By D.virtue

Diana glanced at Gabrielle once again and gave a small smile, and Gabrielle
returned it and Diana turned and walked back over to where Xena stood.

“ Good, now it’s time to get back to work, let’s go.”

Diana didn’t say anything, she just followed Xena, back to the Palace and into
the practice chamber once again. Xena placed a vase on a table and then turned
to Diana.

“ Move it.”

“ You mean break it right?” Diana asked clarifying Xena’s instructions.

“ Did I say break it?” Xena replied sarcastically.

Diana took in a slow calming breath, and turned her attention to the vase, she
couldn’t understand why Xena was being this demanding, and so short with her.
Diana tried to move the vase, but with every attempt it only broke, never
moving from it’s original place except to break.

Xena sucked her teeth each time, and once again she was demanding Diana to
focus. Diana took Xena’s demanding, and she tried to do what she told her to
do, but Diana’s mind was filled with a lot of other things, and she couldn’t
focus on the vase the way Xena wanted her to do, and it just irritated Xena
more and more.

“ I’m trying Xena.” Diana said, feeling like Xena was thinking she wasn’t

Finally after 6 candlemarks, Xena finally stopped pacing and went over to
Diana once again.

“ You will stay here until you move that vase, I’ll send your evening meal in,
but you are not to leave this chamber until you have moved that vase, I’ll see
you later....Consort.” Xena said as she turned and strided out of the chamber.

Diana stood for a moment and then she looked at the vase and sat down on the
floor,and buried her head in her hands and cried from the frustrations of the
day. Meanwhile, the trapped Xena was pacing and cursing at the images of
herself and Questra, swearing to take her own wrath out on them.

Questra in the meantime watched and then she stood up and walked over to Xena
and trying what her counterpart was capable of doing, she spoke to Xena with
her mind.

“ Xena can you hear me?”

Xena slowed her pacing and glanced over at Questra and then responded in the
same fashion.

“ Yes.”

“ I think we should talk to this shadow and see what information we can get
from him, maybe he might slip up and tell us how to escape from here?”

“ I think if he knew that, he would have been out of here a long time ago, and
we wouldn’t be here now?”

“ Yes, well, we can’t just sit here and do nothing.”

“ I don’t see anything else we can do at the moment.” Xena said realistically.

The two women looked at each other and then back at the imager. Gabrielle and
Questra and Xena all met to have evening meal, while Diana’s was sent to her
in the practice chamber.

“ So Gabrielle, Questra tells me you’ve been making some good progress with
your training?”

“ I guess so, but I don’t understand it really, I mean I’ve just been doing a
lot of meditating.”

“ Have you seen anything doing your meditation?”

“ Hmmm....not really, I mean sometimes, I will get a flash of something, but
it doesn’t last long enough for me to figure it out. But Questra said tomorrow
we’ll see what happens when the sun comes up. She wants to try meditating
outside of the temple, out in the garden.”

“ Really? Well I think it is a wonderful idea. By becoming one with the
natural earth, things will make themselves known to a person, and someone like
you who has such a pure heart, can become very powerful in her own right with
your natural gifts.”

“ You think I have other natural gifts?”

“ Yes, especially now that Diana has had and influence on you physically. But
do what Questra tells you to do and you’ll discover them.”

“ I will.” Gabrielle said softly. “ By the way, where is Diana?”

“ She’s practicing. And I suspect she will be there the rest of the evening.
The day started out on the wrong foot, and it just seems to be continuing on
that track.” Xena snarled as she took a sip of her port.

“ I’m sure she’s trying her best Xena.” Gabrielle said.

“ I don’t know about that Gabrielle, she’s so easily distracted by her
emotions, I mean, look at what she did out at the lake, she left me to go and
interfere with you and Lord Questra’s business, I have to admit, if she had
been anyone else, I would have killed her for what she did.”

“ Xena?”

“ Gabrielle, take it easy, I have no desire to want to kill my Consort, I did
say if she were anyone else.” Xena said clarifying things for the anxious

“ Oh, okay.” Gabrielle said with relief sounding in her voice.

The three ate without the tension of earlier, but Gabrielle’s mind was on
Diana. While they were eating they overheard a conversation between two
soldiers who had come into the dining hall.

“ That Nebula is really a fine woman, you think she’s involved with anyone?”

“ I don’t know about that, but I know she has a huge thing for her Majesty.”

“ Yeah I heard about that.”

“ So how does her highness feel about her?”

“ Her highness is in love with Our Lord, even if she had feelings for Princess
Nebula, she would never admit it out loud, especially anywhere where Our Lord
could hear.”

“ Maybe that’s why Her Highness was so happy to see Princess Nebula, I mean
they are alone in the practice chamber...Wow, wouldn’t that be something, if
our Lord walked in on them in the middle of something?”

“ I wouldn’t want that to happen to her Majesty, she is such a loving soul.”

“ Yes, I agree, well hopefully nothing is going on, and her Majesty will be

“ Yes, but you know how Our Lord barely tolerates Princess Nebula around her
Majesty as it is, yet alone being alone with her.”

“ Ye....”

“ You got that right! You two report to the discipler’s chamber for fifty
lashes each.”

“ My LORD?!!”

“ I don’t appreciate gossipers. Now go.” Xena said through her teeth, hoping
one of them would say anything to give her an excuse to strike him down.

The two men knew better, and they just bowed and turned and went back out of
the chamber and went to report to where they were told to. Meanwhile, Xena
stormed out of the dining hall and Gabrielle and Questra followed.

Xena made it to the practice chamber just in time to see Diana and Nebula
embracing. And Xena’s eyes zoomed in on Nebula’s eyes as they looked down
Diana’s back to her behind. Rage flamed to Xena’s eyes, and Gabrielle saw
Xena’s jaw muscles tighten.

“ Xena I know it’s just an innocent embrace. They’re friends.”

“ I bet!” Xena hissed as she stormed into the chamber. “ What in Tartarus is
going on here?!”

“ Xena?! Hi, um...Nebula came to visit, isn’t that nice?” Diana said startled
By Xena’s sudden appearance in the chamber.

“ Why would it be nice?”

“ Xena? That was rude.” Diana said surprised by Xena’s statement. “ Nebula,
I’m sure Xena didn’t mean anything by it.”

“ Consort how dare you contradict me! Be silent. As for you, leave now.”

“ My Lord, I just came by to talk with Diana.”

“ Why?”

“ What do you mean?”

“ Why did you come by to talk to Diana specifically, I mean, aren’t you and
Gabrielle friends as well? For that fact aren’t we all suppose to be friends?”

“ Well yes...”

“ Then why did you just come to talk with Diana?”

“ She and I have more in common.”

“ Really? Like what Nebula, other than the developing thing?”

“ Xe....” Diana started, but Xena cut her eyes to her and Diana went silent.

“ So tell me Nebula, what other things do you have in common with my uncommon

“ We just enjoy each others company.”

“ You mean you enjoy her company.”

“ Xena that’s not true, I do enjoy Nebula’s company as well.”

Xena turned to face Diana, and Xena grabbed her by her arm and stepping close
to Diana, she said in a threatening voice.

“ If you open your mouth one more time then you and I will have a problem that
you want be able to deal with.” Xena said through her teeth as she let go of
her arm and turned back to face Nebula.

“ Now Nebula, tell me the other things you have in common with Diana, and why
it’s so important that you only talk with her? Come on Nebula, admit it?”
Xena said as she poked Nebula in the chest and Nebula stepped back as a

“ My Lord please, I’ll just leave.”

“ Why? You haven’t answered my questions.” Xena said as she once again poked
Nebula in the chest, this time harder, and Nebula stepped back once again and
this time she rubbed her chest.

Diana looked at Nebula, and once again she was conflicted. Nebula looked at
Diana with some fear in her eyes, but she stood her ground with Xena.

“ My Lord, I’m sorry if your bothered by my visiting Her Highness.”

“ Bothered? Lord Questra, she thinks I’m BOTHERED by her visiting my Consort,
isn’t that just so funny.” Xena said derisively, as she glared at Nebula with
fire in her eyes.

“ My Lord.”

“ I’m not bothered by your visting my Consort, I’m OUTRAGED by it!” Xena
growled as she swung with her fist and sent Nebula flying backwards and into
the wall.

“ Xena?!!” Diana screamed as she ran over to check on Nebula.

Xena stopped her track over to the dazed woman, who still had not lifted her
head up on her own, she cocked her head at Diana who was attending to the
woman, and her eyes lit.

“ Diana!!” Gabrielle screamed as she saw Xena storming towards them.

Diana came to her feet in front of Nebula, with the intent on talking Xena
down. But Xena didn’t give her a chance, but instead just as Diana was about
to say something, Xena backhanded her and she went backwards and crashed into
the wall.

Xena in the meantime, glared at her as Diana staggered back to her feet. She
picked Nebula up and when Nebula brought her hands up to try and calm Xena,
Xena struck her again and Nebula went flying to the ground once again.

Diana saw Xena storming towards the semiunconscious Nebula again and this time
she made a decision that she knew was a dangerous one.

“ Xena stop it! Please?”

“ No, I’ll stop when she crawls out of here, and swears never to come back.”

“ Xena I’m not going to let you hurt her anymore, just let her leave, please?”

“ Your not going to LET me? And just how do you plan on stopping me Consort?”

“ Xena Please don’t hurt her anymore? I’ll get the soldiers to help her and
I’ll have the coachman take her home, please?”

“ No, now move!”

“ No! I won’t let you hurt her.”

Xena bared her teeth at Diana and then she swung with her fist at Diana. Diana
ducked the swing, and Xena swung again and Diana blocked it, and before they
knew it, Diana was blocking and Xena was swinging, and her anger and rage
built with every blocked blow.

Xena jumped over Diana and caught her behind the back with her foot, which
sent Diana flying forward. Xena then turned to the still dazed woman behind
her and she raised her foot with the intent on bringing it down on Nebula’s
expose abdomen.

“ NO!! “ Diana screamed as she charged and tackled Xena and the two of them
went rolling.

They separated as they came to a stop and both women came to their feet. Both
of their eyes flaming.

“ How Dare You!!” Xena yelled.

Diana stood her ground and Xena came at her throwing blow after blow at Diana,
Diana blocked and ducked some, but Xena of course landed the first one, and
then when Diana was stunned she struck her again and again.

Diana fell to the ground and suddenly she saw the danger of her not doing
something back to Xena, Xena would continue until she was either unconscious
or worst, and if that happened then Nebula was a dead woman.

Diana srambled to her feet and shaking the fog from her head she told Xena.

“ Xena I never want to fight you, but By the Gods I will not let you hurt her
anymore. Let her go home, please?”

“ I’m going to maim her a little, and then I’ll let her go home.”

“ No!” Diana shouted as she now swung on Xena, and Xena and her exchanged blow
for blow, with Xena’s staggering Diana more than Diana’s staggered her. Xena
struck Diana with a kick to her midsection, and Diana flew backwards, when
Xena went to continue her beating on Diana, Diana caught her in the midsection
and Xena was bent over and Diana caught her under her chin and sent Xena
flying backwards.

Xena staggered to her feet from the blow, but quickly shook it off. Diana was
on her feet once again, with both sides of her mouth cut, and discolored areas
to her face. Xena strided back to Diana and throwing blow after blow towards
Diana and Diana blocking and throwing some of her own, Xena smirked and then
before Diana knew what was happening she was hit with a blow that rattled her.

Diana barely shook it off before Xena charged, and the two went tumbling to
the floor fighting with fierceness, Diana was holding her own, but they all
knew it was a matter of time before Diana was defeated by Xena. While the two
fought, Nebula opened her eyes, and after a few more minutes she staggered to
her feet and saw the fierce fighting going on with Xena and Diana, when Xena
did a move on Diana that left Diana’s arms pinned down and she begun to lay
blow after blow into Diana’s abdomen, as Diana screamed Xena’s name to stop

Both Gabrielle and Nebula went into action, Gabrielle jumped on Xena’s back
and tried to pull her off of Diana, but Xena caught her arms and threw her
over her shoulder and Gabrielle went flying through the air and came to land
hard on the floor. Nebula then took her turn and she landed a stunning blow to
the side of Xena’s head, and Xena flew off of Diana, and rolled dazed to the

Questra stood back and just watched the entertainment, she already knew who
was going to win, but she just wondered how long it would be before Nebula

Xena rose slowly to her feet and Nebula who had helped Diana up, saw her.

“ Diana, I won’t let this go any further, it’s me she wants, and I will fight
her if I have to, but I will not be the cause of four relationships coming
apart because of me.”

“ No you won’t fight her, one blow by her with purpose and you’ll fall like a
stone in water. No, this is not about relationships, I have no intentions of
leaving Xena, and I know Gabrielle won’t leave Questra, we’ve been through to
damn much, and I won’t let their bad tempers hurt you or Gabrielle, so listen
to me, If I can’t talk Xena down and she tries to get to you again, or
Gabrielle, then I will distract her. I won’t you to get Gabrielle out of
here, and use the traveller to go somewhere, but not to any place where Xena
or Questra is bound to look. You can send me a message in a few days.”

Diana this is dangerous, Xena is blinded by her jealousy, and she could really
hurt you.”

“ Maybe, but I need to try to talk her down about you, otherwise she will put
a warrant out on you. Ok, are you ready?”

“ Diana please be careful.”

“ I will. Xena? Please can we stop this, I don’t want to fight you anymore,
I’m sorry, I will do whatever you want me to do, I know you told me not to
defy you, and that’s exactly what I did, but by the Gods Xena I love you and I
only wanted to help you get control of yourself, I know that if you did
something to Nebula, that you would regret it later, she is a kind and loving
friend, and that’s it, you are my heart, and it belongs only to you, I share
it with no one but you Xena, I know your pissed with me, but if you want, I
will beg you daily to forgive me, I will be anything you want.” Diana said as
she moved slowly towards the watchful Warrior.

Diana let her body tell her how Xena was feeling, it actually made her stop
for a moment when she felt it. Xena rubbed her chin where Diana had caught her
as she watched without saying anything.

“ Xena, there is absolutely nothing between Princess Nebula and Myself, just
make a demand of me and I will do it.”

“ Swear it?” Xena growled

“ You have my word Xena. Just don’t hurt her anymore?” Diana said with some
hope in her voice.

“ Come to me Consort.” Xena commanded.

Diana swallowed and moved quicker to where Xena stood with her eyes narrowed
at her. Diana came to stop right in front of Xena and Xena stood up straight
and looking down at her, and then over at Nebula, she made her demand.

“ You are never to have contact with Princess Nebula again.”

“ Ha...” Both Diana and Gabrielle looked over at Nebula, and then back at Xena
in complete shock.

“ Swear you will never have any contact with her again, and I won’t hurt her,
or have anyone else hurt her, or..... I swear, I will have her arrested and
tried and sentence her to death.”

“ Xena Please?”

“ You said anything?!” Xena hissed.

“ May I say goodbye to her at least?”

Xena looked at Nebula and with a snarl she said, “swear and then say your
goodbyes for the last time.”

“ I give youmy word.” Diana said giving her oath to Xena.

Diana then turned and walked back over to Nebula, and with tears rolling down
her face she chewed her lips.

“ Diana it’s alright, I’m just honored to have gotten to know you as a friend
and to have worked with you. We were a good working team, don’t you think?”

“ Yes.” Diana said as she wrapped her arms around Nebula’s neck and hugged her
tightly. Nebula wrapped her arms around Diana and hugged her back and then not
wanting to offend Xena any further, she let go and they broke their embrace.

Nebula then stepped back and with a smile she said, “ Take care of each
other.” She then was caught by Gabrielle and Gabrielle wrapped her arms around
her as well and hugged her, Nebula did the same thing and then, with some
effort she strided to the door of the chamber and went out without looking

Diana turned to face Xena and Xena gestured for her to come back to her. Diana
walked back over to her and stood in front of her.

“ Swear it.” Xena demanded.

“ You have my word My Lord, I will not have any contact with Princess Nebula

“ Good, now go to our chamber and wait for me in the bath, you will make this
up to me, and in a big way, you can be sure.”

“ Your not going to do anything to Gabrielle?”

“ No, I understand her reaction, it’s yours I don’t understand. Now go.” Xena

Diana turned to walk away, but Xena caught her arm and in a soft voice she
asked, “ Do you still love me Consort?”

“ Always. May I go now?” Diana answered honestly and without emotion.

“ After I get my kiss.”

Diana gazed at Xena and then leaned in and Xena claimed her mouth in a
adrenalin filled passionate kiss. When Xena finally broke the embrace, Diana
staggered, and Xena held her and looking hard into her eyes, she stated
through her gritted teeth.

“Now go.” Xena sneered.

Diana was slightly breathless from the kiss, but when Xena let go of her arm
she looked at she sent a message to Gabrielle.

“ Gabrielle let me know if you have a problem?”

“ Okay.” Gabrielle sent back the same way.

Xena sneered at the thoughts exchanged between the two, but Xena didn’t tell
them that she could hear their thoughts, but instead would just listen to the
conversations, just in case there was something said between the two.

Once Diana had gone, Xena turned her attention on Gabrielle.

“ Come here little girl.” Xena commanded.

Gabrielle flushed, but then walked over to where Xena stood.

“ Yes My Lord?”

“ You realize I should punish you for what you did, or tried to do?”

Gabrielle stood nervously before the towering woman, and shifting from foot to
foot, she continued to look into Xena hypnotic eyes.

“ But I won’t, this time, but I am going to forbid you from being around Diana
during the times of her practices, instead Lord Questra will have you busy
with your own, if you are seen anywhere near during Diana’s practices, then I
will punish you for disobeying a direct order, is that clear little girl?”

“ Very.”

“ Good, go to Lord Questra.” Xena ordered and Gabrielle turned and walked to
where Questra stood.

“ So....did Lord Xena read you the rebel act?”

“ Yes, why didn’t you help Diana, Questra?”

“ Because, I knew Xena had no intentions of doing anything more than showing
her Consort who was in charge here.”

“ How can you say that, she was hitting her in her stomach as hard as she

“ No she wasn’t Gabrielle, if she had hit her with her full strength, do you
think Diana would have been able to get up and walk out of here? Xena only hit
Diana hard enough to make her feel it, her plan was for Nebula to attack her.”

“ Why?” Then Gabrielle answered it for herself.

“ That was her plan, she wanted to make Diana think that she was going to hurt
her, only to get Diana to agree to not seeing her anymore?”

Questra looked at Gabrielle with an approving brow as to her deduction.

“ But she manipulated Diana?”

“ Of course she did, how else do you think she could get Diana to give her
exactly what she wanted?”

“ So Xena never had any intentions of killing Nebula?”

“ Oh, no, she planned on killing her the moment she walked in here and saw
them embracing, but she thought about Diana, and how she would be effected by
such a thing, and with all of the training Diana has to do, she knew Diana
would not be able to focus if she saw Nebula killed.”

“ Oh, so this is all about Diana’s training?”

“ And yours. Gabrielle it is too important to allow anything or anyone to get
in the way of that.”

“ Why?”

Questra gave Gabrielle a thoughtful look wondering if she should tell her just
enough information. Xena had heard just enough of the conversation to realize
the opportunity.

“ Because Gabrielle.” Xena interjected, as Gabrielle turned to look at Xena.”
There is something about to happen soon, and it is so important that you and
Diana learn how to use your gifts.”

“ Why?”

“ Gabrielle there is a Great Evil out there that is trying to return, and the
only way to stop it is for the four of us to open a portal of time, so the Old
One can return to protect us all from the evil.”

“ Well if that’s the fact Xena, why didn’t you two just tell us, I know Diana
would not have argued with much.” Gabrielle added with a slight
smirk, knowing Diana.

Xena smirked back at the reasoning.

“ Your right, but now that you know why Questra and I have been in such bad
moods, will you do what your told, without arguement?”

“ Of course Xena. Can I come and see Diana training when I’m not?”

Xena lifted her head up in thought, and then said, “ Yes, but you can not
distract her, you understand?”

“ Yes. Thank you.”

“ Your welcome. Now I have to go, I’m a little sore, My Consort has a mighty
right cross. Lord Questra, I leave your Consort to you. Ladies.” Xena said as
she turned and strided out of the practice chamber. But she sent a thought to
Questra. “ What a little fool, she and her rose colored glasses, and that pure
heart of hers will be our greatest supporter with Diana. Work on her.”

“ You know I will.” Questra answered back with her mind.

Meanwhile, the trapped women were going crazy at what they were seeing.

“ I will rip her throat out. “ was all the reaction Xena had to the fight that
was going on.

Questra was wiping her brow of the perspiration that had formed due to the
intense worrying she was doing for Diana, and Gabrielle.” Xena this is
horrible, our mates are not only going through Tartarus, with all of the
training things, but they believe it’s us who are putting them through it,
When we get out of here, I am going to thoroughly enjoy, destroying that evil

“ I know the feeling.” Xena said in agreement as she then looked back at the

Xena walked into the bed chamber and found Diana already in the bath soaking.
Diana heard Xena come in, but instead of responding to it, she pretended as
though she did not hear her. Diana kept her eyes closed as Xena walked into
the bath and sat down next to her.

“ So, is my Consort going to pretend as though she doesn’t hear her master, or

Diana opened her eyes and looked over at Xena. Then taking on a thoughtful
look Diana chewed her lips for a moment, and then turned and looked away from

“ What?”

“ I was just wondering.”

“ Wondering what Consort?”

“ Are you still angry with me?”

“ Shouldn’t I be? I mean you did turn on me, to stand with someone else, you
did try to fight me.”

“ No I didn’t.”

“ Really? Well explain it to me then, how is it then that My Consort ended up
with all of these bruises to her body, and face, and her master ended up with
the few I have?”

“ Xena you were hurting someone who couldn’t defend themselves against you,
and I couldn’t let that happen, especially knowing the reason behind it.”

“ And what reason was that?”

“ Your jealousy.”

“ Don’t I have the right to be jealous, when I think someone is coming on to
My Consort?”

“ Xena she wasn’t coming on to me, she’s just a friend.”

Xena didn’t answer for a moment, seeing that her temper was trying to make a
reappearance, so instead of answering right then, she instead changed the
subject for a moment.

“ Bathe me.” She commanded as she stood in the center of the bath.

Diana gave her a curious look, but then she strolled over to where Xena went
to stand and begun bathing her. As Diana bathe her, Xena then responded to her

“ How can you believe she wasn’t coming on to you?”

Diana continued bathing Xena as they talked.

“ You always think that. Why?”

“ Because anyone looking can see it just as clear as day.” Why can’t you?”

“ Xena we both know how Nebula feels about me, and I’m not saying I don’t see
that, all I’m saying is that no matter how anyone else feels about me, it
should only matter to you about how I feel about them.”

“ And how do you feel about her?”

“ She’s just a dear friend, whom it hurts to think I will never see or talk to
again. Xena she has nothing but respect for you.”

“ She envys me? She wants you.”

Diana stopped what she was doing behind Xena and walked around to the front of
her, and with a small loving smile, she looked into Xena’s storming eyes, and
raising her hand to Xena’s cheek, she said in a soft voice.

“ But I only want you.” Diana then leaned in and up to place a kiss on Xena’s

Xena accepted the sentiment, but then breaking the kiss and looking hard at
Diana, she stated in a stern tone.

“ I know she wants you, and if she had the power to beat me, she would try and
take you from me, every time you embrace her you encourage her fantasy!”

“ Xena the point is, she can’t beat you, and even if she could, I am
completely and totally yours. I only embrace her as a friend, nothing more.”

“ That’s not the point here!!” Xena hissed as she turned away from Diana and
went to sit on one of the benches that were submerged in the bath, and she
glared at Diana.

Diana ignored the looks, and continued.

“ What IS the point Xena?”

“ Does it matter anymore? You’ll never see her again.”

Diana looked down at the towel she had in her hand, and then looking back up
to Xena, who had not taken her eyes off of her, Diana inhaled slowly and then
walked over and sat next to Xena.

“ have always worried that someone would come along and steal my
heart from you, I don’t know how to get it through to you, after everything we
have been through, the good and the bad. Xena we are connected to one another
as no one else on earth is, I don’t understand how you can still feel so
insecure about us, I’ve tried to tell you again and again, I’m here to stay
until you tell me to leave, and then I will, I will just disappear from here
and never will anyone see me here again. Xena you are my very life, I believe
that if we were not together, I would just fade away, because I will have no
reason to continue to survive.”

“ So your telling me that your purpose is to please me?”

“ For the most part. Xena when your happy, your smile is like food to me,
especially when it’s turned in my direction.”

Xena looked at Diana with a studying gaze and then she continued.

“ Consort, I see why people feel the way they do about you, you have the gift
to say the right thing at the right time, but it still does not allay my
feelings about Nebula. I have always been suspicious of her, and the day she
admitted her feelings for you to me, was the day my hate of her came to the
forefront. I’ve watched how she holds you when you two embrace, I see how low
on your back her hands glide, I see how she looks at the curve of your
backside. She wants you and everytime you embrace her, you encourage that hope
in her, and I will not stand by and allow anyone to ogle what belongs to me.”

“ Okay Xena, what if I make a deal with you, I will never embrace her in
greeting or departing?”

“ Why make that deal, when I’ve already taken care of the problem?”

“ Because you love me?” Diana said in her seductive way.

Xena cocked her head and looking at Diana’s playful side try to come out and
tempt her into changing her mind, only fascinated this Xena. Xena caught
Diana’s hand just as it was about to touch her chest.

“ Before you go there Consort, you should know, I have no intentions of
changing my mind about Nebula, no matter how much I enjoy what your about to

Diana chewed her lip at Xena’s blunt call on what she was doing.

“ Ok Xena, be that way, I’ll just go and get in bed and go to sleep.
Sweetdreams love.” Diana said as she glided out of the bath.

Xena watched the sultry woman glide out of the bath, and gazed at the way the
water beaded on her body, and ran down her back and over the curves of her
behind, and down her long legs. Diana didn’t even stop in her gliding as she
lifted the towel up off of the hook on the wall and continued her track to
the door.

“ Diana?” Xena called from the bath.

Diana stopped in midstride, and without looking back, she responded.

“ Yes love?”

Xena didn’t want to change her stand on Nebula, but her lust for the young
woman was greater than her jealousy, so she decided to consider it.

“ If I say I will Think about changing my mind, will you stay awake?”

“ I’ll THINK about it.” Diana returned the words. Then she went on towards the
door, and just as she was about to go out of it, Xena called to her again.

“ Diana?”

Again Diana stopped in midstride and responded.

“ Yes Love?”

“ You may see her once a month. But NO Embracing AT ALL!”

“ I’ll be waiting for my wonderful lover, love.” Diana said as she looked over
her shoulder, back at Xena as she gazed into the lust filled eyes. Diana then
turned back and her body blushed as she strided to the door and went out.

Xena saw the blush run up from Diana’s feet and up her legs and over her
behind and up to her back and covered her whole backside. Xena’s breath caught
and she sat back on the bench and let the provocative sight wash over her. She
shivered deep within her core.

She jumped out of the water and without drying off she strided into the
bedchamber, and seeing Diana lying on her side drawing designs in the
covering, that she was laying on top of, and looking up at Xena with those
beautiful eyes.

“ What took you so long?” Diana asked as Xena crawled over top of her and
straddled her thighs.

Diana saw the soft hairs and her hands made their way over Xena’s strong
thighs, and eventually she slipped one down between and begun caressing the
hidden peak. Xena closed her eyes and allowed Diana to take the lead, and
Diana’s breathing increased as a result of seeing Xena submitting to her, and
she found her own passion builting quickly as a result.

“ Xena?” Diana purred.

“ What?” Xena said becoming more and more breathless with the wonderful
feeling racing through her body.

“ Do you think you could let me.....?”

“ What? Control this?” Xena asked knowingly, seeing how she had read Diana’s

“ How do you do that?” Diana asked still surprised at Xena’s perception

“ I’m Xena The Conqueror, how do you think I got that title?”

“ I see, so...what do you think?”

“ I think your crazy.”

“ Why?” Diana asked as she slid her fingers back and forth along the interior
nether’s of Xena’s jewel.

Xena’s breathing increased at the caress, and looking with complete desire in
her eyes, she nodded her head.

Diana immediately blushed at the approval and Xena smirked and allowed herself
to just enjoy Diana’s seduction. Diana brought her other hand up to Xena’s
breast and kneaded the flesh, as she watched Xena respond to her touches.

Xena begun moving her hips as Diana tweaked her nipple and then Xena let her
hands glide over Diana’s body, and she felt the blush of heat cover Diana’s
soft form. Her hands came to stop on Diana’s nipples and they immediately
changed and sucked the two tight peaks in.

Diana then covered Xena’s peak and concentrating on her hand, she made her
hand change to the same as Xena’s. Xena’s eyes flew open and she looked down
at the smiling woman, and her eyes lit, and she actually smiled that bright
smile at Diana.

Moisture came to Diana’s eyes, and then her eyes narrowed into desire and
mischeviousness and she slipped her fingers down, and then without warning she
thrusted deep inside of Xena.

Xena’s breath caught and then after the initial stimuli raced through her, she
did the same to Diana and both women begun moving to the same rhythm, both
women were nearing their peak, and then Diana concentrated on her fingers that
were deep inside of Xena and once again without notice they converted, and
connected to Xena’s core.

Again Diana smiled to herself, but rather than Xena acknowledging it, she
instead growled in response, and Diana’s body stiffen as she felt the new
sensation race through her and up her spine. But she fought the urge to
release and instead felt Xena stiffen.

“ Xena?”

“ What?! Xena growled at her.

“ Don’t release love.” Diana stated through her breathless state.

Xena opened her eyes to see Diana looking at her through hooded lids, with one
brow raised.

“ If I do?”

“ I’ll stop.”

“ You wouldn’t dare?”

“ try me.”

“ You know I’ll get angry?”

“ If you do then I won’t do this again.”

“ Are you blackmailing me?”

“ My way or no way?”

“ If you stop then I will also?”

“ Then we’ll both miss out.”

“ And your willing to do this?”

“ If you release without my approval.”

“ I feel your right on the edge, I feel the quivering of your core, I know if
I stop right now, then you will be tight until I release you?”

“ But I won’t be the only one to be tight. You will also my devilish Lord.”

Xena glanced up at Diana’s eyes with those words, but then seeing that Diana
had only said them in tease, Xena let it go.

“ Tell me why I should wait?”

“ I think you will appreciate the result.”

“ If I wait until you say so, will you do whatever I say without argument?”

“ Yes.”

“ Fine, your way now, mine later.” Xena conceded as a bright smile lit Diana’s
face and a shadow casted over Xena, as she closed her eyes and allowed Diana
to control.

After many candlemarks, both women were delirious, and perspiring like they
had been drenched by a downpour. Finally Diana managed to say, “ yes.” And
Xena threw back her head and Diana’s body stiffened and before they new what
was happening both women were screaming their pleasure, but Diana felt
something strange mixed with the pleasure, it was a dark feeling, but she
couldn’t quite focus on it, and she let it slip from her mind.

The screams were heard throughout the palace, inside and out, and the
foundation shook as a result of it. When they finally subsided, both women
collapsed. Meanwhile, Gabrielle and Questra were in the Garden with Shatara.

“ Ok Gabrielle, close your eyes and let yourself go.”

“ What do you mean by that?”

“ once told me about the time Diana left her body while meditating,
so that she could see how Xena was doing before a battle on Amazon land?”

“ Yes I remember that.”

“ That’s what I mean, only you will be looking further, seeing further.”

“ You mean like prophesying?”

“ Yes.”

“ Well I was told I do have the gift of prophesy.”

“ I know, Diana told me, YOU told her?”

“ hahahaha, well, someone had to tell somebody.” Gabrielle said in defense of
her own prophetizing.

“ Yes, I guess that’s true, anyway, close your eyes and meditate, clearing
your mind of everything, and just listen to my voice, alright?”

“ Okay.”

Gabrielle closed her eyes and relaxed herself, and then she begun clearing her
mind, and after a bit she was in a meditative state.

“ look back at what happened today, and as you come forward in your mind,
rather than stopping just let your mind take you where it wants to.”

Gabrielle let her mind remember the days events, and Questra followed it with
her own mind linked to Gabrielle’s, just in case Gabrielle started to see
something that would spoil their plans.

As Gabrielle’s mind replayed the days events, her heartbeat increased with
each vision.

“ Remember to control your breathing, and slow your heartbeat, look at it as
if your swimming with Diana and she’s challenged you to a contest to see how
long you can hold your breath underwater. Remember you have to slow your
heartbeat down in order to hold your breath longer, use that thought to slow
your heart now.”

Gabrielle let her mind do as Shatara had told her to, and soon her heartbeat
had slowed and she continued her journey forward towards the end of the day,
and just as she neared the end of her journey of the day, Shatara spoke again.

“ What’s happening in the next candlemark, don’t think about it, just travel
to it and see it, hear it, feel it, but don’t think about it.”

Gabrielle’s mind was blank for a few moments, and then.....she saw something
briefly, and her body tensed, briefly, causing the image to vanish.

“ Relax, it’s just an image Gabrielle, nothing to hurt you, your perfectly
safe, feel the stillness of the night air against your hair, breath in the
floral scent of the garden. Let the images come to you as they will.”

Gabrielle relaxed once again and after almost a candlemark more, an image
started to form in her mind, this time she did not stop it by tensing, but
instead let it form. It was an image of the palace looking as if it were
shaking, just as she saw the soldiers on the wall cover their ears, and then
end up having to hold on to prevent themselves from falling over the walls and
the roof of the Palace, the images then vanished as Gabrielle tensed.

Her eyes whipped open and she looked up at Shatara and said, “ Sitdown quick
and cover your ears.”

Shatara looked at Gabrielle strangely, but she sat and did as she was told,
and Questra pretended to be surprised by the statement, but then she sat down
as well and did the same.

Suddenly! They heard the screams echoing around them, and Gabrielle pointed to
the Palace and recovered her ears, as the ground they were sitting on begun to
shake violently during the screams.

After a bit, everything stopped and Gabrielle slowly uncovered her ears and
listened and felt for any further activity. Then she jumped to her feet and
grabbed Shatara and hugged her tightly.

“ I did it! I did It! Wait until I tell Diana I saw the future! WOW! I can’t
believe I did it. I use to have some dreams but I didn’t know what they meant,
not until I was older, but I don’t have them anymore.”

“ That’s because you have not cultivated your gift, and it sort of slipped
from your mind, but now that we have retapped into your gift, you should start
experiencing more visions, from now on you should visit with the priestesses
to learn how to interpret those visions that may not be as obvious and clear.”

“ Okay, this is wonderful.” Gabrielle said as she hugged Shatara once again.

“ alright, I think it’s time that we turned in for the night Gabrielle.”

“ Oh, alright. Thank you Shatara. Oh, and when you see Ephiny tell her we said

“ Your welcome Gabrielle, and I will definitely do that.”

“ Okay, goodnight. “ Gabrielle then turned her excitment onto Questra, and as
they walked back to the palace, Gabrielle replayed the whole experience and
told Questra once they arrived back in their chamber that she needed to write
what happened throughout the day, and then she would join her in bed.”

Questra gave a forced smile, and then turned to hide her anger, and said in a
tight voice.

“ Fine, see you in a bit Gabrielle.”

Gabrielle didn’t pickup the tone due to her excitement, and so she didn’t
notice the hidden anger in it. Gabrielle sat and wrote in her scroll for over
a candlemark and finally Questra lost her patiences.

“ Gabrielle get in here now!!”

Gabrielle didn’t miss that tone, and she quickly rolled her scroll up and put
it away and went into the bedchamber.

“ Sorry it took so long, I just got a little carried......”

“ Enough, I don’t want to hear anymore, I’ve waited long enough because of
your writing, I don’t expect to wait for you to tell me about what you wrote,
now get in here.”

Gabrielle quickly stripped out of her clothes and climbed into the bed next to

“ Sorry.” Gabrielle said again as she caressed Questra’s cheek.

“ Don’t let it happen again.” Questra said as she claimed Gabrielle’s mouth
and soon the two melted into other activities.

Questra’s hands roamed over Gabrielle’s hot body and finding the many
different erogenous areas, and as she did she stimulated Gabrielle to multiple
releases, as well as herself. Gabrielle was getting better at following
Questra’s commands, and as a result Questra found herself filling to
satisfaction off of Gabrielle’s essence.

Finally Questra allowed Gabrielle to rest, and she laid back and studied the
young woman now laying unconscious next to her. Meanwhile, back with Xena and
Diana, Xena awoke and felt the young woman still under her. She looked down at
the woman and a dark smile came to her lips.

She rolled off of Diana and just as she did she noticed something immediately.

“ My, My, My, look at you, what a delicious site.” Xena purred as she leaned
down and flicking her tongue over the bronze peaks of Diana’s now changed
nipples, she then ravaged them.

Diana moaned in her deep sleep as her body blushed fiercely due to the
incitement of her passion, Xena drunk deeply from each of them as she held
each breast tightly in her hands and kneaded them, and sucked on the peaks.

Xena trembled as a result of her excitement, and although she thought about
taking Diana while she was unconsious, she decided she wanted her awake, and
so reaching for the vile on the table she put a drop on Diana’s tongue and
anxiously waited for Diana to rouse.

After a few moments Diana did just that and her eyes flew open when she felt
Xena feasting on her now highly charged nipples.

“ GODS!! XENA!!! “ Diana exclaimed as her eyes sparkled the identifying

Xena bit hard on one of the peaks and let her hand do the same with the other.
Diana’s eyes shut tightly as her body shook from the intense release. Xena’s
other hand buried itself deep inside of Diana’s flower and absorbed the sweet
cream until Diana sighed and fell unconscious once again.

Xena fell back on the bed as well with a deep purring from her dark soul as
she feasted on the absorbed cream from Diana’s core, and her body trembled
during the rest of the night as a result.

The next morning the four women were ravenously hungry as they sat in Diana’s
and Xena’s chamber and ate without saying much. The trapped Xena was having a
fit as a result of the night before, during the actual event she felt the
intense climax, so much so that it literally knocked her out.

When she awoke Questra was holding a cool towel to her forehead.

“ What happened?” Was Xena’s first question.

“ You passed out.”

Xena took a moment to register the words, and then she shook her head and
jumped to her feet to go and look at the imager. When the cloned Xena rolled
off of Diana, Xena’s mouth dropped open and then Questra saw Xena’s razored
nails extend and embed into the metal of the frame as her body shook with

“ are glorious in your rage, such a filling thing for
me.” The shadow figure sighed.

“ Xena you have to calm down, it only feeds his desire.” Questra pointed out
to the enraged warrior.

Xena took multiple deep breaths to calm herself and finally after a while she
was able to.

“ Xena the best way to deal with all of this is to realize that we can’t do
anything until we get out of here, and then we cn take care of business, but
as it is right now, we have to remember to control our anger, and just buy our
time until we get out of here.”

“ Your right, but when we do, there’s a lot to be done. I can’t believe Diana
enjoyed that bitch as much as she did to cause her body to change in such a
way!” Xena hissed as she turned from the imager and glared at the shadow

Xena then went and stood by one of the openings in the walls, and resting her
fist on the wall part, she shook her head as she thought about how to get out
of the prison they were in.

After a while, Xena strided back over to Questra and using her mind she spoke
to her.

“ I was thinking, considering that those clones has all of those abilities,
and they’re suppose to be us, I think we can use those things to our

“ How?”

“ I don’t know right now, but I’m sure we will figure out how to use them and
escape from this place while at the same time stopping him from escaping.”

“ Well I hope we figure it out soon, because I really miss my little bard?”

“ Hmm...I know what you mean.” The two women then went and sat down and
focused on what was going on on the imager.

Over the next four months Diana and Gabrielle developed.

“ Very Good! Now levitate Gabrielle.”

Diana focused on Gabrielle, and after a moment Gabrielle was floating in the
air. Gabrielle’s mouth turned up into a grin, and both the clones, even
smirked and looked at each other with satisfaction.

“ Okay, lower her.” Xena commanded and Gabrielle floated back to the ground
and came to land like a feather.

Xena squeezed Diana’s shoulders in approval of her progress, and Diana covered
Xena’s hands with her own. Xena kissed Diana’s cheeks, but not because she
felt love or anything like that, but because of the elation she felt at her’s
and Questra’s training of the two women.

“ Okay Gabrielle, now you do it.”

Gabrielle cleared her mind and focused on Diana, and after a moment Diana was
floating in the air.

“ Good job! Okay let her down Gabrielle.” Xena ordered and Questra kissed
Gabrielle’s lips and Gabrielle blushed.

“ Okay ladies this is what we’re going to do this time. Gabrielle you will
levitate only a few feet off of the ground, about the height of that balcony.

“ Yes.”

“ Questra you and I will levitate to double the height of the Palace, across
from each other, and Diana, you will levitate so that you are directly above
Gabrielle, but double the height of where Questra and I stop, okay?”

“ Okay.”

“ Once we get into position, we need to hold the position for at least 1

“ Why?”

“ Because it will be equivalent to the activity that will be going on around

“ What type of activity?” Gabrielle asked.

“ All of the electrical activity, from the atmosphere.”

“ Why would there be such activity?” Diana now asked.

“ Because of the power that we’re trying to bring back here to protect all of
us from the evil that is coming.” Xena answered as she turned away from Diana
and spoke to Gabrielle, concerned that Diana would read her eyes.

“ Hmm...that’s right. Have you guys thought about this?”

“ What do you mean Diana?” Questra asked suspiciously.

“ I mean, about the fact of how it seems like it’s always one or all of us to
have to do something to save the world or something else. I mean think about
it, if I had never come here, do you ladies ever think about what you all
would be doing right now?”

“ No. I have no interest in the past, without you in the picture.” Xena stated

“ Hmm...well thank you love, it’s wonderful to hear that from you, I may just
reward you for it.” Diana said tantalizingly.

Xena smirked and then said,” I’ll hold you too that.”

“ You do that.” Diana came back with.

“ Okay, if you two are done flirting, can we get on with this?” Questra asked

“ Sure.” Diana said as she broke the gaze Xena and her were sharing, and then
bounced off to take her position in the field of flowers.

Xena smirked and then looked at Questra and then raising a brow at her she
followed after Diana. The four women stood in the middle of the field and on
Xena’s signal they all levitated to where Xena had told them to.

They stayed in the diamond shaped pattern they had positioned themselves in
for the entire candlemark, and would have stayed longer had it not been for

“ Wow look at that Charli!” Elain shrieked to her partner.

“ I am.”

“ Queen Ephiny, Shatara, Atalanta, Nebula, do you all see this?”

“ Yes, by Artemis, yes.” Ephiny said as the six women looked up into the sky
to see the four women floating in the air.

Xena looked down and saw the women and she sent a message to all of the women
to lower themselves to the ground, and after they did, Xena and Questra
whispered to their mates not to tell any of them what was going on, and that
they were just playing around.

Ephiny was the first to approach the women.

“ Wow, that was incredible Lord Xena.”

“ Hmm..well it was just something we were playing around with, by the way, how
did all of you get here? I mean I told the sentries, we were not to be

“ Oh, I sort of told them that we were sure that you wouldn’t mind that it was
us. I hope I didn’t assume?” Nebula answered.

Xena’s eyes narrowed at the woman’s assumtion, and the fact that it was her
who made it.

“ Xena?” Diana whispered.

Xena looked back at Diana, and then licking her lips she strided over to the
bench and as she did she threw back over her shoulder.

“ Well you did. Anyway, what brings all of you here?”

“ We thought all of you would like to join us for a ride to town, to spend the
day relaxing, and maybe catching up with each other? “

“ It has been a long time since we all got together and just enjoyed each

“ I don’t know, I was looking forward to an offer my Consort made me....”

“ Aw Xena come on, it’ll be fun, it has been a long time since we’ve spent
time with all of our friends?”

“ What about my offer?”

“ I’ll up it?”

Xena cocked her head at Diana, and then said in a curious tone.

“ Really? How?”

“ If we go, I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.” Diana said as she let
a suggestive gaze come into her eyes.

“ O..k...” Xena said as she gave her approval to the idea.

By Noon they had arrived in the town of Gabrielle, with Diana riding in front
of Xena, and her busy hands, and Gabrielle riding with Questra, who’s hands
were just as busy. By the time they made it to the town, Diana’s eyes were
glowing once again.

All of the women left their horses with the stable men, and they walked over
to the Inn, Shatara went in and made reservations for all of them for early
evening meal, and then they made their plans. All of the Warriors wanted to go
and look at some of the weapons being displayed. But Diana and Gabrielle and
Elain and Charli and Shatara, all wanted to go shopping.

“ Xena? Gabrielle and I are going to go visit the merchants for a few things,
we’ll be back in a while ok?”

Xena caught Diana’s arm and pulled her to the side, to where Xena blocked
Diana’s body.

“ Diana I did not come here to spend my time with these other women, I came
because you asked me to, now I don’t appreciate the fact that now you want to
go traipsing off somewhere.” Xena scolded in low tones.

Diana turned to face Xena and wrapping her arms around Xena’s neck, she leaned
in and whispered in her ear.

“ Just let yourself enjoy the day with our friends, and trust me when I say,
you will thoroughly enjoy what I have planned for us.” Diana then casually
unfastened a few of the fasteners on Xena’s blouse, and she ducked her head
inside of her blouse and sucked hungerily on one of Xena’s now tightened

Xena kept her one arm where it was on the wall and the other she wrapped
around Diana’s waist and held her to her, as Diana caused Xena’s breast to
begin to produce. Then Diana bit down and Xena gasped. Diana then let go
abruptly and refastened the clasps. Wiping her lips, she gave Xena a passioned
filled gazed.

“ Okay! You are to be gone only a few Candlemarks, but no longer! Is that
clear?!” Xena growled.

“ Perrrfffeeecttlly.” Diana purred, and a shudder shot through Xena, as a
result of it.

“ Go before I change my mind.” Xena ordered. Diana gave her a quick peck on
the lips and then ducked under Xena’s arms and grabbing Gabrielle they ran to
catch up with the other women waiting for them.

“ I can’t believe Xena let you go?” Gabrielle said in surprise.

“ I promised her something.”

“ Well if your eyes are any indication as to what that is, then I see why she
let you.” Gabrielle said noticing the sapphire orbs.

“ Ok, ok, enough about me, are you ladies ready to do some serious shopping,
on me?”

“ Yes!!!!”

“ Well then, let’s go, and to make it more interesting, who ever gets the best
deal, I will treat to whatever dessert they want when we get back.”

“ DEAL!!!” Came all of the responses.

They all walked off towards the market place and when they arrived Diana went

DECEPTIONS Part 1 By D.virtue (F)
Fri, 29 Jan 1999 11:52:19 EST


into the clothier’s shop.

“ Welcome your Majesty, I didn’t know you and the Princess were in town, I
could have brought whatever you wanted to the palace.”

“ I know , but what would be the fun in that, right?”

“ I guess.”

“ We’re just here just to have some fun outside of the palace, just pretend
we’re normal customers, ok?”

“ But Your majesty, I couldn’t, Our Lord would have a fit.”

“ well Our Lord isn’t here is she?”

“ Well...”

“ That’s an order.’ Diana said pulling rank.

“ Yes Your Majesty.”

Diana smiled and then turned and she and the others begun to examine the
clothes, and then after they had made their minds up they bought what they
wanted and left.

“ I want to go to the scroll shop.” Gabrielle said.

“ Okay, to the scroll shop.” Diana agreed and they headed for the shop.

“ Mmmm...just smell those fresh parchments?”

“ Yeah, yeah, let’s just get what you came here for so we can leave.”

Shatara exclaimed when she smelled all of the new parchments. Diana laughed as
did Elain and Charli. The women left the shop after Gabrielle had decided on
what she wanted, along with the quills and inkwells. They all then headed to
the leather shop where all of them wanted to buy somethings for one reason or
another. After over a candlemark, Shatara suggested they go over to the Arena
and see what the events of the day were.

“ Well they usually have contest.” Elain said as they walked over to the

“ What type of contest?’ Shatara asked remembering the last time they were at
an arena watching a so called contest.

“ Races and things, usually Atalanta would be entered.”

“ Sounds like fun, and we’re all dressed for such games, let’s go see if there
are any contests going on, shall we?” Gabrielle said as she looked at Diana.

“ Okay, but we have to be back within two candlemarks to meet Xena and Questra
and the others for evening meal, if we’re late.....well, we’re not going to be
late ok?”

“ You got that right.” Gabrielle and Shatara both agreed.

They all went into the arena and stood looking down at the games of sword
play, and hand to hand, and other such things. Diana suddenly got an idea.

“ Do you ladies feel like playing a little of the game I taught all of us?”

“ What the football one?”

“ Yes, I mean we could teach it to the guys down there and then this won’t
have been a waste of our time, we’ll play a scaled down form of it.”

“ What do you mean?”

“ I mean, rather than having the real number of players on each side, and
playing it by the letter, we’ll play a pretty much catch and run game, but of
course the tackling will still be a part of it, but they would have to catch
us first, okay?”

All of the other women’s faces lit up, and then Charli said what the others
were thinking.

“ Let’s do it!”

“ Great!”

Diana explained the game to the men and the other women whom were there, and
they all agreed they thought it would be a fun game, especially the idea of
tackling Her Majesty.

“ Hope we don’t break you your Majesty, would hate for Our Lord to get upset
with us?”

“ hahahahaha, very funny fellow, but first you have to catch me to tackle me.”
Diana taunted back.

“The men against the women, we’ll win this with ease.” One of the men gloated.

“ Okay ladies, who wants to be Quarterback?” Diana asked.

“ I do?” Gabrielle said excitedly.

“ I thought you would.” Diana said with a smirk. “ Okay, since there are not
many of us, we will go with the most important positions. Blockers for the
Quarterback, and Wide receivers for the passing part of our game and
runningbacks for the running game, and we’ll play both the offensive and
defensive side of things okay?”

“ Okay.”

“ You got it Your Majesty.”

“ Alright let’s do this. We only have a candlemark and a half to play, then we
have to go.”

They all took their positions on the field and the men kicked off to the
women, and Larissa caught it , and All of the women blocked for her as she ran
towards the other end of the arena, that Diana had designated as the end zone.

Larissa was smart, she followed the path Diana had set for her, not knowing
that Diana would be able to handle the massive men coming at them, but Diana
did, she used her hands to push the men aside as if they were toys.

“ TOUCH DOWN!!” The makeshift referee shouted, and then looked at Diana and
asked, “ Is that what I was suppose to say?”

“ Yes!” Diana grinned.

The women then turned and looked at the men scattered along the path to the
end zone, and they all placed their hands on their hips and smiled. The men
groaned and then they smiled back and got back on their feet.

“ Okay, we see we have a serious game, okay ladies, let’s do this?”

“ You got it cutie.” Larissa said flirting with the man in front of her whom
she would be blocking.

Stacie took the position to snap the ball to Gabrielle. Diana was one of the
receivers, as was Shatara, and the others were blockers now. Gabrielle begun
her countdown, and when she got to the coded word, the ball was snapped to
her, and she backpeddled as the men came bearing down on her, she looked
left, then right, and seeing Diana open, she threw a bullet pass to Diana and
although it was high, Diana saw it and she saw the man heading towards her,
and just as he would have ran into her, she flipped over him and caught the
ball and ran the rest of the short distances to the end zone.

“ Okay Larissa, your a runningback, and Claris, your the other okay?”

“ Your highness, will you be the running back and I’ll become the wide

“ Okay.”

The snap took place and Gabrielle handed it off to Larissa, and she took off
running trying to break through the accumulated men, with the help of the
blockers and her quickness she was able to make it to the first down. They
played for over two candlemarks, and then Diana realized the time.

“ By The Gods!! We gotta go, Gods Our Lord will be having a fit. Thanks guys
for the game, maybe we can do it again sometimes?” Diana then grabbed
Gabrielle’s hand, and she grabbed Shatara’s, who then grabbed Elain’s, and
Elain caught Charli’s and they all raced out of the arena and down the streets
towards the inn.

When they arrived back at the Inn, they were all out of breath, and filthy
from the game. They all tried to clean themselves up, but Diana knew it was no
use, so flipping her hair back and smoothing it down, as did the others, they
all strolled into the inn and straight to the dining hall.

Everyone’s mouth fell open as they past, heading towards the reserved table.
Xena was just in the middle of taking a sip of her wine, when she saw the
disheveled women approaching the table.

“ What the....?” Was all Questra could manage.

“ By the....” Was Ephiny’s sentiment.

“ What in the world?” Was Nebula’s

“ Look at that?” Was Atalanta’s.

Xena’s eyes narrowed as they arrived at the table.

“ My Lord, I’m sorry we’re late, we.....sort of got into something.” Diana
said trying to explain.

Xena leaned back in her chair and resting her chin on her fist, she looked up
and down all of the women, and especially Diana, and then raising her brows,
she said, “ Your late. Go clean up and then come and join us, and we’ll talk
about your lateness.”

“ Yes My Lord.” Diana said as she lowered her eyes in deference, Gabrielle did
the same to both Rulers, and the other women all bowed, and they all turned
and headed out of the dining hall and went to get cleaned up in the bath house
that was out back of the Inn.

They returned a short while later and they all took their respective seats.

Diana greeted Xena properly as she then turned and sat between her thighs, and
Gabrielle did the same. Xena was pretty quiet, and Diana felt her mood, and
was concerned by it.

“ So what were you ladies doing that had you looking like a bunch of
ragamuffins?” Ephiny asked finally.

“ Playing a game.” Diana said, not sure what Xena would think.

“ What sort of Game Consort?”

“” Diana said as she flinched in anticipation of Xena yelling
at her.

“ With who?” Xena asked calmly.

“ Some of the locals.” Gabrielle put in.

“ What were the teams made up of?” Xena asked pointedly.

“ Male against female.” Elain put in.

“ I see, and how many times did my Consort get tackled?”

“ Hmm....not many, no where near what the rest of us did.”

“ two, three, four time?” Xena counted for the evasive women.

“ Three.” Diana answered.

“ three times, how?”

“ I don’t remember.”

“ It was the four men who had been flirting with you remember?” Elain said not
realizing that she was talking to a very different Xena.

“ Really? Is that right Consort?”

“ I’ll thank you later Elain.” Diana said with a smile. “ Yes My Lord, but
they were just taunting more so than flirting.”

“ Hmm, we’ll talk about it later. Eat.”

Diana picked up a roll and started to eat, as the evening progressed Diana
felt Xena’s mood becoming darker, despite all of the laughter at the table.

“ My Lord, I’m a little tired, would it be alright if we stayed here in town
for the night, and returned to the palace tomorrow?” Diana asked wanting to
set her plan into action.

“ Fine.”

“ Wonderful, I’ll go get us our room, and I’ll turn in for the night, I’ll
have the key to the room sent to you by the servant. Goodnight all, it’s been
wonderful.” Diana said as she stood and turned and kissed Xena goodnight.

Xena’s eyes were dark with anger, but Diana ignored it, and then stepped
around their chair and Diana headed to go and speak with the inn keeper, Xena
watched her go and her anger grew with leaps and bounds. But she sat where she
was and drunk her tea, as Questra sent Gabrielle to go and get them a room,
and before all was said and done, all of the women stayed at the inn.

Diana made a few stops between going to the room, and then she went up to it.
Xena came up after a while, rage in her heart because of Diana breaking her
word to her about a special surprise, that never materialized, and she spent
the day with all of those women, and especially with Nebula, for what? Only to
go to bed frustrated.

“ Well it’s not going to happen little girl, I will take what I want from you
and then beat you for lying to me.”

Xena opened the door and headed in. When she stepped inside she saw how the
room was lit. The candles that were lit provided a radiate glow throughout the
room, as they flickered from the light breeze that blew into the chamber.

Xena’s nose picked up the smell of cinnamon, and lilac and Hyacinth, she
cocked her head and looked side to side, and then she walked into the chamber
further as she observed all of the different things that were around her as
she went towards the bed chamber.

When Xena opened the door of the bedchamber, the first thing she saw was
Diana, dressed in a sheer robe, that hid nothing from the gaze, as the moons
light shined down on her as she stood looking out the window, leaning against
the frame of the window, radiant. Xena glanced to the side and saw the
fireplace lit and crackling, and fruit and cream and drinks were sitting on a
thick large fur covered rug. Xena then looked the other way and saw a stand
with a large basin of water steaming.

When Xena looked back to Diana, she found her looking at her.

“ What took you so long My Lord?” Diana asked softly as she glided over to
where Xena stood and caressig her face, she begun removing Xena’s clothes.

As Diana undressed Xena, she kissed the newly exposed areas of Xena’s body.
Xena stood where she was as Diana seduced her out of her clothes. Xena’s eyes
changed from anger and rage, to that of passion, as Diana removed her leather
skirt and kissed her around her firm abdomen and then removing Xena’s
underwear, Diana slid down to her knees as she caressed the exposed jewel of

Xena caught Diana’s head and holding her by her ebony hair, Xena closed her
eyes and allowed Diana to pleasure her. After Xena released as a result, Diana
rose to her full height and licking her lips sensually, she turned and holding
Xena’s hands, she pulled her with her to the steaming basin, where she
stopped, and turning she took a towel and dipping it in the soapy water, she
begun bathing Xena.

Xena stood enjoying the pampering, but she had not said anything, and had no
intentions of saying anything until they arrived at the actual union. Diana
finished bathing and rinsing Xena, and then drying her off, she then lead Xena
over to the fireplace and motioned for her to lay down on it.

Xena continued to look at Diana as she laid down on her stomach and Diana went
to her knees and picking up the oil, she poured some on her hand and rubbing
her hands together, she begun massaging Xena.

Xena closed her eyes as she let Diana’s talented hands relax the tension from
her body. Diana massaged every part of Xena’s back, from her head to the back
of her heels and soles of her feet.

Diana stopped only long enough for Xena to turn over and once again she poured
more oil into her hand and rubbed them together and begun massaging Xena’s
anterior side.

Diana took her time with the massage, and when she got to Xena’s jewel, she
slipped her fingers deep inside and massaged the muscles of Xena’s soaked
jewel, which only became more slick as a result.

Xena released for the third time and she actually had a slight smile on her
lips that told Diana that she was pleased. Diana continued the erotic massage
and moving down Xena’s muscular thighs and then to her long legs, and down to
her feet.

After Diana finished the massage, she moved the oils away and wiped her hands
on another towel, that she had purposely set to the side for her hands,
afterwards she laid the towel down and sitting down at Xena’s head, Diana
lifted her head up and then laid it on her lap.

She then picked up one of the many bowls of fruit, starting with the
strawberries, which were Xena’s favorite fruit. Diana dipped the fruit in the
cream and then offering it to Xena’s mouth. Xena raised a brow, but she opened
her mouth and took a bite of the sweet fruit and cream.

While she chewed, Diana took a bite of the fruit and waited for Xena to
finish. Then she lowered it to Xena’s mouth once again and again Xena took a
bite, and chewed it up. Diana fed Xena the different fruit, sharing bites
between, and then Xena held her hand up and Diana set the fruit and cream away
from them. When Diana moved Xena’s head from her lap to put the left overs
away from the fur rug, now that they were through with it, Xena had rolled to
her knees, and finally she took over.

While Diana’s back was too her, she had moved some of the pillows and
positioned them, when Diana turned back around she saw Xena resting back on
her heels with her hands on her lap. Diana’s brows knitted, and when she
started to speak, Xena raised a hand and gesturing with her finger told Diana
not to speak.

Diana closed her mouth, but continued to look at Xena. Xena motioned with her
eyes for Diana to lay across the pillows on her stomach. Diana swallowed
slightly harder, but then licking her lips she moved to where Xena had
instructed her. It had been almost a year since Xena had taken her that way,
and she wasn’t sure if she could handle it.

Xena did not remove the sheer robe Diana was wearing, but instead just lifted
the back of it to truly expose Diana’s round firm backside. Xena didn’t say a
word, but instead she laid ten quick swats to Diana’s carmel bronze behind,
and when Diana tried to move to get up, Xena laid over top of her and caressed
Diana’s hips and behind, and despite the pain, Diana found her body was
stimulated to where her nipples were taut already.

Xena formed the phallus and slowly slipped deep into Diana’s flower and begun
thrusting with slow gyrating motions, going deep and then almost completely
withdrawing, only to thust in deep once again.

Xena took Diana to the edge and then when she felt Diana nearing her first
release, she pulled out and slowly parted Diana’s backside and begun sliding
in from the natural slickness from Diana’s flower.

Diana begun tensing, and tried without really realizing it, to move away, but
Xena held her firmly and as she did, she pushed into the crying woman’s
tighten gate once again.

Finally after what seemed like forever, Xena slipped in and begun thrusting
right away. Diana grunted as Xena took her pleasure of the young woman. When
Diana had relaxed enough to begin to enjoy it, she once again was building
towards her release. While Xena leaned over Diana’s back, and when she felt
Diana start to shiver, she knew she was ready, so she bit into the exposed
part of Diana’s shoulder and holding Diana’s hips she let her passion take

When it was over, both Diana and Xena were breathing hard and perspiration
was pouring from their brows. Diana now laid on her side with Xena holding her
tightly around her waist. Xena allowed Diana to go to sleep, but she remained
awake as they now laid in the bed.

Xena let go of Diana and rolled off of the bed to her feet and redressed. She
then headed for the door, but before she went out, she looked back at the
young woman holding her pillow, and looking down the nude sensual body of the
young woman, Xena’s eyes narrowed. She then turned and went out the door of
the chamber and headed down the corridor to Questra’s chamber.

When she entered into the room she found the two asleep. Xena walked over and
tapped Questra on the shoulder and Questra opened her eyes and saw Xena
gesturing for her to get up and follow her.

Questra frowned, but then she eased out of the bed and followed Xena out into
the corridor.

“ Xena what is it? I was really enjoying the dream my Consort was having, it
was about us making out on my horse.”

“ Well I’m happy for you, but I wanted to tell you something.”

“ What?”

“ I want to keep My Consort after all of this is over with.”

“ WHAT??!! Are you telling me you’ve falling in love with your sex toy?!”
Questra asked with disgust at the thought of Xena falling in Love.

“ No! Of Course not! But I just realized after our last session, that she is
the only one who can bring me such delicious pleasure. I find myself wanting
to just hold on to her and absorb every bit of her essences. Do you know that
the level of ecstasy we reach together actually caused a physical change in

“ What are you talking about?”

“ Her nipples are not longer raven black, they are now bronze, and the way
they just stand there. They look like two soldiers standing at attention. They
are absolutely incredible! That Consort of mine is completely addicting, not
once since we’ve been together have My orgasms been anywhere near the same.
Questra each and everytime I’m with that Consort, I just want to consume her,
I feel my ecstasy from the soles of my feet to the root of my hair. I WANT
HER! AND I WILL HAVE HER!” Xena shook with overwhelming obsession. As her
teeth gritted.

“ Xena how do you expect for that to happen?! When this is over, it won’t be
about sex, it’s about taking over the world, and eventually the universe. You
can have any one you want once this is all over with. But I don’t know about
her? I’m sure that she will fight you at every turn and possibly kill you if
she could.” Questra said with a slight smirk of amusement at the sick pleasure
she seem to be getting from Xena’s dilemna.

“ Then I will take her as I will, and her hate be damned. But I will have

“ Xena I think your just too hyped up on the little woman, I think after
everything starts, you will calm down and find a new passion, and that will be
the destruction of all who stand in our way, and I can assure you, your little
Consort will probably be leading the way?”

“ Then I’ll take the leader out of the picture and the rest will surrender,
and if they don’t.....then we will destroy all of them, and I will still have

“ Xena you saw the woman fight, she fought you! If she’s willing to fight you
to protect a damn FRIEND! Knowing what the risk is to herself, what do you
think she is going to be like when she finds out that your not Her Xena! and
that you only used her to bring the Evil one here so that he could take over,
and the fact that you screwed her just for the lust of it. Do you really think
she will welcome you with open arms to her bed?!”

“ No, but I don’t need an invitation to take what is mine.”

“ Xena she’s not YOURS. She won’t be yours when this is over with.”

“ Questra....I’m telling you, I will have her, willingly, or not!”

Questra sighed deeply, knowing Xena had her mind set, and there was no
changing it.

“ Okay Xena, we’ll work it out someway, who knows? Maybe she’ll be given to
you as a reward for bringing the Great one here?”

“ Maybe, maybe not, but I will have her.” Xena said as she turned and went
back to the room her and Diana had.

Questra simply shook her head, and then moving her hair back out of her face
she smirked, and turned and walked out of the corridor, back into the room.
Meanwhile on the staircase Nebula stood with her mouth dropped open at the
whole conversation she heard. Her heart was pounding wildly in her chest, and
she waited until both women had returned to their rooms, before she chanced
moving, and then she eased down the stairs and back to the tavern where she
had just come out of, to have a drink, and think aobut what she was going to

“ By The Gods!” Nebula exclaimed to herself, as she took a deep drink of her

The End of Part 1 of Deceptions
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