By D.virtue


“ Diana?”

“ Yes Xena?”

Diana answered as she rolled over onto Xena’s fully clothed body.

“ Xena why are you still dressed? Have you been dressed the whole time?’

“ Never mind that, I need to know something.”

Xena said as she uncovered her eyes. Diana however was still focused on Xena
being completely dressed.

“ I want to know why your still dressed?”

“ Diana we’ll talk about that later.”

“ No, tell me?”

Diana said sitting up. Xena started to become irritated at Diana’s single

“ Forget about that for a moment I have to talk to you about some things.”

“ No first we’ll talk about this and then we’ll talk about whatever. Why are
you still dressed?”

“ Diana it’s not important!”

“ Maybe not to you, but it is to me!”

“ Why?!”

“Because you’ve seen me completely spread eagle at your complete mercy and I
have yet to see you.”

Xena covered her mouth to prevent herself from laughing.

“ um, I see. So what...? You want me spread eagle?”

Diana looked at Xena and waggled her brows. Xena arched her brow and then

“ No.”


“ I like being the one in control.”

“ But now your in my time, maybe things need to change a little?”

“ This time or that, makes no difference.... I am Still... The Conqueror, and
more than that, I still... Control you Consort.”

“ Maybe you don’t?”

Diana said trying to be serious. Xena looked over at Diana and with narrowed
eyes she said in no uncertain terms.

“ Consort you are walking on a dangerous line, I suggest you get off of this
right now.”

“ Xena look why not let me show you how I do things here? maybe you’ll like
what you see, actually I know you will.”

“ Diana what has that got to do with my control over you?”

“ Well maybe you’ll see you don’t need to control me as much as you think?”

“ Consort...let me make something clear to you right now...”

Xena said as she sat up in bed and positioned her back against the head board.

“ Part of what I am made up of is control, actually most of what I am made up
of is control, and I relish the control I hold over others, especially you. I
will not tolerate any resistance against that control. You are my Consort to
control as I will, to please me, and provide me with whatever I desire from

“ It sounds like a slavery of sorts to me.”

Xena’s eyes flashed at the flip remark Diana made and the meaning. Xena’s jaws
set and she said through clenched teeth with a tightness to her voice.

“ Diana I can not believe said that, maybe you’ve been away from me
too long, but whatever the reason is I am utterly offended that you would say
i treat you like any type of slave. I have never! treated you as such, I have
punished you for your disobedience, I have comforted you in times of pain,
protected you from those who would try to harm you , I have accepted your
sister into my home with open arms and continued to love her as my own
daughter. I....I can’t believe you still see me as the woman I use to be
before you came into my life, I thought I had changed, But obviously not
enough for you?!”

Xena then moved off the bed rapidly as Diana started to reach for her. Diana
felt so bad, she was only playing with Xena for the most part, but instead she
ended up hurting the woman she was so proud to have in her life.

“ Xena? I....I’m sorry, I was just.....”

Diana got off the bed and moved to where Xena had went to stand by a window.
Xena had her arms crossed over her chest as she stood straight up looking out
the window with her back to Diana.

“ Xena there is no one on this planet who I am more proud of, you have changed
in such a way that is even beyond what I hoped, Xena...please look at me?”

Xena didn’t move or answer, she just continued to look out over the city as
she listened to Diana.

“ Xena you are my life, I can not imagine my life without you, the Xena that I
have come to love with my very soul, we are one, to hurt you is to hurt
myself, please Xena?”

Diana went to touch Xena’s arm but Xena jerked it away just as Diana’s hand
would have touched her.

“ My Lord? Please? I shouldn’t have said what I did, I was just ....teasing
you... I should have known it would cause doubt to arise about your wonderful
change, and I was so wrong and I feel terrible that I have cause you to have
doubts about how happy you have made me and the pure joy you have brought into
my life...”

Diana stepped around Xena to stand in front of her. Xena continued to look out
the window even over top of Diana’s head.

“ Xena I will do anything, anything you want or say if you will forgive me for
my speaking without thinking, please anything. You are truly the one in
control in this relationship, in fact I think you would be very disappointed
in me if you knew how badly I handled our separation.”

Diana now turned to look out the window, embarrassed by her own short comings.
Xena looked down at the young girl who now begun to tremble. Xena watched
Diana try to maintain her composure but she saw she was losing the battle.

“ Xena I have been truly horrible literally everyone, I asked you to
not stop changing and continue in the beautiful direction you were going in,
and yet I was not strong enough to follow my own advise. I am so ashamed of
myself....for this, hurting you unintentionally because I felt like playing
with you....Stupid Stupid Stupid, I guess that’s the biggest difference
between us. You are truly a woman and I am still quite young and have a lot to
learn. “

Diana then turned back around and with her head lowered she said,

“ I am profoundly sorry for my stupid words, you are and have been the best
person to come into my life, I truly accept our life, the ups and downs, I do
think you are very controlling, but Xena it is a part of you to your very
core. I may not always like it, but My Lord Xena you have to believe that I do
accept it happily because I do know it is YOU. Please find it in your heart to
forgive me, please I just want to spend the rest of my life with you, totally
in love to my very being with the Love of My Life. I love you. I.....”

Diana started to reach her hand out again to touch Xena’s arm, but stopped
herself when she remembered Xena’s last reaction to her trying to touch her.
Diana choked on her words as she brought her hands together and turned and
walked back to the bed and sat down and again tried to maintain her composure,
but this time she lost it, Diana buried her face in her hands and cried.

Xena stood for a few more minutes thinking about what Diana had said, she
looked over to Diana and saw Diana was rolling onto the bed and curling up
into a ball and sobbing. Xena watched Diana for a few moments and then she
slowly walked over to stand at the side of the bed looking down at her young
Consort and love of her life.

“ Diana? “

Diana stopped crying when she heard Xena talking to her.

“ I’ll forgive you...this time, if you tell me whether you truly believe I
treat you like a slave of sorts?”

Diana rolled over and sat up to look up at Xena in the eyes.

“ My Lord Xena I truly do not believe you treat me as a slave at all, but as
someone you only want the best for and will do what is necessary to make sure
that I understand that.”

Diana then chewed her lips as Xena studied her for her sincerity, which didn’t
take her long to see.

Xena sat back down on the bed and put her legs up on the bed once more.

“ Come here.”

Diana flew into Xena’s arms and Xena whispered in her ear,

“ I forgive you kitten, just don’t do this again.”

“ I won’t!”

“ Good. Now give me what is Mines! And I do mean Mines.”

Diana blushed at the look Xena gave her and she gave a coy smile in return.

Xena arched her brow and the raised both them. Diana caught the hint and
immediately placed her lips against Xena’s. They kissed for long moments while
Xena intertwined her hand in Diana’s long ebony hair. She then pulled Diana’s
head back and looked deep into Diana’s eyes.

“ I do control EVERYTHING about you.”

Xena stated to make sure she and Diana was once again on the same wavelength.
She waited for a moment for an answer, and then she pulled Diana’s hair more.

“ Ow! What?”

“ I’m waiting.”

Diana knitted her brow and then it dawned on her that Xena was asking her a

“ Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were asking me a question, I thought you
were making a statement.”

“ Xena eyes stated to narrow once again.

“ Yes, yes Xena you do control things.....”

Xena pulled Diana’s hair once again.

“ OW. Everything, man your demanding.”

Diana said when Xena eased her hold on her hair.

“ So I’ve been told, you just remember.”

“ Hm.... your no fun.”

“ You didn’t think that just a little bit ago.”

Xena said slightly sarcastically.

“ Ha...ha...ha, very funny. Your right you are truly a superb lover, but it
still isn’t funny

“ Wasn’t trying to be, just stating a fact my little consort.”

“ you say.”

“ Yes, it is So I Say.”

Xena emphasized as she rolled Diana over onto the bed on her back.

“ Xena?”

Diana said as she laid nude to Xena’s gaze, which by the way was traveling
everywhere, and with such intensity that Diana blushed at every point where
Xena’s eyes landed.

“ Hm?”

“ Are you ever going to take off your clothes?”

“ Oh, I’d forgotten they were still on.”

“ Well I haven’t.”

“ Obviously.”

“ha, ha.”

Xena smirked and then leaned forward to allow Diana to unfasten her leathers,
soon she had stripped bare, to Diana’s sheer delight.

“ Now that’s better.”

Diana said admiring Xena’s beautiful body once again after years of not seeing

“ Gods your beautiful!”

“ So you’ve told me.”

Xena said as she laid down over Diana’s warm body, making sure to put most of
her weight on her elbows.

“ Well I just want you to know what I thought of you.”

“ I know. Now are you up for the long session I have in mind for us?”

“ Session?”

Diana asked with knitted brows. Xena Cocked her head and then cut her eyes to
the table with the golden box on it. Diana glanced over to see where Xena was
looking, and seeing the box. Diana immediately blushed at the thought of what
was in it .

“ yes.”

“Good, but first I think we’ll do things the natural way and then work our way
to those things.”

Xena said as she begun to plant kisses over Diana’s face and then after a
moment of doing that she planted a searing kiss to her lips, just as she said,

“ Your mine.”

“ yes.”

came the quick response from Diana just as her mouth was cover by Xena’s. Xena
immediately ran her tongue over Diana’s teeth and Diana opened to her. Xena
dove deep into her consorts mouth and begun to feast on the sweetness of it.

“ ahhhh......mmm..... ahh.....”

Diana moaned as she and Xena feasted on one another. Xena begun running her
hands over Diana’s nude body as Diana did the same to Xena’s. Xena soon broke
their torrid kiss and blazed a trail down Diana’s neck where she sucked the
soft flesh into her mouth hard marking it, she then nipped her way to Diana’s
pulse point where she bit hard on the skin.

“ Ow! ahhh.....”

Diana moaned as Xena’s passion and desire for Diana pushed her past her
control. Diana wrapped her hands in Xena’s Raven hair. Diana was kissing and
nipping at Xena’s neck until Xena bit down on her neck.

Xena’s love bite drew a few drops of blood, and Xena ran her tongue over the

“ Mmmmm you are just edible my sweet kitten.”

Xena said in a somewhat low growling voice. Diana trembled at the sound.Xena’s
hands then blazed another trail down to Diana’s breast. She took one in each
of her hands and she squeezed and kneaded the flesh expertly. While at the
same time feasting on areas of Diana’s neck.

“ Mmm.....uhhuh....oooooo.....”

Diana continued her moans. Xena’s fingers now made their way to Diana’s
exceptional nipples and after lightly running her fingers over them and
feeling them tighten. Xena gripped the two peaks in her fingers and she rolled
them between her thumbs and forefingers.

Diana’s chest raised up off the bed at the sensations the expert fingers were
evoking in her. Xena smiled, and let, what if Diana had seen the look that
came into Xena’s eyes she would have thought twice about raising her chest .
Xena continued to feast on Diana’s neck and shoulders and chin, but then she
pinched the two taut peaks so hard that Diana not only flinched but her eyes
went sapphire as she yelped.

“ OW! Xennaa? Your going to take them o..f...f... Gods! Xena please?”

Diana said through her rapid and irregular breathing. Xena was lost in her
passion but she heard the change in Diana’s voice from a higher octave to a
lower one and she immediately knew that Diana’s eyes were once again
identifying her as the cause and cure.

Xena also knew that although Diana felt the pain, she would relax into it ,
and allow it to flow into the ultimate pleasure. Xena also figured that Diana
would try to scoot away just to get some control over her own self, so she
continued in her conquest. The pressure to Diana’s nipples increased, as Xena
became more hungry for Diana.

“ OH.......Gods.......please? “

Diana then did as Xena had thought she started to try to scoot away from
Xena’s tormenting fingers, and Xena simply scooted with her. Diana during
her’s and Xena’s moving around found herself with her head and upper back
hanging over the side of the bed, with Xena still pinching on each of her
nipples, but she had stopped feasting on Diana’s neck and was now thoroughly
focused on Diana’s provocative position and and how it provided the ultimate
exposure and assessability to Diana’s now highly charged nipples.

Xena abruptly let go of Diana’s nipples and was fascinated with what she saw
happening. Diana’s nipples were erect and a good size already, but now Xena
saw them increase to about a half of an inch more in all directions.

Xena’s eyes went chestnut colored, her breathing was now almost a pant, as she
watched and listened to Diana’s constant moaning and groaning from the abrupt
release of her peaks and their resulting growth. Xena had a shiver shoot up
her spine and at the same moment she saw Diana start to move further off the
bed towards the floor. Xena was stunned to see Diana go over the edge of the
bed on her back and yet end up on her stomach.

Diana got up and staggered towards the table where the food would normally be
at, but she was not after food she wanted something to drink to wet her dry
mouth and because of the euphoric type effect the nipple thing had on her she
wasn’t thinking clearly at all, especially considering Xena’s breast could
have done that for her.

Meanwhile Xena watched in total fascination the effect had on Diana. Her
hormones were now running wild she quickly retrieved the tongue type phallus
and put it on almost magically with the speed at which she did it. Xena then
found herself moving in a stalking way towards Diana as Diana reached the
table. Diana didn’t bother to pour any of the water into a cup but she drank
it straight from the holder. Xena continued to move towards the unsuspecting
Consort, and while Diana was just taking the holder away from her mouth and
placing it on the table, Xena knocked it off the table and everything else
that was on the table and with her pearly white glistening and her brow arched
almost in a dangerous looking way she moved towards Diana, with intent on
having her on the table.

Diana through her euphoric haze was able to focus enough to see that she was
in for it in a big way, she was stunned to see Xena’s eyes the color or what
her normal coloring.

“ Xena? Are you ok?”

Diana asked, breathing hard as her heart pounded against her chest.

“ Marvelous, come here.”

“ Xena I think you should calm down a little first?”

“ Can’t....I have neeedssss.”

Xena hissed as she stepped closer and Diana stepped around the table using her
hands as feelers. Diana’s body was painfully tighten at the amount of
pheromones Xena’s body was radiating.

“ Xe..nnaa.... I don’t know what cause this, your eyes and all, but I

Xena darted at Diana at that moment causing Diana to cut off her sentence in
the middle.

“ Come here Consort.”

“ Xena I’m a little afraid that.....that this is going to be ......somewhat
of a painful encounter.”

Xena casted Diana a devious smile.

“ Maybe a little.”

Diana shivered at Xena’s words.

“ Are you going to come to me? Or do I have to try something different?

“ What?”

“ Are you saying your not coming?”

Xena cocked her head and smirked. Diana shivered again.

“ Well....I....I think I’ll wait for a few minutes, if that’s ok?”

“ No it’s not.”

Xena said taking a deep breath to slow her breathing down. Then she narrowed
her eyes at Diana as she once again moved towards her and again Diana matched
each of Xena’s steps while moving backwards around the table and keeping her
eyes on Xena the whole time.

“ Stop.”

Xena simply said.

“ I will if you will?”

Diana answered with a small smile. Xena’s eyes narrowed more.

“ Ok kitten I gave you a fair chance.”

Diana’s brows knitted at the meaning. Xena then started visualizing what she
was going to do to Diana once she had her. She continued to walk towards
Diana, who at first was still trying to figure out Xena’s meaning, but then
Diana went painfully tight in her abdomen.

“ Gods!”

she exclaimed as she bent slightly over holding her abdomen and watching Xena
move towards her, she used one of her hands to hold her up and move her along
the table.

“ I see you felt that? You know I was just thinking about what I was going to
do with you once I have you under me once again, I thought I would start with
those two exquisite peaks, I figure I would caress each one of them with my
tongue, running it up and then around those taut, delicious enticing peaks,
mmmm, just the thought sends shivers up my spine.”

Diana was now feeling lightheaded from Xena’s description of how she was
planning on taking her.

“ AHH! Gods Xena! please stop doing that?”

“I will if you come here.”

“ Xena?”

“ I’m losing my patience with this Consort, I want you to either come
here...or stop moving away, otherwise the next thought I’ll make sure it takes
you to your knees.”

Diana’s breathing was now short and rapid, she shuddered at the thought of
what Xena would think of next. Xena moved nearer to Diana, but this time Diana
did not move, she only trembled, especially when she saw a feral smile and a
gleam of carnal desire shining into those chestnut colored eyes.

Xena came upon Diana and stood towering over her as Diana leaned back against
the table they had been going around.

“ Good Girl.”

Xena then pulled Diana to her and she ran her hands over Diana’s back and
behind as she held her tightly against her. Diana loved the strength of Xena’s
arms around her and she immediately located one of Xena’s nipples with her
mouth and she sucked on it with abandon.

“ AHHhhh.....yes kitten, harder!”

Diana immediately complied and begun sucking harder on the large nipple. Diana
bit down and pulled at the peak while it was caught between her teeth.
Xena’s head went back as the stimulate nipple begun to produce. Diana sucked
and bit an pulled at the nipple the whole time Xena held her.

She then started to do what Xena had done to her, she slowly but firmly into
her mouth as her tongue bathe it.

“ OOOO....... Little girl you are too wonderful for words.

Xena squeezed Diana’s round behind extra hard when she felt the wonderful
sensation from Diana’s mouth on her nipple glide up her spine.


Diana responded to the manipulation of her behind.

“ Oh you feel soooo...... soft. GODS I want you. Now!

Xena then disengaged Diana’s mouth from her breast and said in a commanding

“ Lay back.”

Diana gazed at Xena through her heavy lidded eyes but didn’t more, until she
heard Xena say while pushing her back with her strong fingers onto the table.

“ NOW!”

Diana fell back onto the table as Xena immediately crawled up over Diana who
was scooting backwards on the table so as to be in the center. Once they were
in a good spot on the table Xena looked deep into Diana’s eyes and said,

“ I’m going to feast on these until their dry.”

Xena said running her fingers over the larger nipples that now stood erect and
pointing up at Xena. Diana trembled as Xena’s mouth proceeded to move closer
and closer. Xena’s tongue slid out and over one of the peaks and it tighten

“ To Hades with it!”

Xena shouted as she seized upon the towering peak.

“ AHHHH! BY Zeus! AH....!OHHHH! Xe...nnaaaa? OH YES! “

Xena was wild with abandon on Diana’s nipple she was sucking hard and fierce
as if there were no tomorrow. She bit down on it and was rewarded with a
flavorful wine. She continued to bite and pull and suck .

“ Xe...naaaa? I...I......GODS help me I need to releaseeeeee, please....?

Xeeee...nnnnaaaa? Ahhhh.....ooooooo.....G....O....D....S.....!”

Xena was so into what she was doing she did not hear Diana call out that she
needed to release, at least not at first. then she heard Diana’s voice filter
through her haze and her mind immediately cleared.

“ NO!”

Xena shouted. and Diana groaned her disappointment. Xena returned her
attention to the reddish hued nipple that was being sucked dry literally after
hours of stimulation by Xena’s determined and unquenchable thirst.

Xena abruptly stopped and rolled off of Diana and dashed over to the table by
the bed and grabbed the box and returned to the table before Diana had time to
process the fact that she was gone.

Xena then returned to her task of sucking Diana’s nipple dry. Diana’s head
tilted back as her hands and nails dug into Xena’s back leaving scratches that
would be gone by the morning.

“ Yes Diana.”

Xena thought with her mind.

“ You do like this, I knew you would?”

Xena located what she was searching for she put the gloves on once more and
she already had the phallus that lay flat against her lower abdomen until it
was ready to be used, on her.

Once she had put the gloves on her and Diana she then ran one of her hands
down between them and through Diana’s downy soft hairs of her nature. she
relished in the wetness she found there, as she always had but for some reason
Xena had the need to feel inside of Diana, she slid her fingers into Diana and
hearing the sounds escaping from Diana, she begun to thrust.

First slow, deep and methodically, but as Diana met each thrust with her
hips Xena’s rhythm increased and she thrusted with more force and deeper into
Diana feeling everything, the walls of her nature as they quivered
continuously, the wetness that was constantly building, as Diana’s arousal

Diana was now switching between Xena’s back and the sides of the table, as
perspiration coated her body as well as Xena’s. They were both holding back
their release into ecstasy for different reason, Xena because she chose to,
and Diana because Xena told her to. Diana was delirious, she was barely
holding on to any form of competent thought, until....

Xena’s finger were pumping deep and fiercely into Diana, and when Xena pushed
them to Diana’s core and begun lightly manipulating the front of it, all
thought went from Diana’s mind. the resulting sounds were almost primal.

Xena heard them and she bit hard on to the other nipple she had gone to after
the first was dried. Diana’s head whipped up off the table to lock carnal eyes
with her soulmate. Xena showed her teeth as she held the redden nipple between
them. Diana raised slightly to her elbows as she and Xena locked and held each
others gaze.

Xena continued thrusting into Diana and Diana continued her returned
thrusting, their rhythm was one sensual dance. Diana’s head would tilt back,
but her eyes never lost contact with Xena’s. Xena suddenly rolled over onto
her back bring Diana along with her. Diana was caught off guard as she always
was when Xena did things like that but soon she relocated Xena’s eyes which
were now piercing.

“ Your hand Consort, in here.”

Xena commanded as she took one of Diana’s hands and ran it through her silken
downy hairs, into her jeweled opening. Then when Xena felt Diana continue on
her own, she let go of Diana’s hand and allowed Diana to proceed on her own.

“ Turn your hips here.”

Xena directed Diana to turn so that she was on Xena’s side at an angle that
allowed for Xena to have a better angle at which to continue her thrusting
into Diana, while Diana thrusted into her.

Diana found Xena’s rhythm once again and without effort duplicated it

“ Ahhhhh...... Yesssssss. Consort...... you do remember how I like

Xena then reached to place her hand over one of Diana’s nipples so that the
glove could go to work, but Diana evidently had the same thought at the same
moment and just as Xena reached Diana reached for Xena’s. Diana was also in a
better position to put her mouth on Xena’s other nipple and she automatically
went to do it , but....just as she touched her lips to it she felt Xena’s
mouth seize her nipple and she gasped at the suction that was applied.

“ ah!”

Diana said weakly as her strength seem to suddenly fell her , her arms
trembled with effort to hold herself up as well as continue to pump up on
Xena’s wonderful fingers, but just as she was about to lose her strength Xena
bit down on Diana’s nipple in a different was that sent shockwaves shooting up
Diana’s spine.

Diana’s strength immediately returned and she shook her head and looked down
at Xena’s eyes and saw a waggling of Xena’s brows. Diana smirked and then she
sieged upon Xena’s nipple with her mouth and placed her other hand over Xena’s


Diana moaned as she sucked on Xena’s savory nipple. Diana bit down and once
again she was rewarded with water. She look back down towards Xena in
confusion and Xena removed her mouth only enough off of Diana’s nipple to saw,

“ Your going to need it.”

She then returned her mouth to the waiting nipple and once again she sucked
with abandon as did Diana. With all the sensations their bodies were
experiencing Xena finally said urgently through a mouth full of Diana’s

“ Now Consort!”

Diana heard ...barely her euphoric delilirium was beyond her.

Both women as if in one body stiffen and their heads started to go back only
to stop abruptly due to both of them still having hold of the other’s nipple
in their respective mouths. Their gloved hand was sucking it’s imprisoned
nipple in and out slowly and then rapidly and then slowly intermittently
changing, both women automatically squeezed the breast in their hand, thus
forcing more of their nipple and breast into the mouth of the glove.

“ Ahhhh.......”

“ Oooohhhhh......”

Both women started to exclaim when their ecstasy hit them like a ton of
The two found themselves transported once again outside of their bodies to
Ecstasies Mist, a place neither of them had been since their separation.

They once again merged into one and even in during so they could see and feel
themselves caressing each other and Diana being turn effortlessly upside down,
with Xena holding her around the waist and Xena’s face buried in Diana’s sweet
nature, and Diana’s buried between Xena’s bliss filled jewel. Both of the
women watched themselves within the Mist Make love and they felt their real
bodies responding with an increase in their normally slowed heartbeat while in
the Mist. they were also unconsciously sucking on each others nipples that was
still in their mouths when they peaked.

Their hand that covered the other nipple and some of the breast now had most
of their breast in it’s mouth sucking and bathing them with the flesh like

Both their bodies were trembling continuously. The watching two from the Mist
looked back over to the two souls hungrily feasting on each others centres.
using tongues that the two women themselves had never seen before. They were
more papillaried than their own or the gifted one they both used on each
other. The two women’s eyes reflected the others natural colored eyes.

The two Ethereal figures floated head over heel with Diana face down , then
Xena and then Diana, and then Xena, while the two used their tongues to pull
further ecstasy from one another.

The image of the two was like a three dimensional spectrum, with the two souls
merged with both heads facing one another, and another part of it showing
them merged with one head down between the thighs of the other and the others
head upright between the thighs of the upside down form both had their arms
around the others waist as if holding each other up. the third showing one on
her knees pleasuring the other taller one, and then that image changes to the
taller one on her knees pleasuring the smaller one.

It was an amazing image to see and the two watching Xena and Diana were awe
struck by it. they then turned their attention to their bodies and saw that
both were perspiring profusely and would have dehydrated long ago had it not
been for them receiving their need for rehydration from one another's breast
who by the way were both now producing cool spring water.

Their bodies were now shaking as their orgasms continued to wash over them
form what they were seeing and feeling both in their real bodies and what
their souls were feeling and thus they felt, as well as what the watchers were

When the two watchers looked back to the 3 dimensional image they were stunned
and awestruck once more to find that it had changed, It no longer had the two
women feasting off of one another or face to face or one on her knee
pleasuring the other, but instead....

The two women were now were still merged but their heads now were back to
back, as if watching out for the other from behind, the next showed the two
holding their respective hearts in their up held hands and each taking the
others and splitting the two halves of the hearts apart without any blood lost
and each handing one half of them to each other where they put them together
and then placed the hearts intact into their own chest.

The third showed the two standing one slightly more in front of the other but
one of their arms one’s left the others right merged at the wrists and hands.
so that it looked as if they were holding each others hands, only inseparable.

The watchers once again turned to look at the two real bodies from which the
souls had come from. The women’s heartbeat had increased more but still not a
threat for either one.

The watchers looked back to the souls and once again saw that they had
changed, this went on for days in real time, moments in Ecstasies Mist.
This time the spectrum showed the two women on what looked like grass, talking
and laughing the taller one lying with her head in the lap of the smaller one
and the small one stroking the raven hair, while the tall one caressed the
smaller one’s arm closer to her side.

The other image showed, the taller form holding and what looked like consoling
the smaller one, and then it turns and it is the smaller one consoling the
taller one.

The third image showed both women standing as one , where there was only one
complete body and head , when the image turned around the eyes of the twin
souls showed one sapphire and one chestnut. The hand of the souls held a
dagger that had been stained and when the watchers followed the souls eyes to
where they focused, just as the watchers were about to see who, they figured
it was a person, it was that laid slained by the one souls, the bodies
suddenly caught their attention and the two watchers turned to look at their

They were stunned to see that the two bodies had somehow changed their
position and now both women laid on the table face to breast of the other, on
their sides , with their gloved hands still feasting on the breast held
captive in it’s gloved mouths, while the two women’s mouth continued to feast
on each others other nipple, drinking deeply.

When to the watchers turned to look back at the souls they found the two
looking at them, and then they smiled as one, and finally the smaller one
begun to slowly disappear, and then the taller one raised a brow , as if to
say “gotta go” and then she two disappeared.

The watchers turned to see the souls reenter the bodies of their owners and
both women took in a deep breath as their backs arched inwards and in so doing
their respective nipples were released from the two women’ s mouths. The deep
breath continued for long moments until finally.....

Both women collapsed and laid spent on the table. The watchers then moved in
to reingrate themselves as well as position the two women so that they would
be arm in arm rather than face to breast, they would provide enough strength
for the two women to move. The two watchers merged into the bodies of their
respective owners and the two bodies seem to move on their own accord they
were soon lying in each others arms with Xena’s arm holding Diana protectively
as well as possessively.

The two women laid on the table unconscious for days, especially considering
it had been a week ( 5 days ) of continuous orgasms washing over them. Xena
woke on the third day.

She tried to focus her eyes, but found that they would not focus no matter how
hard she tried, so she just closed them back and tried to let her senses tell
her where she was, but they two were not focusing, Xena then tried to raise up
to her elbows but found she had little if any strength, so she laid there
waiting for her senses to come back to her.

Half a day later she was finally able to focus with her eyes and also with
her senses, she looked around and saw the ceiling and then the bed, and her
brow knitted as to what she was on if it wasn’t the bed. But soon she let the
thought go and then just as she was trying to raise once more to her elbows,
she discovered a weight of some sort on her.

“ What the.....”

Xena looked down to see cascading ebony hair covering the owners face, she
gently removed the hair from the face and saw a wondrous vision lying in her
arms, after a few minutes to admire the beauty, she then let her eyes travel
down the length of the nude body, and she was stunned at how beautiful the
young girls body was.

“ So who are you little one? Are you my sex slave, concubine, consort?

Xena laid back down as she tried to remember who the young girl was in her
arms, as she laid there she decided to busy her hands, so she ran her fingers
gently down the girls back straight to the round firm behind. Once there she
kneaded the flesh with her fingers, she squeezed each of the cheeks, and was
rewarded with a moan.

“ Hm? You respond even when your unconscious? hmmmm....maybe your not
unconsconscious at all?”

Xena then brought her other hand up to the young girls face and opened the
girls eye and saw it was rolled upward.

“ Hmm you are unconscious, wow I knew I was great, but wow to render you this
unconscious, well.... I must be beyond mortal.”

Xena said to the young woman.

“ How about a taste of those sweet looking lips?”

Xena then rolled the young woman onto her back and laying on her side she
leaned forward and place a tender kiss at first on to the soft lips, but when
she felt a return pressure against her own followed by a moan, she initially
was surprised but soon got over it and placed a passionate kiss to the
responsive lips. While she was kissing the young girl it came back to her.

“Consort ! That’s it! Your Diana my Consort! My love! my heart! Gods! How
could I forget that?”

Xena then pulled Diana back into her arms and she held her tightly, she
placed kisses to Diana’s forehead and eyes and nose, she squeezed her tightly
to her and she just let her love for Diana wash over her, but along with that
love came a renewed determination to have Diana belong only to her.

Xena sat up and lifted Diana without effort into her arms and with tentative
steps at first , making sure she had the strength she felt she had was
actually a reality, after discovering she did, she strided over to the bed and
laid Diana down on top of it.

She then pushed the button for Michelle to come. After only a few moments of
waiting , Michelle presented herself at the door of the bedroom and knocked.

“ come in.”

Michelle came in and without looking anywhere else she focused her attention
squarely on The woman towering over her which she assumed that the woman was
nude but it was none of her business.

“ Yes? Madame?”

“ Michelle, draw a bath and have some Hyacinth soap and hair shampoo there.”

“ Yes Madame right away.”

“ good, you may go.”

“ Thank you Madame.”

Xena slightly tilted her head downwards as she watched the young servant turn
so that she would not see the bed, but instead the otherside of the room. Xena
was very impressed with the young girls discretion and she would make sure she
rewarded her for it.

Xena then cleaned up the room and removed the gloves from she and Diana’s
hands, she thought about removing the phallus that she had not used yet on
Diana since arriving in this time , but she thought better of it , especially
since it laid flat against her abdomen and was like a second skin whereas she
could easily forget about it if she wanted, and it wouldn’t show through her
leathers she decided to keep it on, so when she wanted to take Diana in that
way whe wouldn’t have to wait.

Xena smiled to herself at the thought. After a short bit of time Michelle came
back and announced the bath had been drawn to Xena’s specification.

“ Good.”

Xena said as she turned back towards the bed and Michelle turned as she had
before and walked to the door and left, closing it behind her. Xena walked
over and lifted Diana up off the bed and carried her to where her golden box
was, once there she reached into the box and pulled out the smelling vile.
Then she carried her precious treasure to the bath.

The bathtub was a large almost small swimming pool size with a fireplace and
furniture around the room. The bath itself was a sunken tub one in which Xena
could walk into.

Xena walked into the water with Diana in her arms and submerged both of them.
coming up after a few minutes. She then looked around the bath for a place to
put Diana down, she was pleased to find there was a place within the bath, she
walked over to it and placed Diana down on the bench type seat.

Diana was submerged just enough that her breast were covered by the water.
Xena leaned Diana back and she proceeded to clean herself up, then she began
to wash Diana up from head to foot with loving strokes and thoroughness. Once
she had finished, she dried both her and Diana, she then laid Diana down on
the table with an opening at one of the end, Xena reasoned that it must be for
the face considering it’s size.

She laid Diana face down on the table with her face resting inside the
opening. Xena smiled at her logic and she then begun to oil and massage every
muscle of
Diana’s body, using the different oils to massage the different parts, all of
the smells were the same, Hyacinth, but she used a light oil for Diana’s scalp
and an even lighter oil for her face and neck, she used a heavier oil on
Diana’s body.

After over and hour of massaging Xena stretched her hands and fingers and then
she stretched her back. She then lifted Diana up off the table and carried her
back to the bed chamber and laid her down and covered her nude body with the

end of part 4
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