By D.virtue


Gabrielle smile once again and wiped her eyes again. Xena noticed that
Gabrielle was trying to stay active for her, so she said...” Gabrielle you
need to rest, I’m going to take care of some things, but I will be here in
the Palace if you need me, ok?”

“ Ok.”

“ Good, now I expect for you to stay in that bed for the day, except when you
need to relieve yourself of course.” Xena commanded.

“ Yes My Lord.” Gabrielle said with a grin.

Xena leaned over and kissed Gabrielle on the forehead and then said....” One
more thing Gabrielle.”

“ Yes?”

“ Just because your a woman to everyone else now, I still see you as a young
lady, just like I see Diana as a young lady, your both still naive about a lot
of very important things.”

“ Ok. I can except that.”

“ Good girl, but you really had no choice.”

Gabrielle just blushed and laid with her arms overtop of the covers as she
closed her eyes and proceeded to go to sleep. The rest of the day was quiet
and when Xena turned in for the night she thought about Diana once again.

The next day Ephiny’s personal guards came to escort Gabrielle to the healer
for the final part of the ceremony. Xena went with her to make sure nothing
went wrong. After Gabrielle was confirmed to be a woman, Xena Kissed Gabrielle
one last time on the lips and said....” Welcome to womanhood, Princess

Gabrielle had tears running down her face once again, afterwards.

“ Thank you.” Gabrielle said shyly as she got off of the table. and fixed
herself back up.

“ My Lord?”

“ Yes?”

“ Queen Ephiny wants to have Princess Gabrielle stay here for the next two
weeks to orient her to the things of a woman Amazon Princess, if that is ok
with you?”

“ Why wouldn’t it be?” Xena asked out of curiosity.

“ Queen Ephiny thought you may not want to go to a cold bed.”

“ Well she’s right about that, but I have no intentions of doing that anyway.
Yes it’s ok for Princess Gabrielle to stay here and learn the ways of the
Amazon women.”

“ Thank you My Lord I know Queen Ephiny will be quite pleased.”

“ I’m sure she will.” Xena said knowingly.

Xena then turned to Gabrielle and asked...” Are you ok with this?”

“ Yes, I’m looking forward to learning about the things of women Amazons.”

“ Ok, Then I will be away for a while, but if you need me, use the traveller
and face Northwest of here and you will be able to come to where Diana and I
are, but I don’t want you to come there unless it’s absolutely necessary, it
may be dangerous, you understand?”

“ Yes My Lord.”

“ Ok, go talk with Queen Ephiny.”

“ I’ll see you later Xena.”

“ Alright Gabrielle. See you soon.”

Gabrielle headed out of the healers hut and went to talk with Ephiny, Xena on
the otherhand headed back to the palace to change her clothes. Once she was
dressed in her leathers and armor with weapons she called Advisor Draco to her
Chamber and told him he was in charge until she return. She then went out of
the palace and throwing out one of the travellers, she went through it.

When she came out the otherside she stood outside the command tent, there was
constant activity going on, Xena scanned the scenes that was going on around
her, she heard Diana’s voice raised.

“ I don’t care! If I want your opinion you son of a Bacchi...I’ll give it to
you, now get your self back out there and do what I told you to do.Now!”

“ Yes Your Highness, as you wish.” The engineer said as he bowed.

“ I know. Now go!” Diana then turned her attention back to the parchment on
the table.

The engineer practically ran out of the command tent, Xena ducked behind the
tent and then once she saw who it was and filed it away in her memory she
waited for him to leave and she slipped into the tent. Nebula was now talking
to Diana.

“ Diana...don’t you think you were a little rough on him?”

“ No.” Diana said simply.

“ Your Highness...can I be honest with you?”

“ I expect nothing less Nebula.”

“ Ok, fine. I think your being a complete ass.”

Diana whirled around to glare at Nebula, who stepped back a few paces from
fear of being struck by Diana.

“ How dare you.” Diana sneered.

Nebula took a deep breath and then she stepped forward once again.

“Diana, I say this as a friend who is concerned about you.”

“ Some friend, calling me an ass.” Diana shot back.

“ Diana you have not been yourself since you came back, from seeing Our Lord,
I take it things didn’t work out the way you planned. “

“ What makes you think that?”

“ Your eyes, Gabrielle once told me what happens to you when you get worked up
by Our Lord.”

“ What’s your point?! Diana said with a raised brow.

“ My Point Your Highness is that your irritable, restless , short tempered,
agitated, demanding, and your pushing the teams hard, it’s not like you.”

“ You seem to be the only one complaining Nebula, why is that?”

“ Because....everyone else is afraid of you.” Nebula stated matter-of-factly.

“ And your not? Is that what your telling me Nebula?” Diana said as she moved
towards Nebula.

“ Should I be?” Nebula asked as she moved backwards.

Diana stopped and then looking at Nebula for a moment she dropped her head and
ran her hands through her hair and wiped the perspiration from her brows.

“ No, you shouldn’t, I would never hurt you...or any of the teams, your right
I have been a little demanding since I came back....”

“ A little?! Nebula interjected.

“ Hahahaha....Ok maybe a lot, but I want this project done as near perfect as
possible and I don’t appreciate back talk from anyone under my directions. The
engineers seem to think they know things that I don’t, but the fact of the
matter is, I not only possess knowledge about engineering things but about
almost everything else. And I will not be treated like a know nothing little
girl who only commands, because I am the mate of our Lord. I have the skills
and capabilities to do this and more with or without any of these people, and
it pisses me off to no end to think that that’s the only reason they give me
respect or follow my orders. I know what I’m doing!” Diana exclaimed as she
turned and stormed out of the tent right past the Dark figure standing in the

Nebula stood where she was with her mouth agape not knowing what to say,
suddenly Xena stepped out of the shadow, and Nebula’s mouth drop open even
more if that were possible.

“ My....My ....My Lord?!!” Nebula exclaimed finally once she found her voice.

Xena cocked her head at Nebula and then she moved towards Nebula, once there
she brought her hand up and placed it under Nebula’s chin and begun to raise
Nebula’s head up further until Nebula was standing on her tiptoes.

“ So....what was that all about? Are the men and women that are here to help
Diana giving her a problem?”

“ My.....My’’s just that......”

“ Just what Pirate?” Xena said with a piercing gaze leveled on Nebula.

“ Xena?” Diana called from behind her.

Xena gave Nebula a hard look and then dropped her back to her feet and turned
to face Diana.

“Consort.” Xena answered.

“ What are you doing here?” Diana spoke as she moved around Xena and back to
the desk where Nebula still stood.

“ Why do you think?” Xena shot back.

Diana heard the edge and decided it would be better if she and Xena were

“ Nebula, can you go and check on the engineers for me?”

“ Ye..yes...yes, of course Your Highness, right away. Excuse me My Lord?”

“ Your excused.” Xena said leveling a gaze at her.

Nebula bowed at both women and then disappeared out the tent flaps. relieved
to be out of the line of fire that she felt was about to take place.

Diana then turned back to face Xena, who had not moved from where she was,
only crossed her arms. Diana chewed her lip for a moment as she slowly raised
her eyes up to meet Xena’s.

Swallowing a final time, Diana then begin to speak.

“ Xena....if this is about the way I left? I .....I can only say I’m sorry, I
didn’t see the need to stay there when I had work here to do, considering the
fact that I didn’t think you would be in the mood to talk, you obviously were
upset with me about something.....but for the life of me Xena I don’t know
what it could possibly be, considering I haven’t even been there to do
anything? But whatever I did or didn’t do, I’m sorry. I can see your angry
with me about leaving.”

Xena listened to Diana before she spoke and then she finally said in a calm

“ Yes I was pissed with you for leaving, Diana you know better than that!”

“ I know but I did leave you a note.” Diana said trying to defend her actions.

Xena strided over to Diana and taking her chin in her hand she lifted Diana’s
head up.

“ Since when have I ever taken a note from you about you going anywhere?” Xena
asked through clenched teeth.

“ Never.” Diana said simply.

Xena saw the contriteness in Diana’s eyes and she let go of her chin and then
asked.... So why did you think this time would be any different?”

“ I guess I didn’t, Xena I was just hurt that after getting into the palace
without anyone seeing me except who I chose, yet along getting to where you
were, to receive the cold shoulder from you for something I have no idea
about...well, I was hurt and I just felt like if you were going to be angry
with me about something I didn’t know about, well I might as well give you a
reason to be upset with me so that I would be clued in. Xena all I wanted to
do was make love to my love and be loved by her, but instead you were cold and
stoic with me. I just felt I might as well work off all of the energy that was
built up in me as much as I could.”

“ Did it work?” Xena asked knowingly. Seeing how Diana’s eyes were a radiating

“What do you think?” Diana said as she pointed to her eyes.

“ Hmmm, I guess not. Maybe I can do something about that? Come here.”

“ No.”

“ No?! what do you mean no?”

“ Just what I said Xena, I don’t want to come over to you just now.”

“ Maybe your misunderstanding me Diana? I wasn’t asking.” Xena informed.

“ I know. But I don’t want to come to you Xena. “ Diana said defiantly.

Xena heard the defiance and her eyes started to sparkle with anger.

“ I said come here Consort.”

“ No.”

Xena raised her head slightly and her eyes narrowed and her nostrils flared.
Diana’s heart was beating wildly against her chest from what she feared was
about to follow.

“ You forget who your dealing with Consort?”

“ Of course not, how could I, but I’m not coming to you, not until you say
your sorry.”

“ Sorry? For what?! Your the one who left without MY permission! Like some
thief in the night.” Xena accused.

“ Well I wouldn’t have had to if you hadn’t treated me the way you did?” Diana
shot back.

“ How did I treat you?!”

“Like a slave!” Diana stated with a grimace.

“ are everything to me.” Xena replied.

“ Xena?! I can’t believe you said that! “ Diana said turning away, and sitting
partially on the table.

“ Ok, ok, your right, I was kind of mean to you.” Xena conceded.

“ Kind of?” Diana scoffed.

“ Alright now, I’m trying to apologize, don’t push it . Your right I was
somewhat mean, it’s just that I had missed you so much and I actually had one
of the travellers set some time ago, until one of the servants wasted some
port on it while it was open, it just dissolved into nothing, and when I
couldn’t get another one set, I got upset with you for coming here and leaving
me, so when you showed up, rather than showing how I really felt, I wanted you
to feel how frustrated and angry I was at you, when in fact it wasn’t you I
was that upset with, it was myself . Not being able to set the traveller again
frustrated the hell out of me, and then sitting in those negotiations only
served to frustrate me more. Diana I am always happy to see you. You make me
whole, and when your not there I’m not, you are the other half of my soul and
I am sorry that I hurt you, can you forgive me kitten?” Xena said in a tender

Her face softened, and her eyes showing their love. Diana heard and in so
doing she turned to see Xena smiling at her.

“ Your really sorry Xena?” Diana said somewhat cautiously.

Xena raised her brow and then cocking her head she said in a calm voice. “ I
said it didn’t I?”

“ Yes.”

“ So you?”

“ Yes! I forgive you.” Diana said relieved.

“ Good now come here and greet me the proper way a Consort should greet her
love.” Xena ordered.

Diana smirked, and then walked slowly over to Xena, with her arms behind her,
watching Xena. Xena stood with her head still cocked and one brow raised as
she saw the coyness in Diana’s actions.

“ The seductess is back hmm.....”Xena thought to herself.

With a smirk playing at the corner of Xena’s lips she waited for Diana. Once
Diana was standing in front of her Xena brought her hand up to Diana’s chin
and lifting her chin up Xena lowered her head to within inches of Diana’s
lips, and just before she claimed them she whispered while looking deep into
Diana’s eyes......” I have missed you kitten.”

Xena saw Diana’s eyes brighten even more than they already were. Xena then
leaned in and claimed her lips. Diana was pulled into Xena’s armored body by
Xena’s other arm. Diana melted into Xena and Xena felt it and her passion
flared more at Diana’s subtle submission.

Xena swept Diana up in her arms and while still kissing Diana passionately,
Xena looked for a good place to lay Diana down. Diana felt the pause and
pointed towards the back of the tent where a partition was, Xena was on it
without a second thought, once there she was happy to see a bed. She laid
Diana down on it and proceeded to crush Diana’s body down into the bed with
her armored body.

Diana didn’t notice it much she was on fire and all she wanted was to be taken
by Xena. Xena broke the kiss with a smack of her lips. Diana saw Xena’s cheeks
were as flushed, and she knew Xena was going to take her to passions peak many
times before the night was half over. The thought caused Diana to shiver and
Xena saw it and with a lustful gleam in her eyes she rapidly and efficiently
striped Diana out of her leathers and undergarment, and then Diana removed
Xena’s in the same efficient matter.

Once they were both nude Xena claimed Diana’s soft lips once again, Xena’s
hands were everywhere it seemed at the same time. Diana’s body was burning and
Xena’s presence and touch was incinerating.

“ Gods Xena! Pleasee?” Diana pleaded for something that she didn’t know what
she wanted, there were so many things she wanted ...needed from Xena and her
mind was not able to focus.

But thankfully Xena knew Diana’s body and she begun a pleasuring tour. She
caressed Diana’s neck with her tongue and Diana wrapped her arms around Xena’s
neck once again to hold her there, but.....Xena had other plans, she unwrapped
Diana’s arms from around her neck and taking them in one hand she raised them
above her head and told her to keep them there.

Diana whimpered at the order and Xena whispered in her ear. “ I know what you
want, but I will give it to you MY way Consort. Keep them there.”

Diana trembled but nodded her head.

“ Good girl, now where was I? Oh, yes, here.” Xena returned to her previous
area of caressing.

“ Mmmmmm.......Xennnnaaaaa......” Diana moaned as Xena continued to caress her
neck with her tongue. Down to the hollow of her neck and on down further to
her chest. Xena continued the track as Diana’s arms lowered more and more with
each new caress.

Diana’s breathing was erractic and labored as it came in short heaping gasps,
and the constant trembling her body was doing was not helping matters any.
Xena revelled in all of it, there was no end to Xena’s turn on at watching
Diana respond to her touch in such a way, it was instant flames each and

Xena’s caressing tongue was making dangerous passes by Diana’s taut nipples,
each time she did, Diana’s chest would rise only to be denied the touch by
Xena’s tongue.

Diana whimpered each time Xena passed by them without touching them.

Finally , Xena couldn’t hold back her own desire for the peaks so she ran her
tongue over each one. Slowly she moved her tongue towards it and once there
she licked up the peak, across the top and down the other side. Diana’s arms
not only came down but her fingernails dug into Xena’s arms as her body
responded almost convulsively from the caress.

“ Xeaaaanaaa........Pleaseeee......more?” Diana exhaled from her already
oxygen deprived lungs.

Xena flexed her muscles in her arms and after a moment she broke Diana’s grip
and grabbing her wrist once again she reached over onto the table and grabbed
her leather weapons belt, reaching into one of the pouches she pulled out one
of the leather straps.

Xena tied Diana’s wrist quickly above her head and went back to what she was
doing. Diana whimpered at the actions but soon stopped when Xena ran her
tongue up the other taut peak and across the top and then down it only to then
slowly suck it into her mouth.

Diana’s chest flew up and her head went back as Xena reacted to the response
by ravishing it.

“ Godss!!! YES!!!” Diana screamed as her body shook from the intense sensation
that was running from the peak.

Xena brought one of her hands up to squeeze and pull at the other peak. Diana
was deliriuous from Xena’s skills, and Xena was floating from seeing and being
the cause of Diana’s intense responses.

Xena let her other hand slide down Diana’s belly into her ready flower, and
only stopping long enough to caress the throbbing peak of Diana’s flower.
Diana’s hips shot up off of the bed at the initial touch and that was all the
inducement Xena needed to finally give Diana her reward.

Xena slid her fingers, three of them, deep into Diana’s flower and Diana’s
breath caught in her throat at the welcomed invasion, and when Xena touched
her shield, she didn’t stop, she pushed through it and Diana screamed in pain
and relief, especially when Xena begun a deep forceful thrusting into her.
Diana moved her hips to meet each and every thrust with hunger. Xena bit down
on Diana’s nipple and Diana’s back arched, and she screamed Xena’s name to the

Xena’ s passion peaked and all she could shout before she fell over into her
passion was...” YES!”

Diana’s passion peaked and she dived headlong over into her ecstasy, with Xena
diving right along into her own. The two womens bodies were shuddering and
shaking continiously, with perspiration glistening over both of the women’s

After their prolonged ecstasy, Xena rolled off of Diana and collasped with one
of her arms brought up and laid behind her head as she concentrated on slowing
her heart and respirations down. Diana on the other hand had collasped into
unconsciousness. Xena looked over at her and saw the relaxed innocent face of
her love, and smiled to herself at the change in Diana’s face a good lay had
on her.

Once Xena’s breathing and things were under control she laid for a few more
minutes waiting for Diana’s breathing to become regular and even, once it had
she then leaned over and kissed Diana’s lips with a tender kiss and then she
eased out of the bed and dressing once again. She then went to look around the

She went to the large wooden table that Diana obviously had made for the
purposes of using as a desk, she scanned the different parchments that were
open and then she sat down and begun looking over them with interest.

By the time Diana awoke it was the next day and she was feeling light and
completely relaxed. She looked over to where she expected to see Xena but Xena
wasn’t there. Diana then looked around the area behind the partition and still
not seeing Xena, she heard for the first time many voices, one of which was

Diana then tried to lift her legs and found them still weaken from last night,
she then looked around again, this time for Xena’s weapon’s belt. She found it
lying on the table and she immediately pulled it to her and opening one of the
pouches on it she retrieved a vile. She opened it and smelled it first to make
sure it was what she wanted and she let a drop of it fall onto her tongue, and
after a moment she felt her strength return and she tested her legs in the bed
first before she tried to stand.

“ Good.” She exclaimed to herself as she then jumped out of the bed and
putting the vile back.

She went to clean up, but found she had already been cleaned up, so she put
her clothes on everything except her undergarments, mainly because she didn’t
want to take the time to go into her trunk and get a pair. Diana heard one of
the conversations while she was still dressing and that was Xena ordering the
engineer that had argued with Diana the day before back to the Palace and to
report to the whipper for 20 lashes and reassignment to waste management duty.

“ Damnit Xena.” Diana scolded to herself.

Diana then strided out from behind the partition and headed for the group of
people. Where Xena was sitting behind the desk, listening to one of the team

They stopped talking when they saw Diana step to the desk. Diana looked at the
speaker and then back at Xena and asked....” Sooo...what’ s going on?”

“ Your teams were giving me updates on their progress.” Xena said casually.

“ Oh, I see. So...are you updated?” Diana asked with some tightness.

Xena’s eyes narrowed inperceptively to everyone else but Diana.

“ Yes. Ok people I want to talk to My Consort alone, I’m pleased with all of
your reports keep up the good work. Your all dismissed.” Xena praised.

While everyone was leaving Diana was sitting on the edge of the table holding
one of the parchments in her hand looking over it casually as she waited for
everyone to get out. Once they had she and Xena both asked in unison.....”
What was that about?! What do you mean?! Stop that!! No! You Stop! XENA!

Diana threw down the parchment and crossed her arms over her chest as she
glared at Xena. Who was now looking at Diana with both agitation and

“ What?!” Xena asked.

“ What are you doing?”

“ What are you talking about Diana?”

“ Why are you punishing people, and calling meetings?”

“ Because I have the right to.” Xena stated matter-of-factly.

Diana whipped her head around and then stood and walked around to the
otherside of the desk so that she could have something between her and Xena.

“ I know you have the right to do whatever you want, what I want to know is
why are you doing it here?”

“ What do you mean why here?”

“ Just what I said, Xena I’m suppose to be handling things here, I don’t need
you to punish anyone for me, if I thought he needed to be punished then I
would have sent him to be punished. By you doing that, you undermine me, and
it’s not right, you said I could do why don’t you let me? Let me do
this my way, let me handle these people, I can handle it Xena, it’s not a new
thing for me to lead people, you know that.”

Diana I’m not trying to take over or anything like that, I just was trying to
help, and besides that, it is never appropriate or tolerated for ANYONE to
talk back to you or me, and the laws are clear about that, but you know that.”
Xena argued back.

“ I know the laws, and I didn’t tolerate it, I handled it the way I wanted to,
he got the point, but by you sending him back to be whipped, all that does is
make everyone follow me out of fear of you. I want them to follow me out of
loyalty and the assurance that I know what I am doing. Xena I don’t need your
help with this, if I did, I would ask.”

“ Would you?” Xena questioned.

“ Yes Love I would, but right now I don’t, I love you for wanting to protect
me from failing, but I’m not going to fail Xena. I promise you that, this is
second nature to me, like battle is too you, please let me do this my way?
Please?” Diana asked as she went to stand in front of the still sitting Xena.

Xena looked up into Diana’s eyes and with a look of resignation she said
reluctantly....” Ok.”

Diana rewarded her with a warm smile, then Xena said....” But.....I have the
right to receive the reports about the progress, that is something we agreed
on before you came here.”

“ Ok, all reports as to Progress are yours to obtain, but nothing else unless
you ask me...ok love?”

“ Ok kitten.” Xena said as she ran her hands up Diana’s thighs and under her
leathers and was welcomed with a bare bottom.

A smirk came to her mouth as she then begun to caress the firm flesh in her
strong hands.

“ Good Girl.” Xena said running her tongue along the inside of her teeth as
she casted an amorous gaze on Diana. Diana stood while Xena kneaded the flesh
closing her eyes as she let Xena’s hands work their magic once again on her
pliant body. Diana was just about to sit on Xena’s lap when Miki entered the

“ My Lord... Your Highness...? Please forgive the intrusion...?” Miki
sputtered at what she saw, Xena’s hands under Diana’s leather skirt obviously
caressing Diana’s behind.

Diana whirled around in Xena’s hands thus her hands swept across her downy
hairs and Diana gasped slightly at the accidental touches.

“ Oh, Miki, what is it?” Diana asked somewhat flustered by the unexpected

Xena on the otherhand was just as calm as she was before the interruption, she
knew Miki had seen things that would have been a lot more embarrassing if she
was the type to get embarrassed.

Xena decided to play with Diana, so she waited for Diana to acknowledge Miki
and then she would put her plan into effect, teaching Diana about how it is
not a good thing to be embarrassed by what they do to each other.

“ Your Highness, one of the team leaders is here to see you, he has something
to report to you, he says it’s important.”

“Ok send him in.” Diana ordered.

Miki bowed and then exited out of the tent to go and get the team leader. Xena
in the meantime had moved her hands back up Diana’s thighs heading for the
round globes she had held only moments before.

“ Xena? Stop, he’ll be here in a moment.” Diana said while trying to shoo
Xena’s hands from going under her skirt again.

Xena however had no intentions of stopping, in fact she said....” Consort you
have to learn to control your passion when in front of others, or at least
conceal that you are in passion, and I think the best time to teach you that
is now.”

“ Xena don’t do this to me, not now, let me learn it know I can’t
do least not without practice?” Diana pleaded with some anxiety
sounding in her tone.

“ Best time to practice such things is in the HEAT ....of the moment.” Xena

Diana was about to say something more when Miki reappeared back inside of the
tent, at which point Xena’s hands slid under Diana’s leathers and gripped her
behind just as Diana was about to speak.

“ Ye.....Yes?! Miki?” Diana slightly exclaimed at Xena’s manipulation of her

“ Your Highness, Team leader Talmark. “

“ Send him in!” Diana exclaimed again at Xena’s provocative touch.

“ Your not concentrating Consort.” Xena informed Diana using her mind to talk
to Diana.

“ What do you expect, with you doing that to me?” Diana sent back the same

“ Well your going to have a problem then, especially when I!” Xena
warned just before she slid to Diana’s flower and proceeded to run her fingers
between the lips and over her peak.

Diana shivered and was about to say something when Talmark appeared.

“ My Lord, Your Highness....Forgive the intrusion, but I thought you would
want to know?”

“ Kn...know...know what Talmark?” Diana finally managed as a blush begin to
creep up her body.

Talmark and Lt Miki both saw a slight change in Diana’s complexion, and they
looked at each other and then Talmark asked.....” Are you ok Your Highness?”

“ Fine, fine...” Diana said as her breathing became slightly labored.

“ So what is it that I need to know?” Diana asked again.

Talmark was entranced by Diana’s behavior, he thought it was like she was
being turned on by something, and his ego assumed it was him, forgetting that
Lord Xena was watching him and smirking at both Diana’s inability to control
her passions face, and Talmarks lack of bearing in front of both she and

“ Talmark?! Diana called.

He snapped out of his trance long enough to tell her.

“ Forgive me your Highness, My Team has found something out in the field.”

“ What..?” Diana asked as she now was using the table to hold herself up.

“ A castle Your Highness.” Talmark said with a grin on his face.

Diana shook her head quickly a few times to clear it and then she refocused
her attention on him.

“ A castle?” Diana repeated with a little more composure.

“ Yes Your Highness, it’s sits on a mountain, it’s rather ominious looking.”

“ Really? What makes you say that?” Diana said with more interest.

“ Because, while the sky is a clear blue day, the Castle is shadowed in a fog
of some sort.”

“ Hmm....Has anyone approached it?” Diana questioned now completely focused on
the new discovery.

Although there was no way she could forget about what Xena was doing, and
probably thinking.

“ No Your Highness, I thought it best to report it to you first to see what
you wanted us to do?”

“ Good, I’m happy to hear that. “ Diana then looked back at Xena who was
casually looking up at her, but Diana saw the hint of something more in Xena’s
eyes, something that told her she better make the right decision now.

“ Um.....” Diana said as she turned to face Talmark once again. I want you to
pull everyone back , and I want your team to join with the other teams and
begin constructing the Capital City, starting with the landmark understand?”

Diana said using code that she had told the teams the meaning of prior to Xena
coming to visit.

“ Yes your Highness. What do you want to do about the Castle?”

“ Nothing just yetttt!!!! Diana exclaimed unexpectedly as Xena pushed four
fingers deep inside of her.

Diana moved her hair out of her face after it had fallen forward at the abrupt
movement of her head.

“ um...nothing, anyway have your team join the others and send Nebula to me.”

“ Ye...Ye Your Highness. “ Talmark said as he bowed and then turned and exited
the tent along with Miki.

Diana then started to turn around but Xena had come to her feet and was now
leaning over Diana pushing her chest flat on the table, while her fingers
stayed buried inside of Diana’s flower.

“ What did you mean by Yet Consort?” Xena whispered in a barely controlled
tone of voice into Diana’s ear.

“ I....I just meant that, maybee!!!” Diana exclaimed again as Xena thrusted
into her once again.

“ Xenaaaa? Pleaseee....let me explain?” Diana said as her fear and passion was
being kindled rapidly at the same time.

“ What is there to explain Consort, I allowed you to come here based on your
words to me that you would NOT go looking for trouble.”

“Xena I’m not looking for trouble, I just want to make sure trouble isn’t
laying in wait for us.” Diana explained rapidly as she then felt Xena start to
pump the four digits slowly yet deep into her.

“ Consort you are not allowed to go near that Castle is that clear?” Xena
asked as she used her skills to get Diana to do as she instructed with the
least amount of argument.

“ Haaa....haa...haaa....Xena......I have an
idea...haaa...that...haaa...haaaa....that I will pleased with......haaaaa....Xena please I can think with you doing

Xena stopped her stimulation of Diana long enough to ask....” What is it

Diana’s breathing was rapid but she was able to say....” What if you and I and
a few of your soldiers go investigate it?”

Xena laid on Diana for a moment more and Diana turned her head to look back at
Xena to see what she was thinking. Xena saw Diana studying her and she in
turn studied Diana.

“ Ok.” Xena stated simply.

“ Great! Diana said excitedly, and was just trying to stand up but Xena pushed
her back down and laying overtop of her once again Xena begun thrusting into
Diana’s flower.

Diana laid on the table as Xena worked her up, and just when she was about to
reach her pinnacle, Xena pulled her fingers out and raising up the front of
her own leather skirt she made her body form the instrument she wanted to use.

Diana was whimpering at the painful lost of Xena’s fingers and was struggling
to stand up but Xena’s weight wouldnt allow her too, so she laid helpless in
her passion until Xena decided what she was going to do. Diana was thankful it
hadn’t taken long for that to happen. Much to Diana’s surprise Xena thrusted
the instrument of her body deep into Diana’s flower and begun pumping like
there was no tomorrow.

Diana was held down as Xena filled her again and again with her new gifts.

“ Yes.......Yes.......yes......”Xena chanted as she felt the flush of her
ecstasy give warning that it was near.

Diana understood Xena’s meaning and she gripped the table as Xena curved her
body around hers and filled her with deep powerful thrusts of her hips.
Diana’s head went back and Xena buried her teeth into Diana’s shoulder. Diana
yelped at the connection of Xena’s teeth to her shoulder and at the pain it
cause while at the same time the sheer pleasure it sent shooting through her
body as she once again screamed Xena’s name in her passionate release.

Xena continued to pump into her as her own ecstasy struck like lightening down
her spine. So much so, that she ended up letting go of Diana’s shoulder with
her teeth and shouted Diana’s name to the sky.

Xena’s body was tight her muscles locked as the intense bliss ran through her
as she pumped into Diana. Diana’s head was thrown back , as her own muscles
locked throughout her whole ecstasy.

Finally when it had ended she fell forward on the table, and Xena fell over
top of her. Both gasping for air, and their hearts beating wildly the same in
their chest.

After a bit, Xena regained control over her body and slowly pulling out of
Diana she thought the instrument away and both she and Diana shivered at the
lost of it. Xena then slid her fingers down between Diana’s legs and taking a
dip into her flower she brought them out and put it to her mouth and begun to
suck on them as she straighten herself and Diana up.

Xena sat down in the chair and Diana was pulled into the chair along with her.

“ are just tooo...delicious Consort. Xena purred into Diana’s ear
as Diana leaned back against Xena.

“ Hm...your just as exquisite love, I truly can not get enough of you, and you
know whatelse?”

“ What?”

If you had been nicer back at the palace, we could have done this and more.”
Diana said with a bit of sarcasm. Xena heard it and she casually slid one of
her hands along Diana’s thighs until she was at her bare behind, where she
then pinched her. Diana would have jumped out of Xena’s lap had it not been
for Xena holding her in place with one arm securely wrapped around Diana’s

“ OWWWWW....let go Xena!” Diana shreiked.

“ Are you asking, or telling me Consort?”

“ Asking.....please let go?”

“Say your sorry for the sarcasm and I’ll let go.”

“ But it’s true Xena. Owww....”

“ It is but it’s not necessary to be sarcastic.” Xena scolded.

“ Ok, Ok, I’m sorry.” Diana yelped as Xena’s grip tightened.

“ That’s better. “ Xena said letting go of Diana’s behind, and loosening her
hold around Diana’s waist.

Diana took the opportunity to act. She jumped out of Xena’s lap and went to
stand on the otherside of the table just as Nebula was announced and lead into
the tent.

“ Nebula! I’m glad your here. Have you heard what Talmark’s team found?”

Nebula bearly had a chance to stop moving before Diana threw the question at
her. Not realizing it was because Xena was just about to come out of the
chair, to come after Diana.

“, what?”

“ They found a Castle in the mountains.”

“ Really? What are you going to have done?”

“ Well I ordered his team back to the area where the Capital City is to be
built and told him to have construction started there.”

“ But what about the Castle?”

“ Well I thought My Lord and I and you would go and investigate it with some
of the soldiers.”

“ I agree, I think otherwise we wouldn’t know what the risk to all of us were.

Xena raised a brow at Nebula’s caution and she tilted her head in
acknowledgment of it. Xena saw for herself that Nebula would follow her orders
to protect Diana from harm.

“ Figures, two against one.” Diana said defeatedly.

“ I’m impress pirate, keep impressing me and I may have a job for you after
all of this is over.”

“ Thank you My Lord, I am humbled by your praise.”

“ You should be, I don’t give it often.”

Nebula bowed her head in understanding and then asked....” So when do we

Xena stood and straighten her leathers and putting her sword back in it’s
sheath she said, “ as soon as Diana is ready.”

Diana turned and went to gather her sword and things and then called Miki into
the tent and told her what she wanted. Miki returned within one candlemark and
Diana had given Dancea and Ludmilla instructions regarding the handling of the
other servants and mealtime for everyone, also Diana left Miki back to run the
command until she and or Nebula returned.

Xena allowed Diana to handle all of it and she smiled at the efficiency and
judgment of Diana’s leadership, although she would be the leader in the
investigation of the Castle, and just to make sure it was clear she stopped
and turned her horse so that she could face Diana.

“ What is it My Lord?” Diana asked addressing Xena by her rank for the
purposes of showing Xena the respect of her statue.

“ You know who’s in charge of THIS ...right?”

“ yes My Lord I know, as if it weren’t clear to the world?” Diana said
teasingly, but with some seriousness around the edge.

“ Good, just wanted to make sure we were clear.” Xena smirked and then turned
her horse once again and begun to follow the Soldier that was with Talmarks
team onto the castle.

After a day or so, they finally came to where the castle was insight.

“ There My Lord. Up there.” The soldier said as he pointed up the mountain.

“ Casca! Xena called. Divide the soldiers and send three of the details up
along each side of the mountain, the fourth detail will come with me.
one is to enter without my say so, and leave your weapons in their sheaths, we
don’t want to make whoever lives there, if anyone, think we’re here to harm
them....unless they give me a reason. Is that clear Casca?”

“ Yes My Lord, it will be done as you wish.”

“ Good, go.”

The soldiers were divided up as Xena had ordered and everyone proceeded up
the mountain with caution. Xena’s group arrived first and Xena dismounted and
begun making her way towards the castle with Diana and Nebula and the rest of
the detail following.

“ Diana.” Xena called quietly back at her.

Diana moved to Xena’s side as they all hid out of view of the front door of
the castle.

“ Diana you are to stay right at my hip is that clear?”

“ But Xena?”

“ Consort don’t argue with me, just do it!”

“ Yes Xena.” Diana said quietly as she lowered her eyes in deference to Xena’s
peircing gaze.

“ Good girl, I just don’t want anything to happen to you.” Xena said with a
softness ringing in her words.

Diana smiled and then said.....” Your in charge, I’ll follow where you lead

Xena smiled at Diana’s humbleness and then caressed her cheek for a moment.

“ Ready?” Xena asked of Diana.

“ Yes, let’s do this.”

“ Ok, let’s go. “ Xena said as she moved stealthily towards the door
constantly scanning the area for any traps or defenses.

Seeing none she along with Diana right at her side and Nebula right at
Diana’s, moved to the door and Xena and Diana on one side and Nebula and a few
of the soldiers on the other, Xena peeked into one of the windows and seeing
only furniture, she moved to the door and slowly opened it, and she and Diana
followed by everyone else slipped inside.

Xena moved towards the stairs when suddenly a woman appeared at the top!

“ Welcome.” Came a seductive voice.

Xena quickly moved in front of Diana and stood ready to draw her sword without
looking obvious about it.

“ Who are you?” Xena asked trying to focus her eyes against the light that
was shining into her eyes along with the shadowing of the figure at the top
of the stairs.

“ Xena, I’m surprise you don’t recognize my voice, it use to please you once
upon a time.” The woman purred.

Xena ordered the soldiers out and told them to wait at the edge of the trees,
she also told Sabane to pull everyone else back.

“ Yes I recognize your voice, it’s been a long time Shatara.” Xena stated

“ Ah so you do remember. “ Shatara moaned as she headed down the stairs
towards the three remaining women.

“ Xena who is she?” Diana asked quietly as she kept her eyes on the figure
moving towards them.

“ I’ll tell you later.” Xena said quietly.

The woman strided straight up to Xena and without any prompting or forewarning
she kissed her passionately on the lips and then waited for Xena to break it,
which she did. Then the woman went to her knees with her hands on Xena’s
booted feet, and her head bowed.

“ I have missed you Princess.” The woman purred once again and then did not
speak again until Xena instructed her too.

Diana stood dumbstruck, Nebula stood with her mouth wide open, and Xena stood
with a look of confusion and unbeknowst to Diana, who was not looking at Xena
but the woman, something else....passion.

Xena shook herself out of it.

“ Get up Shatara.”

Shatara arose instantly at Xena’s command.

“ Your wish is my command My Princess.” Shatara said as she bowed her head
once again.

“ I no longer go by that name.” Xena informed the woman.

“ Forgive me, what title do you go by now ?”

“ My Lord.” Diana interjected finally after finding her voice.

Shatara repeated the title towards Xena while bowing her head once again.

“ My Lord. Please let us make ourrselves more comfortable.”

Shatara lead them into a large living area where she clapped her hands and
servants appeared. Diana turned to Nebula and asked....” I thought you said
this place was deserted?”

“ That’s what I was told.” Nebula said trying to defend herself.

“ Some desertedness.” Diana said sarcastically.

“ Sorry.” Nebula offered.

“ Don’t be, it’s not your fault.” Diana returned.

“ So My Lord, is there anything in particular you would like to eat or drink,
or do you still drink your port at this time of day?”

Xena had to smile to herself at Shatara’s memory.

“ Port is fine.”

Shatara smiled and motioned for one of the servants to pour Xena a goblet
Xena sniffed the drink and then taking a drink of it she then set it on a
small table sitting to her right.

Shatara then turned her attention to Xena’s companions.

“ And what will your companions have?”

“ I’ll have the same as My Lord, thank you. “ Nebula requested.

“ And you little beauty?” Shatara asked directing her question at Diana.

“ Nothing, thank you.” Diana said with some defensiveness in her voice.

“ So be it.” Shatara then motioned for the servant to serve Nebula, and then

Xena sat watching and listening to the exchange between Diana and Shatara.

“ So what brings you here My Lord?” Shatara asked returning her attention to

“ The development of this land, I was told it was deserted, but it seems that
that isn’t the case.” Xena said cutting her eyes to Nebula who only lowered
her own and took a sip from her goblet.

“ Well outside of me and my few servants it is My Lord, and your welcome to do
with it as you wish, but If I may request a favor?”

“ What?”

“ Please leave my castle and this mountain to me? If it’s your will My Lord?”
Shatara asked as she lowered her head and eyes once again.”

“ You have my word.” Xena assured.

“ My Lord, don’t you think that I should be the one to make that decision?”
Diana asked.

“ No.” Xena stated simply.

Diana looked at her and maintaining her tongue at the look Xena was giving her
she turned her head and chewed her lip. For a moment. Shatara noticed the
biting gaze in Xena’s eyes.

“ Hmm....” Shatara exhaled.

“ What?” Xena asked.

“ My Lord forgive me if I presume too much, but you have changed.”

“ Yes I have.” Xena admitted.

“ Yes, I see that, I remember a time when you would not have put up with such
behavior without taking swift and definite action.”

Xena leveled her gaze on Shatara and then she cut her eyes to Diana who was
sitting tapping her fingers on the arm of the chair she was in.

“ Well I still don’t tolerate disrespectful behavior now, I do have more
patience these days. Don’t I Diana?” Xena directed at Diana.

Diana looked over at Xena and bowed her head and then said....” Yes.”

She then turned her eyes back on Shatara.

“ And who are you two?” Shatara asked directing her question at Nebula.

“ I am Nebula, a traveller of the sea.”

“ Aha a Pirate.” Shatara stated matter-of-factly.

Xena chuckled at Shatara’s accuracy. Shatara smiled at Xena and her eyes lit
Diana saw it and she was determined to contain her temper.

“ And who is your friend?” Shatara asked of Nebula once again, obviously
snubbing Diana.

“ Oh, uh.....” Nebula stumbled at the directed question.

“ What? You don’t know the little beauty? Did she just latch onto you and My

Nebula’s mouth didn’t know whether to drop open or close. Diana then sat
forward in the chair she was sitting on and through clenched teeth she

“ I, my dear woman, am Queen Diana....” Diana started but was interrupted.

“ Queen? To who?” Shatara asked trying to stare Diana down.

Diana’s face then relaxed and she sat back in her chair without losing eye
contact with the woman.

“ I my dear Shatara , am Queen to My Lord Xena!” Diana said with a raise of
her brow.

Shatara looked over at Xena who was enjoying the interaction between the two
women, and she had to admit she was pleased with the chest game they were
playing, and was curious who would checkmate whom first.

“ My Lord?” Shatara asked.

“ It’s true Shatara, she is my Consort.”

“ How long My Lord?” Shatara said with some concern registering in her voice.

“ A few moons now.” Xena answered.

“ Oh, so it was recent?!” Shatara exclaimed.

“ Yes.” Xena said simply.

“ have been able to use your beauty to capture My Lord’s attention?”
Shatara said with some contempt in her tone.

“ If beauty were all that were necessary to capture and hold My Lord’s
attention then You my dear Shatara should have at least been able to do one of
them? “ Diana shot back with just as much contempt as she had received from
the woman.

“ Well if you hadn’t noticed I too have captured My Lord’s attention at one
time, and I believe I still have a hold on it?”

“Shatara! That’s enough.” Xena interjected. Seeing where the conversation was

But Diana was not about to let it end there so she said....” If that is true,
then all I can say is obviously beauty was not the only factor in me landing
My Lord.”

“ Maybe not, but the test is whether you can keep My Lord’s attention.”
Shatara shot back.

“ Do I look worried?”

“ You should be.”

“ Really? “ Diana said now defensively as she rose from her chair.

Shatara also rose from hers.

“ Yes Really.”

Xena stood up and strided over and stood between the two women.

“ Xena you better handle this crazy woman, otherwise someone’s going to get
hurt, and it won’t be me.” Diana warned as she turned and went back to her

Nebula sat awed at what was happening. Xena in the meantime glared down at
Shatara and said in a demanding tone....” Sit down!”

Shatara bowed her head . “ Forgive me My Lord, I did not mean to upset you,
if there is anything I can do to make it up to you just tell me and I will do
it, WHATEVER it is.” Shatara said contritely with dubious meaning inflecting
in her words.

Which once again caused Xena to roll her head to clear it of the thought that
ran through her mind, at the remembrance of those words many times before in
her past. Spoken the same way by the woman before her.

Diana hmphffed at the gesture rendered to Xena.

“ I forgive you Shatara, just don’t let it happen again. You know how
protective I am of my property.”

“ Yes My lord I remember.” Shatara said with a smile coming to her lips at the
membrance of how Xena had protected her from harm many times.

“ If you two are done with your revelrie, I think it’s time we left My Lord.”

“ We just got here Consort, relax, or you and Nebula can head back and I will
join you later?” Xena suggested purely out of concern about Diana’s comfort.

But Diana didn’t take it like that, instead she said....” No I don’t think
that’s a very good Idea my Lord, but Nebula you may go and take the men and
women with you. We’ll see you later. Your in charge Neb.”

“ Yes Your Highness...are you sure Diana? I mean it seems like you could end
up feeling like a third wheel?” Nebula whispered.

“Yes I’m sure, and I have no intentions of feeling like that, Xena is mine.
Anyway thanks for the concern but I will be fine, I can’t say for sure about
her if she keeps pushing me.” Diana said seriously.

“ Ok, I’ll see you later.

Nebula then turned and bowed at Xena and said...” By Your leave My Lord?”

“ Go.” Xena said giving a tilt of her head to Nebula.

“ Shatara it was interesting to meet you. Thank you for your hospitality
towards me.

“ Your welcome Nebula, please come again soon?”

“ Thank you I might just do that.” Nebula said once again and then turned and
was lead out of the castle by one of the servants.


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