The Chosen 2
Part 1

by D. virtue


Hello all, thanks for joining me for another ride with Xena and Diana. I hope
part 2 is just as interesting to all of you who e-mailed me about part 1 of
Now for the Disclaimer thing:

1. The Characters of Xena Warrior Princess, and Hercules The Legendary
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No Infringement was intended.
2. Sex: This story contains scenes of two women making love as well as those
of men and women making love/having sex.If you are under 18, or this is
illegal where you live Please go read another story that won't get you in
trouble. It's not worth it. This is only a story. It also contains explicit
sexual encounters.
3. Violence: This story contains scenes of graphic violence, at least I think
it's graphic, as well as sexual violence.
4. And just in case I forgot to Disclaim something. I Disclaim everything that
is supposed to be Disclaimed.
5. This is for the most part an alternative piece of writing

After Diana was taken from Xena’s time unexpectedly both women had trouble
accepting the separation. Diana more so than Xena. Diana walked around angry
and rebellious, she rarely went out unless she was forced to go with one of
her Chosen for some benefit or Dinner engagement with Senators, or Producers
or whoever wanted to get in good with Diana and her Chosen.

Mainly so that they could use her name when running for office or raising
money to produce a film or just having Diana fund the effort, either way Diana
was in no mood to be around anyone, yet alone someone who wanted her to help
them, when she herself felt utterly betrayed by those who claimed to love

She was rude and inconsiderate of people, but she was never down right mean,
but people never the less got their feelings hurt. When ever Diana would bring
up Xena and the fact of how much she loved her and the fact that she loved
Xena more than she had ever loved any of her Chosen, Diana was punished by
whichever Chosen she was with.

In fact she was lectured to from the first day she was brought back up to two
years later.

“ I can’t believe this! We can’t believe this! We did not send you to Xena’s
time for you to fall in love with her! We sent you so that you would be
taught obedient. We researched for years to find the right person and time to
send you to, and when we think we found it, what happens? You fall in love
with a woman! How dare you! You are a woman, a special woman who was made for
a man, and you have no right or permission to give yourself to anyone,
especially some Woman! We’re appalled by this and we will not allow you to be
with ..a....a....Woman! Man! I can’t believe it!”

Diana’s Chosen Nino said in Contempt. Then James put in his two cents.

“ What were you thinking about? You have never had any interest in women in
that way yet alone being with a woman, How could you possibly achieve any
satisfaction from a ....a Woman? And beyond that she isn’t even a Chosen.”

“ Isn’t this a trip. I can’t believe this. All of you are sitting here blaming
me for how I feel. Despite the fact that you guys are the one’s who sent me to
that time, by out of all things drugging me. I can’t believe you guys have the
nerve to stand there trying to tell me I’m wrong, because of my love for Xena.
You guy act as though I planned on falling in love with her. Well let me clear
something up for all of you right here and now! I did not get there and say,
“ Hmm, this looks like a great place to be bedded by a woman and see if I’m
missing something.” Well, it wasn’t even like that. In Fact the first day I
was there we were against each other. Although her intent all along was for
me to be her’s. Of course I resisted that whole Idea, I had no plans or
intentions of becoming Xena The Conqueror’s anything. I fully expected to beat
her and call it a day. But Noooo...... I not only lose badly to her, I
literally get my ass beat, by a woman no less, you think you guys were
surprise imagine my surprise when I figured out why I lost to her. But of
course I didn’t tell her my suspicions, instead I escaped and was making a
life for myself with a young girl and her family, when to my stunned surprise
Xena finds me. But she not only finds me but she overhears a conversation that
I was having with Gabrielle, about how I felt about my situation and
especially how I felt about Xena and what my suspicions were. I could no less
help falling in love with her than I could any of you. But my love for her is
much deeper than my love for any of my Chosen. I’m telling you guys the first
time i saw her and she locked those steely sapphires on me, I shivered from my
head to my toes including blushing to my roots each and every time. This
despite all that we were going through. I was afraid of her, for obvious
reasons, but yet I have such a need for her, just thinking about her makes me
tight. Her touch is so soothing to me. We are connected deeper than any of you
and me are to one another. She is my soul mate, we are kindred souls destined
to be with one another. Nino please? you have to send me back to her. I’ll do
anything you want if you let me go and be with her for the rest of my life.”

Gerard another of Diana’s Chosen had been listening to Diana’s confession, and
despite what Diana said he only scoffed.

“ Listen to you. You sound like some young school girl with a crush. Get over
it, you are not going back there and you two will never see each other again.
And on top of that, We had better not see you with another woman in this life
time or any other, because if we do, your ass is ours!”

“ That’s all you have to say after everything I just said?”

“ There’s nothing else to say, your here and she’s there and never the two
shall meet again! Period!”

Diana glared at each of her Chosen and seeing all of their expressions
reflecting what Gerard had just stated she finally said,

“ Fine! whatever!! All I know is that once again I was able to survive and go
on with my life despite the fact that you guys tore me away from my family
here by sending me there, you then turn around and when I find true happiness
again, what happens? You guys come along and snatch me from there and bring me
back here and expect for me and everything to be the same as when I was sent
away. Well it doesn’t work like that. I have feelings and needs and
expectations, especially when it comes to trusting those who claim to love me.
You guys know better than anyone how important family is to me, and yet even
knowing this what do you guys do? You not only tear me away from two families
here and there you don’t tell me the truth about my blood sister, I end up
killing the whole line of a man who was only following the orders of King Rah,
and you guys knew he ordered for my sister to be killed so that he could get
me to go back to him. I can not believe you guys did this to me. And yet here
you guys are telling me that I can not be in love with Xena. Well I am, and i
will never forgive you guys for what you have done! Never!”

“ Diana it’s your decision to not forgive us, but We are still your Chosen and
we will not allow you to be with any woman. And for the record she is not a

“ Your right she isn’t a Chosen. She is The Chosen!”

“ No She isn’t!”

“ Yes she is! Otherwise how could she beat me? Hmm? Answer that for me and
I’ll admit your all smarter than I am.”

Diana’s Chosen stood there trying to come up with an answer, and then after a
moment one of her Chosen said,

“ Even if she is a Chosen she is not The Chosen, and besides that you two will
never see each other again, and if by some chance you two do, we will not
allow you to be with her.”

Diana now stood glaring and then finally exhaling, she turned on her heels and
ran to her room where she cried herself to sleep like she had everyday since
she was taken from Xena.

In the meantime, back in Xena’s time, Xena was obsessing about finding Diana.
Xena’s soldiers searched for two years, and each time they came back with a
report that they were not able to find Diana, Gabrielle had to keep Xena from
killing everyone who even suggested that Diana just left her.

“ I can’t believe this! Two damn years and nothing not even a trace of her!”

“ My Lord Xena you have to calm down, you have to focus on what Diana brought
to your life. Even if we never find her we have to go on, I know she would
really be disappointed if you reverted to your old ways, meaning the way you
were before she came into your life.”

“ Gabrielle? “

“ Hmm?”

“ I think she’d understand, especially since she knew as well as I that I
would be hurt and angry at the fact of her leaving. She promised! And look
what she went and did, she broke it! Along with my heart. I will find her and
explain in some detail how painful this has been for me.”

Xena said ferralling her brows. Gabrielle knew the meaning behind Xena’s
statement and she was worried that Xena would hurt Diana when and if she
found her.

“ My Lord Xena, I don’t believe Diana left you on purpose, I mean you did hear
her scream, and besides that you yourself have threaten to kill anyone who
even dared to suggest that she left you, and now here you are saying the very
thing that you told others not to.”

“ Well Gabrielle I think I have the right to say whatever I please, but your
right, I don’t really believe she left me, it’s just so damn frustrating to
have searched for her for two years and come up with nothing.”

“ I know, I miss her so much also.”

Xena heard the sadness in Gabrielle's voice and she opened her arms t her and
Gabrielle went into them and cried once again. Xena snapped at everyone except
Gabrielle and Solaris, another Amazon who took Terais’s place as Xena’s first

Xena although she was angry and frustrated about Diana, she did not take it
out on the citzentry of her Realm, but she was becoming more and more short
tempered with her soldiers and they were beginning to get nervous that The
Conqueror would soon start punishing any of them who came back without word of
Diana’s whereabouts.

Gabrielle and Solaris both saw that Xena was losing her battle to continue to
change, but they hoped that Xena would at least continue to not take her anger
out on the people of the Realm.

One day Xena was sitting in her private library writing her most inner
thoughts as she had done for years. While she was writing she became stumped
on the right word she was looking for in her mind, although she had no
intentions of ending her writing in mid thought she had a flash of a
conversation she had had with Diana. It was about the fact that there was no
ending to Xena’s story even in the future where Diana had come from.

“ Son Of A Bacchi! That’s it! She’s no where to be found because she’s not
here! Son Of A...... I can’t believe It took me this long to figure that out!

Xena then jumped up from her chair and flew out of her private library pushing
the door behind her so it would automatically lock.She flew to her chambers
and almost ran down the Sentry who was posted there. Going straight to her Bed
chambers, she put on her leathers and armor, she placed her weapons on the
bed. Once she was dressed she called to the Sentry and told him to send
Gabrielle and Draco and Solaris to her. The Sentry immediately called for the
three and all of them came before The Conqueror.

“ Yes My lord You wanted to see us?”

“ Yes, I will be leaving for a while and I wanted to you all to know that I
will be leaving Draco in charge while I am gone, he is to be looked upon as if
he were me, is that clear?”

“ yes, but .....?”

“ Draco you are the best war advisor that I have and I trust you as I trust
Gabrielle and Solaris, and it’s because of my trust of of them that they are
going to be your sounding board. You are not to make any decisions without
running it by them, and I expect for you to listen to them and take what they
say seriously, You are a warrior and you know the ways of war, you also have
become an excellent advisor to me, but Gabrielle has a tender heart and she is
virtuous in her ideas, she can give you advise on those issues of the heart.
Solaris having only been with me for the last two years has earned my respect
and trust, she has become a worthy 1st Lieutenant, after the death of Terais.
She is also an Amazon and it is because of her knowledge of women and children
that you will look to her for advise about those things dealing with those
particular issues, as well as any and all issues that deal with the Amazons.
The rest of my Advisor will continue in their roles and you will use them as
such, is that clear Draco?”

“ Yes My Lord, Quite clear.”

“ Where are you going?”

Gabrielle asked with confusion written over her brows. Xena narrowed her eyes
and a wick gleam came to them.

“ I going to go and get My Consort!”

“ Go and get her? You found her?!”

The three stunned people exclaimed.

“ No, but I know where she is now and I’m going to go and bring back what is

“ That’s wonderful My Lord! When do you leave?”

“ I’m leaving as soon as I get in touch with someone.”

“ Who?”

“ Never mind, just do what I told you to do and Draco before I leave I will
leave other information for you so that you will have a better understanding
of how My Realm functions. If you need to contact me I will leave that
information also if it is possible. But I only want you to contact me if you
three can not handle things here, is that clear?”

“ Yes My Lord.”

The three said in unison.

“ How long will you be gone Lord Xena?”

Gabrielle queried.

“ I don’t know, just as long as it takes. Draco you and Solaris may leave I
need to talk to Gabrielle for a moment.”

“ Yes My Lord.”

Draco and Solaris started to leave when they heard Xena’s voice call to them.

“ Solaris?”

“ Yes My Lord?”

“ Solaris you are responsible for the safety of Gabrielle above all else, just
as Terais was, is that clear?’

“ Yes My Lord, It was my intentions to watch over her in the first place,
especially now that she is an Amazon princess.”

“ Good. Draco you are responsible to watch over both of them, above all else
as well as run the Realm is that clear?”

“ Yes My Lord with pleasure. I am quite humbled that you would find me worthy
to watch over your Realm, I will not let you down>”

“ I know, that’s why I chose you. Now go.”

The two bowed and then departed The Conqueror’s chambers, leaving Gabrielle
and Xena alone.

“ Gabrielle I know you have a lot of questions, most of which I probably can
not answer just yet, but I will have an answer for you when I return, and that
answer will be Diana at My side as she was meant to be.”

“ Xena I am going to miss you, I will be alone here, or at least I will feel
that way, can I go with you?”

Xena swallowed hard as she looked into the emerald colored eyes that were
rapidly misting.

“ No Gabrielle, I don’t know what will happen and i don’t want you to get hurt
because of my distractions. As soon as I find her and work things out I
promise I will bring her back, ok?”

Gabrielle thought about this alternative idea and although she did not like
it, she understood it. and therefore she accepted it.

“ Ok. But tell me this? Where do you think Diana is?”

Xena smiled, for the first time in 2 years she smiled a genuine smile. Thus
Gabrielle knitted her brows and gave a half smile.

“ She’s back in her time Gabrielle.”

“ Really? How do you know?”

“ Yes really, I know because it is the only logical reason why no one has seen
or heard from her since she disappeared. Someone like Diana is quite
recognizable no matter how you try to hide her. The fact that it has been 2
plus years and nothing, it only makes sense.”

“ Yeah, I guess it does. How will you get there?’

“ By calling in a favor.”

“ From who?”

“ Never mind who....”

Xena said raising a brow at Gabrielle who blushed for some unknown reason.
Xena casted Gabrielle a thoughtful gaze and then she said,

“ just know that I’ll get there and back. Now I need to write some things out
for Draco and you and Solaris, I will leave them with My Personal Sentry
sealed, ok?”

“ Ok. Xena take care of yourself and please come back whole and with Diana?”

Gabrielle said as she went into Xena’s arms once again as she had for the last
2 years. Xena held Gabrielle tightly as she whispered comforting words into
the scared young girls ear. After Gabrielle and Xena said their goodbyes, Xena
went to work writing out multiple pages of instructions, orders and other
things for the three, She also wrote out a proclamation that Draco would be
the interim Ruler of the Land until the Conqueror returned. After hours of
writing, Xena stood and stretched and rolling the scrolls of parchments and
placing each one in three different holders with Draco, Solaris, and
Gabrielle’s names written on particular containers, she then called to her
personal guard.

“ These are for Draco, Solaris, and Gabrielle, you are personally responsible
to see that they get these. I suggest you go now and give these to each of

“ Yes My Lord, right away.”

After everything was done, and Xena had packed some of her Royal robes as well
as clothes for Diana, and a few of Diana’s travel gates and the gold box that
she was sure she and Diana would use once again.

The thought sent a shiver down Xena’s spine and she realized all to quickly
what a mistake that was to think about Diana and her and the ecstasy each gave
to one another. Now Xena was uncomfortably tight and needed an out let, but
there was nothing for her so....she tried to tamp it down and focus on her
immediate goal and that was to find Diana, by getting to her time.

“ Aphrodite?!”

Xena called with some command in her voice. After only a brief wait,
Aphrodite’s voice answered back.

“ Yeah Xena?”

“ Aphrodite I want you to send me to Diana’s time to the exact time she is in
right now.”

“ Xena babe, slow down, I don’t know if I can do that.”

“ Why?”

“ Well I don’t think the other Gods would think it cool of me to send such a
babe like yourself away from this time. You know they all have a thing for and
about you, including yours truly.”

Xena studied Aphrodite for a moment and she noticed that Aphrodite was nervous
and fidgeting. She knew Aphrodite was lying about why she couldn’t send her
back, because Aphrodite always fidgeted when she was lying and usually her
lies would be for selfish reasons.

“ Is that right?”

“ Well for the most part, it is.”

“ The most part huh?”

Xena was now walking slowly around Aphrodite as she spoke to her.

“ So Aphrodite, despite the fact that you owe me many favors and I could
easily force you to abide by them, I will allow you some lead way to tell me
what I could do for you, that would expedite my travel plans to travel to
Diana’s time and then bring us back here.? Hmm?”

Xena finished as she came to stand in front of Aphrodite and lifting her chin
up so that Aphrodite’s eyes met hers.

“ What...what makes you think I can do this in the first place?”

Aphrodite asked shyly.

“ Oh come on now, I know you can. What do you want me to do Aphrodite? “

Aphrodite blushed a crimson red at Xena’s statement and then almost swooned
when Xena suddenly grabbed her around the waist and pulled her close to her.

“ Xe...Xe...Xena?!”

“ Yes Aphrodite?”

“ I.....I..... maybe able to help you....if you.....”

Aphrodite couldn't bring herself to look Xena in the eyes, with what she
wanted from The Conqueror. Besides the fact that she knew Diana and Xena were
as one and therefore Xena would probably refuse her and get upset with her and
thereby call for one of the other Gods to help her and never talk to her

But Xena knew exactly what Aphrodite wanted and despite the fact that Xena
was in love only with Diana and could truly receive the satisfaction she
needed to be sated, she was uncomfortably tight and therefore she could use
Aphrodite to alleviate a small part of that tightness.

“ You want ....This....?!”

Xena said as she planted a hungry kiss on Aphrodite's lips, as she grabbed
Aphrodite's hair and pulled her into a fierce kiss. Aphrodite’s legs went weak
and Xena lifted her up and carried her to the bed all the while still kissing

Xena finally broke the kiss and Aphrodite laid stunned. Xena smirked and then
she stripped Aphrodite out of her clothes and Aphrodite made Xena’s clothing
disappear. Xena told Aphrodite to get her Phallus and put it around her waist.
Aphrodite immediately made one of her many Phallus’s appear around Xena’s
waist. Xena looked at the phallus and then she looked up over her brows at
Aphrodite, and with a wick smirk she thrushed the entire length into

“ Oh..... XENA! YES! YES! OH YES!”

Xena had her eyes focused on Aphrodite as she took out part of her need upon

“ Come for me Aphrodite, Your Lord.”

Xena stated as a matter of fact.


Xena smirked a wick smirk and then just as Aphrodite was releasing she allowed
herself to release. Xena took Aphrodite four more times and when all was said
and done Xena was on her way to Diana’s time, along with her miniaturized
weapons and bags that allowed Xena to pretty much have her hands free, and
allowing her to store all of the things she had packed into her weapons belt.

And Aphrodite also gave Xena a way to restore everything to it’s normal size
just with a simple command as well as reshrink those items as needed.

Aphrodite also told Xena how Gabrielle or any one she chose would be able to
contact her through the different time periods. Xena took all of this and told
Aphrodite to place her somewhere that was covert enough that she would not be
seen, but close enough to get to the city.

Aphrodite remembering Xena’s last words to her when Xena finished with her.

“ Well?”

“ Ok. Ok, I’ll do it, I mean WOW! How could I refuse?”

“ You couldn’t!”

Xena said through clenched teeth.

“ When do you want to leave?”

“ Now!”

“ Oh, ok....But how about one more for the road?”

“ One more what?”

“ You know, this.”

Xena sneered at Aphrodite and then said through her teeth once again while
raising a brow at the bold Aphrodite.

“ How about I do to you what I did before , and leave you that way for the
rest of your immortal life?”

Xena finished narrowing her eyes to a slit. Aphrodite heard and saw the
promised threat in Xena’s voice and eyes and in so seeing Aphrodite jumped off
the bed and said with all due haste.

“ So you want to leave now?”

“ Yes.”

Xena answered curtly.

“ Do it now Aphrodite, before I lose my temper with you.”

“ Ok, Ok, chill out.”

“ NOW!”

Aphrodite immediately took aim at The Conqueror and let a burst of power
consume her. Xena Disappeared from Aphrodite’s sight and a few minutes later
Xena reappeared in a bathroom stale of some very expensive hotel. Xena
immediately looked over the door stale and seeing no one in the immediate
vicinity she exited out of the stale.

She took a quick look at herself in the large mirror and simply straighten her
leathers, and straighten her armor. She then turned and headed out the door of
the restroom, only to find another room where many women were talking and
fixing themselves back up for whoever was waiting for them.

Xena stood at the door for a moment cursing Aphrodite for placing her in such
a busy place. The women who had been doing different things each noticed and
gasped at the sight of the towering beauty. One woman after she had gotten
over the initial shock of seeing the woman and her clothing she finally got up
and walked over to the woman who was scanning the room.

“ Excuse me?”

“ Yes?”

“ Hi, my name is Markaya, I’m a movie producer and I think you would do
wonderful in a movie that I am planning on producing as soon as I get the
funding for it.”

“ Is that right?”

“ Oh, yes. I mean look at you. You have all the qualities necessary to make it
as a movie star, Although my movie is more of a docudrama, it’s based on the
life and times of a Woman warrior.”

Xena now looked at the woman with interest.

“Really? What is a docudrama?”

“ Oh, it’s a movie, that is based on facts but bits of creative licensing is
inserted to fill in any missing information.”

“ Oh, I see, it’s like a bard telling a story only it’s on a screen of sorts?”

“ Yes! exactly. So what do you say? Are you interested?”

“ I maybe, but I need to things from you, first I need to know what the
warriors name is and also I need a place to stay while I’m in this place. It
has to be the best I won’t settle for anything less, is that clear?”

“ Perfectly. First let’s get you a room here at the Hotel, I think the
Penthouse will work for you, it is the best hotel and the best room in a

“ Ok fine.”

Xena and Markaya left the bathroom with all the other women’s mouth’s still
gaped open.

“ You know those women back there think you are stunning?”

“ Really? and why is that?”

Xena asked as she surveyed her surroundings.

“ Why is that? Your kidding right?”

Xena looked at Markaya and casted her a looked that said, I will let you know
when I’m kidding.

“ Ok, Ok, I see that you are a very modest woman.”

“ No I’m not.”

“ Oh, well anyway, those women think you are unbelievably beautiful.”

“ really ? And what do you think?”

Xena asked out of pure curiosity. The Woman went quiet for a moment as she

“ I... I think their right.”

Markaya said, chancing a quick glance up at Xena. Xena only smirked and turned
her attention to the counter they had arrived at. The attendant and others who
were quest at the hotel stared in awe at the tall woman. Markaya cleared her
throat towards the desk clerk.

“ Ahem.”

“ Oh yes ma-ma may I help you?”

“ Yes I would like the penthouse please?”

“ I’m sorry, but that is reserved for friends and family of the owner of the

“ Oh and who is the owner?”

Xena asked, just as she picked up a Magazine with the picture of Diana spread
across the front. She immediately forgot about her question and asked a
different one of Markaya.

“ Where is this young girl?”

Markaya looked at the picture and said in a surprised tone.

“ Lady Diana? a young girl? She’s the riches young girl on the planet, with
the power to back it up. Se should be so young.”

“ Fine, anyway do you know where she is?”

“ no, but I have friends who know her personally, I’m sure one of them could

“ Fine! Let’s go.”

“ What about the room?”

“ Oh, yes.”

Xena came back to the counter and she reached acrossed the desk and lifted the
clerk up off of the ground. Again gasped of stunned surprises were heard.

“ I want the Penthouse, now!”

The clerk stuttered.

“ Ye...Ye...Yes Ma-ma right away.”

Xena then let the clerk down , who took only a second to straighten his
clothes and then he reach over and picked the key up off of the hook and
handed it to the woman with his shaky hands.

“ Thank you.”

Xena said and then turned and said to Markaya, who was standing with her mouth
agape looking back and forth between the clerk and Xena.

“ Close your mouth and show me to this room.”

Markaya’s mouth clamped shut and she shook her head to clear it.

“ Yes...Yes of course.”

The bellhop got the elevator for the two women it was the private elevator
that went to the Penthouse. The Concierge joined the two women in the
elevator and he introduced himself to Xena and Markaya, and he informed them
that he would make sure that their every need was seen to.

When they arrived on the floor and got to the door of the Penthouse, The
Concierge asked for the key and Xena gave it to him. He opened the door and
stepped to the side to allow the women to enter. Xena being use to the
catering and things immediately walked in past him without looking at him or
thanking him for opening the door. She did a quick survey of the room and
asked direct questions.

“ Markaya you do what you have to to get in touch with your friend/s.”

“ I’ll call them right now.”

Xena thought about Markaya’s words and then she remembered what they meant.

“ Ok fine, make your calls, but I expect to hear something soon.”

“ Wow your pushy.”

“ I can be a lot more than that if I don’t get what I want.”

Xena said arching her brow at the now intimidated younger woman. The bellhop
and the Concierge both looked at Xena and then at Markaya, who now bowed for
some unknown reason and then turned on her heels and went to make her calls.

“ Now, show me the setup of this place.”

Xena said refocusing her attention to the two men. After she had been shown
the entire place including the balcony, she then dismissed the men. The
Concierge Johnson made mention before he left that he would have a female
servant available to her if and when she needed her, all she had to do was
push 3 on the phone. He told Xena the servants name was Michelle, she was
French, but she spoke perfect English.

“ Fine.”

Xena said without ever looking at the man, and again she dismissed him. He
left someone stunned by his treatment and then he thought about the woman
bowing to her and he then realized that despite her clothing she must be some
type of royalty. It was than that he decided to do whatever was necessary to
please her figuring it would please the owner of the Hotel to know that
another royal was staying there and was being well taken care of.

Xena was left to look around by herself for a moment and then Markaya

“ So did you have any success?”

Xena asked in a matter of fact tone, She had already figured out Markaya. She
knew Markaya would love for her to bed her, but Xena knew that the only
satisfaction this woman could provide would be to be totally submissive to her
and do everything she said, in order for Xena to achieve any minimal release.
So Xena felt she would use the woman’s desires for her own ends which was to
find Diana.

“ yes, I found out that she was last seen down at one of her restaurants
having a private dinner, although my friend said that there were reporters

“ Why?”

“ Because, I’ve heard that since Lady Diana has returned she has not been

“ What do you mean?”

“ They say she rarely goes out, and when she does it’s not because she wants
to they say that it is her Chosen men who force her to go to meetings and
other engagements. She has been reclusive, and when she is out she rarely
talks, when she does it’s usually some biting remark towards whoever she
believes has caused her to have to come out of her home in the first place.”

“ How does her Chosen treat her?”

“ They are very patient with her, although she has caused them to lose their
temper maybe once or twice in public.”

“ How?”

“ Well, It’s said that every time she would bring up a particular subject her
Chosen would just lose it and punish her right there in public.”

“ how is it that you know about her Chosen?”

“Oh that’s old news, It’s widely known that Lady Diana has 12 Chosen, and that
they punish her whenever she gets out of line. There are other men who would
love to be in those men’s shoes whether with Diana or their own woman, but
there is a law that Diana fought to pass that would punish any man that struck
his woman, unless they were a Chosen and thus one of Lady Diana’s men.”

“ What happens to those who still tried?”

“ They were beaten and then jailed for 60 years, with no chance of patrol.”

“ So they were pretty much incarcerated for the rest of their young lives?”

“ Yes, It’s a wonderful place, I mean men don’t beat on their women like they
use to before Diana came.”

“ So why didn’t she just extend the law to include herself?”

“ You know she was asked that question specifically, and she told them that,
while she did not like to be punished, she was capable of handling anything
anyone one of her Chosen put upon her, plus the fact that she did not scar
from her punishments as other women would from being struck by anyone, yet
alone some man.”

“ I see. Anyway how long ago did your friend see her?”

“ She said she just saw her ten minutes ago. Just going into the restaurant.”

“ Good where is this place?”

“It’s just 20 minutes from here. Why?”

“ Because I need to get to her.”

“ Why? are you planning on hurting her?”

Xena looked at the woman and saw the concern, she soften her own expression
and said,

“ No, just the opposite.”

“ Oh, ok, I was worried there for a minute I was about to tell you I wouldn’t
help you.”

‘ hm, is that right?”


Xena Chuckled and then said,

“ I need a disguise.”

“ What type?”

“ Something that can get me close to her without her Chosen recognizing me.”

Markaya thought for a moment, and then she said,

“ I know ! How about we dress you as a reporter?”

“ How is that going to get me close to her without her Chosen stepping in to
get rid of me?”

“ hm, your right, that wouldn’t do would it?’

“ no, I think not.”

“ about a waitress?”

“ Isn’t all of the staff there known to Lady Diana’s Chosen, as well as

“ Yes I guess they are, especially since they are dining privately. Well what
about some type of handy woman?”

“ Go on.”

“ Well you could dress as a service repair person.”

“ Like what type of repair person?”

“well, how about a plumber or a refrigerator repair woman or something like

Xena thought about Markaya’s suggestion all of one second and then said ,

“ No, I....think, hmm... I think you should setup a meeting with Lady Diana

“ For what?”

“ You said you needed funding for your, who better than the riches
person on the planet?”

“ But how am I going to get her to come? She hates coming out and she’s rude
to those who cause her to have to come out.”

“ You said you had friends who knows her they could tell her sisters that they
have a friend who is trying to produce a movie and would love to have Lady
Diana’s name as one of the backers, make sure your friends tell her sisters
what the movie is about. By the way who is the warrior?”

“ Oh yes, that’s right I never did tell you who the movie was based on. The
story is based on the life and times of the legendary Warrior named Xena
Warrior princess, Destroyer and Conqueror of Nations.”

Xena laughed out loud at the ironicness, in fact she laughed so hard that she
had to sit down to prevent herself from falling over.

“ What? What’s so funny? i think it’s a wonderful story. It’s about a strong
beautiful woman, who lead her army to victory time and time again, and
eventually became the Conqueror of the known world.”

“ I’m sorry, it’s just that it struck me funny for some reason, ahem..... “

Xena said clearing her throat, more out of need to compose herself than
actually having anything blocking.

“ So, how does your story end?”

Xena asked in all seriousness.

“ Well it doesn't't really end except to say stay tuned for the continuing
saga of Xena warrior princess.”

“ I see. ok make sure your friend tells Lady Diana’s sisters those exact words
as to who the warrior is, ok?”

“ ok, but why would that interest Lady Diana?”

“ Trust me, she’ll even come without her Chosen.”

“ And then your going to show yourself to her?”

“ I don’t know, I have to see, I may just steal her away and bring her back
here for a week or two.”

“ Really? Do you know know that way?”

Xena looked up over her brows seeing that she had sat down, and with out
blinking she said,

“ why? do you want me to know you like know that?”

Markaya blushed fiercely, and turned her eyes away and then with some effort
her body as she found her way to the phone once again, the first few words out
of her mouth were barely a whisper due to the tightness in her throat. Xena
continued to watch Markaya’s movements and she saw her tense under her
constant gaze.

Markaya hung up the phone after a few minutes, and with effort she turned
around and without looking at Xena in the eyes, she told her what she had done
and when everything would take place. Her friend would Call Diana’s sister’s
right now and then call her back after they spoke with Diana.

“ Good, I’m quite pleased.”

“ I’m glad I could help.”

“ I usually reward for a job well done. What would you like?”

“ Oh....ahem.....that’s not necessary, your helping me out just as much if not
more than I am you.”

“ I insist. Tell me what you want me to do for ....or”

“ I...I....”

Markaya’s voice left her, she was so overwhelmed at the possibilities of being
with such a woman that she found it hard to speak.

“ Come here.”

Xena said in her commanding voice. Markaya looked up at the woman who had just
ordered her to come to her and she thought about refusing just out of trying
to play hard to get. But then she rethought it when she thought that she could
possibility lose the only opportunity to be with this wonderful woman.

Just as Markaya started to walk towards Xena, Xena thought to tease her.

“ Don’t come to me if you don’t want me to bed you?”

Xena wasn’t worried about being refused, she just wanted to give the young
woman who helped her find Diana something to remember. Xena was not planning
on removing any of her clothes.

Markaya in the meantime had stopped walking for a moment and then she
continued towards Xena. Once she was standing in front of Xena Xena looked up
at her as she leaned back in her chair and said,

“ Strip.”

Markaya immediately took off her clothing and was now standing nude in front
of this stranger. Xena stood to her full height, which put the woman’s head at
Xena’s shoulders. Xena lifted the woman’s chin and she looked deep into the
woman’s eyes.

“ So Markaya, do you always allow a stranger to bed you?”

“ I mean this is the first time I ever felt so drawn to

“ You prefer the company of men or women?”

“ I use to prefer men, until I was with a woman on a dare and found that I got
more satisfaction from her than I did with any man.”

“ I see. Well this will be mind blowing for you.”

With those words Xena placed her lips on the trembling woman’s and then she
proceeded to arouse her in ways that Xena didn’t think she would remember when
Markaya woke up from her coma. after an hour or so Markaya laid on the bed
totally exhausted and breathing hard despite her unconscious state.

“ Hmmm, that was interesting, but she’s just like all the other’s I had been
with. no satisfaction for me but total bliss for them, oh well, she deserved
it, she did help me to find Diana, and for that I would do this again to her
if I felt she needed a repeat. But In this case I don’t even think she is
going to remember,”

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