By D.virtue


“ Alright Nebula, what are you going to do? You have to find a way to get
Diana alone to tell her what you heard, but how? Xena’s not going to let Diana
go anywhere with you alone. Ok, ok, maybe I can tell Ephiny what I heard?”
Nebula sat and talked to herself trying to figure out what she had heard and
the to try and figure out how to tell Diana that the Xena that was with her,
was not her Xena. “ By The Gods! Who are they?”

In the other time Xena and Questra both thought they saw a gleam of hope in
the fact that Nebula now new about who the two impostors weren’t

“ Questra, if she helps get us out of here, I will let Diana go on another
voyage with her.” Xena stated as she stared at the imager with some hope now
trying to shine through.

“ I’m sure you will.” Questra said as she looked over at Xena and for the
first time since they had been prisoners, Xena smiled.

“ OH......Ladies, you don’t think it will be that you? You forget,
how many wonderful gifts my little ladies have up their sleeves. Watch.”

The next morning came and all of the women met for morning meal. Xena and
Diana were the last to join, seeing how Xena wanted to have her main course,
and then meet to have her appetizers.

“ Good morning everyone, sorry we kept all of you waiting, but Lord Xena
wanted to take care of something first before we came down.” Diana explained
as they headed for their chair/s.

As Diana passed Nebula, she tried to get Diana’s attention without being
obvious, but Xena was coming right behind her, and she saw the attempts and
raised a brow at Nebula without saying anything. Nebula smiled slightly, and
then looked back to her goblet on the table.

Diana at that same moment felt a darkness, and she stopped to look around at
the people at the table, and Xena realized what she was doing and she changed
her mood, and pretended to not notice what Diana was doing.

“ Why did you stop Consort?”

“ Oh, I....” Diana paused a moment to see if she felt it any longer, and when
she didn’t she shook her head and giving a smile to Xena she finished. “ It
was nothing, I just thought I felt something. Anyway, doesn’t matter.” Diana
then continued to their seats.

After they had taken their seats, Diana leaned over to Gabrielle and

“ Did you feel anything a moment ago?”

“ No, but of course Questra sort of had me distracted.” Gabrielle said with a
sheepish grin.

“ Hmm....okay.” Diana said as she leaned back.

“ What was that about?” Xena whispered in Diana ear.

“ Nothing, I was just asking Gabrielle something.”

“ Hmm...” Xena replied as she sat back taking a goblet of milk with her, and
turning her attention to the woman at the other end of the table who was
trying to be discreet about her curiosity.

After a short while during the morning meal, and the conversation going back
and forth between the many people at the table, Xena picked up a thought by

“ How am I going to get Diana away from her?”

Nebula stood up and it was Diana to ask.

“ Where are you going Nebula?”

“ I’ll be right back, I need to go and check something in my room.”

“ Oh, okay, hurry back.”

When Nebula had gone around the corner to go to her room, after a few minutes
Xena excused herself, on the premise of going to speak with a Dignitary she
said she saw pass by.

“ Well don’t take forever.” Diana said as Xena gave her a lustful kiss, then
raising her brow, she turned and walked out the dining hall, and headed
straight for Nebula’s room.

“ Xena?! I mean Lord Xena?” Nebula stammered at the sudden appearance of Xena
in her room.

“ Xena? Lord Xena? What happened to My Lord?” Xena asked sarcastically as she
studied Nebula’s nervous behavior.

“ Lord Xena....I Mean My Lord....”

“ It sounds forced, why is that Nebula? “ Xena continued to circle the woman
as she eyed her.

“ It’s just that you startled me, that’s all. What do you want?”

Xena’s brows went up in question in regards to how she was being spoken to.

“ WHAT do I want?! Don’t you mean what can you do for me Nebula?”

“ Yes, of course, what can I do for you?”

“ Why are you so nervous around me?”

“ I don’t think I’m nervous, maybe just a little cautious.”

“ Why? I gave Diana my word that I wouldn’t hurt you anymore, as long as you
didn’t try to touch her or come on to her?”

“ I realize that.”

“ Then again I ask you, why are you so nervous?”

“ I don’t know.”

“ Really? Why are you lying to me?”

“ I don’t know what you mean.”

“ Another lie.” Xena stated as she called them as she saw.

Nebula turned away from Xena realizing she was reading her eyes.

“ My Lord What is it you want from me?” Nebula said cringing at the forced
respect she had to give to keep Xena from finding out what she knew.

“ What is it that you don’t want me to find out Nebula?”

“ Nothing.” Nebula said as she walked over to a table to give herself a reason
to not look back at Xena.

“ Princess Nebula.....I do not appreciate talking to someone’s back, it makes
me distrustful of them, and when I begin to distrust, it makes me irritated,
so I suggest you turn around and face me.” Xena hissed as the darkness within
her began to show it’s self in her eyes.

“ Forgive me.” Nebula said as she turned to look at the woman.

“ So what are you hiding?” Xena asked again.

“ Just my feelings for Diana, but you already know that.” Nebula said hoping
to sidetrack Xena’s train of thought.

“ No.....that’s not it. It’s something else, your scared about me finding out
something, I can feel your fear building as we talk, what is it Nebula, why
are you almost deathly afraid of me? Why are you looking at me like I’m some
stranger? You know me, just like you know Lord Questra, right? Or am I wrong?
Could it be that the love struck Nebula thinks she knows something about me,
that maybe she shouldn’t? “ Xena taunted as she moved slowly towards Nebula.

“ I don’t know what your talking about Lord Xena>” Nebula said trying to
maintain her story.

“ Oh, back to Lord Xena? Hmmm.... I think your trying to makeup some excuse to
try to get Diana by formulating some elaborate lie. But let me assure you
Nebula, it won’t work, if anything Diana will turn against you for even
trying, so if I were you, I would just forget about what you think you know,
and disappear, before you truly do lose My Consorts friendship.”

“ She’s not your Consort!” Nebula hissed back.

Xena’s eyes lit with darkness as she now heard Nebula’s thoughts racing
through her mind.

“ hahahahaha, so you believe I’m not me, and Questra isn’t herself either?
Then who are we Nebula?”

“ I don’t know, but I know your not the real Xena and Questra.”

“ How is it that you know that and Diana and Gabrielle don’t, I mean we are
bonded and connected by our souls?”

“ I don’t know, maybe you put a spell or something on them, but I know once
they find out the truth, they’ll want to destroy you and that fake Questra!”

“ You think? Well Nebula....” Xena purred as she got right in Nebula’s face. “
Let me clue you in to something, even IF what you say is true,and Questra and
myself are found to be ...Fakes , as you say, it will make no differences,
Diana can not destroy me, or Questra, and because of Diana’s influence on
Gabrielle, she is now unable to fulfill that task as well, because if either
one of them dares to try to kill us, they themselves will die also, THAT'S how
strong a connection we all have.” Xena sneered as she glared at Nebula who was
speechless for the moment.

“ Well even if that were true, the real Xena and Questra could destroy you?”
Nebula stated more as a question than a conviction.

“ Wrong again Princess.... the fact still remains that we are ALL connected,
if there were another Xena and Questra, and they killed us, then they would
have killed our little Consorts as well.”

“ Well if someone else destroyed the two of you then they would not be

“ True, but let me ask you this, who’s going to do it, you? And what’s to
prevent us from coming back with the help of a God?”

“ well then banishment will have to do.”

“ hahahahahaha. Nebula, let me give you a piece of advise, mind your own
business, before you get really hurt, or worst. I will not stand for any
interference with my Consort, especially by you.” Xena then turned and walked
out of the chamber and headed down the stairs once again towards the dining

“ Lord Xena?” Consul Urur called.

“ Consul Urur, what brings you here?”

“ I was just passing through with my family and thought we would stop in for
the night to rest last night and then be on our way this morning.”

“ Oh, well it’s nice to see you, tell Hesita, Diana and I said hello?”

“ I will, always nice to see you Lord Xena.”

“ Xena?” Diana called from the door of the dining hall.

“ Oh, Diana, come here and say hello to Consul Urur.” Xena called.

“ Oh, hello Consul Urur, it has been a long time, how is Hesita and the
children doing?”

Their doing wonderful, they are waiting for me out in the carriage, so I
better get going before they get upset?” Consul Urur stated with humor in his

“ Yes, by all means, please don’t keep them waiting.” Diana said as she
embraced the Consul, who had been like a older brother to her when she had
lost her way, when Xena had been killed.

“ Mmm, you take care of yourself Diana.”

“ I will. Tell everyone we said hello.”

“ Alright, bye.” The consul called over his shoulder as he headed out the

“ Well it certainly took you long enough Xena, I was getting concerned that
you had gotten involved in some business or something, so I was coming to pull
you away from it.” Diana teased as she hugged Xena’s arm that was wrapped
around her waist.

Xena looked down at Diana and with a look of both study and desire she smiled
slightly at the fact that Diana really couldn’t tell who she was not her Xena.
Diana misread the smile and smiling back she blushed and then gave a coy
glance back up to Xena.

Xena turned Diana in her arms and planted a passioned filled kiss on her.

“ Mmmmmm....I like when you do that Xena.” Diana sighed as the two held each
other for a moment, and then Xena lifted Diana’s chin up and returned her
thoughts on it.

“ I love the way you respond to it.” Xena said through her teeth.

Diana smiled and Xena just narrowed her eyes in a thoughtful, studying gaze.

“ Come on, we have to get back to our friends Xena.” Diana said as she turned
from Xena and held her hand as she lead her back to the dining hall.

“ Oh, there you two are, we were wondering if you were..... coming back?”
Ephiny said with a knowing glance at the two.

“ Yes, Xena was just finishing up her conversation with Consul Urur.” Diana

A few minutes after the two returned to the table, Nebula was on her way back
down to the dining hall after calming herself of the encounter she and Xena

“ Questra?” Xena called with her mind.

“ Yes?”

“ That bitch Nebula is onto us, although she isn't one hundred percent sure,
but she overheard our conversation, or parts there of, she believes you and I
aren’t these two Consorts mates, and she wants to tell them, but she’s afraid,
I told her she would lose Diana’s friendship if she tried.”

“ How do you plan on doing that?”

“ You’ll see if she tries, I think you will really enjoy it. But when it
happens you need to make it a big deal about it, that way, everyone else will
also, and she won’t have anyone of these women to turn to, and then you can
work on Diana about how deceitful she had been all of this time, just build it
up.” Xena stated with her mind as she caressed Diana’s hair, while Diana
talked to everyone.

Nebula came around the corner back into the dining hall, and she had a
determined look on her face, Xena sat and casually glanced at her and then
turned her attention to Shatara, and pretended to not be paying attention to
Nebula as she focused on Diana.

Diana saw Nebula’s determined gaze and knitting her brows she stood up and
stepped out from between the seat she was in with Xena to stand by the chair.

“ Where are you going Consort?’ Xena asked remaining casual in tone.

“ Just right here, it looks like Nebula has something on her mind. You don’t
mind do you?”

“ No, I trust you, and she gave her word that she would not do anything to
disrespect me, so go ahead.” Xena said conversationally.

“ What are you doing?” Questra called with her mind.

“ You’ll see.”

“ Diana, I need to talk to you.” Nebula stated matter of factly.

The tone of Nebula’s voice made everyone look up at the two.

“ What is it Nebula?”

“ it’s about Xena.”

Diana’s brows knitted further and she looked back at Xena and then back at

“ What about her?”

“ I have to tell you something, and......” Nebula started, but then Xena put
another thought into Nebula’s mind alone with a plan.

“ And what Nebula?”

“ And I don’t care what I promised that Bitch, I want you and I’ve wanted to
do this for such a long time!” Nebula exclaimed as she snatched Diana into her
arms and kissed her fiercely.

Diana was shocked by Nebula’s previous statement as was everyone else, but
when Nebula pulled Diana to her and begun kissing her, it caused everyone to
become outraged.

“ NEBULA?!!” Ephiny shouted.

Questra was on her feet, as was Gabrielle.

“ Nebula ! Stop!” Gabrielle scolded.

Diana was suddenly brought back upwards, and Nebula stood with a satisfied
smile on her face. Diana stood stunned, and then after a moment she shook her
head and with a confused yet angry gaze, she stepped back out of Nebula’s

“ Nebula? What do you think you were doing? How could you betray my trust, as
well as disrespect Our Lord, and My Mate with such outrageous behavior, I
can’t believe you, why? Why would you do something so wrong?!” Diana asked
near tears, from her anger and pain.

“ I want you.” Nebula stated simply.

“ Nebula your wrong. You need to leave.”

“ Not without you.”

“ HA! Nebula, what’s wrong with you?” Diana asked concerned about Nebula’s

“ Nothing, I’m just not going to leave without you.”

“ Nebula I’m not going anywhere with you, and I never will, I can’t be friends
with someone who just blatantly disrespects the woman I love,

“ Diana I need to say something to you?”

“ I think you said enough Nebula.” Gabrielle honed in as Diana turned away and
walked back to where she had been sitting, and seeing Xena on her feet with
rage in her eyes, Diana went into her arms and Xena wrapped her arms around
her and stood protectively over Diana as Diana sobbed into Xena’s chest.

“ Nebula leave.” Ephiny commanded.

“ Can’t you people see what she is doing here?”

“ Nebula, you have 5 seconds to leave before I lose my temper and strike you
down. I don’t ever want to see you near Diana, or Gabrielle again.” Xena
hissed as Diana held her tighter, feeling Xena’s rage building with every

Nebula looked to the other women and was about to say something else.

“ Nebula, we don’t want anything to do with someone who would blatantly hurt
Diana, and disrespect Our Lord, don’t come around us either, you won’t be
welcomed.” Ephiny stated with the command she held as Amazon Queen.

“ It looks like you not only lost the friendship of Diana, but also that of
everyone else Nebula, no one wants to be associated with someone who would
dishonor a friend, the way you have, and especially in a public place, now get
out of here and don’t come back.” Questra stated as she sat with her long legs
crossed glaring at the ostracized woman.

Nebula looked back at Diana who still had her face turned to Xena and so she
did not see the plead in Nebula’s eyes. nebula looked up into Xena’s piercing
blues and turning on her heels she strided out of the dining hall and out of
the Inn, and left the area.

“ Good job Lord Xena.” Questra praised using her mind, as a ghost of a smile
hid in the shadows of the mask she was wearing.

“ What can I say, I have many skills.” Xena spoke evilly with her mind, as she
held Diana tightly in her arms and listened to all of the support she now had
against Nebula.

Xena knew that now, anything Nebula said would fall on deaf ears as far as
Diana and then others were concerned, because it would be looked upon as an
obsessive woman’s ploy at trying to break the two of them up. Xena smiled
brightly to herself at the new development.

Meanwhile back in the other time, Xena and Questra watched in awe at the whole

“ I can’t believe it.” Questra said stunned.

“ Believe it Ladies, I told you it would be art in motion, she’s just

“ No she’s not, she doesn’t know how to love.” Xena stated while looking at
the imager thoughtfully.

“ Later when Xena and all of them had returned to the palace, Diana excused
herself and went to her’s and Xena’s chamber, Gabrielle thought to follow, but
Questra stopped her since Xena went to go and be with her Consort.

“ Diana?”

“ Xena, I really don’t feel like talking about this, I know how you feel about
her, and I’m really feeling sad about having to give up a friend, but I
couldn’t let her or anyone do to you what she did, I hope you know I felt
nothing when she kissed me?” Diana asked softly as she sat up on the bed and
looked up at Xena.

“ I know, but thank you for saying it.” Xena stated with sincere satisfaction.

Diana gave a half hearted smile that didn’t quite show up as a smile. Xena sat
down on the bed and looking into the hurting eyes of her Consort, Xena
caressed Diana’s cheek to show the sentiment that she thought was appropriate.

Diana leaned into the caress and Xena intensified it with a firmer touch, and
Diana moved closer to Xena and Xena smiled, and Diana demurely begun
unfastening Xena’s closes, and removing them piece by piece, until Xena laid
naked next to her.

Diana had started the encounter, but it was Xena who soon took it over. Diana
was now moaning and sighing deeply as Xena ravaged her hot blushed body. Xena
knew what Diana was doing when she started the encounter, she just wanted to
not think about Nebula, and what she did, and Xena was happy to oblige.

Xena’s body shook with hunger and desire, as she fed off of Diana’s essence,
and when Diana slipped into unconsciousness, Xena fell off of her as if
Diana’s body were a furnace and she an ice house.

“ AHHHHH!!!!!! “ Was all Xena could sigh as she laid stunned and lightheaded
from Diana’s passion, mixed with her own. “ I’m going to keep you Consort, no
matter what I have to do.”

Xena Let Morpheus take her and she slept contently as she held Diana’s form
fitting body that molded perfectly to Xena’s own body.

“ You’ll die trying.” Xena the trapped woman hissed as she continued to watch
and feel all of the contact between her Consort, and the impostor.

The next morning, Xena awoke and after taking Diana before they arose out of
the bed, they went to eat and Xena talked to Diana about the upcoming days

“ Alright Diana, today we’re going to practice the levitation, and our
positions in it, and for the next week, and there will be no interruptions,
for the next week it will just be either the two of us, or the four, but no
one else, we have to be ready to do this by next week, and with interruptions,
that just sets us back, and this is too important to be putting off, and I
won’t allow anymore distractions, is that clear?”

“ Xena your just still upset about Nebula.” Diana said with a slight smirk.

Xena grabbed Diana’s wrist and holding it tightly in her vice like grip she
glared at Diana.

“ Oww...Xena, your hurting my wrist.” Diana said as she winced when Xena’s
grip tighten. “ Oww..... what?”

“ T.h.i.s....h.a.s....n.o.t.h.i.n.g. To do with her. This is about doing what
we have to to bring who we have to here, do you understand Consort?!”

“ Yes! Please let go.” Diana pleaded.

Xena glared at her a moment longer, and then she let go of Diana’s wrist and
went on.

“ Anyway, I expect for you to focus on nothing but what your suppose to.”

“ Xena I’m suppose to go and speak with the magistrates about some of the
upcoming land deals.”

“ No.”

“ Xena, I have put this off for a long time, I have to go and do this, I’ll
meet all of you in the garden in about 3 candlemarks.”

“ No. Diana you don’t seem to get it, I’m not asking you to do this, I’m
telling you, this is not a debate, you will focus on nothing else, except for
what I have told you to focus on.”

“ Xena your being unreasonable!” Diana said raising her voice as she came to
her feet.

Xena gave Diana a curious gaze of amusement and challenge. Then she said
through her teeth.

“ Sit down Consort.”

Diana gave Xena an irritated gaze and then she sat down in the chair facing
Xena and crossed her arms over her chest. Xena’s gaze narrowed and studying
Diana for a moment to see if she were going to straighten up, knowing how she
felt about her pouting, when Diana didn’t, Xena sneered and her canines showed
as she brought her hands down hard on Diana’s exposed thigh.

“ OWW!!! Xena?!! what was that for?!”

Xena grabbed Diana’s hair and pulled her close.

“ I told you how I felt about your pouting, and seeing how you weren’t going
to stop yourself, I figured I would, now don’t do it again.” Xena scolded, as
her sapphire eyes flamed.

Diana had continued rubbing her thigh as she listened to Xena.

“ Fine.” Diana said having a hard time now pouting again.

Xena just raised a brow at Diana’s efforts and continued to watch her. Diana
chewed her lips and then went to stand up, but Xena’s quick hand caught her
and held her in her place.

“ No, we’re not finished. Xena said knowingly.

Diana sat back in her chair, and Xena picked up her tea and took a sip as she
looked at Diana from over top of her cup. Diana sat thinking and then she
looked up to see Xena still looking at her with one raised brow, and curiosity
shining in her eyes.

“ What?” Diana asked due to Xena’s relentless gaze.

Xena didn’t answer, she just sipped her tea and continued looking and studying
Diana. Diana knitted her brows and waited fro Xena to answer her, but when she
didn’t Diana chewed her lips and then realizing Xena wasn’t going to answer
her, she decided to let her previous question go.

“ Ok, so your not going to answer me, fine.” Diana said as she went to stand
up again and get ready to go practice.

“ Who told you to get up out of that chair?” Xena asked with a questioning
brow raised as her gazed remained fixed on Diana.

“ No one, I just thought we might as well go and practice since you seem to be
in one of your moods?”

“ You thought wrong, now sit down.” Xena scolded.

Diana looked at Xena with confusion on her face, but she sat back down and
once again Xena sat and jut studied her. Diana shifted in her chair somewhat
nervously, and then played with her hands as her anxiety built over Xena’s
deafening silence. Diana glanced up at Xena from time to time to find her
still focused on her with those steel sapphires. Diana rocked on her chair
slightly as Xena’s fixed gaze pierced into her.

Finally Diana took a deep breath and glancing up at Xena and then looking
down, she finally spoke, more out of need then anything.

“ What?! What did I do Xena? “

“ What makes you think you did something?”

“ Because of the silent treatment your giving me. I hate when you do that, but
usually I can deal with it. But just sitting here with you staring at me like
that, well it’s very .......rude. Diana said changing her mind about her
initial thinking.

“ Well I just find it interesting that you think it is ok for you to disobey
me, despite whether it is something major or minor, you seem to have this
belief that it’s okay with me, or that I will let it past without saying or
doing anything? I mean I know you think just because your my bonded Consort
that it is ok, and that you should be able to get away with a lot more than
everyone else, and in some cases that would make sense, but I’m just wondering
why you think that?”

“ Xena....stop teasing me?” Diana said as she went to lay a dismissing swat to
Xena’s thigh, only to have her hand caught in that vice like grip once again.

“ Do I look like I’m teasing you Consort?”

Diana looked at Xena, and with a look of contriteness, Diana shook her head

“ Good, now, like I was saying you seem to be under the impression that you
can do what you want, well let me straighten something out for you Diana, you
can’t, so from now on, when I tell you to do something, I don’t want any
questions, I don’t want to hear any, if, and or buts, just do what your told
and what your suppose to do and I will not get upset with you and have to whip
you again, clear?”

Diana looked at Xena and rather than just answering her question like one of
Xena’s soldiers would, Diana sat up and giving Xena a self determined gaze,
she spoke.

“ Xena I don’t know where all of this is coming from, I can only assume your
still upset about Nebula, but even if that’s not it, I will tell you now, I am
not one of your soldiers,or one of your yes men or women, and I will not be
treated as such by you, I have always tried to show you the respect you
deserve, I have changed the people’s mind about , and I am not saying this
because I want credit for that, but rather I want you to realize that you can
not expect for me to act or behave like everyone else, because my very being
is different from everyone else. I have no problems doing what you tell me to
do, but there are times I have questions, and as your Consort, I at least
expect for you to speak to me about whatever concerns I may have, as I would
do no less for you, if I can’t question you at times, then what makes me any
different than any of your soldiers other than the fact that you bed me?”

Xena cocked her head at Diana and then she sat down next to her.

“ I have no problem with you questioning me about the minor things, but I will
not tolerate being contradicted in front of anyone, especially by my Consort.”

“ I understand that, and I accepted that a long time ago, but whether minor
or major, there are times when I think you may be wrong and if it’s a matter
of life or death of some innocent person, because you not wanting to believe
the person, or me speaking for the person, then we will always continue to
butt heads, but I will love you no less, besides, all relationships worth
having have their disagreements.”

“ Maybe so, but in your case, your disagreeing with me in public can lead to
your behind being redden, which you know is my favorite punishment for you.”
Xena answered with a wick gleam in her eyes.

“ Hm...okay, you have a point, well I’ll be careful where I contradict you
then.” Diana said with a small smile.

“ Don’t contradict me, and you won’t have to worry about it.” Xena stated

“ Ok, I can see we’re not going to get anywhere with this, can we go and
practice and then relax before we turn in?”

“ Yes. Let’s go.”

Diana and Xena met up with Gabrielle and Questra in the garden, and they
practiced for the whole day, Xena got upset with Diana a few times, and
Questra with Gabrielle, at other times.

Finally Xena called an end to the practice, and Gabrielle and Diana both
sighed and said under their breaths.

“ Man, it’s about time, I am tired.”

“ I know what you mean, that bath is going to feel soooo...good, my muscles
are all tight and knotted, thanks to the commando team there.” Diana pointed

Gabrielle yawned and said through her stretch, “ I agree, I can’t to hit that

“ Okay you two, can we turn in for the night please?” Diana asked as Xena and
Questra glanced over at them, and then Xena smirked and said in a seductive
voice, that vibrated through Diana.

“ Definitely.”

Diana shook off the sensation and then placing her hands on her hips she
leaned back on her heels and raking her eyes up and down Xena’s tall form, she
replied with a slightly contradicting tone.

“ Oh...I don’t think we’ll be going there tonight love, you wanted to practice
all day and evening, well now I’m going to go bathe and then sleep the rest of
the night, so just get that thought right out of that beautiful head of yours
and deal with it.” Diana then turned and headed for the palace with Gabrielle
striding right along with her.

“ you really think Xena is going to go for that?”

“ Well I know she will have a lot to say, that’s why I want to get cleaned up
as soon as possible and get in bed and try to be asleep before she gets to the

“ hahahahaa, you two are something else.”

“ well it’s her fault, she shouldn’t have worked us so much.”

Diana then glanced over her shoulder and saw the two women smirking at her as
they headed for the two.

“ Okay Gabrielle, when we get inside and the door closes, we take off for our
rooms, I’ll see you tomorrow, I love you.” Diana said as she hugged Gabrielle,
and then the two turned and continued walking.

Once they had arrived at the palace and had gone inside, they took off. When
Diana got to their room, she stripped and then rather than taking a bath she
stepped through the mirror Apparatus and then coming out the other side all
cleaned and refreshed, but still wanting to just sleep she smiled to herself
at the fact that she was actually going to make it into bed before Xena
arrived and took her.

But when Diana turned and started to head for the bed, she stopped in her
tracks, and her mouth fell open.

“ Ho...How did you get here so fast?” She stammered.

“ I’ve been here since you looked back at Questra and me in the garden. Now,
come on and get in bed Consort, I have plans for us.”

“ Xena, No, I’m tired, and I just want to sleep. My muscles are all tight and
I feel like I have some knots in some of them.” Diana protested.

“ I’ll make you a deal, I’ll massage out all of those knots, if you do what I

Diana stood thinking about Xena’s offer, Xena did have magical fingers and

“ What do you want me to do, and for how long?”

Xena came to her hands and knees looking for all the world like a cat about to
pouch, with her pearl white teeth bared. Diana blushed ferociously as she
stepped back instinctively.

“ Just do what you do best.” Xena purred with that silky smooth voice of hers.

Diana felt the timbre run up her spine, and a shiver ran down.

“ And that would be....?”

“ Make me feel..... complete.” Xena said completely focused on Diana’s wide

Diana swallowed with a lot of difficulty, as her breathing begun to increase
as she stool hypnotized by Xena’s wondrous gaze.

“ ok.” Was all Diana could manage, and the sheepish grin increased more, and
Diana shivered again as a result.

“ Come here then.” Xena said invitingly, and Diana moved back towards the bed
slowly, and without breaking eye contact with Xena.

Diana crawled up on the bed and Xena laid her down on her stomach and quickly
retrieving oil, she put her skilled hands and fingers to work, before long
Diana was sighing and moaning, and before long her body felt as though she had
been resting the whole day.

“ How’s that?” Xena asked knowingly.

Diana slowly raised up to a sitting position and looking through her hooded
lids she went to her knees and pushing Xena back slowly, as she crawled over
Xena’s long perfectly chiselled body, she came to a stop at Xena’s lips and
just before she touched, she whispered in a sultry voice.

“ Let me show you.” Then their lips met and what started out heated soon
turned to an intense and raging fire.

When Diana was through both she and Xena laid back breathing hard and trying
to gain control over their breathing. Finally it was Xena who managed first.
She opened her eyes and rolled to her side to look at Diana who was still
trying to gain control.

Xena was intrigued by the woman to no end, and she just watched and waited,
and when Diana’s breathing finally evened and slowed, Xena leaned down to her
ear and whispered.

“ I guess you showed me.” Xena then rolled back onto her side and chuckled
when she saw the blush cover Diana’s body once again, and heard the sigh,
escape her lips.

Meanwhile the trapped Xena and Questra were talking, using their minds.

“ I think the best way to get out of here will be for us to go when he goes,
I’m thinking that when he arrives back there he will be in mortal form, or at
the least maybe we can even find a way to keep him here when they perform the
ritual to open the portal.”

“ But Xena we can’t even touch him? How are we going to stop him from

“ I was thinking about that as well, it seems like our clones are capable of
doing out of body things, and if they can do it, then I figure so can we, and
if that’s the fact then we can use that to find a way to restraint him here
once the portal opens.”

“ Then we return and he stays?”

“ Right. Then we take care of our two clones.”

“ Yes.”

“ Gabrielle get over here right now!” Questra commanded of Gabrielle due to
her getting impatient with her writing once again.

“ I’m almost done, I’ll be right there.”

“ What did I tell you little girl?” Questra sneered as she started to move to
come to her feet off of the bed, but Gabrielle dropped the quill she was
holding in mid sentence and jumped to her feet and went over to the bed.

“ I’m here, you don’t have to get up.” Gabrielle said concerned at the look
she was getting.

“ Get in.”

Gabrielle climbed under the covers and laying back on her back Questra begun
fondling her breast and the soft peaks which soon became taut. Questra
captured one of the peaks in her mouth and sucking and biting somewhat hard on
it, Gabrielle was squirming underneath the ardor of Questra’s affection.

Questra’s hands were storming towards Gabrielle’s blossom, and only stopping
for a moment to touch the peak that hid within, thus making Gabrielle blush to
her roots. Questra then moved down and slipped into the slippery bloom and
buried two fingers deep inside, and Gabrielle’s breath caught and held until
Questra begun a deep thrusting rhythm, and then Gabrielle panted her way
towards her ecstasy as she buried four fingers deep into Questra and picked up
the same rhythm.

Questra was now flushed in her own cheeks as she neared her release.

“ Questra?”

Questra looked at Gabrielle through her smoky eyes, and with a slight nod of
her head she gave her approval, and Gabrielle fell over into her ecstasy, and
Questra absorbed Gabrielle’s ecstasy with ravaging ardor.

The next few days were quiet, and one evening after practicing, Diana had told
Xena she wanted to sit out in the garden for a while, and Xena not being for
sentimentalism, she allowed her to stay.

“ Make sure your in bed in two candlemarks, I expect my evening.....drink.”
Xena stated covertly in Diana’s ears.

“ problem.” Diana said softly. Then Xena locked their lips together and
feasted off of her sweet mouth. Then abruptly broke it and turned and strided
off towards the palace.

Diana stood dazed for a moment, and then after a moment more she made it over
to the bench and sat down. Meanwhile, the trapped Xena watched every reaction
of Diana’s to the impostor and her heart ached each time as a result.

Questra knew Xena’s pain, she shared it through her own Consort’s reactions to
her impostor, but somehow Questra noticed that Xena was even more
contemplative than she usually was, but she said nothing about it, she just
discreetly watched her friend.

Meanwhile while Diana was out in the Garden, she heard someone come into the
garden, and hide behind a bush off to the left of where Diana was sitting.

“ Nebula! What are you doing here?!” Diana called from where she sat without
looking over at the bush.

Nebula stood up cautiously as she looked around for any sign of Xena or
Questra. Then not seeing either she stood up straight and walked over to where
Diana sat glaring at her.

“ What do you want Nebula? You know your not welcomed here, and if Xena
catches you.....well I wouldn’t let her catch you.” Diana stated factually.

“ Diana I know your still mad at me, and all I can say is I am sorry that
happened. But I didn’t come here for that reason, I came to warn you about
something I heard.”

“ Nebula I have to go and meet Xena soon, if I’m late she’ll be upset.” Diana
said as she stood up to leave.

Nebula caught her arm, but Diana glanced down at the offending hand on her arm
and then she looked back up at Nebula, who suddenly let go of her, and Diana
turned to leave again.

“ Diana I don’t even rate a moment of a friends time?” Nebula asked offended
and hurt, but determined.

“ We’re not friends any longer Nebula, you blew that when you disgraced you
and me and disrespected the woman my heart belongs to entirely, in front of
all of our friends and strangers, how could you do that to US?!”

“ Diana I can’t explain what happen back at that Inn, but I can promise you I
have not stop trying to figure it out, and to be honest it may have something
to do with why I’m here? Just give me a few minutes and if after what I say
you still don’t want me to come around, then I will accept your decision with
a broken heart, but I will honor your wishes?”

Diana stood chewing her lips for a moment, and then she turned back around to
face Nebula, crossing her arms she stood and said impatiently.

“ Ok, fine, tell me what you have to say and then I’ll let you know what I

“ Great, I am going to get right to it.” Nebula said, as she took a deep
breath to begin her story.

Diana sighed and just waited.

“ Ok, here goes. That day at the Inn, well actually it was the night before,
when everyone had gone to bed, I had gone to the bar to have a few drinks, and
think about my life, anyway, I was on my way up to my room when I heard Xena
and Questra talking down the hall, they were talking about plans that they had
made and how you and Gabrielle were going to help them bring it about.”

“ So what’s wrong with that?”

“ Xena also told Questra that she wanted to keep you when everything was over,
and Questra told her she didn’t think you would welcome a fake Xena into your
bed once you found out that they were not your Xena and Questra?”

“ WHAT?!! Nebula How dare you come here and tell me such a blatant lie!!”

“ Di...Diana I’m not lying to you, I would never do that.”

“ Your a Liar! Now get out of here before I call the guards!!”

Nebula saw the hurt in Diana’s eyes as well as the anger and at first she
thought about leaving, but then she thought about the consequences.

“ Now listen to me woman! Do you think I would risk my life to come here to
tell you a lie??!! Now what happened at the Inn I will forever regret, but I
truly believe Xena had something to do with it! Anyway, they were talking
about the fact that they were not yours and Gabrielle’s mates, and the fact
that once The Evil One returns then Xena the impostor could have her pick as
to who she wanted to bed every hour of the day. But She said she wanted you
and she would have you no matter what! That’s when Questra told her maybe the
Evil one would allow her to keep you as a reward for their good work at
bringing him here. Diana I know this sounds like a wild story but I swear to
you that it is true. I don’t care if you don’t ever want to see me again after
this, as long as you tell me you believe me?”

“ can I believe that?”

“ Look into my eyes, you once told me that you and Xena could see a lie a mile
away by just looking in a person’s eyes. Well look in my eyes and you’ll see I
am not lying.”

Diana had moisture in her eyes and at first she avoided looking, but then she
realized she had to. So taking a deep breath and setting her mind to the fact
that she would find the lie she looked up into Nebula’s dark brown eyes.

When she did not see a lie in them, her heart seem to have stopped for a
moment, at the same time her breath caught.

“ Neb.....?” Diana asked with some question hoping Nebula would say she was

“ No Diana, I can’t say it for you, because it’s all true, those tow women are
not your mates, and I am soooo sorry.” Nebula said as she watched Diana begin
to go into shock. The tears rolled freely down Nebula’s face, as Diana begin
to look around as if lost. “ Diana when they had finished talking I waited for
them to go back to their rooms and then I slipped back down the stairs to the
bar where I tried to get drunk, but I realized the knowledge that I had I had
to tell you, so the next morning, when you two came into the dining chamber of
the Inn, I tried to get your attention, but you didn’t see me, but I thought
Xena would if I had kept trying, so I needed to think of another way to get to
you to tell you, but I was afraid that Xena would seeing me concentrating on
something, so I decided to return to my chamber so that I could think of
another way, but Xena came up to my room and cornered me, she said she knew
that I knew about her, she saw me trying to get your attention, and at first
she thought it was just because I was trying to flirt with you, but then she
thought about it and she started testing me with different questions, and
before I knew it, she had tripped me up, so I told her I knew and how I knew
and the fact that I was going to tell you and Gabrielle, she told me that you
wouldn’t believe me, especially after what happens.”

“ The kiss?”

“ Yes, now that I think about it, yes, she made me kiss you and say those
things in front of all of our friends so that you would hate me and never
want me to
come around, it worked out for them because Ephiny and all of them felt the
same way as you, so therefore, it worked better than she even thought it

“ So why did you come here if you thought I wouldn’t believe you?” Diana asked
through her tears.

“ Because I couldn’t just let you two go on believing they were your loves,
and knowing what their plans for this world were was too much for me to not
risk everything.”

Diana once again looked around as if lost. Her hands going to her head, and
then she moved her hair out of her face by throwing it more than tossing it.
Diana then focused on Nebula and taking deep breaths she then lost it.

“ Where is.....where is my Xena and Questra?! Diana said through her teeth and
her increased respiration, more too herself than to Nebula, as the reality
was setting in on her. GODS!!! Where is Xena?!! Ok, ok, it’s alright, their
okay, I know their okay, Gods please be okay.” Diana ranted as she tried to
calm herself enough to focus on things. She brought her hands to her face
covering them and then bringing them down and trembling the whole time, she then begun
to pace trying to burn off the adrenalin that was racing through her. Diana’s
mind was racing through many ideas, but even so her train of thought would be
disrupted by the though of where was her Xena and Questra.


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