By D.virtue

The next morning Diana awoke and found Xena still asleep, which was strange
for Xena. Usually Xena was up and having done 20 things before the first light
even thought to appear.

“ Hmmm..... now why are you still alsleep?”

Diana wondered to herself. Diana sat there and looked at Xena for a moment and
the position she was in.

“ On your back legs straight down and lying flat on the bed arms lightly lying
on your chest. I wonder.”

Diana eased off the bed and went to get something. She returned quickly with
the golden box and she opened it and took out the four special leather straps.
she threw three over her shoulder and she tied the first one around Xena’s
ankle in a way that would get just tight enough to hold what was struggling
but not enough to where it would cause any injuries.

She then tied the next to the other ankle, then she eased up to the top and
using her abdomen muscles she leaned over just enough to lift and tie the
restraint around one wrist and then gently tied it to a metal hook she had
built into the wall of the headboard especially considering the headboard had
spaces built in it for the purpose of the hooks.

Diana then eased back and lifted Xena’s other arm and again tied the wrist and
then tied it to the other hook in the wall. It took Diana 20 minutes to do all
the tying onto Xena so as not to wake her.

Diana was happy to be one if not the only person who could move around
without waking Xena if she set her mind to it and took the time to do it, but
Diana didn’t relish having to take 20 minutes to move so Xena wouldn’t know.
There really wasn’t any reason, until now to find her still asleep still
obviously tired from her travel to Diana’s time and all of their activity
since she’s been there. Diana concluded that Xena was just exhausted.

Diana decided to get even with Xena for all the times she had tied her down,
she got the leather straps from the box , she tied Xena to the bed rails,
after she had tied all the straps and made sure that they would hold against
Xena strength she made sure to tie them so that Xena’s hands could not get a
hold of them. Diana then got two regular straps and tied them loosely to
Xena’s wrist, then when all was done, Diana laid back down on Xena’s chest and
went back to sleep to wait for Xena to wake up.

After another hour or so Xena started to wake up, Diana felt it and she
immediately wiped her eyes to clear them and then she started to gently suck
on Xena’s resting nipples, then as Xena moaned and her eyes started to open
Diana stopped and went up and started kissing Xena passionately. Xena returned
the passion in full and tried to bring her arms down to wrap around Diana.

“ mmm... What in hades is this?!”

Xena shouted as she tore her mouth away from Diana’s lips. Diana sat back on
her heels and waited for the explosion she knew was coming. Sure enough Xena
focused on her and flames danced in her eyes.

“ Untie me NOW!”

“ Now Xena, calm down, I will definitely untie you.”

“ Then do it!”

“ I will, just... not now.”

Xena’s eyes were now throwing daggers at Diana. Her eyes narrowed to slits,
her teeth were starting to bared, her hands were balled into fist.

“ Consort untie me NOW! or I promise you, you will wish you had never done

Diana just sat and listened to Xena rant and rave for a few minutes, not
really expecting her to calm down ....much, but to give herself time to makeup
her mind whether it was a good idea after all.

“ Xena I promise I won’t do anything that I don’t think you’ll like.”

“ You already have.”

“I mean besides this.”

“ fine you still already did something I don’t like.”

“ What?”

“you haven’t untied me yet.”

“ Xena, come on now you know what I mean. You know I’ve never had you like

“ Like what ?”

“ submissive?”

“ That’s because I’m not the type , now untie me.”

“ I will, but first let me show you something?”

“ What ?”

“ How I’ve improved.”

“ If this improvement includes me being tied ....I’m not interested.”

“ Oh? how do you know? you haven’t even experienced it yet?”

“ Diana I want you to untie me right now.”

“ How about I do this instead?”

Diana touched the phallus that was on Xena’s abdomen and it immediately became
solid, she then ran her hand and then fingers up and around the phallus.

“ Ahh! Diana I’m warning you.”

“ Ok I consider myself warned and threaten, now I’ll consider myself in Love.

Diana then leaned over and ran her tongue over the phallus. Xena’s toes
twitched and her abdomen twitched also.

“ Diana untie me or I will reddened that round behind of yours.”

“ Well, if your going to whip me anyway then I might as well go for broke.”

Diana then slowly placed her lips on the flesh like phallus and slowly sucked
it into her mouth.

“ Oh....Di...annn...nnnaa...?”

Xena said through her increasing breathlessness. Diana ran her tongue around
and over the phallus and Xena’s hips begun to move almost involuntarily.

“ Yessss..........Xena....relax ... and let me love you.”

Xena pulled on the leathers hoping to pull them from the hooks that were
holding the other end of the straps. Diana watched as Xena struggled between
trying to get loose and enjoying the sensations that were running up her

“ MMMmmm...Diana I would be more relaxed when you take these off.”

Diana sucked the tip of the phallus and nipped and bit at it with her teeth.
Then she sucked hard and with vigor once again after sucking it into her

“ By Zeus! Diana untie me, I’ll let you continue!”

Diana took one long slow pull on the flesh as she let it slide from her mouth
with a...

“s.m..a.c.k..! taste just like your own nature does. I could do this all day
on you, but I have to be moving on....”

Diana then moved between Xena’s legs as Xena struggled to get free.

“ Xena relax... I’ll make a deal with you?”

“ What?”

“ If you allow your self to orgasm without trying to hold back, just let you felt like it. I will not only untie you I will take
my whipping without screaming, and I will let you do whatever you want as a
payback without complaint?”

“ You’ll do those things anyway, I can assure you.”

“ Yes, but when have I ever not screamed when you whipped me, It hurts worse
than having one’s arms torn off and beaten with it.”

“ I see.”

Xena said biting the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing at Diana’s

“ And when have I ever not complained about being paid back for something I
thought I was in the right about?”

“ Hmm.... well untie me and I’ll come as often as you like?”

Xena said while forming a way to get loose.

“ Well I’ll let you think about it for a while. In the meantime, I’ll just be
down here.”

Diana then proceeded to reposition herself between Xena’s legs. she then
separated Xena’s slicked outer lips and laid her lips on the clit and begun to
kiss and suck and lick and nip at it with ardor.

Xena was straining to not succumb to the wonderful feeling Diana was causing,
but she was losing the battle and perspiration was now bathing her forehead.

“ MMmmm...ah...aha..ahaaa....mmm, “

Xena moaned despite her anger at being tied. Diana then moved lower and she
slid her tongue in and then out of Xena a number of times before she finally
stayed in and feasted.

‘ Ahh ! Diana this once!

Xena shouted as she threw back her head and begun to push against Diana’s
talented tongue. After a bit Xena’s body went stiff as she fell over into

“ Mmm this is wonderful, oooo, I’ve missed the taste of you sooooooo....much,
thank you Xena.”

Diana thought to Xena, Xena heard but was not able to answer at the moment.
Diana lapped and sucked and feasted on Xena’s essence for over 30 minutes.
Finally Xena’s body went limp and she fell back to the bed with Diana finally
removing her tongue from within Xena’s nature, and then Diana moved up over
Xena’s abdomen and licked and nipped and bit at the still quivering flesh.

She then placed her mouth completely over the phallus without touching it
until she was covering it, She then sucked hard and up along the shaft until
she was at the tip, once there, she sucked with the front of her mouth, tiny
little sucking actions, while using her tongue to lick at the very top.

“ OOOHHH......Diaanaaaa....Gaia sake.”

Xena said with a trembling voice, as if shivers were constantly running up and
down her spine. Diana then mounted the phallus that was a physical part of
Xena as long as she wore it.

Diana started slowly at first, moving down and then up,down and up, then she
slowly rotated her hips as she went down, she used her muscles inside her
vagina to provide pressure at different points along the shaft, she lowered
herself so that the shaft went deeper and deeper within her.

She then sped up and begun pumping the shaft into herself as Xena pumped as
much as she could considering she was tied down. Both Diana and Xena were
moaning , Diana louder than Xena of course because Xena usually coaxed and
talked her pleasure while Diana was more of the making sounds type, loud

Both Xena and Diana this time experienced ecstasy. Diana afterwards forgot
that Xena was still adamant about getting loose so when she laid forward onto
Xena, Xena smiled a wick smile and said ,

“ Consort after you get your breath can you at least check the ties? my wrists
feels like they are being chaffed.”

Diana immediately apologized and leaned over Xena to check the ties despite
the fact she was still out of breath, but she felt it was more important to
make sure nothing hurt Xena, Although, Diana probably would have thought
better if she had thought about who made them. and why they were made in the
first place.

Meanwhile as Diana had reached to check the far tie. Xena suddenly grabbed
Diana’s nipple in her mouth and held it with her teeth.

“ AH?! Xena? Let go?”

Xena used her mind to talk to Diana so that the succulent peak would not
escape her.

“ Untie me Consort”

“ Xe..!!!!”

Diana started to say, but Xena biting down more on her stiffen peak, due to
being in Xena’s warm mouth. Caused Diana to stop in mid word.

“ Now Consort.”

Diana heard the tone and saw the look in Xena’s eyes.

“ Ok, ok, but you have to let go an.......Ouch!”

Diana yelped as Xena bit down harder.

“ I won’t say it again Consort.”

Diana then reached out and started to untie the leather, while she was doing
it Xena said,

“ Show me the strap when your done.”

“ Fine but can you ease up on my nipple please?”

“ Not until that strap is untied.”

“ Ok, there, see it’s untied let go.”

Xena let go and went to lower her arm, but found it still tied.

“ What the Hades is this?!”

“ Sorry Xena, but I thought you would try something and make me have no
choice but to untie you, so I tied an extra leather to one of your wrist.”

“ Kitten you are in for it now, I am not only going to hold you to your no
screaming promise, but I am going to whip you until I think I’m looking at a
red apple. So you go right ahead, I won’t deprive either of us of our enjoying
one another, because like I always said, no matter what happens I will not
deprive myself of enjoying you, so go ahead.... continue, I can’t stop you. I
am very impressed that you were able to do this in the first place. You did
all of this while I was asleep.”

“ Oh I see, it’s a guilt trip your playing on me, well I haven’t done
anything wrong but loved you, and for that I am not sorry, so there.”

“ I’m not trying to make you feel guilt. Why should you? it’s not like I
didn’t trust you to never do anything I wouldn’t like, especially something
that I have told you how I felt about certain things.”

Xena was looking at Diana watching her squirm.

“ Xena you know I didn’t do this to hurt you?”

“ I know. But I want you to untie me.”

Diana sat back on her heels and looked at Xena.

“ If I do are you still going to whip me?”

“ Why shouldn’t I ?”

“ wellll....I’m having to untie you before I finished.”

“ not enough of a reason for what you’ve done.”

“ Ok, welll....If you redden my behind then they will know I’ve been with
someone other than them and they’ll figure out that it is you.”

“ Untie me.”

Diana thought about it for a moment, then she leaned forward and untied Xena’s
Wrist .

“ My ankles Consort?”

“ Diana turned and begun untying Xena’s ankles, and just as she had finished
untying Xena’s ankles Xena grabbed Diana around the waist and brought her
around and laid her on her belly and held her down as she struggled.

Xena took one of the leather straps and using her knee to hold Diana down, she
tied Diana’s wrist together, and then she tied it to the hook.

“ OH GOD! Xena Don’t whip me with your whip Please? Xena Please? Gods

Diana pleaded when she thought of the last time she was tied like that.

“ Calm down Consort, I’m not going to whip you....with my whip at least.”

Diana’s heart now started to slow down and return to normal. Xena saw Diana
start to relax.

“ I’m just tying you down so that you want get into anymore mischief. Turn

“ Oh, I thought you were going to use your whip on me again, especially since
you had me on my belly.”

“ I figured it was better to put my knee on your back than on your belly?”

“ Point made. But you don’t have to tie me down, I’ll be good.”

“ uh,huh?”

“ So does this mean your not mad at me anymore?”

“ Mad at you , no, upset yes.”

“ Are you still going to whip me?”

“ Yes, but just enough to make it difficult for you to sit with ease.”

“ Thanks alot, it still hurts.”

“Hmm, it’s suppose to, maybe next time you’ll think before you do anything
like this again to ME.”

“Party pooper.”

“ is that what I am?”

“ yes.”

“ You know Diana I have other ways of punishing you without having to whip you
at all, but the one I’m thinking of now may not seem like it can be painful
but after a moment it really can be, would you prefer for me to use it rather
than spanking you?”

“ Spanking, sounds like something you do to a misbehaving child.”

“ and your point?”

Diana looked at Xena slightly confused and then she caught what she was

“ Oh, very funny ha, ha, ha.”

“ I thought so.”

“ hmm....”

Xena then changed the subject.

“ Diana we need to come up with a plan to get them out of your life.”

“ and if we can’t, will you kill them?”

Diana asked in seriousness. Xena whirled around and looked at Diana in stunned

“ Where did that come from?”

“ That’s what you said isn’t it?”

“ Yes. But I want to know how you know that?”

“ I heard you.”

“ when you were unconscious?”

“ Yes.”

“ Yes! What do you mean Yes?”

“ I hear everything you say when I’m unconscious from our love making, just
like you hear me when your unconscious. Does it bother you?”

“ it doesn’t, it just surprised me, all this time I thought I was
talking to an unconscious Diana and here you were listening to everything I
was saying.”

“ Well, I think even if I thought you didn’t know, I probably would hesitate
to tell you from fear that you would stop talking to me during that time, and
it’s one of the most relaxing things for me, it sort of takes away the fear I
have each time I go unconscious, I don’t know why I have any fear, but since I
do what little of it there is, it’s nice to hear your voice, whether your
telling me I’m yours alone or taking me while I’m like that. Either way I feel
totally safe and comforted, soooo...even if I thought you didn’t know I would
hesitate, because I wouldn’t want to lose it.”

Xena looked at Diana and although she had blushed from Diana hearing her claim
her , she somewhere in the back of her mind thought maybe Diana could hear

“ I didn’t know it scared you when you were unconscious.”

“ I know, no one knew, until now. It’s something I would never tell any of the
others, I don’t know how they would handle it.”

Xena sat back on the bed and untied Diana’s wrist.

“ Why’d you do that?”

“ Because I want to hold you and for you to be able to hold me.”

Diana flew into Xena’s arms and she held her tightly, as she thought about
what she had just told the only person in her life that she trusted enough not
to use it against her, outside of her sisters.

“ I love you so much kitten, I will never let anything happen to you if I can
help it, especially at your most vulnerable.”

“ I know, thank you for loving me.”

Xena then said,

“ Diana anyone would be a fool not to love someone like you.”

“ Even with my flaws ?”

“ What flaw?”

“ You know what flaws.”

“ Oh, you mean your stubbornness, willfulness, back talking, arguing, speaking
out of turn, tying me down, your hardheadedness, or.....?”

“ Ok, ok, you made your point , so I have a few minor character issues.”

“ Hah! Minor? You’ve got to be kidding.”

“ ok now.”

“ Ok.... give. “

Xena said. Diana leaned forward and they melted into one another, their
passion once again taking over, Xena laid Diana back on the bed and positioned
herself over Diana.

“ So you liked riding on this, Huh?”

Xena ran her hand over the flat phallus. Diana followed Xena’s hand and then
she looked back up into Xena’s beautiful sapphires, and with a coy smile,she

“ yes, but I would rather feel your strong fingers, letting the walls of my
nature suck them in as you deceiving try to pull out, only to be slowly sucked
back in. At least that’s what I would prefer.”

Xena ‘s eyes were locked on Diana, she was turned on by Diana’s bold, brazen

“ Hmmm....I think I can grant you one request.”

Xena said as she slowly slid one of her hands between her and Diana. She slid
down into Diana’s passioned slicked nature, teased at her clit for a time ,
while Diana automatically opened her legs wider, but Xena wanted them even
wider, so Diana accommodate, but Xena told Diana,

“ spread them as if your doing the splits.”

Diana looked at Xena somewhat shyly and with heavy lidded eyes, and then Xena
being Xena said,

“ wellll... do it now or I remove my fingers from here.”

Diana was moaning at the wonderful feel of Xena’s strong fingers against her
clitoris, Diana then spread herself so she was now more open to Xena then when
she was tied down.

“ OO......Look at that, I don’t know how long I can keep from ravishing you,
what a delectable sight.”

Diana blushed to the top of her head, but it was where the blush started that
held Xena’s attention. Diana’s nature had colored and Xena had never seen it
when Diana blushed.

“ Wow, my little Consort you are a wonder, I could not be more pleased with
you, especially when you provide me with sights like these. “

Xena was now sitting back on her heels as she slowly slid her two fingers
down and then into Diana’s hot waiting nature.

“ Ahhhhh.....”

They both moaned. Xena curled her fingers and before going to far she said to

“ Reform My Little Shield.”

She then proceeded to massage the the walls of Diana’s hidden muscles.

“ Oh......Xee...naa, ooooo........that feeelllllls sooo....ohhh,

Diana moaned and groaned as she squirmed, Xena in the meantime slowly
increased her tempo and Diana’s head went back as her hips pushed against the
long powerful fingers.

“ Xeennaa?”

Xena knew exactly what Diana wanted to know.

“ Yes kitten, as often as the feeling hits you ......this time.”

“ OH Gods thank you! “

Diana’s toes were curling and uncurling and her heels and fingers were
digging into the bedding as Xena positioned herself between Diana’s wide open
thighs and placed her mouth completely over the top part of Diana nature just
above where her fingers were pumping vigorously into Diana, Xena herself had a
inferno flaming inside,and while she knew Diana was close she too was coming
fast upon that same edge.

Xena still had not gone deep into Diana’s nature and so the shield was still
in place, but Xena wanted to feel Diana in this position when the shield was

The feel of Diana’s walls were so much more apparent and the way her nature
pulled Xena’s fingers back in every time Xena pulled back.

“ Soooo...slippery and kitten your Sooo very wet.....Mmmmm.....I can’t get
enough of youuuu.......oh..yes.”

Diana’s moans and groans had changed in pitch and she was now holding a
handful of Xena’s Hair as Xena returned her mouth to where she had taken it
from. Xena sucked and licked and teased the whole area she covered with her
mouth. Diana’s clit was throbbing and pulsating hard, it quivered at the touch
of Xena’s tongue and lips against it.

Xena then went deeper into Diana’s nature and as she did she slowed her pace,
Diana moaned at the change and tried to push against the fingers, but Xena
pulled her fingers back slightly without stopping the slow pumping. Diana
caught on instantly to Xena’s meaning and so all she could do was turn her
head side to side and wait for Xena to increase her tempo once again.

Xena pushed back deeper into Diana and then she stopped pumping all together
and just slid her fingers deeper as she added a third and then a fourth finger
into Diana’s nature.

“ O.www.....mmmmmm.”

Diana trembled as her virginal state made her nature tight once again, but
accommodating. it was different to feel any discomfort inside of her nature
but she and Xena knew it was because of the unusual position and although it
initially hurt, it soon turned to a pleasuring sensation.

Xena now slid to where she touched the shield with her fingers, and although
Diana jumped slightly Xena held her in place as she begun to push against it
to penetrate.

“ Ow, Ow.....Haaa! Xeennnaaa....?”

Xena heard and sent a thought to Diana.

“ I know kitten, but I have to feel you in this position, I know it hurts I’ll
be through in a moment.”

“ Nmmmm, ssssssss........Oooowww.........mmhmmhmmm....”

Diana moaned and inhaled as Xena slowly pushed her way through.

“ Ahhhhhh..... yesssss........ is amazing to feel every fiber
of your protector give way to meee.....just a little moreeee..”

Xena thought as she finally broke through the shield, and Diana yelped and
Xena focused herself so as not to release at that moment. She then begun to
thrust into Diana with renewed intent and Diana immediately pickup the tempo
and Xena’s mouth and lips and tongue still ravishing Diana’s clit and lips and
folds Sent them both reeling over the edge.


“ OOOOOO..........Di......AN.......NAAAAAAAHHHH............”

Diana screamed and Xena thought. Xena relished in the feel of the warm cream
of Diana’s core covering her fingers even as Dianas muscles collasped around
and held Xena’s fingers tightly within her, Xena still pumped and pulled
Diana’s ecstasy even as she was experiencing her own ecstasy.

After waves and waves of ecstasy the twin souls ecstasies ended. Xena however
was not finished with her delicacy, Which was Diana. While Diana laid spent
still open with Xena’s talented fingers still buried deep within her.

“ That was fabulous Consort.”

Xena then went up to Diana’s ear and without removing her fingers she
whispered into the young spent Consort’s ear.

“ I want moreeee.”

Diana’s eyes took a moment to focus on Xena’s face and then she said

“ Your kidding right?”

Xena locked her steely gaze on Diana and before Diana knew what was happening,
Xena had taken her 7 more times and once again Diana was pleading and trying
to crawl away as once again her head was over the side of the bed, but this
time she was on her stomach.

Xena of course didn’t want Diana to get away just yet so just as Diana would
have touched the floor with her hands, Xena pulled her back and flipped her
over and spread her legs apart once again so as to insert the phallus she had

“ HAA! Xena Please, just a moment to catch my breath...HAA! HAA HAA...XEna

“ I’ll let you catch your breath when we’re done, right now I’m starved for

“ Xena How can that be, you’ve had me every which way to Tuesday? With not one

“ Oh that’s not true, I let you rest each time you peaked.”

“ OH , right. one minute each time.”

“ So it was still a break.”

Xena then held Diana by her thighs as she proceeded to thrust the flesh like
phallus into Diana with power and force. Diana lithe frame could do nothing
but go along for the ride, and what a ride. After hours of using the many
phalluses and Diana lying limply over the edge of the bed with Xena lying over
top of her, both exhausted, but Diana more so, they laid like that for a day.

Xena once again was the first to wake, and again it was she who cleaned them
both up and massaged Diana’s muscles, Xena’s legs and arms were weak when she
first woke up, but after a while she regained her strength enough to carry
Diana into the bath, where during the bath the rest of her strength returned.

Diana awoke later and her legs and arms felt like mush.

“ So my kitten has awoken? How do you feel?”

Diana cut her eyes to Xena and with some slight sarcasm she said,

“ Fine, as strong as an OX I can just jump out of this bed and run a

“Is that right?”

Xena said with her own bit of sarcasm. Then she jumped off the bed and lifted
Diana off the bed and stood her on her feet and then she said,


“ Lets see you run that marathon.”

She then let go of Diana. Diana yelped and puddled to the floor landing on her
behind. Diana looked up at Xena with true stunned surprise flashing in her
eyes. With her mouth wide open as if to say something.

“ I CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU did that?”

“ You said you felt fine and as strong as an ox, who could run a marathon.”

“ Xena you know I was kidding?!”

“ Wellll maybe, but next time you’ll hold your tongue and that accompanying

Xena stated flatly.

“Well fine, then, now will you help me up.... please?

“ That’s better.”

Xena scooped Diana up in her arms and she walked over and got a vile of liquid
out of her box and then opened it while still holding Diana. Once open she
dropped a drop on her tongue.

“ Swallow.”

Diana swallowed it and then Xena put Diana in one of the chairs at the table.

“ Don’t go anywhere.”

“ Funny, where am I going to go?”

“ Xena chuckled and then turned and touched the doorknob and then she turned
it and started to walk out.

“ Hey, where are you going?”

“ You’ll see.”

Xena then disappeared out the door and called Michelle on the intercom type

Michelle was at the main door in a matter of moments.

“ Yes Madame?”

“ Michelle, have afternoon meal from Diana’s personal chef brought up

“ Yes Madame.”

Xena then turned and walked back into the room where Diana still sat in the
chair, but her feet were up on the table crossed at the ankles getting ready
to make a phone call.

“ What are you doing?”

“ Calling Lena.”

“ Why ?”

“I need to see if everything is alright.”

“ If it weren’t would she have called you?”

Diana thought about Xena’s question for a moment. Then she hung up the phone.

“ Yes she would.”

Xena then said,

“Don’t call anyone until we come up with a plan, is that clear Consort.”

“ fine.”

“ Consort I’m not asking.”

Diana looked at the seriousness in Xena’s eyes and she said,

“ Yes it is very clear Lord Xena.”

“ Don’t get cute.”

“ No not cute .....”

Diana said as she lowered her legs to the floor and stood and walked over to
Xena, once there she reached her hand up and taking a lock full of Xena’s hair
in her hand she ran her fingers over it and felt the silkiness of it, she then
brought it to her nose and smelled the aroma of Xena’s hair.

Xena in the mean time was watching Diana’s eyes and she cocked her head
wondering what the conclusion to Diana’s statement would be.

“ Just adorable and hungry.”

Diana then brought her other hand up to slide open Xena’s robe. She ran the
palm of her hand over Xena’s firming nipples and then ever so slowly she
tilted her head to receive a kiss from Xena’s soft full lips, while slightly
pulling Xena’s head down by the lock of hair she had in her hand.

Xena lowered her head and pressed her lips to the waiting seducer’s soft
lips.They kissed tenderly but with passion, then Diana eased her pressure on
Xena’s lips, which made Xena think that Diana was about to break the kiss, but
Diana didn’t, and then after a moment more Diana eased more, but still kept
her lips against Xena’s and Xena opened her eyes to look at Diana and she saw
Diana raise her brows and out of Curiosity, Xena broke their kiss.

“ It’s about time.”

Diana said with a smile, and Xena arched her brow as Diana lowered her head
and then removing her hands off of Xena she put them behind her back as she
focused in on Xena’s taut nipple as they seamed to point at Diana. Diana
slowly leaned forward towards Xena’s waiting nipple which seemed to tighten as
Diana drew nearer.

She then pushed her lips out to give it a kiss, and just as she touched it
with her warm lips a shiver raced through Xena,as Diana heard Xena’s breath
catch in her throat.

Diana didn’t stop but instead licked the peak with the tip of her tongue, Xena
didn’t move accept to moan her pleasure in the soft caressing of Diana’s mouth
on her nipple and nothing else.

“ Diana I don’t know if we have time for this?”

Diana didn’t answer but simply sucked Xena’s nipple into her mouth and slowly
down to the juncture. She then sucked on the nipple.

” Oooo....are you trying to seduce me into taking you again?”

Diana sucked a few moments more and then she brought her hands up to glide
over Xena’s waist and then she gave the nipple a few final kisses and then
wrapped her arms around Xena’s waist. Xena felt Diana’s change in mind about
her intial plans. and she immediately wrapped her arms around Diana,
enveloping Diana into her protective arms. She folded around Diana and kissed
the top of her head and then rested her chin on top of Diana’s head. Xena
heard Diana sniff and she became concerned.

“ Diana what is it?”

Diana turned her head away from Xena’s chest and quieted and finally said,

“ Xena I’m sorry, I just locked on your words about taking me and all of a
sudden all of these thoughts about how are you going to get me out of here
came flooding over me, I know it’s not even what you meant but for some reason
it just hit me that you are right we have to come up with some plan.”

“ Diana don’t let this worry you we’ll come up with something I promise.”

Diana then leaned back and looked into Xena’s eyes and she said as she
disengaged herself from Xena’s arms after giving Xena a tender kiss, she
turned and walked over to the table and sat down at the table and begun
stating her concerns.

“ Xena the thought of you having to leave without me scares me like nothing
ever has, I wouldn’t survive living here without you. I wouldn’t want to. “

Xena started to walk over to the table when she heard the knock at the door
and Michelle announcing her return.

“ Here put this on kitten.”

Xena said tossing Diana a robe. Diana stood and put it on and sat back down on
the chair while Xena went and opened the door and two men along with Michelle
came into the bedroom and setup the food trays on the table where Diana was
sitting with her hair blocking her face so that they would not see her teared
streaked face.

They setup quickly and efficiently and without a word the two men left but
Michelle turned and asked if there were anything else Xena needed.

“ No thank you that will be all for now.”

Michelle then turned and left out of the bedroom door and then the sitting
room door. Xena then turned and strided over to where Diana was sitting. Diana
had composed herself more and was now pushing stray hair out of her face when
Xena came up behind her and taking Diana’s stray hairs in her hands she
positioned them behind Diana’s back and at the same time she bent down and
kissed Diana on the neck and then walked around and sat down in the chair
right to Diana’s right.

“ Diana I have no intention of leaving you here, as a matter of fact, I’d
have to be killed to keep me from taking you back with me, and I don’t see
that happening anytime soon, if at all, so just let that thought go. ok?”

Diana looked into Xena’s eyes and saw the set determination and the truth in
them and she smiled. Xena smiled back .

“ You ok now?”

“ Yes.”

“ really?”

Diana bucked up and then straighten in her chair and leaning forward while
Xena leaned forward she gave Xena a tender loving kiss and then eased the
pressure and Xena broke the kiss and Diana said,

“ Yes really, I’m fine now.”

“ Xena squeezed Diana’s shoulder and said,

“ Good girl. Now, shall we eat?”

“ Yes, I’m starved, it feels as though I haven’t eaten this type of food in

Xena chuckled and then said with a smirk on her face.

“ That’s because you haven’t.”

Diana blushed and then she laughed.

“ I guess your right, well, at least we know it’s possible to live on love

Diana said with a sheepish grin crossing her face. Xena chuckled again.

“ Yeah , now I know I can ravish you for hours and days and weeks and who
knows, maybe even months, without having to stop for you to eat.””

“ Ha, Ha, Ha, very funny .”

“ hmmm.”

Xena and Diana then ate , virtually in silence as they replenished their body
with normal food. After they had finished eating , they both cleaned up and
dressed. They went to the balcony and looked out over the city, the sight was
incredible. Diana was looking out and Xena was watching her, after a few
minutes Diana realized.

“ What?”

She said turning to look at Xena who was looking at her.

“ I was just thinking how much I missed you, your beauty, the innocents in
your face despite all that you have been through in your young life. I even
missed your ways of walking that fine line with me.”

“ You mean my willfulness?”

“ Yes, not that I like you being willful, but you are a very exciting person,
you have many layers that I love, and some I don’t, but they all make you a
spicy Consort, irresistible, and loving. Sometimes I wonder how you could feel
about me the way you do.”

“ It’s simple, Your strong, not just physically, but in character, mentally,
and also physically, Your passionate, both in your emotions and sensuality,
Your confidence in even the most hopeless looking situation is amazing, your
braver than anyone I have ever know. The Power that radiates from you is awe
inspiring, even to this day, I still am awed by you and will be until
forever. Your love for me is an honor for me because I know to give your heart
to anyone is one of the scariest things for you to do, and the fact that you
have willingly and completely given it to me, shows the trust you have in me
that I will not betray that love, and I can promise you that I never will , I
know it was hard for you. Now I will admit your controlling and obsessive
about me, but I understand where it comes from and because of that I accept
it. You are my best friend, an incredible lover without compare, you are the
most beautiful person I have ever seen, Your eyes are the most expressive
parts about you. They talk even when you don’t say a word if you choose to do
so with them. There are so many , many, many more reasons I love you with all
that is me, would you like me to continue? I can you know.”

“ Come here.”

Xena said motioning for Diana to come and sit on her thigh. Diana sat where
Xena indicated and Xena looked deep into her Consorts eyes.

“ I could not love you anymore than I do, My heart and soul and very being is
intertwined with yours and to separate from you would be to separate from
myself and I can’t do that , so your stuck with me until forever , and I could
not be happier.”

Xena then pulled Diana to her and held her tightly against her. She kissed the
top of Diana’s head as Diana curled up in Xena’s lap, and listened to Xena’s
heartbeat, beat as one with hers. After a while of the two just sitting and
relaxing with each other Xena broke the silence.

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