part 5

by D. Virtue

Please see part one for all disclaimers.

"I saw her come in and I thought it was you. When she sat here and those women were sitting in her lap and kissing and things on her, I didn’t understand what you were doing, so I came over to find out. That’s when I discovered it wasn’t you."

"And how did you discover that Gabrielle?"

"She told me."

"Sh...She told you?" Questra asked in disbelief.


"But she played with you before she told you right?"

"No, she just smiled at me and told me that she wasn’t you."

"Really? No delay or hesitation?" Xena now asked as she looked with consideration at the Questra. Lord Questra looked at Xena and then at Gabrielle waiting for the answer.

"Yes, really. No hesitation at all, she made sure that I didn’t even have time to assume any further. She saw how upset I was at seeing what I thought was you kissing on other women, and she wanted to make sure I didn’t continue to be under the wrong impression."

"I see." Lord Questra simply said as she raised a brow at both Gabrielle and Questra.

"I think it was very thoughtful of her, don’t you?" Diana asked of Lord Questra hoping to get Questra to see that the other Questra was really trying.

"Leave it alone Diana." Lord Questra warned.

"I just thought..."

"I know what you thought. Just leave it alone."

"Yes ma’am." Diana said as she moved near Xena who took her into her arms while wearing a smirk, which made Diana blush more.

"You and I will talk later Consort." Xena whispered to her slightly abashed young Consort.

"Questra, I will say I am pleased that you corrected My Consort in her erroneous belief. You could have tried to take advantage."

"Yes, I guess I could have....if, that was what I was here for. But I only want to see if I can make the changes necessary to be allowed to live in this land or wherever without people fearing me the way they do now."

"Well you’re off to a great start....!" Diana interjected before she could stop her mouth. She was not quick enough to prevent receiving a hard look by Lord Questra. Lord Xena’s hands instantly cut off any further words from Diana by the covering of Diana’s mouth. "You talk WAY too much Consort."

Diana blushed, and lowered her eyes for a moment, and Xena uncovered her mouth.

"Yes, well we’ll see, won’t we?" Lord Questra then turned and headed to her bedchamber to talk with Gabrielle.

Meanwhile, Xena and Diana were about to leave when Questra stopped them.

"Lord Xena, may I speak with you for a moment?"

"Of course. Diana, I want you to go to our chamber. I will talk to you in a few."

"Yes My Lord." Diana turned to leave, but she too was stopped by Questra.

"I would like for Diana to stay as well. My request involves her specifically."


"Yes. Please, join me?" Questra gestured for Lord Xena and Diana to have a seat, at the same time gesturing for all of the women except the one who had been sitting on her lap, to leave. The women were already standing because of Lord Xena’s presence, but now they all bowed and requested leave. Xena
gave them leave to return to their chamber.

After Xena and Diana sat down, Xena started the conversation.

"So what is it you want to talk to me about, that My Consort had to stay?"

"I wanted to know if it was alright for Diana and I to talk now for a while?"

Xena raised a brow, but gave no other indication that she was bothered by the request.

"Now huh?"


Xena looked at Diana and then back at the Questra. In three candlemarks you may speak with Diana in the Atrium." Xena didn’t say anything else; she just rose from her seat and gestured for Diana to follow. Diana didn’t say anything either, she knew the meaning behind Xena’s abrupt departure.

They arrived back at their chamber, and Xena still had not said anything, but instead, let her body speak for her. She waited for Diana to close the door before she let her feelings go. Xena’s eyes were locked on Diana’s, so once Diana had closed the door, her body tightened on her. Diana’s breath caught, and she was stopped in her tracks from the sensation and Xena’s intense gaze. Diana didn’t understand Xena’s sudden actions but she didn’t have time to think about it. Her body was turning in on itself, and her eyes were already identifying with Xena’s.

"Come here Consort."

"Xena? Wh...what’s wrong?"

"NOW Consort!"

Diana made her way over to Xena and right there in the middle of the seating room, Xena stripped Diana out of her clothes and proceeded to take her consort. Xena’s kiss was heated, and it made Diana moan into her mouth as Xena’s tongue buried inside of Diana’s sweet mouth. Xena held Diana tightly to her with one hand as her other traveled to Diana’s behind and proceeded to knead it. Xena abruptly broke their kiss and proceeded to kiss, suck and bite her way down Diana’s neck, down her chest, and on to her breast where she wasted no time capturing Diana’s tight, glowing, bronze nipple. Diana gasped and her legs went weak. Lucky for her, Xena had a hold on her that prevented her from falling to the floor.

Xena lowered them to the floor gently as she continued to suck on Diana’s sensitive nipples. One of Xena’s large hands was squeezing Diana’s other breast, and then would slip over and knead the breast that Xena was now drinking deeply from. Diana’s body was hot under Xena’s impassioned hands and body. Both of their bodies were ringing with need of each other, but Xena was in control. She let go of Diana’s succulent nipple and headed downwards over Diana’s chest and over her belly. Xena only stopped long enough to lavish some attention to Diana’s navel. Her tongue darting in and around the recessed area.

Diana’s body squirmed under Xena’s ravishings. Diana’s hands wrapped tightly in Xena’s thick, raven mane of hair just trying to hold on, as if she would be swept completely away if she didn't.

Xena soon continued her way down to Diana’s flower, where she let her tongue trace around Diana’s clit but did not touch it directly, instead her tongue glide down through Diana’s sweet folds until she arrived at Diana’s saturated portal. Her tongue slid inside and buried itself deep, until she was able to touch Diana’s core.

Diana gasped as her body arched, and Xena caught hold of Diana’s hips and held her as her tongue now changed at the tip and locked onto the opening of Diana’s core, where it gently sucked at it. Diana’s hips were moving to Xena’s set rhythm. Her breath was labored and shallowed. Both their bodies tight as a drum. Xena’s in response to how her consort responded to her touch, and Diana as a result of that touch.

Diana was begging Xena to turn so that she might have her as well, and at first Xena refused Diana’s request. She wanted Diana first, so when Diana’s body stiffened and her back arched up, Xena’s tongue changed once again and this time the tip of it buried inside of Diana’s core and then expanded as it swiped around inside of the now contracting core. The walls produced the sweet essences of Diana’s orgasm, as Xena’s tongue licked around inside. Diana’s esctasy washed over her again and again, and by the time Xena allowed her body to calm, Diana was spent, but Xena was just getting started.

She turned her body so that her womanhood was now over Diana’s loving mouth, and Diana made love to Xena’s sweet womanhood. By the time they were done, Diana had to be carried to the bedchamber and laid in the bed. Xena allowed
Diana to rest as she went about taking care of other things within the palace. She spoke with her royal guards and advisors in the sitting chamber as Diana slept. Xena sent a message to the other Questra and told her, as soon as Diana woke up, they could meet to talk in the library., and that royal guards would be present the whole time.

When Diana woke up later, weak, but no worse after the passion she and Xena had engaged in. She told Diana what she expected of her when she went to speak with Questra.

"If I hear she even touched you, you both will answer to me, do I make myself PERFECTLY clear?"


"Ok, well she is waiting for you in the library, the royal guards will be there as well."

"Ok, see you later."

"Yes. I am also sending Kalissa with you."

"But Xena?"

"No buts...there is NO debating or questioning of will do Exactly like I say. I am not going to risk you. Now you two better get going."


"What? what was that?"


"I didn’t think so." Xena then gave a swat to Diana’s backside, indicatiing that she had actually heard her.

Diana yelped and then was pulled into a heated kiss by Xena. She was sounsteadied by it that when Xena let her go, she staggered. Kalissa assisted Diana for a few steps until Diana was able to compose herself enough to walk on her own. They headed of to go and meet Questra.

"Well now, look who it is. How did you sleep Diana? And who is this?

"Very well Questra, thank you. This is Kalissa; Gabrielle and myself's personal attendant." Diana smiled shyly as she sat down across from Questra.

"So...isn’t that something? So do you keep the two of them in line?

"Yes My Lady. I think it only works because of the indirect threat I hold over the two." Kalissa said with a bright smile.

Questra picked up the response, but rather than react the way she normally would with someone who was flirting with her, she instead smiled and asked another question along the same lines.

"What threat is that?"

"They both know if I complain to Lord Xena, and/or Lord Questra, they are at the least in for an earful from them, if not more."

"Ok Kalissa, I think you're getting to big for your clothes. How about you go over there and read for a while, and when we are finish I will come and get you?" Diana’s cheeks were slightly showing a reddish hue due to the blush that colored them.

"Yes Mylady." Kalissa smiled, then bid a goodbye to Questra. She turned and headed for one of the other areas so as to read, yet at the sametime, keep an eye on the two, as she had been ordered by Lord Xena.

Questra chuckled, then turned her attention back to Diana.

"Ok, where do we begin?" A smirk still playing on her face from the abrupt dismissal of Kalissa.

"We don’t need to "Begin" anywhere, let’s just talk. tell me why you want to change."

"Ok...but I thought we already talked about why?"

"We did, but it doesn’t hurt to remind you, right?"

"Hmmm...if you say so."

"I do."

"’s like I told you...I just like what I see and feel when I look at all of you. It feels like I could be happy with a life like Xena has."

"It’s not an easy takes lots of giving."

"You mean unselfish acts?"

"Yes. I know you're used to having your way completely, not answering to anyone, or taking any concern for anyone’s least not until recently."

"That is true...but I am sure that Lady Xena, and even Lord Xena were the same way?"

"Yes...they were."

"I would even venture to say that they are still like that, only, it is their love for you that makes them think about what they do."

"That is exactly right. So the question to you is...could the woman you chose to be in your life cause you to think before you reacted? Would she have any say so over you?"

"I don’t would have to be someone like you or Gabrielle that I would feel the strong desire to behave for."

"Hmmm...I see. You realize that it isn’t just about behaving, you have to be willing to make obvious changes in your life, if not for you, for the otherperson?"

"Do you? Diana I understand what you are saying about changing tangible things in my life, I have no problem with that. But I cannot be some soft and fuzzy person, that is just not me, and I am sure it is not Lord Xena or Lord Questra, and certainly not Lady Xena."

"Yes, why would you think I don’t understand that? But you are wrong about the others."


"Yes, now I admit, none of them are fuzzy all of the time...but the fact that they are capable of being fuzzy with me and Gabrielle and Noor; it is a big deal to the three of us. I would even go as far as to say that they can be downright teddy bears with us. And I will tell you this also, it is those times that renew our deep and passionate love for the three women in our lives. Their strength to us is wonderful, but it is times like I just described that ignite our hearts. Do you understand?

"I think so. You're saying I need to be able and willing to be soft at times?"


"Hmm...I think so. But you realize, I have never felt...fuzzy or soft?!"

"I realize, but if you are willing...that can be changed."


"Are you willing?"

"Yes, if you think it is important."

"I do. Very Important."

"Ok, so what is the plan?"

"You will see, but for now...let’s just do the question and answer thing for a while, ok?"


"So tell me what some of the changes you think you would need to make in order to keep a mate. And please don’t just say what you think I want to hear, because even if I don’t see the lie...Xena and the others will." Diana’s words were respectful, yet filled with warning.

Questra raised a thoughtful brow at Diana’s tone, yet she understood what and where it came from.

"I have no intention of lying, it would defeat the whole purpose of being here, right?"

"Right." A smile lit Diana’s eyes as she settled down on the large plush chair she was sitting in now that she had seen Questra’s reaction to her warning.

Questra saw Diana’s relaxed posture and she too settled back. She launched into all of the types of changes she thought would be necessary in order for her to make a mate happy, and at the same time keep her from being bored.

By the end of their conversation, Diana left the library feeling good about Questra, believing she had a good grasp of the basics of what it would take to be a good person and ultimately, a good mate. Diana went back and could not stop talking about Questra to Xena and probably would not have if Xena had not had gotten tired of the constant Questra this and Questra that. In order to not hurt Diana’s feelings by telling her she was tired of hearing about the clone, she decided to silence Diana in one of her favorite ways. Xena rolled overtop of Diana and began kissing her deeply and passionately, wrapping herself around Diana.

Diana dissolved within Xena’s embrace, and soon...the whole conversation and
thoughts about Questra were not even a distant memory. Over the next few
weeks, Diana and Questra and even Gabrielle had long talks and even enjoyed
some playful times. During all of the interaction with Questra,
Lord Xena and the others watched. Once, when Diana and Gabrielle came from
visiting with Questra, Diana was upset because of a statement Questra had made
about her being too pushy at times. Diana spoke to everyone at the table, but
no one in particular

"Can you believe her?! Telling me I’m too pushy! I’m not pushy, she just didn’t like what I said, so she just tried to lash out!" Diana said angrily, as she sat down at the table with Xena and the others, fuming. Xena’s mouth twitched as she tried not to laugh out loud, and when Diana didn’t hear a response from Xena, she wondered. "Well?"

"Well what Kitten?" One of Xena’s hands, coming up to cover her mouth to conceal the laughter that was trying to break through.

"What do you mean "well what?" You heard what I said?"



"And what?"

Diana now turned around to look at Xena in disbelief. Just as she turned, Xena dropped her hand and her expression was innocent and thoughtful, like that of a child who was almost caught doing something wrong.

"What do you mean "And What?" You do think she was wrong...right?"


"Well?? What do you mean well? You do think she was wrong? I’m not pushy...right?!"

"Kitten, look...I had your favorite made, have some." Xena said trying to change the subject, because Diana had promised her a night she would not forget, and she didn’t want to spoil it by getting Diana upset with her.

Diana gave Xena a look of disbelief, then looked at the others at the table. Picking up her fork she took a bite of the food on the dish.

"’s great...thank you so much, you're so thoughtful."

"You're welcome." Xena said with a relieved smile, thinking Diana had fallen for the distraction.

"So... I’m right right? You don’t agree with her, do you?" Diana asked as she took a bite of the food as if Xena’s answer would not cause any problems, and she was just asking, just to be asking.

Xena looked at the others, and they shrugged their shoulders; no help. Xena finally decided to try to answer the question as nonchalantly as possible.

" are pushy."


"But, but, Kitten, it’s alright." Xena said in a rush, seeing how Diana had thrown down her fork and was storming out of the dining hall. She rapidly went to follow her angry consort, but before she left the table, she glared at everyone at the table. "Thanks for nothing! Now she’s mad at me!" Xena’s tone sounding almost like that of someone pouting.

"Well she will get over it within the next few days." Lord Questra offered as a way of trying to be positive, despite the grin she had on her face along with everyone else at the table.

"Oh...this is funny to all of you?! Well wait till you're promised a night you won’t forget and then are on the verge of losing it! We’ll see how funny it is to all of you!" Xena went to say more, but then she heard Diana’s voice cut through.

"I can’t believe she thinks that!! They're all crazy...ALL of them...I am NOT PUSHY! And if she thinks she’s going to have me tonight, then she’s crazier than I thought! Telling me I’m pushy! Well we’ll see how she does when this pushy consort doesn’t push upon her. HAH!!" Diana’s voice then dropped as she went on, every now and then stopping and fussing with whomever she happened to pass.

"See! See what you did?! Now I’m either going to have to take her by force, or not have her at all until she calms down! Damnit!!" Xena then stormed away from the table and headed out to catch up with her teed-off Consort.

That night and the following four, Xena was on a mission to apologize and seduce her Kitten back into her arms. She had decided to not take her, but to try to win her fuming Kitten over with cuddling and surprises, both big and small.

"Are you ever going to forgive me?"

"I don’t know." A pout was firmly on Diana’s lips as she stood near the window looking out at the night sky.

Xena eased over to Diana, and at first she just caressed Diana’s shoulders and stroked her hair. Diana didn’t move from the touch. She had actually gotten over being upset with Xena after the first day, but she was loving the attention and all of the wonderfully sweet surprises Xena kept bestowing on her as she tried to woo her back into her arms.

"Kitten...I have a little gift for you, if you say you will forgive me for telling you that your pushy, which you are...but I could have fudged a little."

"Hmmm...if that was supposed to be an apology,'re not making any headway."

"Really? Well what if I tell you I have decided to allow Nebula back. And that you two can go back to developing and discovering, as long as you run it by me first, would that bring my Kitten back into my arms, and especially back to my bed?"

"Are you serious?" Diana asked, her heart beating wildly in her chest at the thought of having her dearest friend back. The fact that Xena was doing it just to win her back all made for tears to form and roll down Diana’s cheeks. Xena didn’t see it at first, not until after sheanswered.

"Yes, if it will make you turn around right now and give me a kiss, I will do it tomorrow."

Diana slowly turned, and Xena saw her tear streaked face, and went to take hold of Diana’s cheeks. Diana lifted up her chin and then wrapped her arms around Xena’s neck and before Xena could say anything else, Diana laid a fervent kiss on Xena that actually staggered the warrior/ruler. Then Xena’s passions were lit and she swooped Diana up in her arms. Before Diana and she could think about anything else, they had made love throughout the night and through the next day and night, with Xena only stopping long enough to sign the decree that Nebula was no longer exiled/ banished. She then returned to their chamber and woke Diana and once again the two melted into each other’s passion.

"You know Questra, I’ve noticed you have been keeping company with only Diana and Gabrielle these last few months. I must admit I am quite pleased with your behavior and attitude since you have been here, and especially how you handled that group of dissidents who wanted to have a few words with thier Queen. Thank you for stepping in and handling them. I know Diana would have sat down with them and spent the whole day listening to all of their grievances about any and all things, big or small...she and Gabrielle have such big hearts. But again, thank you for being there and handling it. Now, I want to tell you something else...I didn’t want Diana or Gabrielle to have anything to do with you, and I even hoped you would mess up so I would have a reason to arrest and then execute you. But...instead, you're sitting here with me and Lord Questra and Lady Xena having a very pleasant day."

"I image you are surprised, as you should be considering I am just as surprised by how things are going and how good I feel about things. I no longer see things as dark and only there to be conquerored, but now...because of Diana and Gabrielle, and all of you...I now see why and how you came to change. It seems so...right, like I had been missing something all of my
life, but never knowing what it was if anything, now...I see and feel it, it is surely a moving thing." At that moment Diana and Noor and Gabrielle happened to come up behind Questra as she was speaking, and Gabrielle could not help be moved by her words. Without thinking about it, she wrapped her arms around Questra and gave her a big hug which made everyone's especially Lord Questra’s brows raise. Diana then saw the uncertainty in Lord Questra’s eyes and she didn’t want her to think that Gabrielle had fallen for Questra, so she suddenly hugged Questra. Xena flinched, but when she saw the tear roll down Questra’s cheek, she relaxed and just said in a loving tone.

" we get anything?"

Diana laughed as she unwrapped her arms from around Gabrielle and Questra and swung herself into Xena’s waiting arms, as did Gabrielle as she melted into her Lord’s waiting arms. She buried her head in her chest and quietly sobbed for a moment more, composing herself from Questra’s moving words, and the sincerity she heard in them.

Questra too was moved once again, and was left speechless as she watched Gabrielle with love and compassion actually lighting her eyes. After a few minutes of awkwardness, Xena broke the silence with a tease at Gabrielle and Diana.

"Leave it to you two to make a gathering go silent." Xena’s tone was playful and teasing. as she took a drink of her wine and just waited for the response.

Diana lightly elbowed her in the stomach, and Lady Xena saw it and chuckled, and soon...they were all laughing. One day, Diana and Gabrielle had spoken with their Lords about the children. Diana more as a support for Gabrielle, and her idea. After a bit of yelling and then refusing, then finally understanding and acceptance of the idea, Xena and Lord Questra gave their
consent, but they told the two that they would be there with them the whole time.

The meeting with Questra and the introduction of the children to her by Gabrielle and Diana went well. After the initial anxiety about how to deal with the kids, Questra was soon being dragged into a game, then another and soon one right after the other. By the end of the day, just as Diana and Noor and Gabrielle were all returning to their chambers with the kids in tow... Lady
Xena watched Lady Questra and saw the sadness, as she watched Gabrielle leave.

"Lord Xena, I think you and I and Lord Questra need to have a talk."

"I think you're right, come with me." Xena led the two women to one of the many meeting chambers and over the next few hours they talked about things.

"I know you don’t want to hear this Lord Questra, but I think it is important for you to... Lady Questra is going through something that is all too familiar to me."

"Oh...what’s that?"

"She is feeling a loneliness. One that everytime she sees Gabrielle reminds herof just how lonely she is. Questra has come a long, amazing way. She has actually done better in her desire to change than I had...she has not made a slip, or mistake yet, and she seems to sincerely enjoy her life here with all of us. Everyone speaks highly of her, the kids adore her, even little Anthony
isn’t afraid of her anymore and actually plays with her along with the others. Noor has completely forgiven her for what she has done."

"What about you...have you forgiven her for kidnapping, poisoning and nearly killing your child?" Questra’s sarcasm filled her tone more than she meant, but not enough to make her apologize.

"I have forgiven...but I will NEVER forget."

"Ok, so what are you getting at Lady Xena?"

"I think...well I think Lady Xena longs to have someone in her life. I think that would continue to help her grow and stay on the straight and narrow."

"Oh...well I don’t have a problem with that, I think it is a great idea. I think we should hold a has been a long time since we’ve had a party, now we have a reason to give one. We can invite maidens from around the realm and let her take her pick." Questra’s tone was desperate.

"I think that is a great idea, but...I think Lady Xena had a specific maiden in mind?"


"No. No! There is NO way I will allow my Consort to be cloned. Not any part of her! Not for that woman! Never!!" Questra went to stand to leave, but was stopped by Xena’s voice.

"Oh..I see, so it is and was alright that I cloned the most sacred woman on this planet for Lady Xena, at your insistence, against my adamant refusal...yet...I did it. I did it for the very reason that Lady Xena is now presenting to you. That it will not only help Questra continue to grow, but also provide her with happiness, should it all work out. So...Lord Questra are you telling me that it was alright for me...Lord Xena the Conqueror to clone her only love, but it’s not alright for you to clone Gabrielle."


"Yes?" Xena’s brows were now knitted, her eyes narrowed in obvious irritation at the very thought.

"I...I just don’t like the idea that she will have a part of Gabrielle."

"And you think I didn’t have that same concern? Yet...I can tell you now, it is not even a thought anymore. Noor and Diana while they made look alike, they are quite different in their behaviors, as you have seen. Diana is still stubborn, hardheaded and somewhat still impulsive, whereas Noor is quite the opposite, she is focused on Lady Xena. She has no desire other than the one to be a homemother to Lady Xena’s children and a mate to Xena...Diana wants it all, and she is capable of having it, if I were to allow her too. Diana is the most magnificient woman anyone has ever known, and she is all mine, as I am her’s, and with Noor’s existences, nothing has been taking away from either of them."

"Yes, but you altered somethings about Noor."

"True, and if you like I will do the same with Gabrielle’s clone."



"Can I think about it for a few days? Talk to Gabrielle and see what she thinks about it?"

"Of course, after is Gabrielle’s D.N.A we’re talking about."

"Ok." Questra then bid the two women a goodnight, turned and left the chamber going straight to her chamber to talk with Gabrielle.

Over the next few days, Questra and Gabrielle talked about nothing else, and Gabrielle talked with Diana about it as well as often as she could. Finally, Lord Questra went to speak with Lord Xena to give her the decision she and Gabrielle had come up with.

"I just wanted you to know...I still do not like this because of the reasons I gave you earlier, but...Gabrielle and I have gone back and forth with this, and we have decided it is a good idea. I have purposefully been watching Questra over the last few days, and I see how she watches Diana and Gabrielle, but mainly Gabrielle. You were right Lady Xena..she does have a
sadness in her eyes, and I guess...if that is allowed to continue...then eventually she will get tired of being unhappy, and feeling lonely. I just want to be there for things."

"Of course, Shartara will help us."


"When will we do this?"

"I think we need to talk with Questra, and explain things to her before we do any of this." Xena’s words fell on receptive ears, and both Lord Questra and Lady Xena agreed.

The next morning, Lord Xena told Diana and Gabrielle and Noor that they would not be visiting with Questra today, because she, Lord Questra and Lady Xena all needed to talk with her.

"Good morning Questra. We hope you had a good night?"

"Yes Lord Xena. But I think I need to talk to you about something that is rather important."

"Certainly, what is it? You don’t mind that Lord Questra and Lady Xena join us do you?"


"Good. Ok, so what is it?"

"I won’t beat around the bush...I have been here for almost a year, and inspite of how great the need, I have been able to maintain and distract myself."

"I take it you are talking about your sexual needs?"


"Have you had any guests? "

"No. But you know an average young woman can not fulfill my needs. But you know Lord Xena...I really am not looking for just a few days of fulfilling my personal intimate needs. I wanted to ask you what you thought about the idea of me leaving for a while and trying to...I don’t know, meet someone?"

Xena smirked, and as quickly as it had appeared it was gone.

"I think it is one option."

"I realize there are always people coming and going from here, and there are some very beautiful women here, but I don’t feel anything when I look at any of them, just a passing appreciation of their beauty. All of you have done so much for me and I can never tell you how grateful I am to all of you, but I need something more, you know?"

"I know. Ok, but how about you stay here for another week or so, and if you still have not seen or met anyone in that time, then I will not stop you from leaving to go find your happiness."

"I don’t understand why, but I will stay for another week."

"Great. Now, would you like to join us for morning meal?"

"Thank you, but I think I will return to my residence for a while." Questra then rose and left. Leaving the women to watch her.

"Lord Xena?"

"Yes Lady Xena, I know what you are about to ask....why didn’t I tell her?"


"Because I think it would be better for her if she and Rebecca met without our encouragment, just in case Questra thinks we are trying to control her and her life. It will be much the same way you and Noor met, but with even less of our interence."

"But what about talking to her about who Rebecca is? You know she will wonder why she is able to satisfy her."

"Well, I would hope she catches the hint by just the physical appearance as to who and how Rebecca came to be."

"True, but what if she doesn’t? Or what if she thinks that Rebecca has the same gifts as Gabrielle, but then finds out that she only has some? What if she gets angry and takes it out on Rebecca, or even comes to us and accuses of us tricking her or something?"

"Don’t worry, we will talk to her again. When we have seen them together a few times. Then we will tell her everything, and hopefully, by the time we do tell her, Rebecca and she will be either falling in love or close to it."

"Hmmm...I don’t know, I think we’re playing with fire by not telling her first." Lord Questra said, thinking outloud.

"Well I don’t think it will be a fire...more like a few sparks. But even then, it will die out and be replaced by complete joy and appreciation." Xena didn’t seem concerned by the look in Questra’s eyes.

The next few days, Lord Xena,
Lord Questra and Lady Xena all worked on bringing about a final clone, one they hoped would bring about the final change that would forever change Lady Questra’s life.

"Is that her Gabrielle?" Diana asked when she saw a young woman talking to their mates with her back to them.

"I’m not sure, Ques didn’t tell me what changes they had made, but considering how Lord Questra is pointing in the direction of Lady Questra’s resident, I would think it is."

"Yes, that is what I would think also. I think we should go and see her up close...don’t you think Diana?"

"Oh yes Noor, I certainly do. " Diana stated over her shoulder as she was already heading over to meet the young woman.

Gabrielle and Noor both looked at each other and then back at Diana as they watched her gracefully moved towards the other four women. They immediately ran slightly to catch up with Diana while at the same time straightening themselves up so as not to look disheveled. They finished just as they came upon the women.

"Afternoon everyone!" Diana greeted with a bright smile, while at the same time giving a quick once over to the red headed young woman with the same green eyes as her sister. There was a slightly more mature look to the young woman, one that made her seem to have a more serious disposition than her donor source, Gabrielle.

"Good Afternoon Diana, Gabrielle, Noor, how has the three of your’s day gone so far?" Xena asked noticing but completely ignoring the obvious curiousity in all three of their eyes.

"It’s been very nice My Lord, has your’s, and Lord Questra and Lady Xena’s and....?? I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name?"

" curious kitten, Gabrielle, Noor, this is Rebecca, she was just getting ready to join us for a stroll in the garden. I would take it you three would like to...."

Diana and Gabrielle and Noor didn’t give Xena a chance to finish her sentence. Diana and Gabrielle locked their arms through those of Rebecca and Noor walked behind them as they all began to talk and ask questions of Rebecca. All Rebecca could do was look over her shoulder, with a dazed kind of gaze in her eyes as the volley of questions continued to bounce at her from all sides.

Lord Xena’s mouth just stopped in midsentence and hung open for a moment as she watched the scene. She was completely shocked that the three of them just snatched Rebecca away from her.

"Ok Lord Xena...Close your mouth, and let’s go chaperone, otherwise those three will fill her head with all sorts of things Things that will to Lady Questra probably wanting to punish Rebecca rather than wanting to bond with her, shall we?"

"You're right. I just can’t believe they did that." Lord Xena complained as they quickly caught up with the constantly chatting younger women.

Lady Xena found the whole thing amusing. Gabrielle didn't seem to be able to quite figure out why Rebecca did not find some of her jokes funny, or why she questioned how Gabrielle came to a conclusion when telling one of her stories to the group. Rebecca saw a more practical view about certain stories. Diana laughed when Gabrielle hmpffed at the view, and Noor covered her mouth to hide the smile she was trying hard not to let turn into a huge grin, and possibly laughter.

Lord Questra smiled and then when Gabrielle looked at her she was wearing an innocent gaze in her eyes as she gave a slight shrug of her shoulders. Gabrielle’s mouth opened slightly as a result of the lack of help she was getting from her Lord.

The women all continued to walk and talk, and when they came around the corner of one area of the garden, Lady Questra was there talking with some of the guards. She glanced over her shoulder and saw all of the women. Lord Xena knew Questra would be there, but no one else knew it, so they were a bit concerned, as well as hopeful that things would go off alright.

"Lady Questra, what a wonderful surprise."

"Lord Xena. Lord Questra, Lady Xena, Diana, Gabrielle, Noor, and...?"

"Oh, Lady Questra, this is Rebecca."

"Rebecca?" Lady Questra’s gaze was steady and leveled on the young woman...she couldn’t seem to take her eyes off of her. Questra's hand came up to take hold of the woman’s delicate hand. Rebecca smiled as her eyes met and then slightly lowered, only to be lifted up by Lady Questra’s other hand gently lifting her chin up with her fingers.

"Those jewels of yours should only shine in one direction..."

"And what direction would that be?"

"In my direction."

A fierce blush colored Rebecca’s cheeks which made Lady Questra’s heart skip many beats in her chest, and her stomach fluttered as if there were a thousand butterflies fluttering around inside.

Lady Questra started to speak again, but found herself completely enamored of the fiery redhead, and the words just left her. Lord Xena smiled as she watched the blossoming romance between the two women. Then she chuckled to herself when she saw Diana and Gabrielle and Noor all wiping their eyes of the tears that began rolling down the romantic hearted young women. Lady Xena smirked, and for a brief moment she remembered her reaction the first time she met Noor. All the rest of the world seemed to disappear, and it still continues inspite of how long they have now been together.

Lord Questra, had a more studying gaze on the interaction, and just wondered if it was an initial reaction only because of whom she favored, or if it were just because of the differences she saw in the women’s appearances.

"Um...I realize we have just met Lady Questra, but I was wondering if...if you would join us on our walk around the garden? I mean if it is alright with My Lord Xena and everyone?" Rebecca asked as she leveled a pleading gaze on Lord Xena, hoping she would agree with the added company.

Xena gave a slight nod of her head.

"I see no problem with that. Will you join us Lady Questra?"

"I would love to join you Rebecca." Questra accepted, taking advantage of the originator of the offer.

"Great! I mean...I am very pleased that you will be joining me...I mean us!" Again Rebecca blushed, and Lady Questra smirked and then raised a brow at the young woman as she offered her arm for the woman to take hold of if she liked.

Rebecca shyly interlocked her arm through the offered one, and the two of them were now smiling brightly at each other, their eyes seemingly never leaving the other’s. They headed down the path, eventually lost in each other's gaze, and completely absorbed in each other's words. Gabrielle went to catch up with them, but was caught by her shoulder by Diana and Noor.

"What? We have to catch up with them."

"No...I think they don’t even know, yet alone care that we aren’t there with them." Diana wisely reasoned.

"What? What do you mean?"

"Gabrielle....I KNOW, you're not that niave? I know you're not?" Noor wondered as she leveled a perplexed look at Gabrielle.

"Wh...OH!!! Man do I feel stupid!" Gabrielle blushed the same fierce blush Rebecca had just done moment before.

"It’s alright Consort, I just have to work on that with you a little more." Lord Questra now teased as she opened her arms to her Consort, followed by Lady Xena opening her’s to her’s and Lord Xena opening her’s to Diana. Aall three younger women went into their respective loved one's arms and turned and headed off in the opposite direction, back towards the Palace.

"You knew she was there didn’t you?"

"Did I?" Xena asked with an amused expression on her face, as she pulled her Consort closer to her as they walked on.

Diana and Gabrielle found themselves watching Lady Questra and Rebecca as often as they could, but they made sure to stay out of the two women’s way as ordered of them by Lord Xena and Lord Questra.

"Can you believe how quickly and how hard they have fallen for each other?" Noor asked when she saw the two watching the new loves."

"It is amazing isn’t it?" Gabrielle asked in wonder.

"Hmmm...I don’t know. Rebecca is beautiful, she has a wonderful sense of humor, yet she is a quiet intellectual. She has that innocent look about her, yet, there is wisdom in her eyes."

Diana have you forgotten where she got most of those qualities from?" Gabrielle turned putting her hands on her hips and glaring at Diana.

"No sis, I haven’t forgotten, but that is my point. She has a lot of your qualities as well as some you don’t. It is a combination of all of that that has attracted Lady Questra’s whole attention."

"Do you know if they have slept together yet?"

"Oh..Yes, I do. They were quite loud about it. "

"Really Diana?"

"Yes. I also know that they have bonded in another very important way prior to that happening."

"Oh, what way is that?"

"Rebecca is Lady Questra’s Consort."

"WHAT??!!" Both Noor and Gabrielle gasped as their mouths fell open.

"Yes, you both were asleep with the kids, and Rebecca came to Xena and asked her if there were anyway she could bond them. Xena asked her if it was her idea or if it was Lady Questra’s. She told Xena it was her idea, and that Lady Questra would have come with her, but she just couldn’t seem to stop crying. The look on Xena’s face was priceless...she then asked her when, and Rebecca said "Now." Again, Xena’s expression had me rolling...after I got over my initial shock.


"So...Xena agreed and she woke me and asked me if I would be a witness to their union. So...I went to a wedding after full moon last night. Then not 15 minutes after we were gone we heard Rebecca...and her tone was not one of anger, or disappointment. if you know what I mean??" Diana waggled her brows at the two, and again both their mouths dropped open.

The next weeks, turned into months as Lady Questra took on duties within the Palace and soon was offered a Sovereignty over a newly developed land. One that Diana and Nebula...once Nebula got used to the idea of the evil Questra now functioning and being accepted as a part of the family with all of them. Xena had offered it to Lady Xena first, but she turned it down because of Noor not wanting to go far away from all of them. Xena also talked to Lord Questra about it, and after being told she already had a land that she was dedicated to outside of all of Lord Xena’s, the three of them came together and talked about the idea of bestowing the position on Lady Xena. With lots of debate and discussion by the three of them, they also discussed it with Xena’s advisors. Finally they decided that after tapering the position so that there was no risk of Questra becoming power crazed or anything, Lord Xena offered it to Lady Questra. She took two weeks to discuss it with Rebecca, taking her feelings in consideration of anything that affected the two of them. Finally, when Rebecca told her that she thought it would be a great idea, that they should do it, Questra made the annoucement to Lord Xena and within four days, there was a festival, and a formal appointment of Lady Questra to Sovereign Questra. Now she was only answerable to the Palace household of Lord Xena first, Lord Questra second, and even to Lady Xena.

After all of the excitement was over, and things begin to return to normal, Xena saw how Diana began to get distant. How she once again started to spend much of her time with the children, passing up different events, just to spend time with Noor’s and Gabrielle’s kids.

One day while she held court with the citizentry, she informed Lord Questra that for the next week she would be in charge of things. Xena had to take care of something that was way overdue between her and Diana, and that she was not to be disturbed for any reason other than war."

Lord Questra didn’t understand why, but she accepted the duties as she always had without question. Xena returned to her chamber and prepared things, with the help of Ludmilla and Dancea. By the time they were done, the chamber was transformed into an even more romantic room than it already was to begin with. Scented candles were lit throughout the chamber, including the Royal Bath Chamber.

The bedchamber had multicolored flower petals covering the floor of the entrance into the chamber, all around the sides of the bed on both sides, as they led up onto the foot ottoman, and on up onto the lavender colored bedspread. It made the bed look like a sea of flowers, surrounded by a garden. The petals in the chamber along with the Zephyr breeze that blew in through the opened windows, made the room fragrantly perfumed. The kiss of the moon's light provided the perfect backdrop to an alluring and sensual setting.

Xena ordered the servants to have food brought to the chamber and set up near the crackling fireplace. Finally, Xena had music playing from one of Diana’s futuristic items she had brought with her. The music was from the time they were in now, although it was capable of playing any music from anywhere or any time.

Once everything was set, Xena looked around and then went in and cleaned up. She sent Ludmilla to go and inform Diana that she wanted her to come to their chamber. When Diana arrived back from playing with the kids, she was met at the door of their chamber by Dancea who along with Ludmilla, escorted Diana to the royal bath where they bathe and then oiled and perfumed her.Diana went along wondering what was going on, and thinking about why the sitting room was lit with scented candles.

"Hmmm...Xena must be in a romantic mood this evening." Diana thought as the two servants finished. "Thank you."

"You're welcome Your Highness." Both servants replied as Diana then turned and went to leave the bath chamber in the long, white, silk robe that was put on her. Ludmilla opened the door to the bedchamber and once Diana had gone through she closed it behind her. Diana’s eyes took a moment to adjust to the moon-lit room, and the flickering scented candles that was scattered around the chamber. The fireplace crackling off in the distance within the large chamber.

Diana’s nose picked up the aroma of delicious food sitting on the table, and as she turned to look towards the table a figure was standing next to her.

"OH! Xena. You startled me. What’s going on? Why all of this?"

"I’m sorry kitten, the last thing I want to do is startle you. But...seeing that I have, let me make up for it." Xena’s voice was low and seductive, just inches away from Diana’s sensitive ear. So close in fact that Diana could feel Xena’s warm breath on her ear and neck.

"Ooo....Umm..." Was all Diana could manage, before Xena placed a feather light kiss to her ear, and then flicked her tongue teasingly at Diana’s earlobe. Diana almost lost her balance as she leaned into Xena, due to the sudden lightheadedness she was feeling. Xena smiled, and steadied Diana, as she wrapped her arms around Diana’s waist and guided her over to the table.

"I know you haven’t eaten this evening, and although I should be upset with you about it, it actually works out. Here, sit here."

"Really? You mean I can actually sit in my own chair to eat?"

"Don’t get to used to it. I just want to look at you while we eat. You are still the most beautiful young lady that I have ever seen Kitten, and I just want you to know I appreciate everything about you. Tonight , you don’t have to ask if you can release. When you feel like it, don’t hold back. The rest of this week we will play it by ear." Xena paused for a moment to wipe the
few tears from Diana’s cheeks with her fingertips, that had rolled down before Diana had time to think about it.

All Diana heard was that Xena loved her, and it touched her deeply. Xena then lifted her fingers from Diana’s cheeks and brought them to her lips. Her tongue glided out and she licked first one, then the other. Diana just sat and watched as a warm loving smile lit her face. Xena then continued.

"I even appreciate your hardheadness, and stubbornness, and even your times." A smirk playing on Xena’s lips as her eyes danced in merriment at the look that now showed on Diana’s face. She knew Diana was about to rebut what she had just said, but she didn’t mind, she was looking forward to everything that was Diana.

The evening slowly passed for the two as they ate, feeding each other, and between feeding they offered their own favorites to the meal. Xena allowed her fingers to caress up and down Diana’s bared cleavage that was prominently showing from beneath the silk robe. A thought then came to Xena and leaning forward in her chair so that she was right in front of Diana’s face. She
whispered...I would like more wine Kitten, may I have some?" A raised brow, and a steady gaze was all Xena offered in the way of meaning. She saw the look of confusion on Diana’s face, she knew Diana didn’t know why she was asking her if it was ok, she would get it for her if that is what she wanted.

"Ok." Diana replied shyly and unknowingly.

A broad smirk widened Xena’s full lips, which made Diana somewhat nervous. She had never seen Xena behave in such a way. It was both, seductively alluring, and disconcerting. She couldn’t figure out what Xena was doing. She just felt completely off balance, and she had the feeling that that is the way Xena wanted least for now anyway.

"Thank you." Xena then slid her hands under the silk robe and slid it from Diana’s shoulders, as Diana allowed the robe to slide off of her shoulders and arms. The robe now rested at Diana’s waist and Xena with a smile leaned down and took one of Diana’s bronze, taut nipples into her mouth and began sucking. At first it was a light sucking. But, Diana’s nipples became harder and harder within Xena’s mouth and Diana began moaning as her eyes fluttered closed and her chest pushed out farther towards Xena’s now eager mouth and tongue. Diana had to hold on to Xena’s thighs so that she would not fall out of the large chair.

When Xena bit down on the taut peak. Diana shrieked and her fingers dug into Xena’s upper thighs as her breathing quickened and her heart was beating wildly in her chest. Diana couldn’t understand why she was so near her peak already when Xena had barely done anything. But for some reason, Diana was lit and ready to be taken, and for some reason...Xena knew it too, but she was not anywhere near ready to take Diana yet. She was planning on seducing Diana in everyway there was that she could think of, and with each seduction, she would make her peak so by the time she was truly ready to take her, Diana would be too weak to resist anything she wanted to do. Not that she expected Diana to resist, but Xena knew there was certain things Diana did and would try to resist that was a part of their lovemaking.

Xena’s sucking and nursing on Diana’s sweet nipples brought about the desired affect. Diana’s breath caught and held as her orgasm claimed her for the moment. Xena continued to suck, only now it was harder and her tongue licked over the captured peak again and again, thereby continuing the ecstasy.

Once it had passed, Diana fell back into her seat and took in deep gulps of air, as she tried to catch her breath. Once she had, and she opened her eyes, she saw Xena was once again eating, and watching her with a wry yet satisfied smirk on her face. This gaze caused Diana to blush fiercely.

"Well you said I could!" Diana’s voice sounding very near a pouting tone.

"I know." Xena purred, and offered Diana a piece of the strawberry she was eating. "Thank you for the was delicious as always." Diana’s blush was now apparent to Xena, but she saw that it would be obvious to anyone now and it made her smile more with satisfaction.

Diana decided she would have her favorite as well, so when she went to sit back up straight in her chair she intentionally dropped her napkin to the floor. Xena went to get it, but Diana stopped her, and told her she could get it, and for Xena to get her a few blueberries with cream. Xena gave a slight nod of her head, and then after a moment she turned her attention to reach
for the blueberries and cream. Just as she had picked up the blueberries, she almost dropped them when she felt Diana’s mouth wrap around her clit. A sharp gasp escaped Xena’s lips upon the abrupt and unexpected contact.

Xena leaned back in her chair as she allowed her mind to see everything Diana was doing. Diana’s tongue gliding over, and then around Xena’s quickly responding clit. Then it slid down through those sweet, now shaved nether lips. First the outer, where she stroked them with her tongue, and then lightly sucked first one, then the other into her mouth and sucked on them
for a few minutes. Xena’s hand caressed her love’s head, as Diana loved her way around Xena’s sweet nature.

Xena saw in her mind as she felt Diana’s tongue now caressed along the outer nether’s into the inner one’s where she allowed her tongue to slide through Xena’s wetness. Still without using her hands just yet, Diana slid her tongue into Xena’s nature and pushed deep inside, filling Xena. Xena’s head arched back as her womanhood pushed further into Diana’s buried face.

Diana’s skilled tongue thrust again and again deeper and deeper inside Xena’s saturated nature. At times the tip of her tongue would stroke Xena’s core, caress against it. Xena’s moans were deep between her irregular panting. Diana didn’t wantt to bring Xena to peak just yet, so she withdrew her tongue from within Xena and she heard the disappointed groan escape Xena’s lips.

Diana smiled, but didn’t let Xena see it, instead brought her hands up to Xena’s womanhood, and using her fingers, she gently spread first the outer nethers, then the inner one’s while her tongue took a long firm stroke up from Xena’s vagina opening up to the tiny opening just below Xena’s clit, where when Diana teased it with the tip of her tongue, she felt Xena’s body tremble hard as a result of the touch. Xena wrapped her fingers in Diana’s thick mane of hair and held her to her as Diana’s tongue teased and taunted the tiny opening and then she let her tongue glide back up to Xena’s clit where she licked over it with firm strokes. When she heard Xena telling her to finish it, she sucked the stiff peak into her mouth and began sucking on it as her tongue drummed over the captured peak. Diana slipped three fingers deep inside Xena’s nature. First just so far, and as she felt Xena’s muscles began to spasm, she pushed them further into her and thrust deep inside for a bit. She felt the walls of Xena’s inner muscles began to grip at her buried fingers and Diana curled her fingers at times as she continued to pump inside of Xena’s contracting nature.

Xena threw back her head as she began cumming. Her orgasm shook her whole body. Diana feasted on Xena’s sweet essences until the wave of esctasy passed. It took Xena a few minutes to catch her breath. Diana slid back up and placed a sweet kiss to Xena’s parted lips, and then slipped back into her own chair popping a few blueberries into her mouth. She now wore the smirk that Xena had only moments before worn. Xena sat up straight in her chair and and popped a few of the berries into her own mouth as a smirk played at her lips. “My kitten continues to learn, I’m pleased. I didn’t think you were paying attention, hard to tell through your plea for release.” Xena now leveled a gaze of appreciation and humor on Diana who took the compliment and simply gave a slight bow of her head.

The two finally finished eating and Xena stood up and offered her hand to Diana to take. Diana slipped her smaller hand into Xena’s and was lifted up to her feet. Xena pulled Diana into her and with one hand still holding Diana’s she wrapped it around Diana’s small waist and with her other hand she brought it up to caress Diana’s gently featured face. Xena leaned down and placed a heated kiss to Diana’s receptive lips. Xena pulled Diana closer as they kissed. Their bodies werealready ringing with need inspite of their recent climaxes. Xena swept Diana up into her arms and while they continued to kiss, Xena carried her over to the bed. Climbing up on it with Diana in her arms she lowered them to the bed. Xena laid overtop of Diana and began kissing Diana’s face. They made love over and over and at one point Xena had Diana so turned on that when Diana orgasmed, Xena kept her in a state of esctasy for longer than what Diana herself was used to. Xena held Diana in a status orgasmus for such a long period of time Diana slipped into an unconscious state. Her breath labored and ragged...Xena crawled back up Diana’s hot body and as she passed Diana’s glowing bronze nipples she licked at them, and then sucked them one at a time into her mouth. She bit down until Diana’s breast began producing a nice wine. Xena took a nap while she let Diana rest. As she rested, she continued to suck on Diana’s sweet nipple, thereby causing Diana to orgasm again and again, even in her unconscious state.

Xena finally woke Diana using the elixer, and even though Diana had been unconscious, she awoke exhausted still. “You were messing with me while I was asleep, weren’t you?” Xena chuckled and then leaned over Diana and placed light kisses to her face and lips. The kiss became more ardent as she kissed her over and over again. Then, she lifted up off of Diana, just long enough to flip Diana over onto her tummy. Diana tried to turn back over, but Xena had her so weak that she was unable to. Xena didn’t even have to really hold Diana down. Once Xena formed the extension to her womanhood using her mind, she slowly entered Diana from behind. Diana cried out at the initial entry, but, after a few moments to calm back down, the pain was replaced by pleasure. Xena thrust into Diana with long deep thrusts, again and again. Her rhythm matched that of the beat of the music that played throughout the chamber. Diana meeting each stroke with her behind banging against Xena’s thighs. Xena’s hands snaked around Diana’s waist and caressed up Diana’s sides. As her fingernails skimmed over the sensitized skin, shivers ran up and down Diana’s spine causing Diana to exhale in gasps. Xena’s thrusting also added to the forced exhales. Diana was nearing her peak and Xena knew it, so she made sure to time her own orgasm. Xena’s hips continued to thrust as Diana’s ecstasy waved through her. Xena’s own body reacting to her peaking and for long moments they released. When Diana’s had ended, she suddenly inhaled sharply and collapsed to the bed. Xena’s continued on for a few more minutes and then she too took in a deep gulp of air, and collapsed overtop of Diana’s trembling body.

The two remained like that for a time, and when Xena pulled out Diana groaned, but then Xena thought the extension away. As she rolled off of Diana onto her side, she pulled Diana into her arms and held her close to her body which was now wrapped around Diana’s smaller frame. The two drifted off to sleep for the rest of the short night. The next days, Xena and Diana romanced each other, and then on the final two days when Xena and Diana had just finished making love, and after they caught their breaths, Diana got out of bed and strolled out onto the balcony as Xena followed her. At first the two just stood looking out into the starry night sky, enjoying the scented breeze. Xena’s gaze slowly glided over Diana’s beautiful nude form, and her heart couldn’t help but beat fast as it seemed to fill with the incredible love she felt for her Consort. So much so, Xena beckoned for Diana to come and sit with her on the patio reclining chair. Diana slid down onto Xena’s nude body, and leaning back onto Xena, she rested her head against Xena’s breast, listening to Xena’s beating heart. Xena wrapped her arms around Diana’s nude form and held her as she nuzzled in Diana’s hair with her face, then she rested her head onto of Diana’s and just held her. “I love you kitten. I have never loved anyone more than I love you. I could never love anyone the way I love you, and will never love anyone as much. I want you to always be happy.” Diana’s eyes teared up as she listened. “You do. Xena...I have never been so happy in my life. Yes, we have our ups and downs, but none of that diminishes the love we have for each other. You are my heart’s beat, without you, I would die.” Diana wrapped her arms tightly around Xena’s arms that held her, and the two just held each other for a long time as they enjoyed each other and the beauty that surrounded them. “It is so beautiful out here. I love the night skies here. I’ve seen many places in my life, and many skies as a result, but the skies here are so crowded with stars, they’re like a blanket because of the sheer number of them. I mean look Xena....The moon is like a celestial being, sleeping beneath her blanket of stars.” Diana thoughts were meditative, only she was sharing them with the love of her life.

Continued in Part 6

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