By D.virtue


Diana slept into the next day before she aroused.

“ mmm..”

Xena sat with her legs extended on top of the covers, and she waited for Diana
to fully awake. Diana went through the same thing Xena did with the focusing
problems, and then after another day and a half, Diana finally woke up fully.

“ Where am I?

Diana asked out loud not really expecting to hear a response.

“ Your with your Master and Lord.”

Xena answered knowingly.”

“ excuse me? Wait who are you?”

“ I’m she.”

“ Who?”

“ Your Lord and Master.”

“Wait a minute I am no one’s slave.”

“ Did I say slave?”

“ No...but you did say Lord and Master.... and that usually means slave?”

“ Does it now? Well it’s not what I mean.”

“ Well lady just what do you mean?”

“ I mean I am The Chosen and you are mines.”

Diana sat up in the bed and the covers fell down revealing her naked breast.

“ Oh My God! What the heck am I doing Naked?!”

Diana exclaimed in horror. Xena simply looked down at the nude breast and

“ They are quite wonderful.”

“ I....I.....I don’t know what happen or why I’m in bed with a woman, but God
I’m dead if anyone of my Chosen find out about this.”

Diana then looked under the covers again that she was now covering herself
with and she noticed her nipples.

“ Wh...wh...My Goodness...what happened to my breast?”

Diana whimpered. Xena Pulled the covers back to see what she knew Diana was
talking about. Diana looked up after a moment and realized the strange woman
was looking at her breast, she immediately pulled the covers to her chest once
again. Xena arched her brow at the move and then she went back to eating fruit
that she had placed on the table by the bed.

Xena had a robe on.

“ Like some fruit?”

Xena asked casually. Diana looked at her like she had just changed into a two
headed Cyclops.

“ Your kidding right?”

“ No, I thought you might be hungry?”

“ Why would I be hungry?”

“ Well it has been a very exhausting couple of weeks.”

“ Weeks?! Exhausting? why would it have been?”

“ Welll... let me put it like this, I know your not thirsty, and you you taste
so delicious.”

Xena said, sucking on her fingers to remove the berry juices from them and
exaggerating it as she removed them from her mouth. Diana blushed to her roots
and then immediately brought her hand to her face to try and hid the flushing
of her skin.

Xena cocked her head and cut her eyes over to look at Diana.

“ It’s ok, you are quite adorable when you blush.”

Diana blushed more and then she cleared her throat and turned her head to look
the woman squarely in the eyes. When Xena turned her eyes to look at Diana she
saw Diana flinch as if she had been struck.

“ What is it?”

“ Your eyes....why are the sapphire with a band of chestnut? I’ve never seen
eyes with those color here before.”

“ Here? What do you mean?”

Diana caught what she had said and then immediately tried to cover, because
she didn’t want this stranger to know about her alien encounter.

“ Yes around this country.”

“ Your lying to me, say your sorry and I’ll let it go...this time.”

Xena said with a warning yet commanding voice, as she took another bite of
fruit while watching Diana thought about all the things she was feeling as a
result of her unfamiliar situation.

“ I don’t have to apologize to you.”

Xena crossed her arms over her chest and turned her head slowly in an
intimidating way and with narrowed eyes said,

“ Now you have two things to apologize for, lying and being insolent.”

Diana’s brows knitted together and she looked for another robe and locating
one she moved from the bed quickly and grabbed the robe and put it on. Xena
watched Diana’s movements like a panther waiting to pounce on it’s prey.

“ I don’t know who you are but I don’t appreciate being called a liar.”

“ Then don’t lie.”

Xena said simply. Diana started to protest, but she closed her mouth and
turned away and went to the window.

“ I’m waiting.”

Xena stated.

“ For what?”

“ You to apologize.”

“ You seem to have a one track mind, don’t you?”

Diana said with some sarcasm in her voice. Xena looked over at Diana, and
although she knew Diana was experiencing temporary amnesia, she was not going
to allow Diana to be disrespectful, even if that meant reddening her behind.

Xena arose up off the bed and strided towards Diana. Diana saw her stand and
was stunned to see how tall she was. She moved back away from the window so
that she wouldn’t be pushed out, by accident.

“ What ?”

“ Apologize. Now!”

Diana couldn’t understand why she was backing up but something told her to so
she did.

“ Fine! stop coming towards me!”

“ Why? What are you going to do little girl?’

“ That’s not what I meant, but if it comes to that you maybe sorry.”

“ hah! “

Xena mocked as her natural warrior instincts took over.

“ Are you challenging me, little girl?”

“ Stop calling me that I am not as little as you think, but I can be deadly if

“ Is that right? well maybe we should check out your skills a little?”

“ I’m warning you stop coming near me.”

Xena arched her brow and she faked like she was going to dart at Diana, who
immediately went into a defensive stance. Xena smiled as she moved closer to

“ Very impressive, most people would have tried to move rather than take a

“ I am not some young girl who can’t take care of herself, I will hurt you if
you force me.”

“ Is that right?”

“ Yes that’s right ! Now stop moving towards me!”

Diana didn’t want to hurt this woman but she thought maybe she could just
subdue her long enough for the woman to come to her senses.

“ If your going to hurt mee.... why are you backing up?”

“ Because I’m hoping you will finally come to your senses.”

“ Oh, I assure you, I have complete control of all of my senses.”

“ obviously you don’t otherwise you would realize you are about to get into
something that you won’t be able to handle.”

“ Oh...why don’t you let me judge that for myself. Besides , I’m still waiting
for my apologies.”

“ Fine I’ll apologize if it will stop you from doing this?”

“ Well then?”

“ I’m sorry. There are you satisfied?”

“ What are you sorry for?”

“ Whatever you think I did or said.”

“ Which was what little girl?”

Xena was really enjoying taunting Diana.

“ I told you not to call me that, my name is Diana.”

“ Oh I know your name very well, but I’m trying to make a point.”

“ and what point might that be?”

“ That I’m not who you think I am either, you can not best me, no matter what
your effort.”

“ ha,ha, ha, your very funny you know that?”

“ funny as you may think I am, I’m quite serious, and I can be quite Deadly
also, but I can make it hurt longer, and more intensely.”

Diana looked the woman in the eyes and she saw the truth in her words.

“ Fine, I’m sorry for lying to you and for being disrespectful with my

Xena stopped moving towards the retreating young girl. Diana swallowed hard
and kept her eyes on the woman. Xena smirked and raised a brow.

“ That’s better, now come here.”

“ excuse me? “

“ I think you heard me.”

“ I heard but why do you want me to come to you, I don’t even know you.”

“ That’s ok I plan on helping you to remember without a doubt who I am.”

Diana looked horrified.

“ Your kidding right? You have to be, I don’t want you to help me remember
anything, all I want to do is find my clothes. “

Xena recognized where this was going and she wanted to make sure Diana could
not leave the room, so she turned on her heels and headed for the door, once
there, she looked at the weak handle and realized Diana could easily break it
off, so she walked over to her golden box looking inside she found a special
gift that she asked Aphrodite to prove her. It was not any sexual toy per sa
but it was capable of making them is Xena desired. It was a liquid that when
poured over any object would form to what ever the pourer wanted.

Xena walked back over to the door making sure to keep her back to Diana to
block Diana’s view of what she had and was doing with it. Xena cover the hold
door and it’s hinges and knob in a matter of a moment only using 2 drops of
the clear liquid.

“ What are you doing?”

Diana asked out of curiosity.

“ never mind, I think I had told you to do something?”

“ I’m not coming to you.”

“ I suggest you do as your told.”

“ Well lady, I suggest you stop giving suggestions, and orders and then there
wouldn’t be any conflicts.”

“ Is that right?”

Xena said as she started moving towards Diana once again.

“ Oh, here we go again. stop it.”

“ Come here.”

“No. I’m not going to do that.”

“Then I’m not going to stop. Eventually I catch you.”

“You’d have to be pretty quick.”

Xena gauged her distance from Diana and Diana’s avenues of evading, she saw
two definite but a third one was present but not as obvious. So she made the
decision to eliminate two of the three and only leave the least obvious. Which
was to have Diana flip over the bed and leave her back to the wall and only
the side as a possible escape if she could make it.

Xena subtlety changed her and Diana’s directions without effort, Diana stepped
backwards as Xena walked towards her. Diana glanced back to see the bed just a
step behind her, along with the small area on the otherside of the bed.

Diana then realized she would not have a means of evading so she tried to step
sideways but Xena step at an angle in front of her putting Xena closer to her,
she then stepped back and started to move the other way, and again Xena
stepped in front and at an angle putting her closer.

“ What do you want from me?”

“ You.”

Diana’s heart was beating out of her chest at the woman’s words. For some
reason she did find the woman to be a rare beauty with tremendous power and
strength flowing from her. Diana flushed at the thought, and Xena not one to
miss anything smiled and said in a low voice.

“ I can satisfy you like no man ever could, no matter who they are.”

Diana stumbled and Xena took the opening. She darted at Diana who at the last
moment flipped to the otherside of the bed. Xena however expected as much so
all she did was step up onto the bed and walked over it towards Diana. Coming
at her from the only end that was open.

“ Now look I don’t want to hurt you, but I don’t like being cornered.”

Diana said as she backed into the wall. Xena stepped off the bed and moved
towards Diana, who immediately went into a defensive stance once again.

“ Are we back to that....again? I don’t want to hurt you, I just want to have
what’s mines.”

“ And what is that?”

“ Not what..... Who.”

“ I ......I..... don’t know what your talking about.”

“ You will.”

Xena said as she put her hands on either side of Diana who had relaxed her
stance and was now trying to lower the tension she thought was present due to
her own tension.

“ Now see I’m not going to hurt you, at least not the way you think.”

“ What are you talking about?”

“ I don’t feel like talking anymore, I have needs and I plan on taking care of
them right now.”

Xena started to lean down to take a kiss when Diana’s hand came up with the
intent on punching her across the face, but Xena’s hand caught it and begun to

Diana’s eyes went wide with confusion as she felt the pain of the woman’s
steel grip. Diana then tried to use her other hand and Xena caught that one
also, and only raised a brow at the confused girl.

“ Now why would you try to do this? Now I’ll have to take what I want.”

With that Xena parted Diana’s knees even with Diana trying to keep them
closed. Xena then put both of Diana’s wrist into one hand and held them above
her head, lifting her slightly off the floor. Diana was so stunned that she
only stared in disbelief at the woman holding her up off the floor.

“ Who are you?”

“ Your Lord and Master.”

Xena then started to untie Diana’s robe.

“ Please don’t do this?”

“ Why?”

“ I’ll....I'll.... “

“ You give me whatever I want?”

“ YES! Whatever you want.”

“ I don’t think your telling me the truth.”

“ I am.”

“ No, I think you would go back on your word, in a quick moment.”

“ No, I wouldn’t I’ve never broken a promise.”

“ But How do I know you aren’t just lying to me to get me to stop?”

“ Your right, one could do that but I give you my word that I wouldn’t.”

“ that right? As I remember you already have lied to me.”

“ Welllll, yes I can see why you feel that way, I didn’t exactly lie, I just
didn’t elaborate.”

“ Is that what you did?”

“ Yes. “

“Swear that you’ll give or do whatever I say.”

“ Do? a moment ago it was give?”

“ well accept the terms or not it’s your choice.”

Diana looked at her situation and was trying to think of a way out, Xena saw
Diana’s mind trying to figure out a way out and she couldn’t help but smirk.

“ Well while your thinking about it I’ll continue.”

Xena said as she started to untie the robe once again.

“ Ok! OK ! anything you want or say I’ll do.”

“ Swear.”

“ You have my word.”

Xena looked into Diana’s eyes and saw she was telling the truth.

“ Good girl. Now what I want for you to do is..... stick your tongue out, and
keep it out no matter what. Clear?”

“ Why?”

“ talking just doing, is that clear?”

Diana was ready to say something else but seeing the look of irritation
growing in the woman’s eyes she thought about not saying anything but she at
lease needed to know one thing, so she asked it in a rush of breath.

“ What’s your name! I want say anything else.”

Xena arched a brow and leaned forward and said into Diana’s ear.

“ Lord Xena.”

She then flicked her tongue at the lobe. Diana shivered from her toes to the
top of her head at both the sound and the following action. Her Abdomen
started to tighten, this only served to confuse her more, she could not be
attracted to a woman.

“ I can’t be?”

Diana thought to herself.

“ Diana?”

Xena’s voice cut through Diana’s thoughts.

“ Yes?”

“ I’m waiting?”

“ for what?”

Xena pinched her lips together and Diana saw she was starting to lose patience
with her.

“ Stick out your tongue and keep it out until I tell you to put it back in.”

“ Oh....”

Diana said defeatedly. She then tentatively started to stick her tongue out.

“ Farther.”

Diana continued.

“ farther.....good.”

Diana held her tongue out as Xena looked deep into her eyes and she slowly
moved towards it with her mouth slightly parted. Diana’s tongue slowly started
to retreat, until she heard Xena’s warning again.

“ Out until I say different.”

Diana then returned it to where it was a moment ago.

“ Good girl.”

Xena then leaned down and took Diana’s tongue in her mouth. she slowly sucked
it into her own warm sweet mouth and then sucked on it for a moment , then she
slid her mouth back off and let her tongue run around Diana’s she intertwined
her’s and Diana’s tongues, and Diana was blushing fiercely as she begun to
moan in response to this Xena’s sensual stimulation.

“ You like that?”

Xena said as she broke the the erotic action. Diana kept her tongue out as
Xena flicked her tongue at it.

“ Um hum.”

“ in.”

Xena ordered and Diana returned her tongue to within her own mouth.

“ Now what was that?”

“ yes.”

“ Would you like to experience more of what I can offer you?”


“ I won’t tell anyone, I promise.”

Not like Xena thought it was anyone’s business anyway, but she knew Diana was
concerned about her Chosen finding out, to which Xena figured would not be a
problem anyway considering Diana’s memory would truly return, most likely by

Diana’s heart was beating rapidly and her breathing was rapid and shallow.
Xena saw the concern about breaking a commitment and she was quite please to
see that Diana, even in her need would not allow herself give herself to
anyone other than her Chosen.

“ I.....”

“ Maybe it will help if I told you that I’m The Chosen?”

“ Your just saying that.”

“ Am I, let your body tell you.”

Diana thought about what Xena had said and then she looked into Xena’s eyes
and saw no deception.

Xena saw the barrier go down and she place a tender kiss on Diana’s lips at
first and then a more passionate one, Diana opened her mouth slightly and Xena
opened her eyes to see Diana open hers in a very shy way.

Xena immediately took the opportunity to dive into the sweet recesses of
Diana’s mouth. she kissed her deeper and more needing as Diana returned the

When Xena finally broke their searing kiss she looked into Diana’s eyes.

“ Hmmm....”

Xena thought to herself.“ So would you like more?”

“ Would you?”

Diana said boldly, and she immediately went to her knee and untying Xena’s
robe she leaned forward and using her hand she parted Xena’s knees and then
her outer lips of her downy covered jewel.

Xena stood studying the young woman and she figured it out immediately, but
said nothing. She just placed one of her legs over Diana’s back and held
herself up by using her hands as bracers against the wall.

Diana was now taking long slow laps of Xena’s slick folds and then she
slowly slid her tongue over her clit and lavished it with attention for a

“ Ah......mmmm.....delicious , ahhh.....yessss..... I want you in, now.”

“ Who’s doing this you or me?”

Diana said through flicks of her tongue over Xena’s clit. Xena looked down at
the unfamiliar questioning, and said with more authority.

“ I said now!”

“ I heard what you said, I asked who was doing this?”

Xena again not use to being question by anyone especially at a time like this
looked down once more and she decided to teach the young Consort a lesson. She
took her leg out from over Diana’s back and turned and walked away as she
tied her robe.

Diana remained on her knee for a few moments more stunned that Xena would just
stop just like that. Especially considering it was she who started it.

“ What are you doing?”

“ I decided until you appreciate what I’ve given you so far you will not be
allowed to touch me.”

“ Because of what I asked?”

Xena simply said ,

“ Yes. “

“ your so sensitive.”

“ Far from it .”

“ I’m sorry. “

Diana said as she walked to where Xena now stood looking out the window.

“ I’m sorry. Please ? May I please ?”

Xena looked down at Diana and said,

“ Why? you don’t appreciate my gift to you?”

“ But I do, how can I prove it to you.”

“ why would you want to prove anything t a complete stranger?”

“ Wellll.... the way I see it , we’re not unfamiliar with one another as we
may think.”

“ really and how do you figure that?”

“ Well I did wake up naked in the bed with you?”

“ How would you prove it to me?”

“ I don’t know?”

“ Then how do you know I will approve?”

“I don’t.”

“ So why should I continue this with you?”

“ Because you started it.”

“ Well then, now I’m ending it.”

Xena said arching her brow and narrowing her eyes slightly.

“ So that’s it your just going to leave me like this, tight and restless,

Xena feigned a yawn and then said,

“ Yes.”

Diana turned her back and tried to calm herself to no avail. She needed to
have this finished. She turned back around after a moment with Xena watching
her the whole time.

“ So what am I suppose to do now?”

“ Leave.”

Diana’s heart stop beating for a brief moment when her breath caught in her

“ I beg your pardon?”

“ I think you heard me the first time, I don’t like having to repeat myself
and I find that I have been doing quite a lot of that with you.”

Xena said slightly irritated.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I’ll try not to cause you to repeat, ok?”

“ Yes.”

“ your waiting for me to beg you aren’t you?”

“ I’m not waiting for anything from you.”

“ Why are you being so mean?”

“ I’m not, your just to sensitive and impudent.”

“ I don’t think I am.”

“ well you, are trust me. I would know.”

“ Better than I know myself?”

“ Yes, especially right now.”

“ Why especially now?”

“ Never mind.”

“ No tell me, I’d like to know why especially now?”

Xena gave Diana a look and said,

“ No. Now drop it.”

Xena then turned and walked over to the dresser and she took out a sleeping
gown, and putting it on she then tossed the robe onto a nearby chair and
walked back to the bed and got in and laid down.

“ Now what are you doing?”

“ Isn’t it obvious?”

“ well of course it’s obvious, I’m just don’t know why?”

“ If it’s so obvious then why do you ask questions that you already know the
answer to.”

Xena said with a rising temper.

“ Well if you would stop changing your mind in the middle of one subject maybe
I wouldn’t have cause to ask questions like those?!”

Xena heard the tone of voice and she turned over and glared at Diana.

“ Not another word.”

Xena said threatening. Diana crossed her arms and she was about to say
something in response until she saw Xena slowly rising up, first to her
elbows, and then she was beginning to rise up more when Diana finally decided
to close her mouth.

Xena glared at her and Diana lowered her eyes and turned and walked into the
bathroom, and slammed the door shut. Xena let out a deep calming sigh and said
to herself,

“ I hope for Gaia’s sake Diana you get your memory back soon, I may end up
hurting you the way you are right now. For Zeus sake give me strength and
patience to not hurt my young Consort. GEEEZ!”

Xena finished in a huff and fell back onto the pillows, throwing one of her
arms over her eyes. She found it a comfortable position to think. Xena heard
Diana throw a few things against one of the walls, but she did not hear a say
a word. After a bit Xena just heard sobbing, her heart went out to her love
despite her anger at her, she hated to hear her cry and hated it more when she
was the cause.

“ Diana come here!”

Xena called to her. Diana stopped sobbing, but she did not make any moves to
go to Xena.

“ Are you coming or not? I won’t ask again!”

after a few moments past and Xena didn’t hear anything she said,

“ Fine!”

and started to turn over, when she heard the door open. she looked around to
see Diana standing in the doorway like a scolded child. Xena didn’t say a word
she just watched and waited for Diana to come to her.

Diana looked around the room, mainly the floor, just to try and avoid Xena’s
stern eyes. She slowly walked towards where Xena laid and once she had arrived
Xena laid on her back with her arms behind her head.

“ Well?”

Diana looked into Xena’s eyes and then down at the floor.

“ I was wrong.”

“ Yes you were.”

“ I’m sorry.”

“ Are you?”

“ Yes.”

“ Then why don’t you look me in the eyes?”

“ It’s hard.”

“ try... otherwise I won’t accept your apology.”

Diana chewed her lip and then she brought her eyes up to meet Xena’s.

“ I’m sorry.”

“ That’s better. “

Diana shifted on her bare feet nervously. Xena knitted her brow at the
behavior, it was too familiar.

“ Ok, get in bed.”

Diana walked around to the otherside and started to get in bed with her robe

“What are you doing?”

Xena asked as she watched Diana.

“ Getting in bed like you said.”

“ When did I tell you to get in bed with a robe on?”

“ I just assumed you preferred that I did since you put on a sleeping gown.”

“ What I do has nothing to do with what I expect you to do. Take it off.”

“ But...”

Diana started but then changed her mind when Xena cocked her her slight at
her. She immediately took off her robe and got under the covers. She started
to lay at the side where she had gotten in on, but Xena looked at her, and
then pointed toward the side of the bed she was on. Diana moved over and laid
back down only to be followed by Xena, who came within inches of of Diana’s
lips and she said ,

“ Sweet dreams love.”

Xena then kissed Diana gently, and laid down on her back pulling Diana over
into her arms. she then closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. Meanwhile
Diana laid wide eyed and confused at Lord Xena’s statement. After a while she
too drifted off to sleep .

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