By D.virtue

Diana turned on her side with some effort and she started to massage the knots
from Xena’s shoulders. Xena stretched her neck as Diana massaged and soon
Xena’s muscles were more relaxed....for a while.

“ Is that better?”

“ Yes.Thank you.”

“ Xena what is it?”

“ I’m waiting for you to tell me who’s hands did this to you?!”

“Xena it doesn’t matter who’s hands.”

“ It does! Now tell me!”

“ Xena it doesn’t matter who’s hands! it was not the same person who did

Xena stood up and turned and crossed her arms over her chest as she glared at
Diana in disbelief.

“ Diana just tell me.”

“ No.”

“ Diana, it’s been a long week and I’m tired and angry, I don’t feel like
going through this with you, now just tell me.”

Diana studied Xena for long moments and seeing that she was becoming more and
more agitated she decided it would be best to tell her but explain what

“ Fine Xena, but you have to remember what I said?”

“ Fine Consort.”

“ Ok have a seat?”

“ Why?”

“Because I would rather have you sitting down more at eye level than have you
towering over me.”

Xena took a deep signing breath and then she turned and went to sit in the
previous sofa chair she had sat in before Diana asked her to come over to her.
She sat back and crossed her arms over her chest once again, and brought one
of her long legs up to rest the foot of it on the knee of the other leg.

“ Well?!”

Xena said through clenched teeth. Diana saw Xena’s anger and agitation and she
finally begun to tell what happened.

“ Well after you got finished with your bath you got out about 10 minutes
before I did, when I came out I had the towel in front of my face and I was
drying my hair. I knew you were in the room so I asked you a question, but you
didn’t answer me, so I just thought you didn’t hear me so I asked again, this
time when you didn’t answer I thought maybe you had stepped out the room for a
minute so I wrapped the towel around my head so that I could see if indeed you
had left....”

“ Diana This does not tell me who did this to you?!”

“ You have to work on your patience Xena.”
“ Consort!”

“ Ok, Ok, anyway I looked around the room and I saw you sitting at the table
eating some fruit, I asked you why you didn’t answer me and you said because
you didn’t feel like it....”

“ I said that to you?”

“ Yes.”

“ Why ?”

“Xena do you want to hear this or not?”

Xena pinched her lips together and then she sat back in her chair again
waiting for Diana to continue.

“ Anyway, I asked you what kind of an answer that was and while I was
walking towards you you raised your head and you looked like you were angry
about something, I didn’t know what it could be at first but then I thought it
must be about Lydia...then when I asked you what was had a look in
your eyes that was not your own....”

Xena jumped up from her chair and looked like she had just been stabbed.

“ I...I.....I did this too you?! I..I...had a feeling but I wasn’t
sure....GODS I....whipped you bloody ...Gods! I.....Can’t believe this!!”

“Xena ! Stop it !! this is not your fault and if you would stop cursing
yourself for just a minute I will tell you what I discovered during my
encounter with you!”

“ How in Hades can you say this is not my fault?! It was my hands that
whipped you bloody!!”

Xena was looking at her hands as if they were some strange monsters that had
attached to her. While she was Diana had gotten off the couch and went and
placed her hands in Xena’s hands, and in so doing startled Xena.

Xena looked at Diana as if she had lost her mind for touching her hands , the
hands she believed to now be a curse to her.

“ Xena stop this! It was not you who did this to me.”

“ Consort you just told me that.....”

“ No Xena all I told you was that you had a different look in your eyes that I
had never seen before and after talking to you I discovered because of a slip
by you that it was not you....”

“ Diana I’m not following you!”

“ Xena when I was called princess by you something in my mind turned on. I
felt I had heard that term before, but I couldn’t remember where....”

“ I have never called you Princess.”

Xena said matter-of -factly.

“ I know, and that’s what bothered me. I knew you had never called me that
and none of my other Chosen here had either, but I figured that out a while
into our conversation. But while I was trying to figure it out I decided that
if it had anything to do with you and me, then I would give the entity an ear
full, so I told it about my feelings for you and our bond, and everything I
could think of while it came towards me. finally after a while he said

“ He?”

“ Yes, he. It was Rah.”

“ RAH?! But how?!”

“ Yes. I don’t know how, when I was there he never did anything like this that
I’d ever seen and I never heard that he could.”

“ Then how do you know it was him?!”

“ Because of the things he started saying.”

“ saying?”

“ Yes, saying. Xena Rah was very possessive of me, past the point of
obsession. Xena he would and did do things to get me back. He went as far as
to have my sister killed and then have me believe it was all her boyfriends’
greed that she was killed, Xena it was because of him that there is no one
left to carry on that young man’s family name, he caused me to kill all of
those innocent people out of my perceive hatred of the man whom I thought
just took my sisters life for the sake of money. But no Xena it was Rah’s
doing he had him kill her so that I would be alone and feel so vulnerable that
I would return to him out of my need to have someone I could love and who
would love me.”

“ Diana are you saying he did this for that reason ? to get you back?”

“ Yes Xena. He obviously has never given up the hope that one day I would come
back to him, or at the very least he could still have free access to me if he
chose. But with you in the picture he sees there is no way that I would go
back to him, even if he killed all of the guys, not that he would, he’s been
using them just like he used my sisters boyfriend.”

“ So he sees what?”

“ He sees that you are as possessive of me as he is but not obsessed. he knows
how much I love you and he could feel the bond we have for each other while he
was in you. He threaten to kill me and when that didn’t scare me he threaten
to kill you.”

“ What did you tell him?”

“ I told him if he killed you it would be as if he killed me, because as
surely as you would die my heart and soul would die with you and I would
finish it at the earliest opportunity.”

“ You told him you would kill yourself over ME?!”

“ No, I told him he would have already done that I would just finish it by
lying my corpse down.”

Xena was angry at the thought of Diana killing herself over her.

“ Diana I want your word right here and now, that no matter what happens to
me, you will never THINK about taking your life over me! Never!”

“ No.”

Xena’s mouth dropped open at Diana’s simple statement, as if she was just
backhanded across the face.

“ No?! What in the hell do you mean NO?! I’m not asking you Diana, I’m telling

“ Xena I will not make that promise to you! Gods how could I. If anything ever
happened to you my life would be over, there would be no one left for me, no

Diana choked on her words as tears rolled down her face, she let go of Xena’s
hands and turned away so that she could compose herself to continue. Finally
after a moment and a few deep breaths Diana again turned to face Xena who’s
mouth was still agape.

“ You are everything I could dream of and more, my soul is at peace when I’m
with you, even through the trying times like these, but because your here I
have the strength to continue to survive, the two plus years we were apart,
was like a life time, I only fought because I knew that even if I never found
a way back to you, you would find a way here to me. I’ve always believed that,
I was punished almost daily for talking about you constantly and how one day I
would be back with you. They hated the idea, I was told time and time again
that I was not made to pleasure a woman but for the pleasure of my Chosen who
were men. I laughed and once again I was punished for it. But Xena , My Lord
Xena, I never gave up hope, I was angry at them, I became rebellious towards
them, I withdrew from society and became a virtual hermit, I would have made
it a complete one had it not been for them forcing me to go places and then
using my sisters to get them to help get me out of the house, I would have not
come out.”

“ Diana I am overwhelmed by the love you have for me, I don’t understand how
or why you feel so deeply for me, especially considering what I did to your
back and behind.”

Xena said becoming angry as she thought of the whipping inflicted on Diana by
her hands.

“ Xena! it was not you! You did not do this to me! Get that through that
lovely head of yours, It was ALL RAH! ALL! And as far as why I love you so
deeply, that’s easy. We are each other, and yet we’re different, we compliment
each other by our oneness, as well as our differences. Your presence thrills
me, as well as scares me,depending on your mood, your beauty is unmatched,
inner and outer. Your as strong as an Oak, but yet as soft as a Persian Cat.
your eyes tells me stories without you ever moving your lips, they are the
most expressive eyes I have ever seen. Your passionate about battles of any
sort, small or large, you hate to lose, your Confidences inspires any and
everyone who comes in contact with you. Your power and very being is that of
true Greatness. But even with all of that, it all comes down to basics. You
trusted me to never hurt YOU and because of that trust you gave me the most
precious gift, one that I Cherish and will Cherish even until I die, A Gift
that because of fear you have never completely if even partly given to anyone
but me.....”

Xena was gazing at Diana in utter disbelief, and now confusion.

“ My Lord Xena, You gave ME, Diana you Consort..... YOUR LOVE. And for that
I will always love you with all that is in me, because it is what you did, you
gave me all that , that is within you when you gave me your love.”

Xena closed her mouth , and then opened it and then closed it again from not
being able to speak past the lump that was in her throat, so she just opened
her arms and Diana fell into them. Xena let her love for Diana wash through
her as did Diana let her love for Xena wash through her, and by doing so, they
both felt each others love to their souls.

Xena held Diana tightly and although Diana’s back was hurting from the
contact she ignored it and let Xena hold her as tightly as she wanted., which
Xena did as she let her tears bath Diana’s ebony hair. Despite everything
that had happened and what was yet to come the two of them just stood there
and just .......felt each others love.

Finally after a while Xena kissed the top of Diana’s head and breaking their
embrace she stepped back from Diana without letting go of her arms, thus arms
length. She then said,

“ Ok, I think we know where we stand, Thank you for believing in me Diana.”

“ No need, I always believe in you.”

“ And I in you.”

Diana lit up,Xena smirked and then said,

“Ok, Consort we have to figure out what our next move is.”

Xena then let go of Diana’s arms and turned and started to pace the floor,
thinking about a plan. Diana watched her for a moment and then she said,

“ I don’t think we should keep you secret, especially after the fact that it
was over a week ago that the guys expected to see me, I think we need to go to
them and tell them what’s up?”

Xena stopped pacing long enough to look at Diana and while she didn’t like to
expose her hand like that, she was sure that Rah probably already had.“
Hmmm....You know you might be right, I think by letting them see that I am
here, it would not only show them that I am serious about what is mine, plus
it will be the perfect way to stay by your side at all times, that way Rah
can’t pull what they pulled when they kidnapped you and brought you back here.
yes......I think it is a good idea.”

Xena then looked up at Diana in time to see her shudder.

“ What is it? Is it your back? Is it hurting too badly?”

“ Xena, I’m fine, my back and behind do hurt, but that’s not what I was
thinking about. I just had a flash where I saw Rah kidnapping me and taking me
back to his home...GODS that’s a scary thought.”

Xena went to embrace Diana, and give her the security she knew Diana felt
within her arms.

“ That’s not going to happen, but even if it does I’ll find you there also.
But let’s not think about that we have to handle those that are here right
now. I need to talk to them look them in the eyes and see what type of men
they are, or are they just a bunch of boys playing grownup games?!”

Diana chuckled.

“ Consort, I really don’t see anything funny about this whole thing?”

“ I’m sorry, it’s just that I saw this image of you scolding them as if they
were a bunch of bad little boys or something.”

Diana chewed her lip to keep from laughing and Xena rolled her eyes and then
smirked at Diana’s description.

“ Ok, anyway I think we should do that. Besides Rah has either already or will
inform them that I am here already.”

“ Hm...your right I actually hadn’t thought about that when I suggested it. So
after we do that , what then?”

“ Well.....we will probably have to play it by ear, speaking of which, I want
us to wear those earrings, that way if we get separated for some reason we can
still hear each other. Diana I need to know the names and addresses of
everything and everybody that can be used to hide a person out, I also want
you to make me a list.”

“ What type of list?”

“ A list with three headings, Complete trust, Think you can trust, Can not

“ Why?”

“ So that I know who and where they fit if we have need of them.”

“ Xena, Now I understand why we would need those who I trust, but I don’t see
why or how you plan on using those that I can not trust?”

“ It’s simple, the trusted one’s will most likely help us if you ask, the
untrustworthy one’s will most likely betray you to the guys, so in knowing
this we can provide them with whatever information we want to and thereby
insuring we remain ten steps ahead. “

“ Xena...Xena.....Xena, this is the reason your The Conqueror, your strategy
is ....well Brilliant.”

“ I’m glad you finally see that.”

Xena said with a raised brow. Diana blushed and then went and gave her a big
hug and then a passionate kiss.

“ Ok, Consort, don’t start anything we don’t have time to finish.”

“ How about a quickie?”

“ha,ha,ha, very funny, like we’ve ever done any ....quickies. Besides, I
don't think it’s a great idea to do that considering what’s going on with your
back, and that fine round behind of yours.”

“ You think it’s fine?”

Diana said looking behind herself. Xena smirked and then lightly caressed the
redden cheeks. Diana flinched but smiled and shivered at Xena’s touch. Xena
gave a relieved smile at Diana’s reaction to her touch. Diana saw the relief
and had to comment on it.

“ How did you expect my body to respond to your touch? I told you, none of me
feels like any of this was your fault at all, and because I don’t think this
was your fault, your touch continues to thrill me to my very toes, I probably
could release from your simple touch if you told me it was ok?”

“ that right? Gives me something to think about, but I think I am
already past that, I can make you release just by giving you a certain look.”

“ Well aren’t we just the MS. I can make you release with a look Warrior

“ Haven’t heard that name in a while? I kind of miss it.”

“ Ok, if your finished with your memory lane tour, I think we should get back
to our plan?”

“ You started this, see what happens when I let you start something? you
always seem to try and stop.”

“ That’s not true.”

Diana said in mock defensiveness. Xena then said teasingly but serious.

“ It is true, and you know it. Anyway...”

Xena then turned back around and headed for the pitcher of water on the table.

“ I think we will go see your .....Chosen right after you do those things I
told you to do.”

“ Ok.”

“ Oh, and Consort?”

“ Hm?”

“ Make sure under the heading of, can’t trust, Lydia’s name appears at the

“ Xena?”

“ I’m serious, at the top, period, no questions, comments, or anything else!
at the top! Is that clear?!”

Diana stood nodding her head as Xena spoke in her, I am The Conqueror and
that is all that needs to be said type of voice.

“ perfectly, clear, no fog here, Lydia at the it.”

“ Good girl.”

Diana then, gave a small smile and turned and went to start on what Xena had
wanted her to do, It took half a morning to write down everything and for Xena
to memorize all of it.

“ Ok, now that that’s all done, I want you to call one of your sisters and
tell them to tell your Chosen that you just called and told her to tell them
that you were going to be at The Princess Restaurant in 2 hours, and that you
want them to meet you there.”

“Ok....but why there?”

“ I figure they wouldn’t want to make a scene, but if they decide to, I can
use the other people there to watch you if I get distracted. Plus it is named
after ME.”

“ That makes sense.”

Diana agreed, and then went and made the call.

“ Ok, now I need to go and change my Clothes.”

Diana smiled and Xena smirked. Then Diana thought about something else she had
to take care of.

“ Xena you know the weapons from Rah’s world are far advanced then any of
these and yours, and if he’s been working with the guys then he’s either gave
them some of those weapons or he hasn’t.”

“ Yes that’s mostly the fact, but I can’t do anything about the weapons.”

“ Wellll....not quite true, I happen to have that technology with me?”

“ What? Where?”

“ In my pack, the pack you brought with you.”

Diana said waggling her brows, Xena gave her a half smile and a half confused
look as they walked back into the bedroom and retrieved the pack.

“ Wait a minute. How is it that you have this and have never used it or told
me about it? You didn’t trust me?”

“ Well at first I didn’t trust you, we were enemies at first, but then
after I became your Consort I just didn’t think about it, and when You were
about to battle Mesands and them I didn’t think it was appropriate to use the
technology to fight against lesser weapons.”

“ Ok, I can buy that, but what I don’t understand is why you didn’t use it
against me when we first met?”

“ Didn’t know they packed it, I figured they wouldn’t considering what it

“ Welll...maybe they packed it because they didn’t know what it

“ Maybe.... My Lord Xena I do love that mind of yours.”

Diana complimented. Xena waggled her brow and Diana lit up. Diana took the
technology and taking Xena’s sword and Chakram she rubbed it on until both
shined like the sun, she also did the same to the hilt of Xena’s large sword.
And also put some on Xena’s armor.

Xena the Warrior then asked the logical, practical question.

“ Ok, now how does it work?”

“ know as I was sitting here doing this I thought about your
question as to why I had never used it before, actually I had used parts of

“ Really?”

“ Yes, my Staff, it was shined with this same stuff, only in a lesser degree.”

“ What do you mean?”

“ Well my staff can only change into certain types of weapons with the press
of my fingers upon it, but with what I put on your weapons they can change to
anything you want, But what I suggest you use when dealing with the guys is
your weapons as they are unless they do pull out some other weapon that is
capable of injuring from a distances. things like these.”

Diana then drew a picture of every weapon she could think of that had the
ability to do that and those from Rah’s world that not only did that but other
things. Diana then thought she had did all the weapons there were until Xena
picked up the pencil and corrected a lot of Diana’s small details of the
weapons she had drawn, plus added weapons Diana had never seen before. Diana
once again stood awed.

“ How do you know about these things?”

“ Diana you are not the only one to have traveled to different times, and
places, I have friends who have either sent me somewhere to help them or taken
me there to help them, A lot of Rah’s weapons I have not seen before, but some
I have, but this one is one of those I have not seen, so tell me how it

“ Ok, let’s go out on the balcony?”

“ Fine. “

Xena and Diana went out to the balcony and Diana told Xena to point at some in
organic object where there was no people. Xena took her sword and she scanned
the view .

“ Ok, there, that small stone.”

Xena pointed to her mark. Diana looked and nodded.

“ Ok, now comes the fun part, you get to find out what all your sword can do,
your Chakram will be able to do the same things plus a few extras, only
because of it’s shape.”

For over one hour Xena learned what all her improved sword and Chakram could
do and how to call upon whatever she wanted without thinking about it. Diana
watched and admired Xena’s natural abilities, especially those with a weapon.
Finally Xena finished and then turned to Diana with a raised brow.

“ Let’s go.”

Xena was dressed in her Warrior leathers, and armor, but she put a Royal
Lavender Robe over top of them, and instead of wearing her weapons on her
back and right hip she made them small and placed them on the front of her
Robe made to look like pins. Diana dressed in a matching colored fitted
dress,and although her back was still hurting a lot she was now use to the
pain and was able to move and do things easier, she even took a bath by

After they were dressed, the two headed for the door. Just as Diana was about
to open it , Xena stopped her.

“ Diana, I want you to know something.”

“ What?”

“ Should anything happen to me, I want you to know that you are the only
person whom I have loved, I cared deeply for the other two, but you My Sweet
Consort, are the only one I’ve truly loved, and I do love you with all that is

Diana tried to speak but now the lump that was in Xena’s throat earlier was
now in her’s and she was unable to say anything, so she showed Xena what she
was feeling. Diana brought her hands up to Xena’s face and she caressed her
chiselled cheeks and then guided Xena down to her, where she gazed into her
Sapphire, chestnut ringed eyes and with all the love she felt Xena saw it in
her eyes and returned the feeling. Xena then Continued in the direction Diana
had brought her and she ended at Diana’s lips where their lips met, first in
tenderness and with gentleness, and the increased to a needful urgency.

The adrenalin in both of them begun to rage within them. Xena brought her
hands up to Diana’s chest and she kneaded the soft breast in her hands. Diana
moaned and was feasting on Xena’s tongue when all of a sudden Xena pinched the
two peaks between her thumbs and forefingers. Diana yelped and then her eyes
went Sapphire, Xena delved into Diana’s mouth when she had yelped and was now
tasting the sweet recesses of Diana’s mouth. After a few minutes more Xena
broke the kiss and Diana swayed from the experience.

“ Now we’re ready.”

Xena said matter-of-factly. Diana shook her head for a moment and then she
looked up at Xena in Confusion.

“ What do you mean now we’re ready?! We can’t go with me this tight, Xena I
have needs that MUST be attended to by YOU Now.”

“ I know what your feeling Consort, but I’m afraid I have to keep you like
this for a while.”

“ Why?”

Diana said in frustration.

“ Because I want them to see who you belong to, and the best way to show them
that is like this. Your eyes are beautiful kitten.”

“ My eyes Xena? th...ther...there Sapphire?”

“ Yes. Is that a problem?”

Diana looked at Xena in disbelief, although she knew what Xena was saying was
a great Idea it didn’t make her feel any better.

“’s not a problem.....”

Diana said as she opened the door and walked out rambling to herself and
every now and again throwing up her hands, as they entered the elevator and
headed to the main lobby. Diana continued to ramble to herself as the operator
looked at her curiously and then at Xena who was holding her chin with her one
hand while resting the elbow of that arm on her other arm and giving the
operator a shrug of her shoulders. Finally when they arrived at the main floor
Diana turned to Xena and said,

“ If you like being in heat!”

And walked out the elevator with the operator blushing and Xena biting the
inside of her cheek. Xena strided to catch up with Diana and then as they were
getting into the limo Xena said in a serious voice.

“ As long as it’s not a problem.”

Diana looked at her and then pouted.

The driver closed the door and Diana told him where they were going and then
put the privacy window up. Xena then looked over at Diana who was still

“ That’s enough kitten, I don’t want you pouting when we get there.”

“ Xena I am sooo... very tight please?”

“ No, I did it for a reason.”

“ I know, but it still doesn’t make me feel better.”

Xena smirked and then said,

“ I’ll only leave you like this for as long as necessary, ok?”

“ Hmm... I guess I don’t have a choice?”

“ No.”

“ Then ok.”

“ Good, now while we’re on this subject of your behavior, After you make the
initial introductions, I want you to let me do the rest of the talking...”

“ But...?”

“ and you will only speak when I say it is ok, I want them to see the way
things really are between you and me. I am Your Lord and you are my Consort,

“ yes, but you won’t get upset with me if my temper gets the better of me will

“ No, but I probably will scold you later about it.”

“Ha, ha, ha, very funny.”

“ Am I laughing?”

“ Ok, Ok, I’ll try to keep my temper in check.”

“ Good girl.”

they arrived at the restaurant and when they got out of the limo with Xena
stepping out first in her lavender Robe and then Diana stepping out in the
same color, the people who were entering and leaving the place stopped and
gawked at the two stunning women. Xena went into her Conqueror mode and Diana
smiled to herself.

“ Consort .”

Xena commanded without explaining , headed for the doors of the place, with
long strides as Diana was one step behind striding at the same pace. They
looked like they belonged together.

“ Their beautiful.”

One man said to another of his business partners.

“ Wow! obviously Royalty.”

“ Yes, I would say so. the smaller one must be her personal Assistant.”

“ No! she called her.....”

“ Consort.”

another person said.

“ Yeah, what does that mean?”

“ I don’t know but it’s obvious their together.”

Xena and Diana heard all the comments and speculations, but Xena was not
surprised or impressed by them, while Diana smiled at the thought of all the

They entered into the large lobby of the restaurant and was greeted by the man
at the reservation desk.

“ Ah Lady Diana I.....”

Diana stopped him in mid sentence with her hand and directed his attention to
whom he was standing in front of.

“ Benjamin, This is My Lord Xena for whom this place is named after, please
show her the respect for not only Being Royalty, but also for the fact that
this Is Her Restaurant.”

“ Forgive me Madame, I most humbly ask your forgiveness.”

Xena nodded her head slightly and then said,

“ take us to where the Chosen men are seated.”

“ Right this way?”

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