My Heart's Desire
By Leapr

copyright March, 1998

Disclaimer: Althought I do not mention Xena or Gabrielle by name, I believe that you can tell I'm writing about them. So, to make this legal like, Xena: Warrior Princess, and Gabrielle, belong to MCA/UNIVERSAL and RENAISSANCE PICTURES. No copyright infringement is intended, I just "borrowed" their essence for a brief moment or two.

Author's Note: A couple of months ago I read an artice on "Whoosh", by S. Johnson, describing the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle more along the lines of "Romantic Friendship." I have had the opportunity to read a few stories that follow the same principle. I haven't written any
stories, and this may be my only attempt I'll make. I usually write prose, but this "story" for lack of a better word, came to me while I caught myself staring into a Xena poster, couldn't take my eyes off it. I hope you'll like my attempt. Thanks.

I stare into the eyes that hold me prisoner, with a single gesture, the
face could become impassive, cold as ice, deadly, unforgiving, yet in a
blink of an eye, they could hold all you ever wanted from another
person, warmth, humor, love, tenderness, so many other emotions.

When did I first realize that this one person, who is so much more than
just a friend, cared for me as much as I did. It wasn't a single act
that I can recall, it was many things, small things, that kept adding
up, until one day, it just hit me smack in the face.

I could...and have gazed on earthly perfection, the scars do not take
away from the beauty I see before me, rather they enhance it. I love the
way a candle, or a campfire highlights the bronze colored tan, how the
eyes sparkle, as if some God on Olympus plucked stars out from the skies
above and placed them in this mortal version of the Elysian Fields on

I think my thoughts betray me at times, almost as if by some magic, I
can feel those eyes on me, watching the watcher. I hide my head, to keep
the blush from showing, I must do better, I couldn't stand the thought
of having to leave because of some misplaced gaze or word.

I feel Morpheus beckoning me, I fight off the waves of sleep, that
threaten to take me away, even if only for a few hours. I would drink up
the site of my friend, as a man dying from thirst would stumble to a
mirage, if just for that brief second of fulfillment.

The fire crackles, the air is sweet with the perfume of lilacs, I can
just breathe in the scent of my friend, the soap, a tiny hint of
cinnamon. Would it be the air I needed to survive, for I would inhale it

Alas, the object of my heart desire, is on the opposite side of me and
I do not move, lest I break the spell of this perfect night. The touches
and caresses we share are more than I can ever hope for, there are
moments when no words can express how much we feel for one another. When
those times descend upon us, we share one gesture that conveys
everything, a kiss, bound with all the emotions that can be poured into
it, a meeting of two souls becoming one.

I smile, I know I have been discovered again, I gaze into those eyes,
hoping that my love for this person shines, after an encouraging word, I
take my things and move closer. My hearts flutters, the smile I received
in return finds itself buried deep into my soul.

A sigh escapes me, as I am surrounded by loving arms, I feel the warmth
of lips on my forehead, a smile graces my face.

"Go to sleep", I hear.

I nod, Morpheus weaves his magic, I do not resist this time. I send a
silent prayer to Helios, in hopes that he will not begin his ride across
the sky too hastily and take me away from the cocoon of love I am
immersed in.

"Good night", I whisper, as I drift off, smiling.

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