By D.virtue

The next morning Xena awoke early as usual, but she was not in a good mood.
She had a wicked headache from the hurt she was still feeling by Diana’s words
to her, and also from her need of Diana.

Xena thought about taking Diana at that moment, but she decided Diana would
probably come to her later today, and apologize, and then they would make up.

“ Maybe?” Xena said outloud to herself as an after thought.

This was different from the other arguments she and Diana had worked through,
before Diana’s words would not have hurt her as deeply as she felt now, mainly
because she took her vows serious and she was in this for all time.

But she was not sure, for the first time since she had asked Diana to be hers,
she wondered whether Diana was really ready for such a commitment, Xena of
course had these doubts only because of how hurt she was feeling, not because
she actually believed them, and fortunate for her she realized it.

“ Xena knock it off! You know as well as anyone, Diana was as ready for this
commitment as you were.” Xena said scolding herself for doubting Diana.

Xena dressed quickly and writing a note for Diana she told her to meet her for
evening meal after she attended to her other duties of learning ALL of the
laws of the land by memory. Diana didn’t mind so much but she hated the days
when she had to stay there all day, it was tiring, and some of the scrolls of
laws bored her to near tears. But it was one of the things Xena told Diana she
had to do if she wanted to continue as one of her advisors.

Xena finished writing her note and she placed it on Diana’s clothes she was to
wear that day making sure Diana could not miss it. Then she left the chambers
and went to work as The Conqueror.

Diana awoke a hour or so later and Dancea had brought her breakfast up and was
finishing setting it up.

“ Mmm...” Diana moaned as the light from the day sparkled into the room.

“ Goodmorning Your Highness, Did you sleep well?”

“ MMM....Goodmorning Dancea, ok I guess.” Diana said through a wonderful

“ My Lord ordered that your bath and breakfast be waiting for you when you
awoke. Which would you like to do first?”

“ Bathe.” Diana said simply as she rolled out of bed and went into the bath to
bath herself up, but to her surprise Ludmilla was waiting for her at the edge
of the bath with her robe on.

“ What are you doing in here?”

“ My Lord told me I was to bathe you Your Highness?”

“ Excuse me? No I can bathe myself Ludmilla, thank you anyway.”

“ My Lord told me that if I didn’t bathe you then I would have to answer to
her, and she didn’t seem to be in a good mood at all Your Highness?” Ludmilla

Diana was put off by this but she didn’t want Ludmilla to get into trouble.

“ Ok, fine then, let’s get this over with, I’m not real comfortable with other
people bathing me...other than Our Lord that is.”

Ludmilla smiled and then took off her robe and got into the bath and begun
bathing Diana. Finally after the bath Ludmilla oiled Diana down with one of
Xena’s favorite scents.

“ Why did you put that one on me?”

“ My Lord told me too.”

“ Oh, I see.”

“ All done Your Highness.”

“ Ludmilla call me Lady Diana when we’re not in pupil.”

“ But...? Ok...Lady Diana.”

Diana smiled at her and then said in a teasing voice....”After all you did
bathe me.”

Ludmilla smiled and Diana winked at her then she turned and left the bath and
went to dress, as she was dressing she saw the note from Xena.

“ I hope you slept well Diana, you are to go to the library for your day long

“ Shoot! that is this week, for Gaia sake I don’t want to spend the whole day
there!” Diana grumbled to herself. As she continued to read the note.

“ Stop the griping and eat your breakfast and get yourself there, don’t be
late, afterwards meet me for evening meal in the Royal Dining Hall...the one
for those with rank in My Household. I’ll expect you to be on time as I always
do. See you later kitten, Xena.

Diana then looked up at Dancea and Ludmilla and said...” It’s like she’s a
mind reader or something.”

Diana then folded the note and put it on the table as she sat down to eat .
After finishing her breakfast Diana went to the library to begin on her
studying once again. After the day had finally come to an end for her
studying, Diana headed to the dining hall to meet Xena. But as luck would have
it she was stopped.

“ Diana...I haven’t seen you all day today, where have you been hiding?”

“ The Library sis, you know I’ve been doing some studying. Anyway where are
you headed?”

“ To the theater to watch a play that their practicing on.”

“ Oh now that sounds like fun, rather than studying all day.”

“ I agree.”

The two stood and talked for a bit and then Diana smelled fresh bread and then
realized... Gods preserve me I’m late! Gabrielle I have to talk to you later,
Xena is waiting for me.”

“ Oh I understand, go ahead, I heard she has been in a foul mood today, I saw
dozens of soldiers and servants either heading to the healers, or heading to
the punishers. It has been a terrible day for those who had to pass Our Lords
path today.”

“ Oh thanks Gabrielle. Now I have to go and face her.” Diana said somewhat
blaming, but added a smile to take the edge off.

“ Sorry, but you better get going. I love you.”

“ I love you too.” Diana said as she and Gabrielle hugged one another and then
Diana shot down the corridors to get to the Dining hall.

Once there Diana went inside and scanning the room quickly she noticed a few
things, one everyone was eating and the room was unnervingly quiet, when Diana
entered it everyone looked up to render their respect to the Consort who was
now Royalty legally, and then they nervously but quietly went back to eating
and looking between Diana and Xena.

Diana followed the many eyes and there she saw Xena sitting at a table
reserved only for her and those she chose to sit with her, which today she
didn’t choose to have anyone sitting with her. Xena was reading a scroll and
it seemed as though she didn’t even know Diana had come into the room,
considering she didn’t look up, but Xena knew Diana had arrived.

Diana strided over to the table and tried to play off the fact that she was

“ Hi Love.”

“ Your late.” Xena said without looking up from the scroll.

“ I know I’m sorry...I was...”

“ Save it! Just don’t let it happen again.” Xena stated matter-of-factly.

“ It won’t.” Diana conceded and then went to sit down.

“ What are you doing Consort?” Xena asked as she continued to read her scroll.

Diana knitted her brow at the question but answered it anyway. “ I was about
to sit down.”

“ Without properly greeting me?!” Xena stated with irritation sounding in her
tone of voice.

“ Oh...I wasn’t thinking, forgive me?” Diana said contritely as she leaned
down to kiss Xena.

Xena stopped Diana just as their lips were to meet by grabbing a handful of
Diana’s long ebony hair, and in a low growl Xena said....” Don’t you ever
forget to greet me Diana.”

Xena’s eyes were narrowed and her gaze was penetrating into Diana. Diana
swallowed hard as her pupils enlarged somewhat.

“ I won’t.” Diana said.

Her breathing was now increasing, while at the same time her heartbeat was
rapidly increasing. Xena then gave Diana another hard look and then pulled her
in for her kiss. What Diana didn’t realize was that Xena had plans, so when
their lips met, Xena reminded Diana of who was who.

Xena sucked on Diana’s tongue with abandon, causing Diana to grip Xena’s thigh
with such force to steady herself from the onslaught of Xena’s skilled mouth,
that Xena responded to the grip by scraping her teeth along with her tongue
over Diana’s Tongue.

“ Hmmmm....ahhhhh.......” Diana moaned as she placed one of her knees in the
chair Xena was sitting in so as not to fall to the floor from the weakness
that was trying to claim her legs.

Xena felt Diana’s knee between her legs and it only served to heighten her
need and determination. Diana seeing where this was going sent a thought to

“ Gods Xena please?”

“ Please what Consort?” Xena sent the thought right back.

Xena felt the shiver run through Diana’s body straight up to where Xena held
Diana’s hair. Xena suddenly pulled Diana’s lips off of hers and with a
piercing Gaze Xena gave Diana and ultimatum.

“ You have a choice Consort, we either quench each others need right here and
now, or you quench mines now....your choice.” Xena finished with a wanton
need in her eyes.

“ Xena not here, not now....please? we need to talk about some things?” Diana
pleaded weakly.

“ I don’t really feel like talking Diana, now choose, you have five seconds,

“ Xena please? Diana pleaded in a low tone of voice so that only Xena could
hear, although Diana knew the whole room was now silent for another reason,
rather than just to not disturb Xena.

“ Three.....four......”

Diana started to get up off of the chair, but just as she did Xena said five
and then pulled her back to her by her hair, “OW!.” Diana yelped as she then
heard Xena say in a tone of voice that rattled her to her bones.

“ On your knees Consort!”

Diana looked into Xena’s piercing blue, and her breath caught at the look she
was receiving, Xena wasn’t going to force Diana to her knees, but instead use
Diana’s own desires and needs to make her want to go to her knees.

Xena tilted Diana’s head up so that she was looking more upward as Xena once
again took Diana’s mouth and begun ravishing it. Xena knew Diana was not
only being shy , but also that she was trying an indirect approach at keeping
herself away from Xena’s passion until they could resolve their differences.

But Xena was having none of that, Diana was not only her Bonded mate, but she
was also her Consort and she was the Ruler of that Consort and Diana would do
what she wished otherwise she would be punished. Xena slipped her fingers
into her jewel and lathered two of her fingers with her own juices, and then
she told Diana....”Sit down.”

Diana immediately sat on Xena’s thigh and Xena eased up on Diana’s hair,
although she did not let go of it. Xena saw Diana’s eyes were changing in
their color to show the increase in her own need of Xena, and it was this that
Xena planned on using.

“ Close your eyes Consort.” Xena ordered

Diana immediately did as she was told seeing that Xena had her Conqueror’s
mask firmly in place at this moment. Diana closed her eyes and then Xena
ordered....”Open your mouth.”

Diana’s breathing was increasing with every word out of Xena’s mouth. “ Xena
pleaseee.....?” Diana pleaded with Xena once again to not take her there in
the dining hall.

“ I said OPEN CONSORT!” Xena scolded.

Diana obeyed what Xena told her to do and she opened her mouth. Xena then ran
her covered fingers under Diana’s nose and Diana responded immediately to the
smell, she let out a rush of air trying to maintain some semblance of control,
but Xena knew the effect her scent had on Diana, she could feel Diana’s own
need raging.

“ X.e.n.a.aaaa.....?”

“ Don't talk just keep your mouth open.” Xena ordered as she continued to run
her fingers under Diana’s nose.

She then put them in Diana’s mouth and Diana tried to resist the pull of
tasting Xena’s essence, she knew if she did, she would be lost to it. Diana
sensing she was about to lose sent a a final plead to Xena.

“ Xena please don’t make me do this? Please?” Diana pleaded to Xena.

Xena’s mouth turned up into a wick type of satisfying smile, as she became
more and more turned on at Diana’s weakening attempt at resistance. Diana
actually thought she could just imagine the look on Xena’s face at that moment
probably a look a lot like the first time when they met. That lustful dubious
gaze. A gaze that told Diana many times that Xena was about to have her way.

“ Taste Consort.” Xena ordered with an anticipating type look on her face.

“ No.” Diana sent the thought as a last ditch effort.

“ NOW! “ Xena demanded.

Diana inhaled and a single tear rolled down Diana’s cheek.... then....she
closed her mouth around Xena’s covered fingers, and at first she let the
sweetness of Xena’s flavor melt onto her tongue, and her eyes, although closed
showed the unbidden pleasure she was experiencing.

Diana finally gave up her struggle of control, what little she had when Xena
was bidding her to do something. Diana begun to suck ardently on Xena’s sweet
covered fingers, and as she did she moaned her pleasure.

Suddenly Xena plucked her fingers out of Diana’s mouth, and Diana’s eyes flew
open and there they were, exactly what Xena wanted, her reflecting sapphires
gazing back at her.

Xena knew she had Diana right where she wanted her. Diana could have been
ready to kill but if Xena told her to come to her at that moment even in the
middle of pushing a blade into someone, Diana would leave the person to die
slowly just so she wouldn’t have to suffer the painful separation if Xena had
to leave her because she chose to finish.

“ Ahhhhh.....Consort, did you like that?” Xena teased.

“ You know I did.” Diana came back eyes focused squarely on Xena’s.

Xena gave a crooked smirk, and then said in a low warning voice in Diana’s
ear. “ If you want to have that taste again anytime soon, I suggest you get on
your knees now, otherwise it will be a long time coming before I will allow
you to taste me again.”

Xena then leaned back and continued to look Diana in the eyes and Diana’s
breathing was labored and near panting, Xena saw the battle but it didn’t
concern her she knew Diana would do as she ordered, So Xena brought her
fingers to her own mouth and with exaggerated actions she slowly sucked them
into her mouth and then back out, all the while giving Diana a casual glance.
Diana was once again using her hands to grip Xena’s thigh just at the hips.

Xena raised a questioning brow at Diana, and that was all it took, Diana
moaned and then slid off of Xena’s thigh and down between Xena’s strong
thighs, to which Xena then purred and put her thighs over Diana’s shoulders,
thus making herself comfort for what was about to follow. The cloth covering
the table concealed Diana from the view of everyone in the dining hall, who
now were smiling with hopeful looks in their faces.

Xena looked out over the viewing audience and said. “ Enjoy your meal
everyone.” Xena’s tone was so much less intimidating that everyone soon was
talking and laughing amongst themselves as a sigh of collective relief took

“ Ahhhh.....yesssss.....kitten......Hmmmmm....I needed you, I wanted
you......but Gods above....I’ll settle for that tongue of yours
everytime......Whew! Xena purred as Diana feasted on her unexpected dessert.

Soon Xena was flushing and her release was Imminent. So she gave a final order
to Diana.

“ Consort do not release is that clear?” Xena ordered.

Diana moaned and then groaned at Xena’s words, but she didn’t want to stop, so
she sent her reply via her mind.

“ Ok.”

“ Alright my sweet Consort, here It comes, not a drop is to be wasted, as if
Xena had to say anything.

Diana gripped Xena’s thighs tighter, and then Xena’s ecstasy washed over her.
Diana’s tongue was sucking at the core of Xena’s jewel. And Xena’s thighs were
holding Diana in place as she released again and again, and again, finally
after multiple releases Xena grabbed Diana by her hair and pulled her back up
to her lap and turning her around on her lap Diana was now sitting astride
Xena’s thighs with her flower assessible to Xena’s will.

Xena pulled Diana’s head in for another searing kiss, that she knew would only
inflame Diana more. Xena abruptly broke the kiss and with a less wick gaze
Xena sat back in her chair and she watched Diana sway from the effect of
tasting Xena as well as Xena increased stimulation of her with her skilled

“ Does my kitten want her Lord to take her?”

“ Y.e.s.... Please?”

“ If I do..... it would have to be right here. Do you still want me to take
you Consort?”


“ I’d want to..... Consort.” Xena said listing what she
wanted and expected as she inquired of Diana to what extend she would go for
her mate to take her.

“ Do you still want me to take you Consort?”

Diana was near delirium, but she maintained to answer Xena’s questions,
although she was now whimpering her responses.

“ ye..sss.... Xena please don’t make me wait?”

“ Oh ..but kitten, isn’t that exactly what you were planning to do to me?”
Xena stated with a hiss.

Diana heard the tone of voice and the anger in it and she immediately closed
her eyes and tears begun to roll down her face, because she knew what was
about to happen.

“ Yes Consort, this is your punishment for TRYING to hold yourself back from
me. This is to teach you that from now on, no matter what happens between us,
You are Mine and Mine alone and it is I who control you, and everything about
you. Now get up and sit in the chair on my left.”

Diana raised up off of Xena’s thighs with some effort, and then sat in the
chair right to Xena’s left. Xena motioned for the servants to bring their
food, and the servants immediately brought the food and set it up.

Xena’s food and drink as well as Diana’s were tasted before it was offered to
them. Xena took a piece of meat and broke off a smaller piece and popped it
into her mouth. she glanced at Diana who was sitting with her legs tight
together hoping that the position would allow her some comfort from her raging

But it didn’t, so one of her feet were tapping restlessly on the floor, and
her hands were shaky, as she reached for some water to drink. Pouring it with
her shaky hands made a little mess that Xena ignored, but simply told the
servants to pay more attention to the needs of their Queen.

“ Forgive us My Lord. “

The servant took the water pitcher from Diana and poured her the water she
wanted and she drunk it down in one long gulp, and then put her cup out for
more, and the servant held Diana’s hand as well as poured the water and once
again Diana drunk it down and put her cup out for more.

Xena saw the third gesture and just as the servant had taken Diana’s hand once
again and was about to pour, when Xena covered the goblet with her hand and
said in a firm voice.

“ No more, eat Diana.”

Diana started to say something in protest, but Xena simply raised a brow at
her and casually turned back and took another bite of food into her mouth.
Diana could do nothing but remain silent at the moment and do as she was told,
so she begun to eat.

Diana didn’t eat much food, she had other things on her mind. Finally when
Xena finished and rose from her chair the dining hall all stopped eating and
drinking and talking, and stood up as both The Conqueror and her Consort left
the dining hall.

Xena held Diana’s hand as they walked out of the hall and headed back to their

“ Xena?”

“ Yes Consort?” Xena said with a warning tone.”

“ Xena I know why your doing this.”

“ Really? tell me then kitten why do you think I aroused you?” Xena asked as
they strided up the stairs with Xena slightly ahead of Diana.

Diana thought about the result of her bringing up a certain conversation
again, and what that would mean for the condition she was in. She chewed her
lip for a moment then Xena asked again.

“ Well?”

“ Well.....I think you did this so that I wouldn’t bring up the subject of

Xena stopped abruptly just at the top step, whereas she was on it and Diana
was on the step just below. Xena inhaled sharply as her muscles tensed in her
shoulders, she scowled at the thought of Diana bringing up that subject but
she did not turn around, instead she pulled Diana up the stairs and strided
quite rapidly into their chambers.

“ I don’t want to be disturbed!” Xena called over her shoulder to the sentries
posted outside of their chambers.

“ Yes My Lord.”

Diana felt an uneasy feeling creeping over her and to hear that Xena didn’t
want them to be disturbed did not bode well for Diana. Once they were in the
door and it was closed Xena swung Diana around to face her and Diana saw the
scowl Xena was wearing.

“ Didn’t I tell you that subject was closed Consort?!” Xena scolded.

“ Ow Xena your hurting my hand, please let go?”

“ Answer me!” Xena sneered.

“ Gods..... Yes! now please let go?”

“ So why are you bringing it up Consort?”

“ I mentioned we need to talk about it...OWWW!” Diana went
to her knees as Xena applied even more pressure to Diana’s captured hand.
Please Love let gooo...?!”

Xena gave Diana a penetrating glare and then she let go of her hand. Diana
immediately brought the hand close to her body and begun rubbing it with her
other hand. Then after a moment Diana started to get up off her knees.

“ Stay there!” Xena ordered as she went and picked up a chair and brought it
and set it down in front of Diana. She then sat down in the chair and glared
at Diana for a moment, as Diana was now sitting back on her heels, with her
hands in her lap.


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