By D.virtue

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“ don’t know how long I have waited to claim you fully.”
Questra said gazing into Gabrielle’s shining emerald orbs,as she laid her
treasure gently on the bed, and climbed over top of her.

Questra begun by kissing every inch of Gabrielle’s face, and whispering words
of love between each one. Gabrielle blushed from time to time, as a result,
and finally Questra made it to Gabrielle’s awaiting lips.

The kiss started out tender and sweet, but soon, it grew more desirous, and
sensuous, both women moaned into each others throats, Gabrielle wrapped her
arms around Questra’s neck as they reveled in the taste of each others mouth.
Questra’s hands were caressing along Gabrielle’s neck, and shoulders, and
eventually down her flat abdomen, to her soft hairs. Gabrielle arched her hips
towards the exploring woman’s hand, but Questra kept her hand flat as she
caressed over Gabrielle’s ready blossom.

“ sweet bardling, I am going to take my time deflowering you, I’ve
waited too long to rush it, I want to feel your heartbeat beating out of your
chest, I want to hear your labored breathing next to my ear, I want us to
become....truly one as I finally claim your innocents.” Questra then begun a
series of kisses, and savoring, of every soft and firm area of Gabrielle’s
blushed colored, aroused body.

Taking a pink tip peak in her mouth, Questra loved it with her tongue, and
teeth, and mouth. Gabrielle’s chest raised to increase the contact, and
Questra wrapped her arm around Gabrielle’s back and rolled them over so that
she was lying on her back, with Gabrielle over top of her.

Gabrielle moaned as her desire increased with every touch by Questra’s
talented hands. Questra then let go of the one peak and moved to take the
other in her mouth. Once again Questra loved it, but now her hand was
caressing and kneading the flesh of the other, as she held the one with her
other hand.

Suddenly Gabrielle gasped and almost went over at the sensation she felt on
her other nipple. Questra let out an astonished, yet delighted gasp as she
felt the sensation of what her hand was doing on Gabrielle’s nipple, and the
impulse that radiated through her, right to her core.

“ GODSS!!! What’s That?!” Gabrielle managed as her breathing allowed only
gasps of air to escape.

Questra removed her mouth from Gabrielle’s nipple, and covered it with her
other hand, she moved Gabrielle to her so she could whisper to her.

“ A bonding gift, my sweet muser.”

“ From.....”

“ Yes, from Xena and Diana, there are a lot more surprises in store for you
while we’re on our honeymoon, so I don’t suspect we will do a lot of touring
or anything.” Questra said seductively as she closed her eyes and let the
sensation of what her hands were doing to Gabrielle’s tight peaks, as well as
the continued moaning Gabrielle was doing, as she straddled one of Questra’s
thighs and begun rubbing her blossom against it.

Questra moaned at the slickness she felt from Gabrielle, and she claimed
Gabrielle’s lips and kissed her with the hunger she was feeling. Gabrielle’s
body was overloaded by the many sensations that she could no longer hold back,
and her body stiffened and she let her ecstasy wash over her like a gentle

Questra felt the tremors in Gabrielle’s body before she released, but she did
not stop her, but instead, felt the warm release cover her thigh. After
Ecstasy had ended, she collapsed on top of Questra, who now removed her hands
from the overstimulated peaks, and held Gabrielle for a while until she caught
her breath.

Afterwards, Questra rolled back above Gabrielle, and once again kissing her,
she slowly lowered herself down Gabrielle’s hot body, and when she arrived at
Gabrielle’s blossom, she blew a gentle breezy through the slick hairs, and
felt Gabrielle’s body shake as a result.

Then she parted the nether’s and quickly seiged upon the peak. Gabrielle
nearly jumped off of the bed at the provocative touch, but Questra held her in
place as she relished the taste and feel of Gabrielle’s spent ecstasy in her
mouth. Gabrielle’s body squirmed and writhe, with every touch.

Questra moaned as she feasted on Gabrielle, and finally she inserted a long
finger into Gabrielle’s blossom, and Gabrielle’s body stiffened at first, and
then as Questra begun a slow rythmic thrust in and out, Gabrielle’s body
couldn’t help but respond, and she tried to move her hips to match the rhythm,
but Questra held her tightly, as she listened to Gabrielle panting and

Questra’s heart was beating out of her own chest as she felt Gabrielle’s
screen once again, but this time she knew that she was about to lay claim to
Gabrielle once and for all.

“ Okay, my sweet muser, it’s time, trust me to love you?”

“!” Gabrielle gasped as she threw her head back when she begun
to feel Questra pushing against her screen. “” Gabrielle sobbed with both
anticipation and pain.

“ Ha...ha...ha...almost!!” Questra said with a shaky voice.

Gabrielle was now gripping the covers as if her life depended on it, and she
shrieked as a result.

“ Hurry Please?!!”

Just as she said it Questra’s finger went through and Gabrielle screamed from
her heart. Questra peaked at that moment and she covered Gabrielle’s blossom
with her mouth as she sucked the peak into her mouth once again and begun
lustily loving it, as she inserted a second finger inside of Gabrielle and
begun thrusting deep, as Gabrielle met each thrust, and gasped with each, her
inner muscles begun to quiver intermittently, as they continue to tighten
around the invading digits.

Finally Questra felt Gabrielle was near and she buried her fingers deep inside
of Gabrielle until she touched the premier area of Gabrielle’s core and
changing her fingers to one, and then forming a miniature size mouth on them,
she connected to Gabrielle’s core and Gabrielle screamed in delight as her
body locked and all she felt was the gentle sucking and licking of her core,
as her ecstasy burst forth.

Questra tasted Gabrielle’s pleasure in her real mouth and she feasted on the
peak as her reformed fingers feasted on the cream that was being pulled from
Gabrielle’s trembling body, Questra’s own release was explosive as she
trembled from the sensations that were being sent to her own brain.

Finally, Gabrielle’s body went limp and she laid spent and unconscious, as
Questra slipped her fingers from Gabrielle, and reformed them as she crawled
up Gabrielle’s limp body, and taking her in her arms she held her as she gazed
down at the young woman, and then she smiled and then collasped holding
Gabrielle tightly in her loving embrace.

The next month the two made love daily, discovering new things, that they now
shared with each other. One of the gifts was a silver box of their own, much
like that of Xena’s and Diana’s, but it was given to Gabrielle, because
Questra now had the ability to change parts of her body, like Xena.

“ Welcome home you two, how was the honeymoon, or need we ask?” Diana asked

“ Rejuvenating to say the least.” Questra smirked, as she gazed at Gabrielle
who was still beaming by the question.

“ Gabrielle?” Xena asked with amusement in her eyes.

“ WOW! What an experience....MMMmmmm, I just feel like I could just float
away, I just love you sooooooo, much.” Gabrielle said through her teeth from
the overwhelming burst of energy and love that race through her. She hugged
Questra tightly as it did, thus allowing herself to be steadied.

Both Xena and Diana felt the emotion and they smiled brightly at the two women
in front of them.

“ Well, I’m glad it was....okay.” Xena teased.

Questra laughed, and then she and Xena grasped each others hand in a warriors

“ Thank you Lord Xena, I could not have believed the incredible ecstasies that
were possible.”

“ Your welcome.” Xena said as she held Questra’s arm in the warrior’s grasp.

Questra then turned to Diana and bringing her hand up to her chin, she lifted
Diana’s chin, and looking into Diana’s eyes, She said in a loving tone.

“ Thank you, you are so special, and the fact that you have shared some of
your gifts with us, is such a bonding thing, we are all one in our souls. “
Questra then leaned down and placed a light kiss on Diana’s lips.

Diana blushed and then turned to Xena who simply raised a brow at her

“ So what about the two of yours second honeymoon?” Questra asked as she let
go of Diana and returned to Gabrielle’s embrace.

“ As if it were the first, only better.” Xena said as she glanced down at
Diana and saw the blush return, only more obvious.

Diana smirked and then said in a slightly embarrassed tone.

“ Alright, I think that’s enough of picking on Diana, how about we let the two
of you get settled in your new chamber?”

“ A new chamber?”

“ Yes, come on, I’ll show it to you, but you two will go in first, and that
means you have to carry her over the threshhold.”

“ That’s not a problem.”Questra said, as Diana grabbed Gabrielle’s hand and
the two of them headed up the stairs towards the chamber.

Questra didn’t have time to blink before Diana grabbed Gabrielle from her and
the two practically ran up the stairs.

“ She has to much energy Xena.” Questra teased as she and Xena strided up the
stairs and caught up with the two younger women.

“ I see that.” Xena replied with a smirk.

“ Ok, here you go.” Diana said to the two women, and then she gestured to the
sentry to open the door.

Questra swept Gabrielle up in her arms and stepped into the new chamber. She
took a few steps inside and then set Gabrielle down so that she could look

‘Wow, this is beautiful.” Gabrielle gushed as she and Questra went from room
to room, and then they finally made it to the bedchamber.

‘’ Beautiful.” Was Questra’s simple response.

After a while, the four women met at the lake to have a picnic. They were only
there for about two candlemarks, when Lirra, one of the servants came out and
informed Xena that Ludmilla wasn’t feeling well.

“ What does the healers say is wrong with her?” Xena asked, as she watched
Diana and Gabrielle splashing each other with water.

“ They think it’s something she ate, she’ll be laid up for a few days.”

“ Alright, then I’ll assign someone else as My Consorts personal attendant,
until Ludmilla gets better.”

“ I’ll be honored to attend to her majesty’s needs until Ludmilla is able to
assume her duties My Lord.”

Xena studied the woman for a few moments, and then gave her reply.

“ Very well, but I expect near perfection when it comes to My Consort, and her
needs, is that clear?”

“ Yes My Lord, Her highness will want for nothing. “

“ Very well, stay here until I inform her of what’s happened.”

Xena motioned to Diana and Gabrielle to come over to her, and the two came out
of the water and jogged over to where Xena and Questra sat, and Diana and
Gabrielle both swung there wet hair around the two women thus wetting them on
purpose, but pretending to have done it by accident.

“ Oh...sorry about that.” The two said as both the women glared at them.

“ We’ll get you for that later, right now kitten, I need to tell you

“ Okay, what is it my soul filling lover?” Diana purred as she went to her
knees and picking up her towel and crawling up Xena’s long legs, she laid a
sensual kiss on Xena.

“ Mmm...someone’s still aroused, I thought I took care of that for a while,
well I will in a while, in the meantime sit down and listen. Diana Ludmilla is
not feeling well and will be unable to attend to you for a few days, so Lirra
here will be attending to you until Ludmilla is better.”

“ Is she alright?” Diana asked with concern sounding in her voice.

“ Yes, the healer thinks it’s somethig she ate, and she will be fine after a
few days of rest.” Xena said assuringly.

“ Well, I’ll check on her before I turn in this evening. So Lirra, tell me
about yourself.”

“ I’m 26 winters, I’m from a small village to the west of Athens, I was
originally brought here as a slave, but then after you and your sister
arrived, and My Lord made changes, I was offered my freedom, but I chose to
stay as one of the servants of the royal household, I’ve been here for almost
10 winters.”

“ Why did you want to stay somewhere where you had been forced into slavery?’
Diana asked honestly bewildered.

Lirra cocked her head at Diana, which made all of them knit their brows at

“ What is it Lirra?” Diana questioned.

“ Oh, I’m sorry Your Highness, it’s just that you caught me off guard with
your question.”

“ Why?” Gabrielle chimed in.”

“ Because, I would think if anyone understood why I stayed, it would be you
your Majesty?”

“ Why would I understand that Lirra?”

“ I stayed for the same reason you stayed.”

“ Same reason Her Highness stayed Lirra? Questra now asked adding her own
confusion to the mix.

“ Yes. Why did you stay Your Majesty, after you had been a slave?”

Diana’s mouth opened slightly as if to refute what was just suggested, and
then she clamped her mouth shut and just looked at the young woman.

“ Touche’ Lirra, I do understand, now, it will be wonderful to have you with
me.” Diana said with a warm smile for the young woman.

“ Thank you Your Majesty, I look forward to attending to you.”

“ Very good Lirra, you may go.”

“ Thank you My Lord, I will go and assist your servant Dancea with the chores
of your chamber, and obtain any information from her as well that willl help
me better attend to Her Majesty.”

“ Proceed Lirra.”

“ By your leave My Lord?”

Xena nodded and Lirra turned and strided back to the Palace.

“ I guess she got you didn’t she?”

“ She wouldn’t have if you hadn’t made me a slave.” Diana shot back playfully
to Xena who was smirking at her.

“ I didn’t just make you a slave, I made you a part of my royal harem, who’s
only responsiiblity was to please me.”

“ Oh, Xena don’t even try it.... you know as well as I do that if I had wanted
to escape, that you would not have only sent your whole army out to find me,
but you yourself would have been in the lead., and if you found me....”

“ If ? What do you mean if I found you, I would have found you, make NO
mistake about it.” Xena stated with conviction.

“ Fine, for the sake of argument, when you found me, you would not have kept
me as your love slave, you would have beat me and then try to force me to
attend the needs of your guest as you chose fit.” Diana stated seriously.

Xena raised a brow at her, and then she reached her hand out for Diana to come
back to her. Diana recognized what Xena was doing and she went into her arms
and allowed Xena to hold her. Xena then kissed Diana’s cheek and then spoke
once again.

“ Diana, if I didn’t have any memory of you, and you escaped, it’s true that I
would have done all you said, except, I would have NEVER made you attend to
anyone elses needs, but I would have made you attend to my needs, but I would
not have allowed you to reach ecstasy, but instead made you deal with your
tightness, until I felt you had learn your lesson.”

Diana looked at Xena and after searching her eyes for a moment, she then
smiled and leaned into Xena and said, “ well that wouldn’t have lasted long.”

Xena and Questra laughed in mock, and Diana looked at both of them and sitting
up straight, she leveled her gaze on both of them.

“ What does that mean?”

“ Diana, it would have lasted no less than 6 months.” Xena stated with

“ Minimally.” Questra added

“ So what are you two saying? That I’m stubborn, willful, what?”

Gabrielle choked on her cider she was drinking , and an embarrassed blush came
to her cheeks when Diana asked her pointedly.

“ You to Gabrielle? You think that I’m stubborn and willful?”

“ Well.....”

“ Be honest Gabrielle, tell your sister, my Consort, just how stubborn and
willful she really is.” Xena told Gabrielle.

“ Uh....well....”

“ Okay, maybe I am a little, but....”

“ HA!” Xena said in disbelief.

“ Xena....ok, maybe I am, but you have to admit, I’m not so much as I use to
be, right?” Diana asked as she looked at each woman.

“ Okay, I’ll give you that kitten, you have improved....somewhat, but you have
a lot to learn. But your getting there kitten, and I am very proud of you.”

“ least that’s something.” Diana said as a smile came to her face
again and she laid back against Xena and listened to her heartbeat.

Meanwhile Lirra had gotten the information she needed about what Diana liked
and disliked and what the routine was for the evening. But she was also told
that they straighten the drawers daily and at times were told to take things
to the seer.

“ Things like what?”

“ I don’t know really, but I know that Diana has some hair samples from Lord
Xena and Lord Questra.”

“ Why?”

“ I think she just collected them for the sake of always having something of
each of them.”

“ And they’re with the seer?”

“ Yes, in her lab, but I think the seer is away visiting her intended, Queen
Ephiny.” Dancea said as the two women cleaned the chamber and the drawers, and
then left the chamber.

“ I think I will go and get something to eat, and then see if Her Highness
needs anything else for the evening.”

“ Ok Lirra, you did a great job today, I think Her Highness will be very

“ Thanks Dancea, that means a lot to me.”

Lirra then turned and headed away from Dancea, when she turned the corner she
headed straight for the lab. Once she arrived she pulled out a key that was
made for her, and she went into the lab and begun searching for the sample
hairs, after about an hour, she located them, and taking them from the holder,
but keeping them in their separate containers, she then eased out the door of
the lab and looking around she relocked the door and headed out of the palace.

Meanwhile, Diana and all of them had left the lake and gone to watch a play
that was being performed in the Theater hall.

“ That was such a wonderful performance.” Gabrielle said as she stood and
stretched, followed by the other three women.

“ Yes, it was good, but I think the lead character should have been a little
taller, but it worked, as it was.” Questra stated as Gabrielle hooked her arm
in hers and she covered Gabrielle’s hand with her own as the four of them left
the theater hall.

“ I think we will call it a night.” Xena said as she caressed Diana’s hair.

“ But it’s just early evening Xena?” Gabrielle stated thinking Xena didn’t
realize the time of day.

“ Gabrielle.....I think she knows that.” Questra said as she gave Gabrielle a
certain look, that made Gabrielle look at her with knitted brows, and then her
eyes went wide with understanding.

“ Oh! I get it, well then....goodnight.” Gabrielle said as she blushed and
lowered her eyes.

“ You’ll learn Gabrielle, don’t worry about it, I’m sure Lord Questra will be
more than happy to....continue your education?”

“ You can be sure, Lord Xena, you can be sure. Goodnight to you two. Come on
Gabrielle, let’s you and I go and continue your lessons, shall we?”

“ Well.....if I must, I must, let’s go.” Gabrielle said somewhat teasingly.
Then she looked over her shoulder and called to Xena, “ You realize this is
going to be torture, and it’s all your fault right?”

Xena chuckled at Gabrielle’s joke, as Diana busied herself with Xena’s neck.
Once Questra and Gabrielle had disappeared out of sight, Xena turned her
complete focus on Diana and what she was doing.

“ Kitten, we’re in one of the busiest corridors in the Palace, next to the
entrance to the palace, do you really want to get into” Xena
asked as Diana stopped what she was doing and looked up at Xena, who had a
look that told her Xena could careless where they got into it, she would
finish whatever they started and whereever they started.

“ Hmmm....maybe not. “ Diana said flustered, by her intimidation at being
taken in a busy corridor.

Diana then turned and pulled Xena to the staircase and up them, as Xena
chuckled all the while, and teased Diana about it.

“ After all of these years, my kitten still gets embarrassed at being seen by
others while in her passion, and here I thought I broke you of that, well,
well, well, what do you know about that?”

“ That’s okay Xena, keep teasing me, one day, I’ll surprise you, and it will
be you who blushes three shades of red.” Diana shot back as she cut her eyes
back to the still chuckling woman. “ Besides, I can think of at least one time
where we had a massive audience, and you told them to leave.”

“ I know what day your talking about, and I did not tell them to leave for my
benefit, I told them to leave for yours, because I knew your embarrassment
would be tenfold, to have had all of those people see and Hear you being
claimed again, and I knew that you really would have been timid to show your
face if they had heard how you begged me to let you catch your breath, and how
you begged for water, and how....”

“ Ok! You made your point, for Gaia sakes woman! You do know how to drive a
point home don’t you?” Diana sighed in frustration, as they entered into their

“ Good, because now I plan on driving another point home....if you get my
meaning.” Xena purred, as she stripped Diana out of her clothes with speed and
efficiency, and then swept Diana up off of her feet and carried her to the bed
where she covered her with her own body.

The two melted into their love, and during the night after they had finally
ended, and Diana laid in deep slumber, Xena heard a voice calling to her as
she laid in bed admiring her mates soft, shapely body.

“ Xena come to the library, we need to talk.”

“ Indite?”

“ Come.”

Xena looked at Diana, and then she slipped out of the bed and covering the
young woman with the covers, she then dressed in a lounging rode, and left the
chamber, and went to the library to talk with Indite.

“ Xena, I’m sorry to disturb you at such a time, but you need to know....”

“ Let me guess, something bad is about to happen and it involves one or all of
us in some major way, right?”

“ Yes, but how did you ....”

“ How did I know? It’s simple, everytime you visit to tell me something, it’s
always been bad news. Why can’t you come and tell me something
there will be peace on earth and goodwill towards all for at least two years,
or more even?” Xena said somewhat sarcastically. Then seeing the look on the
young Indites face, Xena sighed and then said, “ I’m sorry, it’s
just......never mind, what is it this time Indite?”

“ It’s alright, I understand.” Indite said and then she turned to the crone.

“ Xena there is a great evil that has taken noticed of all of the energy from
the four of you, but especially that of Diana, it knows she has powers yet
untapped, and that if he can tap into it without her knowing, then she will
never truly know herself, and the destiny that is set will be unset, you must
begin training Diana.”

“ Training her in what?”

“ Learning as much of who she is, and the only way to do that is to teach her
how to call up her gifts.”

“ How am I going to teach her that? I don’t even know what all of her
abilities are myself.”

“ You know them, because you possess them as well. All four of you possess
psychic abilities, but Gabrielle possesses prophectic abilities, that must be
brought to bare as soon as possible, otherwise, the evil one will do
everything it can to suppress it. But Xena you can not tell any of them,
except Lord Questra the purpose of the training, otherwise it would taint the
out come, and no telling what would happen.”

“ So what does this evil one want?”

“ Worshipers. It wants to conqueror the universe, system by system, starting
with this one.”

“ Is this evil one and alien, like Rah was?”

“ No, but Rah was not an alien, he was a God, but not like this one, this is
an ancient God, as old as time itself, it was banished by the light of man’s
souls, into the time of no where, it has not been able to escape, as nothing
can, unless the portal of time is opened, when that happens there will be a
visible and palpable change in the very nature of people outside of the
palace walls, it will be like the very air is filled with darkness, the people
will over time, a short time, start to be less kind to one another, less
patient, less tolerant, meanness will begin to set in, and eventually wars
will begin to breakout , the people’s hearts would start to go cold. The only
respect they will retain will be for you and Lord Questra, you two will be
able to maintain order, and eventually the evil one will appear and take it’s
place with you two by it’s side, and Diana and Gabrielle by each of yours.
Xena it is very important as you can see that you and Lord Questra begin
teaching the two how to call upon their gifts, they must learn as much as
possible, especially Diana, she has to learn as much of herself before.”

“ So what happens if I start and she learns some, but not enough?”

“ Well, because you have begun, even if she doesn’t pick up anything at first,
because you have begun, he will continue it, because either way he can use her
for his benefit, especially if he could deceive her in some way. How well does
Diana know you?”

“ She knows me.” Xena stated confidantly.

“ Does she? I think that is where you should start her training, teach her to
know you.”

“ She already does.”

“ Xena teach her about the nuances of you. Now I have to go, Goodluck Xena.”
Indite said as she faded from Xena’s sight.

Xena shook her head, and sat and wrote for a bit, and then leaving her private
library, she returned to their bed chamber and removing her robe she slipped
under the covers with Diana and then moving hair from Diana’s face, she looked
at her sweet innocent young lover, who had been through so much as it was in
her life, and Xena’s heart wrenched at the thought that the rest of Diana’s
life was to consist of such problems, all of their lives would be.

“ Kitten I wonder what your life as well as all of ours would be like if I had
never focused on having you, I wonder if you would have been able to live a
less stressful life with all of your other Chosen, than the life you live with
me? Maybe I can find a way to send you home to your time and live without you,
maybe I can have your memory completely erased of this time, and everyone
here, maybe you could live a life of peace somehow, Oh Gods Kitten, I don’t
know, I feel like no matter how hard I try to protect you, the more things
happen to you, oh,

kitten.” Xena sighed as tears rolled down her face and she pulled Diana into
her arms and felt Diana roll over and mold her body close to Xena’s and moan
as she continued to sleep.

Xena wrapped her arms tightly around Diana, and Diana groaned at the embrace,
and Xena loosen it and Diana moaned and then sighed. Xena smiled with a
heartache, and then buried her face in Diana’s soft mane, and her tears soaked
Diana’s hair. Eventually Xena drifted off to sleep and despite the dreams
being disturbing, she was comforted by the fact that she was holding Diana in
her arms, so she was able to rest.

By the time the next morning came, Xena was focused, and despite the
sentiments she expressed last night, she was determine to do what she had to
do to get Diana where she needed to be.

Xena jumped out of the bed, cleaned up, dressed in her leathers, and then laid
out Diana’s clothes, a leather skirt outfit, not warrior type, but one that
would provide some protection, if needed. Xena then went out the bedchamber
door, while Diana was still asleep and called Lirra to her.

“ Yes My Lord?”

“ Have your mistress get up, and help her get cleaned up and dressed, tell her
I’ll be back in a while, but to be ready, is that clear?”

“ Yes My Lord, I’ll go and awaken the mistress now.”

“ Good.” Xena then turned and left the chamber and headed to Lord Questra’s
and Gabrielle’s new chamber.

“ Xena? What’s going on?” Questra asked when the servant went to the
bedchamber and informed her that Lord Xena wanted to speak with her.

“ You and I need to talk, get dress, it’s important.”

“ Alright, I’ll be just a moment.” Questra then disappeared back into the bed
chamber and cleaning up and dressing in her leathers, just because of how Xena
was dressed and the early morning hour of the day, she figured it was better
to be safe than sorry, she then left a message for the servant regarding

“ No, have the Princess meet her Lord in my chamber.” Xena inserted.

“ Yes My Lord.” The servant said as she disappeared back into the bedchamber.

“ What’s going on Xena? You look like you have something very serious on your

“ I do, I just had a talk with Indite.”

“ So what’s the bad news?”

Xena chuckled slightly without the laughtr reaching her eyes, then told
Questra what Indite had told her, and Questra’s expression took on the same
focused and determined look as Xena’s.

“ Alright then, I’ll work with Gabrielle, and I’ll bring in the help of
Shatara and the Priestess’s.”

“ Yes, and I will begin with Diana, Questra I don’t have to tell you it’s
going to be hard keeping these two focused, especially Diana, I can see that
willful nature of her’s shining as bright as the day. I don’t like what we’re
up against, but I will do whatever is necesarry to help both of them.”

“ I Know, and so will I.”

Questra and Xena returned to Xena’s chambers and Diana came out and greet Xena
with a kiss, and then greet Questra with one to the cheek, and then sat down
to eat, just as Gabrielle was lead into the chamber by the sentry.

“ Goodmorning all, mmm...breakfast smells wonderful.” Gabrielle said as she
inhaled the fresh buns.

She kissed Questra and then turned and kissed Xena and Diana on the cheeks and
then sat down and she and Diana were about to begin to eat, but when Diana
reached for a bun and Gabrielle reached for one as well. Both Xena’s and
Questra’s hands caught theirs and held them.

“ No, not yet.” Xena said as she pushed Diana’s hands back away from the buns
and then she stood up and told Diana to come with her.

“ But Xena, I’m hungry?”

“ Now.”

Diana heard the tone, and with some disappointment she stood up and followed
Xena over to the sofa.

“ What is it Xena?”

“ Diana, I was thinking about something last night, I was thinking that there
is a lot you don’t know about me, and especially about yourself, so....I
decided that from this day forth, we would work on discovering as much about
you, and your many gifts, as well as getting you to know me like you think
you know me.”

“ What are you talking about, I know you and me, like the back of my hand.”

“ No you don’t, how could you know yourself that well, when you don’t know
what the many gifts are you possess?”

“ Well.”

“ Anyway, we’ll start with you getting to know me, alright?”

“ Ok, fine.”

“ Diana, I expect for you to take this serious, because I will.” Xena warned.

“ I will.”

“ Okay, I want you to sit over here and focus on what I am doing at the
table, without looking over at the table, alright?”

“ Okay, but will I get to eat?”

“ Of course you will, but not until I’m satisfied with what I hear. “ Xena
then turned and walked back over to the table and told Diana to begin. “ Tell
me what’s happening at the table, and who’s doing what?”

Xena then sat down and reached for a roll. Diana listened to the sounds on the

“ Someone just picked up a roll.”

“ Be specific Diana. Who picked up the roll?”

Diana shifted her weight, and listened to hear who had it.

“ You did. Now you just broke it open and put some jam on it.”

“ Very good.” Xena said as she picked up the plate with the roll on it and
handed it to Gabrielle, who took it and took a bite.

“ Now your eating it.”

“ Diana focus, who has the roll? Listen to the sounds of the way she is
chewing, the way she swallows.”

Diana did as she was told and listened.

Diana listened to the enthusiastic chewing, and the faint sigh as the food
slid down the person’s throat. Diana smiled and then said with confidence.

“ Gabrielle, is the one who’s enjoying the roll.”

“ Very good.” Xena said as she gesture to Gabrielle to hand it back to her.

Gabrielle did it and Xena took a bite of the roll. Diana listened once again,
and this time she heard the practical chewing, and the indifferent way it was

“ You have the roll now love.”

“ I’m pleased kitten, your doing very well.”

After over 12 candlemarks of just using her senses to tell who was who and
what each was doing at different times. Xena was pleased with Diana’s first
day of training.

While the four women were talking in the library, one of the Advisors came in
and annouced that there was a problem in one of the provinces of Xenadia, and
that the Magistrate has asked that Lord Xena and Lord Questra to come and deal
with the situation. Since it was a matter for the two Rulers.

“ When did the magistrate say he wanted us to be there?”

“ Two days at the most, if it is possible my lord?”

“ Fine, we’ll ride there with a small detail, on horse back. We’ll leave
within the candlemark.”

“ Xena may Gabrielle and I accompany you and Lord Questra?”

“ No, you have to practice, and Gabrielle needs to go and speak with the
Priestess Kira.”

“ But Xena?”

“ You have my answer Consort. Now come here and give me a kiss, and when we
get back we’ll start with the training of your mind.”

Diana walked over to Xena and with a slight pout on her lips, Xena smirked and
then lifted her chin and leaned down and claimed her lips. Diana quickly
forgot about her disappointment, and wrapped her arms around Xena’s neck and
gave what she was getting back to Xena. Questra pulled Gabrielle into her arms
and planted a searing kiss on her and Gabrielle’s legs went weak, but Questra
held her up without effort.

Finally, the two broke their kisses of their Consorts and both young women
staggered and then steadied themselves as Xena and Questra both turned and
headed out the library, and went and changed and then headed out the palace
and jumping on their awaiting horses they rode out the courtyard, and out the
gates with the small detail of soldiers riding with them.

Xena had thought about using the traveller, but since it was only a days ride,
she figured she and Questra could talk more about the plans for Gabrielle and

The next day Xena and Questra arrived in the city and went and took care of
the problem. They then left the town and was heading back to the palace after
only spending one day in the town.

When the group stopped to rest the horses, and eat something, while everyone
was eating, with the sentries on post watching for any danger, they were
suddenly hit with darts, and before Xena and Questra knew it, they were
surrounded by a group of hooded figures.

The soldiers that had come with Xena and Questra were all laid out all over
the camp, all appeared to be unconscious.

“ Who are you?” Xena asked as she and Questra both pulled out their swords and
watched the figures.

Suddenly the figures pulled out blow guns and Xena released her Chakram
expecting to cut down the figures, but instead of that happening, the Chakram,
went straight through the first figure as if the figure was not there, and
because of that the Chakram did not return to Xena, but instead lodged in a
tree behind the figure.

Both Xena and Questra was surprised by it, but just as they were about to go
into rapid movements, to avoid being hit by one of the darts, the figures all
released a flurry of darts towards the women, and despite Xena and Questra’s
best efforts, they were hit by a couple of the darts, of course they pulled
them out almost as soon as they had went in, but because of the number that
struck them, the two women eventually fell from the effects of the drugged

As soon as they were down, another figure walked forward and touched the two
women and both disappeared. When Xena and Questra finally awoke and found
themselves chained to a pillar, they heard a deep voice.

“ Well, the two of you have finally awoke. Welcome to my world.”

Xena and Questra both cleared their heads and then looked at the figure, that
seemed like a shadow, more than a solid figure.

“ Who are you, and where are we?” Questra asked with anger in her tone.

“ I am the ancient one. And your in what has been my home for millenniums, but
soon, now that I have found what I have searched for, for just as long, it
will not be my home for too much longer.”

“ Your the Great Evil, I was told about?’ Xena stated.

“ I’ve been called many things, but that term seems to have stuck.”

“ What do you want?”

“ I want what all Gods want, I want worshippers, but not just of one planet or
universe, but all of them in the Cosmos.”

“ You said you found what you were looking for, is that person Diana?”

“ Yes. But not just her, also you two, and Gabrielle, the four of you have the
ability to open the portal for me to leave this place.”

“ Your a God, why can’t you just open it yourself?” Questra asked with

“ Because I was defeated and sent here, and because this is the Time Of No
Where, I can not leave without the assistances of the four of you, although I
must admit, I didn’t realize that it was four of you, I had been looking for
one, and when I finally hit upon all of the energy that Your Consort was
putting out, and yours as well, I started focusing my attention on all of you,
and I discovered that the four of you are connected by your very souls, I knew
then, I had found my aids.”

“ You must have lost your mind. If you think we will help you get out of here,
then you are sorely mistaken.”

“ I thought you two would feel that way, that’s why your here, and THERE...
there.” The shadow figure stated as he made the chains that held Xena and
Questra disappear and then pointed towards a window like opening, only it was
a picture of the two of them.

Xena and Questra turned to fully look at the image, and then they looked back
at the shadow figure, and he simply said, “ Watch and enjoy ladies.”

The images then came to life and Xena and Questra found themselves looking at
themselves and their soldiers riding towards the palace.

“ Who are they?” Xena asked demandingly.

“ You of course.”

“ No, those two THINGS are not us, and Diana will know it right away.” Xena
stated with contempt for the shadowed figures attempt at deception.

“ No, she won’t.”

“ And why won’t she know?” Questra asked curious why the figure seemed to be
so certain.

“ Because those two women are indeed the two of you in everyway.”

“ How is that possible?”

“ I had your D.N.A. stolen, and then I had you two duplicated. Those two women
there are indeed you two, the only difference is that....well they’re not as
NICE as you two are.”

Xena then pulled her sword and charged the figure, and she slashed through the
figure, as if he were a ghost. He simply laughed and with a wave of his hand,
he sent her flying back into the pillar she was once chained to,dazed Xena
staggered to her feet and rubbing her head, she glared at the figure, with a
questioning gaze.

“ Although I am here, I am also not, I can inflict pain on the two of you if I
choose, but you are unable to touch me. “

“ So is that your plan, to eventually kill us and have your two droids,
replace us?”

For now, my plan is only for the two of you to watch yourselves handle the
training of your MATES. Hahahhahahahahahaha......” The shadow said finishing
his answer with a derisive laugh, as he turned and walked to his throne and
sat down to watch everything.

Xena and Questra glared at the figure and then turned to each other and then
to the images. This time the images’s voice as well as all of the other sounds
could be heard. Once again the two looked back at the shadow.

“ Yes ladies, you will hear everything, but you will not be able to
communicate, only watch and listen.” The shadow said answering the question
before it was asked.

Xena gave the figure a scornful look but then she turned to look at the
images. The two figures were talking to one another.

“ Soon Questra, we will meet our respective Consorts, and then we can begin
the training again, and hopefully it won’t take forever to teach Diana all
about her many powers, then we can bring The Great one back from the time of
no where.”

“ Yes, and then we will truly Reign supreme.” The Questra said in devious

“ Your Majesty, you want to be informed when Our Lord and Lord Questra were
spotted heading for the gates of the Palace?”

“ Yes Miki, have they been seen?”

“ Yes.”

“ Wonderful! “ Diana exclaimed as she and Gabrielle jumped up from the grass
they were sitting on in the garden, and went to meet their mates.

The two younger women waited for their respectives to ride through the gates.
The call was sounded to open the gates and just as it did, Xena and Questra
rode through first, followed by the small detail that had gone along.

The two women watched as their replacements rode into the gates of the Palace,
and Xena turned to the shadow and asked, “ What’s to prevent my soldiers from
telling what happened?”

“ Because the drugged darts caused forgetfulness, they believe they were only
alseep. All of the darts were cleaned up by the time anyone woke up.”

Xena sneered and then turned back to watch what was happening.

The two women rode into the gates and up to the steps of the Palace and Diana
and Gabrielle both went to greet their mates.

“ Hi Xena, did everything go well?” Diana asked. Xena stared down at her from
her horse. “ Are you alright?” Diana asked with some concern due to Xena’s

“ Yes.” She answered as she slipped off of the horse, and lifting Diana’s chin
up and turning it from side to side, she admired the woman’s beauty. “ You
truly are a true beauty.”

“ Thank you, Diana blushed as she then tired of waiting for Xena, and wrapped
her arms around Xena’s neck and whispered in her ear. “ I’ve missed you, and I
plan on showing you just how much later love.” Diana then leaned back to look
into Xena’s eyes.

Xena gave Diana a curious yet lustful gaze, then she slowly leaned in to kiss
Diana as she watched her close her eyes in anticipation. An evil glint came to
Xena’s eyes and she then placed a testing type kiss on Diana, to see what her
reaction would be, and when Diana leaned in with her body closer to Xena, Xena
then wrapped her arm around Diana’s small waist and pulled her in even closer
and ravaged the young woman’s mouth.

Questra watched for a moment and then looked at Gabrielle and with a brow
raising she asked, “ I get a greeting like that one, or what?”

Gabrielle blushed at the look and then wrapped her arms around Questra’s neck
and she started the kiss, but it was Questra who took over almost instantly.
Soon the two younger women were being kissed with such hunger that by the time
each of their respectives broke the embrace, both younger women had to be held
so as to be steadied.

Xena and Questra both looked at the dazed girls and a wicked, yet lascivious
look lighted both of their eyes.

“ Come on Consort, I want to be welcomed home properly.” Xena said as she put
her arm over Diana’s shoulder and with a determined stride they headed for
their chamber.

Meanwhile the trapped Xena and Questra were both staring at the images with
contempt and repulse, as well as disbelief.

“ How could Diana not know it wasn’t me?!! How could she??”

“ Because the women who have taken your place, are you even to the connection
that the four of you share. There is no way that your two mates, will ever
know that those two Rulers are not their lovers. It’s your D.N.A. Ladies, they
know everything you know and I think even you will be surprised at a lot of
the things that the two of them can do. Anyway, here, have a seat and make
yourselves comfortable.” The Shadow then made two sofa chairs appear and both
Xena and Questra looked at them with contempt, and turned back to watch the

“ Okay Consort, welcome me home.” Xena said as she closed the door to the bed
chamber, and stood by it for a moment watching Diana.

“ Ok, but first, you need to go and clean up, and if your good, I’ll even join
you love?”

“ Even if I’m bad, you’ll join me.” Xena stated as she begun to remove her
clothing, and started moving towards Diana as she did.

The look on Xena’s face made Diana somewhat uncomfortable. She felt like she
was prey for Xena, so without realizing it, she begun to back away from her.
Xena cocked her head as she continued to stalk slowly towards the backpeddling
young woman.

Diana moved towards the bath chamber and just as she came to the closed door
against her back, Xena stepped up to her, and gazing at Diana in a studying
fashion, Diana begun to try to open the door, but she couldn’t seem to put her
hand on the handle.

Xena noticed it and simply opened the door without looking away from Diana’s
wide eyes.

“ There you go Consort.” Xena said as the door opened and Diana nearly fell

“ Thanks...I.....are you okay Xena? I mean you seem to be looking at me like
your trying to figure something out?” Diana finally said as she moved to one
of the benches that was in the bath chambers.

“ I’m fine, just a little...tight, so I’m hoping you’ve been resting, because
I plan on feeding off of you for a while.”

“ HA!” Diana’s breath came out unexpectedly.

Xena smirked and then commanded in an undeniable tone.

“ Strip!”

Diana blushed but then she begun to slowly strip out of her clothes as Xena
went and sat on the edge of the bath and watched with raptured attention.
Diana blushed harder as she felt Xena’s eyes burning up and down her body.

Finally Diana stood nude where she had taken her clothes off, and Xena looked
up into Diana’s eyes and with a low voice she spoke again.

“ Come here Consort.”

Diana strolled over to the bath where Xena sat and studied her, and a funny
smile came to her mouth. Xena slipped into the water and motioned for Diana to
do the same. Diana stepped down into the water and slowly strolled over to
where Xena stood waiting.

“ Amazing!’ Xena exclaimed to herself as she gazed at Diana’s large nipples,
and perky large breast, that bounced as if they were small. She followed the
perfect curves of Diana’s waist as it gracefully flowed to form the curveous
hips. Her eyes locked on Diana’s soft triangle.

Xena was happy that there was no bubbles to hide any part of Diana.

“ Come here.” Xena practically growled as she ordered Diana to step closer.

Diana hesitated for a moment, but then she stepped a few more steps closer to
Xena and Xena grabbed her hair and pulled her to her. Xena smelled Diana’s
hair that was wrapped between her fingers and she inhaled the scent and then
closing her eyes, she thought about how much fun she was about to have.

Then her eyes popped open and locked On Diana’s. Diana’s breathing suddenly
changed and became more labored. Xena pulled Diana in for a fierce hunger kiss
and she ravaged the young woman’s mouth once again, but this time she didn’t
kiss her as long, but instead begun a hunger filled track down Diana’s neck.

Diana was unnerved by Xena’s seemingly no nonsense approach, she felt like
Xena looked at her as if she were food for her very consumation.

“ Xe...Xen....Pleasee...? Xena....Gods!!” Diana screamed as Xena locked her
teeth down on Diana’s tight nipple and begun sucking on the captured part of
the nipple.

“ Not another word Consort, I told you I planned to feed off of you, and I
meant it!” Xena reminded the now trembling and fiercely blushing young woman.

Diana was panting as Xena brought her juice to bare,and Diana nearly swooned
as Xena continued her focused objective. Xena literally sucked on Diana’s
breast until they were nearly dry, she then nipped and kissed her way down
Diana’s heated body and Diana tried to back away, but Xena held her firmly in
her grasp as she disappeared under the water and made her way to Diana’s

The Next thing Diana knew, she was pulled under the water and laid flat on her
back on the bottom of the bath, and Xena begun ravaging her flower. Diana
struggled to get loose to go back above the water but with Xena’s strong grip
and her active tongue and mouth on her peak, Diana realized she would not have
the strength.

Diana felt herself about to fall over the edge, and Xena felt it as well, and
she thrusted her tongue into Diana’s flower with force and vigor and connected
immediately to Diana’s core with her gifted tongue.

“ Gods Xena??!!!” Diana screamed with her mind, but then as her tongue felt
the quivering and impending release, she made her tongue slip inside of the
opening of the core and filled the inside.


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