By D.virtue

Diana saw Xena studying her, but she was not distracted. She told her story of
how she had watched her sister get killed while making love to the man in her
life, and how after her ecstasy had ended he coldheartedly stabbed her in the
heart with a dagger, and then laughed when she asked him why, he told her it
was for money, she being the riches person and all.

“ Ok, I see that you have had a great lost, but how does that make you able to
empathize with my life?”

“ Well, after I got over the initial shock of my sister’s death, my heart went

Diana stopped to compose herself, but the weight of what she had done and why
and the true cause behind it was overwhelming her now. Xena’s features soften
as she watched the young girl struggle to not let a tear fall. Diana finally
swiped her hand across her eyes and continued.

“ I killed everyone one in his family line, along with any of his close
friends. mother’s grandparents, aunts uncles sisters brothers ....neices,
nephews, children, and even infan.....”

The words choked in Diana’s throat as she realized once again the depth to
which she had sank, Diana was about to jump off of the bed and go back into
the bathroom, but Xena having sensed she would probably try to keep the pain
from showing outright to her because of not remembering Diana, so just as
Diana was ready to bolt, Xena caught her arm, Diana kept her head turned so
that Xena would not see her pain.

“ Please? I just need a few minutes to myself.”

“ No.”

Xena said simply, not wanting Diana to go through her pain alone despite the
pretense, and then she said in a commanding tone to renew her role.

“ Finish.”

“ I can’t.”

Diana said sorrowfully.

Xena just waited for a moment for the young girl to compose herself, and then
growing impatient she ordered, again.

“ Finish!”

Diana looked into the flashing sapphires, and she knew this Xena was not
interested in her emotional state, so she took a few deep breaths and then she
finished telling her story.

Xena laid back on the bed and thought about what Diana had told her although
Xena knew Diana’ whole story already, she was still amazed at how deeply Diana
had become in grained in her heart.

“ Ok, little one, I’ll let what you’ve said stand for now, but I will keep an
eye on you.”

“ Now how is it that you ended up back here, with me following to come and get

Diana immediately we into the story and told everything up to the point of
where they now were. Xena saw her opportunity to maintain her role and get
Diana to do what she had planned.

“ Ok, so what we need to do is find out what the plan is now that they have
succeeded in riding me of my memory of you.”

“ Yes, but how?”

“ We need a way to spy on them?”

“ I know! “

Diana exclaimed.

“ we can use one set of these.”

Diana said pointing to her earrings, and Xena’s. Xena smiled to herself that
Diana was indeed thinking the way she was.

“ how does these work and what are they?”

Diana explained everything to Xena including what she had done to her sword
and Chakram. Xena smirked at all the information that she did not have to
think about how to bring them up so as not to give her returned knowledge

“ Who can we trust to do this?”

Xena asked already knowing what the answer would be.

“ One of my sisters.”

“ Ok get in touch with one of them.”

Diana looked at Xena and for a moment she felt like her Xena had returned,
until she heard Xena’s commanding voice.


Diana snapped out of her revelry and then jumped off the bed and went to make
the phone call, after talking with her sister and she arriving over at the
hotel only as far as the front desk she went back and did what Xena and Diana
had asked.

Meanwhile Xena was in need of a little relaxation so she decided to call
Diana on her boast.

“ Consort, come here.”

“ Why?”

Diana asked, eating a grape at the table, while Xena had now returned to the
bed and was sitting on the edge. Xena narrowed her eyes at Diana not only as
The Conqueror who didn’t know her, but also as The Conqueror who did, and
neither one of them liked the idea that Diana would question her. So Xena
stood up and strided over to Diana.

Diana looked up to see Xena striding towards her with a cold look in her eyes.

“ What? What did I do?”

Xena said nothing just took Diana by her arm and picked her up out of the
chair, and turned her to face her.

“ Consort, I told you to do something and I don’t like it when people disobey

“ I didn’t mean to disobey you, I was just curious about what you needed.”

“ Is that right?”


“ Well the best way to find out what I need is to do what I say, and you will
find out what I need, is that clear little girl?”

Xena said with frustration in her voice.

“ Yes, very clear, it won’t happen again.”

“ It had better not!”

Xena said letting go of Diana’s arm, and turning to stride back over to the
bed and recline on it.

“ Come here and pleasure me.”

Diana looked at Xena in confusion for a moment and then she slowly walked over
to the bed and with her heart thudding in her chest Diana chanced a scolding.

“ You know, I really don’t feel like I should do ...that right least
not until you can remember me?”

Xena cut her eyes at Diana and watched Diana shift nervously on her feet.

“ Why is that?”

“ Because, I would feel like I’m being unfaithful to the Xena who knows me.”

Xena’s heart swelled at the faithfulness in Diana, and she wanted to tell her
she did remember her, and bath her in a sea of kisses....but Xena knew she
couldn’t let on so she played her role....

“ Look at it this way, I am Xena The Conqueror, and so is your Xena who
remembers, therefore we are the same people and in so being I suggest you get
on this bed and get to work, now.”

Xena finished with a snarl. Diana swallowed hard and then she moved onto the

“ Besides Consort, you did claim that you could please me...well I’m calling
you on it, unless your admitting that you were lying to me?”

“ NO! I mean no, I didn’t lie to you, I am quite capable of pleasing you
without a doubt. Are you Challenging me?”

Xena smirked at Diana’s competitiveness.

“ Yes, you can look at it that way.”

Xena said matter-of-factly, so as to appear that she didn’t expect Diana to
succeed in her task.

Diana smirked and then removing the robe she had put on, she crawled up Xena’s
body to bring her lips to meet those of Xena, Diana let her tongue seek and
then zoom in on her goal, which was the recesses of Xena’s sweet mouth, but
Xena had her own plan and so they tongue wrestled to see who would have their
way, Xena caught Diana’s tongue in between her teeth and gave a slight nip at

Diana froze at the sensation and opened her eyes to see Xena raising a brow at
her, Diana rolled her eyes and then let a breath out of her mouth and she
brought her tongue back into her own mouth along with Xena delving into her
mouth to taste the sweetness of Diana’s mouth. Xena tilted her head slight to
Diana concession and then closed her eyes and went to her pleasure.

Xena finally broke their kiss and Diana raised up onto her hands and
straddling Xena’s body she said in a low provocative voice.

“ You know Lord Xena, if you let me have my way you’ll find that you will be
more than happy with your decision?”

Xena cocked her head and with a look of feigned disbelief she said,

“ Come here.”

Diana lowered herself to hear what Xena had to say, and Xena whispered in a
low purring voice.

“ You know Consort, I find you quite interesting, first you don’t want to be
bedded by me because of breaking an oath, now you want to not only give
yourself to me, but you want to be the one to make love to me? Why is that?”

“ You pointed out the truth, just because you don’t remember me, doesn’t make
you a different person, you are the same person I fell in love with, it’s just
that you haven’t realized how important I am to you....yet.”

Diana added sheepishly. Xena now brought both of her arms behind her head as
she studied Diana.

“ How much do you want me?”

“ Why?”

“ I want to know, that’s why?”

“ I want you more than you know.”

“ Do you need me?”

Xena asked now feeding her own ego.

“ Why are you asking me these questions, you already know the answers?”

“ How could I know the answers to such questions when I don’t even know you?”

Diana thought about this and realized Xena was right how could she know.

“ Ok, your right, you couldn’t know.”

“I know I’m right, but that doesn’t answer my question, Do you need me?”

“ Yes.”

“ Why?”

Diana went up to a sitting position still astride Xena’s thighs. She looked at
the woman lying beneath her and felt somewhat unease about revealing what she
knew was like a weakness in The Conqueror’s eyes, this Conqueror’s eyes.

“ Well? I’m waiting?”

“ I would rather not answer that right now, if you don’t mind?”

“ I do mind and I want you to answer it.”

“ You seem t mind a lot of things.”

Diana said somewhat snappish. Xena’s eyes narrowed as her lip started to turn
up. Diana knew Xena was becoming angry with her, so before Xena blew her top
with her Diana placed a passionate kiss on Xena’s lips. Xena responded as
Diana had hoped...for the moment, but just before Xena broke the kiss, she
landed a smack to Diana’s behind with her hand.

“ Ouch!”

Diana yelped as Xena returned her arm to rest behind her head. She kept her
gaze on Diana and then she said,

“ Another crack like that and I will redden that round behind of yours while
I’m bedding you.”

Xena arched her brow at Diana, and Diana knew Xena was serious.

“ Now continue.”

Xena said simply, as Diana let a winsome smile cross her face. Diana kissed
along the hollow of Xena’s neck as Xena extended her neck to allow Diana
better access. Diana smiled into Xena’s neck and then went to work kissing and
nipping and biting at times down Xena’s sensual body to her breast where Diana
took her time loving each of them, as well as drinking deeply from them as
Xena’s nipples tighten and expanded inside of Diana’s warm mouth.

Xena was moaning her approval of Diana’s actions as Diana begun to descend
down Xena’s tight abdomen down towards her goal, but just as she touched the
soft curls with her chin Xena grabbed her by her hair and pulled her back up
to her face.

“ What are you doing?”

Xena surprised Diana with the question so much so that Diana gave Xena a
confused look.

“ What do you mean, what am I doing? I Was making love to you. I thought you
were enjoying the attention, as much as I was enjoying giving it?”

“ I was, but I don’t think I’m quite ready for you to taste of me like that

“ Why?”

“ Because I haven’t had you yet.”

“ Well after I finish then you can do what you want.”

“ No I go first, then you can finish.”

“ That’s not fair, I started this.”

“ And if your not careful about that tone Consort I’ll take what I want and
then end it.”

Diana pulled her hair loose from Xena’s grip and sat back on her heels ,
crossing her arms over her chest and going into a pout. Xena eyed Diana, and
thought to herself how adorable Diana was when she pouted, but if she was to
play the role she could not let Diana know what she thought of her appearance.

“ Sooo.... you want to pout huh? Suppose I give you something to pout about?”

Diana looked away from Xena’s steady gaze and then glanced back at her to see
Xena was now sitting up holding the leather strap. Diana inhaled sharply and
then brought her arms down to rest her hands on her lap, as she looked at Xena
study the belt, for whatever, Diana thought Xena was studying the belt to see
what would be the most efficient way to use it on her behind. But Xena was
only using it to scare Diana into behaving.

“ Well....Shall I give you something to pout about?”

Diana shook her head, and Xena just looked at her as if she was still waiting
for an answer. Diana caught it and then opened her mouth and quietly gave Xena
her answer.

“ no.”

“ No....What?”

“ No Lord Xena you won’t have to give me anything to pout about.”

Diana said nervously playing with her hands. Xena watched the nervousness in
Diana as she casually laid back and said,

“ Good, because I could whip you and then still take what I want and not think
twice about it. You know that right?”

Diana looked between her hands and Xena’s steely gaze before she answered.

“ yes.”

“ Ok, laid down on your back.”

Xena ordered. Diana crawled over Xena’s long leg and laid on her back as Xena
had ordered her. Xena then continued to give orders, as she continued to lay
on her back with her arms behind her head watching Diana out the corners of
her eyes.

“ Spread your legs until I tell you to stop.”

Diana slowly spread her legs, little by little and then after what seemed like
forever Xena finally said something.

“ Good. Now hold on to the head rails, and don’t let go for any reason, is
that clear?”

“ yes, but what if I did let go, then what?”

Xena gave Diana a feigned wry look, and Diana nodded her head and turned her
eyes away to prevent her fear of being whipped show in her eyes.

“ good we understand each other, I think you will make an excellent Consort,
you seem to know what I like and don’t like, although you can be quite

With those words Xena rolled over onto her knees and then positioning herself
between Diana’ long supple legs and thigh, Xena caressed Diana’s legs with her
hands and fingers, she moved closer and closer to Diana’s flower and inhaling
deeply she said in a low purring voice.

“ you smell so very sweet....”

Xena slowly brought her mouth to Diana’s soft curls and blowing lightly into
them Diana’s hips raised on their own accord.

“ Ah...down....I will do things at my pace not yours Consort.”

Xena warned Diana and Diana consciously brought her hips down and try to keep
them there.

“ Very good.”

Xena then blew again and this time she heard Diana’s breath come out in a rush
as she strained to keep her hips from moving. Xena then ran her fingers slowly
through the soft hairs as if they were people running through a field. Xena
was enjoying the wetness she knew she would find.

“ Your so wet Consort.”

Diana was trying to concentrate on her breathing and not moving her hips, when
she heard Xena’s comment.

“ Always for you.”

Diana said through ragged breaths.

“ Is that right? even for me..?”

Diana tried to slow her breathing down, but Xena was purposely making it

“ Xena....”

Diana started to say, when suddenly Xena’s provocative fingers stop moving.
Diana gazed at Xena through lidded eyes, as a look of Confusion crossed her

“ What did I tell you to call me?”

Diana took a few deep calming breaths and then said,

“ I’m sorry, Please don’t stop Lord Xena?”

“ Why are you calling me Lord Xena, rather than My Lord Xena?”

Xena asked for her own knowledge.

“ I...I....just hadn’t thought about it.”

Diana said trying not to move her hips against Xena’s now still fingers.

“ Well...let’s just get this straight right now...shall we? You are to call me
My Lord Xena, does that clear things up for you little girl?”

“ yes.”

“ Good, now would you like me to continue Consort?”

“ Yes My Lord Xena.”

“ Good girl.”

Xena then started her erotic touching of Diana once again,and Diana slowly
melted into Xena’s sensual touch.

“Now answer my question. Are you going to always be ready even for me?”

“ Yes.”

“ Why? your obviously scared of me, and you like to talk back, which I don’t
like, but yet you melt at my touch, and a glance from me...why?”

Diana swallowed hard and turned her head to look away as her desire increased,
and her struggle to not let the tears she felt were waiting to fall, fall. She
wanted her Xena back, but she knew even if that never happened she would win
over this Xena and would continue to try and please her in all ways including
those outside the bedchambers.

“ Consort, I’m waiting?”

Diana turned her head back to look into Xena’s intense sapphire eyes.

“ Because, despite what you don’t remember, you are still the Xena that I will
always stand in awe of, your still strong, confident, and Power continues to
radiate from you, your remarkable beauty only adds to that image, I couldn’t
resist you when we were enemies, how could I possibly even begin to think
about trying to resist you now, my heart is yours to do with as you please, my
soul is one with yours, my very being is tied to you, without you I could not
exist my life is yours to do with as you please, I just want to love you, and
for you to love me, and for us to make love until our days draw to nigh. and
even when that day comes, I hope to be in your arms when I close my eyes for
the last time.”

Xena’s heart became so full she was about to lose her composure, and she
couldn’t let Diana see it so she laid down over top of Diana as she slid her
fingers into Diana’s warm waiting flower, She buried her face in Diana’s thick
soft hair and let her tears roll into the mass of ebony tresses, so as to not
let Diana feel or see her lost composure. Xena set an erotic rhythm with her
fingers and Diana moved to the rhythm as if she had known the rhythm all her

Xena brought her other hand up to take Diana’s hands off the rails and place
them around her back. Diana immediately caressed Xena’s back and round firm
buttocks, she left goose bumps in her wake as she ran her fingers along Xena’s
spine. Xena shivered at Diana’s gentle loving touch. Diana begun to arch her
back and Xena felt the tightness taking hold of her fingers that was buried
deep inside of Diana’s flower.

“ Xeeenaaa......?”

Xena was ready to answer but then she remembered who she was suppose to be.

“ Yeesss...Consort?”

“ May I....pleaseeee...?”

“ what?”

Xena said struggling to hold back her own release.

“ Releaseeee.....?”

“ Yes.....Consort let me claim you.”

“ Ahhhhh.....Yessssss.....MY LORD XENAAAA........”

Diana’s back arched up and Xena left Diana’s ebony mane and slid rapidly down
Diana’s body, and just as Diana was about to release Xena removed her fingers
and replaced them with her gifted tongue.

Diana’s body shook to her core at the new addition, and Xena shook to her’s
at the impulses that were shooting up her spine as a result of Diana’s core
and muscles all contracting at the same time. They both released and wave
after wave of ecstasy crashed over them, they were both enraptured by their

When their euphoria had ended, Diana collapsed onto the bed, Xena crawled back
up Diana’s body and rolled her over onto her arms and held her , and then she
too collapsed.

Xena awoke first as was the usual, and she laid watching Diana sleep
contently, and every now and again Diana would snuggle closer to Xena to get
warmer or just to be closer, Xena wasn’t sure, but she did not mind, she
thought Diana was the most beautiful person to grace the earth and she was
proud that Diana chose to give her heart to her, out of all people, Xena
thought to herself.

“ You are amazing, after all the things you’ve been through in your young
life, you chose to get involved in my life, a life full of danger, and pain,
and darkness, knowing all I could give you was my word that I would try to
change for you...I don’t understand why you would take a challenge like that.
It was such an insignificant exchange, you got a terrible deal, while I got
the best. You are so naive Consort, and I love you with all my heart.”

Xena spoke her heart , whispering to Diana as she slept in her afterglow. Xena
then rolled Diana closer to her as she curled around the sleeping young girl.
Diana moaned in her sleep and Xena kissed her and a small smile came to
Diana’s lips as she quietly purred in her sleep. Xena smiled and then laid
back and closed her eyes and fell into a contented sleep.

Xena awoke later to find Diana watching her .

“ What are you doing?”

“ Nothing.”

“ Really? then why are you just watching me?”

“ Because I was just thinking about all you went through to get here and find
me, it just overwhelmed me for a minute, so when I rolled over and saw you
still asleep, I just wanted to see what your face looked like when you were

“ Why?”

“ So I could try to bring that look to your face when you were awake.”

Xena swallowed a lump that was forming in her throat and then she pinched her
lips together and sat up.

“ you are full of a lot of sentimental mush aren’t you?”

“ Only about you.”

Xena leveled her gaze on Diana and then she said with a voice of authority.

“ You’ve said a lot, now I want to see it in action.”

“ What do you mean?”

“ I mean my little sentimental Consort, if you want to impress me with how you
feel about me, then I would rather see how you feel rather than just hear
about them. hmmm..?”

“ Fine, how?”

“ You can show me by being on your best behavior, no talking back, no
questions, just do what I say.”

“ My Lord Xena I do that already.”

“ No, so far you have questioned almost everything, and I won’t put up with
it anymore, you show me that I am as important to you as you have expressed.”

“ Ok, but if for some reason I ....don’t do something exactly as you’ve
said...not that that’s going to happen...but what if? what then?”

“ Then I’ll know.”

“ Know what?”

“ what your feelings are truly.”

“ just because I may deviate slightly from something you’ve told me to do?”

“ Actions always speak louder than words TO ME.”

Diana took a deep breath and dropped her gaze as she tried to think of
something to say, but nothing came. Diana swung her legs over the side of the
bed and she sat up slightly rocking on the edge of the bed as she tried to
hold her temper at bay. She didn’t get out of the bed from knowing how Xena
felt about that, although this was not her Xena she decided she would not
chance another dress down by Xena this one or the other.

Xena watched Diana hoping she would not get off the bed and cause her to lose
her temper, but she also watched Diana waiting for her to tell her what she
figured Diana would do. Which was to turn around and try to change her mind
about her expectations. Xena knew Diana well.

“ You know? Even tho I may deviate from.... from your specific directions just
a little, then you shouldn’t take it as a slap in the face, or some deep
meaning that I don’t care about you, it couldn’t be further from the truth,
you know I’ve always had a natural problem with being .....precisely.....I
mean.....100 % ......completely obedient.”

Diana stumbled through and then finely blurted out what she wanted to say, and
then she turned back around quickly waiting for the explosion she knew would
come. Xena smirked to herself at reading Diana so correctly, but she knew
Diana was waiting for her to blowup at her, but instead Xena went into her
Conqueror mode, the ominously calm voice.

“ will not only do what I say precisely, 100% completely, you
will do it without comment, Do...I...Make....Myself....Clear.....?”

Diana shuddered at the sound of Xena’s voice, the fact that it was lower than
usual, mixed with the calmness was unsettling. Diana had to turn to see Xena’s
eyes to see if they were in agreement with the tone. When she did she turned
slowly and ever so slowly brought her eyes to meet Xena’s icy gaze. Diana
shuddered again and quickly turned around breathing rapidly and her heart
pounding against the inside of her chest.

“ yes, it’s clear.”

Diana choked out as she sat on the bed trying to calm her heart and control
her breathing. Xena was pleased with herself for being able to put whatever
mask was necessary in place without a lot of effort.

“ Good girl, now go and get the earrings, I would think your sister has placed
them by now, and get us some food up here.”

Diana didn’t even look back she simply got up off the bed and went to get what
Xena had ordered. In the meantime, Xena had gotten up and went to clean up,
once she had finished she went back to the bedchambers and got dressed.

Diana brought the earrings to Xena and was about to sit down and listen to
whatever conversation was going on at the Mansion, but Xena was concerned that
part of the conversation would be about the challenge , and she was not in any
hurry to go through the yelling and shouting and arguments that would come as
a result of Diana’s fear for her being hurt or worst, plus the fact of losing
her temper with Diana and possibly end up punishing her to keep her from
trying to stop her.

Xena was determined to do whatever was necessary to get them back home, and if
that meant Diana would have to be held to a tight rein, then Xena knew she was
the person to do it, and would do it without a second thought.

“ Consort go get cleaned up, and then go and wait for our food to come up.”

“ But....?”

Diana started to say, but then thought better of her questioning when Xena
cocked her head and placed one fisted hand on her hip and her other under her
chin as she leveled her gaze on Diana furrowing her brow as if not sure if she
had gotten through to Diana at all about no comments.

Diana shifted her gaze back and forth between places on the wall and Xena’s
foreboding gaze. Diana then with a final glance at Xena turned on her heels
and headed for the powder room to clean up as she had been told. She felt
Xena’s eyes following her and she shook her hands as if trying to shake off
the nervousness she was feeling, along with the fear Xena’s gaze brought up in

Xena watched Diana until Diana went into the room and closed the door. Xena
then shook her head in some disbelief , and after a moment to tamp down her
anger she then turned on the device and sat back to listen to the

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