By D.virtue


Xena then leaned down and placed a breath taking kiss to Diana’s lips, and
then in a husky voice Xena told Diana what she wanted her to do.

“ I want you to put your tongue out for me Consort.”

Diana slowly stuck her tongue out and held it there. Xena smiled a very
licentious smile, and then she stuck her own tongue out and used it to caress
Diana’s. Diana visibly shivered as a moan escaped her mouth. “ Ahhhh......”

Xena then slowly sucked Diana’s tongue in and out of her mouth using small
sucking type actions. Diana’s legs were now weak and it was fortunate for her
that Xena was holding her, otherwise she would have truly fallen to the table.

“ Mmmm....mmm....mmmm....mmmmmmm.....” Xena moaned as she delighted in the
taste of her mate.

All Diana could do to keep herself steady was to hold onto Xena, by her waist,
her heart was racing and she was on fire for Xena, despite the fact that she
was the one to start the whole seduction, hoping to seduce Xena, but as always
Xena turned that around to where it was Diana in wanton need of her touch.

Xena once again showing Diana why she is her Chosen. Xena continued to elicit
more and more responses from Diana, making her chestnut eyes change and shine
as sapphire. Xena smiled a triumphant smile when she saw Diana’s eyes change.

Xena sent a thought to Diana as she continued to feast on Diana’s now over
sensitive tongue.

“ Do you want me to take you Consort?”

“ Yes.”

“ Hmm.... are you ready for me to take you Consort?”

“ Yes.”

“ If I take you now...will you give me your word that you won’t question me
about anything for the next week, and just do what I say?”

“ Xena.....? Please?”

“ Answer me Consort, otherwise I end this and you’ll have to wait until I
decide to take you.”


“ Answer me.” Xena said as she planted another kiss on Diana. That radiated
down her spine and back up to stop right in her abdomen and make her tighter

“ Yes. “

“ Ok Consort, I’m actually glad you answered the way you did. Because I really
want you, I need you. Xena confessed as she lowered her and Diana to the table
and then proceeded to quench both of their desires.

“ just make me feel so.....weak in your
arms.....Godsssss.....I Love you!” Diana thrilled as she pulled at Xena’s
royal robes, thus disrobing her quickly.

Xena and Diana were now naked on one of the library tables, as they made
passionate love to one another. Xena was just entering Diana’s flower as Diana
was just entering Xena’s jewel, when some of the advisors came into the
library to go over some scrolls. They would not have been noticed had it not
been for the fact that Diana’s shield was in place and Xena was claiming her
at the very moment they had entered.

“ Owww........Gods.....Xena!”

“ Hmmmm.....I love you Diana.” Xena said just as she had went through Diana’s

“ Yes!” you are always ready fro me aren’t you kitten?”

“ A..l...w...a....y..s...s...........”

Diana said breathlessly, as Xena thrusted into her flower and she into Xena’s.
Xena heard the men come in, but she had no intentions of stopping especially
at the point where they were. Xena knew that they would not be disturb by the
advisors because of what would happen to them if they did.

Suddenly while the men were listening, they heard Xena say .....” give me what
is mine Consort...give me you....”

“ Yesss.......”

Was the only response before they heard both Xena and Diana call out each
others names. Finally after the two came back from their voyage of ecstasy,
Xena immediately got up off of the table and put her robe back on, and then
redressed Diana and picked her up into her arms and kissed her until she woke
up from her afterglow.

“ Are you awake kitten?”

“ more ways than one Love. Diana purred as she kissed Xena’s neck
and catching her hair in her hand she caressed her face with it while inhaling
the smell of the bouquet within it.

“ I love the smell of your hair, for that fact I love the way you smell
period!” Diana confessed.

“ And I you. “ Xena admitted.

Xena smirked at Diana because she did not know someone had come into the

“ What? Diana asked when she saw the smirk.

“ Oh....nothing, it’s just that we have company.”

“ What?! Diana shrieked as she blushed to her roots.

“ seems as thought they came in just I as claimed you my sweet

“ Gods...Xena...why didn’t you say anything?”

“ Why? I had no intention of stopping, I told you that.”

“ But Xena.... they heard everything?”

“ And your point would be?”

“ Xena?!”

“ Diana I am not embarrassed that you make the sounds of your pleasure known
to is a complete turn on to me....I absolutely love your sounds.”

“ Well still you could have told me we had visitors.”

“ I could have, and maybe next time I will just to have that danger to it?”

“ What type of danger?”

“ No real danger, just the risk of being seen.”

“ Hah! Like being heard is no less a risk?”

“ Hmmm...maybe a little,but it’s definitely not like being seen.”

“ Well you still should have told me. Anyway you can put me down now?”

“ Hmmm....well if you insist.” Xena said leaning in and planting another kiss
to Diana’s lips.

Diana was placed back on her feet but her arms were still wrapped around
Xena’s neck continuing the kiss. Xena finally broke the kiss and leaning back
she looked Diana in the eyes and said with a smirk, and a warning in her tone
of voice.

“ Be careful kitten, you might end up starting something again that I have to

“ Hah! I don’t think so love. “ Diana said as she skirted around Xena and
headed for the exit to the library.

Xena smiled and when she saw the advisors she raised a brow at them, daring
them to say one word, but none said a word, they simply bowed and as they
bowed Xena saw the smile on all of their faces, but she just smirked and
turned and headed out of the library, to go and catchup with Diana.

“ So what are you doing kitten?”

“ Oh, nothing, just figuring some things out.”

“ Like what? Xena asked as she watched Diana sitting at one of the tables in
their chambers drawing what appeared to be pictures of buildings and other
commerce type things.

“ Just plans.”

“ Plans ? What type of plans?” Xena asked again, now with concern written
across her face.

“ Just plans, that’s all.” Diana repeated casually.

Xena’s brows begun to knitted together for a moment and then she turned around
and placed her hands on her hips and walked into the bedchambers shaking her
head. Diana did not see Xena’s agitation she was too absorbed with her

Suddenly Xena came back out of the bedchamber with a dubious look on her face
one of which was determination. She planned to end the Nebula problem once and
for all.

“ Consort?” Xena called stoically.

“ Yes Love?” Diana replied with a gentle tone.

Xena was now shaking her head, at Diana’s tone, she felt Diana was presuming
things that she had been told to wait on.

“ Diana....we need to talk, well actually I’m going to talk and your going to
listen, clear?”

Diana looked over at Xena, as she walked over to the table to sit in one of
the chairs.

“ Xena what is it?” Diana asked with concern now crossing her face.

“ Is that clear Consort?”

“ Ye..yes, it’s clear, now what’s going on?”

“ Diana I wasn’t going to tell you this until later.....but seeing you sitting
here making diagrams and plans and things I think I need to tell you now, but
before I do I want you to remember what you promised down in the library, do
you remember?”

“ Yes, but what has that got to do with anything?”

“ You’ll see. Anyway, I decided to give you my answer to whether I am going to
allow you to go with Nebula on that discovery trip.....”

“ Really?” Diana asked with obvious hope in her voice, but seeing the serious
face on Xena her hope started to fade.

“ Consort I decided to......NOT allow you to go, there are many reasons for my
decision.” Xena said in a slight rush to get out all the words, before Diana

“ W.H.A.T???!! W.H.Y?!” Diana shouted with frustration and disappointment
registering in her voice.

“ Because I don’t trust her! Not with you.” Xena stated defensively.

“ Xena...I’m not going with her to be bedded by her, I’m going to discover

“ No, your not going.”

“ It’s not fair Xena!!”

“ Why isn’t it fair Consort?!” Xena’s temper not coming into play.

“ Because...both you and Gabrielle are doing what you want to do, and yet you
won’t allow me to do what I want, even when you know how important this is to
me!” Diana shot back with hurt and some resentment sounding in her tone.

Xena heard both and she decided that if she allowed Diana to continue then
eventually Diana would say something to really upset her.

“ Diana, I’m going to say this once and then this conversation is over. I’m
not trying to hold you back from being all you can be, But I will not allow My
Consort to go into harms way when I know better, and that’s just the way it
is. I’m sorry.” Xena concluded and then she looked at Diana for a moment more
and then she turned and headed back to the bedchamber, until.... she heard

“ Xena I’m going.”

Xena stopped in her tracks and her brows knitted together at first at what she
thought was a mistake in her hearing she realized it wasn’t so she turned
around, and with a look of surprise and then anger in her eyes, to which
Diana saw it and just turned her head to look across at the empty chair Xena
had just left.

“ What did you say Consort?” Xena inquired as she stood where she had made it

Diana hesitated for a moment and then she said again without looking up and
over at Xena. “ I said I was going.”

“ No your not.” Xena said matter-of-factly.

Diana now looked over at Xena and saw the piercing gaze she was under. So she
looked away once again and repeated herself.

“I am going.” Diana stated matter-of-factly as she stood up and headed for
the door of chambers to leave the room before Xena lost it......

But it was too late and Xena obviously knew why Diana was looking to leave,
but she was not about to let Diana think she could defy her and get away with
it, she was still The Conqueror.

“ Don’t you dare touch that door Consort!” Xena ordered, just as Diana’s hand
was about to do just that.

Diana stopped where she was and turned her head slowly to look over at Xena,
whom she knew was now pissed.

“ How dare you tell me your going to do something when I’ve told you your not!
You will NOT go, and I won’t say that again Consort, do you understand me?!
Xena said scolding Diana for her presumption that she could talk back and Xena
wouldn’t do anything.

Diana chewed her lips and looking up into Xena’s flaming eyes, she did not
want to fight with her love, but she was hurt by Xena’s answer, so instead of
arguing with
Xena she just looked up at her with a resigned look in her eyes and then she

“ I understand My Lord.” Diana said showing her respect for Xena’s now
Conqueror mode.

“ Good.” Xena said through a deep breath she had taken in to calm her anger.

Diana then turned and headed for the door.

“ Where are you going Consort?” Xena inquired.

“ Just to the lake to sit for a bit, if that’s ok with you?” Diana asked.

“ Yes, it’s fine Diana, I’m sorry, but this was just not the trip for you, not
with her.”

“ Fine.” Diana said as she turned and walked out the door.

Xena stood leaning on the door frame with her back, her arms crossed over her
chest , in the doorway watching Diana disappear down the staircase, and
thinking. Diana made it to the lake and picking up a few small stones, she
tossed them one at a time into the water and watched the disturbance the
stones caused to the calm still water. Ironically enough that’s how Diana was
feeling, like someone had thrown a stone into the stillness of her being.

Diana sat down heavily onto the grass covered ground and leaned against a tree
and looked out over the water. Diana then seemed to go into a deep somber type
reflection. Diana thought about her life and what she had been through and how
she had survived many near fatal incidences in her life over the years.

She thought about the first time she had meant her 2nd Chosen and what she
felt for him, she then would think about why she felt the way she did for him,
she did this with each of her old Chosen, she realized a lot of what she was
feeling was a sense of wanting a family to call her own, someone to love her
and allow her to love them. She also realized that her feelings for them was
based on the changes she had undergone.

Diana knew and accepted who and what she was, she knew people would always be
attracted to her, but for some reason she actually felt some small
gratefulness to Rah for changing her so that she did only respond to certain
people. Diana while sitting by the lake realized for the first time that she
was very naive about some things. But she realized that her other Chosen ,
while they loved her they were scared that if she succeeded to much then they
would possibly lose her to her work and they didn’t want that to happen, nor
would they allow it to happen.

Diana then thought about where she was now, and she thought about why she felt
for Xena the way she did, although she had thought about this many of times
before they were mated, but now it was for a different reason that Diana now
sat thinking.

Diana thought about everything she and Xena had gone through separately and
now together, and she realized that she loved Xena because of how she made her
feel when she was around, about how she made her think about things, and how
she thrilled at seeing Xena gazing at her.

“ She loves you Diana, as much as you love her, and it’s a deeper more
profound love than it was with any of the why do I feel so hurt?”
Diana thought and argued to herself.

Diana sat long into the evening hours, thinking about everything, and finally
she said to herself.....I know why I feel so hurt, it’s because of what I told
Xena, both she and Gabrielle and everyone else are doing what they want to do
and yet I’m not allowed. Why? Why won’t she let me do this? I know she said
she didn’t trust Nebula, but I would argue she doesn’t have to trust her, but
instead trust me. But It must be something more...there has to be, maybe it’s
because Nebula is a pirate? Maybe that’s why she doesn’t trust her?
Hmmmm.......” Diana thought outloud as she debated her differing ideas,
looking at both sides, or at least trying too. Suddenly Diana heard....

“ That’s only one of the reasons I don’t trust her Consort.”

Diana whirled around to see Xena leaning on another tree cleaning her nails
with her dagger.

“ Xena? How long have you been there?”

“ Long enough Consort.” Xena said stoically, as she pushed herself up off of
the tree using one of her feet.

Diana turned back around and looked over the waters once again after picking
up another few stones. She rolled them around in her hands for a moment as she
waited to see what Xena was going to do.

Xena strided over to where Diana sat and looking down at her with narrowed
eyes wondering what Diana was thinking about she finally told Diana to move
forward away from the tree so that she could sit behind her. Diana hesitated
for a moment until Xena said...”Well?”

Diana then scooted forward and Xena sat down behind Diana and although Diana
planned to sit up, Xena pulled her too her and had her lay against her with
Diana’ s back against Xena’s chest. Diana felt a warming in her belly, but she
was determine not to give in to it, but Xena didn’t help by wrapping her arms
around Diana, and planting feathery kisses to her neck.

“ I missed you Consort, I was worried about you.” Xena said as she planted
another series of kisses to Diana’s neck.

Just as Xena was about to remove Diana’s outer blouse cover Diana moved

“ What are you doing?” Xena asked with irritation in her voice.

“ Xena I really don’t feel like doing this right now.” Diana said with some
hint of need in her voice.

Xena raised a brow at Diana, and then cut her eyes to the lake and then back
at Diana.

“ So what? Am I suppose to wait to have my need for you quenched because of
you sulking about not being allowed to go on that Damn trip with Nebula?!”
Xena said scolding Diana once again.

“ If you came out here to scold me, then you should have stay inside, I don’t
need to be scolded by you just because I don’t agree with you.” Diana
retaliated back as she went to her feet and walked away from where Xena still
sat glaring at her.

“ Diana ...I thought I said this subject was closed.”

“ Xena....” Diana started as she turned to face her.

“ Just because you say a conversation is ended does not mean I will just drop
it from my mind, it doesn’t work like that, especially when I think your
wrong. I may not discuss it with you again, but it does not mean I’ve
forgotten about it.” Diana reasoned.

“ Enough! Xena shouted at Diana.

Diana turned back around looking over the lake but not at it, she was thinking
about why Xena felt so strongly about this. She went into such deep thought ,
that she did not hear Xena.

“ D.i.a.n.a.....?” Xena said with a lowering of her voice to a more ominous
tone, as she felt Diana was trying to ignore her.

“ Oh, yes...? Diana said as she turned to see Xena now standing, glaring more
at her. “ What?”

“ Did you hear what I said?” Xena asked attempting to see if she was mistaken
in what Diana was doing.

“ No, I'm sorry, I was thinking about something.” Diana said as she turned to
look back outwards.

“ I said, I don’t trust Nebula because she is a pirate, but also because she’s
a thief,She’s assaulted people, and murdered, she’s just not someone I want
you around.”

Diana turned to look at Xena and without thinking about it she said...”Just
like you. Yet I’m with you?”

Xena’s eyes lit...both with anger and hurt at Diana’s statement, Diana saw it
and she realized what she had said.

“ Xena.... I....I...didn’”

“ Save it!! Consort. Let me tell you something, while it’s true that I have
done those things and worst, I also have changed a Hell Of a lot...and why?
because of you! I try to be someone you can be proud of, but I will not stand
here and let you say things to me to be spiteful, it hurts, and I am so
disappointed that you would even go there. But I will say this again, I will
not allow the woman I love to go ANYWHERE with ANYONE that I don’t feel she
would be safe with, just because Nebula herself would not hurt you, there are
people out there who would because of you being around her. I’m sorry if my
saying no makes you feel spiteful towards me, but it won’t change how I feel
about you, I will always look out for you because I love you that much, but I
am hurt that you would say what you have despite how I’ve tried to change for
you.” Xena said somewhat emotionally with tears forming in her own eyes, but
before they could fall she turned and stormed away back to the Palace.

Diana in the meantime stood completely paralyzed with complete shame at what
she had just done to Xena, she didn’t mean it, she didn’t even think about it
before it came out, she was just thinking about the words Xena had used and
was comparing Nebula’s behavior with that of Xena’s past behavior.

“ Gods..! Xena?! Xena Please?!” Diana called after Xena.

Xena didn’t look back she just continued towards the Palace. Diana then seeing
that Xena was not going to stop she turned back to the lake and Throwing all
of the stones at once into the water she watched the turmoil occur within the
water, the same type of turmoil she was now feeling.

“ By The Gods! I can’t believe it! I hurt a woman whom I never thought I would
hurt, yet alone could hurt...! Gods ! I feel soooo...damn bad! Diana exclaimed
as she went to the ground in Indian fashion and putting her head in her hands
she cried.

Eventually because of the lateness of the hour and Diana’s emotional turmoil
Diana had cried herself to sleep by the lake, and despite the hurt Xena felt
she came back to the lake to find Diana asleep, curled in a ball looking all
the innocent Xena felt she was.

Xena went to her knees and with ease she lifted the sleeping Diana into her
arms and carried her back to their chambers, on the way Diana snuggled into
Xena’s arms and seemed to moan in her sleep at the comfort she felt in the
strong loving arms of her soul mate.

Xena felt so much love for the woman in her arms, but she was so hurt at the
moment she just took her to their chambers and changed her into a sleeping
gown, which was unusual, considering that both she and Diana slept in the

Xena then laid Diana in the bed and covered her and she then got in on the
other side of the bed and leaning over she kissed Diana on the lips with a
tender kiss and then said... "sweet dreams kitten, I love you.”

She then looked at Diana for a moment more and then laid back and closed her
eyes, and after a bit she drifted off to sleep.

End of part 1

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