By D.virtue

1. The Characters of Xena Warrior Princess, and Hercules The Legendary
Journey. ALL belong to I only Borrowed them for a little while. No
Infringement was intended.
2. Sex: This story contains scenes of two women making love as well as those
of men and women making love/having sex.If you are under 18, or this is
illegal where you live Please go read another story that won't get you in
trouble. It's not worth it. This is only a story. It also contains explicit
sexual encounters.
3. Violence: This story contains scenes of graphic violence, at least I think
it's graphic, as well as sexual violence.
4. And just in case I forgot to Disclaim something. I Disclaim everything that
is supposed to be Disclaimed.
5. This is for the most part an alternative piece of writing



Diana and Xena were just waking up after a long night of lovemaking, they laid
in the bed just caressing each other and relaxing in the afterglow of things.

“ Xena?”

“ Hmm...”

“ Will you answer a question for me?”

“ What?”

“ Well....” Diana paused at asking Xena the question. But she wanted to know.

“ Xena I know I told you I wouldn’t ask you about it ...but.....”

“ But what Diana?”

“ But it’s been two weeks?” Diana said somewhat frustrated at Xena’s slow
response to her request.

“ And.....?” Xena said with a slight sarcasm to her tone.

“ Well.....I just want to know if you’ve come to any decision about whether or
not your going to let me go with Nebula?”

“ I haven’t decided yet.” Xena stated matter-of-factly.

“ Why?”

“ Why what?”

“ Why haven’t you made a decision yet?”

“ Because it’s not an easy decision.”

“ Xena come on.....what’s so hard about it? All I’m asking is for you to let
me do something I want to do.”

“ Diana it’s not that simple, and you know it.” Xena said with irritation
sounding in her voice.

“ Why isn’t it?”

Xena laid on her back with her arms now folded behind her head as Diana now
laid on her side looking down at Xena. Cutting her eyes to look at Diana, Xena
then stated in a tone of voice that she thought would prevent Diana from going
on with any further questions.

“ Diana I don’t like the idea of you going off somewhere for 3 months and then
a year.”

“ But it’s not like you won’t know where I am?”

“ Diana no telling what’s out there. You could run into anything, or anyone, I
don’t like that and I am truly leaning towards not allowing you to go.”

“ Xena?! Please? I thought I explained to you why this was so important to me,
I thought you understood that?”

“ Diana you did explain it to me and I do understand it...but I can’t help how
I feel, I want you here with me where I can keep an eye on you, that way I
know your safe. Plus the fact that you are very naive about things.” Xena
informed Diana as she kept her eyes on Diana.

Diana laid back down on her back in a huff and then crossing her arms she laid
there pouting.

“ Diana?”

Diana didn’t answer, instead she rolled over onto her other side facing away
from Xena.

“ Diana answer me.” Xena ordered more annoyed at the turn of the morning.

Diana didn’t answer and Xena’s temper started to show itself, she grabbed
Diana’s arm and rolled her back over to face her now that she was laying on
her side glaring at Diana.

“ You are to answer me when I speak to you! Xena scolded. Your the one who
started this conversation. I told you how I felt when you first asked about
this, but you were so sure that I would change my mind, and I actually thought
about it, but then I realized my initial thinking was right, now just because
you don’t like what your hearing Diana, don’t get mad at me, I told you
honestly how I felt, now accept it and let’s move on!”

Diana tried to roll back over, but Xena held her where she was and just glared
at her. Chewing her lip Diana looked away from Xena for a moment and then she
looked back, she relaxed her arm and Xena felt it and let her go knowing that
Diana was not going to try to turn away again.

Diana sat up in the bed and Xena followed her lead and sat up also still
looking at Diana and the pout on her lips.

“ Xena.....” Diana started, and then realized she had to face Xena to tell
her what she was feeling. So she turned herself so that she was literally
facing Xena.

“ Xena I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have made it sound like it was something simple,
I know your speaking from your heart and I truly do love you for that....but I
want you to understand where I’m coming from...”

“ Diana I THINK I know where your coming from?”

“ Maybe, but let me just say this.... Before I came here, the first time, I
was in to so many things that was very fulfilling to me, and I’m not talking
about the guys, I’m talking about the work I was involved in. I loved coming
up with ideas and then developing them into successful, prosperous, fortune
five hundred companies.
It was the most stimulating thing for me, it’s like you in battle, the
adrenalin rush you get at the very thought of going in and kicking butt and
then leaving without a scratch on you, the rush you get from seeing the fear
in your enemies eyes, especially when they realized that they were about to
die, admit it Xena you love the feeling of that rush?”

“ True, but I’m capable of taking care of myself.”

“ So am I, Xena I know your worried about the idea of some new and
undiscovered place and what might be waiting there to harm any who come
near...but Xena that’s half the thrill of this, the unknown, it’s like space,
had I not been there, I would never have known that other people existed
outside of this planet....but they do exist and I and you know it.....Xena I’m
not going there to look for trouble, on the contrary I’m going there to
build.....and develop....and watch the work that I’ll have a large part
in....come to flourish to where another land is born. Xena I have already made
out whole plans in my head, I know exactly how I want it to look, the names of
the different building, who will govern over it on a local basis. Xena I
already have it planned out in my head....Please? please give me the chance to
make it happen? Give me the chance to make a difference, to have a purpose
for being here....Please? Love me enough to let me do this.”

Xena studied Diana for long moments watching the sincerity float across her
face, the desire to have and feel as though she had a purpose, the desire to
feel the adrenalin rush she once felt when she was the one leading others.
Xena took a slow deep breath.

“ Diana...first of all, you have a purpose for being here, it’s to be with
me, secondly, I understand your desire and need to feel that adrenalin

“ Xena you won’t allow me to fight as a warrior, so what else have I got ?
Outside of ...well you know?”

“ Diana it’s true I won’t allow you to fight as a warrior, but I thought that
by making you one of my advisors made you happy?”

“ It does, and I love and thank you for that trust you have in me in that
position, but it’s not all I am Xena...I am capable of so many other wondrous
things, but I can’t explore them without your okaying them.”

“ Diana...?”

“ Xena please?”

Xena looked into Diana’s loving eyes and seeing Diana’s heart open to her,
trusting her.

“ Give me two days more to think about this, and then I will give you my final

“ But?”

“ It’s either that or I say no now.”

“ Ok, two days.” Diana said agreeably.

“ Ok, now I have some things I have to get done this morning, but I want my
morning kiss.”

Diana smiled and then leaned over and placed a tender kiss to Xena’s soft
lips, but Xena wanted more, she grabbed Diana around her waist and swung her
around to where Diana was laying across Xena’s lap.

“ Haa!! Xena?!” Diana yelped into Xena’s mouth as she was swung around

Xena then let her passion flow through her lips as she ravished Diana’s
mouth.Moaning from the intensity of Xena’s kiss made Diana feel weak within
Xena’s arms, but strong because of them. She wrapped her arms around Xena’s
neck and she enravished Xena’s mouth in return.

Xena then broke the kiss abruptly as she then jumped out of the bed and
strided to the bath to get cleaned up.

“ X.e.n.a....?” Diana called as she was laying flat on her back after having
her passion fire lit and then left to die down on it’s own, which never
happened with Diana.

“ Yes Consort?”

“ Where are you going?”

“ To work. I told you I had things I had to do this morning.”

“ But...?”

“ But what?”

“ But I thought we were going to....well you know...make love?”

“ Why did you think that when I told you what the plan was?”

“ Since when have you not changed your plans before when it came to us being

“ Well your right, I actually did plan on having you this morning, but our
little talk sort of took up the time....but I’ll make it up to you Consort.”

“ Promise?”

“ Of course I do, I would be a fool to not want to.”

“ would.” Diana stated matter-of-factly.

Xena simply smirked and disappeared into the bath and called for Diana to come
and join her.

“ I’m not quite ready to get up yet, maybe later?”

Xena walked back out of the bath, and went to stand in the doorway of the
room, and with her head cocked slightly and questioning she said in a firm
tone of voice.

“ Now!”

Diana looked up to see the wet Xena standing in the doorway with her brow
raised looking at Diana, who suddenly realized her error.

“ Fine. I was ready anyway. “ Diana said as she got out of the bed and
strolled over to where Xena waited for her.

“ Sure you were, not get in there.” Xena ordered the now blushing Diana.

Diana stooped under Xena’s arm and went to head for the bath,, but just as she
did Xena turned and landed a swat to Diana’s nude behind.

“ OW! What was that for?” Diana shrieked.

“ For making me have to get out of the warm bath to come and get you.” Xena
finished as she pushed Diana towards the bath.

“ Ok fine.” Diana then striding away from the pushy Xena.

She got into the bath and begun bathing, Xena strolled over and got in, she
then took the soap and finished bathing Diana.

“ Xena you know everytime you do this I get too turned on?”

“ I know, but I happen to like bathing you...for that very reason, I must

“ So you do it on purpose?!” Diana said accusingly.

“ Yes, but it’s not like I leave you need?”

“ take your time about relieving that need too?”

Xena smirked and then said.... “ok, I just won’t bathe you from now on, ok?”

“ I don’t know if I like that either, I may want you to BATHE me?”

“ Well make up your mind.”

“ Fine do it your way.”

“ Good answer kitten.”

“ Why is that?”

“ Because you would have really missed my bathing you.”

“ Your right, I would.” Diana admitted.”

“ Good answer Consort.” Xena said with a raise of her brow.

Diana blushed, and then pinched her lips together to hold back a smile. They
finished up their bath and then they both dressed . Xena told Diana to meet
her later in the library a candlemark before noon meal.

“ Don’t be late Consort.” Xena warned as she leaned over and gave Diana
another kiss.

“ I won’t...but just in case I am love, you won’t get upset will you?”

“ Yes.”

“ Yes?! Why?”

“ You asked me a question and I gave you an answer, besides you can prevent me
from getting upset...just.... don’t..... be..... late.”

“ You are so moody.”

“ But you love me.”

“ Lucky for you...I don’t think anyone else could live with you?”

“ Your probably right, but we’ll never know the answer to that one will we?”

“ You got that right love.”

“ Ha...I have to admit, I never thought I would ever bond with someone, yet
alone take someone as my legal Consort. But here I am Bonded and loving it.”
Xena said with a bright smile that just lit Diana’s soul to see.

“ Ok, you win...I won’t be late.”

“ G.o.o.d... I’m happy to hear that kitten, see you soon.”

“ Ok.” Diana said,as Xena once again lifted Diana’s chin and kissed her.”

Xena went to inspect her troops as she always did.

“ My Lord, I hope everything is to your satisfaction?”

“ Quite...keep up the good work.”

“ Thank you My Lord, I shall.”

Xena then dismissed the troops and went to talk with Kistrom, the head of her
scouting troops. Spies for all intense and purposes. She met with her in one
of the private Counsel chambers, seeing how no one was suppose to know who she
was and what she and her secret troops did.

They had already lost one of their scouts because of Regent Sahi, and it was
because of that very reason why Xena called a meeting with Kistrom to talk to
her about some changes she had in mind.

“ My Lord.”

“ Kistrom... sit.”

“ Thank you My Lord.”

“ Kistrom I know losing Miki was hard on the scouts, but I also know she was
not your best scout.”

“ True My Lord, but she was one of them.”

“ I know, that’s why I called you here, I know the new scout has reported to
you already?”

“ Yes My Lord.”

“ Is she satisfactory?”

“ You have never sent any who weren’t My Lord.”

“ I know, but I still expect for you to let me know if someone who I send you
is not working out, of course I would want specific reason, but you know

“ Yes My Lord.”

“ Anyway, I decided to make it a law that My Scouts are not allowed to tesify
in public, only their dispositions maybe used as their testimony, unless I say
differently, this way I figure I won’t lose anymore of my Scouts due to their
Identify being exposed.”

“ I think it is a wonderful idea My Lord, it will definitely ensure security
of our identities, as well as the integrity of our numbers and our people.”

“ Right. Now there are what 50 of you left now that Miki has been replaced?”

“ Yes My Lord.”

“ Good, do you have a report for me to read?”

“ Yes My Lord, I think you will find some interesting things in it, especially
about that one situation you wanted me to send a scout to look into.”

“ Really? Well I look forward to reading your reports, I will be in touch with
you in the usual way.” Xena said as she dismissed The Leader of her scouting

“ As You wish My Lord.”

Bowing low the scout departed. Xena sat and started reading one of the reports
right then, it was about Nebula. Xena obviously did not trust her and before
she gave Diana a yes answer she wanted to check out Nebula.

“’s just as I thought, there is no way I’m letting you go with this
woman Diana.” Xena thought out loud after reading the report.

Xena left the chamber about a candlemark after Kistrom left. She went to the
library to meet up with Diana. Arriving before Diana she took the time to go
to her private library and write a bit, and.... think about whether she was
going to give Diana her answer today or wait for the two days.

Diana arrived a little bit after Xena had, she made sure to be on time,
because she did not want Xena getting upset with her before she gave her an
answer. Diana was somewhat optimist about what Xena’s answer would be, so she
didn’t want anything to jeopardize her chances of Xena saying yes. Diana
looked around the library looking for Xena.

“ Xena? Xe...naaa...? Are you here?”

“ I’m here kitten.” Xena said as she came out of her private library after
hearing Diana calling her.

“ Hi Love. Diana said greeting Xena.

“ Hi yourself, so how is your day going so far?”

“ Fine, but I have to admit, I find I really miss you when we’re not

“ Really?” Xena asked arching a brow.

“ Yes. Don’t you miss me?”

“ Always.” Xena stated matter-of-factly .

Diana beamed and then went and gave Xena a sultry kiss. Xena returned the
passion in turn and then after long moments of their passionate kissing Xena
finally broke it. Taking a few breaths of air Xena then said in a low
provocative voice.

“ keep that up and I’ll take you right here in the library.”

Diana gave Xena a waggle of her brows and then turned and walked over to one
of the tables. She sat halfway on the table and then unfastened two of the
fasteners on her top. She looked over at Xena , who was just standing and
watching, Diana now playing the role of the seductress.

Xena licked her lips, that seemed to be going dry at the moment, and then she
asked in a nonchalant tone....” What are you doing kitten?”

“ Hm....what do you think?” Diana questioned back as she undid another

“ D.i.a.n.a.....careful, you know if you start this, it won’t end until I say

Diana cocked her head as if thinking about Xena’s statement, and then she
straighten it and with a flick of her finger she unfastened yet another
fastener. Xena raised a brow as if saying ....I warned you....and then she
headed for Diana. The seductress then turned onto the table and went and stood
up on it.

Xena stopped in her tracks when she saw Diana turn and stand upon the table.
Diana smiled a sheepish type smile at Xena, and then proceeded to do a slow
erotic dance. Xena’s brow arched further as she stood watching and listening
to Diana hum a tune while dancing to it.

Diana’s eyes were locked on Xena’s, as Xena stood admiring and lusting after
her mate. Diana slowly raised one of her legs up so that it was straight
above her head, while the other leg was straight on the floor. Xena started
moving forward again, but Diana’s hand came up to halt her in her tracks.

Xena’s eyes narrowed slightly at being stopped, but she did it and waited to
see what Diana was planning. Diana didn’t make Xena wait long to see what she
was planning, she had now lowered her leg and was now caressing her breast as
she moved them up and down slightly with a rubbing type action, thus making
her cleavage even more prominent. Xena licked her lips again and now her
breathing had started to become obvious as to what she was feeling.

Diana saw the effect she was having on Xena, and so she slowly slid her hands
along her hips and then brought one around to her flower and slowly ran her
hand up until she came to her firm abdomen.She then ran her hands along the
waist band of her skirt and with a sensual move of her hands she slid the
skirt down off of her hips and slowly down her long legs.

Diana then stood with just her top half way open and some thong underpants on.

Turning slowly, she continued her erotic impromptu dance. Xena started moving
towards Diana once again. Diana once again held her hand up to stop Xena, but
this time Xena shook her head, and with a raised brow and determination in her
eyes, she strided over to the table and motioned for Diana to come over to

Diana feeling mischievous, simply rendered a sheepish grin to Xena and then
danced further away from Xena. Diana figured that since Xena was in her Royal
robes she would not get up on the table. But to Diana’s surprise Xena not only
did get onto the table, she did it with flare.

Xena flipped up onto the table and landed right in front of Diana. Taking
Diana’s chin in her hand she lifted Diana’s chin up, so much so that Diana was
standing ....barely on her tiptoes.

“ I told you to come to me Consort.”

Diana simply gazed at Xena with total want in her eyes as Xena slightly
scolded her for not obeying her. Xena smirked at Diana’s response and
realized Diana could careless about what she was saying at that moment. So
Xena decided to play with Diana for a bit, before she took her.

Xena continued to hold Diana under her chin with one hand, and she used the
other hand to slide down Diana’s body, along her side and slowly over her
hips,and behind, and then brought it back around to Diana’s front and she
slowly let it run back up slowly over her flower, where she caressed over the
material of Diana’s underpants, then she ran her fingernails over the
material. Finally she then slowly brought her hand up to Diana’s breast.

All the while Xena watched Diana’s eyes, which at times would close and just
revel in the feeling Xena was eliciting in her. Xena then ran the palm of her
hand over Diana’s nipples.

“ Mmmmm....” Diana moaned as Xena watched with intrigue at her loves responses
to her touch.

Xena then ran her hand under the top and without touching Diana’s nipples
again, she removed it from Diana’s shoulders and breast. She then slid it down
Diana’s torso and then over her hips, and finally let it slide down Diana’s
legs. All the while Xena continue to hold Diana’s chin with Diana still barely
touching the ground with her tiptoes.


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