By D.virtue

Xena went back to the company, but instead of going in she went and
positioned herself where she could wait for Lydia. After a while people
started leaving the building and before too long Xena saw her prey. Lydia was
talking on the phone and with Xena’s amazing hearing she heard her say she
would be meeting with them in 30 minutes at the Country club on Westerly.

Xena immediately left for the club on Westerly before Lydia got her car which
took 15 minutes due to all of the other cars, Xena had one of Diana’s other
cars take her to the club and she asked him where was Diana’s area of
socializing when she was there and the driver said it was towards the back,
and that one could see in through the windows, their the only one’s back
there, although one would have to be able to climb a tree.

Xena smiled a knowing smile and then she told the driver to come back in about
1 hour. Xena then stealthily went around to the back and waited. After waiting
for a while Xena saw Lydia walk into the room she had been scanning for a
while, she was followed for a bunch of men, 12 that Xena could count.

“ Diana’s Chosen!”

Xena looked at each one of them and burned their image in her mind so that she
would never forget what they looked like. They all were handsome and tall and
athletically built. Xena was impressed with Diana’s taste, but why wouldn’t
she be, she was The Chosen.

The 13 people sat down and to Xena’s approval they sat where she could see
most of their mouths as they talked, she would have to use her other skill of
lip reading to know what they were talking about.

Lydia was the first to speak.

“ I wanted to tell you about something that happened today. Today Diana came
back to the office and she had someone with her.”

Nino, Diana’s 2nd Chosen spoke next.

“ What do you mean she had someone with her? Who?”

“ It was a woman, Diana said her name was T.C., she introduced her as a new

“ Go on.”

“ She said she had known her for 2 years, and that she use to be a bodyguard
for her.”

“ Body guard?”

Terrace asked.

“ Yes, she said that she was one of the best body guards she had ever had.”

“ Oh! you know who she’s talking about? She’s talking about that dark hair
woman, she was dark haired wasn’t she?”

“ Yes. “

“ tall?”

“ Yes, and very good looking.”

“ Lydia your always checking out the women, but this one you might not want to
mess with she’s very dedicated to Diana.”

“ Have you guys ever meant her?”

Xena held her breath with this question.

“ Come to think of it , no Diana usually meant up with her already waiting at
the car or in the car unless she was going somewhere during the day and would
not be back until that evening she would have her meet her at the office she
happen to be in or place as the case maybe.”

“ Well I’m glad you know her, I think she likes Diana, in the way I like

“ We wouldn’t doubt it, you yourself have wandering eyes when it comes to

Lydia flushed.

James Diana’s third said.

“ You guys said you wanted to know about Diana’s behavior and activity while
we were together, and that I was to report back to you guys?”

“ Yes, we need to know if Diana is adjusting to a change that occurred in her
life a while back.”

“ And if she isn’t, what then?”

“ We drop back and punt.”

Gerard Diana’s 5th interjected.

“ yes, we would probably end up punishing her again if her behavior hadn’t
improved. Speaking of which how was her behavior?”

“ Oh, she was like her old self Confident, strong forthright, but
compassionate of a persons feeling, which from what I had heard is a drastic
change from that of a rebellious mean tempered, and disrespectful of others
over the last 2 years since she had been back.”

“ Yes, well it’s that change in her life that brought about that behavior, but
it seems as though she finally is getting over being away from the influence.
Yes Guys I think we will have our Diana back soon, I know I miss her, and I
can bet you all feel the same way.”

“ Yes, you got that right.”

“ Yes it will be good to hold her again, without the arguments.”

Xena watched and read as they went around the room virtually describing what
their plan was for Diana when she showed back up. Xena felt sick and angry
about the idea of those men bedding her Consort, and she vowed then and there
that she would not allow it.

“ As for you Lydia, I think I need to take care of you to get you on my side.

Xena thought to herself, with and evil expression showing on her face.Xena sat
in the weeping willow for a while longer until they all got up and left. Xena
then went to where she knew the driver would be waiting for her and she got in
the car and they returned to the hotel.

Xena had been cursing the whole way back and the driver was a bit unnerved by

“ Are you ok Ms.?”

“ Fine! “

Xena answered. The driver caught the hint that the woman did not feel like
talking, but to his surprise Xena asked him a question.

“ How long have you been with Diana and her Chosen?”

“ Oh, um 6 years, and actually I only came to work as the driver because of
Lady Diana. I use to be homeless and she got me cleaned up, bought me and my
wife and three children a home and gave myself and my wife a choice as to what
we wanted to do to support our family, I told her I would do anything , but
she saw a bigger vision for me she asked me to go to College and get my degree
in business, I told her I wasn’t really the school type but my wife was and
she always wanted to learn about the business world. So Lady Diana sent my
wife to a four year university and paid for everything, and while my wife was
learning she asked me what I wanted to do and I told her be one of her
personal drivers, I was good with my hands and I loved cars, although I didn’t
have any, anyway she sent me to an automotive school to learn about the latest
things in cars and then she hired me as her driver. I have full benefits that
people can not believe, I mean everything is covered, there is not one thing
medically, experimentally, or otherwise that is not covered. I am paid an
amazing amount of money, and do you know what the best part of all?”

“ What?”

“ The best part is that all she ask is complete loyalty, first to her and then
her sisters and then her Chosen.”

“ So you would never betray her?’

“ Never! I would rather go back to being homeless on my last leg with one eye
and half a heart and brain, before I would even think about thinking about
betraying her anyone, including her Chosen or sisters. My Loyalty is
completely to her. Whatever happens in this car with me driving stays in this
car until the day I die. Not that Lady Diana would do anything to warrant any
type of scandal, but I’m just pointing out the extend of my loyalty to her. “

“Does the other drivers feel the same way?”

“ Every last one of them. Diana has done some incredible things for all of us
and to betray her to anyone would be as though we betrayed our very souls. It
just isn’t an option. We all love and respect Lady Diana, and would do
whatever is needed to protect her.”

“ Well Lady Diana is the lucky one, to have such loyal people around her.”

“ Thank you Ms. But it is we who are the lucky ones.”

they ended their conversation on that note, and just in time, they had
arrived back at the hotel and Xena thanked the driver and then went into the
hotel and back up to the Penthouse to talk to Diana.

Diana was slowly moving about the room every now and then stopping to rub her
behind. Diana went to get something to drink and she turned to see Xena
covering her mouth in an obvious attempt to keep from laughing.

“ What’s so funny?”

“ Hmm...nothing, how are you feeling?”

Xena asked in seriousness.

“ I feel’s my behind that hurts.”

“ brought it on yourself.”

Diana leaned one of her hips against the table she had made it to and looked
back at Xena and said.

“ Oh No we’re not getting into this conversation again, we don’t see eye to
eye and it will be my behind to suffer for it. So we are not going there.”

“ What do you mean we don’t see eye to eye Consort?”

Diana heard the tone, and she knew Xena’s mood had suddenly changed.
Diana moved around to the other side of the table as she noticed Xena coming
near her. She had not answered and was not looking at Xena’s face, but instead
her feet.

“ Consort? I asked you a question.”

“ Xena can’t we just drop this, please?”

“ No.”

Diana took a few calming breaths and then just as she was taking another step
back from Xena, she heard.

“ Don’t move again Consort. And look at me.”

Diana stopped in her backtracking and she slowly lifted her eyes only to see
an angry Xena standing in front of her. She let out a forced breathed and then
stood waiting for Xena. Xena strided to Diana and coming to stop in front of
her Diana used her arm to hold her up so that all of the stress of her
standing would not be on her behind. Especially seeing how she was about to
have a repeat lesson in the errors of disagreeing with The Conqueror.

“ Consort are you telling me after all I told you you still don’t believe

“ Xena it’s not a matter of believing you.”

“ Then what is it a matter of Diana?”

“ It’s just that Lydia has been a friend to me and I have no reason to doubt

Diana said quietly. Xena grabbed Diana’s chin once again and made her focus on
her eyes, and then through clenched teeth Xena hissed.

“ You have a reason to doubt her, because I your Ruler and Lover has told you
there is reason.”

“ Diana didn’t answer she just tried to understand Xena’s side of things.”

“ Fine! Don’t believe me! I have never lied to you and wouldn’t start now!
and for you to think I was! Well I really resent it Diana!”

Xena then let go of Diana’s chin and stormed into the other room, but not
before Diana saw the hurt flash in Xena's eyes and she could feel her

“ Xena?! Please?”

Diana called as she made her way to the other room following after Xena. When
Diana got to the door of the other room she saw Xena pacing back and forth


“ What?!”

Xena said continuing to pace but now watching Diana.

“ I....I didn’t mean to make you feel as though I didn’t believe you.”

“ REALLY?! “

Diana flinched, and then she got angry at the implication.

“ Yes Really! Xena You have never lied to me and I know you are not lying to
me now. This is not about that ! All I’m saying is that it is possible that
you have misread Lydia’s intentions, she is trustworthy and honest .”

“ Is That Right?!”

Xena sneered.

“ Yes that’s right!”

“ would you be willing to put your trust in her over another whipping by me?”

“ What?”

“ A challenge my sweet Consort, your trust in her for a whipping from me if I
can prove you wrong?”

“ Xena this isn’t a game.”

“ Do I look like I’m playing Consort ? If you lose I will redden your backside
more than it already is.”

“ Why?”

“ Because you have offended me. And you know how I feel about that?”

Diana swallowed hard, and thinking about Xena’s challenge and why she made it,
Diana decided that if Xena felt this strongly about this then she must know

“Xena I don’t want to do this challenge, you obviously know something about
Lydia, and I would be nuts to go against you.”

“Yes you would be.”

“ Xena I didn't mean to make you feel the way you were. I never wanted you to
think I was doubting you over someone else, that is not what I meant to happen
at all. I am so sorry .”

Diana confessed as she made her way to where Xena was still pacing, and still
watching her. When Diana came to where Xena’s half way mark was she stopped
and waited for Xena to come back.

Xena did but she started to step around Diana, but was caught by the arm.
Diana turned herself and went to stand in front of Xena.

“ I am sorry Love.”

Diana’s eyes shining with the love she had for Xena. Xena finally took a deep
breath and bring her hands up to Diana’s shoulder and lightly under her chin
to lift her face more, Xena said in a determined matter.

“ Diana I would never do or say anything that I did not feel was the truth. I
know how important family and friends are too you and it hurt to think that
you believed it was out of pure jealousy that I was telling you these things.
Lydia is a backstabber, her loyalty is not to you but to those who hired her,

Diana’s eyes teared as she saw the truth in Xena’s eyes. she leaned into Xena
and buried her head in her chest as she cried at yet another lost.

“ Xena I want to go home.”

“ we will kitten, we will.”

Diana wrapped her arms around Xena’s waist and Xena held Diana, resting her
head on top of Diana’s as she let her own tears roll down her cheeks as she
thought about her young Consort and the pain she was going through.

“Xena I’ve always believed you, I just have a hard time accepting the
possibility that someone whom I have known for so long could backstab me.”

“ Diana I understand, while I don’t trust people like you do I do understand
how it would possibly hurt to be betrayed.”

“ You didn’t trust any of the people around you?”

Diana asked out of curiosity.

“ No, at least not until you and Gabrielle came into my life.”

“ But what about Terais?”

“ I didn’t really start to trust her until you two.”

“ Why?”

“because she never let herself show, she was always on her bearings, except
when I would catch her looking at me in certain ways, it was at those times
that started me teasing her, just messing around.”

“ You mean you thought about taking her to your bed?”

“ Ha, your full of questions kitten.”

Diana blushed and just hugged Xena tighter.

“Here let’s sit down at least.”

Xena suggested. They sat down on the sofa with Xena leaning back against the
arm rest of the sofa and Diana eased down on her behind to recline between
Xena’s long legs and rest her head on Xena’s shoulder.

“ Man my behind hurts.”

“ Well just don’t upset me and you want have to worry about things like that.”

“ Hmmm....I think that even if I didn’t you would still find an excuse to turn
me over?”

“ welll.... maybe but it would be for a much different purpose...if you know
what I mean?”

Diana swatted Xena’s thigh and then said,

“ You always seem to do that?”

“ What?”

“Change the subject.”

“ What subject?”

Xena asked innocently.

“ Oh, sure act like you don’t know.”

“ Are you going to tell me?”

Xena asked kissing Diana’s neck and nibbling at her ear.

“ mmmm.....ohhhh..ahh...”

Xena smiled to herself, she really knew exactly what subject Diana was talking
about, and she didn’t want to get into it just now.

“ Ohhhh..nooo you don’t... your trying to distract me, uh-huh, it’s not going
to work.”

“It will if you just be quiet and let me finish what I’m doing?”

“ Xena please? tell me?”

Diana heard the sign Xena emitted and felt her lay back against the arm rest
obviously frustrated. Diana turn around enough to look at Xena and then when
the discomfort to her behind became to much she turned back around and just
laid back on Xena. Xena wrapped her arms around Diana and Diana smiled and
snuggled closer. Xena smile and then said,

“ Ok kitten what did you want to know?”

“ I wanted to know if you thought about bedding Terais?”

“ Yes.”

“ Really?”

“ Yes.”

“ is that all your going to say is yes?”

“ Yes. What more is there to say?”

“ Xena I want to know when you thought about it , and why you didn’t,

“ I see. Well I thought about it a few years after she had arrived to my camp,
but then it would have been nothing more than my taking her for my own
amusement, I probably would have ended up killing her or giving her to my men
or sending her into slavery had I taken her and she not been able to please
me, which as you know no one except two people from my past long ago who both
gave me minimal pleasure, and then there came you who....well there is no

Diana squeezed Xena’s arms and then kissed them. Xena held Diana closer and
kissed her once again on the cheek this time.

“ Go on.”

“ Ok. anyway I thought about it again a few years before you came. we were out
on a mission and I chose to travel on my own horse, and she on her’s, we were
going to visit some of the towns of my Realm and since the traveling was long
her and I stayed in the woods, or caves as the climate would indicate. There
came a day when we were caught out in the rain and it was a terrible storm. We
finally found shelter and I discovered she was sick. I started a fire and got
out of our wet clothes and laid them by the fire to dry. we were lucky to find
a cave with enough wood to last months. It was obvious that the cave was once
used by others as a temporary resting place. Anyway it was doing this time
that I thought about bedding her. She was shivering from fever and she needed
to be warmed so that the fever could break, I had already gotten our bedrolls
and blankets out of our waterproof packs, I covered her with her’s and mine,
but she still shivered and she was going in and out of consciousness, I had
given her some medicine when we first arrived but it would take time to work,
soooo...I got in her bedroll with her and held her to my body, letting the
heat of my body warm her cold one. I fell asleep and for four days and nights
I did this, on the four night I had finally fallen asleep, an while I was
asleep her fever broke and she begun to arouse, I guess I was more tired than
I thought I was, because when she had fully awoke and found me lying naked
next to her she couldn’t help herself I guess. She quietly got up and cleaned
herself up, she then got back in the bedroll and rewrapped my arms around her.
She then turned towards me putting her breast against my breast, she then went
back to sleep. When I awoke a while later, I saw that she had turned and I was
first happy to feel that she no longer had a fever, but I was confused as to
why her body felt so clean and smooth. I then realized that she had cleaned up
and gotten back in the roll with me, at first I thought I should get upset
with her and her presumptions, but then I figured why not. so I ran my fingers
over her shoulder and then I lowered the blanket that covered us so that I
could see her breast. I then let my hand move to one of them and I kneaded it
in my hand.”

Xena then abruptly stopped.

“ I’m sorry kitten, but I can’t go on.”

“ Why not?”

“ Because I’m not comfortable.”

“ With the subject?”

“ No. You and me in all of these clothes on this sofa.”

“ Well that’s no big deal Xena you don’t have to stop your story, we’ll just
take these things off.”

“ Wellll..that would be more comfortable, I guess.”

“ You guess?”

“ welll..I rather be on something a bit wider than this sofa.”

“ Xena this is a huge sofa. “

“’s not as large as the one’s I have in my sitting area is it?”

“ Ok Xena, big baby, we’ll take off these clothes and get in the bed so that
you can be as comfortable as a bug in a rug, so then you can finish telling
this story.”

“ Thank you kitten.”

Xena said with a kiss to Diana’s neck and an hidden wick smirk as she helped
Diana up and then they went into the other room and she quickly stripped out
of the clothes she had been wearing and she got upon the bed on top of the
covers due to the warmth of the day. Diana watched her and then she said,

“Now we’re only doing this so that you can tell me this and whatever other
stories you have about your many conquests right?”

“ Right.”

Xena agreed. Diana nodded her head and then she proceeded to strip out of her
clothes, she then gingerly climbed up on the bed and this time she laid down
on her side so as not to cause anymore discomfort to her behind. Xena smiled
at Diana’s new position and thought it was perfect for what she had planned.
She positioned herself so that she too was lying on her side, each facing one
“ Ok Xena continue.”

“ Ok kitten calm down. Anyway I started to caress her shoulder and I kissed
her neck, and.....”

Xena stopped again and knitted her brows together.

“ What?”

“ I was just thinking how much easier this would be to remember if I could
demonstrate on you? That way I would be able to tell if it were one way or

“ Xena come on now, you have a better memory than an elephant, your telling me
you can’t remember your encounters without a subject to demonstrate on?”

“ Welll..I probably could, but I think it will be fun to reenact. “

Diana raised a brow at Xena,

“ Ok Xena, but this is just to help you with your story telling, understand?”

Xena bit the inside of her cheek and rather than risk it she just nodded her
head in agreement, and thought to herself,

“ Sometimes my little Consort I love it when your naive.”

“ Great stay just like you are.”

Xena finally said, she then moved closer to Diana she begun to kiss her on her
shoulder and neck.

“ Yes now I remember.”

“ I’m sure you do.”

Diana said in mock. She then laid her head on the pillow while Xena continued
her story.

“ So anyway I was kissing her and then I brought one of my hands up to caress
her breast, like this.”

Xena then moved her hand to Diana’s breast and over her nipple. she then
pinched and squeezed it between her thumb and forefinger, all the while
telling her story and watching Diana melt with her touches.

‘ And then I heard her moan, and I thought that she was just trying not to
open her eyes for fear that I would stop, so I decided to see how far she
would let me go, soooo...I then lowered my head and did this.”

Xena then lowered her head to Diana’s breast and she slowly, but firmly
begun sucking on Diana’s taut nipple.

‘ Hmmmm..... ok....what then....?”

Diana asked slightly breathless.

“ Wellll... “

Xena now using her mind to talk to Diana so that she did not have to stop what
she was doing.

“ I stayed on her breast for a bit, and then when I did move I rolled her onto
her back and I watched her struggle to keep her eyes close, but her moaning
was obvious as to what she was feeling.”

Xena then bit down on the sweet nipple, and Diana’s breast begun to produce.
Xena smiled to herself and sucked and drank and then she moved to the other
breast but not without comment.

“ Although her breast never done that before.”

Diana blushed to her roots and Xena smirked and then continued in her story.

“ I then did this to the other breast, just as I was kissing her abdomen, I
felt her muscles start to quiver, I then moved my hand down her abdomen and
then I did this.”

Xena moved her hand down Diana’s abdomen and on to her soft curls where she
ran her fingers over Diana’s clit and Diana’s hips jerked in response to the
touch. Xena noticed that Diana’s breathing was now labored and ragged. Xena
could not help but continue.

Xena then let her fingers go to Diana’s entrance and there she circled around
it and darted in just enough for a response and then she would withdraw and
return to the clit once again to stimulate the already pulsating peak.

“ Kitten are you still with me?’

Xena asked to see if she could end her story.

“ Um-hmm, yes.... I...I....with you....”

Diana finally said breathlessly.

“ Good. Anyway I then ran my fingers into her , but not far, just about like

and Xena proceeded to push her fingers into Diana and she pumped just at the
opening and Diana was trying to push herself onto the teasing digits, but Xena
stopped and said,

“ Diana, you understand, I’m just showing you what I did to Terais right?”

Xena teased. Knowing that Diana was near her peak.

“ Yes....”

Diana said through a strained voice.

“ Good. Anyway I then did this...”

And Xena placed another finger by the first and she inserted it to the same
slight depth that she had the first and she stayed at the entrance pumping
just enough to get a response, but not enough to be considered as taking her.

“ I knew Terais was a virgin and she had longed for the day that I would claim
that virginity, but I wasn’t interested in doing that At least not then, I was
just waiting for her to open her eyes. Finally when her frustration
was.....welll...much like yours right now.”

Xena noticed as Diana was perspiring and moaning and groaning at the teasing
touch. Xena smirked and then she pushed a little further into Diana, which was
just a little deviation from what she did with Terais. She then continued to
pump into Diana who now was pushing back upon Xena’s strong fingers with
Xena bit her cheeks once again and she forced herself to continue.

“ I was doing this when all of a sudden she opened her eyes, I then stopped
and pulled out and covered her up.”

Xena proceeded to do the same with Diana, to Diana’s utter dismay.

“ Gods...Xena! “

Diana exclaimed as she was just cresting to peak. Her breath ragged her eyes
pleading. But she was not able to say anything more than she already had. Her
eyes were now blue from the sudden lost and the nearness of her release. Xena
then rolled onto her back continuing in her story as if she didn’t notice
what Diana was going through at that very moment.

“ So when I did that, Terais asked me to continue and I told her It wouldn’t
be right, because of the cost of losing her self confidence. She asked me
what I meant by that and I told her, while I would be able to satisfy her in
the bed she however would not be able to return that pleasure and therefore
would probably never seek any other possible love interest. She begged me to
take her or at the very least take her virginity, I told her that was too
precious of a gift to give to someone who did not care for her in that way,
and that when she met that special person she would be able to give that gift
to that person. She however did not agree, she told me that just because I
didn’t feel for her in that way she however had great feeling for me, in fact
she said, she had been in love with me for a long time and there was no one
on earth that she wanted to give her gift to than me. I laid there not really
surprised by what she said but more that she was bold enough to say it to me
face to face. She then turned over and started to cry, I felt bad for her,
while I had told myself I would not take her I decided I would this once and
make her swear that she would never bring it up again and would never tell
anyone what had happened. Of Course she agreed readily. I then warned her
that if I heard others talking about this I would punish her, and this time it
would not feel pleasant.”

Xena then rolled back to her side so that she was once again looking down at
Diana who was holding her belly and tears were rolling down her face.

“ Are you ok kitten?”

Xena asked out of her concern.

“ yes... I can just empathize with Terais at this moment.”


Xena laughed out loud, and she then leaned down and whispered into Diana’s

“ I then did this.”

Xena then ran her hands back down to where they had left off and she brought
her lips to Diana’s. She then kissed her tenderly at first but soon her own
passion for Diana was taking over and she would end up confusing Diana about
her passion for Terais, which there was none other than Terais’s for her . So
she eased back away with her passion and she then slid her fingers back into
Diana’s wet waiting nature.

Diana gasped at the return and melted into the touch, she would not allow Xena
to end her pleasure as a result of her story about Terais, so she closed her
eyes and just listened to Xena’ voice not really listening to the words and
because of that she did not hear when Xena called for her shield to reform.

Xena then kissed Diana hard and with less passion than she had initially and
before she could open her eyes to see the look in Xena’s eyes, Xena thrusted
through her renewed shield.

Diana yelped out and then she relaxed into her pleasure, Xena was still
telling Diana her story and demonstrating how she had accepted Terais’s gift,
Xena knew Diana was cresting and she smiled to herself and bending over Diana
she whispered in her ear,

“I love you Consort come for me.”

Diana heard the words of love and she opened her eyes and with love shining
through she released and Xena smiled and then bent over once again, and this
time she said,

“ My sweet sweet Consort, all MINE.”

and she kissed Diana tenderly on the lips, and Diana purred at the feel of
Xena’s warm full lips against her’s. Xena smiled and then after Diana’s
ecstasy had ended Xena took her covered fingers and laid back on her back and
casually licked them clean. After she had finished she looked over to see
Diana watching her.

“ What?”

You did that on purpose.”

“ What ?”

“ You know what, your soooo sneaky, well you know what they say about
turnabout is fair play?”

“ hmmmm... well I thought it would be more.....tasty this way?”

Xena said sucking the last bit of cream from her fingers and jumping up off
the bed just before Diana could punch her.

“ well I’ll get you Warrior, you wait and see.”

“ Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m sure you will try.”

Diana threw a pillow at Xena and Xena caught it and threw it back as Diana was
telling her how cocky she was, the pillow caught Diana in the face and she
went backwards onto her behind. Xena laughed and walked into the bathroom to
get cleaned up. After a few minutes Diana followed and they both got cleaned

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