By D.virtue

Diana screamed with her mind as her body stiffened and almost curled backwards
as her ecstasy claimed her without Xena’s okay. Xena didn’t say anything, she
just let her tongue suck the cream from the very inside of Diana’s core.
Diana’s whole body just focused on the intense ecstasy that seemed to be
coming from every part of her.

Diana didn’t know whether she felt euphoric, because of being under the water
and possibly drowning, or because of the intensity of the ecstasy. Xena
brought Diana to the surface of the water while she remained under the water
and continued to let her own ecstasy feed her appetite for Diana’s essences.

Diana’s back was almost completely curved backwards, as her body remained
stiffened and Xena continued to suck more and more of Diana’s ecstasy from her
very core.

Finally, after over three candlemarks with Diana in one continuous and
prolonged release, Xena finally released her from her ecstasy, and Diana
melted into the water, and slipped under it once again. This time completely

Xena popped up with Diana in her arms and looking at the limp body in her
arms, she smiled with satisfaction lighting her eyes, and then whispered into
the unconsious woman’s ear.

“ Food for my hunger, and desire, you are amazing’s
going to be fulfilling, as well as rewarding. “ Xena then leaned down and
took one of Diana’s nipples in her mouth and played with it in her mouth
while she carried the young woman to the edge of the bath.

Diana moaned in her state, and Xena smirked and decided, to have some fun with
the unconscious woman. Xena laid Diana on the edge and begun bathing herself
and between the time, she would leaned forward and play with some part of
Diana’s overstimulated body.

She did it so much that by the time she finished cleaning herself and Diana
up, she was once again impassioned. But she wanted Diana awake, so she carried
the woman to the bed and laid her down on it and went to the drawer and found
the elixer that would awaken Diana from her sleep.

Xena dropped a drop on Diana’s tongue and after a few minutes, Diana awoke,
completely dazed, and unable to focus, so she closed her sparkling Sapphire
eyes and laid just trying to listen.

“ I’m ready again Consort, and judging by the color of those eyes of yours, I
KNOW YOU ARE ALSO. So, I won’t keep you waiting. Xena then rolled overtop of
Diana and captured her lips, and mouth in a heated kiss. Diana moaned and
squirmed as she tried to wiggle out from under Xena.

But Xena was not allowing Diana to go anywhere, but instead she slipped her
hand down between their bodies and she entered Diana’s flower swiftly and
smoothly, and begun deep filling thrusts into her flower.

“ Xena pleaseee....Gods.....” Diana gasped as she soon followed Xena’s rhythm
and lead, and sliding her hand down between them she entered into Xena’s
jewel, and with the same zest and ardor, she met each of Xena’s thrust with
one’s of her own.

While the two of them were in there passion, Questra and Gabrielle were in the

“ Hmmm....sooo.....sweet.” Questra said as she thrusted into Gabrielle with
passionate intent, and Gabrielle meant each one with the counter force of her

Gabrielle soon released as Questra sucked and bit on her breast and nipples.
Questra let her buried fingers suck Gabrielle’s release, from her, and
Gabrielle screamed as a result and her body contracted stiffly as she felt as
though every wonderful sensation that there ever was, was being brought to
bare within her body.

Gabrielle had her fingers buried in the linen of the bed, as Questra continued
to absorb Gabrielle’s ecstasy. Questra felt Gabrielle’s heart starting to
strain, and so she released her from the ecstasy she was feeling, and
Gabrielle fell unconscious, and limply back to the bed as her breathing
returned in a gasp, and was labored from that point for a short time.

Questra sneered at the too soon ending of Gabrielle’s ecstasy, and so with
anger in her eyes laid back on the bed and just enjoyed that which she had
absorbed. Questra laid for a few minutes tasting that which was Gabrielle,
and with a smirk she rolled off of the bed and headed to Xena’s and Diana’s
chamber, with only her robe on.

Questra arrived at Xena’s chamber and hearing the passionate cries, coming
from Diana, Questra smirked again and entered into the chamber, and then went
to the bedchamber door and hearing the heavy breathing and moans and pleads,
also coming from Diana.

Questra entered into the room, to find Xena Thrusting unrestrained into Diana,
and both women completely oblivious to Questra’s entrance into the room.
Questra smile deviously, and then went and sat at the table and picking up
some fruit, she popped it into her mouth and chewed as she watched the two

Finally Xena begun a type of chat.

“ Yes, yes, yes,yes, YEs, YES, YES, YES! YES!!! YES!!!! NOW!!!!!”

Diana’s back ached off of the bed and her body stiffened as Xena thrusted with
abandonment into the vulnerable young woman. Diana’s ecstasy shook her frame
and Xena’s shook hers as her head whipped back and she shouted her ecstasy
that echoed throughout the Palace.


Xena held Diana in her ecstasy once again after she allowed her own to
subside. Questra watched as Diana’s body remained blushed, during the long
orgasm, and she licked her lips at the duration of the release.

Finally, Xena allowed the young woman once again to collaspe, and she
collasped over top of her and both women’s breathing was rapid and labored,
but after a few moments, Xena got her breathing under control and rolled off
of the unconscious woman once again.

“ Ahhhh.....what an incredible Consort.” Xena purred to herself as she
stretched her muscles while laying on the bed.

“ Your right she is.” Questra purred.

“ What are you doing in here?! Why aren’t you with your own Consort?!” Xena
hissed as she came off of the bed and stormed over to where Questra sat
licking her fingers.

“ My Consort doesn’t have the endurance that yours does, and that’s actually
why I’m here, is there anything that you or your Consort can do to change

“ Why?”

“ Because, although she last longer than an average person does, which is ok
for a taste, but I want more, and the young things heart doesn’t seem able to
handle such withdrawal. So I thought you could do something about that?”

“ Well I don’t know, I will have to think about it, but right now, we need to
think how we are going to begin the training again.”

Questra stood up and casually strolled over to where Diana laid unconscious on
the bed, she looked back at Xena and Xena raised a brow at her and then said,
in a warning tone.

“ She’s mine, and you know how possessive I can be, so don’t even think about

“ I know, just looking at the incredible body she has. Look at those nipples,
are they as good as they look?”

“ Better.” Xena smirked pridefully.

“ I’m sure.”

“ So how is your Consort, outside of the duration problem?”

“ She’s a wonderful lay, I think she’s been taught very well, and with more
teaching I think she will get even better.”

“ Well I can tell you one thing, to take care of that duration problem, make
her ask for permission before she releases.”

“ And if she does it anyway?”

“ Punish her. “ Xena said simply. “ That way, the more she practices on it,
the better control she will acheive, and therefore when you deny her release,
she will be able to maintain , and then her release will last longer.”

“ Okay, I need to get back and wake her, otherwise she might end up dreaming,
and no telling what that dream will tell her, well actually, I can tell what
she’s dreaming, but I have to be there to wake her just in case, it’s a
prophetic type dream.”

“ I agree. And next time....Knock.” Xena said as she pointed to the door.

Questra grinned and then looking back at Diana one last time, she stoodup and
walked over to the door where she opened it and said, “ If you ever need some
help.” She then walked out the door and returned to her chambers.

Meanwhile the Xena and Questra who were trapped were observing everything,
When the imposter Xena first took Diana, Xena was stunned and overwhelmed by
the intense sensation she felt shoot through her just as Diana and her
counterpart Orgasm, so much so that she fell back onto the sofa chair that the
shadow figure had placed there. Questra was also shocked and overwhelmed by
the sensation she felt from her counterpart and she too, collasped onto the
other sofa chair.

“ Why?!” Xena growled at the shadowed figure as she caught her breath.

“ Because, there has to be a reward for my servants. I couldn’t do anything
about the connection you and your otherselves have, but at least you can and
will experience every orgasm they have with your mates. But that’s the up side
of things, I can assure you both, you will be emotional wrecks by the time all
is said and done.”

Xena was now sitting up on the edge of her chair looking with deadly vengence
in her eyes at the two imposters. Questra had crossed one of her long legs
over her other leg and was resting her elbow on it as she leaned forward in
her sit as well and cutting her eyes to the shadow figure and then back to the
images in front of them. It was now morning and the imposter’s were starting
their day.

Xena woke up early as she usually did, but now she had a focused look. She
looked down at the sleeping woman and at first she was cordial in how she
tried to get her to get up.

“ Wakeup Consort.”

“ Mmmm....Xenaaaa....I’m not ready to get up.” Diana groaned as she rolled
over onto her stomach and continued to sleep.

Xena’s lip twitched, and then she pulled the covers off of Diana, and gave her
an order.

“ Get up now!”

Diana rolled over onto her back and sat up.

“ Xena, I’m just a little tired, and I think you know the reason why? So the
least you could do is allow me to rest, for a while longer, especially
considering you practically dehydrated me in one night? So if you don’t mind,
I’m going to lay back down for a little while, and then when I get up, I will
do whatever you want me to do, ok? Fine.” Diana said somewhat irritated at
being ordered awake.

Diana reached down and pulled the covers back up over her and laid back down
and rolled over onto her belly once again. Both Xena’s looked at the young
woman in amazement, one with concern, and the other with disbelief.

Then the trapped Xena and Questra saw a wick smirk come to the other Xena’s

“ Fine, you just laid there Consort, pretend as though I haven’t said
anything, ok?”

“ Hm.” Diana groaned as she hugged her pillow, and snuggled into it.

After a few minutes Xena came and stood over Diana, just looking down at the
sleeping woman, and then....


Diana screamed as she flew out of the bed.

“ WHY’D YOU DO THAT XENA??!!!” Diana screamed as she shivered from the icy
cold water that was poured over her nude, previously warm body.”

Xena gazed at Diana, and then she said in a satisfied tone of voice.

“ Good. Your up.”

Diana’s mouth dropped open as she glared at the woman.

“ Hold your tongue kitten, please, just hold your tongue.” The trapped Xena

“ You think she will?” Questra asked.

Xena looked at her, and then looked back at the images and answered.

“ No.”

As soon as Xena had said it, Diana found her voice.

“ I can not believe you would throw icy water on me, while I’m in bed!” Diana

“ Oh, I’m sorry, your right, I should not have done that to you while you were
in the bed.” Xena said with a believable tone.

Diana looked at her for a few more moments and then relazed and said, “ Ok, I
forgive you, just don’t do that again.” Diana then turned and went and got a
towel out of the bath chamber, and when she came back through the door of the
bath chamber, drying herself off as she spoke to Xena, while she covered her
face to dry it.

Just as she lowered the towel she was once again splashed with a container of
icy water.

“ By The Gods!!!” Diana screamed as the cold water chilled her body once
again. Xena then stormed over to her and grabbing her by her hair she pulled
her to her.

“ When I tell you to do something little girl, that is exactly what I expect
for you to do. I will not ask twice! Do I make myself clear?!!”

“ Yes! Now let go of my hair!” Diana shouted as she tried to jerk her hair
from Xena’s grasp, not realizing Xena had rage racing through her.

Xena gripped Diana’s hair harder as she jerked her to make her be still.

“ OWW!!! Your hurting my head Xena.”

“ I’m going to hurt more than that, if you don’t do what your told.”

“ Fine, fine, just let go.”

“ Who do you think your talking to little girl?”

“ I’m sorry, please let go? Please?” Diana asked more humbly, as it felt as
though her scalp was about to be ripped from her skull.

“ That’s better.” Xena then let go of Diana’s hair and gave her another order.

“ Get dressed.”

Diana looked at Xena for a few moments and then lowering her eyes, she turned
and went and did as she was told. As Diana dressed she pouted.

“ Are you pouting?” Xena asked irritated.

Diana looked at her and then started to turn and step around Xena.


Diana went flying to the ground. She raised up off of the floor and holding
the side of her face with one hand as she held herself balanced on the other
elbow. She Looked up at Xena through her now messed up hair, Xena saw the
questioning look.

“ Don’t let me see you...POUTING, again.”

Diana had tears in her eyes as she locked her jaws to keep from agitating the
already upset woman any further.

“ Get up!” Xena ordered and Diana slowly got to her feet and Xena raised a
brow at her. “ Let’s go.”

“ Where?” Diana asked.

Xena looked back at her and pinched her lips at her, then her mouth slowly
opened as her teeth started to show.

“ Ok, ok, I’m sorry, I just wanted to know where we were going, but fine, I
guess I’ll see when we get there.” Diana said quickly as she noticed the anger
coming into Xena’s eyes.

Diana moved to go to the door, but Xena stood where she was just glaring at
her. Diana stepped back and lowering her eyes, she glanced up nervously at
times, as she waited for Xena to move.

“ Listen Consort, I told you when you first came here, nothing stops or goes
without my say so, especially you, I control everything that deals with you,
so when I say let’s go, I don’t espect to have you question anything I say,
you are to just do it! Clear?”

“ Yes.” Diana said softly.

Xena then turned and headed out of the chamber, Diana fell into step with her
after a moment, and they went to the training chamber.

“ Why did she have to strike her?” Questra asked as she saw Xena was seetheing
at what she was seeing.

“ Because, she’s willful. Yes, my dear Xena does not like willfulness at all,
and she will not tolerate it.”

“ But she wasn’t being willful when she struck her.”

“ No, just weak looking.”

“ There’s nothing weak about Diana.” Xena hissed.

“ Your right, but that pouting thing she does, it may be adorable to you and
others, but not to my Xena, my Xena sees it as a weakness, and will not allow
it. Watch, and enjoy.” The shadow cooed as he settled back in his chair and
continued to watch the entertainment.

“ Goodmorrning Lord Xena, Diana, I hope you both slept well?”

“ Fine. Diana go over there and get one of those vases and put it on that
short pillar.”

Diana looked where Xena gestured towards and went to go and do as Xena had
told her to. Xena then turned her attention to Questra.

“ So, how are things going with Gabrielle?”

“ Fine, right now she’s not having any prophetic looking dreams, their more of
just happiness and joy type nonsense, but I know it’s important to let her
have those, that way it keeps her optimistic, long enough for us to get what
we want from them.”

“ Good, well, it’s going to be a long day for Diana, I see that already.”

“ Why do you say that?”

“ She’s willful and stubborn.”

“ Oh, I see, well....if anyone can break her of that, then it’ll be you Lord

“ You know it. Well time to start her training. Oh Questra, make sure when you
want to speak to me about our plans from now on, you use your mind.”

“ Alright.”

“ Oh, and one more thing Questra, you have to get Gabrielle to believe that
all of this is for the greater good.”

“ That was the plan.”

“ Good. Gotta get over there.”

“ Fine, I think we’ll stay for a while, and watch.”

“ Hm.” Xena acknowledged and then turned and walked over to where Diana stood
restlessly waiting.

“ Ok Diana, this is what your going to do, I want you to break the vase
without using your hands.”

Diana looked at Xena with a knitted brow, and when Xena raised a brow at her
indicating for her to do it, Diana inhaled slightly and did a round house
kick, and shattered the vase with her foot. She then stood up straight and put
her hands on her hips pleased with herself.

Xena cut her eyes to the shattered vase, and then back to Diana and with
displeasure written all over her face she said slowly and with emphasis.

“ ...with...your.....FOOT, I....would!”

“ Well you said don’t use my hands, you never said not to use my feet.” Diana
said with a hint of sarcasm in her tone.

Xena heard it, and raised a brow, but didn’t say anything about it except to

“ One.”

Diana knitted her brow at the one word,but then let it go when Xena ordered
her to go and get another vase.

“ This time, use your mind to break the vase.”

“ Excuse me? I can’t do that.” Diana said without even trying.

Xena grabbbed Diana by her cheeks and pulled her to her with her one hand.

“ Do it!” Was all Xena hissed as she pushed Diana back to the pillar.

“ Fine.” Diana said as she started to pout, but seeing Xena’s eyes narrow at
the same time Diana was about to slide into her pouting, she decided not to
allow herself to pout, so she took a deep breath and glancing over at Xena,
she quickly lowered her eyes and raised them when they were in the direction
of the vase.

Diana took a deep breath and then she closed her eyes and reopened them and
begun to try to break the vase. All of the watchers watched Diana make faces
as she tried to break the vase.

“ Focus.”

“ I am.”

“ Be quiet and focus! Break the vase Consort.” Xena taunted.

“ I’m trying.”


Diana went to the floor once again, Xena pulled her back up to her feet and
stood her back in front of the pillar and vase. Gabrielle came to her feet and
started to go over where the two were. But Questra caught her arm and pulled
her back.

“ Sit down Gabrielle, she has to learn how to do what she’s told.” Questra
stated matter-of-factly.

“ Xena’s not giving her a chance, she’s trying to do what Xena is asking her,
but this is new for her.” Gabrielle stated with tears in her eyes.

“ Gabrielle it is their business, and if you interfere, then you’ll feel
Xena’s wrath, just as Diana would feel my wrath if she interfered with me and
you. Now SIT!”

Gabrielle looked at Questra and then eased back down on the bench, and looked
back over at Xena and Diana.

“ Now stop talking and FOCUS.” Xena hissed.

Diana had tears in her eyes, but she turned to do as she was told to do , with
Xena using only her expressive eyes. Diana jerked her gaze away from Xena’s as
she returned her eyes to the vase on the table, once again she inhaled,
somewhat shakily this time, but then she let it out slowly and shaking her
hands at her side as if to shake all anxienty from her, as well as

Diana once again looked at the vase and tried to break it.

“ Focus!”

Diana would blinked almost everytime Xena said that.

“ Focus!”

Diana’s breathing started to increase, at Xena’s constant demanding.

“ Stop trying to break it with YOUR will, it’s not going to happen for you,
just focus!”

“ I’m trying!” Diana shot back at the same time cutting her eyes to Xena and
then quickly returning them back to the vase, hoping Xena wouldn’t strike her

Xena glared at her for a moment, but when Diana returned her attention back to
the vase, she let it go and just said, “ Two.”

“ Stop aspirating!”

“ What else is there?!” Diana said with frustration in her voice.

Both Xena’s answered it.

“ Just BE!”

What does that mean?!!” Diana finally shouted back at Xena, out of

Xena cocked her head at Diana’s outburst, and Diana wrapped her arms around
herself as she lowered her eyes, and shifted from one foot to the other as the
concern etched across her forehead at what Xena’s reaction was going to be.

“ Three.” Xena said and then walked up and stepped behind her.

Xena placed her hands on Diana’s shoulders, and felt the tension in it, she
leaned in to whisper into Diana’s ear as she massaged the knots out of
Diana’s shoulders.

“ Consort, your trying to break the vase with your will, and despite how
strong a will you have, it is not the same as my will, and therefore you will
not be able to break it.”

“ Can you break it Xena?”

“ Yes.” She said and then focused only a second on the vase before it broke.

Diana jumped as did Gabrielle.

“ did you do that Xena?” Diana asked stunned.

“ With My Will.” Xena stated.

“ Then how come I can’t do it with my will?”

“ I told you, your will is strong, but it’s no where near my own, therefore
you have to”

Diana dropped her head in frustration once again, and Xena saw that Diana was
to distracted by frustration, therefore she would not be able to clear her
mind enough to just do it.

“ Ok.” Xena said as she lowered her hands from Diana’s shoulders and wrapped
them around her waist, and then she said, “ Alright Consort, I want you to
feel through me, as I break the vase by just...Being. Can you do that?”

“ Yes.”

“ Alright, Can you feel me right now?”

“ yes.”

“ Good, now focus on the vase, but feel through me.”

“ Okay.”

Diana then closed her eyes for a moment and she felt Xena on her neck kissing
her, and so she opened her eyes to look at her, but Xena scolded her for it.

“ Focus on the vase and feel through me!”

“ Sorry.” Diana said as she did what she was told to do.

She focused on the vase, but let her body feel through Xena. Diana felt a calm
quietness, a stillness within Xena that caused her to moan. Xena smirked and
then she whispered to Diana between kisses to her neck.

“ Focus.”

Diana let the stillness cover her and then.....suddenly the vase broke, as
Diana felt a surge of energy from Xena just before. Diana startled, and then
she said in excitement.

“ I did it!”

“ No, I did it, you only felt how I did it. Now I want you to do it.”

“ Ok.” Diana said more relaxed after feeling the stillness in Xena for the
brief moment.

Diana inhaled slowly, and closed her eyes, after a few moments of clearing her
mind, and forgetting about everything around her, except for the vase, she
opened them.

“ You can do it Diana.” Gabrielle whispered to herself.

“ You can do it kitten.” the trapped Xena and Questra said in support.

“ Do it.” Xena demanded.

Diana’s eyes opened and they came to lock on the vase, and after a moment more
the vase.....shattered!

“ I did it?!” Diana exclaimed as she looked at Xena for confirmation that it
was actually her who did it and not her.

Xena smirked and stepped up to Diana once again and this time she lifted her
chin and leaned forward and with passion in her vioce she whispered.

“ Yes.” Then she claimed Diana’s lips in a passionate kiss.

Diana moaned but melted into the tenderness and passion. Xena kissed her for a
long period of time and then she abruptly stopped and told Diana to get
another vase.

Diana staggered over and picked up another vase and set it on the pillar.

“ Do it again.” Xena ordered.

Diana repeated her previous steps and once again she opened her eyes and again
after a few moments, the vase broke again, and again Diana’s excitement
showed, and again Xena claimed her lips. Diana was told to break vase after
vase for the rest of the evening, so that she could break the vase without a
second thought.

After Diana had finished, she and Xena went to meet up with Gabrielle and
Questra in the royal dining hall.

“ Hi Gabrielle, how are you doing?”

“ I’m fine, how are you?”

“ Better than this morning, Diana that was so hard to watch, and Questra
wouldn’t let me help you.” Gabrielle whispered to Diana.

“ I know, I’m sorry you had to see that, but I’m glad Questra kept you from
getting involved, Xena probably would have gotten angry with you. Don’t worry
about me, I can handle things with Xena. Anyway, where did you and Questra

“ To see the priestess, they have me meditating and Questra sat there the
whole time just watching me. I don’t understand what I’m suppose to be doing,
but whatever it is, it must be important, to have Questra tell me that my pure
heart is going to make as much difference as your gifts.”

“ Hmm...well I know before they left to go to that province, Xena said it was
important for me to know as much about myself as possible, and that she was
serious about my training, so....I guess that’s why she’s being as hard on me
as she is. By the way, where are they, Xena had come in with me, but I didn’t
see Questra here with you?”

“ Oh, Questra said she needed to talk to Xena about something alone, but they
would be right back.”

“ Oh, ok, well let’s get something to drink. And we can go ahead and get our
food, and theirs.”

Meanwhile, back with the trapped Xena and Questra, the shadow was talking to
the two women.

“ So, did you enjoy that?”

“ Neither woman said anything, Xena just sat back in the chair and scowled at
the imager, as she thought about how to get back to help Diana and Gabrielle
and destroy their replacements.

“ Hmm...well Ladies, you don’t have to speak, I can FEEL your rage, and it’s a
wonderful feeling, it’s like a comfortable pillow for me, well, I guess your
really going to enjoy tomorrow.”

After about half a candlemark, Xena and Questra walked into the dining hall
and took their seats.

“ Come and sit here Consort.”

Diana got up out of the chair she was sitting in and went and sat with Xena in
her throne like chair. Xena begun caressing Diana’s hair and then she pulled
it slightly to pull Diana back against her.

Xena begun kissing Diana’s neck and started to knead Diana’s breast over her
clothing. Questra had moved Gabrielle over to sit with her in her chair as
well and was already journeying down to her Blossom.

“ Um....Xena do you mind if I ask a favor?”

“ What?” Xena asked as she turned Diana’s head towards her and planted heated
short kisses to her lips.

“ Mmm.... do you think we can go to the lake tomorrow and just enjoy the day?”

“ The whole day?” Xena asked with surprise in her tone.

“ Well....”

“ No.” Xena answered flatly.

“ Ok, well, if not the whole day, how about part, the morning part?”

Xena stopped her fondling of Diana’s breast, and looking agitatedly over at
Questra, and then back at Diana.

“ I think you should consider it Xena, that way the little brats don’t get
suspicious.”Questra said with her mind.

“ hmmm.” Xena said with her own.

“ Alright, half the day.” Xena answered.

“ Great! Thank you love, you won’t regret it.” Diana said as she turned so
that her long legs were over the side of the chair and Xena was now feasting
on her mouth, as her hands were now working their way under her blouse.

The next morning came quickly, Diana had gotten out of the bed and was
finishing cleaning up, excited about spending the morning just relaxing.

“ What are you doing out of that bed kitten?” The trapped Xena asked of the
image of Diana, knowing exactly where that was going to lead.

The other Xena rolled over and felt for Diana to pull her over to her, but
when she didn’t feel a body, her eyes opened and then narrowed.

“ CONSORT!”She shouted.

Diana came out of the bathchamber with a robe on when she heard Xena’s angry

“ Xena?”

“ What in Tartarus are you doing out of this bed?!!”

“ Oh, I was just excited about this morning, I didn’t even think......”

“ Get over here.” Xena commanded, cutting Diana off from any further

Diana walked rapidly over to the bed and came to stand at the side of it on
Xena’s side.

“ Take off the robe.”

Diana swallowed with some difficulty as she slowly removed the robe, while
watching Xena, who was now sitting up with the pillows positioned behind her.
Diana let the robe slide off of her, and onto the floor.

Xena sat just looking at her with annoyance in her eyes.

“ Well?” Xena said simply.

“ What?” Diana asked with her brows knitted, and concern crossing her
beautiful face.

Xena raised her brow at Diana, and then without moving her head she looked
down at her lap.

“ Xena Please, I just got excited, I didn’t mean to disobey you.”

Xena didn’t say anything, she just continued to look at Diana, and waited.
Diana after a moment of Xena’s piercing gaze, moved onto the bed, and with one
last pleading gaze at Xena, Diana positioned herself across Xena’s lap, and
without any further delay, Xena laid forty painful whacks to Diana’s behind.
Diana screamed from each one, especially considering her behind felt as though
it was being burned off.

The trapped Xena and Questra both sat shaking their heads, but Xena had
vengenace eating away at her, as she watched her Diana being whipped by a

When Xena had finished punishing Diana, she told her to go ahead and finish
dressing. Diana turned and moved slowly away from the bed back to the
otherside of the room to get her clothes, the excitement of the day now gone,
all she wanted to do was just cry, but she just let her tears roll as she
dressed. Xena smirked to herself, and then she jumped out of the bed and went
into the bathchamber to wash herself up.

Diana leaned on a chair as she let her head drop and let the tears rain down
for as long as she dared. She then tried to dry her eyes, but she was in so
much pain, she didn’t feel like going to the lake anymore, but she did not
want to leave Gabrielle alone with the two women, with how impatient they have
been lately.

Diana finally finished dressing, and Xena came to stand in front of her and
wrapping her arms around Diana, and hold her by her painful behind, Xena
looked down into Diana’s pained eyes, and said in a warning voice.

“ When I say it’s time to go from the lake Consort, I don’t want to hear one
word of disagreement from you, otherwise, I will pull you over my knee right
there, clear?”

“ Yes.” Diana gasped out quickly hoping Xena would let go.

Xena knew what Diana was hoping, but instead of letting go just then, she
leaned down and laying a kiss on Diana, despite the gasping, Diana was doing,
Xena gripped the redden globes, causing Diana to grip at Xena’s leather top.

Xena finally broke their kiss and at the same time she let go of Diana’s
behind. Diana stepped back as a result of the abruptness, and Xena just looked
at her with her head slightly cocked and said with a casual smile.

“ Let’s go.”

The two women left the chamber and went and met with Gabrielle and Questra,
who were engaged in things as they arrived.

“ Well, it looks as though they’re a little busy.” Xena said with a smirk as
she watched Questra take Gabrielle with ravaging passion.

Gabrielle’s breathing was labored as Questra kept telling her to not release,
otherwise she would be very disappointed. Diana turned to look away and Xena
saw her and watched her as she went to stand on the otherside of a tree, as
Questra and Gabrielle continued their intimate behavior.

Xena stepped around the tree to look at Diana, and then she asked in a curious

“ Does it bother you to see how passionate Gabrielle and Lord Questra are with
each other?”

“ No, why would you think that?”

“ Just the fact that you couldn’t stand there and watch them.”

“ Why would I want to watch them, I mean, I wouldn’t want them watching us?”

“ So if you knew they were around, you would tried to stop me from having

“ No, it’s just that I prefer for us to do things in private, but you know
that if we got into something with others around, I wouldn’t necessarily try
to stop it, but I would probably suggest we leave.”

“ Why?”

“ Just because I know what our passion could lead to, and I wouldn’t want to
be interrupted, at an inopportune moment....if you know what I mean?” Diana
asked as she gave a small smile at Xena.

Xena cocked her head at the gesture, and then putting one of her hands on the
tree next to Diana’s head, she stepped up close to Diana, and with a seductive
voice, that sent shivers down Diana’s back, she whispered.

“ I want you.” Xena then leaned forward to claim Diana’s lips, but Diana had
other ideas.

Just as Xena would have claimed Diana’s lips, Diana moved, and when Xena
looked at her with her eyes starting to flash, Diana slowly lowered herself
down to her knees, while all the time keeping her eyes focused on Xena’s now
raised brow.

Diana slipped her hands underneath Xena’s leather skirt, and not feeling any
underpants, she smiled slightly, and then she slowly raised the skirt with one
hand and leaning in she fliched her tongue over the exposed button, that her
other hand had exposed.

Xena kept her eyes on the young woman between her thighs, and placing one of
her legs over Diana’s shoulder, Xena let the feel of Diana’s mouth and tongue
please her. Meanwhile, Questra and Gabrielle were now in opposite positions,
with each buried between the others thigh.

Gabrielle’s body begun trembling, and Questra knew she was ready once again.
Questra lifted her head slightly and spoke only one word.

“ No.”

Gabrielle’s breath caught as she tried to focus on Questra’s statement, and
when Questra went back to what she was doing, Gabrielle tried to refocus on
bringing Questra to ecstasy, but Gabrielle did not have the disciple to
control her body just yet, and with fear intermingling with the moments of
bliss, Gabrielle’s body betrayed her and her body stiffened.

Questra felt the hot cream on her tongue and despite her anger, she absorbed
it, and then after Gabrielle’s ecstasy ended, she went limp on the ground just
breathing hard, and trying to catch her breath.

Both Questra’s watched her calm her breathing but it was the trapped Questra
who was leaning forward in her chair as she spoke to the image of Gabrielle.

“ Move Gabrielle, get up and move away. Please move.”

Xena watched her friends torture and felt for her as she looked back at the
image and saw the rage in the Questra’s eyes as she looked down at the young

Finally when Gabrielle’s breathing had returned to somewhat of a normal
pattern, Questra’s voice cut through like a knife to Gabrielle’s mind.

“” Questra growled.

Gabrielle’s eyes flew open and she immediately sat up.

“ Questra?”

Questra grabbed Gabrielle’s hair and pulled her to her knees.

“ I told you no.”

“ I couldn’t help it, I’m sor.....”


Gabrielle screamed and Diana who was involved with Xena, heard Gabrielle’s
scream and then the pleading, and she jumped up off of Xena, and tho nude she
ran around the tree to find Questra holding Gabrielle up off of the ground by
her chin, and she saw, Questra about to strike Gabrielle again, and Diana
screamed at Questra. And despite Xena shouting for Diana to come back, Diana
stormed over to where Questra and Gabrielle were.

“ What are you doing?!!”

Questra turned slowly to look back at the approaching younger woman and
putting Gabrielle down she told her to go and sit by the tree. Gabrielle tried
to talk Questra down, but she just looked at her and said in a voice that
brought no further arguement from Gabrielle.

“ Sit your ass down.”

Gabrielle moved over to the tree and she called to Diana.

“ Diana please, I’m alright, please?”

Just as Diana was nearing Questra, her own eyes now flaming, she suddenly
heard Xena growling behind her. Diana whirled around to see Xena storming
towards her, and despite the anger she had at Questra, it was soon replaced
with fear by Xena’s storming eyes.

“ I’d say you have your own problem to deal with little girl, lucky for you.”
Questra stated as she went and sat down by Gabrielle and leaned back against
the tree to watch what she new was about to happen.

Diana swallowed hard at the truth of Questra’s statement.

“ four, that’s it! Your behind is mine Consort.” Xena growled. “ Come here
Consort.” Xena hissed as she now stood where she was.

Diana looked back at Gabrielle to make sure she was okay, and then she turned
back to Xena and started to walk back to her. Diana’s heart was beating out of
her chest with every step.

“ Xena..” Diana tried to say something, but her throat constricted from her

The moment Diana was within reach, Xena grabbed her by her neck and lifted her
up off of the ground. Diana gasped at the tightness around her throat and the
fear surged through her at the thought that Xena was this pissed with her.

“ Xe...Xe...Plea.......” Was all Diana could manage.

Xena brought the struggling woman close to her without letting go of her neck,
or loosening her grasp.

“ What in Tartarus did you think you were doing?!! You NEVER leave from me no
matter WHAT is going on, unless I say it’s okay.” Xena growled as she gripped
Diana’s neck tighter.

“ Xena your hurting her !!” Gabrielle cried out as she was about to come to
her feet.

Questra of course caught her and sat her hard back on the grass covered

“ Don’t move again.” She warned.

“ But she’s hurting her?”

“ Not much, besides it’s none of our business, that is between the two of
them, just like what was happening between us. Gabrielle I’ll tell you now, if
you interfere with Xena, she will hurt you, so I suggest you just sit here.
I’ll tell you this also, I would have hurt Diana had Xena not got to her
first, I’ve told her once before not to interfere with you and me.”

“ She’s my sister, she was just trying to protect me.” Gabrielle stated
defending Diana’s actions.

“ Protecting you?! From who? Me?! I am your LORD Gabrielle, and I will
disciple you how I see fit and I will not tolerate ANYONE getting in the way I
deal with you, and that Includes Xena and especially Diana!!”

“ She’s my sister!”

“ I know who she is, and I’m getting sick and tired of hearing it! I know who
she is to you and if you say it one more time little girl then I will pick up
where I left off with you. Do I make myself perfectly clear?”

“ Yes.” Gabrielle said as tears rolled down her face as she looked back over
to where Xena now had let Diana’s feet touch the ground, and loosen her grip
on her neck.

Diana’s hands were on Xena’s arm holding on, as her eyes were wide with fear.

“ I’m sorry Xena!”

Xena pushed Diana back a bit with the hand she had around Diana’s neck and
then as Diana staggered to steady herself, she rubbed her neck and stood up
straight as she stood before Xena.

“ You will be.”

“ Xena, please? I’m so sorry, it won’t ever happen again.”

“ Do you remember what I told you I would do to you?”

“ Yes.” Diana said with some relief in her voice. “ Fine Xena, I’ll take the

“ Whipping? Oh no Consort, not whipping. You deserve to be whipped for getting
out of the bed, you deserve to be whipped for releasing without my say so, you
certainly deserve to be whipped for disobeying me, BUT when you purposely
ignore what I say, and DARE to leave from me before I say it’s okay, deserve no less...than to be beaten.” Xena sneered as she looked
at Diana to see what her reaction would be.

“ Beaten?!” The trapped Xena shouted as she came to her feet and stormed over
to the shadow figure.

“ Oh yes, I forgot to tell you two, those two have a temper. But don’t worry,
I think your little Consort has a fire to herself as well, but she’s going to
do something that will almost cause her will to break...anyway, I won’t tell
you anymore, I think your going to want to see it.” The shadow said as he
laughed and it echoed throughout the place.

“ Beat me?” Diana asked as she crossed her arms over her chest to hold herself

“ YES! “ Xena said suddenly swinging out and landing a solid backhand to
Diana’s cheeks and Diana went flying backwards.

Diana landed with a soft thud to the grass covered ground, but her head was
swimming, when she tried to get up, Xena lifted her up by her hair and landed
a smashing blow to her belly and Diana went to her knees dry heaving, and
trying to catch her breath.

Xena’s adrenalin was now racing for another reason outside of the energy she
had pent up inside, from the abrupt halting of their encounter. Xena went to
bend down to pick Diana up again, but Diana moved away just as Xena would have
caught her hair again.

Diana struggled to her feet, as Xena stalked towards her. Finally making it to
her feet with her head ringing and her belly feeling as though her insides had
been smashed, she steadied herself and stood up straight as Xena approached.

Xena slowed her pace to Diana, as her warrior’s senses begun to warn her.

“ So, Consort, you would try to stand up to me?”

“ It’s not about standing up to you, I told you I was sorry, and that it
wouldn’t happen again, I was even willing to be whipped, I know I was wrong,
but you know why I did it, I couldn’t help it.”

“ Not get enough. So now what Consort?”

“ Are you going to still beat me?”

“ Yes.” Xena stated as if there were never a doubt about it.

Xena took a step closer to Diana, and suddenly Diana’s nails came out. Diana
had no intentions of using them on Xena, she just wanted to scare her with

Xena stopped in midstep, and slowly lowered her foot, and with a mocking look
she spoke again.

“ You would use those on me, your mate?”

“ Xena I just don’t think I deserve to be beaten.”

“ Really?”

“ Xena it’s not like I betrayed you to an enemy or something, I will do
anything to make this up to you, but please.....please understand?” Diana
asked as tears formed in her eyes.

“ Are you about to cry again baby?” Xena taunted.

Diana didn’t say anything, for some reason she knew Xena was bating her, and
she didn’t want this to go any further than it already had.

“ Do you think I’m scared of those, or you for that fact?”

“ I just want you to understand Xena, and accept that I won’t do it again.”

“ Well....I don’t understand, and I don’t accept that it won’t happen again,
because I know it won’t, and as far as those are concerned....” Xena then let
her own razored nails extend out, and she saw Diana jump as a result of the
surprise. “ I have some too, and you know what else Consort, My nails are more
deadly. While it’s true that your nails can maim, my nails can maim, or kill
you, you see....” Xena said as she stepped closer to Diana, who instinctly
stepped back, as Xena continued. “ The covering on my nails are the same as
that of....well you know what. So, do you really want us lovers to maim and
KILL each other?”

Diana saw the serious intent in Xena’s eyes, and she asked her.

“ You want to kill me Xena?”

“ No, I just want to beat you, and then forget about this ever happening, this
is all up to you, your the one who brought it to this, I’m just showing you
the error in your thinking. So....what will it be, will I lose my Consort, or
will you retract those?”

Diana looked at her hands and then at Xena’s, and with sorrow in her voice,
she decided.

“ I would never use these on you, I would rather die, I just didn’t want you
to beat me.” Diana ‘s nails then retracted and she went to her knees in front
of Xena.

Xena stepped up to Diana, and going down to one knee, she raised Diana’s chin
with one of her bladed nails, and leaning in she whispered a warning to Diana.

“ I should mark you, just to teach you a lesson, but I do love this position
of yours, so......I won’t.” Xena’s nails then retracted and now her finger
held Diana’s head up to look into her eyes.

“ Alright Consort, I am going to forgo the beating, BUT!” Xena hissed as she
now caught Diana’s chin in her fingers and pulled her towards her. “ If you
get out of line once more, I will have no mercy on you, I will beat you, and
if you try to stand up to me, then I will beat you like I would one of those
soldiers out on the walls, if they tried to stand against me. Clear?”

“ Yes My Lord.” Diana said quickly.

Xena’s eyes narrowed at first by the remarks, but then she realized Diana was
sincere in her address.

“ Very well, I want you to get up, and go over and apologize to Lord Questra,
and whatever it takes, to make it up to her for your interfence in her’s and
Gabrielle’s business, then I expect for you to accept it. “

Diana looked at Xena with questioning eyes, and to Diana’s surprise Xena knew
exactly what she was asking.

“ NO, I will not allow her to beat you, or bed you, you belong to me, and only
I will punish you, or take my pleasure of you. Besides, I don’t think you
would allow her to beat you, I think you would make this same mistake and
endup hurt or worst. Now go.”

Xena lifted Diana up off of the ground still holding her chin, and Diana came
up slowly due to the pain in her belly, and that to her previously punished
behind. Xena then let go of Diana’s chin and gestured for her to go. Diana
chewed her lips and then lowered her eyes, and went to apologize.

Questra saw Diana approaching her and Gabrielle, as she caressed along
Gabrielle’s breast with her hands. Diana came to stop in front of Questra, and
with a glance at Gabrielle, she then focused on Questra. Diana figured she
would be brief and get straight to the point.

“ Lord Questra, I’m sorry.”

“ For what?” Questra asked not letting Diana off so easy.

Diana licked her lips, and then answered.

“ For overstepping my place.”

“ And?”

Diana swallowed hard as she realized what Questra was doing.

“ And for interfering with you and Gabrielle’s affairs.”

Questra came to her feet at those words and caught Diana by her long ebony

“ I think we’ve been here before little girl, and I know I told you that if
you ever interfered again, then I would teach you a lesson that you wouldn’t
soon forget. But, seeing how your own Lord has dealt with you, then I will not ,
except to say this. Do it again, and suffer my Wrath.” Questra then let go
of Diana and went back to where she had been reclining, and Diana stood where
she was until Questra gestured with her hands dismissing her from her presence.


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