By D.virtue

He took the two women himself to where the men were waiting.

“ Thank you that will be all for now.”

Xena said without looking at the man. Diana’s Chosen men were sitting and
talking when Xena and Diana stepped into the room that was surrounded by
decorative glass. When they saw Diana and the tall woman whom they did not
place at first , to which Xena arched her brow at them, and then stepped
further into the room studying each man in detail until they were at the
table. The men stood and started to assist the two women with their chairs,
but were waved off by Xena.

“ Ahem... Diana we’re happy to see your alright. Who’s your friend.”

Dwayne said looking back and forth between the two women who were wearing the
same color, as were the other men.

“ Diana what’s up with your eyes? Their the same color as hers, are you
wearing lens?”

“ hello everyone, It’s nice to see that you are all healthy and well. I would
like to introduce you to ...My Friend. MY Lord This is....”

Diana started to introduce Xena to all of her men.

“ This is Nino, Gerard, James, Dwayne, Timothy, Vow, Terrance, Max A Million,
Doc, J.B, Paul, and Avery.”

“ ok now she knows us who is she?”

“ Gentlemen I think I will let her tell you herself.”

Diana then sat back and waited for Xena to make her announcement, Xena glanced
over each man once again and while leaning towards one side of the chair and
one hand resting on the opposite arm of the chair, and her other hand under
her chin palm side down, Xena then Introduced herself.

“ I am .......”

Xena started as she slowly watched each one of the men’s reactions.

“ I Am...... Lord Xena... Warrior Princess, Destroyer and Conqueror of
Nations. “

Xena said Commandingly. The men’s mouths dropped open and after a moment they
were all speaking at once it seemed.

“ XENA?! You Can’t Be?! How? Why? “

“ Never mind all of that! have you two been together the whole time?!”

Nino asked Directing his question to Diana.

“ Yes we have.”

Xena answered.

“ I wasn’t speaking to you! I was speaking to my woman!”

“ You mean My Consort, she will not speak again unless I say it is ok.”

“ Hah! so you think!”

“ Diana answer me! Have you been with her all this time!”

Diana looked at Nino and raised a brow at him. He flinched at the expression
she gave him.

“ Anyway, I’m here to take what is mine back home.”

Xena said matter-of-factly.

“ YOURS?! How do you figure that, this isn’t even any of your business! “

“ Yes Mine, And Diana Became My Business the day you sent her to me.”

“ We only sent her there to get her disciplined, she was not sent there to
fall in LOVE with you or any other woman!”

“ Welll....looks like things don’t always work out the way one plans.”

Xena said casually as a waiter came into the room to ask for drink orders.
Xena looked towards the waiter and said,

“hot tea for me and My Consort.”

The men glared at Diana and Xena and then ordered their own drinks, all except
Nino who was still focused on the subject at hand.

“ Nothing for me ! now go! Anyway, if you think your just going to show up
here and walk out with Diana, then it is you who are mistaken. We will not let
you take her.”

“ Take? I don’t have to take her, she will come with me of her own free will.”

“ Consort.”

“ It’s true, My heart, soul and essences belong to My Lord Xena, I am
determined to go with her when she leaves, one way or another.”

“ What does that mean?”

Nino asked with concern.

“ It means Nino, that if we are allowed to leave without incident then I will
go with her, but if an incident breaks out and she Gods forbid is killed, then
I to will have been slained, for we are bonded by our very souls and to kill
her would be to kill me.”

“ Are you saying you will kill yourself?!”

“ I’m saying I won’t have to because one of you will have already done that I
would just make it official.”

“ So you would rather die than stay and live with us, and live without her?!”

“ Yes, for without her in my life I have no life. She is the only person in
my life who has nevered lied to me, or betrayed me, I trust her above any and
all of you. “

Nino swallowed hard and with a softer expression coming into his eyes, he sat
back in his chair and said,

“ So are you saying you hate us?”

“ No, as a matter of fact I still care about all of you, while it is not my
intention to hurt any of you as you have done to me, I have to tell you I
could never be happy with any of you any longer, and if you guys care about me
as you claim, then you will allow me to leave with her and spend the rest of
my days in peace and happiness with The Chosen one, and the owner of my

Nino took a deep breath and gazing into Diana’s Sapphire eyes he then comment
on them again.

“ Why are your eyes that color?”

Diana was ready to speak when Xena held her hand up to silence her.

“ They are that color because I made them that color.”

“ How?”

“Her body is tuned to my body as is my body to hers, at a lesser degree only
because I have more control, anyway she is ......welll for lack of a better
word Tight ...for me.”

“ Tight?! You mean she’s ...your need?!”

“ Yes.”

Xena answered simply and then put her hand out for Diana to put her hand in
hers, whereby The Conqueror proceeded to caress Diana’s hand with her large
hand. Diana blushed at the touch, but she did not take her eyes off of Nino or
the others. They saw the response to Xena’s touch and then Timothy said.

“ hah! what does that show? I’m sure that if any of us touched her while she
was like this she would respond the same way.”

“ Is that right? has she ever identified any of you as the cause of her
aroused state with her eyes?”

“ No, but besides that she would still melt into our touch, since we are still
her Chosen.”

“ You may still be her Chosen....but I Gentlemen am THE CHOSEN, therefore my
touch is deeper than any of yours could ever be...but if you think your touch
could elicit this same response then I will allow you to try. “

“ You’ll see that your wrong Warrior.”

Gerard said.

“ Am I how about a Challenge?”

“ A Challenge? What type of Challenge?”

“ Winner take all type, If you guys win then I leave and never come back....”

Diana’s hand gripped Xena’s hand, but Xena continued to caress Diana’s hand
without ever loosing a stroke.

“ And if you win?”

“ You guys not only renounce your claim on Diana and swear to never bother her
or me again and find other women who you will abide by the law of not
punishing them, but you also help us destroy Rah.”

“ Ok wait a minute, the first part we’ll except, but the other part to Destroy
Rah. Why would we want to go against him?”

Xena’s jaws tighten and then she said through clenched teeth.

“ Because he has done nothing but use all of you in his ultimate plan to get
Diana back, by killing her sister and telling you guys that he did it so that
she would not trust you when she found out that you guys knew all along that
it was him. And if that’s not enough a week and a half ago he came to where we
were staying and used my body to beat Diana bloodied and left unconscious, she
still has the pain of that day upon her back and behind, even as she sits now
the pain is acute, I’m sure you guys have whipped Diana before, even I have,
but I have and would never do to her what he did, and what’s worse he did it
purely out of an evil hearted pleasure he got from hurting her. He is
dangerous to her as well as all of you and me, and if we don’t destroy him ,
he will surely destroy all of you and try to destroy me, and then take Diana
back to his world where only the Gods know what he would do too her once he
had her back there, so if you CARE about her as you claim, then you guys will
not only take this challenge, but win or lose, you will still help me destroy
him to protect Diana.”

“ What does this challenge consist of?”

“ Well if you guys can cause Diana’s eyes to change colors then you win, but
if you can’t then I win and she is mine until the end of forever.”

“ I don’t know if that’s fair, How do we know you didn’t drug her or

“ I can assure you I didn’t.”

Xena said with some sarcasm in her voice. The guys looked at Xena and then
Diana and then Nino spoke again.

“ IF.... and I do mean IF we decide to take you up on this, you have to stay
away from Diana for a while.”


Diana exclaimed, as she gripped Xena’s hand tighter, Xena used her other hand
to place Diana’s hand on the armrest of the chair Xena herself was sitting in
and then she put her other hand over top of Diana’s.

“ Silence Consort.”

Xena stated to Diana as she glanced over at her and then back at the men.

“ why would I do that?”

“ Because it would show good faith on your part that your not purposely
sabotaging anything, it’s a matter of trust.”

“ HA! Trust ! How can you expect me to trust any of you? You kidnapped My

“ No we didn’t we brought Diana back to where she belong, back to her time.”

“ Did she have a choice in coming back? I know she didn’t. Therefore, it is

“ She doesn’t belong to you!”

“ Yes she does.”

Xena then started to stroke Diana’s arm.,leaving goose bumps in the caressing
fingers wake. The men saw and Terrance wanting to stop the contact between the
two women finally spoke and said,

“ I think we should take the challenge, that way the sooner we win the sooner
we can get this woman out of our Diana’s life.”

Xena smirked at the overconfident man.

“ No! I don’t think we should, or need to. It’s 12 of us and only one of her,
we can surely win any fight she might try to put up?”

Xena’s eyes narrowed at this statement.

“ Yes that is true, what about it Warrior, what if we Chose to just settle
this through battle?”

“ Then I would say you all were fools. While it makes no difference to me how
this is settle, because either way Diana will be coming with me, I plan on
winning any challenge, whether it is by way of peace or through battle. But
I only suggested the peaceful way out of concern for Diana’s feelings, it is
she who did not want to see any of you hurt, but if you would rather do battle
with me, I will Destroy each and everyone of you completely, and then take
Diana back home with me. is your choice. But I will still go after
Rah, he is more dangerous than any of you.”

“ Aren’t you just the self assured warrior?”

“ James said sarcastically.”

Xena didn’t answer she simply glanced at him and then brought her attention
back to Nino.

“ Well? which will it be?”

“ We have to have time to think about this.”

“ Fine.”

“ Ok, but in the meantime, Diana? You will stay at the Mansion.”

“ No. She will stay with me.”

“ No, we want her to stay with us at the Mansion, that way we know she is

“ That is the exact reason why she will stay by my side where I can keep an
eye on her and make sure Rah doesn’t come after her. Besides, How do I know
that you guys aren’t working with Rah, I mean I was taking a chance with the
Challenge but I believe that you guys do love Diana and would never want to
see her hurt.”

“ That’s true we do, and we wouldn’t want to see her hurt for any reason.”

Nino said focusing his gaze at Diana. Diana feeling somewhat uncomfortable
about the whole thing, decided to stand up. Xena let her go and stand by the
window to look out, but she followed her with her eyes, and then brought them
back to focus upon the guys at the table once again.

“ She won’t be comfortable staying with you guys, plus I don’t know if I trust
you to not try and take her somewhere else just to get her away from me.”

“ We wouldn’t do that, you are not the only one who loves her and only wants
the best for her.”

“ Then if that’s true then accept the challenge, but if you must think about
it , in the meantime Diana’s stays with me.”

“ Nino none of us has had our woman in months, and now we must wait longer
just because this woman wants to screw Diana.”

Xena cut her eyes to this new speaker and in a factual matter she said,

“ I don’t s.c.r.e.w.... My Consort.”

“ really.”

Timothy said with contempt.

“ You know, I find that you boys are somewhat rude and disrespectful of
others, I see why you had to send Diana to me. Being around some of you would
surely not be beneficial for her to have learned respect or discipline.”

“ Like you can control that fiery temper of hers so easily?”

“I can and have.”

Doc studied Xena for a moment and then he leaned over and whispered something
to Nino. Xena noticed the exchange between the two of them, and she leaned
back in her seat and waited for the boys to finish their exchange, Xena could
have heard them if she chose but she figured whatever they were talking about
she would find out soon enough. But after a few minutes Xena finally became

“ Ahem....if you gentlemen don’t mind I’d like to get on with this sometime
within the next few minutes.”

“ Pardon us, we were just thinking about another type of challenge.”

“ Oh?”

Xena said flatly. Diana heard the statement and turned to look at the table
of people.

“ Yes, we thought before taking you upon your challenge, we offer one of our

“ And what would that be?”

“ Well, first we want your word that you will abide by the rules.”

“ Depends on what they are?”

“ Diana needs to leave the room for a few minutes.”

“ Why?”

“ Because we don’t want her to know what will be expected of her, and you can
not tell her, if you do then the deal is off and we will work with Rah to get
you out of her life.”

“ What? No matter what the end result, I can not believe you would work
against me with him , so that in the end he would destroy you to get what he’s
been after all this time?”

“ Well if we can’t trust you not to tell Diana or let her know what this is
about, then how can we trust what your telling us now?”

“ Because Diana herself has told you about him.”

“ Still, you either except our challenge and it’s rules or except us not even
considering yours.”

“ How Can I be sure you will keep your word about accepting my Challenge?”

“ You have to trust that we love Diana and would not do anything that would
lead to her unhappiness.”

“ HaH! Not good enough!”

Xena said with a sneer.

“ That’s as good as it gets for now.”

Xena glared at the men and then she looked over at Diana who had been
listening to the conversation. Xena stood up and walked over to Diana and
spoke with her. Diana watched Xena walk towards her with a concern look on
her face. Xena took a deep breath and then proceeded to talk with her.

“ heard what they want?”

“ Yes.”

“ I don’t feel good about this, but I think we can trust them to do what’s
right if I go along with their challenge, don’t you?”

“ I don’t know, I guess a point.”

“ Hm...I agree, but in the meantime this is our only way of getting what we

“ Yes, but what if they lie and then don’t even consider your Challenge,
speaking of which we need to talk about that one.”

“ Not now, but if they lie....then I’ll kill them.”

Diana shuddered at the thought of her Chosen being killed, even though they
have hurt her and betrayed her. Xena saw the look cross Diana’s face.

“Diana there would be no other way.”

“ Hm...I....I know, thank you for understanding how I feel about this.”

Xena smiled at Diana and then she said,

“ it’s only because I love you that I don’t cut them down now.”

“ I know.”

“ Good, anyway, we will go along for the moment.”

“ Ok.”

“ Ok, come on.”

“ Alright gentlemen....”

Xena said without respect.

“ What do you want ?”

“ First Diana you step out.”

Nino said directing his statement to Diana. Diana looked at Xena and then
headed for the door when Xena nodded. Just as Diana was about to go through
the door Xena threw a thought at her.

“ Turn off the hearing part of your earrings.”

Diana turned back slightly startled by Xena’s statement to her, Diana being
caught off guard by Xena almost gave away her’s and Xena’s communication.
When Gerard saw Diana turn in such a way he asked.

‘ Is something wrong Diana?”

Diana immediately glanced at Xena who still had her back to her after making
the statement, and then Diana turned to the guys and said,

“, I was just thinking about something, but I decided to let it go,
I’ll just go ahead and step out.”

Diana finished, and just as she was turning to go out the door once again she
glanced at Xena and then headed out the door, and then she closed the door
just as Xena once again reminded Diana.

“ Turn it off Diana.”

“ But Xena?”

“ Now!”

Fine, Diana returned the thought and then Xena heard Diana’ s hidden hearing
device turn off.

“ Ok guys what is your proposal?”

“ Well, we thought that since you hate Rah so much, and your worried that he
might come after Diana, we thought you would like the honor of taking care of

Nino shot a look at James, but James did not see it because he was focused on
Xena’s reaction as were the rest of the guys, but Xena saw it and she was
confused by it.

“ So if I take care of Rah then Diana is mine?”

“ Yes.”

“ And you all agree?”

“ No.”

“We don’t all agree, I think the challenge should be one that involves Diana,
not Rah, he’s not even here to deal with, so what kind of a challenge is

“ He’s right, how am I suppose to deal with someone who is not even here?”

Xena feigned agreement, although she was very suspicious of Nino’s reaction
and then follow up statement.

“ Nino, we know how you feel about this, but Xena finding and then dealing
with Rah is her problem, that is the Challenge, your the only one who don’t
agree with it, therefore you are out voted.”

Nino’s jaws set but he did not say anything else about the challenge laid out
before them.

“ Ok, again let’s see if we have it straight, I’m not only suppose to find a
way to locate Rah, I’m also then suppose to take care of him? is that it?”

Xena stated incredulously.

“ Why such a challenge?”

Because it’s obvious that you think you are a better Chosen than we are.

Nino said with an evil smile.

Xena smiled her own wick smile, they were playing into her hands, and she was
loving it. But she was concerned about the way Nino acted. She studied him for
long moments and then he asked her with some anticipation registering in his
voice. She decided she did not trust him.

“ What do you say?”

“ Hmmm.... how long, and also before I agree, I am making an amendment to my
own Challenge, Only one of you will be allowed to try and arouse Diana, vs
all 12 of you trying.”

“ 3 months, and your amendment is accepted .”

Xena then nodded her head. Still studying Nino.

“ Deal. Diana is not to know anything about this. huh?”

“ Yes.”

“ Ok you can call Diana back in, but you can not tell her.”

“ Fine.”

Xena turned in her swivel chair and raising her hand slightly she motioned for
the pacing Diana to come back in. Diana strided back into the room and
immediately went to where Xena sat, and she sat back in her chair cautiously
eyeing the men and then looking at Xena for her answers.

“ Xena ?”

“ I’ll talk to you later about some things, Consort, but for right now I want
you to be silent, until I say differently, is that clear?”

“ Xe...Yes very.”

Xena gave Diana a look that brooked no argument. After another hour of
conversation about other things, with Diana sitting silently pouting, and Xena
glancing over at her periodically, the meal finally ended, and Xena stood and
the men stood and rendered her a polite bow. Diana saw the mutual respect
rendered and she was ready to say something , until Xena narrowed her eyes at

“ Let’s go Consort.”

Xena then turned on her heels and headed for the door with Diana still
standing where she was looking between Xena and the men. The men smiled and
then one of them said,

“ see you later Diana.”

Diana furrowed her brow in confusion and then she heard Xena’s voice.

“ Consort.”

Diana turned to see Xena standing in the opened door with a raised brow and
stern look on her face. Diana lowered her eyes for a moment and then she
headed for the open door. Once There Xena gave Diana a look and then turned
and headed out of the restaurant, with Diana striding one step behind in
confusion and bewilderment. Once they had gotten into the car Diana crossed
her arms and turned her head to look out the window while she waited for Xena
to explain what had happened.

After long moments of waiting Diana looked over at Xena who appeared to be
deep in thought.

“ Well?”

Diana finally asked, breaking Xena out of her reflecting.

“ What ?”

“ What? What do you mean what?! What happened?!”

Xena studied Diana for long moments, then after a while she finally said,

“ Diana, I was thinking.”

“ About what?”

“ About us, you and me, our relationship.”

Xena invented as she tried to find a way to get Diana to do what she wanted
without arousing Diana’s suspicions as to why she was acting the way she was.

“ What about us?”

“ Diana I know you say you respect me, and would do anything for me....”

“ Yes, that’s true.”

“ Well, I’m going to see just how much you respect me, and would do for me.”

Xena said with an intense gaze at Diana.

“ What are you saying?”

Diana asked with some nervousness.

“ I’m saying, from now on Diana I expect you to be on your best behavior.”

“ Hm.....Xena I thought you were about to read me the riot act or something,
you had me going for a minute, besides I’m always on my best behavior. Now
tell me about what happened in there with the guys?”

Diana said with mirth in her voice at the start of her return comment and then
with seriousness as to the events that took place in the dining room. Xena was
not amused and she actually became upset with Diana that she would think she
was joking about something like this.

“ Consort you see humor in my eyes, do I look like I’m joking? I am
quite serious, I expect and demand that you be on your best behavior, I will
not hesitate to scold or even reprimand you in public or punish you in private
as the incidents warrant.”

Diana chewed her lips at Xena’s Conqueror behavior and was even confused by
it, but Xena knew why she was doing it, she would do whatever was necessary to
win the Challenge so that her and Diana could get back home, Xena knew over
the next 3 months there would be lots of emotional trials for Diana to
overcome, but Xena made a vow that she would not use a whip on Diana ever
again, unless it was for more pleasurable past time, and then only if Diana
wanted to, but she would still use other forms of punishment to make sure that
Diana would be on a tight rein until the challenge was over.

Xena thought it was going to be a tough challenge, mainly because of Diana, if
she found out what it was involving she would put herself in harms way to
prevent Xena from being hurt or killed by Rah, but Xena didn’t mind the risk
as long as Rah was out of the picture, and now maybe even Nino, there was
something in Nino’s eyes that told her to be cautious.

“Answer me Consort! “

“ Xena I don’t understand where this is coming from.”

“ You don’t need to understand Consort, you just have to do what your told.”

“ Xena I do need to understand, otherwise how can I agree with you?”

“ Because it is me who will be doing the telling Consort.”

“ Xena I think we need to talk about this more when we get back to the hotel?”

Xena grabbed Diana’s arm and pulled her close to her face and with a warning
in her voice Xena laid out what she expected.

“ Consort....until I tell you differently you are not to disobey me about
anything, period!”

“ Xena your hurting my a.r.m...L.e.t. .go!”

Xena gripped Diana’s arm firmer making Diana yelp out in pain.

“ Ow! Xena?”

“ You will keep a rein on that temper of yours, otherwise I will.”

Xena said through clenched teeth. Diana saw the seriousness in Xena’s eyes as
well as the pain that her arm was experiencing.

“ I do not expect to see or hear you back talk to me about anything I tell

Diana was angry and hurt that Xena was acting like this towards her, but she
could not figure out the reason why. Xena shook Diana hard to where Diana’s
hair spilled over her face.

“ Consort answer me!”

“ Yes! Yes! it’s clear!”

“ Good.”

Xena then let go of Diana’s arm in time to see them pull up in front of the
hotel. The Driver opened the door and both Xena and Diana got out of the car
and proceeded to head straight up to the penthouse, but Diana was asked if she
had a moment to speak with the chef about a problem he was having with a
special meal he was making for one of the other royal guest.

Diana looked at Xena and Xena asked,

“ How long will it take?”

“ About twenty minute, no more than that I’m sure.”

Xena considered the request and then thinking that Diana would be fine she
said in a warning voice to Diana.

“ Twenty minutes, and no more.”

“ Ok, I’ll see you in a few?”

“ Fine.”

Xena then turned on her heels and headed for the elevator that would take her
to the penthouse. When she arrived she was surprised to hear Michelle in the
sitting area, Xena stealthily opened the cracked door and eased into the room,
to see Michelle placing what looked like an incense inside of a small

Xena eased up behind the young girl as she lit it.

“ What are you doing?”

Xena asked suspiciously, startling the girl.

“ I..I...was just ...”

Xena saw the lie even before it was out of her mouth. Xena’s mouth went into
a feral grin, as she watch the girl , who she thought was too good to be true
in her demeanor, was now struggling to come up with a plausible story.

Xena smelled the incense and looking at the girl moving away from it, Xena
put the pinch on her. The girl went to her knees in a heap, struggling to
catch a breath.

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