By D.virtue

Xena returned to the room first and just as she was finishing putting on a
night shirt, she suddenly felt Dizzy .


she stumbled to the table and sat down, after a few minutes she shook her head
and she seemed to be fine.

“ Now that was quite interesting.”

She said outloud to herself. She reached for a fruit and smelling it and
finding that it was fresh she began to eat some. After a few minutes Diana
walked out of the powder room still drying her hair.

“ Hmmm... doesn’t a nice bath just rejuvenate you?”

Diana asked Xena. When she did not hear a response she asked again.

“ Don’t you think so Xena?”

Again no response, Diana wrapped the towel around her hair and called Xena as
she scanned the room, when she finally located her sitting at the table
looking at her out the corner of her eyes.

“ Xena, now why didn’t you answer me?”

“ Didn’t feel like it.”

“ You didn’t feel like it? Xena what kind of an answer is that?”

Diana said still moving towards Xena. Slowly Xena lifted her head up and
turned to look at Diana. Diana startled back as she saw a weird look in Xena’s
eyes that she had never seen before. Xena was boring her eyes into Diana’s
like she was angry about something.

“Xena what is it?”

Diana asked, stopping where she was just out of Xena’s reach.

“ What is what kitten?”

“ you look like your upset?”

“ Oh do I?”

“ yes.”

“hm..well I’m not, come here?”

“ Ok, I will, but let me dry my hair and I’ll be right there.”

Diana slowly turned away expecting Xena to accept her statement. Xena jumped
up out of the chair and caught Diana around her arm and turned her around
before Diana could say anything. She then said while squeezing Diana’s arm.

“ I told you to come here kitten!”

“ GODS!!! XENA!!! PLEASE?!! your going to squeeze my arm off!”

“ Is that what you think?!”

Diana didn’t like the look in Xena’s eyes at all and when she saw the wick
smile cross her face Diana became afraid and started to try and free her arm
from Xena’s vice like grip.

“ NO! NO! DON”T struggle Diana!”

Xena said through clenched teeth. Diana saw a darkness in Xena’s eyes,
something that was familiar yet not. She felt she had seen the look before but
not with Xena, but at the moment she didn’t have time to think about it, her
fear was increasing, and it didn’t seem as though Xena had any intentions of
letting go.

“ Xena please let go?! My arm is falling asleep?”

“ You shouldn’t have disobeyed me kitten!”

Diana now saw contempt in Xena’s eyes and she was truly afraid, and because of
that Diana went into her defensive mode. She brought her other hand up to
feign as though she were going to strike Xena with it, knowing that Xena would
probably catch it before it landed, and sure enough as Diana’s fist would
have connected to Xena’s cheek, she caught it.

But Diana was ready for it and just then she brought her knee up to land in
Xena’s abdomen. Xena being caught off guard bent forward and in doing so let
go of Diana’s arm and wrist. Diana then went to darted away, but Xena caught
her by her long ebony hair.

“ Going somewhere kitten?”

Xena asked with rage flashing in her eyes.

“ Xena please, something is happening your not yourself, please?”

“ Please what kitten?”

“ Please don’t hurt me?”

“ Hmmm... you must be reading my mind?”

“ Xena?! Gods don’t ?!”

“ You shouldn’t have struck me kitten.”

“ I’m sorry, but you were hurting my arm.”

“ Oh that was not meant to hurt you, but what I do now is strictly intended to

Xena’s eyes showed rage and contempt in them, not the love Diana had come to
know. Then Xena’s eyes narrowed and a evil expression came to her face. Diana
was held in place by her hair, while she struggled to get free once again.
Xena went to stand up straight once again and then while still holding Diana’s
hair, she staggered a little but then steadied herself.

“ Come with me kitten.”

Xena ordered as she started to pull Diana along by her hair, she was heading
straight for her weapons belt, and when Diana saw what Xena’s hands were
reaching for she began to panic.


Diana screamed as she renewed her struggle. The struggling Diana was pulling
Xena away from her intended target and she was determined not to let her.

“ Come here!”

Xena said trying to get a better grip on Diana’s hair, finally while Xena was
doing that Diana again swung her fist at Xena, and this time she connected
to the side of Xena’s cheek with enough strength to knock Xena back and cause
her to lose her grip on Diana’s hair. Diana looked at Xena for a split second
to make sure she was not hurt, seeing that she wasn’t she darted for the
closed door and tried to open it.

“ Gods why can’t I open this damn door?!”

Diana screamed at the door as she tried to open it. She then heard Xena coming
towards her she turned to see Xena’s head cocked to the side with one brow
raised and a evil grin on her face. Diana’s heart was pounding wildly as she
kept trying to open the door while keeping an eye on Xena.

“ What’s wrong kitten? Can’t open a simple door?”

“ What did you do to it?!”

Diana yelled. Xena’s jaw set and she said through her teeth.

“ If you raise your voice to me one more time, I will break you in half. Is
that clear kitten?”

Xena’s eyes were slits now and Diana stood trembling with complete fear, the
same she had felt that first day she fought Xena.

“ I understand, Please Xena? I don’t know what’s happening but whatever I did
I won’t do it again, please?”

“ I like to hear you beg, your so adorable. Come here and maybe I won’t whip

“ I...I can’t.”

“ Why?”

“ Because I .....I don’t believe you won’t...I think you will.”

“ hahahahaha, your too smart sometimes, but it’s no matter, when I want to
get you I will, I mean it’s not like you can leave this room or anything.”

Xena then turned on her heels and headed to the table and pulling out one of
the chairs. She then picked up grapes and started to eat them one at a time.
She watched Diana move away from the door. She followed her with her eyes and
as Diana started to reach for her clothes Xena threw a grape at Diana’s hand
and Diana caught it and looked up at the watchful Xena.

“ Leave them off, I like seeing you like this kitten, plus it makes it easier
to take you when I want to.”

Xena said turning her focus to the next grape she held in her fingers as she
watched Diana still stoop as if to pick up her clothes, when Diana started to
reach for them again, another grape flew at her, and again she caught it, but
this time Xena was boring her eyes into her with her teeth bared.

Diana swallowed hard and then brought her hand to her lap, she then stood up
and started to back to the bed, until she saw Xena’s expression changed to
that look of I’ll have you soon, something in the back of her mind told her
not to put herself with the bed behind her, she didn’t know why, but she
heeded her instincts and moved away from the bed, much to Xena’s frustration.

“ Why didn’t you want to sit on the bed?”

Xena asked out of curiosity. Diana lied.

“ My behind still hurts pretty badly from the last punishment.”

“ Is that right?”

Xena saw the lie in Diana’s eyes, but she figured she would let it go for now.
Xena sat watching Diana and Diana stood watching Xena when all of a sudden she
saw Xena grab her head and shake it as though it hurt.

“ Xena are you ok?”

Diana inquired, Xena hid a smirk with her hair.

“ If you care so much why don’t you come and see if I’m ok?”

Diana started to head over towards the bowed raven headed woman, until she saw
a bit of white sparkling and she felt a different feeling coming from Xena one
of anticipation, like she was waiting for something ...or someone. Diana
stopped dead in her tracks and started walking backwards from where she had
just come from.

“ I think you will be fine.”

Xena looked up to see that Diana had returned to where she had just left from.

“ I thought you were coming over here to check on me?”

“ I....I was, but then I figured that a little headache wouldn’t put you

“ Is that so? You know your the cause of it? the least you could do is see if
you caused any permanent damage?”

Xena tried to use guilt on the young girl.

“ I didn’t do anything to cause you permanent damage.”

“ How do you know that? Your not me?”

“ I know because your stronger than just some little hit to the jaw.”

“ Hmmm... well maybe so? But I do have a headache. Anyway enough about all of
that, come here.”

“ No.”

Xena stood up and once again she started towards Diana, and of course Diana
started backpeddling.

“ The longer you try to keep away from me, the longer and harder it will be on

“ Your not yourself, and I won’t let you do this to me.”

“ is that so? If I’m not myself, then who am I kitten?”

“ I don’t know.”

“ You don’t know ? and yet you have lied to me, your disobedient, and you’ve
just been a bad little princess.”

“ I am not being disobedient, I only lied because it was not important to know
why I changed my mind about the bed, and I have not been a bad

Diana’s mind started to race, she’d heard that term used before, she tried to
think of where while keeping her eye on Xena.

“ What is it kitten?”

Xena asked as she stopped, noticing that Diana was now thinking about
something while maintaining her distance and keeping the bed out from behind

“ Princess...princess... gods help me where have I heard that before..”

Diana thought to herself as tears started to well up in her at the thought
that Xena was being possessed by someone. But she couldn’t let on that she
suspected something.

“ You know I don’t have anyway of getting out of here? And plus I couldn’t
leave you by yourself,ha.... you might lose your temper and destroy the

Xena’s eyes narrowed.

“ Why the sudden change in thought?”

“ Well I figured why try to escape, I mean even if I did I would have to come
back because I would be too worried about you.”

“ Really? why?”

“ Why? you know why? I am your Consort . And you my wondrous Conqueror are the
best lover I have ever had and will ever have. “

Xena’s lips tightened at the statement, but then they tried to relax.

“ So you think I am the best huh?”

“ Yes without equal.”

Diana said simply, but with purpose, she figured whoever was possessing Xena
would surely give themselves away. Diana didn’t think it was any of her Chosen
because she had never known them to be able to do something like this, or want

“ Really? Welll..if that’s the case then I suggest we put this theory to the

“ What do you mean?”

“ I mean I want to take you and see just how good I really am?”

“ Oh. No need. we have already been places where none of my Chosen have ever
been. You are The Chosen , My Lord Xena and there is no one who can top that.”

“ Don’t be so sure kitten.”

“ Why not, it’s true, even Rah himself was not capable of taking me to such
height s of passion as you have, and he NEVER will. My life, My Soul, My very
being belongs to you and you alone My Lord Xena. We are bonded like no other,
and I would rather die than be away from you.”

“ You may if your not careful with that tongue of yours princess.”

Xena said to herself under her breath.

“ You know Xena? I think that if we were to be left alone our Destinies would
lead us to such greatness that even the Gods themselves would be in awe of us.
My love for the guys is not like it use to be, while I still care about them
deeply, I could never love them , none of them, the way I love you.”

Diana figured whatever it was that was possessing Xena if it had anything
to do with them, she would give the entity an ear full.

“ While I would not want to hurt any of them, not that I don’t owe them, all I
want from them is the freedom to go and be with the one person who owns my
heart. I have never felt such deep abiding love for anyone or anything, and i
will be damned if I let anyone Chosen or not get in the way of that! I have
always been faithful and loyal and honest, I never have hurt anyone who did
not deserve it, except when I saw someone kill the only person who meant so
much to me. I am a good and decent person who deserves to be happy, but I have
accepted my lot in life even though it was not my choosing. I accepted the
punishments that came from my Chosen, but now I will not accept any except
those that come from The Chosen one.”

“ And just how do you plan on stopping any of your Chosen from punishing you?”

“ I don’t know. But I know if it means my death then so be it,what has this
life brought me but pain and suffering, with fleeting moments of happiness.
Maybe the afterlife will be better, it can’t be much worst.”

“ Are you through?”

“ Yes. I just thought we could talk, to pass the time?”

“ Really? well that was a touching heart rendering confession, I must admit,
but what you fail to see is that I don’t care about that, all I want to do
right at this moment in time is whip you until you cow in terror at my very

“ Why?”

Diana asked with a shaky voice.

“ Because I can!”

was the repeating words echoing in Diana’s mind as she all of a sudden knew
who she was dealing with.

Tears was now rolling down her face more out of fear that Rah was possessing
Xena, and that she didn’t know he was even capable of doing this.

“ After you’ve beaten me then what?”

“ Then I leave for a while.”

Diana’s eyes widen.

“ Yes kitten I know you figured out that I am not your dear Xena, but I am
capable of reading some of her thoughts as to her little pet name she calls
you and some other minor things.”

“ Why not all of them?”

“ She’s a strong woman, I am very surprised at how much effort it is taking to
keep her consciousness at bay. But I think I can do it for a while longer.”

“ Can she hear me?”

“ Oh yes, everything you said, but she can’t do anything about it. I felt her
heartbeat increase as she listened to you. Now her heart is beating rapidly
because of her fear of what I am going to do to you, she knows I will whip
you, otherwise I will not leave, why do you think she told you not to
struggle, she knew that the sooner I got my anger out the sooner I would
leave. but being always the disobedient kitten, you had to
struggle, and fight and now your going to be worst off than you would have if
you had not. And just to let you know, If you continue to try to evade
me..welllll I guess I’ll just have to go to the next level.”

Diana was now visibly shaking.

“ What level is that?”

“ I beat you with my hands.”

Xena said simply , and without feeling and Diana swallowed so hard she thought
she had swallowed her tongue.

“ Are you scared kitten?”

“ Yes.”

“ Are you terrified of me?”

“ is that what you want?”

“ I told you what I want from you.”

“ Then yes, I am terrified of you.”

“ why don’t I believe that?”

“ I don’t know.”

“ Get on your knees.”

“ If I do then what?”

“Then I won’t beat you with my hands!”

Diana’s body involuntarily shuddered at the thought of being beaten by who she
now believed this was. She went to her knees and let the tears run down her
face as Xena drew nearer to her, when Xena came to stand over her Xena said in
a commanding voice.

“ Look at me princess! Who are you more afraid of? Me or your Conqueror?”

Diana slowly looked up and although she was terrified of the person she
thought was possessing Xena she opened her mouth and spoke what was the truth
for her.

“ I am most afraid of ....Xena The Conqueror, although you are capable of
hurting or even killing me, it is she that I fear more than any other, because
of the fear I have of losing her love, the fear of never feeling her strong
loving arms around me, the fear of not feeling secure in my life without her,
and the fear that the darkness would take her when I die, especially if you a
coward uses her hands to inflict a fatal wound in me.”

“ Hmmphff! What if I inflict it in her, How will that make you feel princess?”

“ Feel? I would feel dead, and at the first opportunity I would make it

“ What are you saying?!”

“ What do you think?”

“ It can’t be what I’m thinking you have to much respect for life.”

“ How can one have a life without a heart?”

Xena sneered at the thought of what the young girl was saying. The anger
raging in Xena’s eyes was so great that Xena’s hands were opening and closing,
trying to control the rising inferno.

“ You would kill yourself for this WOMAN?!”

Xena said barely controlling her temper.

“ No, you will have already done that, I would just be laying the corpse down.
Because you see there is no life without a heart or soul, and you killing her
is the same as you killing me, I told you we are bonded in ways that none of
My other Chosen are, when she dies I die.”

“ I will not allow this woman to have you!”

“ That’s beyond your control, she already has me, and she always will as long
as she wants me. I see that as ...forever.”

“ Stand up!”

Diana stood without question.

“Well then I think I have some things I need to do, but before I leave I have
to give you what I’ve been promising you, unless you want to fight ME, as

Diana visibly shivered and tears once again rolled down her face, she was
trying to take deep calming breaths but her fear was to great at this moment.

“ Get on the bed, face down, put your arms above your head and your feet
together, and then don’t move...!”

Diana started to say something but when Xena’ brow arched even with the entity
or without Diana knew the mind was set, She exhaled audibly as she turned and
climbed up on the bed and laid down and positioned herself as she had been
told to do. Xena grinned evilly and then she walked back to her weapons belt
and not only got the whip but also four leather straps, she then came back to
the bed and with contempt she said,

“ Luckily she likes to tie you down, otherwise your whipping would be quite
....well let’s just say all over.”

Xena tied Diana down and offered her a pillow for her head. Diana did not
answer she only laid her head on the bed and prayed it would be over soon.
Xena then bent over Diana and whispered in her ear.

“ I will have you back at whatever cost princess, but for now I am going to
relish this time, although it is not how I saw our reunion, but it will have
to do, here we go.”

Xena then grabbed Diana’s cheek and turned her head. She then kissed her hard
on the lips drawing a trickle of blood, to which she used her tongue to lick
it away. She then stood up , and cracking the whip a few times she then let it



Diana screamed, and then she screamed again.



Diana screamed until she went hoarse and then she whimpered at every lay of
the whip upon her back and backside.

Finally after over one hundred lashes and Diana lying unconscious the
possessing spirit laughed and then after replacing everything and untying
Diana’s arms and legs it disappeared , leaving Xena struggling to stand and
clear her mind . After a few minutes of meditating to focus she eventually was
able to and then after a few more minutes she was able to steady herself. when
she finally stood up straight and shook her head once more, her eyes caught a
glimpse of red out the corner of her eye, she turned to see what it was, and
was truly horrified at what she saw.

What she saw truly sicken her, she tamped down the urge to feel sick, instead
she walked with her hands out as if reaching for something, they were shaking
and she was struggling to calm her terror.

“ Di....Di....Diana?”

A weak voice came from Xena. Diana was not conscious and Xena could not tell
if she was even breathing. Xena sat on the edge of the bed and with her shaky
hands she started to touch Diana’s face , but couldn’t decide whether to touch
what was left unmarked or that which was. She touched Diana’s cheek and felt
that it was warm, and her heart rejoiced, and then it sank again, at the
condition in which Diana was in, her back was bloodied as well as her

Xena’s eyes teared and then she cried and then she screamed. After a while she
finally stopped and then without emotion she begun the process of cleaning
Diana ‘s wounds and coming to terms that she did not have her cream that could
take the pain away, She knew Diana would be in acute pain until the pain
subsided on it’s own. She did not know what happened but she was sure that
when Diana awoke she would be able to tell her and then she would gut the
person or person’s who did this to her kitten.

After three days of Xena tending Diana’s wounds and bathing her in bed. Diana
finally stirred, and the closer she got to consciousness the more Xena knew
she would start to feel the intense pain. Xena positioned herself so that she
could hold Diana, but she knew she was in for a struggle considering Diana’s
strength was almost enough to match hers at times.

“ Hmmm.....owww........”

Xena’s brows and jaws locked as Diana started to awaken. Xena’s heart was
pounding out of her chest and just as she took one last deep breath, Diana

and the struggle begun, her trying to get away from the pain and Xena
protecting her from hurting herself, by holding her.

“ GODS!!!!!! I’m on Fire XENAAAAAAA!!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!.”

Diana cried for Xena and Xena cradled Diana in her arms as Diana screamed and
cried for her love. Diana was not able to see Xena at the moment due to the
blinding pain she was experiencing.

But Xena continued to talk to her and hold her trying to get through to her
that she was there. After three days of the struggling, Diana finally stop
screaming and just cried bitterly as the pain continue to wash over her. Her
vision came back to her later that day and she was able to see that Xena was
holding her, she tried but failed to move more into Xena’s arms, and Xena
seeing it she laid down on her side and putting Diana on her side also she
rolled Diana onto her body so that the two of them were now abdomen to
abdomen, with Xena on the bottom resting her head on a pillow.

Diana rested her head on Xena’s chest and although she still cried bitterly
she heard Xena’s heartbeat and was comforted by it. Xena held Diana on her by
putting one of her knees between Diana’s legs , and letting Diana hold her the
way that was most comfortable for her.

Diana after two more days, finally stopped crying and only whimpered when Xena
had to bath her which meant washing the now healed area that one would not
know had been marked by a whip only days ago. The skin was as soft as a babies
behind, the only indication that something had happened to Diana’s back and
behind was the acute pain she still felt.

“ How are you feeling kitten?”

“ Better, thanks to you.”

Diana said with a smile at Xena, who returned the smile although her heart was
being consumed by the thoughts of revenge. Towards the person or persons who
did this to her Consort.

Xena was trying to find the best way to bring up the subject but she wasn’t
sure if Diana was ready to talk about it or not, especially considering Diana
didn’t seem to remember what happened, Xena assumed it was the acute pain
that was causing Diana to block out the memory. Xena debated about it for
another day and finally out of need she had to know what Diana knew.

“ Diana I need to know what Happened?”

Diana looked up and over at Xena from the couch she was lying on, on her

“ I know.”

Xena remained sitting in the chair that was at the table, while she watched

“ Xena first, come over here?”

Xena stood and walked over to sit in the sofa chair that faced the sofa. Diana
then started to talk again.

“Now, secondly let me say that what happened to me was not your fault at all,
and there is not a part in me or my heart, or my soul that believes it is. Do
you hear what I’m saying Xena?”

“ Of course I hear what you are saying, but that does not mean it’s true. I
feel very responsible for what happened to you ...again because I was not
there to protect you like I promised I would be.”

Xena stated matter-of-factly.

“ See? I don’t think this is a good Idea, I think we should go back to trying
to figure out how to get out of here, because I can see it now, you already
have that look of revenge shining as bright as day in your eyes. I don’t want
anything to happen to you out of your need to avenge something that is not as
important as us getting home. Xena that is the only thing I want for us. You ,
me, Gabrielle, and Terais all living in the Palace happy and at peace with our
lives together. “

Diana started to rise and Xena quickly stopped her.

“ What are you doing?”

“ I wanted to be near you?”

“ Well you don’t have to get up I will come to you.”

Xena then sat on the carpeted floor with her back resting against the front of
the sofa Diana was lying on right where Diana’s head was. Diana then started
to caress Xena’s Raven covered head and then her shoulders, she added pressure
to her caressing so as to provide a massage.

“ Xena?! Your muscles are as tight and knotted as a bored sailor’s rope.”

“ I’ve had a lot on my mind.”

Xena said somewhat curt.

“ I know, you have, here let me massage them out.”

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