By D.virtue

She then took one of the travellers and turning around she threw it to the
ground and headed for it.

“ Diana?” Gabrielle called just before Diana entered into the invisible gate.

Diana turned and said ...” yes?” And an apple came flying towards her.

“ Eat it. Xena will be pissed if she finds out you haven’t been eating for
over two weeks.”

“ know about that?” Diana said somewhat surprised.

“ Yes, Ludmilla noticed you weren’t eating and told Dancea then the both of
them came and told me because they were worried about you, your lucky they
didn’t go to Xena like Dancea had planned, remember she is Xena’s personal

“ Yes I know your right. Thanks.”

“ Your welcome, although I still think Xena will notice.”

“ Hopefully not, I really don’t have the mind set to get into it with her
about it. I’ll talk to you later. Love you.”

“ Love you too sis.” Gabrielle called to the vanishing Diana.

Diana appeared in front of the palace and she looked around at the activity
and was somewhat surprise to see the soldiers dressed in their armor. But she
put it to the back of her mind and strided inside as people bowed to her and
greeted her. Diana stopped one of the soldiers and asked where Lord Xena was.

“ She is in the battle chamber Your Highness.”

“ The battle Chamber?” Diana repeated back in surprise, especially at the fact
that she didn’t even know there was a battle chamber.

“ Yes Your Highness, it’s where major battles are planned. “ The soldier
explained and then told Diana where it was.

Diana’s heart was racing as fast as her mind was with what was happening.
Diana arrived at the chamber and she heard Xena, her voice was dangerous in
it’s tone, and it caused Diana to shiver.

Diana took a deep breath and she went inside, once there she scanned the room
quickly, and seeing all of the advisors dressed in their armor and weapons,
Diana’s heart picked up it’s rate.

Diana listened to Xena and when Xena had finished speaking Xena looked up with
a type of bloodlust shining, or was it battle, Diana didn’t know, but Xena
watched her move towards her as if she were waiting for prey to get within
striking distance.

Diana moved slowly towards Xena with her head cocked, moving her lips asking
...” What’s going on?”

Xena didn’t answer she just waited.Once Diana arrived at the large desk, Xena
stood up to her full height and cocking her head she said....” Well, well,
well, if it isn’t My Consort?”

Diana heard the mocking in Xena’s tone and asked...” May I speak with you My

Xena looked at Diana and then said....” Yes.”

She then turned on her heels and strided towards the door calling over her
shoulder to Draco....” Make sure it’s destroyed completely.”

Xena and Diana arrived at their chamber and Xena went in and waited for Diana
to come in and for the guard to close the door before she turned around.

Once it had Diana started to ask what was going on. But Xena was quicker. She
turned and struck Diana across the face, sending her flying backwards into the

“ How dare you stay away from me for so long!” Xena hissed as she waited for
Diana to steady herself.

“ Me?! Your the one who walked out!” Diana shot back.

Xena was on her in a split second, holding her up on her toes by her hair.

“ AHH Xena?! Let go.” Diana pleaded.

“ Are you asking or telling?” Xena whispered in Diana’s ear.

“ Please? I didn’t come here to argue with you, I wanted to talk to you about
what’s been going on between us, owwww...please let go Xena?”

“ No, now keep talking. “ Xena said as she continued to hold Diana by her

“ Gods! It’s been a little more than two weeks and you already have declared
war on someone and your punishing me for not following after you, it really is
something.” Diana said in an ironic tone of voice. “ Xena I realize I was
wrong.” Diana finally said when she felt her scalp was about to tear from her

“ Really, what were you wrong about Consort?”

“ Let go of my hair , please?”

“ No. Now tell me.”

“ For Gaia sakes!! Diana swore.

Xena pulled her up more and Diana yelped and realized Xena was not going to
let her go until she told her.

“ I realize I can’t just ignore a whole side of you, I have to deal with it.”

“ Really?” Xena said with a acid tingeing her tone.

“ Yes.” Diana said with some fear in her voice.

“ And this is why you came, to tell me your ready to deal with this?” Xena
asked looking deep into Diana’s now tearing eyes.

“ Yes.”

“ And your ready to do this?”

“ I....I think so.....” Diana said stumbling over the words.

“ We’ll see.” Xena snared as she let go of Diana’s hair and grabbing her by
her arm, she pulled her into the bed Chambers and ordered....” Strip

“ What?” Diana asked somewhat confused.

“ You just said you were ready to deal with this?” Xena reminded.

“ Yes, but I figured I would let you decide what you wanted?”

“ Well I strip.” Xena ordered again.

‘ No I mean, I...I would give you a choice.”

“ A choice? What are you talking about Diana?”

“ Xena....I thought I would let you decide what you wanted to do, and
whatever you chose I would learn to live with it one way or the other.” Diana
said lowering her eyes, due to the penetrating gaze Xena was rendering on her.

“ What?”

“ Xena I know you love me, but I don’t know if it’s what you would have
chosen had Shatara came into the picture at the same time you and I met? I
mean, it’s obvious you have feeling for her, very strong feelings, and while
I’m very proud of you for controlling your feelings towards her, I realize she
is not only ready to meet your needs and wants, but willing...”

Xena turned and went to sit in one of the chairs. as she did she pinched her
lips as if she had a bad taste in her mouth. Then she leveled her gaze on
Diana once again and waited.

Diana swallowed hard, and while looking down at her hands she begun to fidget
nervously, after a moment of standing with her head bowed she raised it and
chancing a glance in Xena’s direction she found Xena sitting and just watching

Diana looked to her hands once again for a moment and then she turned and
continued what she had been saying.

“ I....I thought about if .....if you wanted to take .....another Consort then
I.....” Diana’s words failed her, but Xena was now glaring at her in total

“ FINE! Shatara will be my other Consort Diana! Xena snapped at Diana as she
rose out of the chair and headed for the door.

Diana’s heart was beating wildly and she felt her life, her family slipping
right out of her hands, panic was now building in her to where she thought she
would literally stop breathing.....

“ Xena I wasn’t finished, please let me finish?” Diana lied.

Xena stopped in her tracks to the door and while holding it open she waited to
hear what Diana had to say.

“ I.....I....Gods Xena.....I’ll be whatever you want, whatever you need, I
promise I won’t deny you....please? please don’t leave me? I know I have hurt
you, I see that, I’m sorry, you have been here for me time and time again and
you never balked that, I know you think I lied to you, and I probably did, but
I truly did not mean too....”

Xena then turned to look at Diana as Diana poured her heart out.

“ I said I would follow you where ever you lead, and love you wanted to lead
me to a discovery of you, and I was scared. I will go wherever you lead, no
matter what, as long as your with me are my family and I cannot
lose you because of a fear, I don’t know why I’m afraid, I should see this as
an honor, the fact that you want to share your whole being with me, I do want
to know everything about you, no matter what, I’m sorry.... please forgive
me?” Diana dropped her head and held herself as she stood in Xena’s gaze
shaking like a leaf in a storm. Her breathing labored and irregular, almost to
the point of hyperventilation.

Xena stood looking at Diana, again she saw the reason she had bonded with her.
Xena strided over to Diana and lifting Diana’s chin up so their eyes could
meet, Xena told Diana what she thought.

“ Kitten, I’m sorry, I did that to you, but I was hurt and outraged that you
would even think that I would divide my passions between you and Shatara, and
no, I would not leave you for her. I bonded with you because I figured that
one day I could allow this other side of me to come forth one day, I didn’t
realize that day would be so soon, but Diana, it is a side of me that makes up
just as much of who I am as does the side that you know so well. I’m sorry it
had to come out like this, but now that it is, I need your help in dealing
with it, your the only one I trust to be able to deal with the whole me.”

“ Wh...wh...what about Shatara?” Diana asked through the flood of tears that
were rolling down her face.

“ Kitten, she can not deal with the whole me, she would be able to handle the
side that she knows, but not the side that you know, you are the only one for
me kitten.” Xena said caressing Diana’s cheek.

“ But...but she said you wanted to see us together.” Diana said remembering
Shatara’s words.

“ Hmmm....I’ll admit, it would be a wonderful thing to have to very highly
responsive people in my bed, matter of fact, I have a suggestion how we can
handle your first introduction to my other persona.” Xena said with a
thoughtful raise to her brow.

Diana looked at Xena strangely, but she had trust in her eyes once again.

“ First I have to handle what’s going on.” Xena said snapping out of the
momentary revelrie.

“ What is going on here?” Diana asked as Xena leaned down and looking into her
eyes she said, “ We’ll talk about your eating habits when I get back Consort.”

Diana lowered her eyes and blushed and Xena smirked and kissing her needfully
she then broke it and turned and headed for the door, leaving Diana standing
in the middle of the room swaying.

Xena went and spoke with Draco and the other advisors and she told them to
pull out and leave one of her banners as a sign that she would allow them to
exist as long as they gave up the dissidents who tried to assassinate one of
her other Regents.

After four candlemarks, Xena was finally able to return to Diana, where she
was amazed to find she had not moved from where she had left her.

“ You stood there the whole time? Why?”

“ I thought if I unlocked my knees, my legs would not support me.” Diana said
blushing fiercely.

Xena smirked and went and lifted her up into her arms and carried her to the

“ My little kitten, helpless once again....I love it!” Xena exclaimed as she
smothered Diana’s lips with passionate kisses.

Diana’s whole body was flushed and Xena made love to every part of it,
relishing in the feel of Diana squirming beneath her. After three days of
passion, the two women laid sate in their bed caressing each other.

After a bit Xena brought up the other subject, tentively, to gauge Diana’s
reaction. But to her delight , Diana was receptive.

“ I was thinking about the best way to handle this, so that you can really
understand what it means. I think it would be best if we have Shatara join
us.... This One Time.

“ Xena?” Diana said putoff by the idea.

“ Kitten, you have never experienced this before, and I think it is better
that you understand what it means and what it is like, and I feel the best way
is to have Shatara?”

“ But Xena I don’t want her touching you, and I know I don’t want her to touch

“ Why?” Xena asked.

“ Because, I don’t like the idea that it takes another person to satisfy you
even one time, I want to be the one you come to, for all of your needs, wants,
desires, whatever. Xena I can do this without her, please let me try?”

Xena took a deep empathetic breath as she gazed at Diana with both love and

“ Are you sure kitten? I mean this will be something that I will expect from
you almost as much as I expect you now?” Xena said matter-of-factly.

Diana lowered her head and leaned into Xena and said in a timid voice.

“ yes, I’m sure.”

Xena hugged Diana to her and whispered....” Thank you kitten, you don’t know
how much this means to me, to be free to be me completely with you will be a
great relief to my heart....I am sooo very thankful to you and for you for
willingly wanting to go with me.”

“ Xena, I’ll be honest with you, because I know how important this is to you,
to us, but I must say, if I didn’t do something, I believe you would destroy
m.a.n.y......people and kingdoms, and maybe even this planet.”

“ Hmmmm....well I don’t know about the planet, but I have to admit, things did
happen rather quickly after I came back here. But if that’s the only reason
you are willing to do this Diana, I won’t allow it.” Xena said sternly.

“ No Xena, that’s not why I’m doing this, I’m doing it because I love you and
I want to know you my love. “ Diana said wholeheartedly and honestly.

Xena studied Diana for a moment and then she said....” Ok, kitten, get some

“ But aren’t we going to.....?” Diana inquired, thinking that the time would
be now since they were already in the bed, and nude.

“ No kitten, now go to sleep.” Xena said simply, as she pulled Diana closer
to her and curled her long body around Diana’s.

“ But Xena?” Diana continued.

“ Go to sleep kitten, not another word.”

Diana tensed to say something else and Xena’s fingers found one of Diana’s
nipples and squeezed.

“ Oww....owww....Xena? You have my.......”

“ I know what I have Consort, and I’m not letting go until you are asleep.
Goodnight.” Xena purred.

“ But...?” Diana started again and Xena squeezed again.

“ OwWW ok, ok, see I’m going to sleep.” Diana pleaded as she layed her head
down and closed her eyes without saying anything else,for a while, but Xena
started rolling Diana’s nipple in her fingers and Diana laid in Xena’s arms
getting worked up, she thought Xena was asleep and was just dreaming about
her, but it was not helping Diana to sleep.

Xena in the meantime was awake and relaxed as she secretly stimulated Diana on
purpose. She knew it would be hard for Diana to sleep, but she wanted to see
if Diana would obey her.

Diana inhaled deeply and she then figured that the only way to get Xena to
stop was to try and remove her fingers from her breast. So Diana eased her
fingers onto Xena’s with the intent to remove them, but the minute she tried,
Xena squeezed. Diana Quickly covered her mouth to prevent herself from yelping
out loud and possibly waking Xena, so she had to wait for a few minutes until
Xena’s grip eased and she was able to uncover her mouth and not yelp.

Diana decided to leave it alone. She laid down again on her pillow and closed
her eyes and willed herself to lay still, despite Xena’s renewed stimulation.
Diana stayed await long after Xena stopped and the next morning Diana’s eyes
were sparkling her need.

Xena smirked and said... in a teasing tone,” felt good to hold you
in my arms again kitten.”

“ Literally.” Diana added.

Xena rolled over and jumped out of the bed and stretching her long frame,
Diana watched and just let her head fall back on the pillow as she tried to
calm her racing hormones.

“ That’s ok Xena, just keep messing with me, I’ll remember this, and then it
will be you lying here needing.” Diana warned while rolling onto her stomach
to continue to laze around.

Xena smirked at the warning and then, and seeing Diana’s behind peeking out
from under the covers, a mischievious grin came to Xena’s face. Xena whipped
the covers back and landed a smack to Diana’s behind that instantly caused it
to redden, and Diana to shreik and roll off the bed onto the floor!

“ OWWW! GODS!” Diana shreiked as she hit the floor with her behind leading the

Xena in the meantime was back on the bed rolling in a fit of laughter, trying
to explain between. “ I...hahahahahaha.......I....couldn’t just looked so G.O.O.D.....hahahahaha peeking out
like that.....hahahaha.. Then Xena let the laughter claim her once again.

Diana in the meantime sat on the floor mumbling to herself, and then she
looked over at the laughing woman and decided to pay her back.

“ hahaha....I guess it was funny, although somewhat painful? You want some
water?” Diana asked dubiously.

“ Yes..haha kitten, thank you. Uh-hem.” Xena replied trying to contain any
further laughter, considering Diana was being gracious.

Diana rose from the floor and went to get the water, but rather than pouring
the water in the goblet over at the other table she brought the whole picture
back to the bed and climbed on the bed and handed the cups to Xena to hold, to
which Xena held one in each hand, Diana then pretended to pour the water in
the cup when she suddenly splashed the whole container of water in Xena’s

“ Urghhh! Diana! Xena said through clenched teeth.

Diana saw the look of the soaked woman and she decided she needed to be
somewhere else and Now!

“ Gotta go Love! Diana called as she shot off the bed and grabbing one of the
travellers she threw it down and ran nakedly into it!”

Xena was hot on her heels as the two women came out the other side back on the
new land. Diana went flying past a group of soldiers and some of the others as
well as Xena, but because of the speed of the two women, the people didn’t see
much except for the fact that they could tell the women were naked, but they
did not see any detail on the women.

Diana made it to her tent only moments before Xena came flying in.

“ Xena....? ok, now, take it easy, it was just water, it’s not like I pour
molasses on you or something?” Diana said as she backed away from the still
agitated woman.

“ wasn’t molasses, but it was cold water!” Xena said shivering

“ hahaha...I’m...I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh.” Diana tried to explain as
she bit the inside of her cheek to prevent any further laughter seeing how
Xena was not laughing.

“ Come here kitten..”

“ Why?”

“ Because I won’t to give you something.” Xena continued to move towards the
backpeddling young woman.

“ Xena you started it, your the one who put this red hand print on my behind.”
Diana said pouting as it looked like Xena wasn’t going to let it go.

“ I know, but now I want to make it up to you....come here!” Xena said with a
wicked smirk.

Diana then turned and headed for the back of the tent and Xena launched
herself after her and came down on Diana, on top of the bed, with Diana face
down on it struggling to get loose.

“,na,na,na..... be still kitten.” Xena teased as she stroked Diana’s
behind with one hand and held her down with the other, all the while sitting
on Diana’s back.

“ X.e.n.a...get up!” Diana pleaded.


“ Owww! Xena Don’t?!” Diana shrieked at the swat to her behind.

“ Say your sorry kitten.” Xena said nonchalantly as she continued to stroke
and hold the struggling woman.

“ No! You started it! Diana protested.


“ OUCH!!! Xena It’s not fair, You started it, you say your sorry and I’ll say
I’m sorry?” Diana said trying to compromise.


“ Owwww!!! Ok! Ok! I’m Sorry, now get off.” Diana said finally.

“ That’s better.” Xena said as she lifted herself up off of Diana.

Diana immediately rolled over to her back and although her behind was stinging
from the swats they were not pain persa, not like if Xena had really wanted to
spank her, but Xena did make a point that just because she had not done it in
a while didn’t mean that she wouldn’t.

Diana crossed her arms and pouted as Xena gazed down at her.

“ Your so cute when you do that.” Xena said as she started to lower herself
back down to the bed to claim Diana’s mouth.

But Diana simply , “ Hmpffed and turned her head away.

Xena smirked again, but rather than let Diana keep her head turned away, she
took her chin in her hand and turned her head back to her and getting close to
Diana’s lips she stopped and said....” You know you want me, your eyes tell me
everything Consort.” Xena purred.

Diana gazed at her and then tried to turn her head once again, but Xena held
her firmly and then she leaned in and claimed Diana’s mouth. But Diana was not
ready to let it go that easily. So when Xena slid her tongue into her mouth,
Diana played with it for a moment and then pulling her head back just enough
to where she still had some of Xena’s tongue in her mouth she closed her teeth
on it.

Xena yelped at the contact, and opening her eyes she saw Diana with a mocking
gaze in her eyes.

“ Let go. “ Xena said with her thoughts.

“ Nope.” Diana thought back.

“ Diana let go.”

“ Nope, don’t think I will just yet.” Diana teased with her mind.

Xena then went to make a move to counter what Diana was doing, but Diana was
ahead of her, she knew the first place Xena would head to would be her tight
nipples, so she had already covered them with her own hands and was holding
tight as Xena tried to move her hands from them.

Diana realized also that Xena would not try long without putting a touch on
her so she bit down more on Xena’s tongue, which caused Xena to stop and grab
the bed to control the discomfort.

“ Diana your going to bite it off if your not careful!” Xena warned, still
using her mind.

“ Then stop trying to turn this around and say your sorry and promise that you
want try to pay me back for this when I do let go.” Diana thought as she
covered her basis.

“ No! “ Xena thought adamantly.

Diana bit harder on Xena’s tongue and Xena flinched.

“ Ok, ok, I’m sorry, and you have my word I won’t try to pay you back for
this right now.”

Diana then smiled and let go of Xena’s tongue, which Xena immediately raised
her hand to check it to make sure it was not cut. And then once she found it
wasn’t She flashed a carnal gaze at Diana, and then she immediately jumped
atop Diana and grabbing her hands she brought them above her head and held
them there as she begun to ravish Diana’s mouth once again.

Diana was caught completely off guard by this move, as well as the look in
Xena’s eyes and for some reason it caused her some apprehension. She expected
Xena to do something else, but instead Xena was in want of her.

Xena feasted on Diana’s mouth for what seemed like forever, as Diana shivered
at every pass. Xena moved her hands over Diana’s hot blushing body stopping to
tease at her zones, and make them more aroused then they already were.

“ Ahhaaa Consort.....uhhhh your so goood.....mmm.....mmm.....I want
you....soooo. much.” Xena growled as she blazed a trail Down Diana’s neck, to
her breast ,and nipples stopping only long enough to practically suck them off
and cause Diana to struggle trying to get her hands free of Xena’s vice grip
so that she could touch Xena.

“ Pleaseeee Xenaaa....I need to touch you....?”

Xena didn’t answer instead she let go of Diana’s hands and flipped her over
onto her stomach and laid flat against her as she rubbed her jewel against
Diana’s behind. Diana knew then what Xena was planning, at least she thought
she did, but with what she was thinking, Diana felt the fear creeping into
her, but she didn’t say or do anything to stop Xena, she had told Xena she
would go with her, and if this was how she wanted to start that journey then
she would try to be there for her.

Xena was in another zone at the moment, the move by Diana to bite her tongue
the way she did, only served to ignite her passion, one that if she had not
saw Shatara
again would not have caused the reaction it was causing now.

Xena rubbed Against Diana and then she caressed her way down to Diana’s round
firm behind, where she caressed and kneaded the flesh for a bit and then she
slid her hand down between Diana’s legs and brought a finger up and slid it
into Diana’s ready flower. She then begun pumping inside of her for a bit, and
Diana moaned, somewhat relieved that Xena had gone there, rather than the

She begun to move against the long strong skillful fingers, and then just as
she had gotten into a rhythm with it, Xena slid out and she slowly ran it
upwards. Diana went still, at what she was feeling,and Xena felt it under her,
but she continued on, while at the same time she waited to see if Diana were
going to stop her.

Diana started trembling the closer Xena got, and Xena didn’t stop she just

continued, but now she had a raised brow and she was actually studying Diana’s
body ‘s reaction. Xena moved the finger to the virginal orifice, where she
coated it with Diana’s essences.

Diana now was holding the pillow to her face to contain a scream that was
trying to make it’s way to her throat. Xena felt Diana tensing, and she
whispered to her....” Relax kitten, I’m just going to start getting you

Xena saw Diana trying to relax and she smiled at the gesture. She then leaned
in and begun kissing Diana’s neck and upper back as she used one hand to
casually hold Diana down, and the other she begun to use to push at the
virginal gate.

Diana gripped the pillow and buried her face in it as Xena pushed at the
resistant gate.

“ relax Consort, trust me, let me in?” Xena purred as she continued to use
different techiques to try and distract Diana’s attention long enough for her
to relax enough to let her slip in.

Xena continued to push steadily, as Diana begun to push her hips into the bed,
subconciously, Xena felt it and using her free hand she wrapped it around
Diana’s hips and lifted her slightly, and held her there, while she continued
to push with the other.

Finally after a few minutes of continuious pressure, the gate begun to give
way. Diana was now shaking and breathing very hard, almost hyperventilating.

“ Take it easy Consort, control your breathing the way I showed you. “ Xena
whispered as she gave instructions to Diana.

Diana did as she was told and after a few minutes was breathing better. Xena
then continued to push her way in through the gate. Slowly the gate gave, and
gave, and gave, until finally....Xena’s finger slipped in and Diana shook
violently, and screamed into the pillow!

Xena continued to slide in and the rush and adrenalin and other hormones
crashing into one another sent Xena over in a quivering mass of Ecstasy at the
thought that her heart and love had allowed her to be the first to claim her
in this way as well as touching the passionate side that had been dormant for
low so many years.

“ AHhhhh...kitten......” Xena moaned shakily as she collasped atop Diana after
her ecstasy had ended, but she did not remove herself from within Diana,
instead she rolled herself and Diana so that now they were laying on their
sides with Diana’s back to Xena’s front.

Xena pulled Diana close to her body and wrapped her free arm around Diana once
again, and giving Diana a kiss to her shoulder, she whispered, “ Thank you for
starting this with me kitten.” Xena then told Diana, “ We’ll need to do this
everyday, until I feel you are ready for me to claim you.”

Diana was sobbing, but she managed to ask through her tears a

“Yes kitten, that’s the only way your going to be ready when I finally...claim

“ Oh, ok.”

“ Are you ok?” Xena asked with concern.

“ It hurt, but I’ll be fine.”

Xena smiled and then slowly slid her finger out of the now loosened gate, and
Diana tensed once again by the move. Soon she relaxed enough to close her eyes
and eventually fall asleep with Xena humming a gentle song in her ear.

While Diana was asleep, Xena awoke and went and got her clothes and dressed,
she returned and leaving a note for Diana she went to go and see Shatara.

“ My Lord? Welcome, I am happy to see you, although I am a little surprised.
Where is your Consort?”

“ Hello Shatara, I know your not all that surprise, and as far as My Consort
she is sleeping right now. Anyway, you know why I’m here?” Xena asked raising
a brow.

“ Yes. Your here to tell me that you think she’s going to allow you to claim
her as no one has before, and at the same time show her your other side?”

“ What do you mean by think? You saw what happened.” Xena said as she strolled
pass Shatara and into one of the other rooms where she remembered seeing ports
and other drinks.

“ Yes My Lord I did, but I also heard what she said, it hurt. I don’t think
she’s going to be able to go there with you.” Shatara said with a smirk.

“ Ah but your wrong, she will not only go there with me, but I will be the
first and only one to claim her in that way.” Xena stated matter-of-factly as
she snapped her fingers and one of the servants appeared at her side awaiting
her instructions.

Xena looked at Shatara and Shatara spoke to the servant.

“ Port for Our Lord.”

“ Yes Mistress.”

The servant then went and got the requested drink and return with it testing
it for Xena she then served Xena. Shatara and Xena had sat down and Xena sat
with her long legs crossed at the ankles as she stretched out in the sofa

“ So, why aren’t you looking around the land, I would think you would be real
curious as to what your Consort is doing here My Lord?” Shatara inquired.

“ I don’t think My Consort wants me to see it just yet, she loves to surprise
me with things.” Xena replied with a smirk.

“ Hmm....I remember a time when you liked a different type of surprises.”

“ Really?”

“ Yes, you use to love when your soldiers brought you news of a new town or
village that they had just taken, and they came to present them to you, along
with the prisoners, you were in your element then. Now.... you seem to......”
Shatara said stopping in the middle of her sentence. While she lowered her

Xena’s eyes narrowed at the direction in which Shatara’s words were heading

“ I seem to what Shatara?” Xena asked pointedly.

“ My Lord I don’t mean to upset you, it’s just that....well you no longer use
your battle skills, you now sit in your Palace and just handle the babble of
other people and and their petty problems. I know you must be bored at not
having a good battle to fight in, especially since there are no warriors out
there who would go against you, well at least now there isn’t.”

“ What does that mean?” Xena said pinching her lips at the distaste she was
trying to rid her mouth of, after hearing the words,

“ It means My Lord, whether you admit this or not is true.” Shatara
informed prior to making her statement.

“ Admit what?” Xena said with some frustration ringing in her voice.

“ You My Lord bonded with the only person who has the capability to stand
against you and possibly destroy you.”

“What are you talking about?”

“ My Lord You knew when you met your Consort that there was something special
about her, other than just physical, you saw a woman who could and would fight
against you to protect the innocent, despite her own dark past.”

“ No My Consort would not and could not fight against me Shatara, there are
other things you don’t know.” Xena said confidently.

“ Oh, the fact that your her CHOSEN, yes My Lord I do know about that also,
and yes you are right about her not being able to beat you because of it. But
you know as well as I do that that would not have stopped her from trying. I
mean My Lord she could take out your whole army if she were inclined to do so.
But the only reason why she doesn’t is because she is in love with you and you
made sure that you not only made her fall in love you, but you also keep her
from defying you by keeping her afraid of your temper....which I must admit My
Lord, I can understand why one would not want to upset you. She is so naive,
and you took advantage of that, always the warrior first. You learned from
the betrayal by Cesaer to divide and then conqueror, you learned it so well
you turned Cesaers own friend against him and he eventually killed Cesaer for
you, although no one knows that, but you and Brutus. Anyway, you divided her
emotions from her sensibility, and then you conquerored her.”

“What’s your point?” Xena said with flashing eyes.

“ I see your about to lose your patience with me, so I’ll finish quickly. My
Point My Lord is this, that by bonding with the little beauty, you ensure her
obedience to you, as well as her commitment to stand with you even if you were
to destroy the innocent. She by being bonded with you would be angry with you,
but she would not fight against you to protect them, although she would try to
dissuade you of doing it. But she knows that if you were committed to destroy
someone, that the only way to stop you would be for her to do it, but with the
fear that you keep in her she would try other means.”

Xena just sat and sipped on her port as she listened to Shatara, she knew what
she was saying was true, and it was not the first time she had heard it, but
she didn’t want to admit that was one of the main reasons she wanted Diana as
her Consort.

“ I see it as a power thing My Lord, to have the only other woman on the
planet who is almost as powerful as you are, allied with you as your greatest
protector of your dark side only trying to change you. Your not the type
to settle down and play house My Lord. Your too great a woman for that, there
are so...many people including My self My Lord who wants to be anything you
want, who would do anything you say without argument, but you don’t have that
with her, yet. She may do what you want, but she argues with you about it
first or she questions you about things, these things you would have never
tolerated before, which only tells me that you really do love her, but I know
in your heart you have no intentions of letting her continue to defy you, defy
you with her back talk, her questioning, you still have that fire in your
eyes, you want and desire to have absolute control over her, but she doesn’t
want to be controlled like that. I’ll tell you this My Lord, if you don’t
start being more firmer with her, she will start having a false sense of
confidence that she can talk you down from anything, and there’s going to come
a time where you don’t want to be talked down, and your going to end up
hurting her for pestering you about it. This of course will have a positive
effect as far as you will be concerned, but others will see it as a negative.”

“ Will I lose her?” Xena asked, concerned that Shatara was now prophesizing
her’s and Diana’s future.

“ No. She’ll stay with you despite everything, her sense of family and
commitment to you is greater, therefore she will stay. She loves you My
Lord, You will have her power under your thumb to call on whenever you want,
you will be flying high as a result.”

“ So what’s the down side to this, I think it’s all good?” Xena said satisfied
to hear that Diana would not leave her.

“ For you none, for Diana maybe none, because all she wants to do is make you
happy, but for everyone else, they will lose there advocate. Diana will not be
available to the people, she will become totally immersed in you, if she sees
something that may upset you, she will take care of IT in a way that you will
come to find disturbing, not because of what she does, but because of the type
of person who is doing the things.”

“ Are you saying Diana is going to change in someway that I won’t like?”

“ No My Lord, she will light you up, but her sister will be the one to tell
you what is wrong in what the little beauty will become.”

“ Will I agree?”

“ Yes. and you will give her back her power and you two will become the
greatest team that will ever exist, your very WILL is going to elevate you and
her and her sister to a height that even the Gods themselves will stand in awe
of, you will be the leader, but only if you have HER by your side, and her
sister by hers.” Shatara finally ended her prophesizing.

“ Well so we’re going to go through some trials but when all is said and done,
I will still have my kitten. That’s all that matters to me.” Xena said with a
smile tugging on her mouth.

“ My Lord I had no intention of telling you all of that, I meant to just tell
you parts, but you know what happens to me sometimes.”

“ Yes I know, you meant to only tell me the parts that would make me doubt
Diana, that’s why I didn’t say anything,and let you go on. I knew you would
eventually slip into your prophesizing.” Xena said knowingly.

Shatara sat and looked around the room disappointed that she told more than
what she wanted to. Xena then casually turned her attention to her drink and
stated,” Shatara, I should be offended .” Cutting her eyes to Shatara.

Shatara’s eyes went wide, and she immediately went and stood and then went to
her knees in front of Xena.

“ I’m sorry My Lord, Please don’t be upset with me, you can’t blame me for
wanting to get you back, can you?”

“ Hmmm...why can’t I, you are purposely trying to destroy my relationship with

“ My Lord I.....” Shatara started, but Xena stopped her with a raise of her

“ Forget it, I found out what I wanted to know.” Xena said as she stood to

“ Your leaving My Lord?” Shatara asked in dismay.

“ Yes. I have to get back, Diana will be wondering where I am by now.” Xena

“ Will you come again My Lord?” Shatara asked with hope in her eyes as she
looked up at Xena.

“ I don’t know.” Xena simply said.

“ Please don’t be angry with me My Lord?” Shatara pleaded.

Xena looked down at the woman and then said, “ Tell me this.....when will all
of this start to happen?”

“ Soon My Lord.” Shatara answered honestly.

Xena looked at Shatara with some dubiousness and then she stated once again, “
I may come again.”

Xena then turned and headed for the door to leave and Shatara came to her feet
and caught up with her just as she arrived at the door, and throwing her arms
arounds Xena’s neck she kissed her with fierce passion. Xena suspected the
reaction knowing how Shatara always worried that she would not come back after
a battle or because of someone else catching Xena’s eyes.

Shatara hated Borias for having given Xena a child during their time
together. When Xena was angry with her and wanted to punish her for something
she had done, Xena would take another lover and it was by accident that she
became pregnant. But Xena used it as a way of keeping her from ever doing
what she had done before which was talking to someone Xena had told her not

Xena broke the embrace and looking at Shatara with eyes of anger.

“ What do you think you are doing?”

“ I couldn’t help it My Lord, I was afraid you would not come back and see me,
so I wanted something to remember you by, and something for you to remember me

“ I didn’t need you to do that for me to remember you Shatara, it’s a little
hard to forget someone who has had and impact in my life.” Xena said somewhat

Shatara smiled and then bowed. Xena stepped around the woman and called over
her shoulder as she went out the door.

“ I’ll see you soon.”

Shatara beamed at the statement and called back. “ I’ll be waiting My Lord.”

Xena then strided out of sight and using the traveller she appeared back at
her palace, to check on things. Meanwhile Diana had awoken a candlemark later
and looked around the tent for Xena.

“ Xena?” She called expecting to hear Xena.

When she did not hear Xena she went to get up and go and look for Xena, she
moved a little slowly at first but soon she was moving easily, she flinched at
the thought of what Xena had said to her prior to her falling asleep.

“ We’ll have to do this daily.” “ Daily? Gods help me how am I going to
handle this everyday? I need to get my mind off of this for a while.” Diana
thought as she then got dressed and was about to leave the tent, when she saw
the note on the table.

Diana picked the parchment up and she read....” Kitten, I have gone to check
on some things, I will try to make it back sometime tonight, but if I don’t,
I will see you tomorrow, we need to keep a regular time in which to do this so
that you get use to the sensation, I see it taking about a month before your
ready. In the meantime, you can continue to develop the land and at night I’ll
be waiting for my kitten to come to me. I think it is best you come back here,
that way people won’t think I’m killing My Consort. I’ll see you tomorrow if
not tonight Diana. Love Xena.”

Diana stood shivering at what she had read, and looking around the room as if
lost for a moment, she folded the note up and put it in one of her pouches on
her belt, and then she shook her head and strided out the tent to go and find
Nebula and Gabrielle to check on how things were going.

Diana arrived at the next sight after stopping by the Capital to see the
finished city and the palace. She thought they were perfect, although she had
noticed some changes to her designs of the bedchambers, that she did not
authorize, as well as a few minor changes to all of the other rooms in the

Diana arrived at the different sites and got reports on all of the
progresses, of each of the completed cities and towns. Over half of them were
completed, and Diana was quite pleased with the progress. Diana finally found
Gabrielle and Nebula.

“ Diana These places are beautiful, Especially the Capital City, it’s
Magnificient!” Gabrielle exclaimed when she saw Diana.

Diana smiled and then said, “you think Xena will like them?”

“ Like them?! She’s going to LOVE THEM!!” Gabrielle gushed.

“ Thank you sis, I think so too, but one never knows when it comes to Xena,
she’s so unpredictable.”

“ Yeah I know, so did you two work everything out?” Gabrielle asked soberly.

“ Yes.” Diana answered simply, and then changed the subject.

“ You know we’re over half way done already, soon we will be able to move the
people who want to come. In to their new homes. I figure the Capital city
should be made up of the soldiers and their families as well as the best
merchants in the land, and also more for the wealthy. Not that anyone can’t
live there, but they have to be able to afford it. Most of the other cities
are more for the commoners.” Diana explained.

Gabrielle studied Diana for a moment noticing the change of the subject so
rapidly. She let it go for now, but she filed it in the back of her mind to
talk to Diana about it later.

“ Yes, they are coming along wonderfully, I am just amazed at how fast, but I
guess that is what one should expect with Xena’s people.” Nebula stated as she
watched the builders put up another wall in a matter of moments and then move

“ Yes it’s true. They are efficient.” Diana answered. Also watching the
efficient soldiers work.

Diana then looked up into the night sky and saw it was quite late she had
dubious thoughts about returning to her tent, she didn’t know if Xena would be
there or not, and she hoped that she would and at the same time that she

“ Diana is something wrong?” Gabrielle asked with concern, seeing how
distracted Diana suddenly seemed.

“ Oh, no, I’m fine, I was just thinking.” Diana said with a smile to allay
Gabrielle’s concern brow.

“ Xena?” Gabrielle asked knowingly.

“ yes, anyway, I think it is getting late and I want to get a lot done
tomorrow, so I think I will call it a night, if you ladies don’t mind?” Diana
said as she kissed Gabrielle on the forehead and gave Nebula a warriors arm
clasp and then she turned and strided back to the camp site with a few
soldiers escorting her.

Gabrielle and Nebula watched Diana go and then they turned to each other , it
was Nebula to speak first.

“ You know Gabrielle, I don’t get it, I don’t understand how Diana can put up
with Xena’s many personalities, or at least her variant moods. “

“ Why do you say that? Other than the obvious reason.” Gabrielle asked in

“ Because...look at her, since we arrived here, Diana has been so distracted
by Our Lord and her moods that when she comes to the different sites, she
usually is there for candlemarks on end trying to just focus on this project,
and while she does get a lot done, I find that she is so drained just from all
of the emotional things going on, I know Lord Xena loves her, but I don’t
understand their relationship at all.” Nebula said in honesty.

“ Theirs is a special one, but they are actually perfect for one another, they
understand each other , and that’s all that really matters.”

“ Is it Gabrielle? I mean, Diana is a woman that anybody male or female would
love to have as their mate, and yet Lord Xena.....”

“ Lord Xena what Pirate?” Came an ominous voice from the darkness.

“ Shatara?! What are you doing here?” Nebula asked as she whirled around to
face the woman.

“ I came to see how things were going. I couldn’t help but hear your
conversation, what about Lord Xena?”

Nebula stood assessing the woman and deciding whether to get into it with her
or not. She then decided to tell her.

“ I was just saying that Lord Xena seems to be very ....demanding of Her
Highness. Especially considering Her highness is trying to accomplish
something not only for herself but for our Lord. One would think she would
allow her the time to do these things rather than messing with her emotions at
a time like this. But that’s just my opinion, I suppose you’ll go back and
tell Lord Xena?” Nebula stated matter - of- factly.

“ No, but your right, I do think Lord Xena should give the Little beauty the
time she needs to focus on all of this, I mean it wouldn’t do for something to
happen because she was distracted.”


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