By D.virtue

“ Diana we need to come up with a plan.”

“ I know, I think I have the start of a plan.”

“ Oh? what is it?”

Diana sat up and looked at Xena with all seriousness.

“ Well I thought that maybe I should go and talk to them and see where they
stand on the idea about sending me back to your time?”

“ Diana I can tell you where they stand, the same place where they stood
before I came here, Don’t be lulled into a fall sense of optimism, just
because they allowed you to take time for yourself. I can assure you that what
they expect is for you to come back to them and be your old self before you
met me.”

“ Xena they can’t honestly believe that, they know I’m not the same person,
and never will be.”

“ Diana I know human nature, I’ve been around a lot longer than you and I
know if it were me in their position, it would be exactly what I would expect
of you.”
and besides, I won’t allow you to go there alone.

Diana looked at Xena in shock , and then she said,

“ You can’t go with me. I have to go alone.”

“ No.”

Diana repositioned herself on Xena’s lap so as to be able to really focus on
Xena’s eyes.

“Xena I have to go alone, if they know your here they will know that I stayed
with you and then they’ll never let me out of their sight.”

“ Diana I am not letting you go there alone and that’s final!”

Diana then stood and walked to the railing of the balcony, she looked out over
it and then turned to lean her back on it as she faced Xena once again. Xena
sat watching Diana.

“ Diana I need to get out there and see these guys, who they are and how they

“ Exactly, that’s what I was thinking, in order for you to see who they are
and see how they interact with me, without your having to expose yourself,
is the perfect way for all of that to happen.”

“ Diana what if their angry with you for being away so long? “

“ Welll... that is a possibility, but I need to handle it on my own, anyway I
have an idea that will allow you to hear everything that’s said while your
here waiting for me to come back.”

“ How?”

“ It’s a little electronic listening device that allows someone to hear what
is being said from a distant. The one’s I have I brought them back from Rah’s
planet. their better than those made here. They allow one to hear no matter
where they are in the world as long as it’s on. They work like a satellite
almost the frequency is set by the people who are wearing them. the
electrical system of our own bodies is used and magnified by the device and
the energy, while we don’t feel it, it travels to the electromagnet shield
around the planet and it bounces off of it and goes to the other person
wearing the other set . Both sets can be set to listen or receive or one could
be set just to listen and monitor. Anyway I didn’t mean to go into that much
detail, but I wanted to assure you that it will work.”

“ Where are these devices?”

“ welll.. a couple of pairs are back in your time. The others are at the

“ Really?”

“ Yes, so first I guess we would have to figure out how to get in without
being seen, to get them.”

“ Welll...maybe not.”

Xena stood up and strided back into the penthouse, Diana’s brow knitted , but
she followed Xena in. Once they had gotten to the bedroom Xena opened one of
the closets and pulled out a pouch, Diana’s pouch. Diana’s eyes lit up.

“ You brought my pack? But how did you know you would find me?”

“ I would find you no matter where you were.”

Xena smirked and Diana blushed, and then she went over and begun to search
for the devices she was just speaking about.

“ Ah here they are.”

Diana exclaimed as she located the items she was searching for.

“ Earrings?!”

Xena said with some irritation in her voice. Diana smiled and then stood up
and walked over to where Xena stood with her hands balled in a fist resting on
her hips.

“ Yes, earrings, here.”

Diana said as she put one set on Xena and then put the other set on herself,
the sets were different looking for each one.

“ Why aren’t they the same looking?”

Xena asked.

“ Because think about it, if you saw two people wearing the same type of
earrings and you already had your suspicions about one of them, wouldn’t you
look for any connecting factor?”

Xena looked at Diana and her logic and she smirked at her and said,

“ Ok. So how does these work?”

Diana smiled and then walked back over to Xena and proceeded to show her how
all three settings worked ,she then set them to receive and transmit. Diana
then walked into the other room, out onto the balcony, and closed the doors
behind her. Then she spoke casually.

“ So, what do you think love?”

Xena startled at the clearness of Diana’s voice.

“ Very nice.....”

“ You like?”

“ I’m pleased.”

Xena said trying not to cause Diana’s already inflating ego to burst.

“ Come back in.”

Diana turned and went back to where Xena was waiting.

“ So you like it?”

Diana repeated, Xena arched her brow and simply said,

“ I said I was pleased didn’t I?”

“ Your so formal sometime.”

“ Welll.... I am Xena the Conqueror, Lord and Ruler of My Realm and You?”


“ Wasn’t trying to be.”

“ I know.”

“ Anyhow, I think these will work fine. “

“ Good so I go to talk to them alone and you can listen to the whole

“ I don’t like the idea of you going alone.”

“ Xena I’ll be fine, really.”

Xena narrowed her eyes in thought and then motioning for Diana to come to her
she whispered in Diana’s ear.

“ I’ll Allow you to go on one condition.”

“ Anything!”

“ Ok, I’ll take that as your having given me your word?”

“ yes.”

Xena raised a brow knowing Diana would wish she had not just blindly given her
word to something without hearing what it was, especially knowing that when
Xena asked that of her it was something she knew Diana would surely balk

“ Good.”

Xena then leaned back and sat down in the chair and picked up a piece of fruit
and casually bit into it, then looking up at Diana who was looking at her
slightly confused.

“ Well? What is the condition?”

Diana finally asked. Xena raised her brow at Diana once again and with a
slight smirk she finally spoke and said what the condition was.

“ You are not to let any of them bed you.”

Diana’s mouth fell open.... and just as she was about to say what was running
through her mind the phone rang. Diana let it ring for a moment as she tried
to rein in her emotions and remember to who she was about to speak. Xena
looked at Diana and then at the phone and motioning for her to answer it Diana
finally found her voice.

“ Forget the phone! What do you mean I am not to let them bed me?! “

“ Just what I said. Now answer the phone.”

Diana started to say something else when Xena raised her brow at her due to
the irritating ring of the phone. Diana then turned on her heels and went to
answer the phone.

“ WHAT?!”

“ Diana?

“ Lena?

“ Yes.”

“ Lena, I’m sorry you caught me in the middle of something, anyway what’s up?”

“ I’m sorry to disturb you and Lord Xena, but I thought you needed to know
some things.”

“ What is it?”

“ Well first I’ll tell you the more benign of the two things.”

“ Ok.”

“ Wellll.... Lydia called and said she needed to get in touch with you,
because of a deal that you had been handling and since you’ve been gone away
for the last few weeks she’s not sure how to handle it. She said it was one of
you pets and that you had told her to handle it, but if for some reasons she
started having problems she was to call you, but not knowing where you were
she called here and I just happened to answer the phone. She also said the CEO
of the company you are trying to acquire said he does not want to deal with
one your minions, and he demanded to know where you were.”

“ He doesn’t need to know where I am. But I will call Lydia after I get off
the phone with you.”

“ Good, now the other thing is that the guys are starting to get a little
antsy about your absence for so long, they said they think you have been gone
long enough.”

Diana started to say something, but Lena finished before she could.

“ I suggested they give you a little more time, and who knows maybe you would
come back in the next few days, they were a little put off by the suggestion,
but after a few minutes to think about it they agreed.”

“ Good, you handled that well, and you told them true, I will be coming back,
but just to talk to them.”


“ Thanks for letting me know Lena, I’ll talk to you soon.”

Lena then said her goodbyes and the two hung up. Diana stood by the phone
thinking for a moment before she turned to face Xena once again about an idea
she had just come up with. How to get Xena out of the hotel and out into
society, where they could walk or ride freely without someone recognizing

“ Well?”

Xena asked startling Diana out of her deep thought.

“ Oh! Oh, I’m sorry I was just thinking.”

“ About what?”

“ How to get you out into society without begin conspicuous.”

“ Oh? is that right?”

“ Yes.”

Diana said with a big smile on her face.

“ I figure we could use your f.r.i.e.n.d. Markaya?”

“ She’s not my friend, and how do you plan on using her?”

“ We still have to talk about that little incident, and we will talk about it.
Anyway she’s planning on making that movie about you and she wants me to not
only finance it but I’m sure she would absolutely fall over if I offered to
have you assist with the realism of the movie, she would not have you in her
movie but a look alike, and you would show the look alike how to behave like
you. You in other words would be My assistant both there and also as my new
personal assistant in my companies, until we can leave here.”

“ Your not planning on getting rid of this Lydia person are you? It sounds as
though she has been with you for a while.”

“ No of course not, your right, she has been it’s like you and Terais.”

Diana said fondly remembering Terais. Xena saw the look cross Diana’s eyes but
she thought it was not the best time to tell her Consort about the death of
Terais, so Xena played it off and returned to the subject at hand.

“ Yes, anyway, how is that going to change the way I look?”

“ Welll, I figure we could put you in a wig of some sort, and you could wear
the contacts you had on before, and rather than you wearing your Royal robes
or leathers, we could put you in a sharp pants suit?”

Xena looked at Diana thoughtfully and then after a moment of study she said,

“ Ok. What color wig?”

Diana grinned and then she ran and threw her arms around Xena’s neck and gave
her a big passionate kiss. After a few staggering moments Xena broke the kiss.
Taking a moment to catch her breath she finally was able to ask....

“ Wh...What was that about Consort?”

“ I’m just so happy and excited that you agreed, it’s not usual you know?”

Xena smirked and then she said,

“ Ok, Ok, don’t get carried away.”

“ Ok, I won’t.”

Diana said more calmer.

Xena then asked Diana,

“ there must be some other reason why you are so excited about the idea that I
would let you come up with a plan and go along with it?”

“Yes! I have so many things I want to show you that I hope you will like. “

“ I’m sure I will love them, if you had anything to do with whatever it is you
want to show me.”

Xena said comfortingly, as she heard the concern in Diana’s voice for a

Diana smiled against Xena’s neck and Xena felt the smile and she squeezed
Diana into her. After a moment or so of just holding each other Diana said,

“ We have a lot to do, so I guess we better get started?”

“ Ok.”

Diana and Xena then went to work. Diana called Michelle to go and buy the
items they would need, which included a professional tailor to fit and then
design and make all of Xena’s clothes. Xena of course was not new to any of
this due to who she was and how she herself had all of hers and Diana’s
clothes made in the first place.

Then Xena tried different colored wigs, and finally settled on wearing just
her own hair, which Diana was actually happy about, she only went along with
the Idea because the stylish suggested a wig would probably make Xena
completely unrecognizable the two thought they would try it to see how it
looked, but neither one was happy with the looks, plus Diana really liked
seeing Xena’s soft thick bouquet smelling Raven hair .

After all was said and done Xena looked like a different person, the only
thing that was not disguised on her was her hair, although her hair was put up
into a soft upswept style, Diana wanted her to leave it down, but Xena said it
was better to put it up so that it did not give any suggestions as to who it
was working so.....closely with Diana.

Diana blushed at the hidden meaning, while Xena waggled her eyebrows at her.

“You look great, even the hair. Although that’s not anything new. “

“ Yes, it’s a different look. Now, about this assistant deal, is it the same
type of duties as that of my advisors?”

“ Yes, only your advising will come into play with the movie deal more so than
at any of My Companies, only because of your not knowing the companies, not
that you couldn’t give superb advise if you did know the functioning of the

Diana added to assure Xena that she had all the confidence in her, of her
amazing ability to adopt and then master that of any situation. Xena smirked
and then she stood up and said,

“ Ok, I’m ready to go.”

“ Ok, great! We’re going to have so much fun.”

Diana said as she headed to the door, but was caught by her hair by Xena, and
then pulled back to her.

“ A couple of things.”

“ What? and let go of my hair.”

“ I’ll let go in a minute, and as far as the “what?” I expect for you not to
let any of them bed you.”

Diana was about to say something when Xena tighten her grip on her hair.

“ Ow. Do you mind?”

“ Do Y.O.U. understand?”

“ Yes I understand......”

Diana said with a hint of something else in her voice that was not missed By

“ What?”

“ What ? What?”

“ What is the problem?”

Diana looked up into Xena’s eyes and after a moment to think whether she
should get into this issue or not, Diana finally decided it was better to get
it out now rather than later.

“ Xena, How do you expect for me to be able to stop them from bedding me? I
mean they are Chosen.....”

“ Xena let go of Diana’s hair and Crossed her arms across her chest in that
commanding way she has of doing when she plans on making her point without

“ Consort, I don’t give a damn who they are, I am The Chosen, and as such I
will make the decisions as to whom you will be bedded by, not that anyone will
be allowed to bed you, but the point of the matter is that I Do Not Like To

“ Xena do you realize that they will not put up with me putting them off?”

“ Your point?”

“ Xena If I hold myself back from them, not that I could, no more than I
could from you, no telling what they will do.”

“ Diana it’s either you handling the situation , or I Will.... My Way?”

Diana knew Xena meant killing them, and although she would do anything to be
with Xena she did not hate her other Chosen she just wanted to be with Xena,
but she didn’t want them hurt, and especially killed,but she knew Xena would
do it without a second thought. So....out of reluctance Diana gave in, not
that she had much choice.

“ Fine. Although It is going to be a trip, but fine.”

“ Good girl, now let’s go.”

Xena said as she reached the door and turned to wait for the now pouting
Diana. She smiled at Diana and just as Diana walked over to the door, Xena
caught Diana around the waist and looking deep into Diana’s eyes, Xena said
with conviction,

“ Your Mine.”

And then she kissed her passionately,and deeply. Diana after a moment to get
over the surprise, returned the kiss in kind, throwing her arms around Xena’s
neck and holding her just as tightly. Xena smiled into Diana’s mouth and with
a few more long moments of enjoying the taste of Diana’s sweet mouth, Xena
finally broke the kiss and waited for Diana to steady herself, before she said
with a hint of regret in her voice.

“ We better go while I still have some control over myself, otherwise I will
end up ravishing you and we won’t make it out of here at all this week.”

“ Wellll.....what’s the problem?”

Diana teased.

“ Careful Consort I told you about teasing me.”

Xena said lifting Diana’s chin up so that their eyes met once again.

“ Ok ,ok. “

Xena arched her brow and then let go of Diana’s chin. Diana gave Xena a coy
smile and then opened the door and went out with Xena shaking her head slowly
side to side as if in wonder of what to do with such a girl full of energy,
and as tasty as the sweetest dessert.

“ Ok Xena that’s enough of that.”

Xena thought to herself as her mind started to drift onto the feel and taste
of Diana. Xena shivered at the image and then shook her head clear and strided
out the door shutting it behind her, Diana was waiting for Xena at the

“ What took you so long?”

“ Oh, I was thinking about something.”

“ What?”

“ Oh...just eating something sweet.”

Xena answered simply, with a hint of a double meaning, that if Diana had not
been distracted by the arrival of the elevator, then she would have caught
Xena’s meaning and reacted to it. But as it was she didn’t and so when the
elevator arrived Diana and Xena both stepped in and the elevator operator said
without touching the numbers on the elevator panel.

“ Main lobby.”

The elevator then begun to go down. After the elevator arrived at the main
lobby Xena and Diana stepped out with Diana saying her thanks to the operator,
and then striding and catching up to Xena. The two striking women walked
through the lobby towards the exit, as they went they heard all kinds of
remarks from the people visiting the hotel/

“ Wow! their absolutely stunning!”

to comments about who they were.

“ They must be either models or actresses, or someone in the beauty industry.”

Diana and Xena did not look back they just continued towards the exit. Once
they had gone out the doors, Diana’s car was waiting for them with the driver
holding open the door for the two of them. Diana greet the driver Martin and
then they entered the car and the door was closed behind them by Martin.

As Martin turned to walk around the car and to make sure there was no one
following the two women he noticed that the people who were in the lobby were
now gawking out the windows and doors obviously. Some were trying to be
discrete but others blatantly stared. Martin smiled to himself and then he
opened his door and got in.

“ Martin take us to my company on 1st street please.”

“ Yes Ma-am.”

Martin replied looking in the rearview mirror back at Diana in wonder why she
just didn’t say the name of the company. Diana winked at him and he stifled a
smile at the secret. Diana then raised the privacy glass and just as it
stopped Xena said to Diana’s surprise.

“ So... my little mysterious Consort what was that all about?”

Diana feigned innocents.

“ What?”

Xena pursed her lips and crossed her arms in front of her Chest as she leaned
back against the door of the car, she raised a brow at Diana. Diana looked out
the window, and then around the car and trying to change the subject she asked
Xena if she wanted something to drink.

Xena smirked and with a parting of her lips she let her tongue run across her
teeth as she studied Diana and how she was trying to change the subject,
finally after long moments Xena finally let Diana off the hook.

“ Ok, what type of drink? Cider, juice, water?”

Xena said assuming that would be the only type of drink in one of Diana’s

“ No, wine, imported beer, or some type of port.”

Diana said not realizing what Xena had been thinking just a moment before.
Suddenly Xena’s brows furrow and her jaw set as she raised an angry brow at

“ Alcohol?!”

Diana flinched at the anger that had appeared in Xena’s eyes, and voice.

“ What is it Xena?”

“ Since when did You, My Consort start drinking?!”

“ Drinking? “

Diana said in confusion. Then all of a sudden it was clear to her.

“ Gods No Xena! I don’t drink!”

“ Really?”

Xena said skeptically.

“ Really. I Don’t.”

“ Then why do you have it here?”

Xena said pointing to the mini bar.

“ Oh, it’s there for those who indulge in such things, usually some of the
CEO’S from other companies ride in here with either myself or one of the guys
or my sisters and they drink, so it’s only good business to be able to
indulge them in their libations.”

Xena studied Diana for her sincereness, not that she expected her to lie to
her, but Diana did have a habit of leaving certain information out if she
thought it would make her angry, but Xena saw no insincerity.

“ Fine, you know what I like, get it.”

Xena said in a commanding voice. Diana immediately moved to pour Xena a port.
She then handed it to her and sat down on the other side of the car facing
Xena as she sipped it . Diana looked out the window in silence and Xena
watched her and feeling like she had hurt Diana’s feeling unintentionally she
looked fully at Diana and said,

“ Come here.”

Diana looked over at Xena and then with some confusion in her eyes , she went
to sit by Xena.

“ Consort, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, it’s just that I
was upset at the idea that you had started drinking after all the thing that
had happened already.”

Diana looked up into Xena’s eyes and after a moment she gave a small smile,
and when Xena smiled, Diana then broke into a full smile.

Xena opened her arm for Diana to come into them and Diana did just that. Xena
then kissed Diana tenderly.

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