By D.virtue

“ Diana?”

“ Yes Nebula?”

“ Are you planning on manning the helm every predawn morning?”

“ Hmmm...I don’t know....I like it, it’s the best time of the morning, I
think. Why? You don’t want me to?”

“ No, no it’s fine, I just don’t want you to feel you have to, although I will
admit I like when you do, it’s quite refreshing to be awaken by your beautiful
voice. By the way, do you sing for Our Lord?”

“ All the time.” Diana said with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

Nebula blushed and then nodded her head in understanding.

“ I guess that was a dumb question?”

“ No it wasn’t, I’m sorry Nebula, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, but
you did leave yourself wide open for that.” Diana grinned.

“ Yes I guess your right, I did. Ok, so would you like me to take the Helm
for a while?”

“ No, I’m fine, you go do some of your other captain duties, I’ll be fine
until the day helmsman comes to relieve me.” Diana stated honestly.

“ Ok, but if you change your mind just send one of your soldiers to let me
know and I will come?”

“ Ok, thanks.”

“ I’ll have some food brought up to you and the ladies.”

“ That would be great thanks.” Diana then went back to gazing out at the sea
as Nebula turned and headed for the galley to have food sent up to Diana.

Diana spoke with Eponin and Solaris and Miki as she helmed the wheel and they
laughed about different things. As the day drew on Diana and Nebula and the
others who would be involved with some aspect of the development of the new
land all came together to discuss more of their plans.

“ So we’ll build the aqueducts first thing? Then we’ll dig the trenches for
the run off of the waste and things.”

“ Yes, because we’ll need to get fresh water as soon as we can, the water we
have with us will last for a short time, but the sooner we get fresh water
running, then the sooner we can concentrate on further exploration of the new

“ Lady Diana is right, if we get the aqueducts built and working then that
will be a big part. The trenches for the waste will be the next thing.”

“ I also think that we will need to send out scouts in all directions to
determine the type of human threats that may be present, such as animal,
plant life, sea life, and whatever else there might be on or around the land.
Then once we determine all of that then I figure we can begin the scouting out
the areas for the different towns and villages, starting with the capital city

“ Yes I think they are very sound ideas, I think this is going to be a
wonderful adventure.”

“ Yes! Here's to discoveries!!!” Nebula said as she raised her mug of port in
a toast to their adventure to come.

“To Discoveries!!! “ Everyone present shouted as they raised their own mugs in
a toast.”

The last day of their voyage to the new land was somewhat stormy but nothing
to cause great concern, they all knew it was a fast moving storm and soon it
would be past them. The ships came out of it with minimal jousting, and when
the skies cleared the sailor in the crows nest called....” LAND HO!!”

Everyone stopped to look in the direction of where the sailor was pointing and
they all saw the outline of the land they were heading for. Diana went to the
rail and just stood staring at it, as if it were a blank canvas waiting to be
painted upon..

“ Wow... “Diana said to herself.

As the ships drew closer to the land Diana could see the white sands of the
shores and she thought it was beautiful. The ships stayed out in the waters as
small boats were lowered into the waters to carry first Xena’s army to the
shores to scout for any danger to Diana, then after the call was sent that all
was well, the rest of the needed crew including Diana were put in other boats
and sent to the shores.

When Diana arrived she stepped out of the boat and walked further onto the
shore and then she begun scanning the area. Diana noticed that the shore line
was pretty much like most shore lines, with the trees dividing the shore from
the interior of the land.

“ Well, your Highness...what do you think?” Nebula asked with pride.

“ I think it’s beautiful so far, but I can’t say for sure until I see what’s
on the otherside of those trees.” Diana said matter-of-factly. "Miki!”

“ Yes Your Highness?”

“ Our Lords Banner would look perfect on that elevation of land right over
there....don’t you think?” Diana said pointing to a raised area of shore in
the center of the shore line.

“ Yes Your Highness I think it would be perfect. I will have it placed

“ Good. Ok Nebula....let’s go explore.”

“ Ok. But not without the soldiers and other scouts. “

“ Yes, I think we should also see where the best place is to setup camp, I
don’t think we should do it on the shores...just in case other ships pass by.”

“ Yes I agree, but I don’t think we have to worry about ships coming near
here, or at least landing, not when all of our ships are out there and even
more than that a few of Lord Xena’s warships?”

“ Yes your right, but I still would rather set up camp more in the interior.”

“ Ok, let’s do it.” Nebula said as she motioned for everyone to move out .

The soldiers moved out first and ahead of Diana’s group mostly, the others
spread themselves out among the other groups and they all moved into the Tree
lined forest. The land surveyors took samples of the soil as the teams moved
towards the interior of the land, water samples were taken by the scientist,
the track through the woods was long but not trenches, much to every ones
delight it was flat land mostly that they came across as they tracked through
the forest.

After over 3 candlemarks of marching, the group came to an area that Diana and
Nebula thought would be perfect to setup the main camp. So the supplies were
set down and setup begun immediately. A few Candlemarks later everything was
setup to Nebula’s surprise.

“ Wow, I can’t believe how fast all of this was setup, Lord Xena’s people are

“ I agree, but I think it came from the fact that Xena is a very demanding
boss and they know if she were not pleased with could be a
painful less, so I think after all the years of being in Xena’s service, you
either learn to perform rapidly and efficiency, or suffer pain.....But that
was then, now she uses other ways as well as some of the same. Anyway, we need
to get started, I want to get as much of the research things done as

“ Ok, I think that’s a great idea, but I think we should eat first and then
start right after.....We have most of the morning and all of the evening and
most of the night to accomplish a lot of the major scouting. “

“ Ok, Dancea, you and Ludmilla and the other’s have breakfast prepared for
everyone, I want everyone eating within the next two candlemarks, and then
Miki, I want you and Solari and Eponin to get all of the teams divided up and
send them on their way. Each team should have a specialist from each of the
major research teams. Also I know right now that none of the groups will like
this but a scribe must go with each team to record everything, I can tell you
something that I found out, the scribes are ex-soldiers so there is no reason
why they can’t have a weapon.”

“ As you wish Your Highness, We’ll take care of it right now.”

“ Good. Oh..and Miki, make sure that when the groups are out scouting that no
one uses their weapons unless they are left with no option but to use them or
be hurt, is that clear?”

“ Yes Your Highness.”

“ Ok, go ahead then, make sure all is taken care of, I want to have everyone
on the move within the third candlemark hour.”

“ Yes Your Highness, all will be ready.”

Diana then turned to Nebula and said.....” ok let’s go over some of the
scrolls to see where we can be by the end of the night.”

Nebula stood with her mouth open as she stared at Diana in stunned surprise at
her leadership abilities when she’s allowed to show her skills.

“ What?” Diana asked as she had started walking towards the Command tent, but
when she noticed Nebula was not with her.

“ Oh...I’m sorry, I just find that you seem to be so comfortable in leading if you’ve done it all your life.”

“ Well I haven’t done it all my life, but I have done it enough of my life.
Anyway, why is it surprising?”

“ Because, when your around Lord Xena, you seem to be......well....” Nebula’s
words failed her due to her concern that she might offend Diana.

“Hahahaha....Nebula it’s alright, I know what your saying, how is it that I
can lead so efficienctly here and yet when I’m with Xena I’m so submissive?”

“ Yes.” Nebula answered honestly.

“ Because,It’s not my place, plus the fact that it is her Realm and what she
says goes. I won’t ever purposefully cross that line. And on top of all of
that.....I have to admit, the woman sends all kinds of thrills through me,
wow...just thinking about her now makes me’s been so
long....Whew...ok, it’s starting to get a little warm, I think it’s time to
change the subject ....let’s get to work. Guard, have some water brought
in...cold..... now!”

“ Yes Your Highness, right away.” The guard said as he ran to retrieve what
was requested.

Nebula smiled at Diana and then said, “ Ok, let’s do it.”

The two women went into the tent and begun their planning once again, this
time with the land underfoot to make it real. After breakfast was over the
teams were given their final instructions by Diana and Nebula and then told to
move out.

Diana and Nebula and Miki, Solari, Eponin, and a fourth of the Royal soldiers
went with Diana’s team. They headed northwards from the sea, while all of the
other teams headed in different Directions. There were some horses for the
leaders and their Captains, as they moved through the woods. The teams took
breaks infrequently due to not needing to, having gotten use to making do for
candlemarks without breaks when they were with Xena.

The researchers collected and examined along the way as everyone headed to the
interior of the land. Finally after a few Candlemarks Diana’s team was the
first to see the land behind the forest.

Everyone stood looking in awe, including Diana, Diana’s heart leaped with joy
at seeing it, Nebula stood with her hands on her hips nodding at it. Everyone
else stood awestruck for a few minutes and then Diana said....”It’s

“YES!!! YES!!YES!!!”

Came the shouts of everyone as they ran forward towards the green
wildflowered covered land stretched out before them. Diana watched everyone
running , but she stood with her arms crossed smiling as she thought of one
thing when she smelled Hycinath in the air.

“ Xena...I promise this land will be as beautiful as you are to me, I’ll make
you proud love.” Diana spoke to her heart.

Nebula stood listening but did not say anything because she saw that Diana was
seeing Xena in the land, Nebula’s own heart filled, but she felt somewhat
ashamed of herself, she was thinking about how much she would have loved to
hear Diana speak of her the way she spoke of Xena. Nebula saw the absolute
love Diana had for Xena.

Diana let tears of Diamond roll down her face and fall to the earth as she
then took her first steps towards the open land. The group begun their duties,
of scouting further to see how far the land was spread out in the same
fashion, which to their delight went for most of the land.

Diana and Nebula and most of the soldiers stayed in one area while the other
part of the team went out to continue surveying.

” I think this should be the capital city. I think the palace will look
perfect on that hill way over there, facing the forest that leads to the sea.”

“ Yes I think that is the perfect spot, the mineral sparkling walls of the
palace that you’ve shone me, will indeed be the highlight of the New Land.”

The two women then just stood and looked around the area and Diana told Nebula
where she planned to put the different buildings and how she planned to have
certain areas designated for merchants to sell their wares and other areas
designated for the markets.

“ I think we can call the designated market area Markets Square, and the
Merchants area, Merchants landing. What do you think?”

“ I think you already have the city built before we even got the aqueducts
placement determined.” Nebula teased .

Diana smiled and then gave a slightly embarassed raise of her brow and
said....” Yes, your right, I am moving fast, but that’s how I’m use to doing

“ I understand, and it’s fine, the engineers are out seeking the best route to
lay the ducts when your ready.”

“ Yes, I know. Diana said as she thought about the ducts placement and
connections. You know what else? The engineers are to be told that any ducts
to the palace will be separate from any of the cities, or towns surrounding
it, ok?”

“ I think that’s a great idea, can’t have the Royal house go without water
just because everyone else has to.” Nebula said somewhat sarcastically.

Diana heard the sarcasm and looked over at Nebula with knitted brows.

“ What does that mean Nebula?”

“ What?”

“ What you just said, you think the people of Xena’s Realm suffer while we all
live in lavish grandiose?”

“ Well....I don’t want to upset you.” Nebula said as she noticed the flashing
in Diana’s eyes.

“ Too late Nebula.” Diana hissed as she turned and strided away from Nebula.

“ Your Highness?” Nebula called as Diana headed back for the woods.

Diana stopped walking as Nebula ran to catch up with her. Feeling like a heel
for speaking ill of Xena when Xena had actually changed and was doing more for
her people than any other time in her life.

“ Your Highness....”Nebula said as she looked at the ground for a moment and
then into Diana’s eyes and seeing the hurt and anger in them, she swallowed
hard and dropped her gaze once again. “ Diana I am soo...sorry, I didn’t mean
to sound like I was criticizing Xena and her ruling, in fact I think Lord Xena
has done a complete turn around in her ruling of the people, she’s more open
to hear their complaints and I was wrong to say anything against
her....forgive me?”

“ She has changed Nebula, and it hurts to think that someone I call a friend
would think ill of the woman I love with my very being.”

“ Forgive me Diana, I don’t think ill of Lord Xena, I really don’t, matter of
fact how could I...she allowed you to come here with me.” Nebula said with a
smile coming to her mouth hoping to disarm Diana with it.

Diana studied the woman for a few moments before she said anything. Finally
after some nervous shuffling of Nebula’s feet, Diana let her off the hook.

“ Ok, Nebula, I forgive you, but don’t do it again.” Diana warned.

“ You got it.” Nebula agreed rapidly as the two of them hugged for a moment.

“ Ok, let’s get back to camp.”

“ Ok.”

The women went back to the camp with some of the soldiers escorting them,
when they arrived back Diana called one of the head engineers who had stayed
back to establish fresh water for the camp, to the command tent.

“Your Highness, Engineer Terance is here to see you.”

“ Send him in please.” Diana ordered as she held an item in her hands hoping
to be able to use it soon.

“ Yes your Highness.”

Engineer Terance stepped into the tent and bowing and waiting for Diana to
bid him forward , which she did, he then entered further and said....” You
sent for me Your Highness?”

“ Yes, Terance, I need to know something.”

“ Yes?”

“ How long will it take to establish and build the aqueducts for the different
areas that we have discovered so far?”

“ Well...from the reports I received from those out in the field, via the
messagers that were sent back from each one, it seems that each team has
located areas for cities and towns, and villages, there are 300 hundred teams,
so that’s at least 300 settlements, therefore if we start with the capital
city that your team has found, and working out from there, I think it will
take about a month to do all of them with all of the laborers we have with

“Really ? Only a month?” Diana said somewhat excitedly, as her thoughts ran
the gamet at the possibitiy of using the item in her hands, she caressed the
item distractly almost sensually as she waited for the Engineers answer.

The engineer was distracted himself as he watched Diana’s long fingers caress
along the edges of the item in her hands and seeing the look in Diana’s eyes
as that of almost hunger, he had to shake his head to clear it as he
remembered who he was gawking at.

“ Oh, forgive me Your Highness, yes we can do it in 1 month if the Gods

“ Great! “Diana exclaimed as she brought the item to her heaving chest and
held it tightly against herself, as if the very feel of it would calm her.

“ Is that all Your Highness?” The man asked hoping to be dismissed, as he was
about to lose control of his self and end up offending Xena The Conqueror’s
Consort and Mate.

“ Yes, that’s all Terance thank you...oh and Terance spread the word among the
other engineers that they are to report to Nebula until I say differently.”

“ Yes Your Highness.” The uncomfortable man said as he bowed and practically
ran out the tent and headed for his own.

Nebula looked at Diana with confusion in her eyes.

“ Why do you want the engineers to report to me?”

“ Because you are my right hand ...right?”

“ yes, but I thought....”

“ Yes I know what you thought and your right this is my endeavor, but I was
also told in no uncertain terms not to try to do it all, so...I’m following
that advise and putting some of it on your shoulders, for the next few days
until you hear from me, you will not only be responsible for the engineers but
everyone else, until I return.”

“ You return?! Where are you going?!” Nebula asked with some alarm sounding in
her voice.

“ Oh, don’t worry Neb.....I’m going to take care of a burning need.” Diana
said lustily.

Nebula stared at Diana in confusion and then Diana said,” I’m going to see

“ Xena?! But How?” Nebula asked with concern that Diana had somehow forgotten
how long it had taken them to get to the land.

“ With this...” Diana said holding up the traveller she had been caressing.

Nebula looked at the item and then once again her brows knitted together.

“ Trust me’ll take me home and bring me back within moments, but I
won’t come right back, I’ll be back in a week, but if you need me before then
tell Miki to come and get me...ok?”

“ Yes but.....”

“ Neb....I have to go, but I will be back, if you need anything, Dancea, and
Ludmilla will take care of your needs as well as the other servants,I’ll see
you soon.”

“ Ok.” Nebula said as she watched Diana throw the small thing of metal to the
ground and then disappeared into it.

“ By The Gods!” Nebula exclaimed at what she had just seen.

Diana came out behind the palace across one of the practice fields. It was
early evening the sun was just beginning to set in the land, but the sun long
past setting in the new land she had just come from.

The field was empty and the guards were just crossing. So Diana waited for a
moment and then she stealthily made it to the palace walls and using the wall
and the shadow as her guise she waited until it was clear and she flipped up
onto the balcony. She then peaked in to see if Xena was there. Diana did not
see or hear her so she slipped inside.

Diana’s insides were knotting up like a rock as she moved inside the room, the
smell of Xena’s scent hanging in the air. Diana stood and just let her senses
take all of it in. Then she came out of it realizing it was doing nothing but
making it harder for her to concentrate on her plan to surprise and seduce

Diana didn’t touch anything except the door handle, which she eased open to
look out into the sitting area, not seeing or hearing Xena she moved to the
exit door of the room and opening it quietly she saw one guard, she quickly
scanned the corridor to see if there were anyone else around and seeing no one
she swung the door open and grabbed the guard and pulled him inside the room
covering his mouth as he tried to struggle against the unexpected capture.

Diana closed the door with her foot and whispered to the guard....” Calm down’s me Queen Diana.”

Diana then let the man turn around to look at her and his eyes went wide and
Diana felt his mouth open underneath her hand that still covered his mouth. So
she held his mouth for a moment longer and then said quietly..... “Are you

The Guard nodded his head but he continued wide-eyed. Diana waited a moment
longer and then she slowly lowered her hand, ready to recover if the guard was
not yet able to contain his self.

“ Your Highness?!” The guard said in a surprise voice.

Diana shhh’d him and then said...” My Lord doesn’t know I’m back, I want to
surprise her, where is she?”

The guard then closed his mouth and realized Diana was there being the
seductress tease of her mate, and he loved the idea of seeing Lord Xena’s
expression when Diana showed herself, but he knew that would not be a
priviledge for him, so he simply nodded his head in understanding as he gave a
wide grin to Diana.

Diana smiled back and then said....”Well?”

“ Oh, My Lord is in the counsel room in a negotiation meeting. It’s very
important to one of the other province’s trade, the two parties can’t seem to
solve it so Lord Xena is meditating.” The Guard explained.

“ How long have they been at it today?”

“ Most of the day, only taking breaks to eat and stretch, they just went back
in a few candlemarks ago.”

“ Oh, ok, I think it’s a good time to call it a night...don’t you?” Diana said
with a gleam in her eyes.

the guard smiled conspiratorly, and then said....” Yes Your Highness I think
other distracts would be a welcomed change.”

Diana patted the Sentry on the arm and then sent him back to his post before
he was missed, after being told to keep her presence secret, except to the
counsel room Sentries. The Sentry nodded and then exited the room and Diana
turned and seeing herself in one of the mirrors in the sitting room she
decided a good scrubbing was in order.

She ran into the bedchamber and just as she was about to head for the bath
she glimpse the ceiling length apparatus and then realized she could use it to
clean up. So that’s what she did she stepped through and came out cleaned and
looking and smelling wonderful, like that of Hyacinth, and Liliacs. Diana then
oiled herself and then got what she wanted to wear. A sheer outfit that
covered her pleasure zones but did not hide the tautness of her breast peaks.

Diana looked in the mirror and seeing them, she thought about changing, but
then she thought they were perfect for what she wanted. Diana slipped out of
the palace the way she had come in and made her way around to the door that
would lead to the counsel room.

Diana slipped past the Sentries as she made her way to the posted guard, whom
Jacs had already told that Diana was coming but no one was to know other than
the three of them.

Diana slipped to them wearing her cloak and they opened the door without a
word for her and she nodded her head slightly in acknowledgement. and then
slipped inside and the door was quietly closed behind her. Diana’s insides
went solid feeling and she gasped audibly, but immediately covered her mouth
of any further sounds.

She stood still for a moment to hear whether Xena had heard or not. After a
few moments Diana decided Xena had not and she begun moving towards the closed
door of the main room of the counsel room, she opened it quietly and peaked in
and seeing Xena sitting in her chair moving around restlessly, Diana realized
Xena was feeling exactly what she was.

The people in the room was oblivious to Xena’s movements and restlessness and
just continued to argue amongst themselves. Diana grinned to herself and a
mischievious glint came into her eyes.

Diana Opened the door and slipped into the room and stood with her cloak about
her, covering her quite efficiently. Xena immediately looked up at the door
and saw the figure standing quietly at the back of the room, Xena’s eyes
narrowed as she leveled her gaze on the figure.

Diana saw Xena’s piercing gaze, and she slowly opened the cloak to reveal her
body, and Xena’s eyes followed the movement and her eyes dilated at the sight.
Diana watched and grinned to herself as she saw the raw lust in Xena’s eyes.
Diana’s own eyes had already changed, so when she removed the cloak and stood
with the scant clothing she had just put on with her thick ebony locks flowing
gracefully over her shoulders and down her back.

Xena maintained her eye contact with Diana and in a stern voice she said....”
Enough! We will continue this later, I have someone I must see now. So go and
not another word.”

Everyone stood and headed for the door, they saw Diana and their mouths
dropped open, but they didn’t say a word, they moved past Diana and went out
the door closing it behind them. Diana stood where she was and her heart was
beating wildly out of her chest as she gazed at Xena.

Xena saw the mirrored look and she decided she didn’t feel like playing, so
she narrowed her gaze once again and motioned for Diana to come to her. Diana
saw the look and recognized it and begun moving towards the waiting woman.

Xena moved to sit on the edge of the table around front and waited for Diana.
Diana came within reach of Xena and Xena ran her tongue along the bottom of
her top teeth. Xena held out her hand for Diana to take, and Diana placed her
hand in Xena’s and felt the shock run through her body as Xena’s hand closed
around hers and then Xena slowly pulled Diana to her, Diana was now standing
with her legs between Xena’s powerful thighs.

Xena brought her other hand up and running in through Diana’s hair and
caressing Diana’s scalp as she did, Diana let Xena’s touch control her bodies
responses, right now Xena was controlling Diana’s head as her head reveled in
the feel of Xena’s hands on her once again.

Xena reveled in Diana’s response to her touch and continued it. She let go of
Diana’s hand and brought her hand up to Diana’s cheek and Diana once again
allowed Xena’s touch to control her. Diana was mewling at the caresses and
Xena was drunk with desire at seeing Diana’s drunkiness for her touch.

Xena finally broke the silence.

“ Ahhh.....did my kitten miss her master’s touch?” Xena asked in such a sultry
tone, that Diana gasped as a shiver ran her spine.

“ HAAA! hmm...woO!”

“ Ahhhh!” Xena said breathily as she shivered her own response.

Xena gripped Diana’s hair and brought her lips slowly to her own, but just
before they touched Xena whispered.....” I love the way you miss me Consort.”

Then Xena claimed Diana’s mouth and Diana was gripping Xena’s thighs with such
force that she was leaving imprints in them. Xena was feasting on Diana’s
mouth as Diana could only submit. Xena brought her hand up to the top of
Diana’s blouse and with one firm pull, she ripped it off.

Xena pulled Diana’s head away from her mouth and held Diana out from her so
that she could look at Diana’s body.

“ Gods....”Xena exhaled hungrily as she stood and still holding Diana’s hair
as well as around her waist, she lead Diana to the sofa and lowering herself
to the sofa, Xena leaned back against the arm of the sofa and Diana came
slowly down on top

of Xena. With carnal lust in her eyes Xena let go of Diana’s hair and went
into a new mode. One that Diana had never experienced.

Xena put her hands behind her head and cocking her head she begun to give
orders to Diana.

“ The rest of this night Consort will go as I say or I will tie you down and
take you over and over without rest...clear?”

Diana looked at Xena with knitted brows, and Xena simply raised a brow and
Diana saw the difference in Xena’s gaze. It was one of love, but it had a
darkness behind it, that sort of scared Diana.

But if Diana had known better she would have realized what she was seeing was
the dark side of Xena’s carnal side coming through, or at least a small bit of
it. Xena then stretched out and told Diana what she wanted.

“ That right nipple looks like it’s a good place to start. Give it to me!”
Xena hissed.

Diana started to move back, but Xena’s brow went up and a look of a dare came
into her eyes.

“Xena I didn’t plan....” Diana started, but Xena cut her off .

“ I know what your plan was Consort, I just didn’t feel like being teased
just now, it’s been a very frustrating couple of WEEKS!” Xena stated sternly.

Diana lowered her eyes as she chewed her lips still laying atop of Xena in the
partially raised fashion.

“ Consort I gave you an order, I suggest you do it now.” Xena reminded.

Diana looked back up at Xena and breathing rapid and irregularly she slowly
moved up Xena’s body and still looking into Xena’s studying eyes, she moved so
her right breast was above Xena’s mouth, Xena opened her mouth and her tongue
came out slowly as Diana lowered her nipple onto the waiting tongue, and Xena
told her with her mind to stay where she was.

Diana stopped where she was and Xena ran her tongue over the peak as Diana
trembled at the feel of Xena’s erotic touch. Xena continued to watch Diana’s
reaction as her own body burned for Diana.

Xena wrapped her tongue around Diana’s nipple and pulled it slowly into her
mouth. Once there she ravished it. Diana started to melt into it, but Xena was
not going to allow it. Xena was upset with Diana for going away for so long,
although Xena knew it was not Diana’s fault necessarily, she did give her
permission, but she was frustrated and upset that she could not get the
traveller set, although she had done one of them. She could not get it set at
the moment, although she continued to work on it.

“ Stay there Consort. “ Xena ordered using her mind.

“ But Xena....”

Diana said breathlessly as her arms continued to weaken at the ravishig of her
nipple. Xena continued to watch Diana as she sucked greedily on the sweet
nipple, and then when she saw Diana’s strength in her arms was nearly spent.
Xena bit down on the peak and Diana gasped and collapsed atop of Xena.

“ Gods!! “

Xena stopped sucking and lifted Diana up off of her, but rather than stopping
at lifting Diana just a little, Xena lifted Diana completely up off of her and
she gave Diana another order.

“ On your knees Consort.”

Diana was looking at Xena through slightly unfocused eyes, but Xena saw the
confusion in them.

“ I want you to pleasure me.” Xena said simply.

Diana saw the unconditional look and she slowly went to her knees. Xena leaned
back and she slowly opened her thighs to Diana’s gaze. Diana’s breath caught
when she caught Xena’s jeweled scent, despite what Diana was feeling about
Xena’s behavior, she could not allow that to hold her back from one of the
pleasures she had always loved.

Diana moved forward on her knees and leaning in she took her first taste of
Xena after two weeks of being away from Xena and her jewel. Diana ran her
tongue slowly over Xena’s peak and saw the resulting tremble, as well as the
resulting moaning.

Diana kissed the peak and then slowly she begun to suck on it. Xena was
gripping the arm rail of the chair with such force that it creeked under the
pressure, even though it was made of a metal.

Diana slid her tongue down to the opening of Xena’s jewel and Xena moaned her
approval. Diana then slid her tongue into the slick opening and she greedily
feasted on the taste of Xena’s nature.

Diana then pushed in to Xena’s jewel until she was at Xena’s nectar producing
core. Once there she let her tongue bathe it and then let the tip of her
tongue connect to the front of Xena’s core and then it sucked gently on it
Xena was moaning and trembling almost uncontrollably, and then her core begun
to quiver continiously. Xena locked her legs around Diana to hold her in place
and then She gasped and stiffened.

“ AHHH! YESSSS..... Xena breathed through her teeth as she fell over into her

Diana’s tongue absorbed all of Xena’s sweet nectar and then after Xena
collapsed back to the sofa, Diana slid her tongue from with in Xena and
licking her lips she begun to move to stand up, but Xena caught her breath and
had gotten it under control before Diana could move. She held her where she
was with her legs still wrapped around Diana’s waist.

“Xena?” Diana asked without elaborating.

“ No. I want you to stay there and continue to pleasure me until I say

“ But...?”

“ I gave you your orders, you either do it, or it’ll be a long time before you
are allowed to taste me again.....and I know how much you enjoy my flavors I
allow you to have.” Xena said with a slight edge to her tone.

“Xena? What have I done?”

Xena didn’t answer but just leveled a penetrating gaze on Diana. Diana lowered
her eyes once again and with some irritation at Xena she leaned forward once
again and begun anew the task of pleasuring Xena.

After Xena released multiple times and had fallen into a light
unconsciousness. Diana slipped out from between Xena’s thighs and giving a
lick of her lips across her mouth, to clean her mouth of Xena’s nectar, Diana
covered Xena up and going over to the desk she wrote a note to Xena.

Afterwards she gave Xena a feathery kiss to the lips and slipping out the
window of the counsel room so as not to be seen by the sentries outside the
chamber. Diana threw out the traveller and disappeared into it.

a candlemark later Xena awoke and she felt for Diana, but not locating her,
Xena opened her eyes and saw Diana was not there. Xena jumped to her feet and
scanned the room, she then let her body try to locate Diana by feeling her but
she didn’t feel Diana.

Xena then flew to the door of the outer chamber and flinging it open she asked
in a demanding voice.

“ Where is She?!”

“ Who My Lord?”

“ Who do you think I mean?!” Xena hissed.

“ Oh, we don’t know My Lord we thought Her highness was with you?”

“ Well she’s not.” Xena then looked back into the chamber and turning on her
heels she stormed back into the room. She headed for her chair but just as she
was about to take a seat she saw a scroll lying on the table with her name on

“ Dear Love, I’ve gone back to the land, I think my coming just upset you, i’m
not really sure why, but I’m sure you have your reasons, I would have stayed
and waited to talk to you, but gauging the way the evening had gone thus far I
don’t think you would have been in the mood to talk. I am so in need of you,
but I had the feeling that you were planning on leaving me in need anyway as a
punishment for something, that I don’t know the reason behind.. Anyway, I will
see you in a bit, I hope your not too pissed about me leaving? But I hope I
explained myself to you. I do love you Xena...your my heart...see you later
....Love Diana.”

Xena balled the parchment up in her hands as she pounded her fist down on the

“ So...once again you want to try and denied me of what is mine huh kittten,
well sorry I can’t accomdate you on not being pissed, but I am so far past
pissed your going to wish that’s all I was. Xena stood and threw the parchment
in the trash and stormed out of the chamber with the same look as when she was
going to battle.

Xena ran into to Gabrielle on her way to her chamber and cocking her head at
Gabrielle her anger turned to something different.

“ Gabrielle....are you ready for the ceremony tomorrow?”

“ Yes!” Gabrielle answered excitedly.

Xena smirked at the response and then said can you answer my questions now?”

“ Yes.” Gabrielle said.

“ Then tell me.”

“ Ok. “ Gabrielle said as she begun to answer the questions Xena had asked her
a few days ago.

When she finished she stood waiting for Xena’s response.

“ Very good Gabrielle, I’ll see you my chambers for the end of
the ceremony.”

Gabrielle grinned from ear to ear and then hugged Xena who returned the
gesture, and then letting go of Gabrielle she turned and headed for her
chambers with Gabrielle following behind.

Xena put her plans off of going to get Diana for the night, to think about
the ceremony tomorrow, which would mean she would have to stay for a few more
days after to make sure Gabrielle was ok.

That night when Xena got into bed she said her good nights to Gabrielle and
turned over and closed her eyes, but she was not going to sleep, even though
she had planned to think about the ceremony, she found that Diana kept coming
to her mind, and she ended up thinking about Diana and what she would do to
her backside when she got to her.

The next day the Amazons had come for Gabrielle and the ceremony was prepared
at the Amazon village. The traveller was used to go back and forth because The
Amazons wanted the ceremony performed in their temples and Xena insisted the
actual coming out be done in her Palace and chambers.

Gabrielle was taken to the temple where she was bathe ad then sent to meditate
on the meaning of the ceremony and what it meant as an Amazon princess.
Xena in the meantime was bathe in the temple in a different area of the
temple, She too was sent to meditate on the event of the ceremony and the
meaning behind an Amazon choosing her to bring them into womanhood.

Xena knew all there was to know about it, but she allowed herself to go
through the cleansing and meditation, for Gabrielle’s sake. When they had
finished their respective meditations they were dressed in clean linen and
lead out to the bonfire ,where the music was playing and the Amazon wine was
being passed around. dancers were doing a rhythmic dance and the other Amazons
were leering and calling as they watched and swayed with the music.

Xena was put on a throne on the same side as Ephiny, who had a look of
disappointment in her eyes, even though she tried to hide it with laughter.
Gabrielle was sat on the otherside on the ground with the rest of the Amazons
who were also being brought out on this day.

It was about eleven others and Xena casually looked around seeing who the
other Warriors were that were going to welcome the other girls into womanhood.

Xena then realized the look she had seen in Ephiny’s eyes, she was
disappointed that she was bringing someone other than Gabrielle into
womanhood. Xena smirked at the ironicness she saw in it and then set it aside
and tried to concentrate on everything that was going on around her, but her
mind kept wandering to thoughts of Diana and without really realizing, she was
seen frowning by Ephiny.

“ My Lord? Are you ok?”

“ Hm..oh, yes I was just thinking about something.” Xena said somewhat

“ Hopefully not about this?” Ephiny said with concern.

“ No, about something else.”

“ Oh, ok, I saw you frowning and it worried me, I thought maybe you were
having second thoughts?”

“ No, I’m not, I’m fine, really.” Xena said with an impassive face.

Ephiny gave a small smile and then turned her attention slowly back to the
activities. After a number of candlemarks the ceremony activities were
winding down and it was nearing time for the coming out itself.

“Fellow Amazons, it is now time to have a statement from each of the warriors
who will be welcoming our little sisters into womanhood. We will start with
Our Amazon Queen and then Our Lord Xena The Conqueror will follow and down
the line.”

The Amazon Priestess then stepped back and Queen Ephiny stood up in front of
her Throne.

“ My Amazons, I am once again priveledged to be asked to welcome one of our
fellow Amazons into womanhood, I take this honor sacred, and I hope that
Yeseni will grow into the fine warrior woman that I see in her as a trainee.”

Ephiny then sat back down and the crowd applauded the words of encouragement
to their fellow sister. Xena then scanned the ground that had now gone silent
and was now awaiting her statement. Her eyes came to rest on Gabrielle sitting
smiling up at her with all the innocent of the child that she was soon to not
be any longer.

Xena tilted her head at Gabrielle inperceptively to everyone else, and then
she stood and her Conqueror’s mask fell into place. Gabrielle couldn’t help
but be proud of the fact that she was being brought to womanhood by One of the
most powerful women in the world, with only Diana as the other. Plus the fact
that she loved Xena, and although she could not be with her she was happy Xena
was doing this for her. Gabrielle had to smile to herself as she thought of
it. Xena saw Gabrielle’s eyes were faraway and she knew she was thinking about
the event itself. But she demanded attention when she spoke.

“ Hello Ladies of the Amazon Nation, I am honored to be among you as a fellow
warrior, who has been asked to welcome one of your sisters into that of
womanhood, I am also honored that the Amazon is not only your princess, but
also a part of my family already, seeing how I am bonded with her sister. I am
humbled that such a person as your princess would find me a worthy warrior to
receive such a gift, I know your princess will be a worthy ruler of The Amazon
Nation, and I will continue to ensure she learns your ways. Princess
Gabrielle....thank you for the honor.” Xena directed at Gabrielle as she then
stepped back and sat down on the throne.

The other warriors and those coming out were awed to hear Xena’s voice and the
tender yet humble words coming from such a force as her. The applause was
thunderous, and then it soon died and the rest of the warrior’s all said their
piece and then after the last one had spoken The Warriors were lead away to
prepare themselves for the event. Xena returned to her palace and went to her
bedchamber where she found the room the way she had instructed the servants to
set it up.

Their were just a few candles, enough to illuminate the room but not enough to
spoil the effects of the ambience, the bedlinen was turned down and Xena
stepped out of her linen and into the bed and pulled the covers over her
breast as she laid in the bed looking around and listening to the music that
was melodic and would in different circumstances be hypnotic.

The door opened slowly and Gabrielle walked in and stood inside the doorway
looking around and then finally lettling her eyes come o rest on Xena who laid
in the bed on her side facing her and studying her. Gabrielle blushed at the
intense gaze and lowered her eyes.

“ Come in and close the door Gabrielle.” Xena ordered gently.

Gabrielle raised her eyes and chewing on her lip she did what she was told.
She then stood where she was after she had closed the door, not sure of what
to do or say, if anything. Xena noticed and did what she did best. she took

“ Gabrielle, come over here to the bed and take off the robe and get in the
bed next to me.....I won’t bite...not unless you want me too.” Xena said with
some teasing in her tone, but Gabrielle missed the tease and only heard the
bite, and she moved slowly towards the bed thinking and wondering where Xena
would bite her.

Gabrielle opened the robe to Xena’s gaze and when she saw Xena’s eyes
surveying her, she blushed a crimson red. Xena smirked and then said....Get in
Gabrielle. “

Gabrielle slid up under the upheld covers and then was covered by Xena
slightly, Gabrielle’s upper body was left exposed to Xena’s gaze and Gabrielle
couldn’t help bring her hand to her face to try to hide the intense blushing
she was doing.

“ It’s no use Gabrielle, your whole body looks like your face does, you know
your just as shy as Diana is at times?”

“ Di...Diana’s shy?” Gabrielle sputtered out finally. Happy to have something
to say.

“ Yes, she’s quite shy as a matter of fact, I know that’s hard to believe but
it is true, she is so shy around me that she blushes just from a look, a word
or a touch by me.”

Gabrielle tried to think about what Xena was telling her but she found she was
being distracted by wandering fingers of Xena’s as she caressed her cheeks
and her neck..

“ I....I....I..didn’t know Diana was shy, I do remember her telling me once
while we were talking, that you sent all types of thrills racing through her
with a look , touch , ....smell....haaa.....and haa.....word by you.”
Gabrielle breathed raggedly as her mouth was then claimed by Xena’s

Gabrielle moaned into Xena’s mouth as she trembled and gripped the bed with
her fingernails trying not to fall from the perceived height she felt. Xena
kissed Gabrielle with enough zest to make Gabrielle believe she the only
person in Xena’s life.

Although if Gabrielle had any of her senses left to her she would have known
it was not so, but Xena was able to make her own body do whatever she wanted ,
so if Gabrielle had been a savvy lover then she would not be able to tell Xena
wasn’t truly turned on. But to the contrary would appear that she was if she
felt the slickness between her legs.

But seeing how Gabrielle wasn’t a savvy lover she made her body only respond
as needed. When Xena finally broke the embrace Gabrielle inhaled a deep intake
of much needed air and was breathing so rapidly that Xena thought that she
would hyperventilate, so she covered Gabrielle’s mouth once again,but this
time she blew air into Gabrielle’s mouth thus into her lungs and Gabrielle’s
body relaxed.

Xena uncovered her mouth and then slowly started kissing Gabrielle’s forehead,
her cheeks, her nose, her mouth once again, and then she lifted her head and
spoke once again to Gabrielle to help relax her more.

“ You know you were about to hyperventilate a moment ago?”

Gabrielle was dazed, but she managed to find Xena’s eyes with her own and
focus on them.

“ Are you ok Gabrielle?” Xena asked concerned that Gabrielle may passout
before the actual deflowering took place.

“ YES! GODS YOUR AN INCREDIBLE KISSER!!! I see why Diana always wants to
swoon afterwards.” Gabrielle blurted out as she felt giddy and yet so turned
on she thought she might just melt away.

“Hahaha......Gabrielle you are something, but I have to tell have to
calm down some, otherwise your going to passout before it even happens.”

Gabrielle took a few deep breaths and tried to calm her racing heart, but it
was no use she was dazed. Xena then told her to take slow breaths in through
her nose and let them out slowly through her mouth. Gabrielle tried it and
after a moment found her breathing to be more controlled. Xena then smiled and
then leaned back over Gabrielle to kiss her again, this time it didn’t last as
long and she soon moved to Gabrielle’s neck where she sucked on the tender
flesh, she was tempted to mark her but then thought that Diana would not
appreciate it.

Xena continued to move downwards towards Gabrielle’s breast where she smiled
to hersef at what she thought would be Gabrielle’s response to what she was
going to do.

Xena sucked at the fleshy part of Gabrielle’s breast and Gabrielle’s breathing
once again was heading towards hyperventilation, so Xena reminded her again to
breath the way she had told her too. Gabrielle concentrated on her breathing
as much as she could, until Xena ....flicked her tongue over the tight peak
and Gabrielle almost came off the bed.

“ GODS!!!!! “

Was all Gabrielle could exclaim. Before Xena took the peak slowly into her
mouth and watched Gabrielle trembled to her toes.

“ Xenaaaaa......?” Gabrielle said with some fear in her voice because of not
being sure as to what the fluttering in her stomach was.

“ Hmm...?” Xena asked...sending vibrations throught the already highly charged
Bards body.

“ I a knot is forming in my’s like tight, and my
belly is fluttering?”

Xena smirked at Gabrielle’s innocence and then she lifted her mouth off of
Gabrielle’s tenderized nipple and looking into Gabrielle’s eyes she told her
in a reassuring voice.... “Your about to experience your first orgasm

“ What?! “ Gabrielle said with some dubiousness.

Xena leaned down to Gabrielle’s ear and in a low sensual voice she
whispered...” Hold on Gabrielle.”

Xena then returned her mouth to Gabrielle’s nipple and this time she sucked
ardenly on it and Gabrielle’s chest was raised off the bed allowing Xena even
more access, but Gabrielle’s body was starting to tense and Xena slid her hand
down Gabrielle’s belly and down into her soft downy hairs where Gabrielle’s
body jerked almost spasmically, from the hot touch. Xena ran her fingers over
the pulsating peak and Gabrielle could not control her breathing or anything
else as she felt the euphoric wave wash over her.

Xena held Gabrielle’s body down on the bed as she slid her fingers down to the
opening of Gabrielle’s nature, where she raised her head also to watch
Gabrielle in her first ecstasy. Gabrielle’s mouth was partly open like she was
about to say something, but no words came out, her eyes were shut tightly and
she was gripping the bed once again.

Xena kissed Gabrielle as she felt the slickness of Gabrielle’s excitement on
her hand. When Gabrielle ‘s ecstasy finally ended, she went limp and Xena
kissed her again. After a bit Xena begun caressing Gabrielle once again,
instantly arousing the still virginal girl to a writhing, squirming body
underneath Xena.

This time however Xena slid her fingers along the inside of Gabrielle’s nether
lips and she looked down at Gabrielle and placing her body so that her weight
was firmly on Gabrielle’s she smiled at Gabrielle and then leaning down she
kissed her as she slowly slid one of her strong fingers into Gabrielle nature.

“ Haaa!” Gabrielle gasped into Xena’s mouth as she felt the single finger
slowly moving into her nature. Gabrielle held the bed as she tried to brace
herself for Xena’s entrance through her Maidenhead but there was no bracing.

Xena pushed further into Gabrielle’s untapped nature and she touched upon the
shield that would make Gabrielle a woman once it was gone. Gabrielle felt
Xena’s finger touch upon it and she stiffened.

Xena kissed Gabrielle’s cheeks and mouth and whispered ...” relax. Breath the
way I told you.”

Gabrielle did as she was told and Xena then begun to push on the membrane, she
added a second finger and Gabrielle ‘s toes tried to dig into the bed.

“ Xenaaaa......Oh Gods! it hurts! “ Gabrielle exclaimed as she felt fear once
again as she thought about how painful it would possibly get before it was

Xena saw Gabrielle thinking and she figured she was thinking about the pain,
so she brought her mouth back down to Gabrielle’s mouth and she kissed her
with passion that sent Gabrielle flying once again at which time Xena heard
Gabrielle moan and she took the opportunity to eliminate the membane.

As Xena pushed against the membrane Gabrielle tried to move away from the
pain, but Xena’s body held her firmly in place.

Xena pushed with one smooth thrush of her fingers through the membrane and
Gabrielle screamed but the sound was muffled by Xena’ mouth, as she then
kissed Gabrielle with more passion while pumping steadily into the rising,
throbbing, quivering nature of the now deflowered young woman, Gabrielle was
rapidly being brought to another climax, but this time it was as if she was
being consumed by it.

Gabrielle’s mouth opened and the only sound to come forth was a cut off
....”A... !!!”
Before her ecstasy hit her this time shaking her to her very core. After which
she laid unconscious with a teardrop balancing on both corners of her eyes.

Xena saw them and recognized them for what they were. She leaned down and
kissed Gabrielle once more and said in a loving voice.....” Your welcome.”

Xena then rolled off of Gabrielle and pulling her into her arms she held her
into the next day when Gabrielle awoke, sore , but happy and still euphoric.
Xena still laid in the bed waiting for Gabrielle to awake.

“ do you feel?” Xena asked with a smirk.

Gabrielle blushed and then said with a big grin, “ Like a woman!”

“ hahahahaha.....well that was the purpose, do you have a lot of discomfort?”

“ hmmm.....yes, I’m a little sore.”

“ A little?” Xena asked raising a questioning brow.

“ Well, actually very sore, but in a good way.” Gabrielle stated honestly.

“ Well you need to take it easy today, I’ve already ordered for you to receive
all of your meals in the bed for today, but tomorrow Ephiny expects you back
so that you can undergo the ceremonial testing.”

“ Testing?” Gabrielle asked slightly confused .

“ Gabrielle don’t tell me you didn’t read all of the scrolls?” Xena asked with
some concern.

“ No!, I mean, no I read all of them, I just don’t remember that particular
part.” Gabrielle said somewhat embarrassed at her forgetfulness.

“ Hm...well basically the purpose of the ceremony is to make sure that all of
the women who have gone through the coming out ceremony actually went through
with it, that way there is no question of who to send into battle, the Amazons
don’t send their young girls, they are considered to be like the elders of the
tribe as well as like the children.”

“ Oh, I remember that, does that mean someone else has to .....well you know?”
Gabrielle said with another blush covering her cheeks.

“ Hm....yes I know, not the same way, it will be in and out just to see if
it’s gone or still in place.” Xena said assuring Gabrielle.

“ Oh....well can’t they just take your word for it that I’m truly a woman

“ I could do that Gabrielle, but you said you wanted to go through the
ceremony, that means all of it, besides it will be one of the healers to do
the testing, it’s not like it’s going to be just some other Amazon.” Xena said
once again reassuring Gabrielle.

“ Hm...ok, that’s ok then, I guess.”

“ Good.”

“ Xena...?” Gabrielle said as she rolled onto her side with some effort to
face Xena.

“ Yes?”

“ Thank you, this has been the most incredible experience of my life, and I
want to say I will always be proud to have been brought to womanhood by such
an incredible woman as yourself, I will admit, you were right about feeling a
closer bond with you, I really do feel closer to you, you know how I feel
about you, but.....I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable with that. I know
where your heart lies, and I can’t blame you. I will tell you this, the first
time I saw Diana I was attracted to her, but I was young and didn’t know what
my feelings for her were about, so when we became friends I let what I was
feeling initially fade and I found her to be treating me more like a sister
than anything else, so when she asked me if I wanted to be apart of her
family, I was ecstatic. Anyway, I have no regrets or apphrensions about
everything that has happened, I am just feeling so deeply grateful to you for
being my Mentor in this....Thank you.” Gabrielle managed to finish before the
tears rolled.

Xena pulled Gabrielle to her and held her and whispered comforting words to
her. Gabrielle eventually composed herself and leaned back and shining a smile
at Xena she wiped her eyes and laid back.

“ I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get emotional.”

“ Gabrielle, it’s understandable, I expected you to be emotional, I would be a
little concerned if you weren’t.” Xena informed Gabrielle.


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