By D.virtue

“ What the hell was that all about?!”

Xena shouted at Diana as she turned on her heels to face her. Diana startled
back and then went to stand up.

“ Sit down.”

Diana saw the rage in Xena’s eyes, and she immediately sat down.

“ Xena what is it? Why are you mad at me? what have I done?”

“ Wh...What have you done?!”

“ Xena calm down and tell me what’s wrong.”

“ Consort don’t tell me what to do, you know better than that.”

Xena warned, as Diana begun to chew her lips.

“Xena I don’t mean to try and tell you what to do, it’s just that I don’t
know why your upset with me. Is it because I asked you to get me some water?”

Xena looked at Diana as if she just grew three heads.

“ What?!”

“ This is not about the water Consort, I think I have already made my point
about that?”

“ Yes, without question.”

Diana agreed.

“ this is about you and her!”

“ Me and who? Lydia? What about her and I?”

“ you said there was nothing going on between the two of you.”

Diana looked away from Xena in confusion about the statement and she made the
mistake of not looking at Xena when she started to answer her.

“ There isn’t any.....!”

Xena suddenly grabbed Diana by her chin and lifted her up out of the chair to
a standing position on her toes. Diana went to grasp Xena’s wrist, but when
Xena pinched her lips together and set her jaw, while looking at Diana’s hands
on her arm Diana quickly removed them.

“ You know better than to not look me in the eyes when I’ve asked you a

Xena said as she whispered into Diana’s ear. Diana shuddered at the
implication and then she quickly apologized.

“ I sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you Xe.....”

Xena gripped Diana’s chin firmer and locked her eyes on Diana’s, who suddenly
corrected herself.

“ I mean My Lord Xena.”

“ That’s better Consort, now answer my question.”

“ There is nothing going on between us, I told you that, we’re just friends.”

“ Is that so?”

“ Yes it is so.”

Xena heard the attitude and raising a brow at Diana, Diana lowered her eyes.

“ If that’s true then she has a thing for you, and I think she wants to act on
it, and probably would if the opportunity presented itself.”

“ Xena you mind?”

Xena narrowed her gaze at Diana once again.

“Please? It’s just that it is easier to talk when I’m not having to stand on
my toes with my head tilted back.”

Xena smirked and then after a few moments she let Diana go, and Diana dropped
to her feet.

“ Now what were you saying?”

“ I was about to say that what your thinking doesn’t make sense, I have know
her too long, if she had any of those type of feelings for me I think I would
know it long before now.”

“ Not if she didn’t feel threaten about losing you too either another
associate or you firing her, and she could spend as much time as she wanted
with you, to which would make her very happy, especially considering it was
your Chosen that hired her, she would not want to get on their bad side by
going after you.”

“ Xena that is ridiculous.”

“ Are you calling me ridiculous Consort?”

Diana’s breath caught in her throat at the ominousness in Xena’s tone.

“ of course not, I would never do that.”

“ That’s practically what you said.”

“ No...I mean it’s not what I meant for it to sound like, I was just trying to
say, that the idea of Lydia thinking....

“ In love with you.”

Xena inserted, and Diana knitted her brows together once again. But then she
finished her thought.

“ that Lydia is in love with me, can not be possible, I think it’s just you
seeing two friends who are close and you being the jealous type your seeing
what is not there.”

“ Diana I know what I see, I also know that you shouldn’t trust her.”

“Now Xena stop it! Lydia is a good friend and I won’t have you trying to put
bad thoughts about her in my head, just like I won’t let anyone do that to

“ Diana I’m your lover, she’s an employee....”

“ Who also happens to be a friend Xena.”

“Consort wake up!”

“Xena I am awake.”

“ Obviously your not! especially when you don’t see the blatant things she
does and says!”

“ What blatant things?”

Xena looked at Diana in utter amazement.

“ I don’t believe you, you actually don’t believe that woman wants you and is
in love with you?”

Xena I think I made it clear that I don’t believe that.

“ well answer me this Consort , how is it that she needed to caress your
fingers when looking at the painting on your fingernails?”

“ Caress my fingers,ha, aha. Xena she didn’t caress my finger, she was just
holding my hand as she examined my nails.”

“ It’s not funny Consort.”

Xena warned once again.

“Your right sorry.”

Xena then took Diana’s hand in hers the way Lydia had done and she did the
exact same thing Lydia did to Diana’s hand.

“ so what do you think now?”

“ about what?”

“ About what I just did?”

“ Xena’s no big deal, so she ran a finger over my fingers briefly, it
could have just been her way of admiring the look of the polish on my whole

Xena threw up her hands in the air.

“ I knew you were naive about a lot of things, but being so exceptional at
lovemaking I thought for sure you would be able to see a come-on a mile away.
but noooo..look at you, you honestly don’t see it. I don’t understand how that
could be.”

“ Maybe it’s because I don’t believe she is?”

“ Fine Consort! Then how do you explain that little story she was reminding
you about and how she moved onto the desk to finish telling you about it? and
what about the term she used to describe your breast?”

“ Xena it was a true story, and she was just reminding me of some of the fun
times we use to have, as far as the desk, she just was trying to get me to see
her point.”

“ Hah! So what about the remark about your breast? How will you explain that?”

“ Xena you don’t have to get sarcastic.”

“ Fine Consort, what about it?”

Xena said with irritation.

“ What remark?”

“Wh..what remark? Consort! the remark about how delicious your breast were.”

“ Xena she didn’t say that.”

“ Are you calling me a liar?!”

“ No. I just don’t remember her saying that.....and even if she did, I’m
should it was a slip of the tongue and nothing more.”

“ A slip of the tongue? nothing more? hmmm....? I’m sure if you offered she
would love to slip her tongue around one of those Delicious breasts of

Xena said studying her young mate.

“ Consort, you are not to be alone with her in this or any other office.”

“ Xena come on now, she is not interested in me like that?”

“ you heard me Consort.”

“ Xena this work I do tends to require I be alone at times with my associates,
to discuss confidential matters with them.”

Xena raised a brow and then set her jaw.

“ Xe....., fine, fine, I’ll do what you say, it’s not necessary, but fine
I'll do it.”

“ Good girl, now let’s go eat.”

Xena then turned on her heels and opening the door she said,

“ Come.”

Diana shook her head and then she strided to where Xena stood at the door.
They took the stairs to allow more private time so that they could discuss
other things. They finally made it to the dining hall, which happen to be
full. Diana walked in with Xena next to her and the Maitre’d quickly ushered
her and Xena to the front of the line.

“ Lady Diana, it is a pleasure and an honor to see you here once again, your
seats are ready and waiting for you in your private booth. Ms. Tate is waiting
for you, she just arrived a moment before.”

“ Thank you Jacque.”

Diana and Xena were escorted to their seats by her personal waiter. They
arrived at the booth and Diana let Xena choose her seat and then she sat close
to where Xena sat. Lydia watched the two take their seats and then once they
had sat down she said,

“ I took the liberty of ordering something to drink, I hope that was ok?”

“ That’s fine Lydia, what did you order?”

“ Champagne.”

“ Champagne? Lydia you know I don’t drink?”

“ I know but I thought just this once, look at it as a celebration of sorts?”

“ What type of celebration?”

“ Your coming home, I mean back here to the office.”

“ Oh, well Lydia that was very thoughtful of you and I really do appreciate
it, but I prefer to not drink any alcohol, but the two of you are more than
welcome to indulge I’ll have cider and we can still celebrate.”

Lydia was a bit disappointed, but she understood.

“ Ok, the two of us will drink it and I’ll order you a cider?”

“ Oh, ok, thank you.”

“Marina can you bring Lady Diana a cider please?”

“ Right away Ms. Tate.”

Diana put one of her hands on her thigh and absentmindedly rubbed on it making
the slit in the skirt of the dress expose more of her thigh. Lydia saw where
Diana’s hand was rubbing and she watched as the slit slipped further open.
Xena of course was watching Lydia and noticed where her eyes were focused on.

Xena was about to lose her temper and she knew she had to get away from Lydia
for a moment before she ripped her apart limb from limb and then beat her with

“ Diana?”

Xena spoke tightly. Diana looked back at her seeing how she was looking around
the dining hall at the many familiar and unfamiliar faces.

“ Yes T.C.?”

“ Where is the powder room?”

“ Oh it’s down there, and around to the right, it’ll be on your left.”

Diana said pointing out the directions. Xena stood to her full height thus
towering over Lydia and then she stepped around her chair and turned on her
heels and headed for the door of the booth and then out and down in the
direction Diana had pointed out. She cursed the whole way to herself.

Diana watched and felt Xena's. anger and she looked at Lydia for a moment
while Lydia was watching Xena, Diana thought about what Xena had said and then
after a few minutes or so she dismissed it as Xena’s overprotectiveness.

“ Diana can I ask you something?”

“ Sure what?”

“ What is with her?”

“ Who? T.C.?”

“ Yes?”

“ What do you mean?”

“ She seems to be sooo.....watchful of you, and short with me.”

“ You think?”

“ Yes, I mean it’s like she see’s me as a threat or something.”

“ No.”

“ well, maybe I’m just super sensitive since this is your first day back and
you have a tag along.”

“Lydia she is not a tag along, she is a knew associate who I need to introduce
to my businesses.”

“ You said that, what I don’t get is why one of your other associates
couldn’t show her the ropes of the companies of yours, that they work for,
that way you would be free to do more of the things someone in your position
should be doing.”

“ and what would that be Lydia?”

“ You know you could be traveling the world, enjoying yourself with your

“hahahaha, Lydia I’ve done all of that and more and I really don’t have a
problem showing a talented associate the ropes of my businesses, especially
since she will be my advisor on everything relating to my investments, of
course this is after she learns about all of my investments of course.”

“ Diana, I’m a little concerned that you are putting a lot of trust in someone
you just met, I mean, if I didn’t know better I’d think you were either
brainwashed or during this under distress, either from a blackmailer or con of
some sort.”

“hahahahaha,Lydia? your so funny, you have such an imagination, you see spys
around every corner. Lydia I assure you I am not just arbitrarily putting my
trust in some strange woman who appeared out of no where, I have known her for
over two years she was my bodyguard, while I was away from my companies, and I
noticed that she had such a knack for making money and for leading people.
Lydia she was an expert at her job as my bodyguard, and I saw that same skill
in her, while dealing with her finances, and leading others.”

“ well that explains why she is so protective of you. But how could she
protect you from men, I mean she is a woman, a tall awesome looking woman ,
but a woman none the less?”

“ Don’t be deceived, her skills are deadly, and she will kill without remorse
or regret, unless it was to wish she had made the person suffer more. Hahaha,
I’m sorry it’s just that she is a very beautiful looking woman, and to think
that she could kill is quite an interesting thought, and reality.”

“ Yeah, I guess it really is, you know I am quite scared of her.”

“ Don’t worry about it, everyone who meets her feels that way.”

“ So your saying she won’t hurt me right?”

“ No she’ll hurt you in a heartbeat if she feels like you or anyone else is a
threat to her or me., But outside of those reasons, she’s a big teddy bear.”

“ are you afraid of her?”

“ Yes, if she sets her mind to something that she thinks is dangerous, and I
go ahead and still do something that she’s asked me not to, well let’s just
say she has a temper that just does not quit until it burns it’s self down.
But I love having her around because of the security she provides me when I am
away from the Chosen.”

“ Oh, ok I understand that.”

Lydia said finally taking a deep breath and relaxing in her chair. She now
believed Xena was not a threat to her because she was no threat to Diana.
Diana saw Xena coming and figured to ask Lydia if she had any further
questions before T.C. came back.

“ No, I’m ready to eat.”

“ ok, me too.”

Xena strided back into the room and looking at the two sitting quietly, Xena
let her body tell her what was going on at the same time she asked.

“ What’s going on?”

“ What do you mean T.C.?”

“ I mean why are you two sitting here like two children who have just done
something wrong and now your trying to pretend that nothing has happened?”

“ T.C. your so suspicious, but I understand where it comes from now.”

Lydia said confidently. Xena raised a brow at her in wonder as to how she
could sit there and say she understood anything about her. Xena smirked at the
thought and then said,

“ Really, and just what do you think you understand about me Lydia?”

Xena said closing the door and standing with her arms crossed over her chest
as she waited for Lydia to tell her.

“ Well Diana told me why your so protective of her.”

Xena casually looked over at Diana and seeing the slight shake of her head she
knew Diana had not told Lydia about them. Xena then brought her eyes back to
focus on Lydia.

“ And what did she tell you?”

“ She said you use to be her bodyguard.”

Xena bit the inside of her cheeks to keep from laughing at the trueness of the
description. She then threw a thought at Diana.

“ So now I’m your bodyguard huh? well I think I need to practice a little

Diana blushed to her roots.

“ So she told you that huh? and what else did she tell you?”

“ She said that you have deadly skills and would kill in a heartbeat without
remorse or regret if you thought someone was a threat to You or her.”

Xena strided over to the table and took her seat and stretched her long legs
out to the side to where Lydia looked up and down them, and then back up only
to find Xena watching her.

“ See anything interesting Lydia?”

Xena asked knowing she had judged the woman correctly. Lydia stammered and
then said,

“ I....I...was just looking to make sure you had the room you needed for your
long legs.”

“ Really? And do I ?”

“ yes plenty.”

Lydia said quickly. Xena then went back to the previous subject.

“ What Lady Diana has told you is true, my skills are deadly and I will not
hesitate to protect her from anyone who would try to hurt her, ANYONE.”

Xena said emphasizing her last word. Lydia flinched at the emphasizes and the
following look from Xena.

“ Well no threat here, you can be sure.”

“ Glad to hear it, I know Diana would be quite heartbroken if I had to rip
you apart limb from limb and beat you to death with them.”

Xena said with a wry smile on her lips. Diana knew what Xena had just said was
truly what she would do if she felt Lydia was a threat.

“ Well T.C. like Lydia said, no threat there, just good friends , to which one
of them is starved. “

Xena finally broke her gaze at Lydia who was finally able to look away after
it was broken. Xena looked over at Diana and picking up her glass she took a
slow drink of it while looking over the rim at Diana, indicating we need to
talk after this.

Diana lowered her eyes discreetly so that Lydia did not see. Xena then put her
glass down and said,

“ Let’s eat.”

She then waved Marina to come into the booth. Marina stepped in and asked for
their orders, starting with Diana and then Xena and finally Lydia. The three
ate and only spoke briefly about unimportant things. Afterwards Lydia made up
an excuse to excuse herself and she quickly left the booth.

Xena watched her go and once she had turned a corner out of sight Xena turned
to look at Diana.

” What?”

“We need to go where we want be disturbed, I have some things to get off my
chest and possibly place upon your behind.”

Diana’s eyes went wide,

“ But why? I haven’t done anything Xena.”

“ we’ll see. Come on, we’ll go back to the Penthouse.”

“But Xena there are so many things I wanted to show you.”

“ You can show me later, right now we need to talk.”

Xena stood and waited for Diana to do the same, they then exited the booth and
soon the building and stepping into the waiting car, they were taken back to
the penthouse.

Xena stepped into the doors first and stopped, until she heard Diana step in
and close the door and lock it, Diana then stepped up close to Xena only to
her utter surprise Xena turned and struck her across the face sending Diana
flying across the room.

“ Gods Xena! why did you do that?”

“ Because I am so upset with you and your wanton blindness when it comes to
that woman!”

Xena strided over to where Diana still sat holding the side of her face, she
flinched when Xena bent down to lift her up off the floor.

“ Your not going to hit me again are you?”

Diana asked out of concern.

“ Only if you force me to, in order to get my point across to you.”

“ What point?”

“ That you can not trust that hydra!”

“ Xena she is not a hydra and your wrong to call her names when you barely
know anything about her!”

“ What is this?!”

Xena shouted grabbing Diana’s arm and pulling her close to her so as to glare
into her eyes.

“ What?”

Diana said in fear.

“ This damn back talk! this questioning and arguing with ME?! You have
obviously forgotten who I am...... but Consort I will make sure you won’t
forget again.”

With that Xena practically dragged the struggling young girl into the bedroom
and told her to strip.

“Xena I haven’t forgotten who you are Your MY Lord Xena, please don’t whip me
I won’t argue with you anymore, please?”

Xena listened to the pleading Diana as she went to get a leather strap, as
she did she warned,

“ I expect you to be nude by the time I come back over there.”

“ Xena please?”

Diana saw that Xena was not going to change her mind and rather than risk
worse she stripped out of her clothes and stood nude in front of the bed.
When Xena turned around holding the leather strap, Diana’s breath caught in
her throat, and she became weak feeling in her knees, so rather than fall down
Diana sat on the end of the bed and stared at the strap in Xena’s hand.

“ Get up on the bed and lay on your belly.”

Diana looked up at the stoic face, and with tears rolling down she tried to
use her eyes to plead her case. Xena read the request and she shook her head
and said,

“ Move, now.”

Diana crawled upon the bed and positioned herself as she had been told to do,
crying. Xena went to the side of the bed and without prelim... She raised and
lowered the leather strap so that it landed on Diana’s behind.

“ OUC.H!!!”

Diana cried out. Xena delivered 20 more such lashes to Diana’s redden behind.
After she had finished she told Diana to stay on the bed and she would return
in one hour. Diana even through her pain she was still worried about Xena.

“ wh..where are you going?”

“ I need to check on some things, but I’ll be back.”

“’ll be careful?”

Xena turned to look back at Diana and then she walked back over to her and sat
on the side of the bed and Diana was motioned to lay her head on Xena’s lap.
Diana did as she was told and once there, Xena caressed Diana’s ebony hair and
also ran her fingers over Diana’s cheeks.

“ Consort you know how much I love you?”

“ Yes.”

Diana said through her sobs.

“ I won’t let anything happen to you again because I’m not there to protect
you. Diana any one who I see as a threat to you I will not let you, because
of your naiveness, be hurt, even if that means punishing you to make you open
your eyes and stop looking at This Lydia as a friend, but look at her through
neutral eyes, and you will see very clearly what her intentions are. But if
for some reason you still don’t see it, I will take matters into my own hands
and handle her myself. Is that clear?’

“ Yes.”

Diana said simply, although she wanted to say more but seeing how Xena was
already upset with her she figure she would leave it at the simple response
for now.

“ Good girl. I have to go but I’ll be back soon, it may take me more than one
candlemark, but I will be back. I’ll wear this so that I won’t accidentally be

Xena then repositioned Diana back on the bed so that she was resting with her
head on the pillow and her arms under her head. Xena then leaned over and
placed a tender kiss to Diana’s lips and was met with Diana’s own return
tenderness. Xena let a curve come to the corner of her mouth and then she

“ I do love you Diana.”

“ I love you to Xena.”

Diana said still sobbing intermittently. Xena then turned and strided over to
the door and then walked out .

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