By D.virtue

“ Who sent you?”

“one of Diana’s chosen.”


Xena asked shaking her head slightly to clear it of an apparent fogging that
was happening.

“ To make you forget who she was so that you would scare her into running
away, back to him and that would be the end of the two of you.”

The struggling girl said as she started to see spots before her eyes, Xena
watched and then needing to get the rest of the information she released the
pinch and the girl gasped at the sudden return of oxygen to her. Xena watched
as the girl slowly recovered some what and then she asked,

“So what is it exactly that I’m am suppose to forget?”

“ Your relationship with Diana only.”

How is that possible to only forget a part of one’s memory?”

“ They have many such tools at their disposal.”

“ so I would forget Diana?”

“ Right. “

How was this to happen, is the incense the key?”

Yes when you smelled it , you would then start losing memory of Diana.”

What about you?”

“ I was given these plugs to prevent me from accidentally smelling it.”

Xena took the plugs and staggered slightly, but soon steadied herself and
grabbing the girl by the hair she brought her nose close to the burning incent
and ordered her to take a deep breath.The girl hesitated for a moment and then
she did it , she blacked out and after a moment woke up in her chambers
cleaning her uniform.

Xena in the meantime had gone back and disposed of the incense and tried to
air out the room before Diana got back, for some reason Xena did not
understand why she was still feeling light headed and whoosy, Unbeknownst to
her Michelle had planted two incense and one was almost burned down.

She shook her head, and just as she was about to air the room , Diana came
through the door. And only sparring Xena a quick glance she headed straight
for the bedroom and then straight into the powder room where Xena heard a
bath filling.

Xena stood and staggered a bit more and then she fell to the floor. She woke
up a few minutes later and with some confusion steadied herself. She shook
her head as if to clear a cloud. She then looked around to determine where she

“ Where am I, and how did I get here?”

She thought out loud. She scanned the room and all she could recall was having
just killed one of the traitors of her Realm and that there was a female who
was helping the now dead traitor. After a few minutes she heard a noise in the
other room. She looked around to locate her sword, not seeing it she looked
for her Chakram, not seeing it either she cursed to herself and then set her
jaw and stealthily went to investigate the sound.

She went into the other room and didn’t see anyone, she then heard the sound
again and turned towards the sound of water and that of someone muttering to

She eased the door open and scanning the room quickly she located the one
female putting towels off to the far end of a drawn bath, she was wearing a
robe and was talking to herself. Xena eased up on her and normally Diana would
have at lease felt Xena come into the room yet alone coming up behind her, but
for some reason Diana wasn’t feeling her present.

Xena got right up behind Diana just as Diana turned she was met with a
backhand to the cheek, Diana flew backwards and landed with a gasped yelp of

“ owww... “

Diana exclaimed as she hit the floor. Xena stalked upon her and grabbing her
by her hair she said in a menacing tone.

“ What are you doing here?!”

Diana looked at Xena in confusion and then she said,

“ What do you mean what am I doing here? I’m running a bath so that we can get
cleaned up. Why did you hit me?”

“ I’m asking the questions, who are you?”

“ Who am I ? Now that’s funny, now your in the mood to joke, earlier you were
warning me about behaving myself or else I would be in for it, now your in the
mood to play, funny, but I don’t feel like playing right now, My cheek hurts
as well as my back and behind, so if you don’t mind you can save your games.
And I don’t appreciate being hit for no reason, I haven’t done anything.”

“ Oh, I do mind, and this is no game little girl. I asked you a question and I
won’t repeat myself.”

Xena emphasized her words with the baring of her pearly white teeth. Diana saw
the cold look in Xena’s eyes and she shuddered at the sight.

“Xena what’s going on?”

No response, except that of Xena snarling at Diana.

“ It’s me Xena, Diana?”

“ You say that as if I should know you?”

“ I don’t know what you mean, You do know me.”

Diana said furrowing her brows.

Xena continued to hold Diana by her hair as she lifted her up off the floor.

“ Xena do you mind letting go of my hair? This is really not very

Xena gripped Diana’s hair firmer and pulled her up onto her tiptoes, and with
a hiss she said,

“ Your a very insolent little girl, so I’ll tell you now, that way you can’t
say I didn’t warn you. If you call me anything other than Lord Xena Or My
Lord, I will make sure to see what I can do to reintroduce you to that pain
your feeling to your behind. Do you understand me?”

Diana shivered at the threat showing brightly in Xena’s eyes and she
swallowed hard.

“ Ye...yes, Lord Xena.”

“ Good girl, now tell me where I am.”

Xena still holding Diana by her hair said as she took a seat on one of the
padded tables. Diana became nervous that it was Rah once again, but when she
thought about it, she realized it wasn’t, Rah knew the planet and probably
everything on it.

“ Your in the future.”

Diana said with as brief and explanation that she could give and yet hoped it
was enough. Xena scowled at her and then said , “

“I know I’m in the future, why am I here, it’s been a while since I left my

“ You came here to get something.”

“ What?!”

Diana hesitated a moment and thereby causing Xena’s temper to rise.

“ This is getting tiresome, I don’t expect to have to drag out every word from
you, now tell me what I want to know, NOW!”

Diana trembled at Xena’s raised voice and she took a deep breath and said,

“ You came here to get me.”

Xena looked at Diana with a look of utter disbelief, and Diana stood biting
her lip.

“Now why would I, a Warrior, who is about to become The Conqueror, come all
this way, for you? You sure hold a high self esteem of yourself little girl.”

Xena said condescendingly. Diana still being held by her hair said with her
own temper rising,

“ I’m not going to tell you anything else, if you don’t let go of my hair!”

“ Are you asking me..... or telling me, you insolent child?!”

Xena was now practically holding Diana by her scalp.

“ Asking? Please let go?”

Xena glared at the young girl and then she let go of Diana’s head at the same
time she pushed Diana backwards. Diana being off balance stumbled backwards
and then fell into the bath, and Xena smirked as Diana came up sputtering

Diana tossed her hair out of her face and glaring at Xena she said as she was
getting out of the bath.

“ Why in hades did you do that ?! You can be such a ..... welll just know you

Diana then turned and strided over to get her towel, all the while cursing
under her breath.

“ One more of those words and I will really give you something to say?”

Diana looked back at Xena who was still sitting on the table as relaxed as if
she had not just dunked Diana in the bath in her robe. But her eyes dancing
with flames. Diana swallowed hard once again and then went silent.

“ Xena raised a brow at her and then with a coldness to her voice she said,

“ Now tell me.”

Diana stood staring at Xena for a moment and then she went to sit on one of
the benches. She then sat with a trace of a pout and confusion written in her

“ You came here looking for me because you wanted me ....back?”

“ Why, who are you that I would put so much value in you?”

“ I don’t know how I’m suppose to answer that, if I answer it the way it is
then I will sound as if I am boasting, and you have a major problem when I
sound that way, but if I answer any other way, you’ll obviously get upset with
me, because it will look as though I am lying to you.”

Xena looked at the young girl and ordered,

“ Just say it! I will be the judge of what I think about it.”

“ FINE! “

Diana hissed Back, all to her regret, Xena had now jumped up off of the table
and was stalking over towards her, Diana stood and started moving in the
opposite direction backwards.

“ I’m sorry, I sorry, I won’t do it again, I promise. “

Diana pleaded as she saw Xena removing her leather belt and folding it over
once into an instrument of punishment. Diana’s heart was beating out of her
chest while tears were forming to fall...until... Xena said....

“ Oh, no insolent little girl, don’t cry yet, I haven’t explained myself yet.”

Xena said mocking the retreating Diana, who to her increased alarm recognized
that she was wet and therefore to be punished with the leather belt upon her
behind was really going to hurt....

“ XE....I Mean Lord Xena please, I won’t make another this respectful remark,
I won’t even speak unless you say it’s ok, please? please forgive me?”


Xena ordered. Diana immediately stopped retreating as Xena stormed up to her.
Diana was trembling before the towering angry Warrior, she could not bring
herself to look into Xena’s piercing blue eyes, so Xena assisted her. Xena
gripped Diana’s chin in her hand and she lifted Diana’s chin until Diana was
no longer touching the floor.

“ Now listen to me little girl, If you say one word that I find offensive,
disrespectful, or just irritating, I will turn you over my knee like the child
you are, and I will redden that already painful behind, I will not put up with
insolence from you or anyone else. Now answer my questions without commentary,
for the last time, Do I Make Myself Clear?”

Xena then bore into Diana’s eyes and then she noticed for the first time the
color of them.

“ Why are your eyes that color?”

“ Uhhum, I...I”

Diana didn’t won’t to tell this Xena why so she lied, which was a mistake,
because even though this was not her Xena, This Xena had the same skills.

“ I’ve had this color all my life.”

Xena then put the pinch on Diana, Diana went to the floor gasping, but after a
second or so she realized she needed to stay calm and slow her pulse down, She
closed her eyes as tears rolled down her face and she slowed her heart beat.
Xena saw and cocked her head at the knowledge the young girl had . Seeing this
ability Xena undid the pinch and hauled Diana to her feet. Diana’s robe fell
open and Xena stood looking at Diana’s nakedness, then she pushed Diana back
and said,

“ Are you my slave?”

“ NO!”

Xena raised a warning brow at Diana who said no with too much zest.

“ I meant to say no, I’m not your slave, I’m......”

Diana chewed her lip for a few moments as she thought of how to tell Xena who
she was, and not be slapped silly.

“ I’m your ...Consort.”

Diana said rapidly and then flinched waiting for the response.
Xena didn’t laugh she didn’t get angry, she just stood there looking at
Diana’s naked body blush under her scrutiny, and then seeing the nipples
harden as a result, Xena took a slow deep breath to steady her rising libido.
Diana saw how and where Xena was looking and she jerked her robe closed.

Xena startled as if she had been slapped.

“ Take it off.”

Diana looked at her and then started to say something, but decided it was not
wise to disobey this Xena. Not that it was wise to disobey the other one
either, but at least she knew her Xena would not break her in half .

Diana slowly removed the robe as she started to turn but was told to stand
there and take it off. After the robe was off, Diana covered her nakedness as
casually as she could, she did not know exactly why she was being so shy with
Xena, it wasn’t as if Xena had not seen her most intimate area. Diana chewed
her lips to stop a sarcastic laugh from escaping her mouth.

Xena walked up to Diana and looking deep into her eyes she said

“ So My young Consort, are you any good as... my..... lover....”

Xena said with obvious skepticism. Diana smirked at the statement and then she
thought about the condition she was in, her need would be obvious to her
Xena, but not this Xena so she said in her most casual voice.

“ You followed me didn’t you? You came here because I AM the Best lover you
have ever had, and will ever have.”

Xena cocked her head and then she stepped back and crossed her arms over her
chest and with a lustful glint in her eyes, and mock as well, she said,

“ Your trying to tell me that because of your supposed skills at pleasuring
me, which I will tell you now, while you do seem to have a very impressive
body, I don’t believe you being so young can please me in such a way, but even
if you can bring me some minimum pleasure, I know I would not have come here
all this way just for minimum pleasure. So tell me how is it that someone your
age thinks she could please me ?”

“ You made me your Consort, I think that says a lot, don’t you?”

“ Ok little Consort, I’m willing to allow you to prove yourself, but, I’m
telling you now, if you are unable to please me like you claim, then I owe

“ Owe me what?”

Xena raised the belt and slapped it across her hand. Diana flinched at the
sound of it hitting her hand and Xena studied her.

“ We were about to take a bath?”

“ Uhhum, yes.”

“ Fine, go ahead and get in, I’ll join you in a few minutes.”

Xena then turned on her heels and proceeded to remove her clothing, Diana had
not moved from where she was standing and Xena looked over her shoulder and

“ Is there a problem?”

“ No, I just don’t know if we should bath together this time?”

“ Why not?”

“ I just don’t think it’s a good Idea.”

“ Get in, now!”

Xena said with her steely gazed fixed on Diana. Diana shivered at the look
and she made her way to the bath and slowly entered into the water. Xena
followed her with her eyes and she finished removing her clothing and then
descended into the water.

Diana watched Xena the whole time and Xena saw her watching. Diana had to
admit she loved Xena’s body and upon seeing it while still in her needful
state shudders ran through Diana, and her breathing slowly begun to increase,
but she tried to break the trance Xena’s body was having on her but she loved
Xena’s graceful catlike movements.

Xena glided over to where Diana was standing in the water and picking up the
scented soap she begun to wash Diana’s body. Diana shuddered and shivered at
Xena’s sensual touch and Xena admitted to herself that she liked the response
Diana’s body had to her touch.

“ So you like my touch huh?”

Diana hesitated to answer, but she knew Xena could tell she did like it.

“ Yes.”

“ even though I don’t remember you? and you are obviously afraid of me, how
can you?”

“ Because I remember your touch, the passion in it, the tenderness, the love.”

“ Love?! Hah, your just a pleasant distraction for me right now.”

Diana stiffen at the coldness in Xena’s words, and holding back the hurt she
was feeling, Diana turned to look at Xena with a questioning look. She then
said flatly.

“ I can bath myself if you don’t mind?”

Xena saw the change in Diana’s demeanor, and although she felt both satisfied
in the response to her statement, she also felt uneasiness by the response. to
which confused her. So much so that she said to pacify Diana.

“ Yes I do mind.... and maybe I miss spoke myself , maybe your a little more
than just a pleasant distraction.”

“ hmmphff.....glad to know I’m capable of distracting you at all.”

Diana said with some sarcasticness in her voice, as she turned back around to
let Xena finish bathing her.

“ Careful little girl, your walking that line and sooner or later, I’m going
to get tired of you on that line and straighten you out so that you stay on
the side that I want you on.”

Xena sneered. Diana nodded her head slightly to indicate she understood.
Xena did not let her appreciation of Diana’s responses to her touch alter her
bathing of Diana. After she finished she handed the soap to Diana who took the
soap and begun to bath Xena, Diana started on Xena’s back and she slowly
lathered Xena, Xena stood still as Diana thoroughly bathe her, after which she
left the bath and told Diana to follow her.

The two women left the bath and Xena dried and oiled Diana and had Diana do
the same. After which the two went into the bedroom and Xena stretched out on
the bed, and placed her arms behind her head as she reclined back on the bed
and watched Diana stall.

“ Come here.”

Xena said without emotion. Diana looked over at her and decided to offer
something to drink.

“ Lord Xena, maybe you would like something to drink first?”

Silence as Xena studied Diana.

“ No, I guess you don’t won’t anything to drink, about something
to eat? there’s fruit?”

Still Xena said nothing but just watched the young girl and became more and
more angered at the stalling. Diana saw Xena’s eyes narrow and in seeing such
she moved towards the bed. Xena watched her as if watching prey come within
striking distances.

Diana slowly moved onto the bed and Xena still did not move from her position
on the bed, instead she cut her eyes to Diana and said with a menacing tone.

“ You do like living dangerously, I hate to repeat myself, but what’s worse is
I hate having to wait once I’ve giving an order, and you little girl seem to
cause me to do both, what do you think I should do about that?”

“ Forgive me?”

Diana said trying to add some levity to the situation. Xena was not amused,
she rolled over onto her side rising to her elbow and resting her head on her
hand to look Diana straight in the eyes. Diana lowered hers and nervously
played with her fingers, and hand. Xena didn’t let Diana off the hook, instead
she pressed.

“ Look at me little girl.”

Diana raised her eyes to look Xena in the eyes, and seeing the coldness in
them brought tears to her own, but she was able to keep them from falling.

“ Why are you so......teary? Are you always like this? I really don’t like to
be around wimps.”

Xena taunted, Diana’s gaze went from hurt to anger, and Xena saw the flashing
in them and waited to see if the young girl would once again forget whom she
was with and become disrespectful again. Diana took deep breaths through her
nose but she held her tongue and just glared at Xena. After a few minutes to
compose and rein her temper in she finally spoke.

“ Lord Xena I am far from a wimp! In fact my skills of battle are unrivaled
but by 14 people on this planet, and even then, there were times I bested
them. So before you judge me just because I am worried about what has happened
to you, I suggest you first get to know me again.”

“ Is that right? So your telling me that you my little beauty has battle
skills? hah!”

“ Hah! yourself Lord Xena, I’m not only telling you that, I have even given
you a gift that any Warrior/Ruler would give all their fortune for.”

Xena was sure the young girl was just weaving tales but she allowed her to
continue......for the moment, just watching the young girl’s eyes.

“ Right? You gave me a gift that others would give a fortune for? What ?

Xena said mockingly. Diana maintained her eye contact , and rather than
letting the comment go she said,

“ Welll... yes that’s one of the remarkable gifts, I willingly gave you.”

“ You are full of yourself little girl, I sure hope you can live up to your

Xena said with the warning in her tone.

“ I’m not worried, anyway that was not the gift I was initially speaking of.”

“ Oh? then what was it that you were speaking of?”

“ An army.”

Xena’s eyes narrowed and she sat up and took Diana’s arm in her hand, and with
a vice like grip Xena bared her teeth and her whole countenance appeared to
change. Diana’s brows furrowed and she swallowed hard. Xena then growled at

“ Consort, I’m telling you, I disapprove of liars and I will lay into you for
every lie you have told me today.”

“ It’s not a lie, I gave you over one million soldiers, on top of the already
hundreds of thousand you already had.”

Xena then pushed Diana back on the bed to where now she was looking down at
the young woman.

“ It’s easy for you to tell me this with no way of proving any of it until I

“ We .”

Diana interjected into Xena’s train of thought. Xena furrowed her brow at the

“ What?”

“ You were about to say there’s no way to prove any of this until you got
back. It’s until we got back.”

“ what if I decide I don’t want to take you back with me?”

Diana tried to sit up, but Xena held her in place.

“Lord Xena you won’t leave me.”

“ How can you be so sure?”

“ You would hate yourself if you got back and then remembered why you had come
here in the first place only to return without me.”

“ Maybe it’s a chance I’m willing to take?”

“ I won’t let you leave me.”

“ You won’t Let Me?!”

Xena said derisively. Diana chewed at her lip and then slowly she looked back
up into the warrior’s eyes.

“ Wow you are brave little one. I am both impressed with your bravery, as well
as irritated by it.”

Xena rolled back onto her back and once again put one arm behind her head,
while placing the other over her eyes, she did not want Diana to see her
feeling lightheaded.

As Xena was laying there she listened to Diana tell her things, suddenly Xena
closed her eyes and had Diana been paying attention to Xena she would have
seen that Xena appeared to have gone to sleep for a moment , but in fact had
blacked out. Xena laid still for a few minutes more until she got her bearings
and then she focused on what Diana was saying for a moment, and then she
remembered what had happened.

Xena was happy that she had not hurt Diana, but she did think it was a good
idea to not let Diana in on the fact that she remembered her, in fact she
decided it would be safer for Diana to think that she didn’t remember her
right now, that way she could get close to Rah some kind of way. She also
needed to get Diana to plant one of the devices inside of the house somewhere
where the guys would most likely do their plotting. possibly a library if
there was one in the mansion.

“ We been through so much, I don’t know what has happened to you, why you
don’t remember me, but my life is you, I’m probably crazy for telling You
this, considering how you feel about me right now, but even if you decide you
don’t wish for our relationship to continue, I still wish to go back there and
live , as best I can without you , with the hope that you do remember and then
decide to find me again, rather than live here with no hope.”

Xena narrowed her gaze and then put her mask back in place.“ And then she
uncovered her eyes and looked over at Diana and with a dispassionate voice she

“ So....How did we meet?”

Diana once again played with her hands and then she launched into their
story.Xena laughed out loud at parts and then somberly listened to Diana’s
story. Xena watched Diana’s eyes at parts where she figured a person would
embellish and she seemed uninterested at other parts.

“ Your telling me I made you an offer to become my lover and I said I would
try to change if you willingly gave yourself to me?”

“ Well it was more of a challenge than anything.”

“ What was the challenging part?”

“ You told me that if I did come to you then I would have to abide by what you

“ Well what’s the challenge in that , I would expect anyone and everyone
around me to do what I say?”

“ Yes.... but ....”

Diana hesitated to tell Xena about the control part of the challenge, seeing
how she still had problems with that issue between them. But Xena was not
about to let the story end there.

“ I’m waiting, and don’t lie to me, so far I have not seen a lie in you, but
if your thinking about starting, I will give you my decision about taking you
back with me right now, and I know you won’t like it.”

Xena said matter-of-factly. Diana looked down at her hands and then back up
into the steady gaze of Xena’s sapphire eyes.

“ The challenge was that told me , while you controlled a lot of
things and people, when it came to me you would control everything about me,’s sort of funny now that I think about it.”

“ What is?”

“ you practically called me a wimp earlier, but telling this story, I
remember that you were adamant about me not fighting, in fact you told me that
if you caught me with a sword in my hands it would be to my misfortune, you
wouldn’t even let me ride with you into battle, but for some reason I always
seemed to be there, not that you were happy about it, you even punished me
many times for doing things like that, and you would ask me why I kept doing
them knowing how you felt about it.”

“ Why did you? I would think that you were tired of being punished, or maybe
the punishments weren’t harsh enough?”

“ We’re talking about you here, not someone who knows nothing about pain.
Anyway, I was scared to be punished by you and I tried very hard to do what
you told me, but every time I thought about you going into battle without me
and the possibilities that you could be hurt, captured or even worse, i
couldn’t let you go into that environment alone without the 2nd best warrior

“ You?”

“ Yes, me. Xena...”

Xena looked over at Diana’s slip of the tongue and gave her a look, Diana then
corrected herself.

“ Lord Xena, I know you don’t remember this but I have to tell you anyway.
There is a bond between us that is deeper than any, our love for one another
is incredible, it hurts to think that you don’t remember that....”

Diana said wistfully, as she let the memory wash over her, Xena watched the
struggle within the young woman at having to tell such a story to someone whom
she thought didn’t remember having any of the feelings the young woman

“ That our souls are literally as one, it was the kindred souls that made me
realize my feelings for you, and at that same time you realized we were
kindred souls also.”

“ How is that possible? your a child. there is no way that you could have been
or known the things that the lost of a love one would do to one’s soul, and I
resent you thinking you can relate to me, you can’t!”

“ Your wrong.”

Xena narrowed her eyes and was about to say something when Diana continued in
her bold statement.

“ I not only can relate I also can empathize with you.”

“ How?”

Xena said with a feigned sneer.

“ I ....I have a side to me that was not always.... light.”

Xena leveled her gaze on Diana and was now watching her eyes once again.

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