp added to the Challenge...

“Diana I will place this village and it’s people under the Personal
Protection of my army, and Gabrielle and her family under My personal
protection. I’ll kill any who threaten or hurts them. And I will personally
torture Any who Touch you without my permission.”

“Xena I wouldn’t won’t you Controlling me and who I talk to ...”

Xena’s hand went up to silent Diana,

“No! there is no room for discussion when it comes to my control over you. I
will have total and complete control of YOU.”

Xena’s voice brooking no argument . Diana seeing the set and obviously
closing of this discussion said under her breath before letting it go .

“We’ll see.”

Xena turned to glare at Diana and her continuing of the subject. Diana shook
off the look and said,

“fine, whatever.”

Looking past the control issue Diana once again accepting Xena’s meaning
looked deep into her eye’s looking for any insincerity at all in them, but
finding none, a lump started to formed in her throat. So before it completely
interfered with her ability to speak she said,

“I have to think about this for awhile?”

Looking at Xena with hope for understanding. Xena studied Diana for a long
moment and then walking back towards Diana despite the effect she knew she was
having on her. She came to tower over Diana without ever losing eye contact,
she said,

“ fine, I’ll give you a Little while to think about meeting ..My Challenge.”

finishing in a rolling voice.

“ But, Diana while your thinking, think about what else I said , I’m not
going to change overnight and at times it’s going to be hard. You also should
know making love to me will not always be tender, in fact most of the time it
would be ....let’s just say... athletic.”

Xena finished with an arch of her brow.

Diana then said,

“What happens if I decide not to take you up on This challenge?”

“With a wick gleam coming to her blue eyes Xena said,

“Then I know I won’t have anything to lose, now will I?”

Diana caught the Warrior’s meaning and said,

“I guess you wouldn’t .”

Xena then bent down and said,


Diana raising her brows as if to mock said

“I’m not yours.... yet. “

Xena then placed her hand on Diana’s Chest and pushed her back towards one
of the larger tables, bending Diana back upon it while she bent over Diana,
she placed her hands on either side of the table and said,

“ I believe you are.”

Diana arching her brow at Xena’s words lowered her eyes and then raised
them back up in such an alluring way that Xena Simply took Diana’s lips
without waiting. They kissed passionately, Xena’s body pushing Diana into the
table and holding her there. Diana snaking her arms around Xena’s neck to
hold on so as not to melt from the fire her body and mind were on.

The kiss was so passionate in fact that Xena was gripping the edge of the
table so hard with her hands, trying to control the inferno that was
threating to consume her control and cause her to take Diana then and there
and the challenge be damned her knuckles were blanching white.

With one last extradiordinarary effort Xena then broke the kiss once again
and steadied herself she then ran her nails down Diana’s neck and across each
of Diana’s taut nipples, there she squeezed each one. Diana laying on the
table eyes closed tight trying and failing to control the liquid fire in
herself, breathing ragged and uneven, she literally stopped breathing and
nearly came off the table at Xena’s squeezing of her nipples.

Then without warning Xena let them go and stood up straight . She watched
Diana try to Catch her breath and compose herself as much as she could. But
Xena knew exactly what she was doing by squeezing Diana’s Nipples and then
letting them go abruptly, she was giving Diana a taste of two things, one
being what she herself felt each and everytime Diana would stop one of their
encounters, and the other being what was in store for Diana if she took her up
on her Challenge.

Diana finally stood up straight and because of the of the intensity of the
sapphire eyes looking at her and the smirk on the face, Diana was so flushed
she turned to hold the table in her own hands now, to prevent herself from
blushing anymore than she already was.

Xena wanting to make sure Diana would not forget ,as if Diana could, she
walked back over to where Diana was standing, and of course Diana felt her
moving close to her again, but rather than turned she gripped the table

Xena put her front to Diana’s back and was once again causing Diana to bend,
only this time it was forward. Once Diana was half way over the table Xena
leaned down and in a smooth sensual voice she whispered in Diana’s ear.

“Remember we can be so good together, mmm...your so sweet smelling,”

Xena placing her hands on either side of Diana’s bare thighs she felt the
muscles tighten at her touch, she ran her hands up and down the side of
Diana’s thighs and hips, while feeling Diana shiver and shudder at every
touch, she continued her verbal assault on Diana’s already euphoric senses..
“Diana come to me, let me quench that inferno inside of you. let us assuage
each others insatiable passions. Admit it to yourself, you need me... as much
if not more than I need you.”

Xena kissing Diana’s ear and neck while Diana, with a weakening resolve
plead with The Conqueror.

“please Xena? Time? please? for Gaia sake ?”

breathing shallow and rapid Xena continued to press herself against Diana’s
partially nude body,

“ good, your body is Diana, hot for me and me only.”

Diana felt she was about to faint from the overwhelming sensations Xena was
invoking in her.

“I can smell your passion Diana, it’s for me, in want... of me, in need of Me
Diana... Only I can give you the release, you need me and me alone, come to me

Xena finished with clenched teeth. The Conqueror then stood back up straight,
and Diana’s body following of it’s own volition. The Conqueror then wrapped
her arms around Diana’s abdomen and pulled her closer. Tears were forming in
Diana’s eyes and she was hoping that Xena would not turn her around, she felt
powerless as it was and to have to face Xena would have been her undoing, so
she continued to grip the table to allow all the adrenalin that was rushing
throughout her body to be focused on something. Xena was right that Diana’s
body was hot , in fact when Xena finally backed away from her she let her eyes
appraise Diana’s body for a moment then moving to the Table where the water
was she picked up the cup and dipping her finger in it she said,

“Consider this Diana?”

and with that she flicked the water towards Diana’s hot back while at the same
time going out the door of the room. Just as the water hit Diana’s back she
heard Diana through the door exclaim.....

“ By Zeus!”

The Conqueror smiled to herself at the exclamation and then thought,

“I’m glad I thought to bring the water, I need it!”

Xena then drained the contents of the cup and wiping her mouth with her hand

“Ahhh, that helped....a little.”

Everyone who had been in the dining hall when they left 5 candlemarks earlier
were still there when the Conqueror returned. Terais went to Xena and said,

“My Lord?”

Saddle my horse, We’re Leaving...”

and with a look over her shoulder back up the stairs The Conqueror said,

“Leave My Personal flag at the entrance to the town.”

The Conqueror then turned on her heels and strided out the door without
looking back.


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