By D.virtue

When Markaya finally awoke, she found herself dressed and sitting in one of
the chairs that was in the room.

“ What happened, I feel sooo.. relaxed. I’ve never felt this good in my life.
I guess that napped I took did me a world of good.”

Markaya looked over at Xena and she blushed, Xena was watching Markaya and
after a few minutes of making Markaya squirm under her intense scrutiny, Xena
finally said,

“ So, we should be hearing from Diana’s sister’s anytime now?”

“ Hmm, oh yeah right anytime now.”

“ I thought about my Disguise, I will be your assistant with laryngitis. I
need a outfit like yours, somewhat more demure, long pants, no skin showing if

“ You sound like you don’t want her to recognize you?”

“ partly, I figure I would check her out and see if she is the same person
that I knew, and I figure the best way to do that is to have her off guard,
thus I am not only your assistant, but also the leading person in your movie,
you are to have her meet us at wherever you plan on having the people

“ The set?”

“ Fine. Anyway while your talking to her I will discreetly be checking her out
from a distance, I suspect she will think she knows me and finally ask you who
I am, You are to introduce me as your assistant T.C., do you understand?”

“ Yes.”

“ good, anyway, I’ll say what I have to say to you and you will speak to her,
I ‘ll then tell you that I want to finish our meeting somewhere other than the
set and you will suggest this place. we will set it up to meet her here in 3
hours. It will be here that I decide to tell her who I am or keep it to myself
and leave.”

Although Xena said it she had no intentions of leaving without Diana. She was
also glad that Markaya had not thought to ask her her name earlier, because
she probably would have told her and thus none of these plans would be able to

But as it was she was able to give her a name and thus forestall any questions
on the subject and she had actually thought of what she would tell anyone who
asked her what T.C. stood for , she would just tell them that is her name,
just two letters.

“ You have this all worked out, don’t you?”

“ Yes, I think it is very important to stay ahead of things that way one is
never caught off guard.”

While the two were talking the phone rung. Markaya immediately went to answer

“ Hello, Penthouse Ms. Jade speaking.”

“ Hello, Ms. Jade this is Lena, Lady Diana’s sister.”

“ Yes Lena I heard of you, how are you and your sisters during?”

“ Fine thank you for asking, I’m calling on behalf of my Sister Diana, she
will meet with you, but only if the story and it’s characters are realistic
looking down to the clothing, She also said if she sees some woman with blonde
hair playing the lead role then she will leave at the very moment.”

“ Oh, no problem I think she will be quite pleased with the lead actress, I
don’t think there is anyone else who could play the part. The clothing has
also been researched thoroughly to make sure that it is appropriate for the
time. We also thought we would get lucky enough to find a picture of the real

Xena now became a little uneasy, she had not thought about the possibly of a
painting of her, but it would make sense for one to be there.

“ But we were not lucky enough to get there in time, we were told that if we
had come 3 and a half years earlier, we would have been able to see a painting
of her. But we were told that she was about 6 ft tall and she had blue eyes
and dark colored hair, The Curator was not able to tell us if her hair was
black dark brown or a deep auburn, but either way I think we found someone who
could pass for that description.”

“ Ok then we will meet you where?”

“ Great! On the set in 20 minutes? Do you know where my studio is located?”

“ Yes, we’ll see you there in 20 minutes.”

“ I’m sorry, we?”

“ Oh yes, myself and Diana, I will be there just because her Chosen insisted
that one of us make sure she actually went to the meeting, and not just to one
of her hotels and stayed there just long enough for one to think she had been
at a meeting. Anyway I hope that that’s not a problem?”

“ Oh, can you hold on for a moment?”

“ Sure.”

Markaya turned to look at Xena and asked her if it were ok for Diana’s sister
to come to the meeting. Xena nodded her head that it was ok.

“ Hello, yes it will be fine, we’ll see you in 20 minutes.”

“ Ok, see you there.”

Markaya then hung up and turned to Xena and started to tell her what the
conversation entailed, but Xena stopped her and said,

“ I heard. Now let’s get those clothes for me and get going.”

“ Oh you know I was thinking about the color of your eyes, I think that if you
don’t want Lady Diana to figure out who you are right away then we need to
change the color of your eyes.”

“ And just how do you figure on doing that?”

“ Contact lens.”

“ Contact lens, what are those?”

“ You change the color of your own eyes or to correct a
person’s vision?”

“ I don’t understand.”

Markaya then removed one of her own green lens to reveal a light brown eye.
Xena stood up and walked closer to her and looked into Markaya’s different
eyes and then she took the lens and placed it on her own finger and looked at
it and scrutinized it for a moment before handing it back to Markaya. Who then
placed it back in her eye. Xena watch with intrigue, and then she asked,

“ Does that hurt?”

“ Nope not at all, you don’t even know it’s there, and yu don’t have to worry
about them popping out due to a hit or some sort of other trauma.”

“ ok fine then, get me a pair of black ones.”

“ Black? “

“ Yes, it will hide the two tone color of my own eyes.”

“ Yes I noticed that you have blue eyes with a ring of light brown in them.”

Markaya called for the clothing and lens, while Xena put her hair into a
school mom type bun, Markaya brought the two piece silk pant suit. with a
Victorian collared blouse to put under it. It was a dark maroon colored
outfit, solid colored. Markaya then gave Xena the lens and helped her put them
in and then she handed her a pair of expensive shades that made Xena look
even more intimidating.

“ WOW! what a differences, I don’t think anyone would be able to recognize
you, even without the shades, but I think you should wear your hair down, it
gives that movie star persona.”

“ I’m suppose to be demure looking instead I look like I’m about to tell
someone off in every language that I know.”

“ Hah, that’s funny, but I think you should go with it. it fits better for the
part your going to play as well as being my Assistant. I usually have someone
with style and class and pizzazz, someone with charisma. And that person this
time is you to the T.”

“ Ok fine, let’s go they’ll be there in a few minutes.”

“ Oh I don’t know most people who have money tend to be late.”

“ Not Lady Diana she’ll be there, with 3minutes to spare.”

“ You sound so sure.”

“ I am, I think she has respect for people’s time and would not be late
despite how upset she is.”

“ Ok then let’s go, I call for the car to be waiting for us.”

Xena and Markaya arrived at the studio five minutes before Diana and Lena
arrived. Xena went onto the set , which put her at a distance from Markaya
and Diana, she also made sure to appear and disappear during Markaya and
Diana’s conversation.

“ Hello Lady Diana, I am so happy you agreed to meet with me.”

Markaya said as she reached out her hand to shake Diana’s, Diana looked at the
hand boredly but she did shake it. Markaya smiled and then proceeded to go
into her sales pitch to Diana.

“ As you can see Lady Diana, the sets and the costumes as well as the actor’s
and actresses all look as if they stepped right out of that time period,
don’t you agree.”

Diana looked around casually and then she scanned the actor’s and actresses,
and taking a little more time to look for the person who would play her
beloved Xena, just as she was about to give up looking she spotted someone
with their back to her and Markaya, the woman seemed to be tall and shapely,
she also had Raven colored hair.

Just as Diana was about to move forward to focus better on the person a prop
man went across her line of site with a wide looking wall type piece of a
prop, followed by another guy carrying the other end. When they finally moved
the woman was gone and no where to be found. Diana’s heart had stopped for a
moment while she held her breath, but after the woman disappeared and Diana
did not see her anywhere on the set she let out the breath and her heart beat
once again.

“ Lady Diana? are you ok?”

“ Yes, yes, I’m fine, I just thought I saw your lead woman.”

“ You probably did, she is here, but she has laryngitis, so she is unable to
read her parts today but she is also my assistant.”

“ Oh I see.”

Diana said distractly, as she continued to look for the vision. While Diana
and Markaya continued in their conversation Lena had excused herself and left
to go and talk with some of the actor’s and actresses. Xena in the meantime
decided to have some fun with Diana, after she got over all of the emotions
that were running through her.

She also decided to put her years of practicing into effect. She had
practiced to decrease the amount of pheromone her body released when she was
anywhere near Diana. Once she was sure that she had done it she then sat back
and visualized Diana and herself into passion, she allowed the feeling to run
through her and by during so, she knew Diana would begin to feel that familiar
tightness that Xena knew Diana was already felling since she arrived at the

Diana was still looking for that imagine of Xena and while she was she
suddenly felt that familiar tightness on top of what she was already feeling.

“ AH! “

“ Are you ok Lady Diana?”

Markaya asked the slightly bent over young girl who was holding her abdomen.

“ I’m....I’m fine.”

Diana said as she stood up straight once again. Just then she saw the vision.
She immediately tried to focus her eyes on the woman but the woman was walking
across the set and just when Diana thought she would be able to focus in on
her , the woman disappeared behind a column and then once again Diana let out
her breath and her heartbeat returned. Just as she was about to sign, she once
again felt the tightness.

“ Ah! Gods!”

Diana went to her knees and trembles ran through her body. She was close to a
release and she couldn’t understand how or why.

“ Unless.... Xena? but how could that be, it couldn’t be.”

Diana remained on the floor for a few minutes more until she was sure she was
not going to release, she then stood with the assistance of Markaya.

“ Lady Diana are you sure your ok? We can hold this meeting later?”

“ No I’m fine I just had a spell of sorts. I would however like to meet your
assistant/ lead actress right now.”

“ Oh, ok, here sit here and I will call her over.”

Markaya directed Diana to a private room that allowed for open conversation
due to the sound proof room, but would allow them to watch the set and actors
and actress’s if they chose to do so. it also allowed them to hear everything
being said outside of the room.

Markaya soon returned with Xena/T.C. Diana had her back to the door so when
they came near Xena immediately visualized a moment in time and it was one of
their most passionate times, not that all of them were not passionate, but
this one was one of those that Xena was sure would cause Diana to release,
thus allowing her to see her Consort in ecstasy once again.

Sure enough as soon as Xena started the vision and the feelings ran through
her she heard Diana.

“ Oh My Goddesses , Ahhhhh.....My Gods....AH!”

Xena saw the whole thing while she blocked Markaya’s view into the room. After
a few moments, Diana lifted herself to one of the chairs that had fallen over
due to Diana pulling it down with her as she went to her knees and bent over
holding her belly. Xena saw Diana’s eyes were now sapphire in color. She then
opened the door and let Markaya go in first.

“ Lady Diana, I would like to introduce you to my star, T.C.”

Diana looked up at Markaya and Markaya stood stunned to see Sapphire blue eyes
looking back at her. She was somewhat startled by it, but Diana soon broke the
eye contact and slowly looked towards Markaya’s assistant.

“ MY GOD! it you....please tell me it is....Gods please don’t
let this be a cruel dream!”

Diana’s heart was about to explode out of her chest, she was having trouble
breathing as she stood unsteady on her feet as she stared at the woman at the
door wearing the dark shades, dark maroon suit, 6 plus feet tall with her
heels on, and her beautiful hair.

Xena stood where she was as she watched all of the emotions cross Diana’s
face, She was happy that she was wearing the glasses otherwise she would
surely give away who she was.

“Xena? say something.”

Xena leaned over and whispered into Markaya’s ear while Diana watched with
knitted brows.

“ Lady Diana, I’m sorry I thought I mentioned about T.C’s laryngitis?”

“ T.C ? who is that? Never mind.”

Diana said as she made her way to the woman whom she knew to be Xena.

“ It is you isn’t it?”

Xena once again leaned over to Markaya and whispered.

“ She wants to know who do you think she is?”

“ Who is she? what do you mean who are you, You know who you are!”

Xena shook her head and then in a very quiet voice she said ,

“ My name is T.C.”

“Xena! stop playing, it’s not funny! I know it’s you!”

“ Yes, Xena is the part I play.”

“ Stop damnit! this isn’t funny!”

Markaya was becoming distressed by Diana’s behavior, and the fact that Diana
didn’t seem to realize that T.C.’s name was not Xena but the name of the
character T.C. would play in her movie.

“ Lady Diana, this is T.C. My assistant, and the star of my movie I’m trying
to get funded.”

“ No this isn’t! I know who this is!”

Diana said as she snatched off the woman’s shades. Xena had closed her eyes
and now she was slowly opening them to look at the irate young girl. once she
had opened them part way diana gasped.

“ Ha! I...I don’t understand, I ...I thought you were her.”

Tears came to Diana’s eyes as she stared at the dark black eyes of the woman.
Xena then took her shades back and walked around Diana and went to sit in one
of the chairs, she then put her shades back on and watched Diana become like a
lost child.

Xena thought about telling Diana who she was, but she needed to see all of
Diana’s response to who Diana thought she was, although Xena had to admit she
was overjoyed that Diana did indeed miss her as much as she missed Diana.

Diana finally turned to face the woman.

“ I’m....I’m...sorry, I thought you were someone else. I.... I.....I....”

Diana choked on her words as she turned to leave.

“ It appears you thought I was someone you knew, but obviously you didn’t know
her that well if you confused me for her.”

Your wrong I knew her like I know myself, actually better.”

“ really? it doesn’t seem that way.”

“ what do you know? i don’t know why I’m wasting my time, this was a mistake.”

“ Lady Diana, please. I really need your help to fund this movie I’m

“ Don’t waste your time Markaya, she’s just a selfish brat. Who is angry at
the world for something that the world had nothing to do with.”

“ How dare you... you bitch!”

Diana said as she lunged towards the seated woman. Xena felt the familiar
adrenalin she always felt with Diana when Diana became bold. Xena at the last
minute moved herself and her chair just as Diana reached her. Diana flew by
her and landed on the floor belly first. She immediately came to her feet and
glared at the woman in stunned disbelief, as well as embarrassment.

Diana took a few calming breaths and without taking her eyes off of the tall
woman, she told Markaya.

“ I’ll finance your movie myself. I have to go now.”

“ Oh... oh great ! that’s wonderful!, I just have one more request of you , if
I may be so bold?”

“ What?”

“ I would like us to get together at the Plaza in the penthouse. We can go
over the details and get something good to eat at the same time.”

“ Fine, when?”

“ In one hour?”

“ No. But I will meet you in two hours.”

“ Great! we’ll be waiting for you.”

“ Ok.”

Diana then cocked her head at the tall woman and said,

“ You still don’t know what your talking about.”

“ I think I do.”

“ Whatever.”

Diana then turned on her heels and strided out the door and just as she got
outside the door and had closed it she saw Lena, she immediately strided over
to her and then broke down into racking sobs.

“ What is it Diana? What happened?”

“ I’m such a fool, I can’t believe I thought what I did. I don’t understand
why I orgasmed, I.... I can’t understand it.”

“ Diana what are you talking about?”

Diana finally composed herself to explain what had happened.

“ Diana it’s obvious that you wanted to see Xena in this woman that the very
thought of her caused you to orgasm, and then when you found out that she was
not her you were angry at her for not being your dream and for spoiling the
idea. Diana you have to get over this, it will destroy you if you don’t.”

Diana looked Lena in the eyes and with conviction she said,

“ I will never give up trying to find a way back to Xena! Never!”

Diana then stormed out the door. Xena watched the whole interaction and she
smirked to herself.

“ Your still mine, all mine despite your having been here for 2 plus years.
Well my little Consort tonight we will be together once again.”

Xena thought to herself with satisfaction. Xena and Markaya returned to the
penthouse and Xena removed all of her disguise, she then sat Markaya down.

“ Markaya when Diana gets here I want you to finish up all of your business
with her as soon as possible. I want to be alone with her.”

“ Hmm, so you do know her that way?”

“ Yes.”

“ Wow isn’t she a lucky woman, any possibility of you and I getting together?”

Xena looked over her brow at Markaya and then she arched her brow.

“ Not again.”

Markaya’s mouth fell open.

“ mean?”

Xena then stood and without saying anything she nodded her head. Markaya fell
back against her seat in stunned amazement.

“ How is it that I don’t remember any of it?”

“ Because you pasted out.”

“ WoW! I guess I enjoyed it ?”

“ Yes without a doubt.”

Xena said matter of factly.

“ How about you? Did you enjoy yourself with me?”

Xena looked the woman up and down without ever moving her head and then
cocking her head she simply said,

“ you were ok, but I was not doing it to achieve my own release but to show
you my appreciation for your help in locating Diana.”

“ So you didn’t have not one orgasm?”

“ No. But like I said I was not trying to.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I was probably very selfish?’

“ no, you were quite obedient.”

“ Obedient?”

“Yes, I am a very controlling lover and I demand certain things if I am to bed
anyone, and one of those things is obedience.”

“ I see.”

“Do you?”

Markaya thought about Xena’s statement and then she said ,

“ Yes I do, I understand. Well ! No that I know where I stand in regards to
Diana, I can accept that. I think.”

Markaya smiled and then said,

“ I will take care of my business with Diana as quickly as possible and then I
will leave the two of you alone.”

“ Great.”

While the two of them were talking there came a call up stairs to inform them
that Lady Diana and her sister Lena were on their way up to the Penthouse.
After few minutes there came a knock at the door.

“ You get the door and I will come out just as you and Diana finish your
business, if someone has to use the bathroom send them to the one down the
hall and not in here.”

“ Ok.”

Markaya whispered back. She then went to open the door while Xena went into
the bedroom and put on her shades. She sat in one of the chairs by the door
listening to the conversation between diana and Markaya. Xena closed her eyes
and thought about how wonderful it was to hear Diana’s voice once again.

She thought about what she would say to Diana, about how she would say it, she
thought about Diana’s language earlier and made a point to file it a way so
that she could bring it up to diana later. She also thought about what Markaya
had told her about Diana’s behavior since Diana had returned, and she couldn’t
help but see the truth in her words, especially at the studio. Nut then she
thought about the scene just outside the room where Diana broke down out of
remorse for her behavior.

While Xena was thinking about things she heard Markaya say some final words of
thanks to Diana, and then she said ,

“ I’ll go and see what’s keeping T.C.”

“ Why? she probably thinks I’m a jerk or something.”

“ No, I thinks she like you. “

“ Hmm funny that, a Warrior look alike likes me. Lena I think if it were not
for the bad luck I’ve been having there would truly be no luck at all.”

Lena chuckled and then said,

“ Well maybe the two of you can become friends, and who knows?”

“ Lena, you know better than that. Even if I decided to be friends with T.C.
nothing could ever happen between us no matter how much she resembles Xena. My
heart belongs to one person and That’s The Chosen one Xena, no one else.”

“ What about your other Chosen?”

“ What about them?”

“ Diana now you know that you can not just Dismiss them as if they were some
normal group of men. They have valid claim to you and therefore they too are a
part of you.”

“ I know that, but even tho that is true, they know and feel the difference in
me when their with me. My body does respond to them. But they know my dreams
are only of Xena. Lena it is an amazing thing to be held by her. I feel like
the wait of the world has been lifted off my shoulders when she holds me. I’m
safe, happy , and secure in the knowledge that Xena The Conqueror has given
her heart to only one woman truly, and that was me, I....I...”

Diana choked on her words once again as she remembered her times with Xena.
Lena offered Diana a kleenex and then said in a quiet voice.

“ Diana please don’t cry, the things you describe are quite beautiful and I
will admit that I have always thought your Chosen were wrong for everything
they had did to you, especially bring you back here after you had found such a
love. But Diana you have to know they do love you as much as you love Xena,
and they are insecure with the thought of a woman being more satisfying to you
then they are. Also there’s the Rah factor. and we both know what that’s

Lena said with disgust. Diana chuckled and then she leaned away from Lena’s
shoulder and looked at her.

“ Lena you and the others are such loving wonderful people, and I truly don’t
know how you put up with me all these years.”

“ Easy, you kept taking the punishments that were meant for us.”

Lena said with a smile. Diana shoved her slightly and said with a smile of her

“ I knew there was a reason.”

The two girls laughed for a moment and then Diana stood up to stretch and she
walked over to the table where the food was at and she looked over the types
of food that were there. They were similar to the foods her and Xena ate a lot
of, down to the strawberries and raspberry and cream.

“ Man Lena you know it seems that every where I look I think I see Xena or
something that relates to her. I wonder if I finally cracked and I just
haven’t checked myself into the mental home.”

“ No....”

Lena started to say when another voice sounded over hers.


“ No you haven’t lost your mind.... kitten.”

Diana almost choked on the piece of fruit she had just started to swallow when
she heard the low sensual voice of Xena. After a moment to swallow what she
had in her mouth. she stood with her back to the faceless voice, and just

“ In and out, it’s that simple in and out.”

“ Are you going to just stand there and breath? Or come here?”

“ I....I, don’t know yet. I need a moment to clear my mind, it’s really funny
T.C. I don’t know how your doing it, and where you learned that nickname but
it is damn good.”

“ Consort don’t let me hear another curse cross those lips.”

Xena said in her commanding voice. Diana began to sway, as she shook her head
from side to side slightly.

“ It can’t be you, I have such a need for you and because of that I know it
can not be you, please my heart is about to burst from my chest and I don’t
think I could stop it if I tried. “

“ Turn around Diana.”

Xena implored, she knew Diana needed to do this if she was going to accept the
fact that she was indeed real and standing in the room with her waiting for
her to come to her.

“ I.....I can’t I would just die if I turned only to find another look alike.
I don’t have the strength to do it.”

“ Diana I am real, but you have to turn around.”

“ NO! YOUR NOT! I don’t feel that familiar tightness that only She can elicit
in me. Your joke is cruel and mean.”

“ Maybe this will convince you?”

Xena then allowed her pheromones to radiate towards Diana. Diana immediately

“ Ah! “

Diana then forced herself to stand up straight once again and tears of
sapphire now fell from her eyes, She finally made the decision to turn around.
Diana slowly turned as if the world had now become slow motion. She turned
and turned and as she did Xena removed the shades and stood waiting for her to
focus in on her.

Once Diana had finally turned she slowly lifted her eyes up from the floor to
the woman’s boots, to the long legs that were covered by the boots to the
strong thighs, up to the firm abdominal muscles covered by familiar leather,
Diana continued to look up the woman’s body, to the soft ample bosom, up to
the long creamy neck, up to the strong chin, to the soft full lips, to the
chiselled features , at the Raven hair that looked as soft as feathers, and
finally with her breath held she finally looked into the eyes of the woman.
There she saw them the Piercing sapphire jewels.

Diana stood looking at the woman of her dreams for the last two plus years,
she cocked her head as if trying to see if the imagine would disappear at a
particular angle. Xena stood looking at her consort, and her own eyes begin to

“ Xe...Xena? it you really?”

Diana asked as she brought her hand to her mouth to keep from saying to much
as to cause the vision to disappear.

“ Yes Diana, it is me, I real.”

Xena could not hold back her tears any longer and they rolled down her face
and changed to diamonds.

“ OHHHH..., it is you! Gods it is you!”

Diana now brought both her hands up to her mouth. Xena opened her arms to
Diana and Diana slowly walked towards them, chanting all the while.

“ please don’t let this be a dream , please don’t let this be a dream, please
don’t let this be a dream.”

As she got closer her chanting became more desperate and harder to say due to
the little matter of breathing, she was finding her breathing to be coming
more rapidly and in short supply.

“ Gods Please don’t let this be a dream. Please don’t let this be a dream!”

Just as Diana was one step away from Xena’s outstretched arms, Diana brought
her hand up and cautiously touched the strong looking hand.

“ AH! Gods Xena!”

Diana grabbed the hand and pulled herself into Xena’s arms, where as Xena
immediately folded her strong arms around the now sobbing young girl who’s
body shook from the wracking sobs. Xena rested her head on top of Diana’s as
she held her love in her arms. Xena let her own tears fall upon Diana’s head
as she whispered comforting words as only she could.

“ It’s ok now kitten, I’m here, we’re together again and I am never leaving
you. we will not be separated again. I will die first. I have missed you so
very much kitten.”

Diana took in all of Xena from the smell of her leathers to the hyacinth on
her skin, to the feel of those leathers against her once again.

After about an hour of Diana’s wracking sobs they subsided to that of quiet
sniffles. Finally Xena said,

“ Let’s sit down.”

Xena made sure not to let go of Diana, but she only guided Diana to the couch
where she sat first and Diana sat on her lap and buried her face in Xena’s
breast and she just cried quietly as Xena held her.

Lena and Markaya both sat stunned and tears running down their own eyes.
Diana finally spoke.

“ My Lord Xena..... I can’t believe it’s really you, I have missed you so much
my heart and soul ached. I love you so much!”

“ and I love you kitten with my very being. “

Xena then kissed the top of Diana’s head and she slowly raised Diana’s chin
and once Diana was looking into her eyes once again. Xena moved her lips
closer to Diana’s and then she placed a feathery light kiss on her lips.

“ hmmm...hmmm...”

Diana moaned, as she returned the sentiment. Xena broke the kiss and she
looked deep into Diana’s Sapphire eyes and said,

“ Love those eyes.”

Diana chuckled, and then said through a tight throat.

“ I bet you do, you did it.”

“ Well what can I say I loved seeing you in passion, it’s been a while you

Xena then leaned forward and whispered into Diana’s ear,

“ Your absolutely delicious, and I plan on having my fill of you as soon as
our guess leave.”

Diana shivered at Xena’s warm breath against her ear and her provocative
words. Xena felt the shiver and smirked at Diana, who only blushed.

“ Ahhh, I love to see I haven’t lost my touch, or should I say my ability to
look at you a particular way and you blush to your roots.”

“ Funny, stop teasing me.”

“ Ahem.”

Markaya said clearing her throat after long moments of speechlessness.

“ Oh Markaya, Lena, Almost forgot you were here.”

Xena said while pulling Diana closer into her.

“ I...I... don’t mean to sound dumb but I couldn’t help notice that you
called her Xena?”

Markaya asked directing the Question at Diana. Diana looked at Xena in
question , knitting her brow, and then she caught Markaya’s confusion, Xena
obviously hadn’t told her her real name.

“ Yes, That’s her name.”

Diana finally said answering Markaya’s first of many more questions.

“ But I thought you name was T.C.?

“ Sort of .”

Xena said simply. Markaya’s brows knitted further together and Diana saw the
rising confusion.

“ What’s confusing you?”

“ Her name....but maybe it shouldn’t .....How is your name spelled with an X
or a Z?”

“ X.”

Xena said arching a brow at the now thoroughly Confused producer.

“ That’s interesting.”

“ What?”

Diana asked.

“Her name and it’s spelling, it’s just like the legendary Xena spelling.”

“ Legendary ? You’ve got to be kidding ? The warrior your story is based on?
What makes you think Xena The Conqueror is Legendary? As a matter of fact i
think you should trash the whole idea of this particular movie and write one
about Hercules? Now there’s a Legendary figure worth watching.”

Diana asked deciding to payback Xena for her playing such a trick on her
earlier. Xena in the meantime was holding Diana even tighter around her waist
while at the same time maintaining a mask of indifference. Finally after
hearing all she wanted to she leaned forward and whispered into Diana’s ear
once again and said with warning,

“ One more word along this line and I will show you I haven’t lost another
skill as well, you understand Consort?”

Xena then nipped at Diana’s ear with a little more pressure than Diana

“ Ow! “

Diana turned to see Markaya and Lena focused on her with their mouths open
once again from all she had said.

“ I mean....oh never mind.”

Looking back at Xena with a scolding look in her eyes asking why she had done
that. Diana rubbed her ear and then turned her attention back to the other two
women when Xena simply gave her a look of “What?”

“ Anyway Markaya, I was just kidding.”

“ oh, thank goodness, I thought you were serious. So you do see what I’m
saying about the name? it is wonderful to have a lead actress playing the role
of Xena the Conqueror who’s name just happens to be spelled the same way as
the character she’s playing.”

“ It’s more than something, the fact of the matter is that This IS Xena The

Diana said cautiously as she tried to get up off of Xena’s lap just in case
passed out or something, but Xena held her tightly and when Diana looked back
at her Xena lipped,

“ No.”

“ But....she might....”

“ No.”

Diana gave up her idea of getting up, but she did return her attention to
Markaya to see if what she had said had registered.

“ Markaya? did you hear me?”

“ I’m not sure, I could have sworn you said She was Xena The Conqueror.”

“ I did.”

“ Bu...Bu...But ho...How could that be.....That Xena is from another time?”

“ It’s a long story but suffice to say, This is Lord Xena, here and in person,
To which i can’t believe myself for other reasons.”

Diana said looking back a Xena for a moment and then focusing back on Markaya.

“ You mean you are The Xena from the past?”

“ Yes, but I’m not necessarily from the past, remember the research your
people did about my life and how there was no ending to my story?”

“ yes.”

Markaya said falling into the seat of a nearby chair, before she fell straight
to the floor, out of sheer shock and overload.

“ Well my story doesn’t end because I am still very much alive and well,
destined to have a long reign with my Consort by my side.”

Diana smiled and leaned back into Xena , who only wrapped her arms more so
around Diana.

“ So all this time I have been in the present of the Legendary Conqueror, I
Can’t believe it, Oh... what you must think of me?”

“ What do you mean?”

Xena asked out of curiosity, soon to regret the question.

“ I now understand why you asked me “ Do I always allow myself to be bedded by

“ Bedded? What are you talking about?”

Diana said with anger in her voice. Xena immediately tighten her grip on the
now struggling Diana.

“ I’ll explain later, calm down.”

Xena whispered.

“ I know you will!”

Diana said finally giving up her struggling once again, and facing back to
look at Markaya.

“ Anyway, this is her! And yes! you were bedded...! By Xena The Conqueror!”

Diana said emphasizing her words. Markaya gave a small apologetic smile and
Xena set her jaws and cocked her head towards the door. Markaya caught the
hint and stood.

“ I think I need to go and....faint somewhere, while I process all of this.”

“ Yes you do that, Lena take her home and then go on back home and I’ll see
you later.”

“ But Diana, what should I tell....them?”

Lena asked hoping Xena didn’t know who them were. Xena smirked.

“ Tell them that I decided to stay in town for the next few weeks and I will
see them later. If they push tell them I just need some time to work through
some things and I will explain to them when I see them. Oh, and Lena don’t
tell them where I am, and Markaya don’t tell ANYONE that Xena The Conqueror is
here period. It could get quite complicated for everyone. is that clear?”

“ Yes.”


“ Yes definitely. I’ll see you later then. Lord Xena an honor truly to meet
the woman who captured the heart of my beloved sister, I and her other sisters
shall do all we can to see to it that you two are never parted again.”

Xena smiled at the young girl and said in all sincerity.

“ Thank you, I love her more than life itself.”

“ I know, I see it, shoot anyone with senses could see or feel the love
between you two. Take care. see you Both soon I hope?”

“ Yes definitely.”

Diana said and then finished with,

“ I love you Lena.”

“ I love you too sis. Bye.”

Lena and Markaya then left and closed the door behind them, but before they
took two steps from the door they heard Diana exclaim.


end of part 2
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