By D.virtue

The next day Xena and Diana were up and dressing for the day and Diana turned
and saw Xena was standing and just studying her.

“ What?” Diana asked somewhat cautiously by the scrutiny Xena was putting on

“ I was just thinking how pleased I am with your behavior these last few days,
I mean not once did you do or say anything that was ill-behaved. I’m pleased
with that kitten.”

Diana smiled and then gave a smirk and raised a brow at Xena’s compliment and
Xena smirked back and said....” No Consort I have not changed my mind....yet.”

Diana beamed at the meaning of Xena’s words and then said.... “ Well I’m just
proving to you I can behave.”

“ Well I am pleased kitten. Now let’s go.”

Xena and Diana went to the practice field where Xena wanted and thought she
needed to workout. Diana went to sit on one of the benches with some of the
other people who were there either practicing or just watching. When Xena
walked out onto the field All activity halted so all could render the proper
respect to The Conqueror.

Xena returned a few acknowledgments and then she scanned the field looking for
her first victim.

“ You. Get a weapon.”

“ Yes My Lord. The soldier jumped to his feet and ran and got a sword as the
weapon he wanted to use. Xena recognized who the young man was, he was one of
a group of young men who were boisterous about their skills. The men who knew
Xena, knew why she allowed those she would spar with to choose their weapons
knew it was because Xena The Conqueror was about to teach someone a lesson
they would not soon forget.

“ A sword huh?” Xena inquired of the young soldier testing to see if he really
wanted to use that weapon while sparring with her.

“ Yes My Lord, I feel you shall have a good opponent.”

Xena arched her brow and then said in a mocking voice....” Is that right?”

“ Yes My Lord?” the cocky young man said with a waggle of his brows at The

Xena gave him a sarcastic smirk, and then she slowly pulled her sword.

“ So you think you are capable of being a good opponent for me?” Xena asked
with a hint of something else in her eyes.

“ Oh Yes My Lord I do.”

“ Hmmm if that’s the case then you wouldn’t mind a bit of a challenge?”

“ Like what My Lord?”

Diana was now a little concerned about where Xena was going with this whole
thing, and soon she found out.

“ Well If I win then you are to receive ten lashes from the punisher’s whip.”
Xena said with a challenge shining in her eyes.

Diana was about to say something when Xena sent her a thought..... “ Not a
word Consort. “ Xena said without looking over at Diana.

Diana took a deep breath and then sat back on the bench and just hoped the
young soldier was not as cocky as he appeared.

“ What if I win?” the young soldier asked, and a loud ring of laughter
sounded from everyone on the benches and on the field.

The young soldier looked around at everyone in wonder as to what they were
laughing at. Then he saw the serious look on Diana’s face and he tried to read
her expression and Xena followed his line of site to her Consort and once
again she said....” Not one word.”

Diana’s eyes left the soldiers and went to Xena’s and then she looked back at
the young soldier who then had some feeling of concern, so he said.....” My
Lord what if I choose to not take this challenge?” Hoping he could get out of
the situation he had gotten himself into.

“ Well....if you choose not to, then I will consider you a coward and you
will receive 20 lashes of the whip.” Xena said matter-of-factly.

The young soldier swallowed hard and then said in a concillitory tone....”
very well My Lord I will accept your challenge...but you still have not
answered my question?”

“ Oh, if you win ? well..... IF you win, then I will take 10 lashes from the
punisher’s whip.”

Everyone laughed again and Xena scanned them rapidly and they went quiet. The
young man then stepped back and raising his sword he took his position. Xena
smirked and raised her sword enough to show the young soldier she was ready
anytime he was.

The soldier assessed Xena’s stance and the position of her sword and thinking
because it was not in a protecting position he thought he could get to The
Conqueror through it.

The soldier then charged and took a swipe at Xena, and she blocked the swing
with ease and pushing the young soldier back a bit with her sword and her
strength she came around and with a quickness to her moves she caught the
young soldier on the side of his face with her blade.

The soldier now had a smooth slice to his cheek and blood was dripping from
it. Diana slightly gasped , and the others on the bench all cheered for The
Conqueror. The young man brought his hand to his face to see how badly he was
cut, it wasn’t a deep cut but it would leave a scar.

The soldier then charged again, and this time Xena took him down with a swift
kick to his midsection she then swung her sword around to where it was at his
neck and he sat still as a board.

“ You lose. “ Xena taunted and then cut him again and then sent him to the
healer and then to the punisher.

“ You. Get a weapon.” Xena said casually as she turned to the next of the
group of young men.

Xena did the same thing to each of them although they didn’t portray the cocky
behavior as the other one, but they all were sent to the punisher for the soul
purpose of making sure they understood that it was not prudent for The
Conqueror to hear of cockiness in the ranks unless they could beat her.

After Xena sent the last one to the punisher Xena then turned to look at
Diana. Diana was not looking at Xena at the moment but deep in thought about
everything. Xena was a little irked that Diana was not paying attention
anymore to one of the ways she punished her soldiers, so she decided she was
going to fix that.

“ Consort get a weapon.” Xena ordered.

Diana’s eyes went wide, she pointed to herself with questioning brows. Xena
arched her brow and then said....”is there anyone else?”

Diana closed her mouth and then answered.

“ Of course not My Lord, I’m sorry, I was just caught off guard with this. “

Diana went to get a weapon and little did she know it but she was being tested
by Xena. Xena wanted to see if Diana would pick a weapon she knew Xena would
get upset about. Diana headed for the weapons and after looking at a few
different swords without touching them, Diana stepped a little further and
picked a staff, then turning she headed for where Xena stood.

Xena had a smirk on her face and then she said as Diana came to stand in front
of her.....” Good girl.”

Diana cocked her head and knitted her brows at Xena not sure of what Xena
meant, but then when Xena’s eyes fell on the staff, Diana grinned and then
said in a surprise tone.....”You thought I was going to get a sword?”

“ Yes. “ Xena said simply.

“ well ha,ha,ha...I guess I showed you My Love?” Diana said in a whispered

Xena cast her a crooked smile and then said ....”Ok, ok, don’t get know what happens to cocky people? Only it will be me and my hand
against that behind of yours.” Xena said in warning. “ Matter of fact, now
that I think about it, you weren’t paying attention to me when I was punishing
the others, sooooo.... you are now on the table. If you lose I will redden
your behind ...slightly. but if you win, then I will make my decision that may
allow you to go with Nebula.

Diana rendered a slight bow of her head indicating she understood Xena’s

“ Ok, let’s go.” Xena said as she held her hand out for a staff after putting
her sword away.

Xena and Diana then went to work, everyone watched the two and saw how much
Xena’s Consort was taxing her. But Xena in the end would win. Xena did a
combination of moves that started Diana’s decline.

Xena caught Diana behind her knees with the staff which sent Diana to the
ground, but Diana thought she could get out of the way of the strike by Xena
so just as Diana was about to roll to the side, Xena brought the staff to
that side and caught her in the side, and Diana then rolled the other way and
Xena caught Diana on the other side, and then brought the staff to Diana’s
midsection somewhat hard, but not hard enough to cause Diana to gag, but hard
enough to cause Diana to bend forward and grab her abdomen.

“ Urghhh!” Diana shrieked as she bent forward.

Diana was now breathing hard and had stopped trying to evade Xena’s staff.
Xena pushed Diana to the ground to where she was lying on her back with Xena’s
staff at her neck.

“ You give?” Xena asked in the same tone she had everytime she had Diana in
this position.

Diana swallowed hard and looking up into Xena’s eyes she said...” I give.”

Xena beamed and then reached down and pulled Diana into her arms and gave her
a big kiss. When Xena broke the kiss, Diana was breathing even harder and she
shivered at Xena’s touch, holding her around her waist.

“ Gods! Xena. what was that for?...not that I’m complaining.”

“ Your the only one who gave me a workout.” Xena said with pride sounding in
her voice, just loud enough for everyone on and around the field to hear.

“ So are you telling me if the others had given you a workout you would have
gifted them with such a kiss of congratulations?” Diana asked teasingly.

“ Yes, if they looked like you.” Xena said lifting Diana’s chin and giving her
another kiss, as she gazed into Diana’s eyes.

Diana’s eyes lit up at Xena’s compliment and before Xena knew it, Diana was
feasting on her mouth once again. Eventually Xena broke the embrace with
Diana’s last words of exclamation....”Gods I love you woman!!!”

Xena looked into Diana’s eyes with such a sultry look that Diana blushed to
her roots and trembled at the implication.

The soldiers and people who sat watching the practice, now sat in awe at the
passion between the two women, and they saw how and why they were the only two
for one another.

Xena and Diana then went and cleaned up and Xena went to take care of some
Royal court duties, she sent Diana to the library to study for a while.

“ Go.”

“ Xena can’t I go with you , I mean I can provide you some distractions during
the boring cases?”

Xena smirked and then turning Diana around and facing her towards the library,
Xena lifted Diana’s skirt and landed a smack to her behind that caused Diana
to yelp.

“ OW! What was that for?”

“ I told you what to do.”

“ I wasn’t arguing with you, I was just letting you know of another
alternative to your having to sit through boring cases.”

“ Ok, I heard your idea and while it is tempting, I don’t think it would be
prudent to be distracted while handing out punishments, at least not now, I
use to do that.”

“Ok ....your lost.” Diana said as she turned to head for the library while at
the same time rubbing her behind.

Diana then sent a thought back to Xena without turning around.

“ Well I guess this qualifies for that behind challenge you made me agree to.”

“ Really?” Xena said as she continued to watch Diana rub her behind while
going to the library.

“ Yes really. I’ll bet it’s red also.” Diana said as she raised her skirt and
looked back at her behind to see that it was indeed red slightly.....” See?”
Diana continued as she showed Xena her backside.

Xena smirked and then said with a hint of humor in her eyes, and tone....” Ok
Consort I’ll let it stand as the fulfillment of your obligation.”

“ Great! I’ll see you later Love.”

“ Ok kitten.”

Later Diana and Xena met back at their chambers and spent the rest of the
evening with Gabrielle.They talked about some of the days events and how
Gabrielle was learning the ways of the Amazon, and how to the lead them.
After a while Gabrielle left to go to her chambers for the night, Diana and
Xena talked for a while longer and then got into bed and made love for over
four candlemarks, finally after sating their appetites temporarily, they fell
asleep in each others arms.

The next few weeks were a record for Diana, she had not only did what she was
told and not argued with Xena about anything, but she had learned all of the
laws made by Xena, but also the Amazons, she even read all of the scrolls
pertaining to the Amazons Right of Passage Ceremony. They worked out daily for
two candlemarks, handled duties of the Royal House, and then they made love
for candlemarks and sometimes longer, and then retired for the day.

Xena awoke one day and sat up in bed gazing at Diana as she slept. Xena
thought about what the day would mean for her, seeing how it was the day she
was to tell Diana her decision. She suspected Diana would be restless the
whole day wondering what her decision was.

Xena laid back down and covered her eyes while she thought of what the
conversation would be. While she laid there she decided on when to tell Diana
, she would tell her as soon as possible what her decision was.

After Diana had awaken and dressed she went to the sitting room to have
morning meal with Xena.

“ Morning Love. “ Diana said bouncing into the room.

Xena saw and felt Diana’s energy and she gave a smile at the energy Diana had,
but at the same time she felt Diana’s good behavior may come to an end.

“ Good morning kitten.” Xena said returning the greeting.

Diana strided over to the table where Xena sat waiting for her to join her.
Diana leaned down and kissed Xena good morning and then she sat down in the
chair in front of Xena.

“ Here have some milk.”

“ Thank you.”

Diana drunk the milk down and then asked for more to which she took a drink of
and then put on the table.

“ Would you like me to fix your plate Xena?”

“ Yes please, and then I want to talk to you about something after we finish

“ Ok.”

Diana made Xena’s plate and then her own and they ate talking about some of
the new laws Xena was thinking about enacting. Finally they finished their
breakfast and Diana stood and stretched and walked over to the couch to
stretch out on.

Xena stood up and followed Diana over to the sitting area of the room, and
taking a sit on the sofa chair so that she was facing Diana a somber look
came to her face.

“ Xena what is it? You seem so ....distracted.”

“ Kitten I know you are anxious to know what my decision is?”

“ Well, I’m not really anxious.....just ...hopeful.” Diana said honestly.

“ Well I’ve come to a decision.”

Diana’s eyes were locked on Xena’s and her breath caught in her throat as she
waited for Xena’s answer. Xena saw the quiet anticipation in Diana’s eyes, she
then took a deep breath and said....”Kitten.... I decided to let you go.”

Diana leaped off of the couch and landed in Xena’s lap and wrapped her arms
around Xena’s neck as she laid multiple kisses to Xena’s face and lips.

“ Thank you, Thank You, Thank don’t know how much this means to me
Xena?!” Diana exclaimed.

“ I think I can tell Consort. Ok, ok, but there are some things I want to talk
to you about. Now go back over there and sit down. I have some very strict
rules I expect you to heed.

“ Ok.” Diana said as she saw the seriousness in Xena’s eyes.

Diana went and sat back on the couch and Xena stood up and begun to tell Diana
what she expected.

“ Diana I still don’t like this idea at ALL, but I did make a deal with you
and you have more than pleased me with your behavior over the last month, I am
so proud of you.” Xena said leveling her gaze on Diana in a loving way.

Diana gave Xena a smile and then said in a demure fashion....”Thank you.”

Xena smirked at Diana and then continued.

“ Your welcome kitten. Now here's how I see this playing out. First of all I
will meet with Nebula and get a detail report as to what her plans are
regarding this excursion. Then I will tell her what I expect, also you will
not go alone, Ludmilla will go as your personal servant, and I will send
another of the household servants to go with you, most likely Dancea, since
she knows what I expect. Once I find out how large her ships are and how many
she will have, I will determine whether to send some of my own ships with a
battalion of soldiers or whether there is room on her ships for the number I
plan on sending with you. You will also have a few of the Royal guards
escorting you about the ship, and also posted outside of your cabin at all
times, even when you are not in it.”

Diana was sitting and feeling somewhat restless at what Xena was telling her,
but she sat and listened until Xena asked her if she had anything to say. Xena
of course saw Diana’s antsiness, and so she asked.

“ Something you want to say Diana?”

“No,I mean yes, but I’ll wait until your finished.”

“ Ok fine. Anyway someof the Royal scribes will also go with you, one will be
female solely assigned to you and also one solely assigned to Nebula. and they
will be responsible to record any and everything you do along with any and
everything Nebula or any of her crew says or does when around you.”

Diana’s brows went up in question, but she held her tongue until Xena

“ The other scribe will go with the mappers and write and draw anything the
mappers tell them to do. I will check to see exactly what type of crew she
has as it regards to setting up the basic necessities of survival on a new
land, like fresh water and food and things like that, and whatever she doesn’t
have I will provide. Now as far as sleeping arrangements, you are to have
separate cabins, you are to bath separately from her, Ludmilla is the only one
to bath you unless for some reason she can’t then the other servant will do
it. You are not to allow Nebula to touch you...and you know what I mean by
that. I will also be sending a taster with you,so that your food and drink
can be tested before you eat any of it.”

Diana was now running her hands through her hair watching and listening to
Xena in a almost stunned fashion as Xena paced back and forth telling Diana
what she expected,while glancing at Diana every now and then to see if she was

“ Also, as far as sleeping there the only time you will stay on the ship is
when it is absolutely necessary for you to, otherwise you will come back here
to sleep at night.”

Xena then turned to face Diana as she watched her reaction to the statement.
Diana simply removed a stray strand of hair from on her face and continued to
watch Xena.

“ Finally, and this is only until I talk to Nebula, but for now I’ll end it
with this. You are NOT to get involved with any fights that is not a threat to
you directly, that means if any of Nebula’s crew gets into something between
themselves, then you are to stay out of it. Also you will not Purposely put
yourself in harms way, that means when you and the others are out scouting the
land, you are NOT to go anywhere by yourself at anytime, you will take some of
the soldiers with you. You will wear your leathers most of the time, but I
will allow you to take a few of the other clothes just so you will be able to
get comfortable when time allows. If any of Nebula's crew gets any ideas about
you , and this includes Nebula, then I expect for you to straighten them out
and quickly, otherwise when I hear about it, if you have not handled it ....I
WILL. So, that’s all I have for now, do you have anything to say or ask?”

Diana looked up at Xena over her brows as she thought how she was going to say
what she had to say and not upset Xena.

“Yes....Diana said as she slowly rose off of the couch and went to walk as
Xena had just done, Diana understood why Xena paced while talking at times, it
helped one to think, while releasing tension.

“ First of all Xena, I really don’t see the need to have so many people go
with me, I mean I understand you want the servants with me, and I can accept
that, I also understand one or two of the Royal guards, but it really is not
necessary to have any more than that on the ship with me, as far as the
battalion of soldiers....I’m sure Nebula has her own soldiers. Now about the
scribes.....I don’t see the use in the one following me around everywhere, she
would only get in the way, especially when it came to scouting and things, the
others I can see having. Now about the food taster, I don’t need someone to
taste my food for me, I can smell pretty much any and all poisons, besides
it’s not like I would die from them, well at least I don’t think I would, I
know I could get pretty sick, but not die, anyway, I don’t like the idea of
risking someone’s life just to make sure I’m not being poisoned...”

It was here that Xena finally could not hold her tongue any longer.

“ Consort let me tell you something, first the tasters will go with you and
you will allow them to do their jobs...”

“ But Xena?”

“ No buts Diana, they either go or you stay?” Xena said giving Diana an

Diana chewed her lips and then said concedingly....” Ok fine.”

“ Good, now about the soldiers and scribes and things, I want them with you
even if she has her own soldiers, no one’s soldiers are better trained than my
soldiers are, they are the best and because your going to be on one of her
ships then it is only prudent that I send the best to take care of the best,
besides you are Royalty first and then a voyager, and because of that you are
to always have soldiers with you. But I’m sure I didn’t have to tell you that,
you read all of the laws?”

‘ Yes, I was just hoping that maybe I could get you to change your mind?”

“ Nope. Now about the scribe who I want to go with you personally, she will be
keeping a record of your adventure for historical purposes, just like they do
with me.”

“ But I haven’t seen a scribe with you since I’ve been here?”

“ True, but that’s because I pretty much write what has happened to me, and
Gabrielle writes pretty much everything else now that the two of you have come

“ Is that what you do in your private library?”

“That and I also write my private thoughts about things, the historical record
is put in the main library for any to read who is allowed in the library.”

“ Hmmm....I have to read some of your private writings one day.” Diana said as
an after thought.

But because she was not looking at Xena when she said it, she did not see Xena
raise a brow at her.

“ Anyway continue Diana.”

“ Oh, ok, anyway I guess the only other thing that might be a little bit of a
......problem is the sleeping arrangements, I mean I of course would have my
own cabin and things like that , but as far as the sleeping in our
bed...welll.....there’s just one little bitty thing that might be a problem.”

Diana said as she gestured with her fingers showing the slightness of the
problem least the hope that Xena saw it the same way. Xena’s brows
knitted together and her gaze narrowed as she studied Diana.

“ What problem Diana?”

Diana swallowed and then licked her lips at the dryness that was suddenly
present, at the thought of telling Xena the problem. So she started to turn
away to tell Xena what the problem was, but of course Xena was not about to
let her. Xena stood up and walked around to stand in front of Diana and taking
her chin in her hand she lifted Diana’s chin up to where their eyes met.

“ What problem Consort? Xena demanding to know.

Diana hesitated for a moment longer and then when she saw the look cross
Xena’s face she decided to speak.

“’s about the travellers.” Diana admitted as she removed her chin
from Xena’s fingers gently, Xena watched and tracked Diana’s movements with
her eyes.

“ What about them?”

“ Well.... I don’t know if they will work on water.” Diana said in a rush.

“ W.H.A.T?!!!” Xena shouted! “ What do you mean you don’t know if they can
work on water? Why wouldn’t they?”

“ Xena you have to understand, all of the places we have used them have been
from a land base to another land base, all of which were a constant, now we’re
talking about using them from a land base to a non constant, meaning the
ships, Xena it’s like a moving target, I don’t know if they work with such
things, I’ve never seen it done and I’ve never done it before so I honestly
can not say it works, I wouldn’t think it would.”

“ Why?”

“ Because of the very nature of how they work, they have to be thrown to a
solid surface in order for them to activate, and on the water that sort of
eliminates that possibility.”

Diana said as she chewed at her lips awaiting for Xena to respond.

“ So.....S.O. Your Saying....that you wouldn’t be able to come back until the
end of the three months?” Xena drawled in a tight voice.

“ Well, no I mean once we get to the land then I can come back.”

“ But we don’t know how long the actual voyage is to the land, it could be a
month and a half or more?”

“ Maybe, but I wouldn’t think so, considering the initial trip is only three
months, I would think that includes the whole trip to and from, with all the
things being set up in between. For the return voyage back to the land to
start the actual process of mapping and scouting and then developing.”

“ Ok that makes sense, but that still means I wouldn’t see you for at least
two weeks.”

“ Well yes...but that’s ok, it’s only two weeks, it’s not like it’s forever or
anything, plus you’ll know where I am and I’m not going anywhere, your my
heart , my mate, where could I go and not still be yours?”

“Diana I feel the same way, but the reality is when have we ever been away
from each other for so long willingly?”

“ Well...never, but that’s ok.”

“ No it’s not, Diana you are my Consort and I have daily need of you, as I
know you have the same, how are you and I suppose to deal with that? And what
if a war or something breaks out, and afterwards I am in need of you? What am
I suppose to do? Diana I don’t like the idea of not being able to be with you
daily as it is, yet alone the possibility of weeks. Maybe this isn’t such a
good idea after all? Xena said unsure of whether to allow Diana to go after

“ Gods please Xena don’t change your mind about letting me go? Please, not
because of this?” Diana said pleadingly as she went to stand in front of Xena.

“ Diana....”

“Please Xena....give me a chance to figure something out, please don’t change
your mind? Please give me a chance? I’m sure I can figure something out.”

Xena looked into her Consorts pleading eyes and although she still had her
reservations about the whole thing, she gave Diana a reassuring smile and then
said...... “ No Consort you want figure out anything...”

Diana now had tears forming in her eyes as she saw her hopes fading, and just
as she was about to turn away Xena caught her arm and turned her back and
lifting her chin she gave a sympathetic smile to her Consort, and then

“ You won’t figure it out....WE WILL.”

Diana’s eyes lit up and she wrapped her arms around Xena's. neck and hugged
her tightly against her and speaking lovingly in Xena’s ears as she let her
joy flow, from her mouth and from her eyes, she said in no uncertain terms.

“ I love you so much Xena....thank you, thank you.”

“ I love you too kitten, and although I still don’t like this whole thing, I
do see how much it means to you, and I don’t think it would be fair of me to
deny you something that obviously will make you feel productive and useful,
not to mention happy.....and kitten that is all I ever want for you, I want
you to be happy, with our life together, especially seeing how we’re stuck
with each other forever. Xena said teasingly as she spoke into Diana’s ears.

Diana leaned back to look into Xena’s eyes and Xena gazed into Diana’s
searching eyes and then with a slight knit of her brows Diana then leaned back
in and hugged Xena tighter. Xena knitted hers at Diana’s look and then let it
go for the moment while she just held her love and reveled in the feel of
holding her and Diana holding her.

Xena broke their embrace and then called for one of the guards outside of
the door.

“ Yes My Lord?”

“Have a message sent out for Nebula the pirate to appear before me Today
within the next 2 candlemarks.”

“ Yes My Lord, the word will be sent out immediately.”

“ Good, go.” Xena said dismissing the soldier.

Xena then looked at Diana and said with assurance....”Once I talk to Nebula
then I can see what needs to be done to make sure that your safety is the
uppermost thought in her mind.”

“ Well I’m sure she has thought about what she would have done.”

“ Maybe, but if it doesn’t meet my standards I will make sure it does before
you step one foot on the ship. You are Royalty and therefore, there are
certain standards that are not open to negotiates. Safety being one of them.”

“ Ok I understand, but Xena ......your not going to hurt her or anything are

“ What do you mean? I’m inviting her here to talk to her about this voyage.”

“ I know but you have to do have a temper.”

“ And your point Consort?”

“ Well I didn’t want you to lose your temper with her.”

“ I won’t lose my temper with her.... unless she doesn’t see something my
way.” Xena stated matter-of-factly.

“ Xena your not going to intimidate her are you?” Diana said with some concern
obvious in her tone.

“ Yes.” Xena said simply.

“ Aw Xena....come on now, she’s already intimidated by you from your last
meeting, no need to scare her senseless?”

“ Actually there is, by making sure she understands the seriousness of having
you on board her ship, away from me she will be expected to protect you from
any and all harm.”

“ Xena? That’s not necessary, besides if she has to worry about me everytime
she turns around.....well that will just cause her more stress than she needs,
I mean she will have the whole ship to concentrate on without having to worry
about me, I can take care of myself.”

“ I know you can take care of yourself Kitten, but the fact of the matter is
there are just certain things that is expected and necessary for any Royalty.
Especially when that Royal person is My Consort and Mate. I won’t have it any
other way.”

“ Ok I understand about the protocol of things, from Rah’s Palace, but promise
you won’t overdo it?”


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